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Friday, October 21, 2011

One of the biggest dictator falls

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's body being dragged by Libyans

Libya's dictator of 42 years, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, has been captured and killed in his own home town after seven months of uprising by the Libyan people.

Leaders worldwide are hailing the end of Gaddafi's tyranny as Libyans celebrate what is being described as their first real sense of freedom and the birth of a new Libya.

One of Gaddafi's son's Mutassim Gaddafi, is also reported to have been killed in Sirte, along with his father. Sirte is where Gaddafi was born.

The international community has confirmed and welcomed the death of Gaddafi with the British Prime Minister David Cameron saying: "I think today is a day to remember all of Colonel Gaddafi's victims, from those who died in connection with the Pan-Am flight over Lockerbie to Yvonne Fletcher in a London street and obviously all the victims of IRA terrorism who died through their use of Libyan Semtex."

Mobile phone footage of Gaddafi's demise is being circulated as celebrations continue across Libya and worldwide.
The uprisings in the Middle East this year have sent a message out to the world's tyrants: all dictators and their regimes come to an end eventually.
The uprising of the Arab people started in Tunisia, then Egypt, Libya and Syria. There have also been civil uprisings in Bahrain, Israel and Algeria. The battle is still on in Syria but President Bassar Al-Assad must know his time too is nearing.

Mobile phone footage of Gaddafi's death


Anonymous said...

another Dictator dead.More to go in the Middle East and Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Die the PIG!!!

More PIGS to die.

Thump up for Democracy!!!

Anonymous said...

...........In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Vani said...

It took the ME revolutions to happen after 40 odd years...how long will it take for Fiji?

However, all these tyrant's rule and their END should be a lesson to Voreqe and co. The "VICTORY" of Rabuka's coup does not make yours the same. Never! Rabuka's coup was a SHOCk to the Fijian system. Yours is just a blatant-waste-of-money-progress-and-everything else coup!


Anonymous said...

Bainivuaka if you are reading this, just remember that you'll be the next one!!! You better start creeping to your hole right now like Saddam and Gaddafi. You nasty piece of low life, scum of the earth. Burn in hell Fiji's Ruthless Evil Money-Grabbing Dictator!!!

Anonymous said...

please come to fiji and save us now as we are gutless ,and have lost faith,we need outside assistance Ratu wake up

Anonymous said...


ex-CRW said...

To you Bhainimarama and Eyearse and co, foreboding truth is that history has taught us that all dictators end up the same, your lifeless blody body fotos will surely end up like Gadaffi's, inglorious, pathetic corpse kicked around by folks you have suppressed and tortured.

Anonymous said...

Gadaffi gone. Among the next dictators to go - Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

In very Clear and BIg words, Baini & Aysee will suffer the same fate , this will happpen very soon.

Anonymous said...

Soon, Bainimarama and Khaiyum, a fitting photo....

Anonymous said...

if any army holigans , arsy .baini family are reading this blog , please please tell them this is also their fate , i have no doubt

Anonymous said...

when fijian will rise up and kill bai/ag taliban and free fiji.
i hope it will come soon.
fijian have to wake up and fight the regime.
libya people can do it.
why cant the fijian do it.
all the best .

Anonymous said...

when fijian will rise up and kill bai/ag taliban and free fiji.
i hope it will come soon.
fijian have to wake up and fight the regime.
libya people can do it.
why cant the fijian do it.
all the best .

Great Photo said...

What a great photo of the pig dictator in his last moments dragged through the street. This is how ALL dictators and their families should end up. When the dictator of Fiji khaiyum and his hand puppet are executed let us all hope the photos are circulated in the same way. ALL dictators who take over elected governments with guns deserve the same fate!!

paula raqeukai said...

