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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

UN agency urged to drop Bainimarama from Geneva summit

Swearing allegiance - but to what?
More international opposition today to dictator Frank Bainimarama taking the podium to promote the so-called achievements of his illegal government.

The UNI Global Union, which represents 900 trade unions and 20 million workers worldwide, is calling on the International Telecommunication Union to withdraw its invitation to Bainimarama to address the ITU World Conference today in Geneva. 
The ITU is the United Nations agency for information and communications technologies.  

Bainimarama recently attended the UN's Generaly Assembly in New York and has now been invited to speak at the Broadband Leadership Summit.

UNI has, however, written to the ITU reminding it that Bainimarama is a dictator trying to legitimise his rule.

In a strongly-worded letter to the ITU secretary-general, Hamadoun Touré, UNI's general secretary, Philip Jennings, says Bainimarama was left off the invite list for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Perth this week because of his illegal takeover and poor human rights record.

Jennings says: “The invitation to the Commodore brings shame on the ITU by giving a public and global platform which he is now using to legitimate his regime." 

He adds: “[Bainimarama is] a leader who has no democratic mandate but took power by force.”

In his letter, Jennings also points out to the ITU that the International Trade Union Confederation has reported the regime’s oppression of trade unions and recent efforts to marginalise it.

Jennings offered to hold an emergency meeting with the ITU as soon as possible to discuss the matter further.

Bainimara's inclusion at the Geneva ITU summit has also been criticised by the international officer for the British Trade Union Council (TUC), Owen Tudor.

On the TUC blog site under the heading "Commonwealth: Fiji pretends there was a better party to go to, anyway", Tudor says Bainimarama would rather attend the Geneva summit than the CHOGM meeting in Australia because he doesn't have to explain the regime's oppressive behaviour, especially the newly-introduced Essential Industries Decree.

Tudor says Bainimarama would be made to account for the way he is running Fiji and in particular the recent anti-worker and anti-union decree.

"The Decree is the latest in a long line of repressive measures introduced by Fiji’s military dictatorship, and is another example of what got Fiji suspended from the Commonwealth in 2009. Which is the real reason Frank is in Geneva this week instead of Perth: his peers don’t want him there – suspended countries can’t attend.

"However, straight out of the guide to being a dictator (in this case remarkably similar to the guide to being a whining teenager with no friends) Frank maintains he’s too busy because he’s been invited to a much better party down the road.

"The Commonwealth Trade Union Group delegation (the largest ever at a CHOGM) will be urging the other Heads of Government to include some rather stiff words about Fiji and its repression of trade unions in their final communique. And the International Trade Union Confederation has agreed an action plan to step up our solidarity with Fijian trade unions, whose President Daniel Urai is in Perth to tell delegates about how he was arrested just for meeting with his members."

Commonwealth: Fiji pretends there was a better party to go to, anyway
UNI protests against the ITU invite to Frank Bainimarama
Phillip Jennings letter to the ITU


Anonymous said...

We can play this dirty game of he said! I said! they said! shit said, its not going to put a dent of them shit....do what the Libyan people did to the dictator and the help will just come....

Anonymous said...

Keep him busy inside and outside of the country at meetings and junkets.

The "Brotherhood" deepens and lengthens its tentacles while the puppet dances a merry jig...jaws moving, utterying sweet nothing.

Coup 4.5 said...

Letter from Australian pro-democracy leader Pita Waqatiarewa to Frank Bainimarama: Printed here because it came after our recent coverage on Libya and the death of Colonel Gaddafi-C4.5 Editor

In the last few days, the world has once again witnessed the lynching of another tyrant, Muammar Gaddafi, following an endless list that included Hitler who committed suicide. This recent death of Gadaffi followed the death of Saddam Hussein and the current languish in prison of Hosni Mubarak. Next on the list is Assad of Syria.

That is where you are heading Frank. One day you will die like a pig. Do you really want that because right now you are just on survival mode and with a security detail of 50, you are just prolonging the inevitable. Know your history, because one of your security detail will take you out!!!! All it takes is for one’s guilty conscious to overtake his greed for money and you’re history.

One thing I just would like to remind you is that if you want to carry that stigma, then carry on regardless but ask yourself the question, how much do you love your family. Your only son Meli, your daughters and your grandchildren.

Do you really want your family to carry on that stigma and be persecuted for your actions. Your children and your grandchildren and your siblings children. They will forever carry the shame in the generations to come.

The name Bainimarama currently generates a lot of scorn and hate and by continuing on as you do you are just cursing your family more. Do you really want to do that and one day end up being hunted down like a dog and pulled out of some culvert somewhere in Viti Levu?

Please think about it seriously and contact us to begin negotiation for a peaceful transition of government back to a civilian administration because the longer you drag this on the longer you rip the guts out of our beautiful country and its people; and the longer your innocently vindicate your family.


And finally I just one to remind you that all the wealth your are corruptly accumulating, I will personally make sure it is recovered and given back to the people of Fiji. And remember,when you die, you will not even take a single cent with you as you go and meet God and prepare to burn in hell.

