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Monday, October 10, 2011

All eyes on Fiji again over accused Air Pacific pilot

Word is getting out about the plight of the Air Pacific pilot accused of leaking information to Coupfourpointfive proving company CEO David Pflieger paid a New York company $USD 23, 943.75 or FJD $43,200 to draft the Essential National Industries Decree.

Second officer Shalend Scott, the secretary of Fiji Airline Pilots Association(FALPA), was arrested from his girlfriend's flat in Lami outside Suva around midnight last Tuesday.

He was detained at Lami Police station overnite and taken to Nadi on Wednesday afternoon.

From there he was moved to Namaka Police station outside Nadi airport but has since been charged with "unlawful access to documents" and has been remanded in custody until a hearing on October 21.

Scott is an Australian national and the Australian government and New Zealand and Australian pilots unions have been alerted.

The 37 year old's union, FALPA, is only affiliated to IFALPA, not the ITF, FICTU or FTUC locally. 

Regional media are also covering the story broken by Coupfourpointfive, after our initial exclusive exposure on September 20, 2011 revealing Pflieger was billed by the New York law firm, MILBANK, TWEED, HADLEY & McCLOY LLP, for  24.5 hours of work.

The invoice proving Air Pacific, which is 46 per cent owned by Qantas, was involved in supporting the illegal regime in trampling on the rights of workers and citizens, showed the bill was sent to Pflieger on June the 8th, 2011.

The work was done between February 10, 2011 and May 8, 2011. It was mostly carried out by MILBANK partner, Wilbur F Foster Jr, with the international company being paid in US currency.

Proof Air Pacific CEO hired law firm to draft decree

Australian union officials sound alarm over Fiji


mark manning said...

Let's ground QANTAS once and for all and demand the QANTAS Board and CEO be dismissed immediately.
No more piss arsing around with these Crims. !

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've fired off e-mails to people including Kevin Rudd just to let them know what Bainimarama is doing, including what they've done to Shalend.

-Valataka na Dina.

Air Pacific Union said...

This has exposed David Pflieger to the highest level of his involvement with the regime and his name will be one of those that people will go after to arrest and throw this thug in prison.

God bye Phflieger. Come to go to jail you stupid white boy.

Kenneth Zinck said...

I dont see why david Pflieger has to victimise Captain Shalen for the leakage of that air pacific invoice, because that invoice would become known publicly anyway when Air Pacific presents its Annual Financial Report. Either then or when the regime changes anyway. What is your problem David, who are you anyway?. Release Captain Shalen or it will get worse for you and your airline. Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

Its time for auss and nz govt to use some force on frank regime.
Frank/AG thinks -they are Gadaffi/Sadam in the Pacific.

Carawai pani said...

OMG!! They should just call the airline Air Pfielger! Afterall he seems to be calling the shots now!

Stealth. said...

I know this! Eitheir one or two?
AUS HCS doesn't have an active file
on all AUS citizens in Fiji.

It does but current staff don't give a stuff.

Anonymous said...

Watch the aust news for breaking news. They are confirming what read here before making announcement. Kiss good bye to tourist dollars!

Anonymous said...

My sympathy to the Secretary of the Pilot Association who is under arrest. Our hearts and support are with you as you go through this trialing and difficult times. Let us test the water and see how far Air Pac and Bainimarama and his military Thugs will fly.

Anonymous said...

Its time to KICK ASS!!!!! Start from Bainizzzz and kick ol'o'em. Bunch of Thugs and Idiots.

ex Fiji tourist said...

From the ABC

Pilot’s arrest in Fiji strains union-Qantas ties

A union says the arrest and imprisonment of an Australian pilot in Fiji may put its relationship with Qantas in further jeopardy.

Air Pacific pilot Shalend Scott, 37, has been in jail for a week, charged with unlawful access to documents.

The Australian and International Pilots Association is already in a dispute with Qantas, but the arrest of Mr Scott in Fiji may make matters worse.

It says Mr Scott, who is the secretary of the Fijian pilots association, was arrested as part of an anti-union crackdown.

Qantas owns almost half of Air Pacific, which, it is alleged, helped the Fijian government draft a tough new anti-union decree.

Documents appear to show Air Pacific paid a US law firm to draft Fiji’s new Emergency Industries (Employment) decree, which critics have described as an anti-union crackdown by the country’s military government.

