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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CHOGM told worst abuses of workers' rights in Fiji and Swaziland

FLAGGING INJUSTICE AT HOME: Fiji's Australian community.

Commonwealth Trade Union Group calls on CHOGM to ask the UN to stop using Fijian soldiers as peace keepers around the world and to condemn the regime's Essential Industries Decree
The Australian Council of Trade Union says more than a quarter of countries represented at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth this week have failed to allow basic industrial rights for workers.
ACTU President Ged Kearney (right) says a survey by the Commonwealth Trade Union Group shows workers’ rights are being ignored across the Commonwealth, with the worst abuses occurring in Fiji and Swaziland.

The CTUG, representing over 30 million workers in 30 countries, is calling on the CHOGM to suspend Swaziland for wholesale violations of democratic rights and to ask the United Nations to stop using Fijian soldiers as peace keepers around the world, as well as condemn the already suspended Fijian military dictatorship's Essential Industries Decree.

Ms Kearney: “Workers’ rights are human rights. Without them, people cannot defend their economic and political freedoms. They are as central to democratic societies as they are to free trade unionism.

"The Commonwealth prides itself as a organisation that supports democracy and human rights, but this survey shows many countries are falling short, with 14 countries having failed to ratify at least one of the eight core ILO conventions.

“In the Pacific region, Fiji’s unelected dictatorship is imposing draconian restrictions on workers’ rights and trying to remove unions from workplaces. It is becoming increasingly unsafe for workers in Fiji to stand up for their rights, and we need more international pressure to stop further erosion of constitutional rights in Fiji.”

Ms Kearney says other Commonwealth countries have also failed to protect workers’ rights.

“India has not ratified the child labour conventions or the conventions on freedom of association and collective bargaining. Shockingly Australia, New Zealand and Canada have not ratified one of the two conventions on child labour.

“In Malaysia the Government is seeking to take away workers’ rights to unionise by classing more workers as self-employed or contractors. In other countries, such as Malawi and Zimbabwe, union officials are subject to persecution and violence by government.”

Simone McGurk, Secretary of the West Australian peak trade union organisation, UnionsWA, says CHOGM leaders need to listen to the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group if the Commonwealth is to survive.

“It’s timely that CHOGM’s own advisors are saying that they need to address human rights if the Commonwealth is going to retain its relevancy. Trade union rights are central to a vibrant and active society. We call on the Commonwealth to ensure that workers are properly represented in all member countries."

Notable cases of abuse of unions and workers rights:
*Fiji Trades Union Congress Daniel Urai, arrested in August for holding a so-called illegal meeting with union members in the only current member state of the Commonwealth suspended because of the military dictatorship, part of an increasing pattern of repression including a new Essential Industries Decree which bans strikes and collective bargaining in the energy, media, finance and airline industries

*Mduduzi Gina, General Secretary of the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions, where trade unionists and political opponents of the last feudal monarchy in Africa are regularly arrested, beaten and prevented from demonstrating - including union member Sipho Jele, who died in suspicious circumstances in police custody

*Abdul Halim bin Mansor, Secretary General, Malaysian Trade Union Congress, where trade unions are facing a new law to take away workers' rights by disguising employment relationships as self-employment and sub-contracting

*Ms Vimbai Zinyama, Parliamentary Officer, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions. Zimbabwe, which left the Commonwealth after it was suspended, where trade unionists continue to be harassed by pro-Mugabe forces

*And Chinguwo Paliani, Malawi Trades Union Congress Research officer where demonstrators including trade unionists were violently attacked recently by the security services.

ACTU: widespread abuse of workers' rights


NS=ASK+JVB said...

What is CHOGM and the UNO waiting for? What principles and values are they upholding? Are they waiting for Fiji Citizens take the law into their own hands leading to many deaths?

If they cannot do anything, thewn someone make arrangements to supply the people with firearms so we can fight our civil wars and battles on a more or less playing field?

We are peace loving people and that is why Fiji is known as "the way the world should be". We are still peace loving but we can fight our own battles when the time comes. CHOGM and UNO - we do not want this time to come...please act now to bring this illegal government to heel. remove it at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

how can they go and to the un for peace keeping when they cant keep the peace in there country please send them back

Anonymous said...

What an indictment Fiji on par with Swaziland a country almost destroyed by the HIV epidemic. The infection rate is unprecedented and the highest in the world at 26.1% of adults[5] and over 50% of adults in their 20s.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, it is worse in China, Bangladesh, Vietnem and Pakistan
These Guys have no balls to stand up and tell China as China doesn't give a shit
Fiji is a small nation so they try and bully us. Buzz off guys, we dont give a shit about your bull reports
or the greedy moron Fiji unionists

Anonymous said...

Sotia ni solisona should be now called sotia ra veivutusona.

Anonymous said...

FIJI is going to be the same level as the rats in the sewer......if we dont stop the downward spiral now!!

Thank you Ms Kearney for highlighting the problems of workers in FIJI to the world arena.

Anonymous said...

Funny they want to show how bad the Unions are getting treated in Fiji but on conducting a survey-reports told a totally diffrent story! It even happens in the back alley sweat shops in Aussieland people-people getting shit money!

Total Junta Boycott said...

It is time for a total boycott of anything associated with the junta. Air Pathetic is in bed with the criminal junta. Spread the word to boycott it. As an australian taxpayer I will never fly it again while bainimarama is alive and pleiger the junta supporter is CEO. All apparel made in Fiji must also be boycotted. No more peacekeeping for Fiji military cowards.
This junta must be destroyed. The only good dictatoe is a dead one. Congratulations to all who totally humiliated the pig dictator gaddafi - excellent death for a dog!!!

