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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fiji regime signs off on another dubious Chinese deal

SIGNING AWAY FIJI'S RIGHTS? Bainimarama dots down.

Another arrival party gets the red carpet treatment
Yet another Chinese company is looking to make its fortune in Fiji.

Gold Century Group (Fiji) Limited plans to inject about F$500 million in a commercial and residential project on 17 acres of land at Raiwai where it intends to build a multi-storey complex to house retail outlets, modern and professional office space, and up-market residential lots.
Bainimarama dotting down again
Gold Century Group's chairman, Shi Yubao, has himself revealed (at the handing over ceremony of the lease in Suva) that the regime fast tracked its application. 

 Yubao says the Frank Bainimarama government 'facilitation' ranged from Investment Fiji allowing it to register, to surveying the land, to approving the survey and building concept and the environmental management plans, all in the space of just 15 weeks.

In a MINFO release, the permanent secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources, Filimone Kau, lauds how hard Bainimarama has worked to attract investors to Fiji, saying the whole project could've easily taken 18-24 months.

“Government agencies are beginning to realize that time is extremely critical in the business world, and they are now taking concrete measures to satisfy the expectations of foreign investors." (see attached statement)
Development and business is welcomed but cynicism continues to grow about the deals between China and Fiji and fears Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum are selling Fiji off as they line their pockets, in kickbacks.

.... And again
Informants say the pair are getting $50 million in cuts from the Gold Century loan alone.

Those in-the-know also insist Bainimarama and Khaiyum have almost $US30 million in offshore accounts, distributed in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Dubai.  Coupfourpointfive is unable to verify these figures at this stage and can only say sources have proven to be right in the past on this sort of information.

Informants have also sounded the alarm about Bainimarama giving Chinese contractors army land to build a shop in Bay View. They claim the Chinese workers who are there are in fact 'Chinese army guys establishing a base in the Pacific under the nose of the dictator.'

"The Chinese vice president has visited twice in two years. This is not a coincidence. He comes to oversee the development of the mini chinese state that is Fiji," says a source.

"The Chinese government knows quite well Fiji is incapable of paying these loans and history shows that China took control of Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan by force. Fiji is its conquest and they have already started setting up a base by pouring in labours and businesses in Fiji."

Intel sources say they have been getting first-hand reports from the Chinese movements and that monitoring of workers has resulted in reports of some of them carrying satellite phones with a Chinese army encryption system.

It's believed as many as 10,000 Chinese nationals are now in Fiji as a result of work facilitated by Bainimarama since 2009.

Chinese investors propose $500m project


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Aiyaz S Kaiyum
You control our Fiji and iTaukei world. You've stolen our elections, destroyed our Constitution, changed our iTaukei Land Laws and NLTB structures, assassinated our Chiefs and Religious leaders, and abolished all our basic rights as human beings with other races. You've poisoned the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted our in-ground assets/resources to foreigners. crops we grow and the food we eat. You forced us to fight in your personal agendas and wars, die for your causes, and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you. You've liquidated our savings, you forced all ages to register so you will taking full control on our TIN numbers and bank accounts by closing our withdrawals or bank accounts at anytime you like as your form of punishment to those speaking against you, destroyed our middle class, and used our tax dollars to bailout your unending greed and drinking spree. We are slaves to your corporations, “Yes-Sir” to your airwaves, servants to your decadence. You own our property, shipped away our jobs, and shredded our unions. You've profited off of disaster, destabilized our currencies, and raised our cost of living. You've monopolized all our freedoms, stripped away our religious and the Vanua’s meeting rights, and have almost extinguished our flame. Our true and real soldiers were our grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers who fought a good fight in WW1 and WW2 to save our life while we in our mother’s womb and construct the Colonial War Memorial Hospital to suffer no more. We are hit... we are crying and suffering in silence with pains. we are bleeding... but one thing to tell you that we aren’t got time to bleed no more. We will bring the giants to their knees and you will witness our revolution! In time like these our Father in Heaven will always hear our prayers and He will lead us not to temptation but deliver us from Evils. We will pray for our Commodore Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, our soldier boys and pray for you too Mr.Aiyaz S. Kaiyum. Please change your paces now before darkness falls and rises against our wishes which maybe beyond anyone’s control. You have manipulated our brother Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama and so are we the indigenous Fijian race and our so called Fijian people of Fiji. Mr. Aiyaz S Kaiyum, we also in the know that you are plotting a major important issues to get rid of your boss and PM Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama with your Islamic with both local and international supports.

The Scarlett Pimpernell.

Anonymous said...

