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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shareholder's letter accuses Cameron of misusing FHL office

By Victor Lal

The chairman of the Fijian Holdings Ltd, Carl Ngamoki-Cameron (a New Zealander by birth but naturalised Fiji citizen) is under fire for why he has been running the Fijian Holdings Ltd, and is now under investigation following allegations received against him. According to Fiji Live and Fiji Village news reports, mysteriously removed for further consumption, a team from the Prime Minster’s Office and the Ministry of Finance is now conducting a special audit against Cameron.

The FHL board, according to Fiji news reports, met and also appointed Iowane Naiveli as the Acting Chairman until the special audit is completed. The Board said at this stage the audit is focused on corporate governance related issues and the recent appointment of the General Manager for Merchant Finance, Greg Cathcart. Cameron was appointed as the Chairman of Fijian Holdings on the 27th of June this year and is also the Chairman for Merchant Finance and Investments, Fijian Property Trust, FHL Logistics Limited, Blue Lagoon Cruises Limited and PNG based Pasifika Holdings Limited. Meanwhile, the FHL board said it is business as usual for the company and the enquiry will have no impact on the day to day running of the group’s business activities.

The Charges Against Carl Ngamoki –Cameron 

What are the charges against this wannabee Cameron who seems to be involved in all sorts of shoddy deals in the country? A letter leaked to me from the dictator’s own office, and written by a group of FHL’s concerned shareholders on 12 September 2011 to Cameron begins by informing him: “We the undersigned are most concerned at the way Fijian Holdings Ltd is operating under your chairmanship. Firstly, Mr Nausab Fareed continues in an acting role as chief executive officer of FHL with all the uncertainties involved in that situation. This is the vital leadership post in FHL’s management structure. We need a confirmed CEO as soon as possible. This will allow him to perform his duties with total confidence and commitment. Further delays in confirmation are simply unacceptable and will have negative impact on his performance and the way he carries out his responsibilities. There is a morale factor here. This will trickle down to the staff and over time affect the Group performance. We, therefore, recommend that action be taken on this matter immediately.”

Misuse of FHL Office
The letter continues: “Secondly, we have learned from FHL staff that you appear to be using your office at FHL as an extension of your legal firm. If this is true it is highly irregular and unacceptable. It would be an abuse of your position as FHL Chairman and offensive to Class A shareholders as well as employees. ”

Cathcart as GM of Merchant Finance: Nepotism and Favoritism
On 30 August Cameron announced the appointment of Greg Cathcart as the new General Manager for Merchant Finance Investment Company Limited (MFIL). But the shareholders are unhappy with the way a local was sidelined withi the FHL: “Thirdly, your choice of Mr Greg Cathcart as GM of Merchant Finance represents a blatant disregard for one of FHL’s core roles. That is to train and promote indigenous people to enter into and participate effectively in higher corporate management. Hence Mr Napoliono Batimala now finds that he does not have a proper role to play within the Group as he has now being displaced by the aforementioned person.”

On Cathcart’s appointment, the shareholders questioned Cameron’s role and called for Cathcart’s employment termiantion: “We also object to the manner in which Mr Cathcart was appointed. The procedure did not follow due process and the rules of good corporate governance. We are told that the position was advertised but Mr Cathcart’s application was received late. He had come in initially as a consultant, and then applied for the position of GM. We are led to believe that the position was filled by Mr Cathcart on your personal endorsement. The normal procedure would be for a report to go to the Merchant Finance board seeking approval for an appointment, which would then be endorsed by the FHL board. It is critical in a major corporation such as FHL, for all appointments to be made in a proper manner. The hiring process should be designed to discern personal and commercial values, professional attitudes, depth of experience and successful work performance. From this a judgment is finally made on the suitability of a candidate for contributing to the organisation and its goals. Our sense at the moment is that Mr Cathcart’s appointment may be a case of nepotism or favouritism. We suggest that Mr Cathcart’s employment should be terminated and Mr Batimala should replace him.”