I don't believe in confrontation & violence to solve our beloved nation's political problem...the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ is bigger than the power of the guns and the mighty of a pen ...the exit point for the regime - I had mentioned this so many times in this blog site before and I must say it again now, and that is simply for VB & AG to take the bold step forward and ask for forgiveness first to all the victims of the coup and also to the people of Fiji...the victims should be ready to forgive and forget just like the way the Lord Jesus Christ did it at Calvary more than 2000 years ago for the sake of mankind survival...if we can all do this and then establish a "commission of truth" to pave the way forward for Fiji...the victims to be compensated, the culprits to be forgiven and Fiji to set up a government system that is by the people for the people...a fair system of governance with the Lord Jesus Christ as the principal centre of governance...His system is just and fair...freedom of religions shall also be the cornerstone of governance due to our diverse ethnicity...God bless Fiji...

The Oracle said...

Sadly, this is now the way of the world. The UN and NATO step in to assist resistance in Middle Eastern countries - because there's wealth to gain and be shared - from the oil reserves.

And while most countries criticise the death sentence, the hypocrasy is that killing a disgraced leader has become acceptable - throughout the world - to the extent that the leaders of the so-called First World countries are quick to gain television mileage from their praise for the obvious "executions".

In Fiji, we have nothing to offer so there's no similar UN/NATO/EU attempt to assist us topple Frank Bainimarama. Forget Austraia and New Zealand trying to take the lead, they are walking in China's shadow.

And our Pacific neighbours are too timid to act under the Biketawa Accord. If there is any one that can really help us topple Frank and the Fiji Military Forces, it would have to be a UN force - nothing less.

But rest assured, as peaceful as we may seem, as human beings we carry the same warm blood that Middle Eastern people do. So, when the violence erupts, expect the worst because we will, mark my words, descend into the same pits of human anarchy and blood will flow like water - not just Frank and Aiyaz's but that of others including innocent bystanders.

While we can pray as much as we want for a peaceful resolution to our situation, the reality is if and when blood flows, there's a human tendency to open the faucet rather than close off the supply. God and Christianity is usually forgotten in the "hype" of the moment.

May God strike Bainimarama with a bolt of lightening which, if it does not kill him, will hopefully give him some spiritual guidance and basic intelligence to see that the resolution to our stuation is simple and that we don't have to descend to the level of blood-thirsty hounds.

Bainimarama should step down NOW - simple - or forever be condemned in the annals of history for the bloodbath he will eventually cause.

Anonymous said...

Where will Bainimarama and Khaiyum's bodyguard run to if their Bosses are attacked with similar fashion as that of Gaddafi?

Well, they know too well that Fijians (Fiji Citizens) are too soft and cannot do what Libyians can do....thus they play games with Fiji people...doing what they wanted to do!

No Retreat said...

We have to get all the rats out of
Thumbs up for democracy.

Anonymous said...

@Paula Raqeukai
I thought someone died at that forgiveness ceremony 2000 years ago.
Maybe Bai,Aiyarse,Shameems etc can die too during this ceremony. I suggest the hangman's noose.

Anonymous said...

This should be a warning to the Kean Brothers, Riyaz, The Shameem sisters, Nur Bano Ali and Bainimaras daughter at Fiji Sports Council, Philger, and all who are supporting Bainimarama...this will happen to you when the regime falls....and remember,it will be soon...and very very soon.....

Col Gaddafi said...

Well, this is the faith of dictators. Sometimes it takes 42 years to get rid of a mad military man who has raped and terrorized his own people. But happy endings are extremely rare in this business. What can we learn from this? The lesson is quite simple: When Khayum and Frank make their next dash through the cassava patches, check the sewerage pipes!

Anonymous said...

Fijians should not presume that they haVe NO assistance fRom their Aus/NZ/US brothers. But the politics of this world is complex and even at times dangerous in every aspect, thereFore secret. What is being done may never be completely revealed to the public.
But no doubt, more should be done and quickly.
Let us hope that the barbaric and most base side of human nature, (like dragging bloodied bodies through the streets) is not found in Fiji.
.... howeVer, to "Paula" I say, what you hope and pRay for is not going to happen in such a peaceFul fashion. These people will only plead for forgiveness when they are confronted with the guns being pointed at them - then it is too late... like Gadarfy of Libya.
They haVe had ample oppoRtunity, and their plans do NOT include giving up for the good oF Fiji.
Their minds are clouded by fear and they cannot see through the cloud of their own sins. Therefore their decisions are all wrong, after wrong and more wrong and this will NOT/cannot change without a sudden "cutting off" and a completely "new start" for a "new" Fiji.
You have plenty of good men waiting in the wings.
Pray for a "new Fiji".It's coming.
-Sydney Tourist

Carawai Pani said...