Isa ko Viti na noqu vanua.E ra sa vakatulewa na vulagi.

Semi Meo said...

@UMMMMM. You obviously have some unresolved issues my friend.
You remind me of one of those characters from Fifth Element.
Sounds like you have some Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Go get some counselling please.

TURUKAWA said...

This what happened to fiji WRC camapaign and the effect of this illegal govt and his greedy thugs and cronies is now showing up worldwide..the worst evr butako in fiji history & Fiji rugby dissmissal performance!!

Did the FRU and coaching satff taught them to play Pani or Marbles or what se play top or fly kite??

Wales have made an emphatic statement ahead of the quarter-finals with a 66-0 thrashing over Fiji in their final Rugby World Cup Pool match at Hamilton tonight.

After suffering the indignity of being knocked out by Fijians in 2007 at the same stage of the tournament, Wales put to bed their hoodoo with Pacific Island teams with a nine try demolition
Fiji meanwhile were simply woeful and will head home in the knowledge that this was equal to their worst World Cup performance in 1991 when they only got the one win.

The Fijians got over that early set-up back and built together some nice sets of phases with the old glimmer of that flair they are famous for but they were unable to get any reward on the scoreboard as Nicky Little missed an easy penalty.

Fiji were made to pay for their inability to clear the ball into touch when Lee Byrne sparked the counter attack from the halfway line found that man Roberts before he freed up his centre partner Scott Williams to score a classic try.

Things only got for worse when Lloyd Williams and then Jonathan Davies sliced through as the score and the whole World Cup in fact truly embarrassing for the LIMP Fijians.




Anonymous said...

This 500 million dollar project is a scam.

No public tender.

Massive project price and bribes/kickbacks paid to dictator and illegal AG.

Fiji cant repay loan and will go bankrupt then ceded to china.

mark manning said...

What more has to happen before the RFMF wake up ?

Anonymous said...

Check this out........suppress the Fijians and then promote the racial divide....

Mother tongue 'vital for identity'

Salaseini Vosamana
Sunday, October 02, 2011

THE Hindi language must be a compulsory subject taught in schools.

This was the message from the Labasa Hindi Teachers Association co-ordinator Praveena Nand to more than 300 students at the Hindi Day celebration in Labasa on Friday.

She said most students lacked the knowledge of Hindi language because they were not taught at an early stage.

"A lot of Indian students don't even know how to speak in Hindi because they are not taught at all," Ms Nand said.

Ms Nand said languages reflected our background and identity and people needed to understand its value.

"When we visit places and greet them in our own language people will be eager to know more about us and this is one way of promoting our culture and identity," she said.

Isa ko Viti ni mataka.....

Anonymous said...

China just enetered Tibet and took over its commerce and established a military base there.Now there is 300,000 Chinese soldiers there.And a few torture camps. Since 1959 the Chinese have killed 1.2 million Tibetans who were trying to protest.
Let me just say, you sotia ni solisona will be no match against 300,000 chinese soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Attracting investors should be one of the task of any government. Frank must be commended for this. However, I would love to see the conditions of these investments. What we need to protect is getting Fiji becoming an extension of Chinese economy, and by this I mean - using local labour instead of Chinese labour, using local product instead of using Chinese products for the construction, etc, etc, otherwise it is a useless foreign investment.

Guys Chinese are powerful and shrewd negotiators. Even Australia is now finding out the hard way as while the building industry is booming, the local iron ore factories and cement factories in Australia are closing down as the Chinese investments are using Chinese products in this australian boom.
I would congratulate Frank for the investments but please guard the country against the above.

Turaga ni Boro

Vanua. said...

Regime can sign off on as many deals as they want - none of which will be enforcible under Viti's future rule of law.

Surprised if the legal advisors of PRC don't already know this?

Anonymous said...

Sa baraca....... Army Commander Aziz and PM Aiyaz..... kai Viti bodyguard tiko. Even that bodyguard is wearing tarausese balavu tiko and PM suluvakataga tiko.....wananavu!!!!

SEMI MEO said...

Again, it is rather ironic that some bloggers in this esteemed column whose contribution strikes every patriotic and logical vibes of the I taukei psyche, unfortunately, chooses to duck under the veil of grand cowardice, assassinating the very spirit of patriotism they purport us to believe and support.

Fiji will never…never be rebuilt by the so called brilliance and articulacy of undercover patriots…never!!

Simply, ‘cause the rest of us just do not know who to engage with, humanly and sanely interact to a level of mutual understanding and trust that may lead to resolutions to agree or……uh…agree to disagree.

