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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Regional trade unions spearhead anti-regime protest rallies

New Zealand and Australian trade unions will tomorrow launch what is hoped will become the start of a global movement against the unelected government of Fiji.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions and the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (in conjunction with Amnesty International) are leading protest rallies outside the embassy and high commission in Sydney and Wellington.

The rallies are the result of local Fiji unions calling on overseas affiliates to support them following attempts by the regime to marginalise workers and cripple the trade union movement, as it has media and Fiji citizens in general via decrees and the Public Emergency Regulations. 

The rallies will push the plight of Fiji workers and trade unions, so speakers like the president of the New Zealand CTU, Helen Kelly, who will be speaking in Wellington, will focus on:
a) the physical assaults of union leaders
b) detention of union and church leaders
c) restriction on being able to hold meetings
e) major restrictions on the media
e) decrees removing trade union and human rights and the military presence in civilian workplaces such as sugar mills.
The rallies come as the regime continues to clamp down of workers rights.

Typically, as it has been doing with other unions, including FTUC, the regime recently rejected an  application from the Communications, Mining and General Workers Union's to organise a meeting.

Under the ILO Convention #87 which Fiji has ratified, unions have a right to conduct their affairs in full freedom and without any restriction or interference from the State.

The general secretary for the union, Attar Singh, says the ILO delegation that visited Fiji earlier this month had pointed this out to the regime and was assured by the regime permits would be issued.

The South Pacific and Oceanic Council of Trade Unions is meanwhile the latest to fire a missive to Frank Bainimarama to show its support for workers and trade unions.

In the letter, SPOCTU convenor Michael Malabag urges the dictator to stop the intimidation and harrassment of unionists and to restore freedom of expression and workers rights.

SPOCTU is not the first to show its support. In recent months, the International Trade Unions Council and a swag of its affiliates have sent communications to Suva denouncing the regime's treatment of workers and unions.

The Sydney rally is outside the Fiji Consulate, 100 Walker Street, North Sydney 11am to midday.

The Welllington rally is outside the high commission, 31 Pipitea Street, Thorndon 12.30 to 1.30pm.

Australia's FDFM is also holding a public forum tomorrow night at 7pm, at the HEALS Centre, 5 Clifton Street, Blair Athol. Key speakers are Suliasi Daunitutu, Jone Baledrokadroka and Roko Ului Mara. (see flyer to the right for more information).


Anonymous said...

Long line Democracy! Long Live the Solidarity Workers Union! God Jehovah Bless our Motherland! Throw Out the Satanic Movement!

No Retreat said...

Thank you overseas unioins and affiliates for standing up against the illegal regime in Fiji.

The nation has suffered for too long and the illegal regime are building their own trap to bring their unelected government down.

Most concerned citizens of Fiji in the islands and abroad do stand with you to fight the corruption/nepotism and other acts they preached to eradicate but bottom line,they are doing it themselves.

God Bless FIJI

No Retreat said...

Thank you overseas unioins and affiliates for standing up against the illegal regime in Fiji.

The nation has suffered for too long and the illegal regime are building their own trap to bring their unelected government down.

Most concerned citizens of Fiji in the islands and abroad do stand with you to fight the corruption/nepotism and other acts they preached to eradicate but bottom line,they are doing it themselves.

God Bless FIJI

Anonymous said...

Crazy narcissist illegal dictator is an embarrassment to Fiji and will go down in Fijian history, as the most hated, oppressive, criminal and stupid illegal Prime minister Fiji has never had. The crazy lunatic has tainted Fijis image and reputation forever.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting. Unions are the only hope for a truly democratic Fiji.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Funny how things always turn around-last time i recall the union leaders in Fiji serving the Regime. Wen Workers wanted pay rises in Fiji previous Govts in Fiji did their best to breakup the Unions on racial ideology! Now we asking the Unions to support until we have no need for them. Can someone in Australia & NZ also ask the Unions there to do something about the plight of the workers in China who earn in some places $1 a day? What about doing something about-gatherings & meetings in China for workers?? No not an issues for the overseas Unions -WHY? Because you getting China to buy your minerals & coal!! Good one!