Think about it while there is still time.


Usaia Peter Waqatairewa

President - NSW Chapter

Stan said...

@Mr Waqatairewa
We don't want the Vuaka to negotiate. Qadafi was found in the pipe. We want to see Vuaka drown in the pond in Kinoya.
Yes drown in the shit of the people of Fiji, because he deserves it.
In fact they should make this the penalty for every coupstar in Fiji. Anyone who make a coup should be drowned in the sewerage pond in Kinoya and broadcast on live-TV to everyhome in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I am talking about negotiating peacefully stepping a side and facing the laws of Fiji on treason, sedition and murder. No go free. Never on my mind.


Usaia P. Waqatairewa.

I hate Frank Bai said...

And may I know what achievement is he planning to showcase to the delegates at the conference. Stand up on the stage and look like a dumb ass coconut head.

Seriously, what's wrong with this guy. Is he so dumb not to realize he will look like a joker on the stage. He needs a reality check.

Frank, your time is up. You will face the same fate as what the Libyan leader faced. Get ready for it cassava batch kid.

Stan said...

@Mr Waqatairewa
Very good. I like that.

Kenneth Zinck said...

For the sake of the workers and the Unions in Fiji, Frank should not be allowed to address the ITUWorld Assembly in Geneva. He should first ge rid of the oppressive decree that banishes unions before he can address any union gathering. Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

We all know that Bainimarama lacks depth and knowledge to have confidence to do or say anything.He will always rely on someone close to him.Teleni used to do that for him during their long career together in the Navy.Being junior in rank Teleni was always advising Bainimarama even writing his letters,memos or minutes,like the brain behind Bainimarama.Look at his way up,Teleni was always following Bainimarama.First as Navy Commander then Chief of Staff and even appointed as Deputy Commander RFMF bofore the Coup.If there was any final advice from anyone before Bainmarama decided to do the coup it would have come from no other person but Teleni.Look back at all activities before and immediately after the coup and prominent roles played by Teleni.Harrasment of Commissioner Hughes,hijacking of police riot armament from the wharf,Peter Foster involvement,becoming the first Commissioner for FICAC etc.
Teleni finally had a falling out with Bainimarama and his role as mentor was taken over by Khaiyum.
Bainimarama also gets carried away by praises and grandstanding by officers particularly senior officers in the so called Military Council who tell him that he is doing a great job encouraging him to remain holding onto power.The same senior officers of course have their own ulterior motives because they now enjoying the salaries and benefits of Ministers, Permanent Secretaries,Divisional Commissioners,Commissioner of Police,Commissioner of prison,Directors of Immigration etc.They have been enjoying salaries and perks for the past 5 years,they just do not want to go back to camp to receive between $30k,$40k or $50k.
My point is these are the ones who should be on the list together with Khaiyum,Shameem siters,Nur Bhanno,Akuila Yabaki,Father Barr,Gates and Gaunder to be dragged through the Kinoya sewer plant before paraded and humiliated in the streets of Suva.

mark manning said...

UNI should also advise ITU that Frank's Regime has applied a blanket censorship over Fiji's Media and therefore can manipulate the truth to suit it's own agenda.
Sadly, one photo showing Frank with International dignitaries, can make it appear that his Regime is accepted by the international community and do potentially irreparable harm to having Fiji returned to Democracy.

Can someone with Fiji's interests at heart, advise UNI and ITU directly ?

mark manning said...

If you look @ Franks' clenched right fist, it still seems to me that he may have suffered a right sided stroke @ some point in time !
Maybe his jetting around the World will speed this up and his eventual demise on the International Stage.

Anonymous said...

Vuakamarama would be found hiding in a pig sty.

mark manning said...



Anonymous said...

1:05pm you have a name missing from that list, David Pfliger of Air Pacific. He needs to be thrown in jail for being the architect of the EIN Decree and, conning his way to the Air Pacific CEO office where he is destroying the company

Anonymous said...

Todays News!

Air Pacific will borrow close to $200 Million from the Fiji National Provident Fund to buy three Airbus aeroplanes.

The national airline will purchase the three brand new Airbus A330-200 aircrafts estimated at US$600 Million.

Air Pacific CEO Dave Pflieger says they will pay a healthy interest rate to FNPF for the loan.

“With respect to FNPF's involvement they have helped with some of the initial down payments on the aeroplanes majority of the financing over 80 - 85% will come from offshore. We are still in the process of putting those funds together as we speak. We are in discussions with the European credit agencies and then other banks in Europe to provide that financing.”

Minister for Civil Aviation Aiyaz Sayed- Khaiyum says Superannuation funds abroad have played a major part in developing their countries.

“For example in Singapore, the Singapore Superannuation Fund over there in the early stages of the development of Singapore participated in many of the infrastructure development that Singapore embarked on and today it’s a world class place and world class city to visit. I can also tell you FNPF is making a very handsome return on the funds that it has lent to Air Pacific.”

This is the first time Air Pacific will buy wide body aircrafts in its 60 year existence.


