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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Accused Air Pacific whistleblower bailed

Air Pacific pilot Shalend Scott has been released on bail by the Lautoka High Court after appealing his remand conditions.

The Court released him today saying it did not find him to be a flight risk. Justice Paul Madigan also said Scott may have been charged with the wrong charge. 

Coupfourpointfive has yet to obtain the details about this but information suggests the judge's comment is in regards to the fact that Scott was charged under Section 340 of the Crimes Decree, when it should have been under Section 343. 

The reason for this is that while Scott may have committed a ‘serious crime’, the DPP has yet to outline the seriousness of it and justify that it should warrant life sentence if found guilty.

Judge Madigan said in all fairness, Scott should have been charged under Section 343, a summary charge with the maximum penalty of two years, if found guilty. 

The DPP’s office has failed miserably yet again, with the Judge finding holes in not only the charges but also the police decision not to formally charge Scott when he was first taken into custody in Nadi last Tuesday (October the 7th).

He also took into account the fact that Scott was taken to Natabua Prison overnight and put in the company of hardened criminals because of overcrowding in the remand facility.

Scott is to reappear in court in just over a week's time (October the 21st).

Editor's Note: Supporters have set up a Facebook for Scott. See link for details


mark manning said...

It looks like this Judge will be taken up to QEB next, or booted out of Fiji.
Aiyaz is a failure all round, he has no idea about Law !

Captain Peter Prasad(AIR FIJI) said...

My fellow colleague Shalend,I am so very sorry this crap had to happen to you in these trying times my brother.
The Lord my god Jesus is with you.Keep your chin up and be proud that a son of Fiji has the guts to challenge SATAN.You are a Boeing 747 pilot and no wit inferior..I don't think your detractors have ever flown more than a home made kite.

Don't let the TURKEYS get you down!!!
You are in my prayers bro.

Anonymous said...

good luck ypu are fightg 4 everyone infiji god is with you thank you from eveyone infiji

Ram Sami said...

He's a son of Australia, not of Fiji.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

News on hand one of the biggest PHARMACY operator in Fiji is calling it a day and closing down,15 qualified Pharmacists and 180 staff without a job soon .Sad day for a small country with locals who had faith in FIJI giving up.I have been a supplier to this company and i for one will terminate few staff and scale down my operations. Personal Agendas have taken the fun of doing business in Fiji ,SAD DAY

Anonymous said...

I have known Nands in Pharmacy business for long time,and funny they going through this hassle,Abhay has helped most FIJIAN PHARMACIST in Fiji ,When i was there he assisted Keresi,Ilisoni Kini,Ateca,Waisake,and was also was chairman in one Ministry of trade Board,Scouts of FIJI President.Sad if he closes.I know he has 3 boys who are pharmacist now and he was proudly bringing them back home after studies .He helped us at Govt pharmacy and FSM with scholership and interns training. Can the Govt of the day wake up and Stop this carnage.

Anonymous said...

I have known Nands in Pharmacy business for long time,and funny they going through this hassle,Abhay has helped most FIJIAN PHARMACIST in Fiji ,When i was there he assisted Keresi,Ilisoni Kini,Ateca,Waisake,and was also was chairman in one Ministry of trade Board,Scouts of FIJI President.Sad if he closes.I know he has 3 boys who are pharmacist now and he was proudly bringing them back home after studies .He helped us at Govt pharmacy and FSM with scholership and interns training. Can the Govt of the day wake up and Stop this carnage.

Anonymous said...

A Judge who knows that the Justice system of a nation, THE PEOPLE OF FIJI,

is going to look incredibly foolish and hypocitical

charging somebody for TREASON, for pilferying company documents. These are not state secrets.

and who is calling the kettle black.



At least in Pakistan, the lawyers marched in the street like common human beings.
In Fiji, our lawyers are the most base human beings in the world. They continue to be self serving, spinless, corrupt, dishonest, parasitic beings. They are the elite that have brought this country down.

Our treasonous government, we the people, are going to charge one man for treason?

2000 years ago the same thing happened. We put him up on a cross.

We the people, what have we become?

I suppose our lawyers only reflect ouselves.
Every day, we confirm what a "childish" people we are, always looking to a "parent" to care for us.
We are incapable of being or wanting to be "ADULTS".

Always looking for somebody, anybody, to lead us. No maturity to take responsibility as adults.
We do not have the critical mass of "adults" to provide a functioning "independend state"
Fijians need their talatala,bete, chief or bati to overlord them.
Indians need their "village headman"
Master Sahib.

We are a nation of children and bent parents.

We are a pathetic excuse of a nation.

Keep The Faith said...

Hang in there Shalend.

