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Monday, September 19, 2011

What's going on now at Fijian Holdings Limited?

Carl Ngamoki-Cameron
More problems at Fijian Holdings Ltd although it appears the regime is trying to keep it quiet and out of the public eye.

The following story appeared and then were both removed today from Fiji Live and Fiji Village:

PM orders special audit on FHL chairman Publish date/time: 19/09/2011 [12:12]
A team from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Finance is now conducting a special audit on the Chairman of Fijian Holdings Limited, Carl Cameron.

FHL has announced that Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has appointed a committee to undertake the special audit regarding the allegations received against Cameron.

The FHL board met this morning and also appointed Iowane Naiveli as the Acting Chairman until the special audit is completed.

The board said at this stage the audit is focused on corporate governance related issues and the recent appointment of the General Manager for Merchant Finance, Greg Cathcart.

Cameron was appointed as the Chairman of Fijian Holdings on the 27th of June this year and is also the Chairman for Merchant Finance and Investments, Fijian Property Trust, FHL Logistics Limited, Blue Lagoon Cruises Limited and PNG based Pasifika Holdings Limited.

Meanwhile, the FHL board said it is business as usual for the company and the enquiry will have no impact on the day to day running of the group’s holdings.

Fijian Holdings Ltd only last month announced the arrival of Cathcart - an announcement made by Cameron:
New GM for Merchant Finance
Market Announcement FHL
New General Manager for Merchant Finance & Investment Co Ltd
In a press release made today, FHL announced the appointment of Mr Greg Cathcart as the new General Manager for Merchant Finance Investment Company Limited (MFIL).
Mr Cathcart is a 30 year veteran in the Financial Services Industry, having worked for companies AGC Finance, Pacific Retail Finance and GE Money and he is a finance graduate of the University of Auckland Business School. Over the course of his career has held most financial services roles from entry level up to CEO & Director seniority in NZ, Australia, Papua new Guinea and the Middle East.
In making the announcement, FHL Group & Merchant Finance Chairman, Carl Ngamoki-Cameron said “The appointment was based on the outcome of a stringent and thorough selection process. In addition he stated that “We are confident that Mr Cathcart has the necessary calibre to take on this challenging role and steer the company towards its strategic goals.”
Acting CEO for FHL Group and Merchant Finance Director, Nouzab Fareed, said “We welcome Mr Cathcart, and look forward to utilising his expertise for the benefit of the company and its shareholders and stakeholders.”
FHL would like to reassure our shareholders that business will continue to operate as usual within the Group.
MFIL is a licensed credit institution specialising in asset purchases financing, personal loans, term deposits and insurance agency services. It is also 100% locally owned, of which 80% is owned by FHL and 20% by Fijian Holdings Unit Trust respectively.
Chairman - FHL Company Secretary
Dated 30 August 2011
For more information, please contact: Elenoa Lalabalavu - Investor Relations Officer,
Phone: (679) 3305017
Email: info@fijianholdings.com.fj  

The blog Intelligentsiya posted this morning Cameron was under investigation saying that among his transgressions is the approval of the shoddy rugby world cup song and music video, which we reproduce here.


Anonymous said...

OMG but I still long for the day when I will read on yr site that Aiarse is being investigated!!!

Anyway, back to the thread... no one would be surprised with this news... wtf is this cameron thing?

Anonymous said...

Well done PM. Carl and his mate Catharth are both love myself people. Fiji doesn't need them.

Anonymous said...

The more important question that we should be asking is how quickly he became a naturalized citizen.

His a foreigner, that quickly became a naturalized Fijian and suddenly becomes the Chairman of an Indigenous financial holding group.

We should look into the length of time it took to make him a citizen and how quickly it took - short cuts were made there too

mark manning said...

Is this one band of thieves investigating another band of thieves ?

Anonymous said...

Isa Lei ko Viti..The company exclusively formed to take care of the i taukei business concern has been taken over by ppl that have come in from nowhere that we do not know. Isa Prime Minister ni vakasuka tale mai na kabani oqo vei keda.

Anonymous said...

