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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Air Pacific to buy three new Airbuses with the help of FNPF funds

COSTLY OUTLAY: Three new air buses on the way, paid in part with FNPF funds.
Announcing the deal, Pflieger said 85 per cent of the money is coming from offshore investment and it is the first time in 60 years the company has bought three brand new aircrafts.

In justifying the ambitious purchase, he said the Airbuses burn 45 per cent less fuel than jumbo jets, are equipped with the latest cabin seats and excellent in-flight entertainment systems and 30 per cent more cargo room.

All in all: "The new aircrafts will dramatically improve the appeal and effectiveness of Fiji’s national carrier in achieving its goal of becoming the airline of choice in the South Pacific."

Pflieger's el patron, the illegal attorney general and the Minister for Civil Aviation, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, piped up to say the purchase demonstrates to the the world Fiji and Fijians can think outside the box.

But Air Pacific’s trumpeting about purchasing wide body aircraft for the first time is misplaced. Pflieger has a very short memory: his predecessor, John Campbell, ordered EIGHT brand new B777 wide body airplanes only to be shot down by Pflieger on the advice of his consultants.

More worrying is the financing of the deal: what collateral is being offered to the Euro financiers funding the remaining $1.6 billion?

Note, too, that the Air Pacific purchases follows members telling FNPF CEO, Aisake Taito, they're nervous about the risky deals their money is being invested in.

Sadly, it seems our retirement fund is a piggy bank for whoever or whatever the illegal regime decides; with mates and fellow corrupt operators, begging bowls in hand, at the front of the queue.

The question must be asked: how will we benefit by investing in an airline that is already struggling to make ends meet? 

Also of concern is this: it seems the European Union has been working behind the scenes to ensure Air Pacific obtained the Airbus aircrafts, with Euro concerns lending the $1.6 billion remainder needed to acquire the aircrafts.

Everybody wants a piece of Fiji’s pie and nobody gives a hoot about the effects on the country or the fact that the illegal regime has helped itself to yet another dollop of our money and we don’t have a say.

Pflieger spins another yarn
Editor's Note: Inside sources at Air Pathetic have revealed the airline knew there would be backlash from agriculture and garment industry exporters. 

In fact, they were prepared for it. But what they were not prepared for was the extent of it and the fact that the country’s oldest newspaper would splash the effects their new flight schedule would have on exporters on the front page on three occasions.

Pflieger was apparently raging mad when he saw the front page articles: so riled he came up with a rebuttal but in doing so revealed yet again the liar that he is. Remember, this is the same Pflieger that told his employees he knew NOTHING about the decree Air Pacific paid for and he co-authored, as the heroic Shalend ‘Fiji Leaks’ Scott revealed.

On October 14 he said: “Air Pacific acknowledges that adding a B737 to its fleet and retiring a B767 aircraft will decrease weekly cargo capacity once it implements the new schedule changes for Australia flights in January of next year”.

On October 24 he totally contradicts himself by saying: “Once we implement our new tourism friendly schedules in January, we will still have far more freight capacity than needed to meet textile cargo demand, as this cargo can still be sent via air freight on our B737 aircraft.” 

On October 14 Pflieger also said his ‘freight department has been consulting with affected stakeholders for some time and will continue to do so”. The Fiji Times says exporters maintain they were never consulted, backed up by garment manufacturers.

FLOP GUNS: Flying high with taxpayer's money ... Khaiyum and Pflieger with spin doctor Shane Hussein.


Skippy. said...

Good luck with this one too.

No matter how "new" they are or how much they cost - still can't fly (depart overseas destinations)without fuel.

Stan said...

Getting Airbus is a great idea. Its also good that AP has secured offshore funding for a majority of the amount needed.

Vuaka Bai said...

I wonder who gets the biggest cut out of the morons running Fiji. Mary must surely be entitled seeing she's the sow keeping the boar happy. And so as their piglets.

Anonymous said...


1. Has the FNPF board and management sought the approval/consent of members to invest superannuation funds?

2. Have they deliberately changed FNPF policies to meet point 1. without members input per se?

3. Does this mean that Air Pacific is not generating enough revenue to: cover costs, including its capital projects like purchasing planes?

4. If point 3 is in the affimative, then what about its latest financial report where a healthy profit margin was presented to the public - Is the report fabricated, because todays news of seeking FNPF funds alludes that variables are contradicting each other.

