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Friday, October 21, 2011

Death of Dictator Gaddafi Conjures Similar Images for Dictator Bainimarama

Gaddafi burns as Libyans celebrate
Very early today, as I watched the various TV coverage of the capture and killing of hated Libyan dictator, Moammar Gaddafi, excitement surged through my body thinking how the people of my beloved country, Fiji, would feel when their equally hated Dictator, Bainimarama, gets to be toppled or meets a similar fate.

One thing I know for sure, there will be rapturous celebration and relief in Fiji because Bainimarama and his illegal regime have brought nothing but hardship and misery to the people of Fiji.
By Sai Lealea

Beautiful Fiji tainted by the illegal Bainimarama regime
For a country once touted as the premier South Pacific destination given its strategic location on the crossroad of trade and aviation routes, it has become the pariah state of the Pacific and pushed to the periphery by its neighbours. The illegal government that is currently in power has lost all moral credibility and limps along at the behest of a hated military, once a revered institution by Fijians and others abroad. 

I thought to myself, surely life and prospects in Fiji must be bad enough now to cause people there to actively push for the removal of the current illegal regime. Yet various attempts to organise marches have only fizzled out, lacking support, as people either fear retaliation or just didn't bother, preferring instead to just put up with life under the current regime.

Defiance against Dictator Bainimarama
But lately the Viti Revolution Force (VRF) began a campaign of defiance writing graffiti on walls and bus stops against key regime figures. These acts have proved very encouraging for those of us wanting to see constant pressure and defiance directed at the regime. Symbolically it shows there really are opposition groups willing to stand up to the regime and thereby providing hope to those unable to for whatever reasons and justification.

All these scenarios and emotions over Fiji's situation were whirling away inside of me while glued to the TV as Gadaffi's bloody corpse was hauled over the bonnet of a pickup truck after being dragged from a concrete culvert. Imagining a similar fate for the Dictator Bainimarama in Fiji, I sent celebratory text messages to friends and colleagues making the comparison.

However, I was then brought back to reality when I received a reply from a fellow pro-democracy advocate saying that for a similar result in Libya to happen in Fiji, people there must march and show defiance against the illegal regime that has been terrorising them since 05 December 2006. Libyans have suffered for 42 years and they have finally decided they can't tolerate things any more. 

The question for Fiji is "Do we wait till then? But if life under the illegal regime in just 5 years is to go by, surely we can't afford to wait even a year longer. The fact is; 42 years for Libya cannot and is not the same for Fiji. The tolerance level of Libyans for repression has been shaped over thousands of years spanning various era of civilization. On the other hand, Fiji, with its size and population, cannot be expected to stomach the repeated bouts of repression brought by the numerous coups it has suffered in a quarter of a century. So what will it take to unleash the internalised feelings of hatred and disdain felt by Fijians towards the illegal regime of Bainimarama?

Death or Alive Reward for Gaddafi - One for Bainimarama Soon
For Fijians to stand up against the brutal and repressive regime of Bainimarama, the following need to be in place:
  • a climate of chaos and crisis;
  • opposition forces given access to arms;
  • allied nations need to provide support as soon as requested;
  • short, sharp, quick and surgical strike against the regime executed from within;
  • price placed on the heads of the leaders of the illegal regime plus
  • a "dead or alive" order placed on other key regime figures.

Fijians on the ground in Fiji need to make the first move to oust Bainimarama. But before they do, they need to know allies in the Pacific Islands Forum, Commonwealth and UN will be there to support their efforts. 

Fijian military action to topple Bainimarama
Military action is now an option to topple the embedded regime of Bainimarama because he has now placed a total stranglehold on the military, police and the bureaucracy. The full apparatus of the State are now arrayed against any attempt to topple the regime in Fiji. Fiji is now a Police State, no different to the days of the Communist East Germany, thanks a great deal to the influence of the Chinese in propping up the regime through soft loans, IT surveillance advice and, no doubt, military assistance undetected by outsiders.