Sure…sure..some shouts “wisdom” as the excuse to remain anonymous..Then how come Nations owe allegiance to the legacies of names like Mahatma Ghandi, Mandela, King etc??..they pin their honorable names to their cause whatever the costs!!

Tomorrow, Fiji will remember names of brilliant and hard working Civil Servants (part time farmer) like Mr. Filimone Kau who’ve faithfully served under many Fiji Prime Ministers.

Tomorrow, Fiji will remember my “Turaga dreu”, the “sulu vakataga” clad Mr. Aiyaz as a post modern revolutionist the Fijian Chiefs and her people through the vetting of the 14 Provincial Councils have accepted , and love all the Decrees he directs our brother Rear Admiral Ratu Voreqe Bainimarama to support.

Tomorrow, Fiji will NOT remember the faceless and nameless bloggers…emotional and patriotic they many sound or claim..may just be retrospectively perceived as blogs to nothingness.

Should, you or your group wish to be reckoned as an alternative “Government” to the present Fiji Government, then show us you lovely face..we wanna put a tick alongside a name in the 2014 elections..

In the meantime...nothing...nothing can change how this present Fiji Government governs Fiji until 2014.

Wanna bet??

Anonymous said...

No matter how you jump up and down the current leadership is 100 times better than corrupt pre 2006. Well bottom line, price being paid for 1987.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Sukuna in a tour to Kadavu to thank the soldiers who had been to previous wars was escorted around in a rara.; There were 3 groups.The first group the Commander confidently said...sir this team went to the second world war. Oi wananavu!!!, said Ratu Sukuna whilst walking to the next group. And this???before he finished to comment his commander said.....sir this group went to war in the Solomons!! Oi!!!Wararasa!!!! Ratu Sukuna said. Then he noticed the last group was quiet a sizeable group.. they almost filled up the best part of the rara. Before he asked the commander was almost kissing Ratu Sukuna's ears whispering.....sir they are Ratu Vana's team. Ratu Vana is the big Chief in that village and was also escorting Ratu Sukuna. Oi!!!!ooooh Ratu Sukuna nodding his head....sir this group are the LAMUSONAS!!!!!!they went into hiding when your recruiting team came around. Braca...Ratu Sukuna turned and looked at his commander in the face......You mean to tell me Voreqe, you've got the largest group of LAMUSONAS. Almost instantly came the reply.......Sir ....mmm..yes sir!!! same time kneeling on the ground, face down with 3 cobos with respect.....sir they do what Rear Admiral Aziz and PM Khyum say sir. Oi ....and you????Voreqe almost sobbing, both hands clasped together he looked up at Ratu Sukuna......yessssss.....sssssir .....I do to!!!!!!!wananavu!!!!So at QEB in all centers, remember they are all Ratu Vana's army of LAMUSONAS......WARARASA!!!!!!!

Sharon S said...

The notion that all these new deals are designed to fill Aiyaz' and Frank's bank accounts is ridiculous slander and the originators will be dealt with following the regulations of the PER. All investments are above board in line with the PM's promise that no member of the FMF will ever benefit from the coup. Please stop comparing Fiji's leaders with the likes of Gaddafi and Assad! Under the wise and benign leadership of the truly democratic Hon Khaiyum, most of his friends and certainly his family will prosper.

Anonymous said...

MR PM wake up now ,people supporting you are your biggest enemy,FIJIANS easly forgive and forget so please do the right thing and put all your litter or rubbish or cronies in the bin.

Anonymous said...

Any news on the Pharmacy closing order by illegal Minister for Health.PM you said no business to close and what is this yaar,
by the way got this last night that Neel killed his father and brother to get money for Baksi st property,as brother was donating the land to a hare krisna movement. Father died few months after Neel married as he was not happy with the Nurse Nirmala from Labasa who Neel got married to.

Anonymous said...

@9:51 AM.Lenders to this illegal govt won't get a cent back from the people or the next govt

Anonymous said...

@11:09 AM. Keep your head in the sand, dude. Go back to the hellhole you came from.

Penaia Caucau said...

Turukawa this one is for you: u big time bai cock sucker it is rather inappropriate for u to talk against bai/kai u rascal opportunist. no one wants to read your rubbish and ya if you have guts come clean and use your real name. if you dont behave i will disclose who this big time turukawa crook is.

Anonymous said...

PM has lost the plot,he thought it would be easy to Run the country as it was to run the regimental fund,big mistake he has no idea what to do so depends on unqualified advisors who play Fiji like chess and gamble our land and people with out reliasing impacts on individuals and lives. So many lives destroyed Mr PM so if you sit with your family for dinner tonight do think how many destroyed individuals by you and your ministers will go Hungry. You are a good Christian so repent before death and undo all your wrongs

Vanua. said...