Ratu Sai said...

As things build up Voreqe will put in place desperate measures to remain in power but he is not going to give in.

His very life depends on it.

Anonymous said...

Full support the movement for freedom in Fiji but please do not bring your personal religion into the mix, God bless Fiji is sufficient

Anonymous said...

Funny we talk about democracy. What kind, the one practiced by Qarese or kind we had after 1987 coup.Both Rabuka and Qarese treated unions as bit of nuisance and Indo-fijians were discriminated and faced genocide.The actions of Rabuka and Qarese were fully endorsed by Methodist church led by Lasaro.Now the same Nationalists want everyone to back Methodist church to overthrow present government which has done lot of good for poor and underprivileged including indigenous people.
Silent majority of people from all races want to live peacefully among st each other.The vocal minority living in overseas enjoy all the benefits of a developed country.These same people have no problem with the government of their adapted country which marginalizes its own indigenous people,but have problem with anyone who tries to treat everyone equal in Fiji.

Rohit Reddy said...

Bai and Kaiyum, JAIL TIME is waiting for you. The people of Fiji will spit and throw stones on your head. That also includes your extended family and all the other cronnies involved with ruining the country. You have plenty to answer for you rat-bag assholes. You will not get away easily. Tick tock, tick tock, the bomb will explode on your face you dumb assholes. I have so much hate for you lot. Why can't you get a simply concept that no one has elected you to the Govt. You illegal crooks. And for you Sharon, you dirty, smelly white hog, you will serve the rest of your life in the Fijian Prison. No going back to OZ Land okay you stupid woman. You need a good kick up your fat ass.

Anonymous said...


NS=ASK=JVB said...

Iread the letter from the Office of the Commissioner Central that turned down the application to meet by this particular Union.

I am just disappointed at the high-handedness of the Office...I just wonder where Adi Penina Ratumaitavuki was that (s)he could not sign it in the first place.

Is this lack of respect and arrogance by the Commissioner central deserving of one who we regard as a very senior IllegAL Government official?

Adi Peni: why did you have to make poor Elimi Rokoduru to sign this letter for you? You should do it yourself for the record...maybe the VRF will take note of it and come after you as well.

You like others like you in senior positions of this illegal government are not really hard to get...

Please do not expose poor officers junior to you in this way.....Do your own job...if you cannot do it, then get out....


Vanua. said...

Time of dictators has passed - tic toc tic toc...

Anonymous said...

I agree with above, the was doing all this protest is to fill their jars not for the people of fiji...come on ulukao mara ell us how much your father stashed overseas...and funding your families high life which is under threat. All those supporting you will have same fate. the almighty is watching.

Varani. said...

@ Anon 5:20.

So now Kai Dia claim they want equality - so what happened to domination?

Anonymous said...

3.22 what's your problem. We talking about fixing fiji's problem here, not china. That will happen in good time. Fiji govt also kissing chinese arses, denying locals jobs in every project chinese doing.

Go unions, wreck havock and bring this regime down. Vinaka felix. Vinaka attar. Fictu/ftuc solidarity forever.

Anonymous said...

Fijians love a roast pig, and seeing as the banana pig and the arse pig are such good friends they should be roasted together.

You can't tell which end is which with the either of them anyway, so shove a good thick bamboo up him and turn him over the coals of his own pig stye - metaphorically of course.
* where is the cartoonist, can any one tell us what happened to him?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Unions required to give more than 7 days notice. And this areshole can't find time to sign his letter.

Go unions. Go attar. You will prevail badka. The FTUC supported the coup and made money sitting on FNPF boards. Felix and Urai made $250000 each. You stayed honest and principled.

The world know that. UPAR WALA DEKHE HAI. God is watching badka.

Anonymous said...

Once frank is out this stupid adi senikau which is corrupting our nation should be banned. The participants and sapotas like Justice gates are annual participants at the sydney gay parade and debauchery and bringing diseaeses back to Fiji. They should be fumigated to safeguard our nation.

Anonymous said...

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Faiaz said...

These key speakers are runing out ammunitions and they are off target...pliz re-ajust your sight for us supporters to believe you..i tend to believe that you want leadership