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Friday, September 2, 2011

TUC leads London rally: 'We want regime to wake up and know world is watching'

FINGERED: Dictator Bainimarama.
Global support today for the plight of Fiji workers, including trade unionists Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai and Danesh Goundar who've been charged under the PER by the regime.

The UK based TUC is taking part in a demonstration outside the Fiji High Commission in London as part of a global protest at the arrest and court appearance of one of the country's leading trade union officials.

In astatement, titled 'Trouble in paradise for Fijian workers', it says union leader Daniel Urai is in court charged with holding an illegal meeting with his members as the military dictatorship that has run Fiji since 2006 steps up its repression of independent voices calling for democracy and reform.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: 'Fiji may look like a tropical paradise, but it's anything but that for anyone who opposes the vicious military dictatorship. We want the Fijian regime to wake up tomorrow and know that the world is watching, horrified at their attacks on peaceful and constructive trade unionists.'

The statement continues with: "Over the past five years, unions have led the challenge to the military dictatorship which has run Fiji's economy into the ground and made it an international pariah, and seen it suspended from the Commonwealth and the Pacific Islands Forum. The EU has also suspended its overseas aid programme and will consider further moves at the end of September.

Recently Fiji's military dictatorship has started to crack down on opposition groups like the unions and the Methodist Church, refusing to allow them to hold meetings, getting rid of workers' rights in the public sector and banning strikes in any sector the regime declares 'essential' like sugar farming and tourism.

Foreign Office Minister David Lidington condemned the arrest of Daniel Urai in August, saying 'the UK government believes this action will increase further Fiji's isolation from the international community. The right to assemble peacefully is at the heart of a functioning democracy and helps to improve long-term social, political and economic stability.'

At 4pm today (Thursday in the UK but Friday and the day of the court case in Fiji), the TUC is meeting with the Charge d'Affaires at the Fijian High Commission. The delegation will hand over a letter from TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber outlining the TUC's concerns at the regime's clampdown on workers' rights which are currently being investigated by the International Labour Organisation, the UN body dealing with the world of work.



mark manning said...

It is a pity and a bit pathetic really, that it has taken the Decree to alert those within the Union Leadership in Fiji, to realise that Frank Bainimarama's coup was going to be so destructive to the Fijian Economy and Community.
I would like to see some contrition, or at least some sign of contrition, from Union Leaders who originally were only too happy to get into bed with the Regime in early 2007.

Anonymous said...

Great statement from the TUC on the situation in Fiji. Apart from the 'over the past five years, unions have led the challenge to the military dictatorship', should read 'some unions have led...' as people like Urai and Felix were happily rolling in the mud with the pig after the coup...but I'm nitpicking. Good job by the unions for standing by the Unions in Fiji.

Rohit and YP Reddy said...

Bai and Kaiyum, it sounds like you two are DEAD MEAT. I am running out as I can be one too. Good luck boys.


Mahendra Motibhai Patel and Peni Mau’s appeal case revealing

One of Fiji’s tycoon, Mahendra Motibahi Patel, who is also Chairman of Fiji Times has been silently suffering in jail since May 2011 with his co-accused Peni Mau.

The two were shown no mercy by Justice Daniel Gounder who over-ruled the assessors not guilty verdict on the duo by ruling to send them to jail without bail.

His finding? That Patel and Mau’s motive behind the installation of a $75,000 clock at Post Fiji building in Suva was borne out of “greed”.

Patel was Chairman of Post Fiji board while Mau was its Managing Director.

Both worked within the framework of Post Fiji’s regulation board of directors and management guidelines involving the purchase of such item.

But their fate was determined by Gounder based on the key State witness, Adish Naidu, who was Post Fiji’s architect and Project Manager for the GPO building renovation that resulted in the installation of that controversial SEIKO outdoor clock.

Patel happens to be Motibhai’s Chairman, the sole agent of SEIKO watches in Fiji.

According to the regime’s star witness Adish Naidu, he told Mau that in one of his conversation with Patel, he mentioned to him that Patel wanted Motibhai to supply the clock.

But when Adish was cross-examined to quote the day of his conversation with Patel, records show that he said, “I don’t know.”

Patel was recorded to have said in court that he did not have such conversation with Adish Naidu.

Patels counsel pushed the FICAC prosecutor to present any other reliable evidence to support Naidu’s claim but it boiled down to what Naidu alleged against what Patel denied.