@ Anon 11:09.

Major difference being past leadership didn't torture & kill its own citizens (crw 5).

Anonymous said...

I am a ex civil servant and all other in the service are too afraid to say No to any wrong doings by Ministers,as they all mention PM or AG have instructed knowing well that who will question them,this is what happened to the Pharmacy notices as the Minister Neel initiated this with Rohit of Samabula drug part timer at FPS .The bord never received any complaints from the public only a letter written by Dr Rajesh of Labasa under his sister Babitas name. PM why personal vendatta on by most of your MINISTERS on people who they have had issues with,and this includes ministry of HEALTH,LANDS,LABOUR and Local government.All public officers cant function with fear and threat and job security hanging over their head.
ex public servant retired at 55

Anonymous said...

OVERSEAS INVESTORS be aware ,what ever you sign with this ILLEGAL govt will not be recognised by a proper elected Govt.So stop paying bribes and commissions as you will loose all your investments.Also do a check why LOCALS are not investing .

Anonymous said...

OVERSEAS INVESTORS be aware ,what ever you sign with this ILLEGAL govt will not be recognised by a proper elected Govt.So stop paying bribes and commissions as you will loose all your investments.Also do a check why LOCALS are not investing .

Anonymous said...

OVERSEAS INVESTORS be aware ,what ever you sign with this ILLEGAL govt will not be recognised by a proper elected Govt.So stop paying bribes and commissions as you will loose all your investments.Also do a check why LOCALS are not investing .

Anonymous said...

Anon@11.09, that's the problem when you are far up Bainivuaka's arsehole, all you see are shit and Khaiyum.

mark manning said...

Come and see the last of the Warrior Race of the Pacific Islands of Fiji.


As we get closer to October the 31st. we should be wondering if this is where the last Fijian will end up !

Welcome to Chindia where the locals speak Chindhu !

As the once proud Warrior Race sat around the Mango tree drinking its stupefying local concoction called " Kava " with the help of its own military, the Chinese devoured their Government and began to steal their land until it was too late to resist.

Bula Makanka !

Anonymous said...

FB what right do you have to sign deals. You are not the choice of the people.

TURUKAWA said...

@Penaia Caucau said...

oh so you have wake up from your sleep now Rt Penaia Caucau ni vale ni vo Dreeeee!!

How's stoke-on-trent
United Kingdom? Levu tiko na dinau? sa bau saumi?

Does it really hurt to hear the truth?i dont support Bai,drau veitauri.

You go and do what you do to Bai as what you quoted and know best "u big time bai cock sucker"

you are the only biggest crook ever in this page..boci. i choose to have what name i use so stick it up as it's called freedom.

Anonymous said...

fiji village today!

Raiwai foreshore development to begin in a few weeks
Publish date/time: 03/10/2011 [15:02]

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17 acres of Foreshore development in Raiwai is expected to start in a few weeks.

China’s Gold Century Group Company Limited will be investing $500 million in the construction of a Plaza Complex in Raiwai which may take five years to complete.

The company is proposing to invest in this commercial and real estate project which includes a modern retail centre with professional office space and up market residential flats.

Lands Ministry Permanent Secretary, Filimoni Kau said this is another milestone for business development between Fiji and China.

About 450 locals are expected to get employment as a result of this project.

Story by: Ronal Deo

Anonymous said...

The crook dictator made the direct appointment of all the chinese and malysian companies of many billions.

Direct power used and massive abuse of office.

Dictator must stand trial for corruption /kickbacks/ bribes/extortion/abuse of office/fruad and life time gail-naboro.

Semi Miau said...

Semi Meo, sounds like you're all for Baivuaka..man you keep switching allegiance.

Anonymous said...

Turukawa - Raju Kai Ra

Anonymous said...

To Sharon - How can you call Aiass - Wise? when he has robbed us Fijians our right. you are just a sucker to everyone.

To all bloggers - lets not have a go at each other but lets all join together and have a go at this regime as they are real problem.

To Bai - who has given you the mandate to sell our God given rights - you bastard?

Penaia Caucau said...

turukawa dont talk on the subject of which you have o knowledge u chinamu.what you know about rugby and fiji u lamulamu have guts come and open your mouth in fiji bai will massage your back. dont hide in overseas and use this blog to promote you rotten ideas u boci vakola.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese people are brilliant strategist. Bernard Connolly said and I quote "War can be Cultural, Economic or Military in its strategy, but the goal is the same;the conquering of the state that is the object of the aggressor"

Anonymous said...

