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Monday, October 31, 2011

Detained Fiji unionist to be charged amid claims of links to VRF

Brown: Focusing on prominent people
Speculation is growing about who else Fiji police are going after following confirmation by the chief operations officer, Henry Brown, that trade unionist Daniel Urai is in custody and about to be charged.

Urai was picked on Saturday in Nadi after arriving back in the country from Australia where he had been at the Commonwealth Trade Union Group meeting in Perth.

Fiji Police have confirmed this afternoon that Urai is in custody being "questioned on various issues relating to ongoing criminal investigations" and will be charged, but did not elaborate on the nature of the charge or charges.

In a statement, they say they expect to question other "persons of interest to their investigations."

Information relayed to Coupfourpointfive suggests Fiji police are trying to link Urai to the graffiti campaign by the Viti Revolutionary Forces (VRF) in recent months.

The underground campaign by VRF targeted billboards of Frank Bainimarama, bus stops and other public places with messages denouncing the illegal prime minister as a liar and a murderer. A police bure was also burnt down.

Brown hinted last week that police were seeking other people in connection to the arrest of five men already in custody and charged with writing seditious comments.
He revealed the police's intention after the re-arrest of two of the men after they had been bailed, Jagath Karunaratne and Mosese Bulitavu, saying police were broadening their investigation and had other people, particularly well-known public figures, in their sights.

Brown also claimed the police had “strong evidence” of an attempt to burn down the city of Suva. 

He said: “Police have recovered evidence including homemade bombs (Molotov cocktail) linked to the investigation. Police are expected to bring in other prominent people linked to the investigations.”  (see Coupfourpointfive Monday october: Senior officers reveal Fiji police chief's salary and monies)

Kuranaratne and Bulitau were re-arrested by a special unit with the police claiming they now face fresh charges, including conspiracy to treasonous offences and attempts to destabilise the Government.

Other information relayed to Coupfourpointfive today suggests Urai is finally being allowed to see a lawyer and one was making his way to Suva to meet with him.

ITUC condemns arrest of Daniel Urai and the new decree

International interest in the latest Fiji detainment


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

People should learn to speak out and STOP BEING SILENT!! Its affecting everyone, your children, grandchildren and all in the communities. Band together and speak out against these bullying going on....SPEAK YOUR MIND, SA RAUTA MADA NA GALU TIKO!!

God help our People to speak out.......and not to be scared.

Anonymous said...

HOLD IT PEOPLE! This crook Urai,Anthony and Singh and their Union were the coup supporters in the first place. They immediately jump in and grasps some of the major money maker corporations in our country-FNPF comes to mind? Only when they were caught fleecing these coporations and were dealt with military style,and services terminated,that they have no other option but to do what they've done best...manipulate the general public through the media that they are for the people & workers? What a croc!!! We're not stupid and we've got your number and you will also be dragged into courts and charged, along with Bainimarama and Kaihyum and companies!!!

Anonymous said...

That corrupt and lasei tuba Brown should be in and Dan out yha fruit salad.

Anonymous said...

Sa rui sivia ga na rere tiko baleta na dakai sa tiko.Se rere tiko vaka levu na gauna ogo na taukei sa loko ivei na noqu vanua na noqu lotu kei na matanitu. Sa yali kede. Na constitution kece sa sega ni vinaka ena vi liu taki na kaaiindia. Vacava na gauna ogo yadara mai kevaka sa kaiviti dina.
Sogota na ka mai muri dolava na musu ko tiko iliu.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Police are going after almost everyone in Fiji.

Whether what you are doing is good or bad for Fiji they dont care....they snoop around for information......shows FEAR of the Regime have been bestowed upon SB Officers....

All in All, they Fiji Police Force are doing what they can do to maintain a peaceful Fiji in a very complex situation!

Anonymous said...

They speak out at C4.5 but not in public. The problem is we now have another generation coming up learning that oppression is way of life. It will take few generation to correct things in Fiji. Remember Gaddafi ruled for long time because of this. This dictator has learned from other dictators and knows this.

God help people of Fiji

Anti-All Coups said...

@Anonymous 10:21pm

Now, if only you had spoken out on 14 May 1987.

Anonymous said...