5. Is the Nadi - Hong Kong flight route viable? Acording to the latest figues, this route is not even enough to cover costs.

6. However, the GM of Air Pacific is doing Govt. a favour by arguing with false data that the route is profitable. It doesn'nt take a rocket scientist to ascertain that this Nadi - HongKong route is not viable and must be scraped. However, that is the only route that will enable those in Govt. to negotiate/implement their failing "LOOK NORTH" policies.

7. Now because this Air Pac's GM/CEO has scratched Govt's back, now it is time for Govt to scratch Air Pacific's back...but the question is WHY DO MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH THE ILLEGAL SPENDING/INVESTMENT OF THEIR FNPF FUNDS?

Anyway, as agent Mulder used to say in The X-Files episodes:


God Bless Viti!!!

Anonymous said...

Does this deal legitimise a Fiji citizen and a FNPF member claim for aircraft fare concession?

I know that Air Pacific workers are paying peanuts to travel overseas as compared to the general public, however, now that FNPF members are "OWNERS" of the national airline, shouldn't they be accorded a much more favourable concession of some sort than "WORKERS"?

God bless Viti

Anonymous said...


Cara wai Pani said...

Everything they do is FISHY! Doubt if we ever will fill one Airbus as the air fares will surely increase by tenfolds now!

Worried said...

Khaiyum and Pfliger should be taken out back and shot for stealing our retirement fund. Another con job by the CEO con artist from America - D Pfliger.

Anonymous said...

Why would Air Pacific cancel the order for 787, the most advanced jet aircraft in the world? Now it plans to purchase Airbus 330 which has safety related problems and cost much higher to operate then 787.

It seems to me the motivation is some sort of profit or payment to someone as unit price for 787 dreamliner is at least 10 million us dollars cheaper.

Anonymous said...

A future government must investigate this FNFP 700 million cheap kick back loan to insolvent Airpacific.

1. Air Pacific is tecnically insolvent or bankrupt.

2. Why is 1% interest rate charged on FNPF 700000 million loan?

3. Why is market interst rate of 18% not charged on the loan?

4. Why is infaltion adjustment of annual 4% increase not charged on the loan?

5. Why should FNPF pensions be cut off by 64% and the workers monies given to bankrupt AIR pacific at 1% rate?

6. Why no tender called for 700million plane purchase but corrupt deal with kickbacks paid?

The workers, present, past, future pensioners of FNPF either march now and citizen arrest the junta thugs or be parked for ever & remain lamu to massive abuse of office by thugs.

Who elected this dozen thugs & workers are blind not to see the massive corruption/bribe.kickbacks in FNPF/Airpacifc deal?????

Anonymous said...

All workers of Fiji must withdraw 100% of their hard earned monies in FNPF at the age of 55 or earlier if they find a loophole and run before this corrupt junta bankrupts FNPF for its corruption scams.

Anonymous said...

Can we please make francis and Rajesh singh pilots - they plotting Jihad

FJ Insider said...

My question is whether Pflieger and the illegal regime will not be there to welcome these new aircrafts.

Why didn't FJ look at leasing these aircrafts from "leasing company". Airlines of the size of FJ opt for leasing as it is cheaper to finance and there is minimal capital outlay.

As for the historical milestone, what are they talking about. FJ signed an LOI for the A330 and then cancelled it and then ordered the Boeing 787 and then cancelled it and now, they are back with the A330. What a bunch of incompetent airline managers.


If I ran FJ, I would have gone for used Boeing 777s as it has more capacity, range for the network it flies and the acquisition cost is attractive.

Looks like someone has pocketed a nice little commission from this deal.

Can we mark this for further investigation once the thugs are out of power. I want Kaiyum and Pflieger and his consultants investigated on this deal.


Anonymous said...

Come on guys, this is good news for Fiji. We need Air Pacific to keep bringing in the tourists who keep our economy afloat. This is an investment in the future. The A330s are great aircraft and will have many years of service ahead of them. So what's wrong with everyone in Fiji getting behind Air Pac with their super fund? Or do you want us to be hostage to the bastards at Qantas who pretend to support us and then run their low cost operator Jetstar up against us? Some people here are letting their political views get in the way of the national interest.

mark manning said...

