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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Air Pacific pilot in custody for alleged leaks to Coupfourpointfive

Shalend Scott
An Air Pacific pilot is in police custody for allegedly leaking documents to Coupfourpointfive confirming Air Pacific's role in the initiating and drafting of the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree and paying a New York law firm and a British consultant for their role.

The pilot, second officer Shalend Scott, is the Secretary of the Fiji Airline Pilots' Association. He has been suspended pending further investigation.

Coupfourpointfive revealed on Wednesday that a few Air Pacific union officials were in police custody from Tuesday night as part of a witchhunt by Air Pacific CEO, David Pflieger, and illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, to investigate officials of the two unions after the leaks caused them acute embarrassment and proved them to be liars.

After the leaked documents were published on this blog, the international media, unions and parliamentarians in Australia questioned why Air Pacific, which is 46 percent owned by Qantas, appeared to be actively supporting the regime.

Qantas has yet to front with an answer for what should be deservedly dubbed Air Pacific Gate.

Tony Sheldon
The Transport Workers Union of Australia says Qantas has tried to wash its hands of the ongoing brutality being perpetrated in Fiji against Air Pacific employees and other union members.

TWU National Secretary, Tony Sheldon, says: "This formally makes Qantas the most dis-interested 46% shareholder of a company anywhere in the world. Can anyone imagine Rupert Murdoch owning 46% of anything and not caring? It beggars belief!

“Moreover, the standards they apply in Australia and won’t apply in Fiji makes them hypocrites of the highest order."

He says it's outrageous that
an Air Pacific employee gets taken up to the Suva army barracks and gets the ‘Underbelly’ treatment and isn't of interest to Qantas and its CEO, Alan Joyce. “This is a pathetic double-standard”.


Anonymous said...

union officials should be freed now.
they are fighting for the rights.
time for fiji people to wake up and fight the regime now.
strike and march than the govt will go down.
union/church/gcc/political party should combine now.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

Poor Shalend Scott, been used as an example by Air Pacific when they actually have the wrong person, clutching straws in the dark. We'll wait and see if it will actually size the disseminating of the truth which they try so hard to hid. Surprising to see people work together against a common FOE...

Anonymous said...

What crime did Shalend committ?
This shows to the world the true reality of what is happening in Fiji.
These arseholes can go and give their fancy talk at the UN or Spearhead Forum wherever about elections etc etc; but at the end of the day the world knows that Bainimarama is just another evil dictator talking bullshit.
The Australian government should have a good talking-to with Mr Joyce and get him to explain how an Australian Company like QANTAS can be so irresponsible in its treatment of foreign workers.
DFAT and America won't be happy with this sort of behaviour.
This is why Countries in the world start developing hatred for these countries, so Australia shouldnip this in the bud and bring more stronger sanctions against Fiji.(How about not allowing Air Pacific into it's airspace)

As for Shalend, we are with you brother. Thank you for standing for what is right and revealing the evil actions of Pfilger, Aiyaz and Bai.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Air pathetic workers need to go on sickie today.

Anonymous said...

JUST WHAT DO YOU EXPECT WITH AN ILLEGAL , so called government...

It's OK to be a fraudster, a lier obtaining money by deception.
it's OK to assault and torture people.It's OK to steal the countries laws and constitution and stick in your own childish / criminal decrees. It's OK to steal millions of dollars of the peoples tax money. It's OK to close legitimate businesses and take over the export of their product to make even more money for yourself. . . It's OK to outlaw the christian Church. The list goes on and on .....

BaaarrrTTTT . . . . .
. . . if you expose the liers and thieves - you are guilty of doing the RIGHT thing, so in to jail you go and perhaps get bashed and tortured.
Don't you see how Satan inverts everything.
The Devil is the "father of all lies"
and he is having a wonderful time in Fiji. Their are not many places in the world that are as much fun for the "powers of darkness' as Fiji has been for years now.
... wake-up Fiji.
-Sydney Tourist

Air Pacific Pilots Union said...

Air Pathetic is crumbling to pieces and so is Phfigier who will be in prison soon with his sidekick boyfriend ASK a-hole. These two need to rot together in hell.

Anonymous said...

From where I am standing I see the future possibility that both David Flygo and Alan Rejoyce
loosing their jobs - over the way they are handling the Fiji situation.
It can only get worse until it comes to a drastic and sudden end.
Nothing they do by little steps or band aid patches will achieve anything better.
-Sydney Tourist

Air PAC Aust Team said...

This is a sad day! Just be assured that we openly share this with passengers while they wait for delayed flights, checking in and any other opportunity for small talk o. The big issues!! Pfhilinger you selfish bastard!

Little Als Mate... said...

Qantas (irish) Executive Release.
(edited translation).

'What me mate reckons is yous can all fuck off an stop bangin on is door - place yous should be knockin is that goverment secretary fella that lives peacefully in some bay down the coast where all they do all day is play a football game they pinched of us long suffering Irish.
"Come to Australia Paddy" they said - "we'll pay you good money an all the free Guinness you can drink" they said "all you have to do is run our little uncomplcated firm - sign here". Says they didn't mention the part about fuckin mad non speakin Irish unionists in his firm wantin ter kill im?'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


First, 4 inch brush strokes, then with experince skills are developed until the reward is a neat 'Tika", 9 mm to the forehead.

Those honoured, are chosen for Nirvana.

One "Tika" for you.

Compliments ...VRF > FFA

Capt. Chaos said...



Anonymous said...

The issue is NOT Voreqe, Aiyarse or Fiji but arse hole Pfliger. How can a single expatriate CEO wield powers usually reserved for MInister of the State? Such a bull-shit artist whose con job will end with an explosion. tic.....toc.....tic........toc....tic

Anonymous said...

