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Sunday, October 30, 2011

ACTU calls on Qantas CEO to 'calm down'

The Australian Council of Trade Unions says the decision by Qantas to ground its fleet and lock out its workforce is a serious over-reaction by management that will hurt all Qantas employees and customers.

In a statement on its website, ACTU Secretary Jeff Lawrence calls on Qantas management to reverse its decision and get back to the negotiating table to get an agreement with their workforce.

“Alan Joyce needs to urgently reverse this lock-out and grounding. This is a most unusual decision which is completely unwarranted, and will only hurt Qantas’ brand and customers.

"Qantas employees are as shocked and stunned at this extreme decision as passengers are. Workers at Qantas are simply seeking to negotiate new pay and conditions, and some guarantees from management about job security.

“But bargaining at Qantas has broken down because of management’s refusal to negotiate. Industrial action at Qantas has been limited, and some unions have actually called off industrial action for several weeks, but Qantas has continued to snub its workforce."

Lawrence says the Qantas decision is "irresponsible action by Alan Joyce" that "will hurt innocent bystanders, including the traveling public and the majority of the Qantas workforce who are currently not in bargaining with management."

“We call on Qantas to calm down, and immediately reverse this rash decision because the only way this dispute will be resolved is through negotiation, not by holding Australian workers and the public to ransom.”

ACTU has called an urgent meeting of Qantas unions tonight to discuss the developments.  

Qantas must reconsider rash and reckless action http://www.actu.org.au/Media/Mediareleases/Qantasmustreconsiderrashandrecklessactiontogrounditsfleet.aspx 


Anonymous said...

I am not a union man but I think Qantas is acting like a bully here and society must fight against bullying. I think the CEO & entire Qantas Board should step down or be sacked for this irresponsible over reaction.

SEMI MEO said...

Strike or no strike, grounding or not; these overpaid unionist still go home to their family with a pay cheque. Did they not see it coming?? These Unionist should all be sacked…well, no workers, no fees, no more job for them too.

But again, what can you do if a Labor Government in power who have no idea how to govern even their own parliamentary group woried their own chief pilot gonna be??

Well, now 2nd and 3rd world countries will benefit from outsourcing of nearly all jobs including Pilots! The Good out of this saga may be that all naturalized Australian Citizen of Australia who’re expertise in any field in Qantas may be offered to return to their country of birth to man the outsourced out posts in varied Qantas services.

May be property boom for us as Qantas pilots and Aircrew and even catering contract may look to a Fiji home base.

Hope all thing work out for good for all innocent Qantas Staff worldwide..

Air Pacific staff said...

@Semi Meo....you obviously are Mr Know All Union Basher. Would pay to first get acquainted with the issues the Quantas workers are fighting for before farting away from your mouth. You never refer to what the union's gripes are.....

Anonymous said...

Look who's on the back foot now. Talk about overreacting. You should have seen this one coming,union leaders. Now let's see whether your members can remain steadfast with your bastardary.This is a lesson we need to learn if something happens to Air Pacific. If FB chooses to close down Air PAC . What you happen to ordinay workers and battlers? You be the judge !

Anonymous said...

Alan Joyce needs a medal. Australian unions are the bane of our lives. Remember how the dock unions blacked Fiji at the bequest of Mahendra Chaudry

mark manning said...

The Board at QANTAS are equivalent to Adolf Hitler's
Sturm Abteilung (Storm Troopers) and Alan Joyce as its C.E.O., Óglaigh na hÉireann (ONH), Ireland's I.R.A. splinter group, of which, it's said, only 50 members exist.

mark manning said...

Please take the time to familiarise yourselves with the links I've provided, and expand on those links also if you wish, as what is happening in Australia now and has happened in the past, directly affects every worker throughout the World, including Fijians.
If Globalisation has become QANTAS Board's excuse for grounding entire its Domestic and International Fleet, then it's not a very sound argument.
The right to withdraw ones Labour, is an inherent right of any workforce, in a Democratic Society, and Industrial action such as strikes, work to rule or go slow, a part of Australia's Industrial System.

It's my guess, that the Shareholders of QANTAS, at their own Annual General Meeting on Friday the 28th. of October (2 days ago), after approving a $2,000,000 (2 million) knew nothing of the boards
"prior, pre-planned" decision, to implement the World Wide shutting down of the fleet.
It may be a strategic move by Conservatives within QANTAS or it may have more far reaching consequences for Australia's workforce, hence the Unions resistance over the past 7 months.
To me, it's no coincidence that Air Pacific, of which QANTAS owns 40% to 46%, is also experiencing a reduction in the protection of Workers Rights.