Court records also show that Adish Naidu has been communicating directly with SEIKO Japan since 2002, well before he presented his wall facade concept to the Fiji Post board of directors.

It was not until 2003 when he finally presented his rendering and costings of the facade to the board that included the SEIKO wall clock.

Evidence in court also show that it was Adish Naidu who recommended the clock to the board with no paper trail pointing to Patel or Mau as party to Adish Naidu’s arrangement with SEIKO.

A surprising revelation on court records also reveal that Naidu charged his commission on the clock over and above his professional charges on the renovation project proper.

All available evidence cited by our sources show that it was Adish Naidu who benefited the most financially from that Post Fiji project, yet it was his statement that Justice Gounder depended on to arrive at his jail term judgment on Patel and Mau.

Our sources have also established that FICAC had made arrangements with Adish Naidu where they offered Naidu immunity in return for his statement against Patel and Mau.

Sources said Naidu agreed after FICAC blackmailed him that they will investigate and prosecute him and his Yellow Architect business if he refused to be their star witness.

Naidu have since sold his business and is now heading the properties division of the regime controlled University of the South Pacific.

Sources say he’s become an unpopular man after his decision to be used by FICAC against Patel and Mau.

Meanwhile, commentators say that Patel and Mau have been unfairly used by the regime’s legal minders in their obsession to punish white-collar criminals.

They comment that Justice Gounder’s judgment was not based on hard evidence that would have exonerated Patel and Mau, instead he relied on his own personnel assessment and bias against the duo.

Anonymous said...

Gandu Gounder Said………

I acquitted a navy man for attempted rape as all the assessors found him not guilty. You should not be surprised as I am leaking bai’s and ag’s arssess to save my job.

You will remember mahendra patel was also found not guilty by all assessors but I convicted him and sent him to prison for 12 months as I was directed to do so by bai through khaiyum and evil nazhat.

Gandu Gounder said……….. said...

I acquitted a navy man for attempted rape as all the assessors found him not guilty. You should not be surprised as I am leaking bai’s and ag’s arssess to save my job.

You will remember mahendra patel was also found not guilty by all assessors but I convicted him and sent him to prison for 12 months as I was directed to do so by bai through khaiyum and evil nazhat.

Anonymous said...

The Framers of the Constitution knew that free speech is the friend of change and revolution. But they also knew that it is always the deadliest enemy of tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Yes only attar singh and fictu were fighting from day one, not felix, urai and ftuc. But attar is also supporting the international actions so the unions have obviously made up. Go fictu and ftuc. Felix and attar you two must work very closely now.

Anonymous said...

Please Anthony , Daniel Urai,. Chodory and the rest of you.....next time there is a coup do not support it...fullstop. You were on Bainimaramas side when he did the coup and you will also be taken to task when the new elected gov comes in. Please do not think that this will be the end of it.....the elected gov will take each and everyone who were involved and part of the coup to court.

We the good people of Fiji will make sure that there will be no more conmen around with self interest....We are more awake now and we know all you guys.....you all have been exposed.

Come quickly democracy.

Anonymous said...

bainimarama you look so very very stupid on that photo....no wonder you and your brother in law kean are murderers ; rapist; liers...

so sad...

Anonymous said...

All the pics have a commonality - their fore-fingers.
Need I say more??

Anonymous said...

`The camera does not lie`...How true? Just look at their faces...the expressions..the anger and venom oozing out of every pore of their skin...uuugh!!!how horrible.But then again..God bless their poor tormented souls.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matavuvale @ 12.47

Siti Weleilakeba mo wilika ka vakasamataka vinaka na ka e vola toka qo e cake o Matavuvale.

Sa kua mada na soli maimuri kei na kubu i soresore tiko

Sona levu.

Viti Blogger. said...

Suggest above critics keep on looking at who's who in the photos - takes pressure off those of us who aren't.

Anonymous said...

voreqe - taura na nomu i dusidusi ka sosomaka i na vanua oya, POOFTER!!!

Anonymous said...

Voreqe - o sa na muri ira talega na yavu kawaca, butabutako, dau LABA, kocokoco ka o ni taba vata tiko 'qori!!!!
E ra sa tu evei e dai?
Tamata vakaloloma o iko kei nomu kawa - kawa ca o iko!!