The issue is NOT Voreqe, Aiyarse or Fiji but arse hole Pfliger. How can a single expatriate CEO wield powers usually reserved for MInister of the State? Such a bull-shit artist whose con job will end with an explosion. tic.....toc.....tic........toc....tic

Sir Richard... said...

Good one AirPac - put everyone one else off so why should the most vital people in your organisation and their international union affilates be immune?

See why you never graduated bomb making.

bad boy killa said...

hang in there mate my prayers are with you

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt thanks to the people of Fiji who are taking risks for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

to anon@4.47pm it's about all of those corrupt incompetents ... bainimarama, khaiyum and pflieger. you cannot say it is only about pflieger. baini and aiyarse were corrupt already before the freckled pflieger came in on the act

Anonymous said...

Good on you TWU don't let Joyce and co off the hook. Pin 'em down, cobber! And don't forget Canberra

Anonymous said...

To be expected that they will try to intimidate and stop people from exposing their corrupt behaviour. Thing now is for us to expose as much as we can so they can go to Naboro for rest of their life

Vani said...

A letter I sent to Fiji Times LTEditor today. Hopefully they will print it, but if not here it is.

Whistle blowing

On September 19, 2011, it was reported in this newspaper that Legal Consultant Nazhat Shameem said that "local organisations can protect themselves from prosecution by implementing internal whistle blowing policies."

This is great for the organisation if they want to weed corruption, but the recent reported case whereby an organisation has lodged a complaint with the police and suspended the employee for actively exercising whistle blowing by this employee, leaves a lot to be desired with, as it seems organisations can protect themselves but employees cannot. That is probably why whistle blowing as practiced by an employee is based more on moral principles for the good of the population rather than for protection of an organisation who clearly has abused their powers for their own satisfaction.

One just has to watch the movie "The Insider", which is based on a true story to see this vicious cycle of big organisations threatening the "little guy" under mountains of litigation and massive legal fees. Why? Is it to provoke fear on employees so whistle blowing on their part against their organisation is made impossible?

But as seen in the above mentioned movie, Bergman (the reporter) assures Wigand (the whistle blower) "that he is important to a lot of people and tries to assure Wigand that he is doing the right thing by offering that "heroes like him are in short supply".

We need more heroes who do the right thing and are not scared of fear tactics implemented by big organisations if our nation is to thrive. Way to go Air Pacific whistle blower. You're our hero!

Vani Veikoso
Middle East

Anonymous said...

Good on you mate for sticking up for the truth.In time the lies and deceit will be uncovered and when the shroud has been removed from their eyes,they will then realise that they have been screwed by this liar.Wake up people,wake up!!!!!There are many ways to skin a cat.

Gerald Barrack said...

One thing is for sure, Phfilger will be kicked out and be thrown into Naboro for rest of his life along with his gay boyfriend Aiyaz and Bai.

Tic tok, tic tok, tic tok.....

Anonymous said...

People of fiji are full of rhetorics, but as they always say action speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

We owe it to all the brave and courageous souls who stand up for Justice, Liberty and Freedom!!

Shalend Scott is one of them. You are not alone bro...we are with you.

Anonymous said...

Police get complaint for Air Pacific regarding employee

Publish date/time: 07/10/2011 [17:11]


Police have confirmed receiving a complaint from Air Pacific with regards to an employee allegedly breaching the company’s Code of Conduct.

Director Operations, ACP Henry Brown said investigations are in their initial stages and can not divulge any information at the moment.

Meanwhile, Air Pacific Spokesperson said that they have suspended the employee pending the completion of a Company investigation into serious potential breaches of Company’s Code of Conduct, Company policies, and the employee’s terms of employment.

He added because of the seriousness of this possible misconduct, the Company has also referred this matter to the Fiji Police for its own investigation.

The airline added that out of respect for the rights of the employee and in keeping with the Company’s privacy and employment policies, further information cannot be provided until completion of the Company’s detailed and comprehensive internal investigation.

Story by: Paradise Tudrau

Anonymous said...

I personally know Shalend Scott and see him as a hero.
Why is it that, the Air Pacific pilots seem to be taking Shalend's arrest lying down. The planes seem to be flying on time. Why don't all those spineless pilots take some action. Maybe all resigning on mass would be good, for starts?? That would get things sorted out very quickly. Then watch Phfilger try and lay complaints with the police. Also their lack off action is showing the AirPac bosses, there will be no problem rolling them over during the upcoming employment negotiations. The pilots need to realise that the arrest of Shalend is a smoke screen to ensure that the pilots rollover during the onesided negotiations. While I normally fly as a passenger internationally on AirPac, I instructed my company to book me on either AirNZ and PacBlue until Phfilger, ASK and Bai are rotting in jail.

Max Naboro said...

This is when FALPA's mantle is tested. Is it not about Shalend Scott and pfliger but about ALL FJ employees versus this sorry excuse for a CEO. Pilots need to pull in sick or resign enmasse. Disrupt the flights for several days and see how this 5/8 liayer responds. Call his bluff guys, you have more brains than this idiot of a CEO, david pfliger. He will join Voreqe and Aiyarse in Naboro max where pfliger will be "entertainment" for our local boys who have not had "white meat" for some time - Ouch!

Anonymous said...

Fiji is and will always be a Kleptocracy: a state ruled by thieves. Democracy cannot survive in such a political context but the irony of the whole thing is that those who steal less are classified as "political acceptable thieves" than those who rob the place blind (the unacceptable thieves).

So to all the current and future thieves of Fiji, happy Fiji Day.