As the TV coverage of Gadaffi's capture and death dies down, my initial surge of excitement and euphoria in hoping the same for Fiji, tittered on the brink. Deep inside of me, I felt a voice urging me on the quest to secure the same outcome for Fiji. Yet the feeling of subdue tickles as I reflected on failed attempts at defiance. But this micro pause moment was rudely interrupted when the TV again played and replayed images of Libyans pouring on to the streets in jubilant celebration as if a monumental burden has been cast aside. You can see and feel it in their eyes as they cry out as if for the first time in 42 years, a demonic curse has been extracted from their being. 

Suva - ready to party when Dictator Bainimarama falls
I pictured the streets of Suva similarly packed with Fijians in celebration from the Bus Stand right up to Albert Park. I then can see the limp and bloody corpse of Bainimarama and Khaiyum laid forth on a stage in Albert Park where people came past and uttered words reflecting their innermost feelings of disdain towards the two. My eyes closed, I can't help uttering my share of explicit sentiments at the two as if it was really happening! Then and then, I know I must persevere in the cause. 

The feeling of satisfaction, relief and accomplishment that I felt a few moments ago surely must be the same or very much nearly the same, as that felt by Libyans celebrating the death of their hated Dictator. If it takes the death of a dictator to enjoy such a moment in history, I most certainly would like to be part of it in my beloved country of Fiji.


Anonymous said...

OK Let's do it, can someone supply me with some firearms?We need these arms to fire back at these lamusona sotia!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, bruddah. Limp and bloody corpses. In your dreams.

Devious Aunty Bano said...

I am anxious to know what is happening with Mac Patel’s judgement. Isn’t this well overdue or is the verdict not liked by the regime.

Everyone knows Mac is not guilty. Come on wake up judiciary!!! - It’s almost 2 months now and no judgement given.

Mind boggles!!

EYE FOR EYE said...

Gaddafi killed, what a same to his family, friends,colleagues, Banimarama your turn next, no dictators runs forever. you better start counting down now, history of dictators they die a very horrible death, like gaddafi, you better think very carefully and do what is right,to save family if you love them, if you don't want to go down the same way as Gaddafi. You can not rule with iron fist, it will come back and bite you and your family, money your greedy about or power hungary is not everything. it will only bring destruction to you and your family, its time for you to do some series thinking to save your family, Just giving you a warning that your days are numbered like Gaddafi. EYE FOR EYE

Anonymous said...

Fact 1. T-Mobile phone does not work in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

It was started by the iTaukei (ie coups) for anything to happen it will have to be the iTaukei to make the move? The question is do those iTaukeis who are living in Fiji willing to take Frank out or are they happy with his style of Leadership??? Whilst we can attempt to drive home the message about the middle eastern leaders-theirs is a totally different kettle of fish-they were supressed from day 1 ie during Colonial rule, segregated & even had their lands split so that new counties like Kuwait could come into existence for the benefit of the Colonial rulers! Now the world leaders rejoice in the killing of Gaddafi pity they didn't open their mouths earlier-who benefitted form Gaddafis rule-simple question to answer-the Colonial Masters including those that gave him recognition.


All dictators of the world are show offs and cheeky barstards they promote themselfs on billboards, ect, thinking they are hero's or great, they want people adore and worship them as kings or gods,in fact they are all dumm bastards.The same thing banimarama is doing, thinking he is great or hero,sorry voreqe you have done alot bad things to nations and to chiefs of fiji the list goes on, when all this things will expodes you will be going down like Gaddafi, already the billboard with photo on has been graffited next time it will be on fire. I know you have watched tv and see what happen to gaddafi,I'm sure you must be worried after seeing what happen to him. You must think that's what will happen me too. Who eles will suffer your family,Well Bainimara be ready for that when your turn comes.because when tide turns it only run one way. YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

Proud fijian said...

Sai did you wish the same on Rabuka and George Speight I guess not.

mark manning said...

It took one man in to spark the Middle East Revolt :-

Rest in Peace, Mohamed Bouazizi and God Bless your Family.

Fijians are of a different Ilk however and it may take a little longer.

Anonymous said...

If you take a few moments to ponder - what is there about the way things are done in Fiji that has led to 25 years of coups and power-hunger by some?

Frank and 'friends' are simply like annual weeds - easy to pull out, with a bit of steady work.

