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Monday, October 17, 2011

China deals: Bainimarama and co at work and where funds go

A look today at how the regime does business with China and some of the other Asian nations interested in getting a stake in Fiji, like Korea.

The itinerary for a trade mission to Beijing and Hong Kong in July and August details the efforts of unelected government representatives to drum up investment and dollars.

Led by Peter Wise, the Permanent Secretary for National Planning, illegal senior government officials had numerous meetings including discussions with five banks, several  investor groups, plus companies Fiji has already established dollar ties with, such as the China Railway Corporation.

There was a meeting with the China Exim Bank focusing on a list of possible projects to be funded by a soft loan - and again with the China Development Bank. Both meetings were arranged by the Fiji Embassy in Beijing. 

A meeting with Dongguan Group Company Limited was aimed at securing assistance for the ailing Fiji sugar industry. A meeting with Hainan Airlines looked at possible direct flights, importation of Fiji Water to China and a joint venture on real estates.

The Fiji Embassy and former police commissioner Esala Teleni also organised a Fiji Presentation targeting 50 -100 Chinese investors focusing on what was described as major capital and infrastructure projects.

Our information also shows which regime ministers have been given the task of luring investors and their yen and wan to Fiji, including those who have passport clearance to travel to Asia until 2019 and 2021.

The documents also show where these Asian dollars are being spent, from small projects such $5,000 on construction work at Savusavu Airport to $1,000,000 on a tree breeding programme, $1,460,300 on a vegetable development programme and $23 million on upgrading the airstrip on Rotuma.

There is huge concern at the trade missions and the rural tours and promises that are essentially resulting in what many believe is Fiji land being offered by the likes of Peter Wise to anyone willing to come to Fiji to invest.

And here we have the illegal PM heading to China yet again.


Anonymous said...

WAKE-UP FIJI ..... Soon Fiji will be fully sold out to foreign interests.
Even a past corrupt government would be much better than the present criminal dicktatorship. At least under a democracy, you could have voted them out at an election.
Just how bad does it have to get before the people wake up to the fact that Banana n ayarse are selling the land out from under your feet and pocketing the profits for their own retirement.
Aided by Sharing Sniff-Bums and the shaithouse sisters and their like.
Your country is being stolen from you ... you are being betrayed big time ... sold out ... stabbed in the back ... etc.
When will you take action to stop these two worst criminals Fiji will ever see? Just two!
Yes, only TWO!
... what are you waiting for?
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Oiiiiiiiiiiiiii (kailavaki keda tiko yani). ME SA DUA NA KA E CAKA VEI NA MATANITU QO! SE CAVA da waraka tiko? ME SA KOVUTI KEDA O CHINA. KOREA KEI TAIWAN, DA QAI YADRA MAI! Me da nanuma na ka e yaco ena kena soli o Viti vei Peritania by Ratu Seru Cakobau. Na vuna levu o ya ni sa sega ni sauma rawa nona dinau vei Merika! Sa qai kaya o Merika ke sega ni na sauma, e sa na tauri Viti. Kalougata o keda, ni qali o Viti o Peritania, ka kerea o RT Seru, me sauma o Peritania na dinau vei Merika.

Ia qo, keda sega ni sauma rawa noda dinau………………Sa tu na kaukauwa vei China kei Korea, me taura vakaukauwa noda qele!

Kemuni na cakacaka vakamatanitu…………..o kemuni saraga qo na waqawaqa ni veika qo!

