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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Insiders: treason being considered for Air Pacific whistleblower

Fiji's military regime could be out to make an example of the Air Pacific pilot accused of leaking information to Coupfourpointfive.

Thirty seven year old Shalend Scott was taken into custody last Tuesday night and has appeared in court, charged with cyber crimes or hacking, under the Crimes Decree.

Reliable insiders say, though, that Fiji's police commissioner, Director of CID and illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, have held talks about charging him with treason for spying on the regime. 

The charge of treason carries a life sentence and insiders say Air Pacific CEO, David Pflieger, is urging Khaiyum to make an example of Scott.
Scott, an Australian national and the secretary of the Fiji Airlines Pilot Association, is accused of providing the documents that led to C4.5 revealing Pflieger paid a New York law firm almost US$24,000 to draft the controversial Essential National Industries decree.

Pflieger's direct involvement in the decree (he not only initiated it but paid for it to be drafted), reveal Air Pacific (46% owned by Australia's Qantas) has been working hand in glove with the regime to crush workers and cheat them of their rights.


Capt. Chaos said...

Tourism will come to a sorry end if anyone thinks they can play with pilots.Fact is that pilots can do office work as well as fly planes but office workers can only do office work and not fly planes...So what a bummer to tourism if Shalend was sent to jail.All pilots probably start complaining of stomach bug in succession and passengers will start swearing at management and fly Air New Zealand instead on a one way ticket outta here.

Anonymous said...

This is a farce and needs to stop! This poor guy was simply trying to make people realise the illegal activities of Air Pac's CEO. To have him charged for anything - and treason at that - is ludicrous. Amazing how this illegal government can just sweep all their lies that were revealed under the carpet and go after honest citizens like Mr Scott.

Careful CEO Air PAC an AG, you can't keep doing this to people forever. What goes around, comes around...

Anonymous said...

It is now obvious that the bullying and scare tactics has also rubbed of on to [P]FRIGGER.
Charge Shalend for TREASON? Well I never. These idiots must be really desperate.
Although you are the fall guy, thank you Shalend. You had the guts to do it, whilst QANTAS does not have the BALLS to take a decisive action.
Our prayers and well wishes are with you Shalend.

Anonymous said...

Time FIJIANS got off their arses and got rid of this Evil regime, The Fijian people are looking like COWARDS to the rest of world who are rebelling against the oppressive regimes that have taken their freedom.

Ram Sami said...

If the charges are true, then Shalend Scott may be unemployable for life.

No employer wants their staff to misuse confidential company information for their own private agenda !!!

Anonymous said...

You are the real hero shalend unlike those lamusonas talking from overseas ,,,,,,

FJ Flight & Cabin Crew said...

I hope Fiji will charge Pflieger with treason for all his crimes and have him sent to prison for life once the regime is kicked out.

What a sad situation Fiji is in with illegal regime in power. Time has come to kick their ass and have them sent to jail.

Pflieger, we are keeping an eye on you so watch your back white monkey. Time is not on your side sugar boy.

All of Air Pacific cabin and flight crew hate you and we backstab you on our flights. What are you going to do flithy dirty white boy? Put spy cameras and recorders. Try your luck sugar kid.

Anonymous said...

They have the wrong guy. This is just crazy trying to hurt an innocent chap. Look within for a change.

mark manning said...

Castrate Pflieger, then he will look like Aiyaz, the Shameem sisters and Frank !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Treason????? OMGoodness..what is this world of nitwits coming to? These ILLEGALS are the first to be tried for treason...man!!!! hope this sparks something in Fiji. A law abiding citizen exercising his moral responsibility to show what is WRONG with Air Pathetic and its CEO and this is what he gets? shame on you Aiyaz, Voreqe, et al.

Anonymous said...

