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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bainimarama flits to China again while FEA chases funds to repay Chinese loans

The illegal PM is off again. And the illegal AG is to  stand in as PM while he is away. Sources within government say Frank Bainimarama's frequent visits to China are for health-checks and not official government business as often stated.

Sources within the regime also say letters currently being dished out to consumers about the increase in FEA security deposits is not for the benefit of FEA but to ensure the illegal government has enough to begin paying back Chinese loans, which have begun to be called in.

Poor tax payers are being forced to part with hard-earned dollars to pay back loans they did not agree with or had any knowledge of. The unelected government does not care whether those below the poverty line will be able to put food on the table as long as they get this money back and the Chinese get paid.
(Friday 14th October 2011, No:1911/MOI)  

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama left the country today to attend an International Telecommunications Union conference in Geneva, Switzerland.  

The conference in Geneva begins on October 24 and will conclude on October 26.
Before the meeting in Geneva, the Fijian Prime Minister will travel to China on an invitation from the Chinese Government through its embassy here in Suva.
According to the Prime Minister’s office, Commodore Bainimarama will be visiting the provinces of Shanghai and Guangdong in China.
In his absence, Attorney General Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum will act as the Prime Minister.
Commodore Bainimarama will return on Monday, October 31.


Anonymous said...

Dina says...

Frank Bainimarama from deep inside knows the truth and sides with the devil.
tamata waca qai macawa, what have he achieved in the 5 years of the coup. sa qai vinaka vei keda na i taukei meda vakaloloma taki tu vua dua na bokola, butabutako, murderer, kocokoco, ulukau.

All the curses and Gods punishment be upon him and his family and siblings. This is for what he has done to innocent lives.

Frank blood is still in your hands.

Radiolucas said...

Isn't it nice that we can send our great leader overseas to holiday on "telecommunications".

What a farce.

I doubt Frank knows anything about telecommunications - nevermind being able to participate in a conference on the subject in any meaningful way.

MARKSMAN said...

Its ok frank remmember wot I said you are an easy target we are givin you a chance to do right thing b4 its to late my men are ready they keep askin vaka cava Ratu..I said wawa.. let Frank do the right thing we dont wot anymore blood shed yet so frank the ball is in ur court.. ur move

Anonymous said...

What does he know about Telecomunications. Conference or holiday, Da sa vaka loloma

Anonymous said...

Well from the comments from bloggers on the article on him and family wasting taxpayer dollars at the Warwick, it might be he needs another operation to tighten the rear ring which is causing him some embarassment at the MSG. No control over its functions which began the day he ran down the cassava patch while his bodyguards came sliding in behind him due to his rear-admiral release.

ASK Hater said...

Assassinate Bai when he is in overseas and kidnap ASK whilst he is alone in Fiji. And kill the asshole David Pflieger.

God bless Fiji. Seriously.

This is becoming the biggest joke in the world. Thick coconut head off again on taxpayers money. He needs to be jailed for life for such activity.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how can a high school failure be creating economic growth, employment, education successes, medical miracles etc if he continues to go on USELESS overseas jaunts as if these exercises will bring our nation progress?

Can someone just tackle his legs already? Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Acting Prime Minister lined up for more Chief Guest duties from his "masi polo" mates with his name scripted on the plaques. Ganesh Chand, is there any new Toilets ready to be opened at the Fiji Nationa University?

Anonymous said...

Vinaka viti tosoga na qaravi Kalou.

Anonymous said...

three FEA workers who were granted leave to watch the rugby world cup in NZ have received termination letters from FEA. ordered by the fuck faced DICTATOR himself!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka viti da qaravi Kalou ga vakaukauwa.

mark manning said...

I don't know if it's my imagination, but it appears to me that Frank's right arm is withering !
This is common in stroke victims !
He also seems to have lost a bit of the beer gut, so could be suffering diabetes or Cardiac related illnesses, such Hypertension !
Not a good combination for someone who loves alcohol, too much food and who has so many portfolios and Psychosis to boot.
Thought it's great for the people of Fiji.
So when Frank kicks the bucket, does that mean Aiyaz will become president for life ?
Who'd have thought this would happen in Fiji ?

Anonymous said...

If Bainimarama was clever , he could reduce the budget for the army in order to pay the Chinese debt. That way you wouldn't have to raise the FEA prices, and he would still be popular with the public.

