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Monday, October 10, 2011

Independence Day from Whom?

Ratu Kamisese Mara and Prince Charles on October 10, 1970

By Ratu Tevita Mara

Fiji became an independent sovereign state on 10th October 1970 when its colonial status was abrogated. Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, first Prime Minister of independent Fiji, received from Prince Charles the documents evidencing Fiji’s independence. That independence was and remains a great source of pride and joy to all Fiji citizens. On that day the dark clouds of colonialism were swept away.

Today, however, a fresh cloud darkens the future of Fiji. That cloud is Bainimarama’s evil dictatorship and junta, which now controls all aspects of life in Fiji at the barrel of a gun. A reign of terror exists in Fiji; corruption is rampant; and so is poverty. Promised elections in Fiji have no credibility as holding credible elections would expose the current unlawful rulers to prosecution.

The junta and all its actions have been held to be illegal, by Fiji’s Appeal court Ruling of 2009. The current Fiji judiciary is not independent. Fiji remains excluded from international institutions on account of its sharply deteriorating human rights record and failure to take credible moves towards democratic elections. Unions, churches and anyone else putting up their hand in protest are harassed and persecuted.  The media is totally controlled. Central administration is totally dominated by army officers, their relations and friends and quislings.

Currently the junta is seeking, with the aid of huge overseas loans that will burden future generations, to bribe its citizens into submission, while continuing its reign of terror. Those bribes, orchestrated in a clumsy and grotesque fashion by the two chief culprits within the military junta, are no substitute for ordinary human rights.

Many Fiji citizens are keen sportspeople. They will be discouraged by the outcome of backhanded and clumsy interference in sport affairs in which (as in the case of most affairs) the junta has no competence. The junta's artificial attempts to inject soldiers into the Fiji rugby team for purpose of confrontation with the New Zealand authorities is a case in point. The outcome is shame.

An interesting point is that the President has omitted to follow the customary practice of speechmaking on the occasion of Fiji’s independence.  Is the President lost for words suitable enough to describe the sadness of Fiji’s current situation?

Fiji WAS independent but NOT now. Fiji is bound in the shackles of a military dictatorship led by the murderer Bainimarama.

Fiji now needs to be independent from the current evil dictator Bainimarama and military junta. This independence is the only thing that will release Fiji from its current reign of terror, from escalating poverty and from every conceivable ill inflicted by the murderer Bainimarama and his military junta.

Editor's Note: Meanwhile people are being urged to stay home tomorrow to mark Freedom Day. The call is said to be supported by unions, NGO's, the police and a section of the army. In an email sent to us, the group say instead of celebrating Independence, people should be mourning  the loss of the Constitution, fundamental freedoms and unchecked oppression since the 2006 military coup. 

Their message is: "People of Fiji - Yes all you Workers, Farmers, Primary and Secondary school children, Church leaders, make Tuesday FREEDOM DAY and stay home."
Mara: The Pacific Way Paper


Anonymous said...

Mark FREEDOM DAY on Tuesday, 11th October. STAY HOME.

Pass this message to all family and friends.


khayum lailai said...

te mara your father and penaia ganilau started the coup cycle in fiji,rabuka was just the tool

Anonymous said...

Yes. Let's tell the dictator we have had enough. STAY HOME 2moro. Children no school. No work. Support trade unions for a free Fiji.

Union Leader.

Anonymous said...

Well said RUM.
People of fiji needs freedom from the evil regime.
Time for some action .
Strike is the the only way to bring the regime down.
People human right/freedom to be respected.
Frank /AG have conned us all.
I hope the armies/police can see how ag/frank is using them for personal gain.
I will only celebrate fiji day. when we have democracy in fiji.
god bless.

Bai and ASK Hater said...

I have only one thing to say. Throw the entire thugs into jail. These include Bai, ASK and his Muslim gang (especially the ugly Aunty N and S Sisters), Adrian Sofield, YP Reddy & Family and the entire Tappoo Family. Oh, not to forget David Phfiliger from Air Pacific - one third rate white man.