@9:30 AM. Oh really. They weren't too 'brilliant' when Japan kicked their collective butts, were they?

And now...


The death of China's rivers:

China now holds the unenviable record of producing as much organic water pollution as the United States, Japan and India combined. Experts calculate that 700 million Chinese consume drinking water contaminated with levels of animal and human waste that do not meet minimum state drinking-water standards. No one is sure what this means. Any research into the subject has been discouraged by the government but China's high rates of hepatitis A, diarrhea, and liver, stomach and esophageal cancer may be linked to the pollution.


China's Not a Superpower:and won’t be anytime soon, according to Minxin Pei, who says its political and economic situation is more precarious than it looks.

Uncertain economic prospects aside, China’s rise to superpower status will also be constrained by a host of political factors. First and foremost, Chinese leaders will find themselves in search of a global vision and a political mission.



China is very much a Third World country. Of the 1.3 billion Chinese, well over 1.1 billion have a standard living on the order of Nigeria. The Chinese economy is a hostage of the foreign international system, but primarily of the American economy. China is incapable of domestic consumption on the order of production.

“China is an incredibly poor country with a small segment that is essentially an extension of the United States,” George Friedman says. Friedman notes that one of seven export containers out of China go to Wal-Mart. “This shows the vulnerability of the country,” says Friedman. “All of the prosperity of China is built on the willingness of the U.S. and Europe to buy its products.”


SEMI MEO said...

@Semi Miau, October 3, 2011 7:50 PM.

Baraca...all I'm trying to say is that this Government stays until 2014..like it on not...however, if you and your group and others wish to put up an alternative post 2014 Government, then work on it NOW!! Show us your manifesto, show us your line of candidates, give us a sneak preview into your campaign strategies.

Just that right now..whether you support Bainimarama or not.. does not make any difference to the people in the “forgotten people groupings” of the previous Governments. One phone call from the Rear Admiral and long awaited roads are built, long awaited nursing stations staffed again and basic medicine stocked, long awaited village water reticulation and electrification, long awaited jetties built etc..etc. Projects that may have been shelved at Tikina, Provicncial council level as not voter sensitive by previous Governments or no noticeable elite Fijian influence in this ““forgotten people groupings”.

By golly, many of us do not subscribe to the Rear Admiral unorthodox way of getting things done…tell that to members of Fiji’s “forgotten people groupings”!!..phew..

What platform do you and your party have to sway voters your way in 2014??..better start now..all I know is I will, if eligible, stand against Col Pio Tikoduadua in any seat of his choice!! Wanna bet??

TURUKAWA said...

@penaia caucau said....

only one of word for you bokola o iko kei nomu kawa,stroke it...hahahaha.

i am in 36 muktar ben road search for it and will be waiting for you vata dua na kemu i puli vacu i matamu vata dua nai sele kapa.

i have played for fiji and served my country well in the service hence why i can talk,and you what you have done for your country?


boi dada nomu gauna,macawa nomu bula,tautauvata ga kei nomu boso,vakilakila vivia vuku.

ppl like you are the ones that is stoking the fire here in viti,sa sega na loloma,dravudravua ga na tamata e nomudou i vakarau lolovira.

au sa tei rawa tu na kequ tapi,lako mada lai tea na kemu me ko bula kina vata nomu matavuvale qai mai vosa ina drau ni veva qoka.

ke sega,kua ni vosa mai vei au,baleta niko sega ni kilai au.kawa ca!!

sona wa..

Anonymous said...

Lest THEY Forget: All acts by this illegal govt are illegal and unconstitutional and will be declared NULL & VOID.

Do you stupid lenders really believe the people are and the next govt will be responsible for this regime's illegal acts?

And do you investors really believe we the people and the next govt will honor this regime's illegal contracts?

Radiolucas said...

Another Chinese special deal; high interest loan from china, all materials from china, all labour from china, all money to china.

Good plan dickheads.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo
Can you please name the "forgotten people groupings" and what has been done.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@09.30am O really – I am not trying to dispute your criticism about this Asian Superpower however let me enlighten you with this information.
Critics groused about China’s poor human rights, its authoritarianism, its support for corrupt regimes, its pollution. CORRECT as they are, their criticisms simply aren’t going to stop this bullet train. This country is barrelling into the future – and, in the process, changing the world.
This is a revolution. It is, in fact a prophecy. A look at the future!
See Revelation 17 and 18. There you see a detailed, horrifying picture of an emergent empire of unprecedented rapacity. In order to fuel its furnaces, and drive its imperialist machinery, it will conquer nations (such as Fiji), establishing colonies and protectorates the world over raping them of their resources. In its opulence it will seduce and deal with the globe’s wealthiest corporate moguls, riding their backs and enriching itself at the expense of the rest of the world.
China is now the undisputed economic power in East Asia. Japan, once its chief rival and geopolitical counterbalance is severely weakened. It is already BROKE!
Watch China! The Emerging Asian Superpower!