Fijians are now borrowing from themselves for things they can't afford and which aren't going to make anyone any return on their investment.
Probably QANTAS or VIRGIN BLUE will buy these Aircraft after the Regime defaults on the payments.
Thanks Fiji, for making Australia's National Carriers stronger and more effective in the Pacific.
Please work twice as hard for for an extra 10 years after your retirement to recover the costs this Regime is creating for you !

high flyer said...

Fiji's current government stole Fiji from the peoople so it must make eveyrthing it does look successful. It will therefore jump into partnership with anyone seeming to offer any answer or cover story that makes them look good. Air Pacific is bankrupt and the new airbuses are not due until 2013;the fortunes of the world let alone fiji could well change byt then.

Anonymous said...

ANON@1.01am...would like to share your enthusiasm and positive thinking but the 'success' of this current government is a farce. Sadly, it is all superficial.

FJ Insider said...

Just read the press release and doesn't make sense on how the Chairman of FJ is praising the idiotic Pflieger. It's all political.

The Chairman of FJ needs one big reality check. Lawyers (Liars) never make good leaders.


Anonymous said...

Current price for A330-200 is $359mil(Fijian).
Therefore 3 aircrafts = $1.08bil(Fijian)
Air Pac taking out loan of $1.6bil +$200mil(FNPF) = $1.8b

Aircraft cost $1.08b
Loan $1.8b
Wheres the $0.72b?
Loan Costs???

$720million missing

What the hell is going on?
The 3 compulsive liars (Bai,Pflig&Ais) are lying to us again.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

fnpf will go down like nbf scam.
thanks to coup dictators rabuka/bai.
ag/bai making comm on this deals.
fiji people still sleeping.
time for action guys.

Anonymous said...

@12:04am cos boeing cud not deliver dreamliners on time. It was due this year. Air Pac could not wait any longer to get rid of its 25 yrs plus 747 n 767 which were leased by Campbell at some ridicilous rate and was very fuel inefficent.

Anonymous said...

Forget the A380's you bunch of imbersiles- Is the runway at Nadi Airport long enough but more importantly strong enough to handle a fully loaded A380.

Boy Khaiyum is laughing all the way to bank with these shady deals while assgiver Voreqe just having the scraps from all these shady deals.

Mark my words Fiji will one day become like Greece where everybody's money in FNPF will be reduced by 50% & Civil Servants pay by 50% to get the country out of all the mess that the Junta is getting the country into.

Please Obama just one drone to destroy the Fiji Military and all these crooks and restore democracy and freedom to the long suffering people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific would have got a huge discount on these aircraft so stop bandying around the list price. As Die Pfluger said, he can't reveal the actual cost price because of commercial agreements. Airbus is in a fight to the death with Boeing so is doing all sorts of deals, especially for airlines like Air Pac willing to buy their aircraft outright. And let's get one thing straight. The Airbus is a terrific plane with a proven record, unlike the Boeing 787 Dreamliners John Campbell wanted to buy but kept being delayed because of technical issues. And will you stop accusing Pflieger of being in bed with the regime. They own 51 per cent of his bloody airline. What else can he do but suck up to them? When you work for someone, you keep them sweet. This guy is a US citizen who doesn't give a stuff about domestic Fiji politics. He's been hired to save the airline and he won't let anything get in his way to deliver what he promised. And that's how it should be. Our entire futures depend on it. I'm sick of all this crap about the unions. Look what they've done to Qantas. If you want jobs at a local airline in Fiji, get behind it or get out of the way.

Vic Kuruvoli said...

Looking at what's happening in FIJI NOW, I thank my lucky stars for migrating away from Fiji in late 90's to NZ.

I took out all my FNPF savings amounting to $20,000.

As NZ dollar WAS weaker then, compared to F$ I received NZ$40,000 in exchange and was able to deposit on three houses. Now am OK with rentals from my properties in Wellington.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 10:20am

Well said and very pragmatic - but it doesn't excuse the fact that this bullshit kindergarten economic meddling has been going on for over five years now - and where has it left us?

Nowhere. The hole just keeps getting bigger and deeper. We are literally sinking further into a 3rd world debt hole while our so-called "leaders" make off with our money.

Shit - if you just take a look at our current GDP, we are now behind countries like Zimbabwe, Laos and Mozambique.