Anonymous said...



Whos fault? Not theirs said...

This message leaves me with one overwhelming feeling. Tevita, you are not your father's son. To talk about the "dark days of colonialism" is a pathetic rewriting of history. There was nothing dark about them in the years leading up to independence. And Ratu Kamisese always held the British in the highest regard. It's extremely sad to see Tevita Mara and Frank Bainimarama trying to blame the British for Fiji's problems. They're all of our own making and the sooner people wake up to the fact, the sooner we can start solving them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all these shady Islamic terrorists led by AK and corrupt kaivalagi like Sharon Smith should be thrown in in solitary confinement at Naboro for life without any chance of parole.That day is drawing nearer.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of staying home. A clumsy protest strategy by far.

Do Nothing said...

While people around the world march against dictators, fight, risk everything and yes, die, the Fijian form of protest is staying at home and doing nothing. What does that tell us? I believe it tells us that we will have Khaiyum and his family ruling Fiji for a very, very long time.

mark manning said...

I think staying home, is simply that, a protest and a show of defiance.
In itself, it will achieve nothing, other than to express objection and show solidarity. but it may well be the spark needed to encourage others to defy this oppressive Regime.
I think that most agree, something has to be done.

He who does nothing, makes no mistakes, but to do nothing, is in itself, a mistake !

RUM is referring to England's Colonial rule in the sense that Fiji wasn't Independent under the English and in that sense, it was a" dark cloud " to Fijians !

I've met RUM personally when he came to Sydney recently, and I can feel his shame for his involvement in the coup of December the 5th. 2006.
At least he has the conviction to take a stand against the Regime.

Anonymous said...

I doubt people will even stay at home 2moro. As usual, we have thousands of naive citizens who have been so brain washed by Bainivuaka and his sidekick Big Arse and the rest of their cronies. All I wish for the two of them is a slow and painful death which they will eventually get when they do end up behind bars. One Day...and let's pray that one day comes sooner rather than later. Pliz wake up people of my beloved nation. These two suckers will run our beloved country dry and in the process fill their pockets and those of their families. Hope they both choke on theit next meals...

Mrs Khaiyum Aiyarsehole said...

Anon@9.45am, you must be Baini's bum boy judging by your English....go and tend to his cassava patch because he will be running through it soon.

Anonymous said...

RUMS finger up campaign didn't work the tourist trips till now hasnt worked, his loyal boys in 3FIR no go, whats this stay home for?

Revolution means people march and arrest the junta and put on trial and RUM to lead the revolution in Suva and not from Tonga.

No action before and no action now-this fact.

Timekeeper said...

Yes we celebrate Independence Day jail time soon for illegal PM, illegal AG and illegal CEO David Pfligher for interfering and drafting laws in violation of workers rights. He has to be the lowest scum bag of an American that left America to work anywhere on planet earth. Your time is round the corner .tic..toc..tic. .toc..tic..toc

Anonymous said...

How abt this. If over 50% of workers stay home tomorrow it means the ordinary people of Fiji don't support Frank, right? Deal it is. Let's see results tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, you don't know anything about recent Fijian history, let alone the colonial period. If you did, you'd know that the British saved the Fijian people by making sure that the European settlers who tried to take over the country for themselves in the late 19th and early 20th centuries couldn't get hold of the land they wanted. The then governor, Sir Arthur Gordon, made himself wildly unpopular by reserving more than 80 per cent of the country for the itaukei and so it remains to this day. So let's stop all this colonialism BS. The Fijian people owe the British a huge debt for protecting their interests, not just against the kaivalagi but the kai idia as well. And remember, Fiji's chief led by Seru Cakobau INVITED Britain to annex Fiji to protect them against the other colonial powers. Mark, you are as ignorant about this as you are about everything else.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so your idea of a protest against the regime is to take a collective sickie? And after a public holiday?

It'll happen anyway. But it won't be a protest, just the usual l-o-n-g weekend.