-Valataka na Dina.

Keep The Faith said...

Aiyaz and his big ego thinks that the military rank & is oblivious to the stunts that he pulls on them pitching them against Bainimarama...for example Aiyaz did you really think that your stunt at the MSG+ farcical extravaganza which culminated in Sila Balawa's instant demotion and side-transfer went unnoticed and undiscussed?

Nah mate. Your days are numbered. These military men are trained & ingrained with loyalty to each other and (unfortunately) to the psychotic Bainimarama. You are setting yourself up quite nicely to becoming a moving target, so you just keeping "doing you".

And don't think for a minute that anyone as sly as Bainimarama has not got your number. We all know how he overturned the Muanikau Accord without flinching.

Yes perhaps Bainimarama needs you and your aunts for the here and now, but once HIS security among his own men is no longer guaranteed, he will cut you down at your knee-caps and sacrifice you to save himself. Ultimately there can only be one alpha male leading the pack. Count on it Mo'Fo...and when we bay for your blood, he will give it to us -- yours, your family's and all of those in your al-qaeda network.

It's all simply a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

cava o lai bosea tu i keri , o sega tu mada ga ni kila e dua na ka me baleta na telecommunication

o ululala ka bavulu tu mada ga..... o lai vakalevu DA WALE GA ENA BOSE QORI VOREQE

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

With all the salaries that he is absconding while we the grassroots struggle to put a decent meal on the table...does he ever actually do anything useful in the office to earn that ridiculous pay packet??..i mean all that we see is him making a speech or opening some useless propaganda here and there...then the never-ending overseas trips!!!

MARKSMAN said...

Khaiyum the picnic is over, Frank has gone to china to look for a place to find refuge for his family, because his days are numbered and so are you,if you are wise enough you better do the same.Fiji is no place for you guys.Its better for you to go India or Libya would be better still, if you wish to stay then you better start digging a 10meter tunnel where you can hide.This a warning Khaiyum..so you better start thinking seriesly of what you want to do,because your mate Frank will desert you.It is better to fold your tails between your legs and run now. before its to late.

No Retreat said...

Bainimarama has gone to China to have his failing pacer checked or in other words to have his paisa in cheque.
His illegal reign is coming down soon.

MARKSMAN said...

Frank,voreqe,voreqe, iko sa rere lesumai, lesumai,dont run to china yet dont desert Khaiyum yet,we are waiting for you. just remmember your days are numbered, this just a warning that your jugement day is near. so you better think seriesly of what you want to do, before its to late.

mark manning said...

@ anon 949p.m.
Firstly, Frank just isn't clever, secondly, he can't reduce the Military Budget because the Soldiers of the once great RFMF all rely on his 30 pieces of silver every month and without it, they wouldn't be wiping Frank's bum.

MARKSMAN said...

Khaiyum just remmember when the whole thing explodes you and frank will be on the be on the receiving end. its up to you if you ready for that, then hang in there.make sure you have tight underwear because your office will be all yellow with shit when we finish with you.I hope it wont turn red which is worse. well khaiyum like I said before the picnic is over. its up to you.

Sugar Daddy. said...

Funny u should mention loans?
FSC take note.
Old business adage - owe someone $80k you've got a problem - owe somebody $80 mill - they've got a problem.

Anonymous said...

Attending a telecommunications conference? The asshole don't even know how to use a mobile phone. Bastard.

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

And pls have 16 # 8's and locks ready for Naz Shameem & Nur Bano Ali in one prison cell.

24 Hookers for Sharon Smith in another.

Its a test of endurance....och

Anonymous said...

boy u gang watch.... the water is next... fea gone up. water next mark my words. once that chemical fluoride goes in.

Anonymous said...

he is gone to collect corruption monies in large sums from china/malysia and hide them in place.

remember the one billion dollar wails scam.

Anonymous said...

Mary Bainimarama and Daughters should Offer themselves to Chinese fishing boat crews to earn extra and repay Loan from China!

Soli free ga yani!!!!!....yohoooo!

Sota kei Barasi said...

Marksman sonalevu, kua mada na via dager tiko tamata lauvutu vei ira na sotia....hhahahhaha.....stitch taki nomu sona mai na QEB.