Treason charge for Shalend?....OMG!!!!! what about those who are now trying to show the world they are running the show here....under the barrel of guns?????........wananavu!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It defies logic that an expatriate CEO such as David Pfliger can wield unmitigated powers in the affairs of a sovereign state. This would not be too difficult where lawlessness rules and, like Fiji where an unelected junta governs. With his legal background Pfliger must have the Fijian natives lapping at his feet. Sad case again of the white man playing God over the black man. Go Cowboy!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,Mr Minister for Health Mr Neel Sharma,You made me sick this morning with your Denmark idea of FAT TAX.You have closed the hospitals,have created the biggest drug shortage in Fiji,have made Doctors and Nurses lives terrible and unpleasent ,Closed Pharmacies for people you dont like,made cigarette purchase like gastpo,wanting to close KIDNEY foundation NOW FAT TAX,wake up Doc we have seven hundred thousand population and it seems you will tell us what to eat,when to have sex, You have lots in your closet and it will be exposed soon,so Neel smell th rose and let us live our lives

Anonymous said...

I am earnestly waiting for the Australian Government's response to the Regime's treatemnt on one of its own.

Bainimarama's Regime is leading, developing and working through its principle of FEAR & Instigating Fear on the Fiji Citizens!

Anonymous said...

AG /Bai Bs decree is not a law of fiji .
1997 constitution is still alive.
Why is AUSS/NZ govt is not taking any action on the illegal regime.
Time for action now enough talk pls.

Hang the dog said...

Pfleiger must hang like the taliban dog that he is.

Anonymous said...

Scott crime is nothing but he is fighting for workers rights.
frank/ag/cronies crime is the highest under the 1997 constitution -treason.
fiji people have to wake up and fight/strike
.than this illegal regime will fall.
come on guys wake up.

Anonymous said...

This is really sad and shameful. where are the rest of the pilots and Air Pac workers who should be standing by Shalend because he took a stand. no. the problem in Fiji is everybody wants everybody else to solve their problems. no one has the guts to back up people who stand and eventually they are left on their own to suffer because they stood up for us. The entire Air Pac fraternity is suffering, their families are suffering and those that are dependant of these employees are suffering but we are just worriedabout our jobs. we are happy for pther to take the irsk on behalf of us but no i will not stand behind you wneh you need me because i dont have the guts like you.
Just imagine if air pacific - the entire staff - walk off their jobs. the other unions can do the same. we dont have to abide by this regime. how many people are they going to lock up or sack from their jobs. its shameful to see senior members of the Air Pac union and senior staff just can criticize and curse the regime and its supporters behind their back but when time comes to make a stand their hide behind skirts. For the air pac staff - you deserve this. you are all bunch of cowards. you cant even stand up to your colleague who made a stand on your behalf. no wonder fiji is in such a mess adn any tom dick and harry can execute a successful coup because we the peole of this country are bunch of cowards. we only think of ourselves. not our country and our future generations. we are a selfish generation. we live for ourselves not for others.

Anonymous said...

Now for fiji to make decree laws is very easy.

just get the airpacific ceo to contact his alien friends and get cut and paste alien decree for fiji- the new style alien parliment of fiji.

Radiolucas said...

Treason - ha!

What are the RFMF now other than traitors themselves? Who do they serve? What people do they represent? Probably the likes of Ram Sami & Co.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.10. You are correct. All we need is Air Pac pilots to walk off. The rest of the country will join in. Guranteed. Air Pac pilots MUST start the action. Its their fight but others WILL join. And it will b ring down the regime.
But pilots have always been cowatrds and selfish. They have never stood up for anybody, even themselves. Check our history. Other Air Pac workers have gone on strikes. But pilots NEVER supported. Still if they start this one, they will get the support from others and the REGIME WILL FALL. Just start damn it.


Patriot said...

I urge Voreqe Bainimarama to sack david pfliger and his illegal and egomaniac line minister, Arysse. Pfliger has the innocuous distinction of being the most incompetent CEO ever employed by Air Pacific. Why? very simple - the idiot has NO clue on how to run an international airline. He spends his time either intimidating and sacking people or organising "trump up" charges against employees. Air Pacific, Fiji's national flag carrier has proudly flown the Fijian Flag for 60 years across the Pacific skies, into Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America. It is staffed by professionals who love their jobs and their company. Then you get a jerk and a wife-cheater of an American, masquerading as a CEO who comes in and destroys the business, that has taken years to build. If you are reading this Mr Prime MInister, Sir it's time to cut Fiji's losses and run. david pfliger has not only become an embarrassment to the nation of Fiji and its Government, but he is also a liability to the people of Fiji, Air Pacific and Fiji's tourism industry. His illegal activities has brought Fiji under direct ILO / international scrutiny and now Australian government intervention due to Mr Shalend Scott. You don't need a moron to add to your woes. Get rid of him now or others will beat you to it.