Having worked as an Apprentice in the early 1970's through the reign of Gough Whitlam's Government, Malcolm Fraser, who has recently resigned from the Liberal Party (Conservative) and Bob Hawke, previously the Leader of the ACTU (Unions), I understand the dirty politics of the past.
Currently, it has changed, now being manipulated it seems by a handful of men of questionable, at best, integrity, known as the faceless men of Federal politics.
It was extremely interesting to see Peter Reith raise his ugly head again yesterday on QANTAS decision and his views on why it was done.

mark manning said...

2 of 2
Lies Lies Lies :-
For the sake of political expediency and in order to find a reason to have the australian Public re-elect them, the Howard Government and some of its Ministers, lied about Asylum seekers throwing their children overboard, in order to Demonise them and make the Howard government appear as if it was looking after Australia's Domestic Interests. All lies, but the duped Public, voted him back in ! I didn't vote Liberal :-
Why are so called "Civilised Nations" hell bent on Destroying and Eroding Workers Rights, Wages and Conditions, to match those of under-developed Nations, when they should be demanding that those same under-developed Nations, to match our Conditions etc. ?
Why aren't we as a Community, demanding that Workers Rights remain protected ?
Fijians need look no further, than their own backyard to understand what I'm saying.

What, one may ask, did the QANTAS Board know of Air Pacific's involvement in the recent Decree against Workers Rights and Unions within Fiji and the engaging of an American Law Firm to "write them up " ?
Just who is responsible for Law and Order in Fiji, America or Fiji, Fijian Lawyers or American Lawyers ?
Shame Shame Shame on this Law Firm :-

A great big melting pot, though a well intentioned concept, it just doesn't reflect reality :-
except perhaps, in the minds of the deluded and mentally deranged, such as Adolf Hitler and his Henchmen, and other Psychopaths throughout History.
As the late Don Dunstan once said "one should celebrate life's diversity" !

Consider, if you will, the option :-

mark manning said...

The unnecessary escalation of the QANTAS dispute and its increased attack on Workers Rights, no matter the Human Cost, may well play straight into the hands of the Australian Government.
Given that from the outset of this Regime's coup, Frank Bainimarama has insisted that Mr. Qarase approached the Australian Government and asked for it's Military "Intervention" not Assistance, under the Biketawa Declaration :-
Indeed, History will be the Judge :-

Perhaps it is time for International Troops to be deployed in Fiji, as they were in Grenada :-

Democrat said...

Mark Manning. It is also the inherant right of an employer to withdraw employment if the employees are unreliable such as withdrawing their labour and affecting the business.

Anonymous said...

Alan Joyce's decision was a ploy to get the government to intervene to get the unions to back off. Another slimy compamny man riding roughshod over the rights of workers.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there unions.

Anonymous said...

Joyce strong arming the situation shame on Qantas. Damage is done though passengers everywhere saying they'll never use qantaz again: fairl call

Anonymous said...

Ex abc net au

Joyce defends Qantas grounding as backlash grows

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has defended his unprecedented decision to ground the airline's entire fleet, as the backlash from stranded passengers and sidelined workers continues to grow.

The airline announced the grounding of all domestic and international flights on Saturday in response to a protracted industrial dispute with its employees.

Hopes for an early return to the air rest with an industrial tribunal hearing at Fair Work Australia (FWA) currently underway.

The Government is calling for an end to the conflict between the airline and its unions, saying the industrial umpire must make a determination this afternoon.

Mr Joyce says FWA can end the ongoing stoush between the airline and unions this afternoon by ordering workers to terminate their industrial action.

"Either way it's over once that happens, because we know there's certainty to it," he said.

"It only goes on if there's a suspension, and that's the only element if there's uncertainty going forward."

Mr Joyce says the decision to ground the airline was only taken when unions ramped up their rhetoric after shareholders voted to give him a pay rise at Qantas' annual general meeting on Friday.

"Unfortunately after the AGM the unions were more aggressive. They were talking about 48-hour stoppages, ramping it up, baking us for a year," he told AM.

"I told the board I had made the decision then. We were losing, lost $70 million to date, $15 million a week, and felt that we had no other [option].

He rejects suggestions that Qantas made the move to try to force the Federal Government to get involved in the long-running industrial dispute.

"We've been telling [the Government] the damage that this action has been causing," he said.

mark manning said...