Well, see what happened to another COUP COUP maker! Gaddafi died a dreadful death... But I hope it won't happen to our Coupsters (Gangsters!) as it would be more delightful to watch them rotting in prison! Death is too good for them..

mark manning said...

These images must be having a profound effect on Frank, Aiyaz and the Regime Leaders in Fiji and the Chinese Regime Leadership as well.

Anonymous said...

David Pfliger, take a long hard look at Gaddafi's lifeless and bloodied body!

This is you, if you don't quit and leave Fiji now..tic..toc..tic..toc

mark manning said...

The main targets in Fiji should be the Shameem sisters and Aiyaz, not Frank, he is secondary and on his own a wimp and coward.
You should always take out the ring leader because the rest are cowards and will crumble straight away.

Anonymous said...

If the Libyans can do it - get rid of their dicatator - Fiji can do it too! The trouble is, everyone living in Suva are OK with what is going on! They don't see what is happening elsewhere in Fiji - shortage of the basic staples, roads are a mess, people are just getting by! Where is all the money promised to all the provinces by Bainimarama this year - improvements on roads on Ovalau, improvements of infrastucture elsewhere! Wake up Fiji - the money is going into Bai and his family and his cronies pockets! Get rid of Bai and his cronies...they are taking up the air we breathe on this earth and are not worth spitting on! Do to him what the Libyans did to Gadahfi!

Anonymous said...

saddam is dead,osama bin ladan is dead,gaddafi is now dead...who is the next on line to go thru the same channel..yeah thea names are on the list,

bainimarama -1st [family]
ayeass 2nd [family]
kean bro-3rd [familys]
tikoitoga 4th [family]

and the list goes on..nd on..nd on...



Capt. Chaos said...

Mark Manning get you facts right...not the shameem sisters but only one of them !!!!! And also look forward to lawlessness as in IRAQ and AFGANISTAN should Libya happen here.
Don't for a moment think that Indians will just cower away as in the past.EXPECT IED's like in those godless places aforementioned.As for you blond blue eyed scum of the earth ...go and play with yourselves rather than inciting a country not yours...you racist motherfucker !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting thing to learn here too in as far as the US and the NATO involvement. Obama said today he learned a valueable lession from the IRAQ war. It cost less to help the local people who are leading the unrest against the regime than sending US troops to take down the Dictator. So Fiji!!! its your choice...the help will come either way...US AND ALL U NAME IT...

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and Kaiyum get ready, very soon your days will come. Western world are watching and very soon will employ tectics that will let you down

mark manning said...

@ Capt. Chaos 1258 p.m.
Thanks for your enlightening input !
It is you who has brought up the race card here, not me.
Both Shameem sisters have had a hand in this coup, the fact that they are Indian, is something you have highlighted here, not me.
By the way, my eyes are green and my hair grey, what's left of it , lols.

So your advocating violence and the potential to blow up innocent, unarmed men, women and children.

Your mention of IED's suggests to me that you might be linked directly with Aiyaz' bomb making Brigade !


By the mouth of babes !

Now go home and take your Medication, there's a good boy, I mean retard.

It seems it's getting a bit hot in the kitchen for Frank and Co. now.

Anonymous said...

@Capt. Chaos. If the Indians want to see who the real racists are, they need only to look in a mirror.

Anonymous said...

@Capt. Chaos. Total anarchy is far preferable to the fiendishly diabolical, carefully manipulated destruction and betrayal now taking place. The abscess on the sick body of the nation must be cut open and squeezed until clear, red blood flows. And the blood must be left to flow for a good, long time till the blood is purified.

Anonymous said...

Capt. Chaos, you can get your point across without resorting to vulgar terms. Or can't you? Moron.