That is essentially why I think it is right for us all to distrust the regime in all that they do - nothing they promised to do has come to pass and nothing good has come from their rule.

Anonymous said...

If Air Pacific and Dave Pflieger are doing so well the employees are certainly not seeing it that way.

Pay Back said...

Looks like Dave's supporters are coming on C4.5 to stick up for him. The recent exposure and bad publicity obviously not sitting well with them. That's whath appens when you get busted. Keep it C4.5 .

Anonymous said...

God help anyone who flies in these airbuses. They are flying coffins. Check the statistics of the accidents in the last few years. Boeing has a a much better record. We are really reaching the end - no money at FNPF, no land as the Chinese now own them, no point in living. Get in the airbus, crash and die.

Only God can help us now!

mark manning said...

It seems to me that the Airbuses are the new shiny beads and are being used to trick the general public into thinking that the Regime is achieving something substantial.
Trouble is, the general public are ignorant of the true facts.

Anonymous said...

It is very simple. When EU and US know they can't fight the regime given there is no popular uprising. Understandably so when there is no bilibili that can go far enough to safety.

So they help bankrupt the regime and with that goes bankrupt the people of Fiji so that Fiji can be taken back before Chinese loan gets matured for payment or default.

Indeed the regime will go down faster now given the governemnt shares will create more losses in Air Pacific next year.

The Regime, and Air Pac advisors are both dumb as reduced costs on fuel to more tourists travelling at the same time WILL not create more bed space to meet the larger groupings.

Unless they think the hotel capacity will flow over to the expensive unaffordable hotels or will the hotels who will have to drop room rates will mean once again fully booked at cheaper rates.

And then if the flight times do not match up to room availability, then people will travel Air NZ to meet up with different reasons.

Could this not then mean the Air Pac flights WILL not be to full capacity....hence the cost of new planes outweighs the benefits.

Mate Sara Na Viti...while Aiaz and military enjoy the corrupt handouts.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

Anonymous said...

I hope they have checked the serial numbers of those engine before they purchase it. It might be just like those boats purchased in china by Ahcoy which only last for 3 months.

Anonymous said...

This is a scam bigger than NBF and Agriculture .Someone is going to get very rich out of this.

QANTAS flies 330 aircrafts and had lot of safety related issues with it.I wonder why Air Pacific did not buy these aircrafts through QANTAS who being Airbus customer has a strong purchase power.

It is amazing Air Pacific was going to stop operation few years back because it could not afford to pay insurance and now it has ability to buy 3 aircrafts at a very very high cost.

Anonymous said...

Australia to help lower remittance costsAAP
October 26, 2011, 11:38 am Post Commenttweet0EmailPrint
The Australian government will spend $3.5 million over two years to help cut the cost to migrants from developing commonwealth countries of sending money home to their families.

The package announced on Wednesday will be used to support countries, including those in the Pacific, to set up their own mechanisms to increase competition in the remittance services market.

"Our support will change lives," Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd told a Pacific Islands foreign ministers breakfast in Perth ahead of the start of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) on Friday.

"It will mean more dollars make it home to pay for school fees, health care and to put food on the table."

Annually, remittance flows to countries like Tonga and Samoa equal more than 20 per cent of their gross domestic product.

At present, the average fee to send $200 to Pacific island countries is about $6 or three percentage points of the total.

The Australian package will also support the uptake of new technology, such as mobile banking services, to increase access to financial services for the poor and help improve the development impact of remittances.

Remittance flows to developing countries are expected to reach $US350 billion ($A337 billion) globally by the end of 2011.

Anonymous said...

CWMHospital selling scrap metals to refinance its operation despite Ministry of Finance Instruction on the sale of scrap metal according to sources Minister of Health agreed because no Govt budget. Government Boarding Schools PTA asked to contribute for the meals of students. Where are they taking the fees to? All Military Permanent Secretary getting $97,000 salary plus 12.5% housing alowance with free mobilefone calls ($1,000) month with rooming access and car ($160,000)and driver($8,000 plus $10,000 for overtime). This is what we will get when strategist don't know how to operate under Govt regulation. They will continue to fill there pockets while newly appointed civil servants get 8,000 per annum. Civil Servants continue to be discriminated by the No-job Kisoko for Govt services. Since 2005 there has not been any salary increase for Civil Servant. Military personnel and Police getting $10,000+ for base level with no experience and qualification. Mark my word there will be no Election come 2014. Latest discussion at the UN for the return of Fiji Military Contigent from Iraq in 2012. PM was told of this while at New York. This will be followed by all Military personnel on Observer mission to return. This is the continuing efforts by Internation community.