Kerekere DA YADRA MAI (Kaila tiko yani ena domoi levu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Pita Wise was investigated for his self application fish pond for his Navua farm under his wife's name while he was Deputy Secretary for Fisheries and Forest.
He has been moving up the ladder and surviving through MASIPOLO and LIUMURI.
He comes up with unrealistic, "cut and paste" papers with "pluck from the air" figures. Just look at his failed policy paper on HAS - Housing Assistance Loan Scheme that was not well written and researched which the Banks rejected because the first home owners (in their first years of work)would not have the ability to repay the home loan government subsidy.It was a stupid flop concept.
Just like his arrogant and cunning boss Khaiyum, he always comes up with concepts for personal gain. In this China case, he knows very well that when these loans comes through from China, the negotiator gets a commission for up to 5%-10% through the Chinese "quan-chi" traditional reward.
For the Chinese, this is not regarded as corruption but as a normal business dealing.
Normally the bank accounts of the rewarding "quan-chi" counterparts are located overseas.
Based on Pita's past, I would not be surprised that he must be up to a similar mischief during this reported China trip.
Remember, he is not a patriotic servant of Fiji but a Manila ADB trained civil servant with that lending "mind" agent, i.e you write and proposed concepts that benefit your country, but more importantly benefit the financier or lending institution in terms of interest and repayment conditions.
This type of civil servant must be eliminated from the service. Otherwise we will continue to pile debts after debts and our children and grand children will not be able to pay and our country's sovereignty will be sold to these lending institutions and countries.

mark manning said...

As I said once before, I was in Fiji in late 2006 and and 2007 and noticed in the middle of a Suva street, a couple of well dressed Chinese men looking up at the taller buildings with big smiles on their faces as if discussing the Investment possibilities. I don't speak chines so couldn't understand what they were saying and i haven't learn yet to speak Fiji's new native tongue, Chindu, but I'm guessing that the chinese Government has been behind this coup since before it began and that these men were mentally carving up the spoils in advance.
God help Fiji !

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that anyone wanting to use their housing eligibility from FNPF will no longer be entertained because they are being used to pay off the numerous Chinese loans the interim govenrment has been getting...and the security for the loans are nothing else but native land!!!

Anonymous said...

bai/ag selling fiji off to china.
making the commission.
fijian people are sleeping.
time to wake up.

Anonymous said...

$23 million for Rotuma air strip, only $5.1 million for Savusavu airstrip and no money for Savusavu Town Sewerage scheme. Guess 15,000 Rotuman votes are more important.


An thing in conflict or repugnancy is null and void of law. The Constitution of the Fiji Islands is the supreme law of the land, any law that is repugnant to the constitution is null and void of law.

Unconstitutional acts are not laws and they confer no rights, they impose no duties, they afford no protection, THEY CREATE NO OFFICE and they are in legal contemplation as inoperative as though they had never been passed.

This is to say that the acts done by the illegal govt of Fiji in the exercise of its corporate powers are a nullity because the executive orders are "in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed."

The illegal laws are based on lies and fraud and are void at their inception.

The Acts of the Govt, having been found to be unconstitutional, are not laws; they were inoperative, conferring no rights and imposing no duties, and hence affording no basis for the decrees.

It is quite clear, however, that such broad statements as to the effect of a determination of unconstitutionality must be taken with qualifications. The actual existence of a statute, prior to such a determination, is an operative fact and may have consequences which cannot justly be ignored. The past cannot always be erased by a new judicial declaration. The effect of the subsequent ruling as to invalidity may have to be considered in various aspects — with respect to particular relations, individual and corporate, and particular conduct, private and official.

Everyone involved in the persecutions under these void decrees has been a trespasser. Our constitutional rights have been violated by these unconstitutional void decrees.

When a decree goes against the Constitution it is null and void of law, it bears no power power to enforce,no obligation to obey, purports to settle as if it never existed, unconstitutionality dates from the enactment of such law not from any dates so branded in an open court of law.

The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute whether federal or state though having the form and name of law is in reality no law but is wholly void and ineffective for any purpose since unconstitutionality dates from the time of the enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese government is secretly building spy bunkers in the Fiji Ocean and hidden spots round the island with high tech security devices and explosives including artillery. They have come prepared just in case our debt is not paid off and Fijians are reluctant to give up their land which has been signed off as loan securities by the dictator. The Chinese Premier didn’t visit Fiji for no reason. He did so, to see for himself the progress of the work on these bunkers. When he is satisfied…….then it’s a done deal.

Keep The Faith said...

Nice work C4.5.

Now all these kaiviti Mo'Fos with their names on this list can no longer, I repeat NO LONGER, hide behind the "putting food on the table BS".