If the DPPs office can't even get their charges right, know that you will walk. Any bets their evidence will be shoddily put together.

Madigan, however, will be made to finally walk the plank as Aiyaz and Injustice Gaytes have long hoped for, in conjunction with the new FICAC imports from sri lanka.

Anonymous said...

scott is the hero and ceo of air pac and ag/bai is zero.
time for air pacific staff and union members to strike.
god bless.

Kenneth Zinck said...

As a simple layman on the street those to be charged for TREASON in Fiji are. BAINIMARAMAS, KHAIYUMS,NAILATIKAUS,SHAMEEMS,RICKETTS,TIKOITOGAS,ALIS,TAPPOOS,REDDYS,illegal cabinet ministers, illegal ambassadors,Sharon Smiths, illegal Board members, not forgetting the Pfliegers and the Srilankan judges plus those who aided and abbetted Bainimarama on December 5th 2006 with the COUP. No you cant charge Capt Shalen Scott for TREASON, cos he didnot overthrow an elected government full stop. Who are we trying to fool here? Well done Judge Paul Madigan at least somebody still has the guts to do it right in Fiji. Keep it up mate. Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

I really do feel for you Scott. This illegal Regime run by THUGS and Mobsters, no place is better for them then to be blindfolded and shot or stoned to death. Yes, you Voreqe, Khaiyum and the lot..hell is waiting with open arms, you bunch of criminals!!

Anonymous said...

Release the man cos the charge all wrong.

ask any obbicer in fiji what is cyber crime they dont know.

the man is a national hero, bravo and many more like this needed.

he deserves a bravey award unlike RUM who is not fighting on the ground.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 9:44am

Well said. Though I wouldn't blame the legal fraternity too much - this should be fairly and squarely laid at the feet of Air Pathetic and the regime.

Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.

They brought the charges for sedition, while being guilty of far worse; murder, treason and sedition. Yet they have the bald-faced cheek to charge this man for pointing out the truth.

In fear of repeating the obvious for those who think that Shalend has committed a crime: in any other country he would be protected by whistleblower and employment legislation.

In Fiji, he is charged with sedition and threatened with a life sentence - my guess is that this is because the regime wants to scare him and scare us. It won't work.

Anonymous said...

Look like the next target in this case is the Judge

paula raqeukai said...

keep the faith Scott...be strong as the Lord's holy spirit will be with you always...everything done in secret will be placed on the roof-top for everybody to see...God Bless

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is really accumulating wealth quickly together with his children, one daughter who rents around Suva and gets booted out now and then is now the proud owner of a freehold property, a toyota camary sedan and a brand new SUV....overnight. Boy talk about corruption

Anonymous said...

@ Ken Zinck
I agree 100% with what you said.

I dare them to jail Shalend. If they do, then we will definitely up the ante.
We will contact the UN Human Rights Commission and Mr Ban ki Moon himself
So you soldiers, don't even think about it.
You throw this man in Jail and there will be no more UN Peacekeeping jobs for you.
I will personally see to it.

-Valataka na Dina.

Navosavakadua said...

Once again the DPP and the FPF have made fools of themselves by following the orders of the ego-maniac ASK. Judge Madigan didn't want to make himself a tool of oppression so he pointed out the obvious.

Section 340 of the ASK decree is a minor offence. Section 343 relies on the accessing of documents being done as part of committing a serious offence (such as treason or sedition?).

Holding somebody in prison on charges relating to Section 340 would be manifestly unjust, so they had to pretend that an offence against Sn 343 had been committed, even if they didn't have any evidence to support it.

The real offence is the interference in police investigation and prosecution by ASK.

Skippy. said...

@ Ram Sami.

Congrats - well spotted - others can't see it - forefront - where all this is really - lack of concern by AUS authorities in this matter - but then they didn't give a shit about Hollywood George (still don't)current inaction devalues AUS citizenship and what it supposedly stands for - & right now those fools in Canberra couldn't give a stuff.

Anonymous said...

@ 09.44am

I like your piece. Mate, keep up the call, people all over the country are disgruntled and talking and time comes they will dare to standup individually but in mass to oppose this draconian and criminal regime of Bainiarse and Tikoiqaranipo.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.44am thats spot on man.

we are so useless. i reckon the average man in fiji is so demoralized.

de·mor·al·ize - to deprive (a person or persons) of spirit, courage, discipline, etc.;

Anonymous said...

The present Leadership of Fiji should decree a law to protect whistleblowers.

God bless Shalend.

Anonymous said...

Skippy and Ram Sami...you can't fly for Air Pacific without a fiji passport.He is a holder of dual citizenship.So he is a son of fiji and australia

Anonymous said...

Spot on 9.44am..well and truly said..

Anonymous said...

spot on information

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