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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bainimarama now eyeing cases for Gibson Guitars

Tuning up again
More money has changed hands and Frank Bainimarama is now talking about making guitar cases for Gibson Guitars.

Sustainable Mahogany Industries Limited (SMI) presented Bainimarama with a second cheque yesterday for license and reforestation fees, this time $500,000. 

The American owned company secured a license to purchase Fiji’s mahogany in June and a cheque for $1million was presented to Bainimarama at the time.

Readers will remember, though, that it appeared the deal had soured last month after American media reported Fiji's illegal leader had become caught up in claims Gibson Guitars was being investigated for using illegal wood.

A press conference announcing a new deal to make guitars between the famous company and the regime was cancelled amid reports federal agents had busted Gibson.

Yesterday, in what appears to have been a low key affair (unlike in June), MINFO had SMI chairman John Wagner as saying: “The reforestation is very important for the Gibson Family of brands."

Bainimarama was quoted as saying: “There are further opportunities for Fiji to be making cases for Gibson guitars in Fiji. Each guitar needs a case and a strap. I’ve been told that there is an opportunity here for us to make those (guitar) cases. About 200,000 cases in a year. They are looking at Vanua Levu now.”

He added: “I was in Nashville before the United Nations General Assembly and I visited the two factories there. One that makes 50 per cent guitars out of Fijian mahogany and the other one that makes 100 per cent out of Fijian mahogany, which is the high end of the Gibson Guitar."


Anonymous said...

A better idea would be to start making mahogany caskets so we can put the dicktator in it and put in the grave along with his misfits.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if anyone else has picked up on the fact that the present "Govt" in Fiji is not a legalised entity with regards to its dealings and agreements with Govts and entities overseas. If and when an elected Govt comes into power what happens to such agreements with Gibson including China?

Taukei 5. said...

Brand Name Fiji.
Attempting with wooden boxs what somebody else did with bottled water. Good luck with this one GG company -just trust your legal council has duly advised that any contracts of any nature entered into (signed) with this illegal regime are not worth the paper there written on?
Long term US corporate strategic thinking at its most dysfunctional.
"we here at Gibson Guitars intend entering into an illegal long term business aggreement with a despot dictator who tortures & kills his own people - we've viewed all the risks involved and arrived at the conclusion - what can possibly go wrong?"

mark manning said...

Why don't Fijians make Guitars from the own Mahogany and sell them Worldwide ?

Anonymous said...

Mahogany casket for as asshole like Vuaka? No way, just chuck him into a hole and cover him with dirt, that's appropriate for him.

Anonymous said...

Vei kemuni na cakacaka vakamataniyu vakauasivi na ovisa kei na mataivalu se o kemuni kece sraga na cakacaka vaka matanitu ena gauna oqo e Viti.....sa rauta na mada na vakatiko vaka oya se vaka oqo ...oni sa boica vata kece kei na nomuni liuliu oni qarava tiko na nona cakacaka....ni nanuma tikoga oni sa dredrevaki ka beci na kemuni rairai nomuni vodo tiko ena nomuni tolili kei na motoka kece sara ni matanitu ...e dina ni oni rawata na nomuni i vola vaka vuli ena nomuni dui sasaga...ka yacova na i tutu ni qarava tiko qori ...ia...sa vakaloloma na bula ni tiko na rere lai vakavuna wale tu me sega ni valataki vakadodonu kina na dina kei na veika vivinaka oni vulica mai....totoka na kemuni vakananumi ni oni vaka i tavi ena biu dinau, ni benuci ira na sausauvou kei Viti ni mataka....vei kemudou na tabani matanitu dou dau wilika tiko mai na vei vakanananu e volai ena website qo....sa rauta mada na guise tiko....sa vinaka mo ni vaka vinivo....sa vakaloloma sara ga nomuni bula....sivia na pretenders...keimami sa oca na sara yaloyalo.....rauta na vakamacala....sa rerevaki na dinau kei na kana loto ni vakayacora tiko ni bau liaci kemuni mada.....

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7.37pm

Yes, that question has already been posed before so people are aware and wondering. I remember posing the question myself last month or month before that {especially to legal eagles out there)as to how culpable a democratically elected government will be held for all these dealings of the current junta.

The nearest to an answer was given yesterday, I think on one of the blogs by I believe blogger Oracle.

We only hope financiers and investors are taking note too.

Democrat said...

All documents signed since 2006 by the IG and its satellites such as FEA, FWA, FNPF, etc, are illegal so why worry. They can all be reversed. The new democratic government can pick and chose those that are worth keeping.

Anonymous said...

i am a warden at naboro and need few guitars for these holes when they come and live in NABORO

Landowner said...

I was horrified when i visited Fiji Harwood and told that the favoured company is given by this illegal Govt special monopoly on Grade 1 logs from Fiji's mahogany forests. Logs are graded according to quality before saw millers truck them away from forests.

All Grade 1 mahogany logs go to this guitar maker and others in Fiji get lower Grades.

The American is alledged to have bribed Kayoom and dictator huge amounts to get this prieveledge

mark manning said...

@ Anon 1005 p.m.
I wouldn't even bother digging the hole !
Why not just tie him to a Mahogany log and let it drift into the ocean ?

Anonymous said...

... the cheapest way is still the bullit, coz u can find it and recycle the lead into a fishing line sinker.
hay cum on guys ??????????????

Anonymous said...

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