Anonymous said...

A mother of all coups is needed to arrest this dozen junta of thugs and put them on trial to face justice for the mother of all scams in fiji.

Anonymous said...

11:09am well put! Totally agree with you. To start off with look at the law fartnity being cleaned up.

Matavuvale said...

@8:21 PM. Dude, no need to lecture me. You're obviously very ignorant of the issues and sounding as dumb as Baini and Aiarse. Go to the links I provided and read or re-read them.

CHINA IS AN INCREDIBLY POOR COUNTRY, and is INCAPABLE of domestic consumption on the order of production.

I Repeat: The Chinese economy is a ***hostage*** of the foreign international system.

This shows the vulnerability of the country. All of the prosperity of China is built on the willingness of the U.S. and Europe to buy its junk products.

A major obstacle to China’s future growth lies in the country’s export-led growth model. As a middle-income country with limited domestic demand, China has relied on exports to increase its growth. While this strategy, which has been employed successfully in East Asia, has served China well for the past two decades, its future viability is now deeply in doubt. As the world’s second largest exporter (although China is expected to surpass Germany as the world’s largest exporter in 2010), China is encountering protectionist resistance in its major markets (the United States and Europe). In particular, China’s policy of maintaining an under-valued currency to keep its exports competitive is now being blamed for worsening global imbalances and weakening the economies of its trading partners.

As long as China has an oversized peasantry, with hundreds of millions of low-income rural residents surviving on the margins of modernity, it is unlikely to become a real superpower.

Geopolitically, the limits on Chinese power will be equally severe.

The simple truth is that China is ***not*** a superpower, and will not be one.

Matavuvale said...

@9:59 AM.

Cash Crunch in China Picks Up Momentum; Chinese Economy Teetering On The Edge.

* RMB offshore vs. onshore rate is at a historic low. This shows Hong Kong or China mainlanders are hoarding cash, possibly to repay debts.
* The liquidation phase is concerning. Markets are looking into a deflationary abyss.
* Recent capital inflows into China are misleading. It was not investment but rather mainland money repatriated to repay debt.
* Cash crunch in China picks up momentum. We are going into a new down phase and true credit cycle in China. That can take on a life of its own.

Bohut Bhat said...

@Semi Meo. You are usually very good at giving names so why aren't you giving the list of these "forgotten peoples".
You said "previous governments" forgot about these people.
I'd like to see the list of which people group the Alliance Party of Rt Mara forgot about.
I think it is only fair that if you are going to rubbish other Fijian people or governments, that you should present your evidence.
So please give us the list.
If you can't then you should apologise unreservedly to the people you have rubbished.

SEMI MEO said...

@Bohut Bhat ...Oh, are sure you’re from Fiji?.either you’ve got a short memory, a Fiji history deficiency syndrome, or live in denial land..NOT Fiji!!

May be you could start with scrutinizing the FAB scholarship recipients, the ask for the National Bank archieves and Fiji Development Bank privileged unsecured loan secrete register, old Major and minor tender Board from perishables, hardware and Machinery etc...now the proviso is Ms Bohut Bhat,link them with the elite few and those in the know of those eras..

Now, revisit minutes of Tikina and Provincial Council project allocations..oh..obviously you may see certain favors in the equation,and even ask the key to CPO archives or speak to a former staff..they will tell you Ms Bohut Bhat that, not surprisingly major infrastructure allocations more than always attached to the voter boundaries justifications etc.

It may be fair to ask, why after all our friendship with major EEC, Commonwealth, UN and Mega Funding agencies etc (1) No road across or criss-crossing Vitilevu to access the forgotten people and untapped resources?.(2)Why only recently Jetties are finally being build in not so popular maritime communities (one in Yasawa lately)…still takes 3 weeks to travel from Nairai to Suva..a 18 minute helicopter ride and it is 2011!!..or many other island communities in that radius.

Our pre and post released inmates, majority I Taukei, still released to promises of paradise but nothing. Equality for women has just improved in the last 10 years or so..School children in village school still walk bare feet on grave road to dust filled classroom with many “ Ministry rejects” teachers, while the urban cousins get the best of evrything..unfair!!. Urban squatters were political football for many previous local and National Governments.. list goes on and on and on and on….