Anonymous said...

international sanction on fiji needed.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is an International embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

fiji sun story
bainimarama official newspaper

Only paid tribute to saudia crown prince

We still waiting for is tribute to gaddafi....

nanuma tiko ka me tiko ena nomu vakasama na vanua e muria o gaddafi ona muria voreqe na vuaka

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has paid tribute to Saudi Arabia crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud.
Yesterday, Commodore Bainimarama sent a message of condolence to the King of Saudi Arabia.

The message sent to His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, The Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, Office of His Majesty the King, Royal Court, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came about after Prince Sultan died of colon cancer.

He died in New York last Saturday and was flown back to Riyadh on Monday.

In his message, Commodore Bainimarama said; “On behalf of all Fijians, I extend deepest sympathies to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, who mourns the loss of his brother, and deepest condolences to the Saudi people on the passing of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al-Saud.

“May he rest in peace, and may the people of Saudi Arabia continue to prosper in the years to come.”

Prince Sultan was the seventh of the 36 sons of King Abdul-Aziz bin Saud, who united and founded Saudi Arabia in 1932.


ARROGANCE AND CORRUPTION - cause the fall of they who deem themselves immortal, untouchable and messianic.

Anonymous said...

Good. Kick the fijian soldiers out of the UN. Bloody women-bashers coward bullies. Bullying their own people. No school morons.

sara'ssista said...

firstly who the hell is bainmarama to speak on behalf of ALL fijians...who elected him, what madate does he have? and secondly of China, Bangladesh, Vietnem and Pakistan only two are in the commonwealth and of the two that are , there is at least reporting of abuses, unlike fiji where anyhting like that is a no go reporting area. Sri lanka, 'where we get of judicary from here in fiji' ,have been tackled by heaps of countries about their human rights issues and war crimes.

Go! Fiji! Go! said...

Guys, if the Queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth can give a blind eye to what is going on in Fiji and President Obama has given his thumbs up for the present Fiji administration,who the hell in this whole wide world will ever try to do anything to Fiji or against this path Fiji is heading.To all critics near and far,just shut up and do something worthwhile to move the country forward.Just look back and see that Fiji will never bow to any of these so called powerful countries including Australia and New Zealand who are now just mere pussies trying to hide behind their tails and being laughing stocks after what the PM did to their commissioners.Go! Fiji! Go!

Anonymous said...

Fijian soldiers in the UN should be send home to fight for the freedom of their own people!!!

Taukei 5. said...

Go! Fiji Go! Is obviously unaware -has no connection - or simply just doesn't care - that this regime kills people?

Anonymous said...

@ Go Fiji Go...Queen is not turning a blind eye they watching your every move. Before you know it, you guys will be in the sewer pipes just like Gadaffi....

Too much arrogance, bokola!!

Anonymous said...

@Go Fiji Go. You are not bowing down to NZ or Aust but you are bending over to China who are ratfarking you.And the funniest bit is , you don't even know it. Hahahahaha.Hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Then why waste your time in here Go Fiji Go? You wouldn't be here if you were not worried eh? Acha...

Kai Viti Dina said...

I agree with Go Fiji Go,There is nothing much one can do but to just follow the flow in the best positive way.I would rather,Bainimarama pay himself millions for all his done for HIS country(which he will never do) in such a short time than allow Qarase/Mara and their cronies to pile up their individual coffers with their millions getting them in investments, properties, businesses,you name them.Look at Laqere bridge,Naqali,Suva/Nausori corridor,main kings road to Wainibuka,to QVS,developments in VanuaLevu and the islands; in such a short time and you guys choose to ignore what the simple eye can see or you maybe from planet Mars. Na sala eda sa lako tiko kina qo ena sega nio ni na veisautaka rawa se o tamamu se o lai kauti tukamu kei bumu mai nai bulubulu. Na Qai ena Qai ga!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr President for extending PER. Maybe we should put all citizens on house arrest to really stop anyone from plotting anything nasty against the illegal regime. Hehehe!

Vanua. said...

@ Kai Viti Dina.

Obviously grew up in Fiji & not Viti - confusing Taukei with Indians? Suggest you & any likeminded friends take a trip to Vanuambalavu & there you can all gaze in wonder upon Ratu Mara's Mara's sprawling luxurious ocean front villa paid for by the millions you claim he looted?
There are no overseas property portfolios or vast hidden bank accounts within the Turaga Taukei ni Qele - something others cannot claim - so shut up.

mark manning said...

@ KVD 743 a.m.
@ what cost to the next generation my friend ?
As John Howard once said of Government Expenditure in Australia, " the Government is willing to spend your taxes, on whatever you want us to " !

The reality is, any Government can spend the Communities Taxes by building this and providing that Service, but only a responsible Government can " manage " the Economy effectively so that the necessary Services and Infrastructure is provided, with the Taxes available, while managing the Economy without borrowing from unaccountable sources.

Any clown can borrow money from a questionable source at a questionable interest rate to build sub-standard Bridges, built by inferior workmanship from China and buy fancy Planes which will Service a depleting Tourism Sector, but it takes sound Economics to build those same Bridges and Infrastructure, while training and Employing local Tradesmen and Apprentices etc. and providing ongoing training and supplying a never ending source of income for those Tradesmen etc. and Apprentices.

Sadly, it's just another case of the shiny beads again ! And the Village idiot appears to have fallen for it yet again, hook, line and sinker.

Nothings changed, it seems :-