Cameron’s Track Record Questioned – Consider Stepping Down
The concerned shareholders challenged his own credentials: “Questions are also being raised about your experience and track record in operating successfully at a high level in a diversified group such as FHL. We do not have full details of your qualifications and past experience, but from what we have read have doubts about their relevance for the important position you now occupy. So we are asking what advantages and executive commercial abilities you bring to FHL? You have been with the company for two-and-a-half months but have not yet offered a vision and plan to accelerate the company’s growth and reverse its alarming decline in profitability. We would like to know how you intend to inspire the grassroots indigenous communities to take part in business and benefit from the Group. If you cannot answer these questions to the satisfaction of shareholders, then we believe you should step down to make way for a more suitable appointee.”

Deputy Chairman – Why the Delay?
The shareholders also questioned Cameron on the appointment of a deputy to him: “We also want you to know we are concerned about the delay in the appointment of a Deputy Chairman for FHL Group. A conglomerate of FHL’s size should have someone in that post. Why, then, is it being kept vacant? Please understand that the shareholders hold FHL in high esteem as the flagship for the aspirations of the indigenous people to compete in and benefit from participation in commerce and industry. This is an important national issue. We are proud of what FHL has achieved previously but I have to tell you that there is an impression that the company has now gone into a cycle of decline. We are, therefore, duty-bound to make our views known and to exercise our rights as shareholders. We are demanding that vigorous action be taken forthwith to recover what has been lost and position the company for the strong record of growth that it previously enjoyed.”

Who is Carl Ngamoki-Cameron?

According to some Maori websites, “Carl holds double degrees in Law and Sport Science, is admitted to the High Courts of NZ and Fiji, has current legal practicing certificates for both countries, owns and operates his own legal practice in Fiji specialising in foreign investment, tourism property development and construction law.”

In June 2001 it was none other than the brutal dictator Frank Bainimamra, who had appointed Cameron as the new chairman of the FHL. The dictator was exercising his power of appointment as the Minister for iTaukei Affairs. Cameron had replaced Iowane Naiveli, who was acting in that position for the past four months following the resignation of former chairman Isoa Kaloumaria in February. The dictator had also appointed Ilimo Cawi as a director replacing Michael Makasiale.

We will “Never Give Up”
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron is best remembered for that recent shoddy rugby world cup song and video. FHL sponsored the Flying Fijians song for the Rugby World Cup 2011, with Cameron boasting that it was the first time for the company to back a sporting team. “We hope that this Flying Fijians music video ‘Never Give Up’ is going to have the same impact as what Waka Waka had for the soccer World Cup. The song is sung by Steve Macomber and is collaboration between FHL and the Ministry of Information’s Film and TV Unit.”
FRU board chairman Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga said the song will inspire fans to support the Flying Fijians: “Full credit to Fijian Holdings for coming up with the idea and it will no doubt remind the players of the support they have back home and will also unite the country to get the Flying Fijians like never before.”
The dictator’s propagandist Sharon Smith-Johns indicated that it was very important for the Government to support such initiative: “This is nation building. We hope this song is going to inspire the boys to try harder and never give up”
Meanwhile, sources inside the dictator’s office have informed me that FHL Board was not aware of “the stupid song” and are worried that other sporting bodies will also be queuing for sponsorship from FHL.

As to Carl Ngamoki-Cameron and other treasonous supporters of the illegal and dictatorial regime, we say: “We will Never Give Up” in pursuing and exposing your scams and transgressions in Fiji.


Semi Moo said...

Good letter from FHL Shareholders. FHL is beginning its death-roll.After that comes the irretrivable nose-dive.The chinese will then takeover your Cement factory. Hahahaha!
To all kaiviti, I'll give you the kaivalagi word for this, "Now you're f***ed".
Cava tale ni se waraka tiko.

Anonymous said...

It's been a long time coming for Carl Cameron...

Anonymous said...

I think Greg Cathcart has resigned, well, well.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cathcart is an arrogant dickhead, who thinks he is too smart
Mate you can f..off to your country. we have smarter people than you capable of running the show

Anonymous said...

f*&K man... FHL was one 'Fijian' company doing very well. Now every Voreqe, Leweni and Khaiyum wants a piece of that pie...shit..shit...shiiit the song wa pathetic anyway.. more like marijuana smokers song....shiiiiit

Emosi said...

Carl Cameron is also a member of the board of the Office of the Public Trustee, along with the Chairman of the Board, Ikbal Jannif.

I know for a FACT that the Public Trustee has been ripping off women and children for the last 20-30 years.

I and have proof of it all.

From all accounts, they specialize in holding people over a barrel unless they allow the Public Trustee to "help" them by selling their property.