They should now consider themselves as bona fide aiders and abettors of high treason against the citizens of this country.

mark manning said...

Sadly, all my constructive comments made on the various photos yesterday, have been removed !

Anonymous said...

@5:01 PM. Mark, sorry to hear that. Looks like they're enforcing the PER on the net as well. hahaha... did you save copes. Post it her on on Matavuvale. Would love to read your insights. Cheers.

Taukei. said...

@ Matavuvale.

Applies also to contracts.
You cannot enter into a legally binding contract with a known illegal entity - & they don't come more illegal than this gang.

"Living a giant legal fiction".

paula raqeukai said...

...another unscrupulous dealings happening in our eyes without our knowledge...to all believers out there be strong and have faith to the Lord Jesus Christ for He will FREE us from these evils happening in our very own eyes...do pray and fast all the time for our beloved nation and its children...God will not forget us nor forgets the evil doers who currently suppressing His people...Proverbs 29:18 "A nation without God's guidance is a nation without order. Happy are those who keep God's law!"

Radiolucas said...

@ Taukei

Interesting. I have never considered what would happen when China comes calling on its loans, only to discover the dictator is gone - I wonder what sort of pressure they would bring to bear if Fiji reneged on its loan under say the doctrine of unconscionable conduct or duress? This form of loan is also sometimes called "odious debt" because of its orgins:

Frank & Co are unelected, purporting to represent the nation - and thereby purporting to bidn the nation to these agreements - but does that really work?

Maybe - but this tension explains why China is cosying up so closely to Frank - they are protecting their debt. Fiji is now essentially in the same position as Myanmar/Burma was in the 1980s - and China is taking advantage of this.

Frank & Co have become reliant on China principally, for cheap loans and tech - perhaps it will get so bad that we might become the Chinese Client state for the South Pacific? What a thought.

COnsequently, as long as Frank & Co are in power, Fiji will continue to pay the loans to China - but even if they stop, it is likely that with all these Chinese investors in Fiji, China's influence on Fiji's repayments are likely to continue because the Chinese will own a large part of our tourism and resources bills (timber!) - and from what we read here, perhaps our agriculture too?

All in all, strengthened economic ties with China are instrumental for the survival of this regime in the midst of economic sanctions by the rest of the world.

The Chinese are not, however, a powerful force promoting the process of broad-based economic development.

After all, the Fijian people could be the losers, since we have to live under a repressive regime that might not have survived this long without Chinese support. Sad thought.


@Radiolucas. An unconstitutional act purporting to create an office gives no validity to the acts of a person acting under color of its authority

An "unconstitutional act" constitutes a protection to no one who has acted under it, and no one can be punished for having refused obedience to it before the decision was made. A legislative act in conflict with the Constitution is not only illegal or voidable, but absolutely void.

It is as if never enacted, and no subsequent change of the Constitution removing the restriction could validate it or breathe into it the breath of life.

This Govt has been found to be unconstitutional (Appeals Decision), and Unconstitutional Acts afford no protection and CREATE NO OFFICE.

All infringement is forbidden...We claim encroachment, infringement, impingement, usurpation.

Nullification, if applicable, is a much better way than repeal or impeachment.

".... nullification is both a Power retained by the States & The People as well as an Obligation imposed by Oath." -- Publius Hulda

If you are committed to restoring your rights you must take serious your obligation to the Constitution of Fiji. You do not give aid and comfort to usurpers and those intent upon waging war on our rights. Otherwise you commit treason.

"The remedy must come from the people themselves. They know what it is and how it is to be appliedWith abiding confidence in their patriotism, wisdom, and integrity, I am still hopeful of the future, and that in the end the rod of despotism will be broken, the armed heel of power lifted from the necks of the people, and the principles of a violated Constitution preserved."

To paraphrase the author of Uncommon Sense, when confronted with a bully, you have a choice of 3 options, 1) submit, 2) argue, or 3) fight. In that context, what will you choose to do, relating to the unconstitutional Govt. will?


Anonymous said...