Are we looking for a perfect Fiji..no, far from it..never will…but we just wish some of our leaders of yester years had not allowed a bit of creed to be mix with their breakfast each morning they prepared to go to their office and serve us…

Now, Ms Bohut Bhat..we say..get the election over and done with…and learn from all previous Governments strengths and failure, including the preset Rear Admiral's Government.

Otherwise…Ms Bohut Bhat you better look for Mr.Bohut Phadis..

Anonymous said...

Na butako ga sa laurai eke...yavu macawa. Tamata kaisi na nomu i vakarau voreqe...tamata sega ni vuli, ulukau qai macawa. Levu ga na gusumu ia tamata sona levu tiko.

Anonymous said...

@Matavuvale - I urge you to physically visit Beijing to witness it yourself. People like you who still regard China as (backward) & No Superpower would stunned into silence if you laid eyes on Beijing (which....is not as large as the main commercial city, Shanghai).In fact, judging by what I see, that China surpasses the U.S as the world's largest economy is much nearer than all the forecasts indicate.

Check this out!

In one sense, it’s a question of simple math. China has 1.3 billion
people—one out of every five people on Earth. That’s America’s
population plus a billion. Now, multiply any trend—relating to
society, economy, technology, food or anything else—by 1.3 billion,
and you will see a huge global impact. And the trend in
China is definitely toward bigger, faster and more.
China uses over half the world’s cement. From having no highways
just 20 years ago, today it has 30,000 miles of them. And
those roads bear the weight of 25,000 more cars every day—9 million
more per year. Soon, China will be not only the world’s biggest
market for new cars, but also its largest carmaker. It consumes
one third of the world’s iron and steel.
As of the end of 2008, China had 147 airports. In the coming
decade, it plans to build 97 more.
Each year, almost 8 million Chinese move from the country to
the city. This urban migration is driving the construction of the
equivalent of Chicago plus Detroit—each year. Today, the United
States has nine cities of over a million people. China has 160 of
China’s mushrooming economy is growing at five times the
speed of America’s, and has passed Germany’s as the world’s third
largest. In a single generation, China has lifted 600 million people
out of poverty, half of them into the middle class. Such development
is simply jaw-dropping. Historically unprecedented.
Here’s why this trend is so earthshaking. It takes a lot of
resources to fuel such explosive growth on such an enormous
scale. More food, more electricity—more everything. That’s a
crushing reality when over a billion people suddenly start gaining
an appetite for consumption.
The trouble is, some of those resources are already in short
supply on our planet.
An abc News report, China Inside Out, quoted one expert saying
that for China’s mammoth population to enjoy affluence as great as
America’s, the necessary resources would demand another planet.
And that is why, with just a pinch of foresight, you can see
where this trend is headed.

China is about to pass the U.S. as the world’s largest energy consumer.
Between 2000 and 2006, China’s increase in energy
demand exceeded all the electricity it had used to that point in
history. Some Chinese factories have to shut down several days
per week simply because they don’t have enough voltage. The
nation is making a valiant effort to keep pace with demand: In
2007 alone, it built new power-generating capacity equivalent to
what all of France uses. It commissions a new power station every
four days. Besides the 11 nuclear power reactors in operation and
the additional 24 it is constructing as of 2009, it plans to build 500
more coal-fired power plants in the next decade. It already consumes
about a third of global coal production.
Meanwhile, those 9 million new Chinese cars each year need
gasoline. China already imports 160 million tons of oil per year,
and this demand is skyrocketing, which puts additional, unwelcome
strain on global oil supplies. In 1998, China was a net
exporter of oil; by 2008 it was the number-two importer after

To add teeth to its aggressive trade policies, China is working
diligently to upgrade its military capabilities.
In 2008, China overtook the United Kingdom as the world’s
second-largest military spender. Though far behind America’s
$607 billion of military spending, China nearly tripled its military
spending over the previous decade to an estimated $84.9

Semi no clue meo said...

@Semi Meo
1)Why do you need roads to crisscross Viti Levu? Are you crazy? Why waste money? There is no "forgotten people in Viti Levu".Every tribe has excess to Education and markets.
2)Secondly you've answered your own stupid questions as to why there is no jetty in less popular area. BECAUSE IT IS LESS POPULAR.
3)3 weeks to travel from Nairai to Suva. How is that a governments problem. May be if Ms Qoro who was appointed by Suwar did not waste $12million chasing a stupid oil deal, that money could have bought a fast Catamaran like they use in Tasmania to transport people to Nairai.
What about the millions of dollars gone missing since 2006 when the idiot Bainimarama took over. How about the $2million cash went missing from the container at the wharf. What about the millions gone missing in $1mil per kilometer of gravel road in all road upgrades. What bullshit is that?
All that money could have built a jetty all round those "unpopular areas".
So to say that Suwarpokotia's government is better than last government is all rubbish.
Thanks to blind idiot supporters like you, we still have this corrupt idiot running around the country side.