Democrat said...

I am no fan of the IG. Far from it BUT the Airbus is a good aircraft. A good investment. The unions have been the bane of Fiji life for many years including the strikes against Air Pacific in the past.

Anonymous said...

Chand of Sydney – I am not a racist person by no means, but whenever Muslim’s are involved, there seems to be a problem for all parties involved.

Anonymous said...

The price of USD 200 Mn on wiki pedia is usually for the frame the interiors + engines are usually an added cost. I dont know if 1.8 Bn is a good price as I'm not in the aviation feild so I wont comment.What I do know is 777 uses 6 gallons to travel one mile while the 330-200 uses around 5 Gallons for one mile. the difference is the 777 can carry a lot more passengers 365 against 253, basically a 777 with 85% utilisasion will have the same operating cost for fuel as as a 330-200. This begs the question what is Air Pacifics strategy going forward? based on 600 K tourist a year Fiji needs around 11,500 inbound seats per week if Airpac aims at doing 70% seat capacity it's around 8,000 seats per week. I'm assuming the strategy is more frequent flights and higer utilisation the smaller a330-200 seems to be the best option for this business model. The problem is it limits the ability of the airline to take advantage of increased numbers in the future i.e. upside potential is limited but downside risk is capped. Not an ideal situation but looking at the current finances of airpacific this model is appears to be the safest. Again the 1.8 Bn question is ithe price paid for 3 aircraft correct? I will leave the answer to more qualified people to comment on.

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific and in general most of the semi-government organisations seem to employ large number of Muslims.I wonder if it is present government policy to elevate these people into high positions.Muslims have only one agenda and that is to convert rest of the world to Islam.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning what doesn't the public know-you have some insider information? Help your Black country man ,women & children-no medical services, no land, no culture, no identity-leave Air Pacific to the Pacificans-if its not an Aussie or British or USA chap screwing up Fiji it will for sure a NZ!

fijiexiles said...

Air Pacific contracts for 3 new Airbusses at USD 200 million a pop

so FEA is down for 350 million USD - and start repayments at the end of this year, raising our cost of electricity further to meet those debt repayments

the Fiji Govt is down for 250 million USD on bonds plus the Chinese loans - and is raising the taxes and levies all across Fiji to meet those debt obligations

and now Air Pacific joins the queue

this is a level of debt and accumulated losses UNPRECEDENTED IN FIJI"S HISTORY - Fiji has never been this deep in debt or accumulated losses in its history

none of the Govt's since the British set up this place as a colony have ever racked up this record of debts and losses in this country's history

Also interesting to note is the fact that these planes cost US$200 million apiece. x3 = $600 million. in FJD thats $1.08 billion.

However - the total amount of the deal is said to be $1.8 billion. either a typo or theres $720 million unaccounted for.

even if that includes interest payments and who knows whatall else, thats 40% of the $1.8 billion figure.

40% more than the quoted $200 million x 3 = FJ$1.08 billion.

in essence, the $1.8 billion number quoted is almost double what it should be.

NOTE - in FT it says $1.06 billion. so make the above discrepancy $740 million.

Air Pacific has suffered massive losses three years in a row - its not making its margins - its struggling with the cost of maintaining its operational costs at manageable levels - and now its being loaded with a $FJD1.8 billion debt to top it all off.

i don't see what the strategy is for this thing.

how are they going to get back into a profit position by loading up on debt and increasing their loading at a time when they face stiff competition ?

they seem to think that just by increasing the volumes they move, that it will somehow even out the costs they are incurring and therefore get them back into the black - but the method they are using is just a big question mark - increasing the load on volumes hasn't worked for them with the full loads they have been having since 2007 - so how is it going to work with these added new planes and added on interest on loans ?

they say they will "save fuel costs" - but thats going to be taken out by the interest rates they have to repay on the loans - and then some. then they will have to run more flights just to make up the margins, but thats not going to save fuel costs because it means that they have to take on more fuel.

and the price of fuel is a variable they don't control.

this is just insane

all they have achieved is put Air Pacific into massive losses and now deep into debt - and worse, they have destabalised other sectors of the economy in the process.

there is no growth going on

just losses and debt
a mess.

this was the situation in 2005 and 2006 - profits.

by 2007 it had gone into a massive massive unprecedented loss - and we are still in massive losses 4 years later and now adding on massive debt to complete that equation


Corruption Fighter said...