Send this Ngamoki-Cameron back to his tribe in Whagarei-he can take shelter in a Marae--and become a pastor--plenty needed there.Carl Gamoki Came-ran-----moce .

Anonymous said...

Who is this Ngamoki-Cameron.These con artists come cheaper by the dozen !Send him back to his tribe in Whangarei !!---He can take shelter in a Marae !--or become a pastor--plenty needed there.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.13
There are many more "I love me" lawyers in Suva than Carl that would be more than happy to take up a post if given half a chance. So what if he paid for a bad video of Fijian Rugby, it's probably the least he could do. Maybe now he'll see the illegal regime for what they truly are.

Fark Fanning said...

Set a thief to catch a thief !!!

Anonymous said...

Honesty says.....

Frank Bainimarama....you see this is what you get when you arbitray and unjustfiably remove loyal, hard working, qualified, experience Fijians from hot seats. All the hear say and jus because you don't like somebody due to his achievements and success stories, he/she be removed. If you turn back the pages, you will note that you have arbitrary removed many Fijian executive's ( Indo & taukei) who over the years have served different governments and PM's. They have climbed the corporate ladder because they had proved their worth on merit and under fierce competition. Even amongst many expats. example is FHL, our very own Fijian institution. Starting with Sereana Qoro & Aiyaz Musa and the new Board, compare their achievements to per coup days. Has FICAC tried investigating the commission that he gets from Credit Corporation when doing dealings on behalf of FHL ? Chech it out...interesting for shareholders to know this...its worth the while to pin these big crooks.

Similarly FNPF, compare it now with pre coup days, compare the leadership and success stories to what we now have. Compare any other statutory organisdation and and the results are the same.

Now what.....the events predicted by many honest people has come full circle & making his 2nd round of sweep again.

Shareholders watch carefully. Your monies will evaporate slowly into space.

Anonymous said...

...the flying fijians song is bloody lousy. Waste of money and time....macawa!!

Ram Chodo said...

Since c4.5 wants the old constitution back, maybe we should be asking a different question... how can FHL be allowed to operate in breach of the constitution?

Discriminating based on race is forbidden by the 1997 constitution, and FHL does just this. If you are not iTaukei, you can't join the FHL club.

Anonymous said...

The real scams on the FHL board is run Padam Lala-FHL director.

Scams and corruption by Padam Lala and all chairman are removed.

This crook must stand trial.

Anonymous said...

all corrupt like the head that lead fiji.
bai/ask/cronies all filling the pocket.
when ficac will investigate the thugs ask/riaz/john prasad/bai/bano/cronies.
god help clean up the thugs soon..

Yogesh Tappoo said...

When will Bai call for an investigation into ASK. This will be a turning point in Fiji and something to look forward to. It is inevitable that such can happen to cover his own ass. He will put ASK's ass on the line. As they say, when the chewing gum goes dry, they need a juicy one. One day, ASK's chewing gum will dry out and it's not too far.

Anonymous said...

I am not the least surprised that Fijilive and Fiji Village pulled the story on investigation being conducted into Carl's activities at FHL. This would have been done at the instruction of the censors at the Minitsry of Information. The head of that ministry is none other than Sharon Smith-Johns.

Apparently one of the allegations against Carl is that he hosted a birthday party for Sharon at FHL's Boardroom, with all expenses paid for by FHL. This is Sharon's motivation for not wanting the story on the FHL investigation being aired.

I know you are reading this Sharon. Shame on you! Who the heck are you to come here and feed like a vulture on our Fijian institutions. Go back to whereever you came from.

Anonymous said...

This is Aiyaz Khaiyum's thesis on destroying indigenous control being played out.
Very plain to see.
Destroy GCC.
Destroy NLTB (under the guise of a Landbank)
Destroy Methodist church.
Destroy Provincial councils and put your cronies there ( eg Filipe Bole).
Destroy Air Pacific.
Destroy FHL
Destroy FNPF
etc etc etc
Yes, send the Fijians back to the Dark Ages
and bring in the Muslim Brotherhood.
Just like Hitler, your plans will fail Aiyaz.