SEMI MEO said...

1)Why do you need roads to crisscross Viti Levu? Are you crazy? Why waste money? There is no "forgotten people in Viti Levu". Every tribe has excess to Education and markets…(AN INSULT TO THE HIGHLAND TRIBES WHO TAKE A 48 HOURS TRIP BY HORSE BACK, OUTBOARD, 3 CHANGE OF BUS TO THE MARKETS..DEDUCES THEIR PROFIT MARGIN DRAMATICALLY..EDUCATION??...THINK AGAIN.OH MIGHTY NAMELESS ONE!!)

2)Secondly you've answered your own stupid questions as to why there is no jetty in less popular area. Because it is less popular…(WELL THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO PEAK INTO YOU INCONSIDERATE CITY BRAIN!!..ON UNPOPULAR SOUL IN THE MARITIME COMMUNITY IS ONE TOO MANY…BOTHY!!)

3)3 weeks to travel from Nairai to Suva. How is that a governments problem. May be if Ms Qoro who was appointed by Suwar did not waste $12million chasing a stupid oil deal, that money could have bought a fast Catamaran like they use in Tasmania to transport people to Nairai. ($12 M??..GONEI, HAVE YOU ACTUALLY READ THE REPORT OR JUST TALKING FROM YOUR RORAL BEHIND!!)

What about the millions of dollars gone missing since 2006 when the idiot Bainimarama took over. (DON’T YOU WORRY, EVERYTHING WILL BE INVESTIGATED AFTER THE ELECTION..SO RELAX)

How about the $2million cash went missing from the container at the wharf. (INTERPOL ESTABLISHED THEFT IN SIGAPORE..NOTHING TO DO WITH FIJI GROWN CRIMS)

What about the millions gone missing in $1mil per kilometer of gravel road in all road upgrades. What bullshit is that? (GLOBAL COST OF BITUMEN MAY HAVE SKY ROCKETED OR YOU’RE AGAIN SHOOTING FROM YOU ROYAL BEHIND!!)

All that money could have built a jetty all round those "unpopular areas".
So to say that Suwarpokotia's government is better than last government is all rubbish.

Anonymous said...

@ semo meo
Aka aiarse licker

Bro ur attitude is negative towards the free speech we have here. Undercover patriotism... at least its something and its the first step.

Firstly YOU need to get real. You think to tell me and others around the world on here that Aiarse will be known one day as Fijis Mahatma Ghandi LOL.

I would hate to research it further to see how much further Aiarse could be from Mahatma Ghandi.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948) was the pre-eminent political and ideological leader of India during the Indian independence movement. A pioneer of satyagraha, or resistance to tyranny through mass civil disobedience — a philosophy firmly founded upon ahimsa, or total nonviolence — Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.[2] Gandhi is often referred to as Mahatma or "Great Soul," (21st century bro internet research)

Key word there Aiarse licker is freedom… Union decrees etc PER’s I would like to firmly lodge them up your ass to block the bullshit you write.

Secondly don’t you call me and other bloggers who are angry with the state of things, high and mighty bloggers.

Honestly I read the crap you have written and the wording you use paints you as such.

This is a little tiny of speck that we call home. Do us all favor and migrate or stay and go hopefully one day go to jail with Aiarse. Maybe the prison guards will let you have your own blog and you can write to tell us how great Aiarse tastes.

This tiny site is c4.5 and it’s a kick in the face for your mate Aiarse who cant control everything.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Nameless Luveni tevoro of 8:12 PM.

What are you trying to say??..re-ead my post..I DID NOT EVER compare your Aiyuz with the like of Mr. Mandela etc..

Au a cavuti Mr.Mandela, Mr. Grandi baleta ni ra sega ni vuni yavoki voli ka vunitaka voli na yacadra ena gauna ni nodra dui sasaga ni tu galala.

Nomuni vosavosa ca vuni voli e vakarataka ni o ni rairai dauvunau beka, se o lotu vakarisito, ka mai vosavosa ca vuni voli...dua na noqu tukutuku vei kemuni...cakava vuni tiko...dua na siga..dua na siga o na TOBO!!