Chinese must be real dumb not to realise that we the people of fiji will nullify all this govt's acts and are under no legal obligation to repay all the illegal debts.

Anonymous said...

OMG/BLOODY HELL!!!! Who is going to pay for all this?
This is the very reason I have advised and encouraged my children to migrate overseas. Without boasting, they are all highly qualified and can easily secure jobs overseas and are marketable.
THEY are the ones who will be paying, NOT Voreqe, not Arse, Not Sharon whats her name, the insignificant and illegal bitches that they are!!

Anonymous said...

I am reliably informed that the the resignations in the FEA for greener pastures overseas by very, very highly qualified and professional people is at an ALL TIME HIGH.
The FEA Board Chairman [Dean] and his CEO [Patel] JUST cannot see the signals and seem to be encouraging it by saying " I can get a replacement for half his salary". This is pure Guji mentality. Sure you can pay him for half the salary, B..U..T HAS HE GOT THE EXPERIENCE? What about the investment that the FEA put in to his development?
To all you trades people, all you qualified people, I URGE you all - LEAVE whilst you can and enjoy your lives overseas!! Lako, Lako!!

Taukei. said...

@ RL.

What can they do?
Tow Viti Levu back to China?
Nothing they (regime) do has any (future)standing underlaw.
Really that simple.

Anonymous said...

China is running out of space, it has polluted all its rivers, built concrete jungles of chemical plants spewing out poisionous noxious fumes all to make money with no regard to its citizens welfare.

It will not be long till Fiji looks like industrialised China !

mark manning said...

@ anon 626 p.m.
Sadly no copies !
But an example is Aiyaz to the Chinese guy leaving the plane :-
" please, come this way so we can show you how we are plundering Fiji's Treasury under the noses of the ituekai " !
For the photo in the previous article here on coup 4.5!
( ituekai ), I've just realised, this sounds like a Steve Jobs " i app " ! lols

Anonymous said...

Allow me to bloggers: I work for the FEA and wish to comment as follows:
01. $5M has been loaned for the Dreketi RE [Rural Electrification] project. I understand that the FEA will for the most part be footing the bill.
02. $100,612,245-00 has been loaned for the "Vanua Levu Mini Hydros". Which and where are the mini hydros?
03. The cost of upgrading Rotuma's airstrip is just something else!!
What I am getting at is this - they are just borrowing left, right and center to line their pockets. NO MORE NO LESS the thieving thugs!!

Anonymous said...

Dina says....
Bula all kaiviti's and people of Fiji.

We understand that Fiji TV & Media will not report on anything destructive for this Illegal regime and thieves.

Global news has just revealed that Chinese legitimate and government backing banks & corporate banks have ceased lending loans to busineses due to poor repayment capabilities. China has been hit with economic blows in recent months and inflation is rising. Most businesess has closed and owners have deserted main land leaving employees without pay and job security ( read via internet etc etc news). Government & banks have called up many loans.....etc etc, as a result.

China's shadow banks are the ones lending BUT with very very very high interest rates something like 40% interest per month etc etc depending on the amount borrowed.

This regime could be very well making doggy inroads to these shadowy banks ...

So beware people of Fiji...

Anonymous said...

This is the mother of all scams in fiji by the junta of thugs.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11.58am.

You are very true, FIJI PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP. The whole of Fiji, our economy, land and its people are at stake. If we donot stand up against all these evil dealings then we would be crying over split-milk in the near future. FIJI WAKE UP & STAND UP!!! FIJI HEED THE CALL & STAND UP!!! THEY HAVE GUNS, WE HAVE THE MASS.

Anonymous said...

This is the same violent Pita Wise who beats up women who are not even his wife but friends at the Bowling Club and the United Club. He is the same person that brought that other crook John Sami to steal from taxpayers for the alternative constitution in Fiji. The country can do without violent crooks like Pita who is now on a roll with the Chinese taking bribes and "quan chi" perhaps we should call it "con chi baraka". Pita will go to jail with Bai Aiarse and the bloody lot.

Anonymous said...