The Fiji Sun - the mouthpiece of dictatorship - has published today a story straight from Pflieger. He boasts: "The announcement represents a significant milestone in Air Pacific's 60-year history because it will be the first time that we have purchased new wide-body aircraft."

Why is this happening at a time when the global economy is teetering and our tourism industry is in the doldrums? Is this man crazy?

This megalomaniac goes on to declare that ""It's interesting to note that these planes will be custom-built for us". Custom-built for US!!! Who is US? Air Pacific's currently low customer base? If this means anything, it means that it will be hard to find a buyer for the planes if they fail to generate the revenue that this crazy fool has conjured up in his mind. He's determined to take us down with him.

What Air Pacific needs is new passengers, not new planes. And for this we need to restore Fiji's image as a tourist destination in our reliable markets, Australian and New Zealand. Any growth has got to be built on this solid base.

Giving our hard-earned savings to this megalomaniac to play his childish games with looks like it could be the biggest outrage committed so far by this illegitimate and incompetent regime. That's a big call, when you think of the $80 million spent wrecking our sugar mills, but the hole it could make in the FNPF will affect the entire paid workforce.

Can somebody do something before it's too late Please, are the officers who keep Bainimarama in power so stupid that they can't see that Bainimarama and Khaiyum will be out the door and on their way to overseas bank accounts when they know, but we don't, that the whole mess is about to crash.

Do something!!!! Now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Yes!!!!....The officers who keep bainimarama and Ag in power are THAT STUPID.....


On 30 June 1994, on a test flight an A330 owned by Airbus was simulating an engine failure on climbout. The aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff from Toulouse, killing all seven on board.

On 7 October 2008, Qantas Flight 72, an A330-303 (VH-QPA), suffered a rapid loss of altitude in two sudden uncommanded pitch down manoeuvres causing serious injuries while 150 km (81 nmi) from the Learmonth air base in northwestern Australia. After declaring an emergency, the aircraft landed safely at Learmonth. 106 people onboard were injured, fourteen seriously. A year after the incident Qantas still did not know what caused the computer malfunction.

On 1 June 2009, Air France Flight 447, an A330-203, en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris with 228 people on board, disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean.[130] The aircraft crashed in the Atlantic Ocean 640–800 kilometres (350–430 nmi) northeast of the islands of Fernando de Noronha. All passengers and crew were killed. Malfunctioning pitot tubes provided an early focus for the investigation.

On 12 May 2010, Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771, an A330-202, crashed on approach to Tripoli International Airport, Libya, on a flight from OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa. All but one of the 104 people on board were killed. The sole survivor was a nine-year-old Dutch boy.

Anonymous said...

Very well articulated Corruption Fighter. Pre-2006, it was worries about FNPF funds that Qarase was about to dip into; come 2011, this regime is worse!! Surely, this is the last straw!


Airbus's Fly-By-Wire and inferior wind sensors are not to be trusted:

Read why:


Anonymous said...

Remember we are ruled by short people. Runts are egotists to the extreme. So we have to be truly fucked before they will except reality.
Pride will rule.

The reality will hit , i.e. when the bankruptcy of AP becomes the bankruptcy of Viti.
...only then will the rational decision be made about the sale of AP.

Pfli's decision to buy Airbus then will become apparent and brilliant as it will fit with the purchasers fleet.

So, any guesses!

concerned flyer said...

isnt the Airbus A330 - 200 the same model as Air France 447 the one that crashed a couple of years ago? faulty sensors or something? here is the link:



Jet Set said...

Far too many variables in this deal: would like it to succeed but it remains to be see if Pflieger all the balls in the air to make this deal happen. We will probably lose our $200 million and then some when he comes looking for anothr bail out.

Anonymous said...