Anonymous said...

Australia & New Zealand will do nothing!! Simple economic politics, they need all pacific nations around them to be third world,third world living and especially third world wages. you see both these countries are losing there manufacturing sector to China & India because they cant afford the labor cost.We will have an influx of investors mainly in the manufacturing sector very soon. They will need to replace manufacturing sector with something.Ah... Tourism , no oil in Fiji but tourists ,divert all future tourist out of Fiji to NZ and Australia by investing in million dollars in ads, already happening! Having a dictator in Fiji might not be good for the people of Fiji but its sure as hell good for Aust & NZ. they'll give with one hand and take double on the other, simple politics really!

Anonymous said...

The Vice President of the Australian and International Pilots Association, Captain Richard Woodward, says his association is concerned for Mr Scott’s welfare and it has raised the matter with the Australian government.

“We’re not about to interfere in the sovereign country’s laws but we want to make sure that he’s not just the victim of a witch hunt in an effort to union-bust. We would hate to think he’s been made the centrepiece of that effort.”

There you go Fiji Unions! no one will stand for you so stop placing hopes in unions abroad. Stand up for you rights here and do something. cant we do something in support of Shalend? Air Pacific unions and employees have to start this - right now!

Keep The Faith said...

Bring 'em down Air Pac workers. They are few, you are many.

Who do you think the regime will target next down the food-chain? Yes, you, you, you and you.

The tourism industry has for too long enjoyed the lucrative benefits and protection of the illegal and treasonous military regime, while the poor workers earned a pittance while slaving away.

It is time some hard lessons were learned - the kind of lessons that Carl Ngamoki Cameron recently learned with Pio Tikoduadua (almost out the door) and Sharon Goebbels (also almost out the door).

mark manning said...

Join them on facebook and have your say, but be polite and factual, not rude and hysterical
Google :-
International Students at University of Waikato - Faculty of Law ...

Anonymous said...

@ Ram Sami 10:52am

Not surprised at all by your comments. Just goes to show what a real egg you are!

Fortunately, most employers are not as stupidly immoral and blind as you.

Unlike Pflieger who obviously sees and treats his position at Air Pacific as his (and his evil cohorts of thieves)own personalized privilege to use and abuse as they please FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL AGENDA, brave Scott - guided by his conscience knew that his status as an employee of Air Pacific is a corporate right,one that encompasses virtues of fairplay/fairness, honour, integrity, legality (not Parsey's brand!), morality, righteousness and uprightness. So, tell me Mr Egghead, who is more loyal to Air Pacific here? Who has the interests of Pacific at heart here? Whose shenangains will most hurt Air Pacific? Certainly not Scott's!

Bosses like Pflieger (and his evil cohort of thieves) are no more than pathetic bullies whose serious lack of confidence in their own abilities must be built and shored up by gagging and obstructing the effectiveness of his subordinates. That unfortunately is the norm in Fiji under the current regime. That is and has been their modus operandi one that will be their undoing and the country's as well unless they are stopped. Scott was brave enough to be be part of the movement working towards doing just that!

Let me ask this Mr Egghead...

Should the individual be greater than the institution?

Ironically, how we answer this question will also guide us as to who rightfully should be charged for treason in this saga at Air Pacific!

So Mr Egghead, unlike you, most employers will recognise the unshaken loyalty Mr Scott has for Air Pacific, a loyalty that is shaped by a sense of fairplay and justice, by ethics, honour, and morality...a loyalty that is brave and courageous...a loyalty that will endure and sustain ...a loyalty that will put the company over and above personal comforts. So, I would hire Scott any day over either you or Pflieger...Egghead!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:44am

An enduring lesson from childhood (which instils good work ethics)

"God helps those who help themselves first"...

