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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bonus payments for 'superior performance' while kids starve

Face of Poverty. pic Fiji Times

The illegal government's politicking has become blatantly obvious with employees in state owned enterprises receiving bonuses while close to 50% of Fiji's population live below the poverty line.
Bainimarama on the campaign trail
The poverty data is a reality and a fact, and was given to the media by PS for Social Welfare, Govind Sami, who also stated that many workers are earning wages far less than what they should be paid.
The illegal PM has been on the campaign trail giving water tanks and making promises of fixing roads and providing electricity to rural areas while the illegal AG has turned his attention to city dwellers and employees of state-owned enterprises.
The illegal government should wake up from its slumber and take itself out to rural areas and low-income areas to see the reality on the ground; people are struggling to put food on the table and parents are finding it increasingly difficult to shop for basic necessities.

More than $1.6 million in bonus payments have been approved by the Fijian Government to employees of six state-owned enterprises that outperformed during the 2009 and 2010 fiscal years - rewarding staff for superior performance.

Four organizations and all employees received bonuses.

The enterprises include: Airports Fiji, Ltd, Public Rental Board, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, Ltd, Fiji Electricity Authority, Fiji Meat Industry Board, Fiji Ports Corporation, Ltd, and its subsidiary Fiji Ships & Heavy Industries, Ltd.

"The Government recognizes productivity, and rewards based on performance and merit," said Minister of Public Enterprise Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

"We are proud of their successes and expect they will remain inspired to keep up the good work because the strong performance of state-owned enterprises creates jobs and helps to build a strong nation."

The bonus approval comes after a thorough review of the financial performance of the organizations, which are upheld to exacting standards under the government's mandate for the creation of a Performance Management System.

In some cases, auditors such as Price Waterhouse Coopers independently verified financial statements.

Fijian commercial entities that qualified for bonuses based on financial performance include:

- Airports Fiji, Ltd: Net profit exceeded expectations by 60 per cent, triggering a bonus to all 447 staff.

- Public Rental Board: Net profit exceeded expectations by 44 per cent, triggering bonuses to 19 members of the total 42 staff.  Management and CEO are excluded from bonuses.

- Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, Ltd: Net profit grew 244 per cent year over year, exceeding expectations by 103 percent, triggering bonuses to all 120 staff.

- Fiji Electricity Authority: Bonus applies to all 663 staff.

- Fiji Meat Industry Board: Net profit after tax exceeded budgeted loss by 136 per cent, triggering a bonus to 72 of 84 staff. Twelve individuals' performance did not qualify for a bonus.

- Fiji Ports Corporation, Ltd.: Net profit exceeded expectations by 89 per cent, triggering bonuses to all 163 staff.

- Fiji Ships &Heavy Industries, Ltd.: Net profit exceeded year over year earnings by 76 per cent and beat expectations by 103 per cent, triggering bonuses to all 45 staff.

Of those who applied for the bonus payment, certain payments were not yet approved pending further review, including to Ports Terminal, Ltd.


Anonymous said...

Great. Can the Regime give comparisons from previous years when we had the elected govt. this is union bashing at the expense of tax pAyers. FEA will pay the bonus from extra security deposits. if fea is doing so well then why the need for additional security deposit. very sad, really sad!
look at FBC. can we have profit figures from previous years???

Anonymous said...

FEA - how can we get our superior performance bonus?....easy...just increase the price of electricity...bugger the rest of the country!!

The Oracle said...

This is nothing more than a vote/endorsement-buying tactic and union busting measure.
Under a properly instituted performance appraisal system, bonuses are paid out ONLY to those employees who have performed exceptionally (Superior Performance) within the terms of their duty statement. There is no such thing as a "blanket" bonus being paid to ALL employees just because a company has done well financially. What happens when the company does miserably? Do you then "deduct" a certain percentage from all employees to account for the loss?

Again, a case of Sayed-Khaiyum failing to understand reality through his misty four eyes. (Or is it because he wanted to give his brother at FBC some extra cash, he had to do it for all the "essential" companies so as not to stick out as a sore thumb?).

FBC is a particularly interesting case. If it is doing exceptionally well then why not channel the profits into paying off the Chinese loan? Wouldn't that be accountable and prudent management?

Sadly, we're deteriorating even faster than before into the gutter -- and again, sadly, we can't contest Khaiyum's misguided heavy-handedness in a court of law.


Corporate Mole said...

Sorry, anything this regime does is dodgy and reeks of corruption. Telling that the bonuses were verified by PricecoopersWaterhouse doesn't bring any credibility. It like any and all other consultants doing business with the regime are there in a commercial capacity ie doing a job to get paid, presumably big bucks.

Anonymous said...

I always say , kick the bastard out , kkkkkk!!!!LLLLLLLLLL

Anonymous said...

Contact Rabuka - show him what this anti indian useless coups have done to FIJI

Anonymous said...

bai/ag have f fiji and rapped democracy.
they all filling the pocket now.
time for fiji people to kick them out.

Anonymous said...

Isa PM bau nanumi ira na gone ni viti. E ra sa vakaloloma e na nodra sa mai vakacegui na nodra i tubutubu mai na nodra cakacaka....sa sega na i sau ni vuli, sega na i sau ni kakana, sega na i sau ni lako e valenibula, sega na i sau ni livaliva....sega mada ga na i sau ni masima kei na suka. Sa volai ga yani vaka viti na kerekere qo me rawa ni o kila na noqu kerekere baleta au kila ni leqa tiko vakalailai na vosa va valagi mai yasana qori.

Please open your eyes and see what is happening to our future generation. They are suffering day in day out. Open your eyes and just look across nearby settlements where you live....the evidence is just there in your eyes.

Please stop ruining the future of Fiji. I cant wait for you and your cronies to go to jail....You are a bunch of thieves......our friendly Fijian kids are not smiling any more....how sad...they've had enough of your lies!!!!!!

Come back quickly democracy whereever you are....We have had enough of these choroars.

Anonymous said...

There is something wrong with the Protocol, the Commander RFMF is not a party to the VIP, he is part of the welcoming party. What is the Protocol level of the VIP and does it warrant the attendance of A/PM or is this the new Taliban Code.

SAVIOUR said...

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Anonymous said...

what the fuck????...fea have cost us hundreds of millions in foreign exchange loss, devalued our dollar and brought poverty to our country.

this organization consistantely acts againts the national interest

chairman and ceo should be taken out and shot.

fr barr wants more wages for some workers......he would do better to kick patel and dean in the bum and franky in the balls.

fr barr, save foreign exchange, revalue the dollar and benefit everybody in the country by making the dollar stronger, rather than hike the wages for some and leaving the rest in the gutter.

Company Mole said...

Only in Fiji would favoured state-owned companies receive such bonuses. It is clearly a bribe with CEO and management getting the bulk of the money. This is also a slap in the face for the unions and the workers the old divide and rule trick in the book. This regime has no ethics and will be hard to shift. Those of us wanting change will need to dig deep if we are serious about getting them out.