Fiji needs men and women of valour to take a stand. Instead we have a nation of timid mice wanting to stay at home nibbling on their cheese. Or sitting around the yaqona bowl nodding in furious agreement about how bad VB is and doing absolutely nothing about it.

As my old man used to say - "big talk, no action". Wake up!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Another call to stay home? How many times are you going to ask for this, and how many times do you have to be ignored to realise that this does not work? We have bills to pay!!!

Anonymous said...

Let us in our own small way support the great course of protesting against this regime by staying home and not offering your service for a day.

We know that people cannot go on strike, march, rally, make public address, etc., so just do not offer your service for a day, and to show peoples' power.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hang on and slow down 10/10 11.51am.
While I support Institutional Democracy to the death, as an Investor, I cannot close 29 shops at the last minute, where over 420 employees in total, work in 3 shifts.
I can see how the Unions had a say in this. While I respect Union rights there has to be another way to show solidarity in human values.
To close many shops at the last minute, will be like running down the Hill at full speed and made to sleep instantly on the way down.
The Investors also need to be involved in such a strategic plan in support of choices and democracy to develop and grow the economy.

Radiolucas said...

@ C4.5

Take a look at this article: http://www.theage.com.au/national/corrupt-millions-stashed-here-claim-20111009-1lg5f.html

Journo said...

RUM says "Central administration is totally dominated by army officers, their relations and friends and quislings." - Speaking from past experience of your entire family are we? C'mon everyone knows that the central administration you're talking about was only your brothers, sisters, in laws etc etc etc....is this a case of trying to get back in?

Anonymous said...


There is no freedom by staying home this what cowards do.

Can you please lead the freedom fight in Suva on 11th, you didnt when u 3 FIR Commander?

Freedom fight has to be in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I agree with taking the dictatorship to court - but one of the above comments referred to taking some of the business families to task as well. I think that is slightly unfair. Some of those GUJJU's (Damodar, Tappoo, Jacks, Motibhai, Punjas, FMF) have invested all their money in FIJI and provide much needed boost to country as well as employment. I live in Sydney. But have any of you ever wondered what tough times they must be facing having invested millions and millions of dollars in the country? I can assure you, many people have migrated and left the country but not many have continued to stay there and do business ... so rather than slapping them on the faces, we should support them and ensure that the country returns to democracy. Cheers people!

Anonymous said...

FREEDOM DAY call is not from RUM. The unions and churches are making the call. They can not make open call for obvious reasons.

Mark Manning and others are correct. We must start somewhere. This is it. Do it 2moro and make the beginning. It will eventually build up to marches, protests and bigger strikes.

The businessman with 29 shops should talk to us, coperate and help us restore democracy. Only hope for him to increase his business.

Please stay home 2moro and support this first real and serious call from unions and churches 2gether.

Union Leader.

Anonymous said...

Hey 4.46pm,

Support these Guggis, Muslims for what?? For all the puppet pulling of strings and biased fiscal policies and the raiding of financial coffers like the FNPF that they have done. These families without morals need to be eradicated from Fiji. Their "millions" is actually our millions scammed through various means such as concessions, tax rebates, insurance etc. Yes, time have changed, you can fool people all the time but not all the time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "Anonymous October 10, 2011 4:46 PM" ... i went to fiji and was amazed at the investments made by all these people ... i used to work at tappoo's in the 90's before migrating ... if i had a choice i would work for them any day ... nicest people you can meet ... and tappoo city is amazing ... i thought i was in overseas when i walked in ... they have spent millions of dollars building that ... i also read damodar is building cinemas near usp ... when i read comments of some people being jealous of these people and trying to make them responsible, it hurts me because i think they are the one's who are allowing that country to live ... otherwise, all would have died ... so bhaia's, support the business community a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree - Why are some people vindictive of the persons, families and companies who have actually put their money where their mouth is? I think our joint focus should be solely on government. Thanks, Robert.

Matavuvale said...