The underlying problems, however, are more like persistent weeds - the kudzu grass and japanese knotweed. If you simply pull the annual weeds - the silent and persistent ones will ruin your garden and prosperity for many years ahead until successfully eradicated.

Shall it be short term satisfaction? Or long term gain?

Anonymous said...

Sorry 4.5. Normally love you guys but this is too much. You want Libyan style blood and guts in Fiji? Go and live in Libya. This made me sick.

mark manning said...


Could this become the new Fiji ?

Anonymous said...

We should all read this at least twice.
Perhaps C4.5 should not publish anything else for a week.
Summs up everything really, not much else to say.
-Sydney Tourist

No Retreat said...

The big rat is now dead.

The 5 year old Fiji rat should learn from the big rat.Dont mess with the leadership of the country and making his personal belongings covered in gold....it wont help even if you take cover in a hole.

Anonymous said...

Muammar Baini-Gaddafi Marama you will be next.... Your days are numbered. Same fate that happened to Gaddafi will happen to you... Kaisi Bokola, Kawaca, Kawa ni Tevoro... Mate yani

sara'ssista said...

What's the bet that frank and aiyaz still don't see it coming either!

Anonymous said...

keep it up vrf......

Anonymous said...

There is nothing whatsoever in the local daily state controlled newspaper the Fiji Sun, the state operated Fiji Live and Fiji Village websites on the death of GADDAFI.......are they actually scared??

Anonymous said...

Interesting that none of the local papers are printing anything on Gaddafi. FB and ASK what are you afraid of?

Anonymous said...

all the fiji media waiting for the appointment of maruwana dealer percy kean to be appointed as ps information before gaddafi story is printed

bau vinaka o gaddafi e bau laurai ni taura na dakai ka bau vala toka... ka yacova na mate...

o gaddafi bainimarama ni tamata lamusona e na lai vakacucu tu i valenivo..ka biuta ruarua tu na ligana ena nona soresore

42 Years said...

There are three important lessons here:

1. Gaddafi's convoy was first attacked by French aircraft operating under a UN mandate, then dragged out of the drain pipe.

2. The Chinese, once strong supporters of Gaddafi pulled back rather quickly when it became clear that he was a loser

3. The entire process, however, took 42 years.

Anonymous said...

This is what is going to happen to the Fijian Dictator and his family? If the Fijian People grow some balls and rise up against the Corrupt, Immoral Illegal Regime.

Anonymous said...

all world leaders are commenting on colonel gaddafi's death.

we waiting for bainimarama's comment.

mark manning said...

Frank, Aiyaz and the Shameem sisters spotted out on the town in New York, syriously :-

WToloi said...

Bainimarama and the lot....be afraid...BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Anonymous said...

Mark manning, you post shit links!

Gotta love your condescending descriptions of the Fijian people though. You seem to be an expert on the Fijian psyche!

Anonymous said...

History, as has been the norm, will ONE day repeat itself in Fiji.
The justified demise of dictators and murderers like Hitler, Mussolini, Cheng Kai Shek, Mubarak, Bin Laden and now Qaddafi is tangible proof that those who live by the gun will surely one day die by the gun!! They will NEVER ever die a natural death - they will die like rats in a sewer. They will die a very, very painful death!!
So, like it has been said 'Beware the Ides of March".
You too Voreqe AND your followers will go the sane way - I guarantee that !!!!

Sa Malo said...

I think we're getting carried away here by sensationalizing the comparison of two very different countries and events, whose cultures and racial diversity are in no way the same nor identical in any way.
The late dictator of Libya, Muamar Gaddafi, took, power under very different circumstances as compared to Bainimarama.
I would therefore like to ask that before commenting on this issue, we should do a little research in order that that our comments are informative and constructive.

Disgusted said...

My thanks to Sai for having the guts to say he'd like to see Bainimarama get what Gaddafi did. Sai is the only one being honest here. Those of us trying to be 'considerate' of Frank and co, who don't want to lower ourselves to their level hahahaha we are so full of crap. Do you see Frank and his lot playing nice and fair? Do you think they're saying to themselves we can't do that it's wrong. Hahahha. And talking of violence, have we forgotten they've already killed to get to where they are and will do so again to stay where they are? And have we forgotten that we're living in acountry where we especially the media and unions/workers have no say yet the mates of Khaiyum are allowed to write their own laws? They must be laughing their heads off and thinking they'll never come after us cos they 2 busy playing by the rules.

mark manning said...