ASK Hater said...

I would like to see ASK's body like this. I hate this son of a bitch and want him gone as soon as possible.

Vanua. said...

All I saw was a tortured fellow human being under extreme stress.
RIP Col Gaddafi.
(some of you people should be ashamed of yourselves).

Anonymous said...


Kivei kemuni na sotia nei Bainimarama kei Kaiyum.

dua na lewe ni vanua ena mavoa se mate gauna sa na tubu kina na rarawa ni lewe ni vanua.

kemami na lakovi iko yani nomu vale. MATE YANI BAKOLA.

Anonymous said...

@Capt Chaos
So not both Shammeem sisters.Not too difficult to identify the one you are shagging and who you are now.The tone of your words show how agitated you and supporters of the regime in Fiji are,seing what is bound to be your fate in the not too distant future.Mark is right you must be Khaiyum's partner in crime and feeling very uneasy now that your dreams of turning this country into a Muslim state is slowly slipping away.

Anonymous said...

The world is "round-circle" and as the saying goes all must come to an "END" one day.
So as the will of god and upon his decision this idiotic regime that has no brains but small balls to play with will come to an end.
Life is a journey and weather it be good or bad times all must come to an end in the name of our good lord Jesus.
So Bai-Nuni and GAY AG your time is now here.
As for Bain-Nuni go to church and ask lord for forgiveness and as for GAY AG you are not even wanted in the mosque or by ALLAH-so for you GAY AG you have nowhere to go to ask for forgiveness BUT you will be burning in hell after your death.
Your death will not come easy but you will suffer and death wont come easy for either Bai-Nuni and GAY AG.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning is delusional and feeding on the figments of his imaginations in his response to Capt Chaos. You really should be on Seroquel, old man.

Kenneth Zinck said...

To Paula Raqeukai, no problems about forgiveness we will forgive all of them but rest assured they still have to pay the price and go to jail for life or being executed. Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

No one has the right to take a life !!!! all the Western leaders praise the death of gadafhi ....bunch of hypocrites. Life is valuable ( even a dictators life ) that's why they should rot in jail, death is too good for them.


Bainimarama you must have watch the news and see what happen to gaddafi. what a horrible way to die, I wonder hows hes family is feeling right now, to see how their father's body treated like dog and drag around on the street, it must be very sad day for them to see someone they love so dearly been treated like an animal,this day will remain in lives forever, and they will never forget.well thats whats happen when you rule with iron fist,it will come back and bite and you, which path do you want to take hard way like gaddafi, and let your family suffer, when they see what happen to gaddafi happen to you, or take easyer way out, back off now, give back the power to people fiji to rule and save your family, if you realy love them??? ,before its to late, I for one don't want to see that happen to you, because I also have sons and daughters and I dont want them to see my body bing treated like animal and drag around on the street, just word of advice frank the choice is your. I HOPE YOU THINK ABOUT THIS SERIESLY, in history, no dictator runs forever, they all end in horroriable way, because, they are greedy for money and power, whats the point when your family will suffer forever..good luck FAMILY COMES FIRST NOT MONEY OR POWER.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between bananaaiyarse and gaddafi is the size of the country/army.
All the deceit and lying tactics, murder, torture, thieving fraud, setting citizen against citizen, soldier against soldier, etc, etc,...
--------- ALL THE SAME -----------


-Sydney Tourist

Smell the Coffee said...

Vengence is mine says the Lord. A rat will die a rats death.

Anonymous said...

Oh puhleeze! @ family comes first 12.17,

Wake up and smell the coffee, rotten apples don't fall far from its rotten tree!

They all know exactly what they're doing.. backing up a murderer, thief, dictator, tyrant, liar and bully.

No time for silly sentiments, Fiji will do what needs to be done to tyrants and those that back him up.

Anonymous said...