Naturally, for way below market value, and then the Public Trustee turn around and sell it for a profit. Completely screwing their own beneficiaries.

Its well known that the Public Trustee and real estate companies there are the best of friends.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the points raised by the shareholders. This is what happens when dictators make dumb decisions and puts family and friends in high places. Every crook in town will be applying for jobs.

Radiolucas said...

This will just end up being another example of the dictator appointing a crony to a position that they were unable to manage - they mess up, get investigated and blamed - then it is all hushed up again.

Just another chapter in the tale of incompetence that is the dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lal and c 4.5!!!!
Isa all the hard work by Siti etc now going down the drain.
This Carl came to Fiji cause he couldn't make it in NZ. Anyway, he is dating the daughter of Jawal Mangal ATS HR Manager. Jawal is a close relative of Khaiyum. Jawal opened the doors for Carl. Jawal was also involved in the sacking of the last ATS Board who were investigation him and Jone Raqona (ATS Union President) for thousands of dollars worth of fraudelent travel and fraudelent refunds within ATS. Little did the Board know that Jawal was already talking to Kaiyum who sacked the Board before they could sack Jawal. Jawal has the same mentality as Kaiyum - they wear Fijian sulus to mislead Fijians - just like snakes.
Anyway ,,,Carl has zero corporate and business experience and little leadership experience. Such people's heads go dizzy when they suddenly have people working for them. Just like Kaiyum and Jawal - very nice guys to talk to but real cunning and back stabbing snakes!

Anonymous said...

Oilei scam after scam, shoddy deals after shoddies, crooks after crooks, cons after cons, bulls after bulls, why are we allowing these nobodies and anybodies to come in, rip apart all that others have worked so hard to build up? After it was discovered that King Duncan had been murdered, Macbeth said these lines pretending he knew nothing of the murder: "The spring, the head, the fountain of your blood, Is stopp'd; the very source of it is stopp'd." When the spring and fountain of leadership in Fiji is so corrupt and murder-treason is committed to take power by force- the tell tale signs and fruits are obvious. Fiji has become the hub of fly-by-night con artists who will scam all there is to it, suck the blood until it bleeds this nation dry.How long are we going to allow them to get away with it?

The Oracle said...

The World Cup is half way through and I've never heard the "stupid song" on TV before, during or after any of Fiji's games. So, where is the song being played - in FHL office?
And what the heck ... "Sa mama oqo"!!!???
Mama karasi ga!!!

@.COM said...

Cameron came to Fiji after being recruited by the law firm of Parshottam's. He later opened his own law firm by capitalising on the dual citizenship policy. He was a very good friend and business associate of Sivaniolo Naulago formerly of pacific connex but now behind bars in Naboro for his so called involvement in the plotting of the PM's assisination

@.COM said...

Carl originally came to Fiji to work as a solicitor for the law firm of Parshottams. He took advantage of Fiji's dual citizenship policy and opened his own legal practice. He used to be a very good friend of Sivaniolo Naulago the Pacific Connex executive now behind bars in Naboro for his alleged involvement in the conspiracy to assisinate the illegal PM. Carl is an opportunist who is trying to build his own empire and become somebody cause he is a bloody nobody in NZ.

Anonymous said...

If only the Board of Directors and shareholders of Air Pacific had the balls to write such a letter against Air Pacific CEO David Pflieger and call for an investigation...all useless pu$$ie$!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done and very warm congratulations Cameron!!
I hope you STOLE enough of our hard-earned money to last you when you eventually come out of Naboro, cause that is just where you are heading and deserve like the bunch of crooks that you served under!!
I guess you said to yourself ' Frank and everybody else have their hands in the till - why not me ". You have now learnt the hard way - given the current situation, that is a NO, NO!! Only they can, you CANNOT!!
This is what happens when people like you get on the ILLEGAL bandwagon.
You are now akin to a used condom [ that Nailatikau probably gave you ] that you used when fornicating with a married woman for example!!
I would have thought that IF you really had those degrees, you would have been more wiser, BUT sega, you too wnated your hands [NOT your fingers] in the till. It certainly speaks volumes of your character!!

Rishab said...


If you knew that the Fiji Public Trustee had been ripping women and children for the past 20-30 yrs then why have you not done something about it?