@ anon 256 p.m.
I can't quite master the Fijian Psyche !
The Indian Psyche does seem to be easier to define however, as does that of Extremists like Aiyaz and the Shameem sisters.
As for being condescending, well that's to challenge and shake people out of their comfort zones.
Let's put it this way, while some of you are attacking me, your leaving others alone.

Fark Fanning said...

I wonder whats the state of play with the aborogines, the indegenous people of Australia.

Any chance of them becoming prime minister in their own country ????

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, you're doing ok and keep it coming! Fijian Psyche? Well
like everything else, its always changing like all other races.But one thing is for sure, that is we'll never shoot the dick-tator in
the head-like the libyan had done,
that was too graphic, we'll never burnt their pictures?But one thing
i know might happen for sure is..we
might deport him from paradise? Yes, we've done it before and our history(Tukuni) will verify this that our ancestors have done this before...the Drua (twins)from Nakauvadra... comes to mind??? Yep, we may be laidback and all that crap, but we do have our traditional law or common laws that governs our...psyche?????

Anonymous said...

Front page Fiji Times (Saturday Oct. 22) says in big bold letters, "GADDAFI SHOT DEAD" and covers the story on page 1, 42, 43 and 44.

The Fiji military government newspaper, FIJI SUN, makes no report at all of Gaddafi's death.

While all newspapers in the world see the fall of dictator Gaddafi as front page news, only one in the world, the FIJI SUN, does not.


Anonymous said...

Hey no such thing as Fijian anymore, just "i-Taukei",... What does a i-Taukei use? An i-Phone!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka OB, good piece.

Anonymous said...

At last the IG's media controlled news outlet FBCL has aired a piece on Gaddafi's demise but in the strangely odd nature of trying to ask why he was killed under the news heading;

'Gaddafi death transparency urged'

The IG now desperately tries to defend their position by trying to shed light on why it is necesaary to kill a Dictator......are they fearing the same fate in the path they are following now?????

Anonymous said...

Like Mussolini, Pol Pot, Ceaucescu and Saddam before him, the world now knows that Gaddafi is dead. Soon people of Fiji will be making world news!

Anonymous said...

Hitler died in a bunker hole, saddam died in sewer hole, gaddafi died in the sewer hole. Can we see the pattern here Frank?

Anonymous said...

We in Fiji are happy with how we are being led. There is not much promises like previous govts who just talk too much and no actions. Live us alone and if you do not support our current regime, tough. This govt is giving us what we need a not what we want, there are no more band aid solutions but long term investments and support for the country, its needs and its people.

Anonymous said...

Since you Fijian soldiers don't seem to know what to do to stop this mess with Bainimarama, let me tell you how to do it.

First of all understand that Bainimarama will kill any Fijian soldier if he has to. He has no qualms about that. It doesn't matter whether you are his friend or his close relative, he will execute you.

The next thing you must do is to KIDNAP him (Bai) and THEN MAKE DEMANDS.

As soon as you capture Bai, someone will takeover from the otherside, so you make your demands known to him ( whether through Loudspeaker or phone or runner whatever)
Your ultimate goal is for the loyal soldiers to take over and for all Bainimarama sympathisers including his bodyguards be locked up( otherwise they might do some dirty tricks on you . So lock them all up and put 24 hour guard.)
Please work this all out before executing your move.

When you kidnap Bai , First thing you do is Cut off one of his fingers and send it to the people you are negotiating with.So that they know you are not bluffing.
Tell them if any one comes within 100 meters the next thing they'll receieve is Bai's balls.
(bring Dr Waqa to be on standby with you to stop any bleeding)
You tell them if anyone comes within 50 meters you'll shoot Bai in the head(he will do the same to you. All dictators are like that. Ruthless).
Your main aim is for your friends to takeover the military command at Delainabua.