Lesson to learn here is how dictators die- and where. Saddam was hauled out of a rat hole, gaddafi spent his last precious moments in a sewer tunnel, osama was killed in a windowless, airless sanctuary. Hitler took his own life rather than face the mob. When the time comes for dictators to vutchiraki, they end up like rats, roaches or wretched of the earth. That's what happens to those who rule with injustice and seize power through violence. No one will escape, natural justice endures- what goes around comes around, as you do to others so it will be done to you. All those senior military officers who still enjoy milking the coffers dry- some of you are being punished quicker (cancer, tumors, bivalve, hypertension, diabetes, etc death! Kakua ni kocova na nona i yau na kai nomu, kua ni tara na ka e sega ni nomu, kua ni biuta na mataniciva e matadra na vuaka. History is trying to teach us lesson - soldiers open your eyes to see!

Anonymous said...

Voreqe and ALL his followers will be worse than the pics of Qaddafi!!!!

Saimone, Vesida Place, Suva said...

Its funny to note that as pro democracy advocates, people are calling for direct confrontation as the solution for Fiji's case. I believe that democratic principles call for consultation and dialogue as the way forward in any political situation because it protects the purity of the cause.
To deviate from such a belief would be disastrous for the cause because it would show that pro democracy advocates are no better than the people they trying to remove.
True democracy advocates do not call for the outright killing of any human being no matter what wrong he/she has committed. I think that to pass judgment on another human being is not the right of any person living under the sun but the Holy Father himself. If we let ourselves believe that we have the right to condemn a human being and approve of the taking of his/her life then we're not democracy advocates but extremists.
Lets not lower our dignity by identifying ourselves with the Libyan revolutionaries for they have also committed murder on a far bigger scale than the Gaddafi regime. Rather we should continue to call dialogue and consultation as the way forward for democracy in Fiji.

Fiji Shame said...

typical fijians. too nice to fight back and donna wann be seen saying anything badeven about those oppresing and killing us. by the time we wake up and stop blogging and taking it out on mark manning it'll be 42years but unlike the arabs we'll still be grovelling to bai and aiyarse

Anonymous said...

Let the grovellers grovel, let the bloggers bog, let the losers loose, let the winnners win. And let the mark mannings join the mary poppins show to sing kookaburra sits on the old nut tree.

mark manning said...

It's now being said that Gadaffi was placed into an Ambulance and while some wanted to interrogate him, another came and shot him in the head.

Unless Frank stands aside, he could well meet his end in a similar fashion, given that one cannot suppress a maddening crowd.

Anonymous said...

@Saimone, Vesida Place, Suva. You can't and don't negotiate with TERRORISTS. You kill them.

Anonymous said...

ex matavuvale

Country's ruled by Dictatorships

The Following Country's have Dictatorship Rulers

- Burma
- Chechnya
- North Korea
- Sudan
- Turkmenistan
- Uzbekistan
- Algeria
- Angola
- Azerbaijan
- Belarus
- Bhutan
- Cambodia
- Cameroon
- Chad
- China
- Congo (Brazzaville)
- Congo (Kinshasa)
- Cote d'Ivoire
- Egypt
- Equatorial Guinea
- Eritrea

- Fiji

- Guinea
- Gabon
- Iran
- Kazakhstan
- Laos
- Russia
- Rwanda
- Saudi Arabia
- Swaziland
- Syria
- Tajikistan
- Tunisia
- Vietnam

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_countries_live_under_dictatorship#ix...

Fark Fanning said...

Exactly how much popular support JU Liar Gillard has in Australia?

Doesnt stop her being the prime minister !!


Like inflation, China's riots will intensify: http://www.matavuvale.com/forum/topics/back-to-democracy-for-fiji?commentId=2150904%3AComment%3A11060684

Many analysts attribute the rise of citizen activism to the growth of the middle class, the revolution of rising expectations, the Internet, social media, and rising awareness of individual rights. These are definitely factors responsible for an increasingly assertive public. But what has been overlooked in the search for explanations of citizen activism in China in recent years is another driving force: the internal contradictions of developmental authoritarianism.


@@9:26 PM.

North-South Divide. Case Study – South Korea.