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic pic!!
You certainly have put your tongue in the wrong place this time around Cameron!!!!
This time Frank has had HIS tongue up you!!!! UP YOURS BOY, YOU THIEF!!!!

Anonymous said...

Me caka gona vakacava?!
Ke sa susu mai o Ta e na butako, e na butako tale ga o koya, na Vuaka!!
Ke sa butako o koya e ra na butako talega o ira na luveni kei na nona i lawalawa!!
Iya, dua na siga e na qai kacivaki - ke sega nikua, iya nimataka!!

Anonymous said...

A "fly by night" moron who is also screwing PS Information - Sharon Jones. Has no corporate or executive business experience or competency. Yet the illegal regime, because there is no checks, allow people like these to seat and lord over Boards

Emosi said...

@Rishab -

I _have_ been doing something about it. But lawyers cost money. Esp for a decade of legal battles.

As for shouting it far and wide, we have a case in progress, plus family in Fiji. And our house there is made of wood.

Further, if the extent of the corruption thats going on there is exposed, who will it go to?. The govt of the day. Such a huge embarassment that theres no way they'll let it see the light of day.

Or give us what they've stolen from us.

If you have any better ideas I am all ears. I would love to shout it from the treetops if I thought it would do any good.

Vanua. said...

Monkey see Monkey do - if they want to punish him they could swap him with Vaniqi.

Anonymous said...

What about Nouzab. He should go.... we need a indigenous there.. How about his double pay..........taking family on FHL cost.His investment in Mecure, Clariti.Endless list of things on him.

Anonymous said...

Look at this monkey?

Boy is this some chairman material?

Anonymous said...

Hell no, he is not 'material' - he is IMMATERIAL - HE IS NOW history!!!!

Anonymous said...

the fijian holdings and whole of government is run like a circus.

Just look at this astute, experianced and qualified man leading the fijian company?

The dictator no brain-school no complete high school.

The Next Commander said...

It's no wonder everyone in australia and New Zealand call the islanders ,COCONUTS.It is the name for all polynesians and melanesians.

Give the coconuts any empire to run and they run it to the ground, ably assisted by Pakistanis and gujjis who then casually walk away after the damage is done...watch as our country follows suit.

Anonymous said...

Big vinakavakalevu to Victor Lal, keep exposing those kanalotos.

Anonymous said...

from regime propaganda trash Fiji SUN:

Ngamoki-Cameron is PM’s nominee

writer : Source: FRU


The Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, appointed New Zealander and Suva-based lawyer Carl Ngamoki-Cameron as his nominee to the Board of the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU).
This brings the FRU Board to its full complement of nine directors with the appointment of eight members at the FRU’s annual general meeting at the Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji resort in Sigatoka last Saturday.

Cameron was Suva’s nominee for the Board but he was not elected at the meeting.

Anonymous said...

simple ans.
all this cronies are liars like the boss bai/ask.
what happen to your clean up bai/ask.i know its all cover up your mess mate.
go hang yourself like sharon smith johns husband did.poor john.
you guys are a disgrace to fijian people.

Anonymous said...

The dictator must be charged for appointing incompetant man.

All board members are scape goats for ficake case- appointed then dis appointed charged and shown to fiji that junta doing clean up.

junta board is sucide mission let theives get appointed and go gail by ficake set up

Anonymous said...

For once I must say thank you to PM (even though you illegal). For removing Carl Cameron from the FHL Chairmanship as he has no business and corporate board room experience. You may want to do the same at Air Pacific where the CEO is out of control.

Anonymous said...

Isa, da dau cibitaka tu nai itaukei na noda kabani qo na Fijian Holdings... E dai, sa vakarusa ko Yaloca...

Anonymous said...

Isa Steve Macomber- what were you thinking!!!
You have become trash OMG I cant believe he has some up with that 'TIME WASTER STUPID SONG"

..sorry Steve... you are better than that...please keep your good talents away from the illegal govt and Cameron idiot.

Please delete that song...it is crap...and stay with your blues and jazz style of singing bro..

Im glad the song sounds the way it is, cos it is crap commissioned by a crap person for a crappy nation at the moment and I might add "CRAPPY RUGBY" too..

Anonymous said...

The pic of a clown!!!! How pathetic!!

Anonymous said...

Just have a good look at the face in the photograph....looks like someone`s shafting him from the rear end....after all that`s what Bai`s goons are known for.