Please think about it carefully before executing this plan.
(Don't kidnap him overseas, just kidnap him in Fiji. In overseas they will just kill you. No questions asked.

-Valataka na Dina.

mark manning said...

@ Fark Fanning 1002 p.m.
One of my favourite politicians and Human Beings :-

This guy reminds me of the thief on the cross who came to Jesus defence when he proclaimed that this man has done no wrong and was told by Jesus, " today you will sit at my right side " :-

Well may you ask if it's possible that one day in Australia where " The People " decide if we will have an Aborigine as Prime Minister, because in Fiji, " The People " have no say in who represent them.

Stan said...

@Anonymous 9.16am

Asking someone else to do the dirty work for you. If you have figured it all out them why don't you do it?

NS=ASK+JVB said...

First Sai Lealea is more proud a I Taukei than sly hideous sneaky 'proud fijian'...whoever he/she is but I am sure he/she is not a I Taukei...Yes, Sai Lealea uses his real name. I really do not know what proud fijian is proud of...May I ask him/her to use his/her real name so it can be put in the Master List of Fiji Coup & Terrorist Supporters.

Yes all dictators either die a horrible death, get hanged, get lynched to death, get stoned to death, etc. or if lucky get a life sentence without parole.

None has escaped and history tells us about Hitler, Mussolini, Cheng Kai Shek,Ceaucescu, Pol Pot, Mubarak, Bin Laden and now Qaddafi. In the Arabian / Muslim world, others are to follow soon...the rest of the world will take up the cue so is small Fiji in the Pacific.

The common people in the Muslim world are able to rise with access to firearms, etc. and this is where JVB and his cohorts have been lucky in Fiji. The people in Fiji do not have firearms but who nows what are happening behind the scene - accumulating firearms, traditional arms, etc.

This is the way to go and I pray some supportive rich individuals overseas make contact and supply us firearms. The people particularly the I taukei are ready to die on a level battle field...yes, nowwwwwwwww!

Talking about deporting despot JVB and cohorts from paradise, what paradise or is it 'paradise lost' (through lowly schooled foolish military coups plotters)?.

Someone is now talking about traditional law...if you do not know about something , do not mention it. Do not talk about the Drua (Cirinakaumoli and Nakausabaria) from Nakauvadra being deported! They were not deported...they left for overseas to facilitate peace in the community. Your contributions are all craps.

When the time comes, I would reallly like to be the one to confront all the Khaiyums, all the Shameems, Nur Bano Ali and the Taliban connections.

Let us be frank about our feelings now...give us firearms nowwwwwwww!

Fark Fanning said...

Didnt Qarase ask John Howard to send the Australian Army to Fiji to save his tottering leadership ?

Aussie soldiers vs Fijian soldiers.

We dont want that, do we ?

We dont want murders, assassinations etc, do we ?

Fark Fanning said...

Didnt Qarase ask John Howard to send the Australian Army to Fiji to save his tottering leadership ?

Aussie soldiers vs Fijian soldiers.

We dont want that, do we ?

We dont want murders, assassinations etc, do we ?

Turukawa said...

If they release news of Gaddafi's execution, there's a risk of awareness and even inspiration.

If they don't, then the populace gets the impression that they are identifying with the Gaddafi dictatorship (weren't they even denying this was a coup in '06?.

If it weren't so serious, this predicament might actually be laughable!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why do we pray for our beloved Fiji. Why do our parents sent us to church. When our hearts are filled with so much anger and and hatered. Iam not a very big fan of Frank. but the question we should ask ourself is: is this the way that will solve our problem. we should stop this bickring and diging up peoples past and rubbish. What do we achive out of it. Please people the word of the Lord says. Love is the key... Please lets love each other unconditionaly and let the Lord have his way and let the truth prevail. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Extremist Bainimarama, Aias, Shameem sisters....your days are numbered....but must follow chronological order.

So Rabuka the first rebel...Taukei Movement the 2nd, Methodist Church 3rd, George Speight group 4th, ...and how come you did not kill all CRW Rebels....and they did not all go down as Gadafi!!!!

Anonymous said...