@9:06 PM. spot on about China. Most of the 20 billion tonnes of urban sewage that China's expanding cities produce each year is dumped straight into rivers and lakes. China now holds the unenviable record of producing as much organic water pollution as the United States, Japan and India combined. Experts calculate that 700 million Chinese consume drinking water contaminated with levels of animal and human waste that do not meet minimum state drinking-water standards. No one is sure what this means. Any research into the subject has been discouraged by the government but China's high rates of hepatitis A, diarrhea, and liver, stomach and esophageal cancer may be linked to the pollution.

Unable to use the water in the reservoirs or rivers, most industrial cities have been forced to use untreated industrial wastewater to irrigate crops, especially vegetables, grown in the suburbs.

Most of China's lakes, reservoirs, canals and rivers are covered in a thick film of algae or clogged by water hyacinth. Even the mighty Yangtze's waters are undrinkable. None of the cities along its banks can use its waters but have to tap reservoirs far away or drill deep for water. Shanghai has drilled for so much water that land in the center of the city has sunk 1.7m in the past 40 years.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Live today

Chinese company interested in ethanol project
October 17, 2011 04:24:05 PM

A Chinese company has expressed its interest in investing in project that aims to produce 200,000 tonnes of ethanol annually from 1.5 million tonnes of Cassava.

President of Tianguan group and Zhongju Natural Gas Corporation Zhang Xiao Yang made the sentiments during a meeting with Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday.

Xiao Yang and representatives from the Tinguan group will be visiting Fiji again in December to continue talks with government and stakeholders regarding the project.

The Tianguan group had total assets of $FJD 1.1 billion with total sales revenue of FJD $478 million.

In 2011, Tinguan Group planned to achieve sales income of FJD $1.6 billion with total industrial output value of FJD $1.6 billion.

By Tevita Vuibau

Anonymous said...

I would think that unlike capitalist and democratic governments, China and socialist and communist governments' industries, companies and businesses cannot be fully or privately owned.

If this is the case, then all Chinese sponsored projects, whether in the name of the Chinese government or other companies and businesses, are directly or indirectly controlled by the Government.

So if and when Fiji is unable to pay off these loans, we will be at the mercy of the Chinese government itself.

And if we attempt to protest, we might just relive the experiences of Tianamen square.

Anonymous said...

F$500m for roads in 2012
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Roads Ministry plans to spend $500m on major road works in 2012.

Minister Colonel Timoci Natuva says major road works include the completion of the Kings Road, repairs between Rakiraki and Tavua and building a 4 lane highway between Nadi Airport and Lautoka.

For Vanua Levu the major project is sealing the road from Nabouwalu to Dreketi at a cost of about $150m from the Government of China.

Other major works for 2012 include jetties in Qarani in Gau and in Nairai.-FijiBroadcasting Corporation

Anonymous said...

@8:52 AM. Fiji people are not going to pay these illegal debts. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and we are not responsible for this regime's China's greed and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

All the legal argument sounds great ... until you think, ...............
What would happen if China occupies Fiji?
Considering the state of the world in this modern era ... would any of the free world come to the military rescue of Fiji? -
Is the Answer: Probably not or NO.
If you don't act for yourself Very soon, it may be too late!
... it may alReady be too late!

Get rid oF the fears that hold you back and put a plan into action.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said....
Kemuni tabusaka yani na cakacaka vaka matanitu o ni bau vuli vinaka tiko ena gauna qo ena vanua vinaka oqo o Viti....sa kenai balebale qo ni o kemuni o nisa tokona tale tuga na vakasabusabu kocokoco e yaco tiko oqo....kenai balebale ya sa na vakayacori tu ga na masu....kei na vakarokoroko vakanace vei ira na veiliutaki vakatawadodonu tiko ena gauna qo....e sega beka ni ko ni dau veitalanoa taka na dina lalai vaka oqo vakauasivi ni ra na mai tamusuka na luvemuni kei na makubumuni na cakacaka vakailoa ....ka oni kila vinaka tale tuga ni yaco tiko...au vakabauta ni ko ni na sega ni na beitaka tale edua ....kenai balebale qo vei au ni oqo na i veika e tiki ni nomuni vuli ka oni vakaivola tu kina ena kena mai qaravi na noda vanua...sa dua dina na veivakamaduataki e sega ni vakamacalataki rawa....nuitaka ni rawa ni bau cakava kina edua na ka ....vei keimami na tawasukulu ka sarava tu yani na cakacaka vakasisila oni vakayacora toka ena gauna qo...me na numi deivaki tikoga ni edua na gauna ka se tikoga oqo e dakuda eda veikanikani tu mai kina.....