You bunch of idiots, Pflieger is the good guy he's trying to make good his promise to bring in the tourists to a bankrupt nation? But
as usual you just have to attack his credibility? Why don't you all go and get a job! and leave this man to do his job? You've all done this stupid thins to all the former Fiji democratic adminstration, well guess what? You deserve what you now got in Voreqe&Khaiyum!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These anti-Muslim comments are a total disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

i think its the second hand air chance A330-200 that Air Pathetic has bought

kwai VT said...

i just dont know what wrong with CEO and CIO of FNPF, Mr Taito and Jaoji Koroi to allow this to happen. Just giving away $200M to an technically insolvent company like that???kemudrau sa sega sara ga na loloma...u're no longer the custodian of members funds but the abuser of our funds..no wonder the interst rates are going down...when will air pacific start repaying the money???at what rate??
$1.8billion - air pac how r u ging to pay for these when your fuel costs, and engineering and maintenance costs will increase dramatically in the coming future?? so which means EU will own air pac in a years time???very soon EU and China will own Fiji, Pfligier and consultants will run back to US, UK with heavy pockets, sa da na qai vo tu mai na kai VT lialia da mai solia wale tu na veiliutaki vei ira na vulagi...cant say much,, sa pepa ga mai na PM, ..sa ra pepa kece na kena vo ni vavakoso

Sa Dri yani

Anonymous said...

Bottom line they always borrowing $$ from FNPF without the members consent. Board members are accountable for this ill-advised investment. Airbus are not safe at all, maybe we should all quit flying Air Pacific Airbus and fly competitor's plane at a cheaper price.

Lets warn all tourists about the airbus fiasco!!

Anonymous said...

@Jet Set said. Pphucklieger needs to be in jail, not making corrupt deals. Air Pathetic doesn't even have the money to make a simple down-payment.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There seems to be something wrong with Pfligiers resume.His age, number and type of qualifications he claims do not match.
Why would a American with his experience want to buy Airbus in place of a well respected American aircrafts.This means change in whole culture of a small struggling airline, in terms of engineering,operations and safety.This means higher cost.
With reference to Muslims, it is correct to say you just can-not trust these guys.

Anonymous said...

What business plan did AirPac put forward to FNPF to prove that getting three Airbus aircraft was going to be a good investment?? Or was a gun held over the heads of FNPF??

The Oracle said...

The former Air Pac CEO, Mr Campbell, (David Pufter's predecessor) considered the Airbus.
When prices are compared, the Boeing Dreamliner can provide comparable air passenger and cargo capacities as the AirBus but is much cheaper to buy and also much cheaper to operate.
Someone's getting a back-hand deal on this arrangement with AirBus.
And, look at AirBus' recent airwortiness issues... as they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!!!
Boeing is a proven supplier and it's much easier for Air Pac to get replacement parts out of Australia/NZ. Can the same be said for AirBus or will David Pufter and Aiyaz Paisa- KanaKhai -yum be the first ones on board to Europe for maintenance/servicing?
And the interest being paid to FNPF!!!! Shoved down the throats of ordinary workers/FNPF members - BLOODY DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.
Now that that's been signed off, expect the FNPF to now confirm the cut in pension payments from next month - with the same argument - it's not sustainable (and the predictable attempt to convince us that a low interest rate to Air Pac has nothing to do with the pension's sustainability).

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:10

Why dont you take Pfligiers balls out of your mouth and tell us exactly what "Credibility" for Air Pacific, has he done?

Anonymous said...

I will never fly air pac again. Not in an Airbus, after reading about all the accidents..........NO WAY!!!

I'll travel AIR NZ and PACIFIC BLUE now; and I don't intend on apologising either.

If anyone should compromise my own safety, it'll be me. Not Pfligier, or that pretentious faggot, Kaiyum.

I hope they crash in the AP Airbus inaugural flight.

FJ Insider said...

Airbus planes are safe. All aircrafts have issues and Boeing planes has its own share of issues too.

The unsafe people in these deals are Pflieger, Bai and Kaiyum.

These idiots have ruined Fiji and the national airline has become insolvent as a result of mismanagement lead by the ultra dumb coconut head Bai and the two incompetent morons (Kaiyum and Pflieger).

God bless Fiji - ni sa moce!

QalomaiNaceva said...