@12:25 PM.

Quote "Fiji's chief led by Seru Cakobau INVITED Britain to annex Fiji to protect them against the other colonial powers."

Firstly, Cakobau offered to cede Fiji to Britain in order to clear his debts.

Cakobau incurred a $43000 debt to the United States in the 1830s and 1840s. He was unable to pay his debt, and in 1858 he offered to cede Fiji to the British if they would pay his debt. Rumors of the cession brought many Australian and New Zealand settlers, but the cession did not occur. The growing non- Fijian population had problems establishing a self-ruling government under the overriding rule of Chief Cakobau, and Fiji was eventually ceded to Britain on October 10, 1874.

Quote "The Fijian people owe the British a huge debt for protecting their interests, not just against the kaivalagi but the kai idia as well."

Secondly, it was "divide and conquer" that made it possible for an insignificant island in the north of Europe to rule the world. Division and chaos, tribal, religious and ethnic hatred, were the secret to empire. Guns and artillery were always in the background in case things went awry, but in fact, it rarely came to that.

Once the English hit on the tactic of using ethnic and religious differences to divide a population, the conquest of Ireland became a reality. Within 250 years, that formula would be transported to India, Africa, and the Middle East.

Sometimes populations were splintered by religions, as with Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims in India. Sometimes societies were divided by tribes, as with the Ibos and Hausa in Nigeria. Sometimes, as in Ireland, foreign ethnic groups were imported and used as a buffer between the colonial authorities and the colonized. That is how large numbers of East Indians ended up in Kenya, South Africa, British Guyana, Uganda, and Fiji.

Ratu Sukuna did more than any other man to safeguard Fijian rights. Without him Fijians would long ago have been overwhelmed by Indians and Europeans, and perhaps, by the rest of the world.

"Fijians have been historically and socially conditioned through colonisation to have patience with respect to their rights, subordinating them to the rights of others. This imposes a subjective role that leads them to believe that that they can not have rights until everyone else has theirs. They then become exploited, deprived or hoodwinked by people far advanced in worldly views. Thus any attempt to protect their rights through affirmative action is viewed as racism, even though non-indigenous peoples, whose cultures have survived over thousands of years of ancient civilisations, are better adapted to globalisation than the Fijian who was only colonised and converted around a century ago. Why is the National anthem sung only in English at the IRB World Cup when the team is all Fijian and the beauty of the Fijian words can invoke deep sentiments of loyalty, patriotism and the responsibility to one's nation?"

- Ema Tagicakibau. Fiji Times Online, Sunday, October 07, 2007. A sympathetic view of indigenous concerns.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Robert again - "Anonymous 5:17pm" - I completely disagree with you. FNPF money actually needs to eb invested in order to increase our returns. As fa as FNPF projects are concerned, all of their projects have been major disasters and are ridiculous, except for the Tappoo City project where they are guaranteed a return which even the US government will accpet in today's tough global economic environment. Check your facts before you write - It's immoral on your part to attack the business community just because you hate the Gujeratis and Muslims. Thanks, Robert.

Anonymous said...

RUM, JB & FDM Aust; NZ

We are tired of all this talk.

The only advantage the regime has are the guns they have.

Get us some guns and we have a level playing field

Remember Nimacere only had a pistol but the whole Fiji Army and Police had a hard time trying to catch him.

There will be very little talk then - ALL ACTION


Anonymous said...

I think some people get side tracked BIG TIME and uselessly start blaming businesses and business community ... You guys have monkey minds! Focus on the root cause of the problem rather than everything else .. C'mon guys!

Stan said...

Without Tappoos, FMF, Punjas and all the other local businesses Fiji would have been one shit hole from day one with unemployment at 80%. Those who are complaining have no idea how many people they employ and how may families survive on their investment.

Anonymous said...

I hear all of you. You all want democracy. But none of you will protest, march or strike. We can criticize everyone trying to do something, label them cowards but hide behind annonymous labels ourselves. Can we get concensus on all this. We must . Its the truth. Then let's all cowards decide to start small. Support FREEDOM DAY 2moro. The rest will follow.