Anonymous said...

we need to plant 30 thousand hectares off coconut trees....coat $50 m, but this is a difficult project to provide back handers.

it would be a pure finance deal (cash) handed over to Fiji Government, and so less opportunity for corruptution.

what other industry can pay for these roads???????
so get in to debt but no means to pay it back........??

this is fucked up and back to front.

beyond fucking stupid, criminal!!!

$350m and no money to replant coconut trees, the second ag crop of Fiji that has sustained the people living in the wet zone of Fiji in the past but has been deliberately beeing supressed and looks like willcontinue to be repressed by the elite to keep these people in poverty so they will stay stupid and bribable at election times. A pverty stricken people will sell their votes for a nothing.
this plan has worked well for the elite so far and so when a plan works, stay with it.

good plan cannibal army , but remember eventually the donkey has to be fed, otherwise it cant carry you anymore.

eat,sleep and shit army
eat sleep and shit
cannibals eating the food from your babies mouth and even you unborn to come.
this is the legacy of the cannibals at delainabua.

what a shameless group of men living off the reputations of others, those who came before.
Starting with rabuka, it has all been one long slide to perdition.
...there is no stopping this slide until there is nothing left but "slavery"

this is Gods plan for Fiji. For your disobedance you shall be put into slavery.

40 years you had freedom, but what did you do with it. squandered in childishness.

You reap what you sow.
..you sowed cowardicness, lawlessness, treatury, hatred, racisim, greed, debauchery, drunkeness, idoltary....all in the name of jusus christ????
is this not who we pray to at every meal? every meeting of our people?

God hates hypocites....i shall spit you out of my mouth.

God has punished nations to slavery, dont you think we deserve it.

100 years of paternal colonial rule that pampered us like babies....resulted in us being spoilt brats...
slavery for us is Gods plan??

we are children to the slaughter...

maybe, maybe, unless we grow up quick ...real quick before its to late.

Kenneth Zinck said...

The contracts given to the various Chinese companies are they awarded via the Government Tender Boards after due diligence processed on each Chinese company or are they awarded willy nilly? Can Bai and Aiyaz answer this question on this blogsite please? Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

I was in both Beijing and Shanghai in July and san relate to why Chinese people brave seeking out new lands and economies to invest in. While skills and diligence have made it an emerging power, it remains helpless in some areas. For example, something basic that we take for granted such as milk is hard to find in China. The sheer numbers of people at tourist spots and everywhere generally was overwhelming. The Chinese would not find it hard to make Fiji their new homeland. We have much to offer and they know a good thing when they see it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:04PM
You are right in what you say and many Chinese would love to make Fiji their new homeland.

Unfortunately, the main problem is that the vast majority will want to come to Fiji for self interest only. They will not come here because they love Fiji, its people, its cultures and its beauty but will only come to make money. They will not embrace the culture and what we have here but will want to turn Fiji into a mini China.

Fiji can not afford to have a high influx of 'investing' Chinese invading the present population.

Anonymous said...

Isa read the coments made -Something what you sow and what you reap, when the first coup happened and then the subsequent ones followered. First one majority of the Fijians supported rabuka- now they reap what they supported. The continued disregard of Aust and NZ means friends with China. The chinese have bought massive land in Australia , not forgetting what they own in USA in Bonds. My humble request is that you go in Fiji and be part of the reformation as shooting negative comments will not help like firing blanks!!!

China Girl said...