The decree has been widely condemned by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and human rights groups.

Qantas owns 46 per cent of the Fijian airline, and two Qantas directors also sit on its board.

At the time the allegations surfaced, a spokesman said Qantas had no involvement in the day-to-day running of Air Pacific, and Air Pacific did not return the ABC’s calls or emails.

The Australian union says it will break off negotiations with Qantas on Tuesday if the company does not help secure Mr Scott’s release.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Foreign Affairs says Mr Scott is getting Australian consular assistance.

Democrat said...

Australia will not act. No oil in Fiji.

Coming 4 U said...

On the day the regime falls, it is the duty of every airport staff including AFL, ATS, Air Pacific, Customs to deny boarding to Pfliger as he makes his escape and hold him in detention @ Nadi Airport until the law arrives. pfliger if you reading this - you are a smart arse white southern boy, get out now whilst you are still alive. Don't suffer the same fate Sadam and other dictators did. Your family in California is worried, their daddy might come home in a box - ...tic..toc..tic..toc..tic..toc

Anonymous said...

Qantas has 46% shares and 2 directors in Airpacific and management contract of the company.

The arrest of the pilot is also by Qantas and it cant deny this.

The actions of the alien in Fiji who is acting like bullshit Fiji parliment making cut and paste decrees making all workers of fiji below poverty line, is also Qantas responsibilty to answer.

Who elected this aline in Air Pacific to make decrees and also pay for it? He think all the fijian live on top of coconut tress with no sulus. Hi big bull is profit share for employees when airpacific will have losses for many decades.

This alien must release the pilot not or international sanctions for no loading and unloading of any air cargo to and from fiji must be enforced on the junta of thugs.

Enough is enough and time for workers and people revolution to citizen arrest these thugs and put on trial for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

Its time for workers and people of fiji war against the crook junta a gang of dozen thugs.

Who elected these thugs to make cut and paste alien decrees to take all worker rights away.

Anonymous said...

Thats it. I support FREEDOM DAY. Turning around to go home now. Will call others out.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Rudd is not interested in this matter. Qantas is too important for Australian economy. Nothing is going to be done aust government.

Anonymous said...

The pilot has committed no crime but the air pacific ceo has committed crimes and gross violation of worker and peoples rights in fiji.

Who is he to shove a cut paste alien decree against the workers of fiji?

Why isnt he getting arrested and charged for paying for it abusing his position?

Anonymous said...

What is an Australian 2nd officer doing in Fiji at first place. Isn't there enough locals available for this low entry level position.

Semi Meo said...

Just shows what a complete idiot, Fiji's Prime Minister is, to get an airline to draw up the laws for his country.
Doesn't he have a Military Council for that?
or are they idiots too?

Air Pacific Cabin Crew said...

I couldn't agree more about Pflieger getting arrested and detained in Nadi before being tortured and his body returned to the USA in a box.

I cannot wait for this day to come. Pflieger, consider yourself as a victim.

Tic, toc, tic, toc.Pflieger, I will not leave you alone. Watch you back because you will be haunted and brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

The fiji police says in local media they investigating the pilot for breach of company code of conduct?

Since when breach of company code of conduct is breach of crime decree?

This is nothing but a joke.,

Anonymous said...

The incompetent and never go to court illegal AG in Fiji, the illegal SG and entire legal Deprtment must self sack themselves-cos aline cut and paste decrees are imported by airline company- the new democractic parliment of fiji. Why should tax payers pay to keep a good for nothing AG/SG and big law department?

The law of jungle thrives in Fiji.

Navosavakadua said...

Once again, this is a major international news story that started the blogs.

With our media full of propaganda that would make Soviet Pravda blush, it's no wonder the international media look to the blogs for their news.

Anonymous said...

These decrees have put the workers and unionism 100 years back in Fiji. Will be a real toil to restore these rights in future. If Shalend did what he is accused of then he is a hero. My union supports him all the way. May there be many more Shalends in Fiji. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Shalend is a hero for uncovering the truth

Taukei 5. said...

Careful he doesn't transcend from hero to martyr - this gang have form.

Anonymous said...

Hey, pFRIGGER - get out while the going is good for you.
You fly-by-night conman.-comment edited C4.5