Union Leader.

Concerned Fijian said...

Firstly, Mark Manning, why don't you just go and comment on your own country's political upheavals.
Secondly, if the people don't go to work will you people be responsible for providing them with money to feed their families because they're as sure as hell going to be fired by end of work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

@ Robert and Annons,

I am all for investors and business people as long as they stick to their fair play and past family success record. Now they have deviated from the truth and justice such as how Tappoos acquired FNPF through dubious means of over valuing the land where their Tappoos city property is situated to justify partnership etc. just tarnish their past image and respect.
What is of great concern is that eventually corruption and coup financial supporters and families becomes an acceptable and justified way of success in Fiji. E sa rui rerevaki!! We are forced to forsake the truth and lies becomes the truth.

Anonymous said...

investors dont come to fiji as FIRCA will release all your information to all,just like they did to NANDS and NEEL SHARMA closing his pharmacies,because his friend Rohit not doing well,come on RAMBESSARbe a sport and fight fair competition

RT. K.N, Tavua said...


@Anon 8.49PM
If I want to sell my 1 acre of land in the Interior of Naitasiri for $20million, that is my right. Nobody is forcing you to buy it. If I sell this land to FNPF, then the FNPF are F#@$en stupid and corrupt. BUT you can't blame me... I can sell my land for whatever price I want. Don't blame Tappoos for wanting to make money, blame the crooks at FNPF who were in charge of our money and who have abused it for their own corrupt ends.

Yes, it is well known that the British used divide and rule in many countries of the world. This is a very effective strategy, and they were able to conquor half the world in this way. They are also guilty of many crimes. However, this is no different to any other rulers/government back in those days. As for using guns as a constant threat, this is also normal behaviour in the old days... It was the same here in Fiji, where Cakobau used such methods to great effect, with the threat of wiping out and eating entire clans.

However, if you compare how the British treated Fiji compared to their other colonies, we were treated very well. Most of our current infrastructure is from forward thinking colonial officials. Our bilions in mahogony that the elites and corrupt are fighting over for the past 10yrs were planted by forward thinkers... colonial govt that knew it would never benefit from it, but planted it for the future of fiji

As for how our national anthem is in English... that's because its our national language. This was decided by our parents generation through democratic means. Personally I would also like to have it changed to Fijian, and once we return to democracy, we can do that if the majority decides.

Anonymous said...

Men!!!!!lamb curry pieces at supermarkets yesterday sold @ $15 KG. prove me wrong someone!!!!!wananavu!!!!

Anonymous said...

So its on. FREEDOM DAY 2day. Stay HOME. See you 2moro. Very empty buses in Suva. Hooray.

Anonymous said...

It is about time the Fijian military kicked the Dictator out of power and have immediate democratic elections. Stop shining your shoes in the barracks, do something positive, and get rid of these evil people who are taking Fiji and the Fijian people to rack and ruin.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:53
I agree with you.
Nothing will happen until we level the playing field.
I've always a advocated military intervention on Bainimarama and his goons.
USA has just left Iraq with 30,000 troops. If they come down here for just for one day, all this rubbish would be all over in ONE day.
Why do the children of Fiji have to suffer under this illegal govt for one more day?
Just bring in the Reaper and Predator drones and it will be all over.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Ului Mara is trying to compare his selfish father to bainimarama. You must be in dream land mr mara because both men are evil. Let me ask you RUM, how many millions of dollars your late father put in your account, that is his shares from business houses he helped during his reign?. Can you openly state in C4.5 for all to know please?

Anonymous said...