Excluding its big guns and weapons of mass destruction, North Korea is not a functioning country and has long lost its competition with South Korea, as a recent economic comparison released by Statistics Korea indicates.

Anonymous said...

Power to the People!!

Valley Tiger said...

Capt Chaos- Peter Prasad is married to Shaista Shameem.

Peter you ganga smoking captain who never made it to Air Pacific.

Your Shaadu Aslam Khan will be next.

Anonymous said...

@ Vanua

But what did you see then when your Dictator Colonel Gadafi was ruling?? Ah!! Ah!! Your Colonel Gaddafi branded NTC as rats but look where he was found, inside a drain full of sewer and filth. The best you could do is go to your DICKtator Bainimarama and tell him what your saw that AN UNTOUCHABLE WAS STILL A HUMAN. Please add on my piece to him "TO DO GOOD TO OTHERS WHEN GOING UP BECAUSE HE WILL MEET 'EM OL ON HIS WAY DOWN. It was the consequences of Gaddafi's evil deeds that you had lamented, so stop pointing your bloody fingures to the Bloggers but rather blame Dictators. Sa Malo!!

Vanua. said...

Anyone deriving pleasure & satisfaction from viewing the pain & suffering of a fellow human being remember this?

"There but for destiny go us all".

Anonymous said...

I Saimone

O Raibaci qo e warai ni vinakate na veitalanoa.

Drau ma lai tovole mada

Capt .Chaos said...

Valley Tiger!!you should be the PM of Fiji !!!

Thinking Man said...

Messsage to those acting outraged over the Gaddfi pictures and those of us saying we glad he got his. Gaddafi lived by the sword and died by the sword. Same for any dictator and despot. Fiji? George Speight has been the only to pay for his crimes, so far. Rabuka walking the streets of Suva as a free man. The worst of them, Bainimarama? Yet to be seen

Vanua. said...

"outraged" no - surprised & alarmed - most certainly - very wary of those who derive such obvious pleasure viewing the pain & suffering of others for fear they one day govern us. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

@ Vanua, then make sure you exercise your democratic vote when that time comes so you don't vote in the ones you FEAR the most.

The rest of us will watching warily pretentious, goody-goody, bible-bashing, smiling kalavos like you who have no qualms looting the treasury till "after dark". We'll be watching you.. very closely. Vinaka.

Vanua. said...

My shared fear right now is those we should fear do govern us - but this was never about looting religion & do gooders - it was about simple decent humanity displayed - lack of it. Malo.

Anonymous said...

@ Vanua

what decent humanity you are harping about mate?? The lack of it starts from Bainimarama and all you military thugs who have brought economic hardship, pain, corruption, nepotism, all sorts of inhumane things to Fiji. Anyone in the Bainimarama Military should be the last to talk about humanity. Who people are worst than GadHafi.

Da bau vosa meda vakasamataki keda tu.

Anonymous said...

@ Vanua 09.10am

Can you please tell us what are you deriving from the hardship and sufferings we the commoners receive everyday in Fiji. You Bainimarama military people are receiving huge pays (by-book&by-crook) but commoners are suffering, are you deriving any equation or resolution out of that?? or just too much steam!!!

Anonymous said...

@ vanua da hypocrite - suggest you remove yourself if your weak uto cannot handle the heat - ur beginning to sound like one of tem loser kanalotos supporting the regime - suggest sa bera?

Anonymous said...

@ vanua

Please refrain from using the name "vanua" - it doesn't sit well with a hypocrite who's obviously in cahoots with the junta. Pliz wari nai karta - suggest they all get their just desserts and spend the rest of their lives in Naboro Prisons.

Vanua. said...

Don't know what it is with some of you people - can't read or are just
plain stupid? Never supported Vore - never have - never will - know why? He kills people - now what part of "kills people" don't some of you understand? What some advocate is that without due process of law he should be subjected to the same Mob suffering - humilation & fate inflicted on Gaddafi? Never - we do that - we become them.

Anonymous said...

@Vanua. 6:35 PM.


Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Gaddafi "died as he lived," suggests the Daily Mirror, "shown no mercy as he pleaded for his life."