How long will it take the dumb Fijian army to see what is happening under their nose.

Yavu sotia ulukau. Trying to follow protocol and can't go against the commander.What bullshit!
And yet you stupid soldiers broke the biggest protocol of all by getting rid of the constitution.
(Dou vakasamataka mada ya. Just think it through logically).Aiyaz is actually fooling you all.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Frank is in Padam Lalas pocket, he will never kick him out

Anonymous said...

Isnt this the same Carl kicked out of Parshottam lawyers. He was screwing Parshottams now ex wife

Anonymous said...

Nothing Fijian about the song. Sound like someone trying to imitate African sounds. Always cheap into imitations. You need something more original

Anonymous said...

This is another mess-up by Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

@.Com said...

@Ram Chodo

The 1997 Constitution allows for positive discrimination hence the formation of the FHL.....Jhano ki nai...?

Anonymous said...

How many CEO's Merchant Bank has had in the last two years??? One wonders how the staff are feeling..... If any are still there!!! It is the institution that will collapse FHL! Can someone in the decision making chair , lost count who it is now after all those that FB chose have failed him, bring back the old team of FHL and not interfere and allow the institution tobrevive before another National Bank splashes infront of the poor shareholders!!! FHL needs to be re-established to ensure that Fijian business has something to celebrate about!!! Just a note this re-establishment should be without Steve Weilelakeba, Sarah Qoro, Aiyaz Musah, Farid, current Board, these are the ones that have caused the current demise!!!! Bring Save Narube, Kalio Tavola, Joji Koroi, Inia Naiyaga, Peceli, Vili Leqa, and other unblemished individuals to revive this entity! Only success story that we Fikians could talk about slowly disintegrating!!! Shame on those that have abused their roles, may the curse of our generations forever wilt you all including the current IG!!!!'

Anonymous said...

OOOOMMMMMMMFFFFFFGGGGGG .... This flying fijians song is absolutely just not on. What a joke seriously at the very least a good yard stick was the fiji bati song for the last league RWC. Cmon man take this song away and honestly admit that its not up to scratch for f$%ks sake.

Anonymous said...

Is that Humphrey behind Cameron?
Well I never!!!! Na cava e kila o koya e na ka vaka bisinisi?
It shows that the Pig is running out of QUALIFIED, PROFESSIONAL and MATURED people!!@

Anonymous said...

Damm! this song is horrible...who ever came up with it, should be shot!

Anonymous said...

This song shows the Knowledge,Quality etc of the composers-not worth the paper it was written on and wasted everyone involved in from composing to , recording to Mastering! When you want material of class to be put out into the public domain you at the very least engage some quality musicians. The Singer Steve Macomber is a quality singer what beats me is how he got conned into singing a useless piece of LYRICS which is so disjointed and rugby footage form all over the place -even an amateur would be ashamed!The whole exercise was to inspire the TEAM for the World Cup -who can be inspired but such crap!Maybe Steve was happy for the money ,interesting to know how much they were paid?? Bale na belo!

Anonymous said...

Annon 5.04pm.. Like him or hate him, fact is Steve Waleilakeba was the brain behind the success of FHL.

Anonymous said...

CROUCH ... TOUCH ... PAUSE ... ENGAGE ... PRRRRRRRRTTTT!!!! ... "collapsing the scrum and the nation ... penalty against all innocent citizens of Fiji"

BTW ... The song has as much creativity in it as hair on Sam Domoni's head!

Anonymous said...

Three words to these goons: FULL OF SHIT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Waleilakeba was a crook-straight simple fact, no one gets rich that quick, with so many properties in Namadi, just like his mate Qarase!Now he is more than willing to be the witness in Qarase's trial? For what but to save his own skin! Ka Bini ka BO!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... areh whah, annon 11.32am you are so funny..hahahah

Kenneth Zinck said...

What a hopeless song. How can the Fiji team get uplifted by the music of this song. We need to uplift supporters and players alike with a song that is catchy and easy to sing. What a wasre of money.

Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

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