The gang of thugs junta are cowards and scared of people power of 800000.

how many people can they charge?

Time for real action and citizen arrest of these dozen thugs and put on trial for corruption.

Anonymous said...

brown is a liar and conman like bai/ag taliban.
brown go arrest bai/ag/cronies for committing treason in 2006 now.
prove the fiji public that fiji police is doing it job within the law. all bs mate.
fiji police /army officers should be a shame of what they doing to the public.
lamusona and ass licking idiots of ag/bai.
sa madua o viti.
fiji people should march and kick this idiots out asap.
come on auss/nz/and usa govt help fiji people get democracy back.
you did that in solomon,tonga.iraq,libya.
we watching and praying for auss/nz/usa to assist fiji people.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

Sedition word is now a joke in fiji.

The real crooks who need to stand trial for sedition are the junta thugs not the people of fiji.

The junta is lamu lamu- these are desparate attack.

Its only a matter of time when the gadaffi of fiji will be found in the cassva patch with sulu high.

Anonymous said...

The coup sympathizers are being arrested now. They are just reaping what they sow. They follow their Leader Chaudhary claiming the coup was legitimate because of their opportunist character after losing a fair election in 2006. Now they are facing the music they once played. A coup cannot be legitimate whether 1987, 2000 or 2006... they are all illegal....

Anonymous said...

@10:34 AM. well, if that is indeed the case, baini, arse, shameem, et al, must all get arrested and "face the music" also.

Anonymous said...

They never learn from the 2000 coup and I was grateful to the RFMF for stopping that standoff in the 2000 Civillian Takeover and for bringing back Law & Order but I am not happy with what they did in 2006 and am waiting for the day that they will enter the courtroom and a life sentence at Naboro.

Ram Sharma said...

Frnkly - I have had enough of all this bullshit.
People of Fiji have no balls.
All they have is this VRF gang just playing with tins of paint doing graffitti.
What a joke - We should have had a revolt but NO all we do is play guli danda !!!!!
Be like libya - have the balls and not this nonsense

AK-47 said...

@2:05 PM. 100% AGREED. I too like most people have had ENOUGH of this garbage. Be Like Libya.... and check out the pictures of the NTC rebels. THEY WERE ALL ARMED TO THE TEETH.

Buy A-47s.

Anonymous said...

Get AK-47s.

Anonymous said...

Isa, how sad, even Brown has also inherited all the lying that is being dished out by these illegal lot - from VB to his Commissioner.
I take that Brown is a Kai Idia but has adopted a christian name. Ke dina, then one day, you too will meet your fate, if not here on earth then in the afterlife!!

Anonymous said...

Brown, Brown, slow down my boy!! Sa rauta mada na masi polo!!
You need "circumstantial and hard evidence" to charge Dan Urai!

Anonymous said...

@Anti-All coups - In 1987 I was still in primary school so now I can speak my mind because I know what is right and wrong.I want my people & my vanua to have the freedom I enjoy over the seas....

Semi Miau said...

Talk talk and more talk, no action. Meantime Vuaka and his gang of thieves are living in luxury and collecting ridiculous pay packets.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Miau - okay do you have any action in mind? If yes, lay down your cards and link to ground level and top level. What are you waiting for?
As for me I will advise 1000 relatives of mine to quit buying tha Fiji Sun...the Illegal Regime's national paper..all they do is print propaganda stuff...era sa oca mai na veiwekani na wilika tiko na CRAP news mai na Illegal Regime...da mai lasutaki...

Anonymous said...

Anon@11.17pm..Stop buying Fiji Sun? Maybe that will make a small difference but the fact remains Vuaka and his gang are still ruling Fiji, still getting good salaries, still appointing his mates to top posts, people living in poverty, etc etc..need I go on? And by the way, how long has this been going on for?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys lets thanks C4.5 for creating this forum for us to vent
and or talk to each others...So THANKS C4.5 YOU DA MAN!!!
As for Brown and the Fiji Police force..thank you so much for trying
your best to uphold the rule of law
in Fiji, despite the Military Government influence? Just keep remembering that at the end of this
run,there will be a day of reckoning,when we the people, will
sit on the side of the law, to questions and pass judgements against those of you, who did not carry out lawful activities during
the illegal take over?