1. Has the FNPF board and management sought the approval/consent of members to invest superannuation funds?

2. Have they deliberately changed FNPF policies to meet point 1. without members input per se?

3. Does this mean that Air Pacific is not generating enough revenue to: cover costs, including its capital projects like purchasing planes?

4. If point 3 is in the affimative, then what about its latest financial report where a healthy profit margin was presented to the public - Is the report fabricated, because todays news of seeking FNPF funds alludes that variables are contradicting each other.

5. Is the Nadi - Hong Kong flight route viable? Acording to the latest figues, this route is not even enough to cover costs.

6. However, the GM of Air Pacific is doing Govt. a favour by arguing with false data that the route is profitable. It doesn'nt take a rocket scientist to ascertain that this Nadi - HongKong route is not viable and must be scraped. However, that is the only route that will enable those in Govt. to negotiate/implement their failing "LOOK NORTH" policies.

7. Now because this Air Pac's GM/CEO has scratched Govt's back, now it is time for Govt to scratch Air Pacific's back...but the question is WHY DO MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH THE ILLEGAL SPENDING/INVESTMENT OF THEIR FNPF FUNDS?

Anyway, as agent Mulder used to say in The X-Files episodes:


God Bless Viti!!!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Pita Waqatairewwa - o iko na kai "KORONIKALOU" dina!!!!
Fire Tai, kemami vakavinavinaka na kai VITI DINA keimami tu 'qo e Viti, ka keimami sa tagi tu ga e veisiga!
E sa dua na ka na neimami tagi kei na masu e na ka e sa yaco tu 'qo vei keimami!!
Me vakalougata taka ka liutaki keimudou tiko na Tamada sa Cecere e na sasaga dou sa kitaka tiko 'qori.

Anonymous said...

Also note his right cheek, it appears that he has had a minor stroke. He's suffering I'll health and next time he has a stroke, sa mate. Suffer you arsehole.

Anonymous said...

There will be NO negotiation, there will be NO compromise, there will be NO sympathy. This man [ the Vore] has done more damage than anything else!!
He will, like Waqatairewa has mentioned will eventually be flushed our of a culvert - just like Gaddafi!

Anonymous said...

The dictator trip to swissland under guise of telecommincation course which he know nothing about is to open secret kick back accounts in swiss bank for him.

He must be caught red handed with a camera in swiss bank.

Anonymous said...

Hey the Fijian Prime Minister cheek
looks ok to me,thats the way he normally looks when he's concentrating on something important...like kicking out that stupid Qarase and his stupid lackies in 2006? His hands normally
claps when he's planning something
huge...like fire the Aussie stupid
police commissioner etc? So there, its all good!!!

Ratu Borogaga said...

What must be running on our small dictators head now that big dictators are falling like flies. It's just a matter of time before his time arrives. Prepare for celeberations Fijians, humpty dumpty will have a great fall.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.03am..you must be one ugly disabled moron if you think vuaka's right cheek is normal.

Anonymous said...

The airpacifc will use the FNPF 200 million to pay deposit for the billion dollar loan.

Is air Treason doesnt have deposit for loan how will it repay FNPF with interest?

FNPF pensioners are finished-forget the 200 million corrupt loan for repayment.

Anonymous said...

A big thank you to the Gen Sec INU - this is the type of DECISIVE AND BOLD action that should be adopted by any/all right thinking individuals, organisations and governments.
The illegal PM lacks basic good manners and is a compulsive liar. He does NOT deserve and form of recognition.
Once you invite him to any forum, then you are aiding and abetting him. You have agreed to and endorse the on-going rape that he is doing to this country.
our so-called friends in Australia and NZ should take their cue from this!!

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something - the illegal PM even gets to speak at the UN General Assembly. By inviting him, the UN too is also guilty of aiding and abetting him. The man overtook a democratically elected government - HELLO!! ANYBODY LISTENING????!!!!

NS=ASK+JVB said...

Kerekere! Da masu ga vakalevu ka vakaukauwa for the Almighty God's intercession...the time is coming.

In the meantime let us mention names here for people to be compiled in a Master List of Bainimarama supporters (those who do not deserve to be in Government and High positions and put there by JVB...to be compiled by Tikina and Tai in Australia...where it is safe to do this.

Anonymous said...

NS=ASK+JVB said...Wannabe Fijian?Old peacecorp never die, they just grow old and stink-up the whole room!Frank Bainimarama is the leader that all these idiots deserved!!!Wer know that you own this website so just F... Right Off!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@1:05PM aka RUM:
Unfortunately,you're just a spoiled
brat-that's what Bai said-before he
fired you and your useless Driti compatriot? You shouldn't have been
in the Military,cause you don't have the displine, strength,depth and or toughness to lead!you're just another political fatality & mis-calculations of your parents?We
the people will one day includes you,Driti and everyone in the Military on our trial list! So don't be trying to make yourself looks likes the good guy? Frank Bai
is clearly a displined leader and he's probably well suited to be the President of Fiji instead of the PM job, for which i might say that he's been doing a heckva job?