Holy Noodles...another Chinese deal and these only the ones being publicised. How many more we don't know about. Mark manning righ tis Chindu

Fiji PM hosted by Alcatel Chairman in Shanghai
Publish date/time: 18/10/2011 [13:01]

Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the Alcatel Lucent Company in Shanghai has expressed interest to partner with the Fijian government to further develop the IT industry with e-Gov and IT training.

Commodore Bainimarama who is currently in China was hosted to a briefing by the Chairman of Alcatel, Yuan Xing and was later accorded a tour of one of their factories that manufactures Alcatel electronic products.

The Prime Minister was introduced to a wide range of applications ranging from e-Health, e-security, e-Public Service and e-Education products.

He said he appreciates Alcatel Lucent's contribution to the first phase of Fiji's e-Gov project that resulted in the opening of the new EDP/ITC complex in Suva early this year.

The Prime Minister has shown particular interest in the e-Health application as this system could modernize and improve the provision of health services in the urban centres and isolated hospitals through the use of IT.

Story by: Vijay Narayan-Fiji Village

Vanua. said...

Jon Fraenkel & The Lowy Ins (AUS DFAT) people simply don't - or won't get it?
Yes in their short period of power this regime has dismissed Parl - GCC - Meth - deported & imprisioned Aus citizens - etc etc - but what keeps being forgot or conveniently overlooked is the well documented fact that they tortured & klled people doing it.

Anonymous said...

Look at the quatation -its 372 million USD total- no public tender- the tin pot corrupt dictator has sold fiji with his kickbacks in overseas accounts.

Anonymous said...

io....kemuni na tabusaka yani na turaga , marama qaqa o ni qaravi tavi tikoqori ena valenivolavola levuni mataivalu na STRATERGY HQ...volekata tiko na i tikotiko ni Turaga na peresitedi vakailoa.....sa dua dina na ka vakaloloma oni vakayacora tiko....sa oqo na veika oni vulica mai ka vakasalataka taki kina oira era veiliutaki tiko qo ...dou timi vata tiko....sa kerei yani qo dou cakava edua na ka ...qo na matai ni nomuni vakaro...dou cakava na ka e dodonu mo dou cakava..

Viti Me Bula said...

The total amount of funds sought is $ 2,479,071,685....If you look at it,all the shares or Govt Assets have been offered for sale....so what is left of the Government in Assets.The Economists of the Nation and those tour party should stand up and be real.Not hypocrites just following orders...think of your children...with due respect to the Chinese race,when their population infiltrates a land,it brings with it drugs,prostitution and gambling,the very thing the Government through Bai & Kaiyum are inviting.....what does the future hold for our children????Kemuni na i taukei wilika tiko na veika oqo ka tiko e na vei tutu lelevu e na Matanitu kei na Mataivalu.....nanuma vinaka sara tiko,o na tarogi e na mata ni Kalou e na Siga Ni Lewa......kua na vakamumuri voli vaka mataboko....me da yadra mai ka vosa cake vakadodonu ka vakasala vakadodonu.......Me Bula Ga Ko Viti,Ka me toso ga ki Liu,Me Turaga Vinaka,ko ira na i liuliu,Me ra Liutaki na Tamata e na Veika Vinaka me oti kina na i Tovo Ca....kena gaunisala duadua me mana kina na tiki ni Sere Ni Vanua oqo me da Rerevaka Na Kalou...i liuliu kece kei keda na lewei Viti.....Da Masu Ka Lolo....e ra na qai caqera ga mai na LEQA....May God Bless Fiji,Forever More

Anonymous said...

I know AG's cousin brother here in Sydney, he has nothing good to say about him. Too late now Fiji People, the country and the rest of the world has seen too many Coup's. I am sorry to say but Fiji will always be a basket case. Until you Fijian's and Indian's unite, your country will never move forward. Too many Ratu's enjoying high posts in companies with little value. I feel sorry for the poor people, who can’t afford simple meals, as the Ratu's in charge of the country have devalued the dollar. What a stupid effort to boast tourism, you guys need to wake up and smell the filth that’s floating around you.

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