For those of you that are worried about blood and gore, well too bad. When people have had enough of this viavia levu ulukau dictator, no one can predict what will happen. Gaddafi ended up hiding in a drain. Yaco i vei na va tera tera. Qai tini ga na da!!!!! Yes something similar or worse will happen to that idiot wannbe PM Bainimarama. Dictators are ususally too thick, greedy and power hungry to realise that they are hurting the very people they propose to defend. They will deserve all the anger of the people when it comes, in whatever way the people dish it out.

Anonymous said...

The taukie revolution in viti has began see how they charge for sedition to try and stop the overthrown of the junta and its dictator a gang of dozen crook thugs.

the people are 800000 who will march and arrest the junta and drag the ditactor in the cassva patch and arrest by people power.

the people have real power time is near.

Anonymous said...

long live the king Voreqe Bainimarama

up to us said...

fiji has the government it deserves if it wants better people have to act

Democrat said...

The big loser is the economy / investment and by extension the people.

Anonymous said...

No one can and will stop bainimarama because fijians are a bunch of idiots,lamulamu, vucesa, veidabui and macawa.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.43am, you meant queen Bainivuaka? Dumbasses like you need to be disciplined and educated. You must be a school drop out, a wannabe soldier (boy scout) and probably in love with Aiyarsehole Khaiyum. Gay boy.

Anonymous said...

So true @ Anon 9.33.

The ones that care about Fiji speak out loudly and bravely.

It's da "liumuri=lamusona=varokoroko vakanace=kalavos that hide in da vanua's shadows.... waiting for others to get rid of the regime.....they will not dirty their "tainted" hands on da whole 9 yards of ridding a despotic regime.

BUT once regime is no more, they crawl out of their stinky bubbles to claim leadership. Refer vanua the sneaky hypocrite.

Vanua. said...

@Anon 12:50.

Got problems with postings - suggest address them yourself?

Navosavakadua said...

This is a real example of dictator syndrome.

As part of the media avalanche following the Gaddafi downfall, SBS Dateline aired some old footage of George Negus interviewing Gaddafi.

Negus asked Gaddafi what wanted to be written on his tombstone. The cowed interpreter translated this as what Gaddafi wanted to be said about him? Gaddafi said I heard something else. Interpreter: what do you want said about you in 100 years time.

Gaddafi said "no I heard something else". The interpreter admitted that he didn't want to say what was said.

It's obvious that Gaddafi's tombstone has been on a lot of minds in Libya for sometime.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.33am and Anon @ 12.50pm

You both describe yourselves and your families very well. Its in your genes. The 2 of you are cae of "It

takes one to know one"

Go to the village go plant your grandparents tapioka. You losers

mark manning said...

@ Navosavakadua 440 p.m.
I saw that same interview and the interpreter naturally was in fear of insulting Gadaffi, while George didn't mean it in a threatening manner.
George was simply asking, basically, what would your epitaph be, what will be your legacy.
George asked this because Gadaffi had insisted that he had changed now and the the people were the ?government, not himself.

Anonymous said...

lolz @ 6.41 & banua da scared sneaky hypocrites - da beneficiaries 2? pliz remove those pudgy fingers out of the cookie jar and go plant some uto. HAH.....

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show how unconcerned most of you mob are for our well-being and safety in Fiji. Resorting to violence and bloodshed is not the way we want to go regardless of the circumstances and by the way our situation is a far cry away from the mess in the Middle-East.
Some of you are hell bent on creating chaos in Fiji for the sake of your own agendas. Happy Diwali

Anonymous said...


Paranoia is hitting the junta and coup sapotas at all time high with the latest demise of another tyrant - Gadaffi.

As much as we've all been preaching non-violent responses - these tactics cannot even get off the ground with our basic rights been trodden and trampled upon by Bainivuaka, Naivalurua, Aiass and cronies - refer to their shield - the infinite PER, muzzled media and torture or jail-term for exercising freedom of speech against the regime!

So you see, PARANOID BENEFICIARIES of BaiAiz regime - those bloody photos of Gadaffi shows that at in the final analysis, that is how RUTHLESS KILLERS will be dealt with by their own people who have long been oppressed for decades.

Enjoy the taste of that bitter lemon... lols

Anonymous said...

sai - too much talk no action equals lam shon