I suggest that whoever wishes to travel by air do so with other airlines servicing Fiji and boycott AirPacific...God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

i ain't flying no airbus, so far the only bus i will travel by is the Nadi to Suva. The airbus has a bitter and dismal record!There are alternatives to fly to & from Fiji.But i will miss the Air Pacific service thats for sure but me safety is more important right now.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum....caiti tamamu

Anonymous said...

the success of air pacific will depend on people choosing to use the airline

Anonymous said...

No more Air Pathetic for me and friends, this was the nail on the coffin!! We will adverstise widely in the tourism industry.........QUIT ALL HOLIDAYS TO FIJI.......till Democracy is restored!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, i look forward to riding on the new airbus, actually i've traveled on airbuses all over the globe and found them very comfortable and they ride real smooth.Actually,lately i was taking flights on Air NewZealand and Quantas due to Air Pacific constant delay because of maintenance problems with the old planes. So lets give Mr Dave Plfieger and Saiyed Kaihyum credit
for buying a newer,better airplanes for Fiji Tourism? Thanks guys i'll probably vote for yeah both in 2014 election!!!

FJ Insider said...

Hang on there guys, Airbus aircrafts are safe. Jetstar, Air NZ uses Airbus A320 to Nadi so you think these airlines are unsafe as well?

I hate the military regime and I refuse to fly on Air Pathetic because they are "Pathetic".

There is nothing to say that Airbus aircrafts are unsafe as they have many aircrafts in the sky everyday. Accidents do happen and Boeing aircrafts have had crashes and incidents in the past.

What is more important is how well the aircrafts are maintained and how well the pilots are trained and examined to maintain their license. That's the key to an airlines safety.

If you take Air Pathetic and apply thus logic, then I am concerned as all good engineers have left, the pilots maybe okay but will they get the ongoing training if there is no money in the pot. Overall, my conclusion is to AVOID AIR PATHETIC until the regime collapses and a new FJ management team is put in place. Kick the ass of Pflieger and put him in jail with his boyfriend Aiyaz asshole and coconut head cassava patch farmer Bai.

I cannot wait for the day to come when Fiji arrests the thugs and puts them in prison.

For now, God Bless Fiji.

Living a giant legal fiction.. said...

Just becomes sillier & sillier - don't know who Airbus has engaged as council but it seems they've obviously not advised them what their proposing goes against their own EU law principles & simple common sense.

You cannot knowingly enter into a legal contract with a known illegal entity with expectations of future protection from free & democratic systems.

mark manning said...

@ living a giant legal fiction 1003 a.m.
You forget, Fiji's Regime will pay the $300,000,000 upfront, before receiving the Planes !

Living a giant legal fiction.. said...

@ Mark Manning.
Figure paid is irrelevant (unfortunately) - however this does not change the fact that this contract remains illegal - furtheremore Airbus & EU is aware of this because their head legal council been advised in writing.
File this under Roosting Chickens & Homes.

Anonymous said...

The governments of the world are all working together. Illegals or legals.
They all know what they are doing, they know where they are going. They are all of one purpose, and one mind moving toward their One World Order goals. "At the end of the day", as Juliar Gillard said, "we will speak with one voice".

Anonymous said...

Fiji needs a new air bus. Why not? Lets have it

Anonymous said...

The EU ows us $350 mil which it is holding until there are elections.In 2014
the junta will say it has made the required moves in 2012 and UE should release monies, and look we are buying Airbuses

The Euians will be mighty pleased with us keeping their people employed.

We do not have to please Yanks, they love dictatorships.

We need to please the Euies.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:05.

Please get your facts straight - EU owes Fiji jack shit.

Anon 6:26.
Your in deep shit when you start quoting Julie Gillard.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 1.54pm
I see you got a bit annoyed about anyone trying to support the New Air Pacific CEO excellent moves in making changes in how our airline operates? OK hear this,Dave is only
on the job for 1 day-taking over from your puffter buddy Campbell-and he's already making improvement
in buying 3 new Airplanes??? Now how about that for credibility? First day on the Job!!! Furthermore
he's helped the Fiji AG write-up the "Essential Decree" to ensure that the Airline Workers Union Big WIgs will tow the line and not used
their positions-as in the past- to prop up a political party for their
personal benefit??? Wouldn't you call that ecellent credibility???
Personally,I think Pflienger is doing exactly as he had promised Fiji upon assuming his new position?