By the look of things, the Aussies and the Kiwis obviously operate along similar principles.

My question to you is (and everybody else on this forum who are forever whinning to whoever, to come save us)- What are you doing to help yourself and by extension, help free Fiji? Sitting on your behind and wringing your hands crying "HALEPPPPPP" will neither get you and Fiji anywhere...It just wont work. Why dont you take the lead...and you will see kangaroos and kiwis behind you...

Why should they take the lead which by the way will only put more ammo in Bainiarsey's hands to run amock in the global village!

Lead the way my friend...and incidentally, violence is NOT the only way...

Anonymous said...

This Aussie guy (Scott) has the guts to do what he did. Fijians are are bunch of Cowards and Liumuri. Who do you Fijians think will fight for your rights and freedom? You are are bunch of pathetic loosers. Levu ga na vosa. Stand up and be counted and have the balls to fight this Dictatorship!!

Navosavakadua said...

According to the media, Scott is to be charged with cyber offences under the infamous Crimes Decree. I've had a quick check and can't find any such offences.

ASK would have ordered Scott to be locked up before he gave any thought to what he could be charged with.

It would be the ultimate in bad taste for a regime installed by treason to charge him with treason.

It's more likely they plan to charge him with "seditious intention" -which what the regime calls is an intention "to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the Government of Fiji as by law established". (Section 66 of the ASK Decree).

Section 70, designed to offer an out for the criminals themselves, states that "the court shall have regard to the context in which the conduct occurred, including whether the person's conduct was done in good faith".

More specifically, Section 70 identifies acts "in good faith in connection with an industrial dispute or an industrial matter".

The regime obviously thought it could keep the union in their camp when this last provision was included. At that stage the main enemy was the Methodist Church.

Ram Sami said...

@ anonymous 3:15

If I was running a business, I would not want any of my employees to misuse confidential information which they acquired as part of their employment, for their own private agenda.

Dont expect a dopey like you to understand that.

@ RadioLucas

No I dont support the junta but accept the fact that FB is better than the alternatives of Qarase and/or Millionaire Mahen Chaudhary.

I have previously asked you about your choice of pm and cabinet as amongst the anti-regime posters, I sense that you are among the few with intellect.

Anonymous said...

@11:59 PM. you're clearly out of your phucking mind, rami sami.

Anonymous said...

I recently visited Port Villa for holiday's. Whilst on vacation I met with two lovely ladies who initially wanted to holiday in Fiji. However upon hearing the news of tourist being found dead and tourist being beaten to death, they decided against visiting Fiji and instead vacationed in Villa. It's a sad country, and it's situation will never get better, as there are too many dictators who beleive they have the answer.

Anonymous said...

@ Rami Sami, put yourself in Pflieger shoes would you've done the same, support the militarize government! help pay for decree that would crush basic employment rights? Now take your time to think about it now that you're coming round to it !Put yourself in Scott shoes , where should he go and protest?? what he did was a way of protest when public avenue have been restricted!

hope you get it soon rather then later ......before you start running your own business preferably!

Anonymous said...

I got an idea for FRIGGER.....go home to the US and try and impement this decree in your own home land...see what happens.....no you cant can you? So dont come here and try do things which in your country would put you in jail in a heart beat..

Anonymous said...

@ Ram Sami 11.59pm

Well hello Mr Egghead. Had been looking forward to your response but I must say I was disappointed.

But then again, what can one expect from an egghead who cannot distinguish between moral responsibility for the greater good and the selfish whims and devious machinations of a greedy selfish opportunist!

And Mr Egghead, you did not answer my question which I will once again put to you:


But then, may be that is too much for a dopey egghead like you to answer eh?

Anonymous said...

Plieger you cunt of a man. you will be hunted down like those Nazi collaborators.

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific pilots should all go out in support of Shalend. Pilots can work behind the Nadi airport counter but workers behind the counter can't fly aeroplanes. Go our in sympathy strike and maybe, only maybe Pfliger will come to his senses.

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