Alan Joyce is a yes man like Frank Bainimarama.
Like all those involved in the coup, he has no allegiance, as he can come and go as he sees fit, to any company in the world.
While these types of C.E.O.'s and Business minded People expect others to adhere to their contracts, they chop and change and sell their arses to the highest bidder, no matter the damage done in their wake !

@ Democrat 408 p.m. :-
Yes employers can withdraw Employment, but Directors of Companies, have Legal obligations and it seems that one is already under Investigation for possibly breaking Company Law !

An employer such as QANTAS however, cannot just shut down the Nation because its C.E.O. and Board Members, choose to not negotiate with its employees.

Essential Services are a matter for Government and we'll see soon just who is to be held accountable and to what extent.

No doubt, along with the arrests and killings of many Dictators in the Middle East over the past few months, the Regime in Fiji must be shaking in its boots at the prospect of Fijians waking up to their draconian decrees and how they will affect Fiji's population, and the backlash.

Poor old Frank and Aiyaz, they couldn't have done the coup at a worst time in history !

Democrat said...

Mark Manning. Equally employees of Quantas, cannot just shut down the Nation by blackmailing Quantas with excessive claims and strikes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe the Fiji Ag is right-on with this decrees? Maybe some areas like Hospitals,Airlines and Electricity etc should not be allowed to Strike?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, what all this has to do with Fiji I don't know. Found another lost cause have we? Bro, get a life. It's one thing to have to put up with your rantings about the regime. But your views on Qantas have zero interest to me or, I'd imagine, anyone else here. We're trying to restore democracy in Fiji, not fight some union battle in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Qantas CEO and board gave 48 Hours notice of the lock out to the Australian Opposition Parties State and Federal, 6 hours notice to the Australian Government and 3 Hours Notice of the Lock out to it loyal Passengers. A definite ploy by the Huge Australian Corporate Companies to bring Down yet another Prime Minister of Australia again, as well as the Australian Unions.

mark manning said...

@ anon 118 a.m
Obviously you're unaware that QANTAS owns over 40% of Air Pacific and of Air Pacific's recent engaging an American Law Firm to write up the recent Union Decrees on behalf of the Fiji Government !
Either that, or your a Regime and coup supporter and just don't care about the effect of these draconian decrees on the workers in Fiji.
Whatever QANTAS Directors do to achieve the decimation of the Australian workforce and their workplace conditions, will directly affect Fiji's workforce, in the long run.
@ Democrat 118 a.m.
The unions didn't have any excessive claims against QANTAS, nor did they strike !
Can you provide the links online, proving your claims that they did this ?
No, it seems that you are talking through your backside and belong probably, to the useless RFMF !

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning again on his crap! The simple fact is and this also for Semi Meo-the Qantas Executives did not have
1.Mandate to Ground the Airline-it was never metntioned in the AGM? WHY?
2.Qantas could have easily gone to IR tribunal and got the same result as has got now without having to ground the Airline & also also involve Govt.
3.The Unions were once know for being Militant who is Militant now?
4.Qants reckons it was losing $M15-20million a day-well guess what its now over a $150 million loss to the COUNTRY in a single day!
5. The Union will now have to esculate this ifits ever to survive because its acase of "bring in cheap Labour to fliy and service the planes form Thailand.
6.The CEO has not mentioned nor will he admit it but he is to get $2million dollars early next year as part of his package if he is able to "crush" the Unions an dge tthings doen his way!
6. Board memebers of Qantas are some big time ani-Unionits like Rio Tinto!
7. The disaster this has caused to Hopital transfers for case and electives from rural areas in Australia into major Hopitals is phenominal. Now peopleare running around during the weekend trying to sort this massive mess done by those who have no idea what they have done!

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the UNIONS we would all be woring as Slaves and getting pad in pennies for 10 hours of work MOnday to Saturday!

Fiji Democrat said...

As a result of the coups and unions we are now working for pennies as slaves (if we are lucky to get employment).

Anonymous said...

Bhai and Aiyaz shud get rid of everything Australian from Fiji. They've got the whole world at their feet, if Australia opposes them just get rid of them.

Stan said...

Why should the Qantas board step down...its a totally private company...hello

Anonymous said...

the CEO has just proved to the world that he is incompetent.In this day and age,surely he knows and understands 'dialogue' or he doesn't ,what a joke,closing down the airline????I thought there were dictators only in Fiji,now we see it in Austrailia too.....wow and they claim to e a free and open society where everyone's rights are respected.The Qantas management must think they are the only ones living in Austrailia,wow what a joke.