Allow me to point out the following "balls-up" [well organized disasters] that happened during the so called "Independence Celebrations" :
01. The Parade was held on Friday because it was a working day and 'everybody" was in town.,
02. If it was held on the actual day [Monday 10th October], as is the custom, then NOBODY [members of the public] would have bothered to watch the parade at Albert Park! It would have been just the soldiers, the ILLEGAL Ministers and their wives and MAYBE, MAYBE a few of the diplomats who are members of the MSG.,
03. The ILLEGAL Pressie did NOT inspect the Parade. In true military custom, this is NOT on. The Parade is ALWAYS inspected by the Chief Guest.
04. Again, as is the custom and as programmed, the Pressie is supposed to have given his address to the Nation at the Parade. Again, this did NOT happen!! To add salt to injury, he said the reason being was because the soldiers had been standing there for too long. What is this - are they a bunch of poofters, are they members of the Girl Guides [no offense meant]. The are supposed to be bloody soldiers Pressie!!
During our time, it was come rain, hail or sunshine, the Parade is ALWAYS inspected and the address is ALWAYS given [no matter how long the Parade]!! How things have changed [for the worse]!!
05. When the ILLEGAL Pressie finally gave his address last night [Monday 10th Oct], any right thinking person would have expected the National Anthem to be played/sung prior to and after the address. Again this was NOT done. Protocol dictates that this is the norm. Then again, ONLY in Fiji, where things are now half-heartedly done. You either do it and do it properly or not all. The zest, the passion, the pride has all gone out the window. It has now been replaced by a LOT of window dressing.
As a footnote, why do you think our rugby boys performed the way they did? It simply is a sign that things are falling to pieces here!!

Vanua. said...

@ RUM.

Read Tuimacilai until you understand it - everythings there -answers included.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me why Mara is carrying on about our struggle in Fiji when he himself had change allegiance and now a Tongan Passport Holder.If you believe in something must also be ready to die for the course. Ask the Taliban..you dont become a Christian to fight for the course for the Muslims.It is called HYPOCRISY..

Anonymous said...

I assume businesswoman with 29 shops is Hot Bread kitchen. Quite right in saying you can't just close the shops. We know you use any excuse to cut the wages of your workers and trample all over your mainly indigenous workers. You were part of the problem Fiji is facing, instigating with others the coup in 2000, which set Fiji on this path of self destruction. Its racists like you Bai is trying to stamp out.
As for the Gujis, have no doubt while they are investing heavily in fiji, they are also raping the place with backdoor deals a plenty.
I heard recently on a flight to Brisbane how a Guji was trashing Fiji while saying its still a good place to make money as they think the Fijians can easily be cheated. there you go.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous October 11 07:57PM>

You have said it very well. Those were the days when the soldiers of the RFMF were fit and disciplined. That was when the "R" in "RFMF stood for "ROYAL". You, at that time took oaths and promises to defend the life of the Queen and the people.

It is a different story today. Lack of enthusiasm for the parade is because the soldiers and the people are demoralized. Military officers and other ranks in the Force fear for their lives on the parade ground. Whilst there are no enemies who would be there to attack them, they fear that they might collapse on the parade ground because of unfitness. Soldiers are dying every week before there time from circulatory and other problems.

Anonymous said...

well, well, well, usually all the people holding office turn up to FIJI DAY parades, including the Commander of the Military Forces.....Baini did not even show his face at the Parade...he went off to a Muslim opening of something (more important to be with his Ayass).
So all the army soldiers, please take note, your Commander did not even have enuf respect for you boys on Parade --- SO WHY SHOULD YOU RESPECT HIM.??.. he would rather enjoy himself at a Sigatoka Hotel rather than potter around in the Mud and rain on a PARADE!!!- you soldiers can do alll his dirty work- while he laps it up.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 12:58- You hit the proverbial nail on the head! Why attend the parade and waste his time there. The curry pork lunch, the Arse had organized and the "pocket money" given after the lunch is much, much better and sweeter than attending a parade. Bugger the President who he appointed and the soldiers!!!!
Vinaka Vore for once again deserting your men - second time around for you. The first was during the mutiny and again this time. You are just something else you self-centered, greedy and pee brain idiot!!
I hope you soldiers take note!!!!!