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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Khaiyum's arrogance and incompetency revealed in correspondence with American ally

The military regime's dictatorial attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has displayed his arrogance, hunger for power, and confirmed his incompetency as a lawyer who cannot understand or clarify simple issues that the treasonous regime regards as legal issues.

Aiyaz Khaiyum has showed himself up as one who is worse than a junior law clerk in an exchange of correspondence with his ally in the private sector, Air Pacific's Chief Executive Officer, David Pflieger.

The incompetency is exposed in his letter to Pflieger where he tries to clarify that Pacific Sun is a designated corporation and whether or not it is included in the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree, despite not being listed as a designated corporation under the Regulations gazetted on September the 9th.

Coupfourpointfive readers will recall our story last Friday, where we reported that Fiji Airlines Limited, trading as Pacific Sun, which is a subsidiary of Air Pacific, informed its employees through a memorandum dated September the 26th and issued by its General Manager Shaenaz Voss, that they are now included as a designated corporation in an essential industry under the ENI Decree.

Voss stated that "government had clarified the issue on September the 23rd". We had said that no Decree was gazetted to amend the ENI Decree Regulations to include Fiji Airlines Ltd or Pacific Sun, therefore the clarification - whether verbal or in written form - would still be unlawful.

We remind readers that on September the 15th, C4.5  published a letter from Pflieger to Aiyaz Khaiyum requesting him to include Pacific Sun as a designated corporation. Pflieger to Khaiyum: "...whether it could be listed as a separate corporation to avoid any confusion with respect to its existence as a separate company and with respect to it being a separate covered entity under the Decree".


We can today confirm that on September the 12th, Pflieger signed two letters. We have today received copies of the two letters as well as Khaiyum's reply to Pflieger dated September the 23rd.

The contents of the letter were exactly the same. But closer inspection will show that Pflieger's first letter was rejected by Khaiyum because it didn't list his Civil Aviation ministerial portfolio! Khaiyum now holds nine portfolios, of course, among them Civil Aviation.

Sources say Khaiyum was incensed his American friend  omitted one of his portfolios and ordered another letter be sent with the appropriate correction. Pflieger quickly got it corrected and emailed the letter. Both letters were also sent by official postal mail.

According to sources, Khaiyum's arrogance has been obvious since he assumed office in the treasonous regime. Sources note that his media officers used to write letters to the editor in the daily newspapers in the regime's early days reminding them that his name is Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and to spell it properly.

Any omission of any of the three names - or the hyphen - would result in a letter the following day, along with a correction. Sources add that after Khaiyum's failure at the Forum Ministerial Contact Group meeting in January 2009, Fiji Times published a cartoon showing Frank Bainimarama telling Khaiyum off and spanking his backside.

The cartoonist left the hyphen out. The following day Fiji Times re-published the full cartoon with Khaiyum on the receiving end.  Interestingly, his humiliation at the hand of the dictator was secondary: according to sources, the bigger concern over the cartoon was the misspelling of his name.

In another anecdote, sources reveal that during a meeting with some businessmen this year, one of them was put in his place after calling Khaiyum 'Aiyaz.' Khaiyum told the businessman: "Don't call me Aiyaz, call me Attorney-General". 

Hunger for power & incompetency 
"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Aiyaz Khaiyum is a perfect example. Apart from his monetary gains, Khaiyum's ambition to be the Prime Minister is now coming out in the open. Last week we reported and showed a picture of a plaque naming Khaiyum "Acting Prime Minister".

In his reply to Pflieger in the letter dated September the 23rd, Aiyaz Khaiyum signed off as "Acting Prime Minister & Attorney-General". This, after the display of arrogance and the order to Pflieger to write a second a letter because he left off the Civil Aviation portfolio from the address. 
Khaiyum's letter clearly shows his hunger for power and recognition, and exposes him as an incompetent lawyer.

Pflieger requested Khaiyum to include Fiji Airlines Ltd Trading As Pacific Sun as "separate company, to avoid any confusion with respect to it being a separate covered entity under the Decree".

Khaiyum's clarification was this: "Given PSL (Readers note: He is referring to 'Pacific Sun Limited', a company that doesn't even exist)
is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Pacific Limited, PSL is also a designated corporation for the purposes of the Decree and the Regulations".

Shaenaz Voss based her memo on this clarification, signing the memo as Fiji Airlines Ltd General Manager, not as PSL GM. As readers know, the name of the corporation is Fiji Airlines Ltd, Trading As Pacific Sun. So even while trying to enforce regulations of a unlawful and draconian decree, Aiaz Khaiyum has made cardinal errors. In any fair court of law, his letter will be thrown out and he crucified, if the ENI Decree and its Regulations are allowed to be challenged. 

Sources reveal that given his lack of understanding of the most basic laws, it was no wonder Khaiyum did not represent the Colonial National Bank in Arbitration Tribunals or Court to defend the Bank in employee/employer disputes and proceedings, despite being employed as General Manager Legal.

Given Aiyaz Khaiyum's incompetency, it is not surprising Pflieger sought external help from the New York law firm MILBANK and the British Consultant, Andy Cook, in drafting and fine-tuning the provisions of the ENI Decree. 


No Name said...

Bloggers, it's our duty to misspell his name and keep calling him Aiyarse

Anonymous said...

just call him aiyasshole kahiyum..haaaaa

FJ Captain and Cabin Crew said...

Send these two bastards to prison ASAP. In there, they can write as many decrees as they like. Better still, send them to hell.

Anonymous said...

Now that Tikoitoga has admitted to his board's mistakes in the rugby failure, can he also admit to the army's mistake in the coup and their support to this day?

You have time now for "Vengeance is the Lords and He will make you pay".

You have been warned and tell your bosses.

Elephant in Room... said...

Funny you should mention "basic legal stuff".

One being many learned people seem too have forgotten is that you cannot legally enter into a contract with a known illegal entity.
In laymans terms its the same as knowingly buying a stolen car and then suing the thief for compensation when the police sieze the vehicle.

All these contracts or agreements have no standing whatsoever in law - simple as that - as somebody once observed...

"living a giant legal fiction".

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz has not been the real brains behind the decrees...we need look no further than than the shameem sisters and others for those smarts.

Anonymous said...

arrogant vudi, closet vudi, thieving vudi...don't be shy add more to this sob vudi

SOUP RICE said...

@Elephant in Room

By this logic, the new Libyan regime is also unlawful. Also, the American Govt has been unlawful for 200yrs, because of the treasonous act of declaring independance from their British rulers.

The fact of the matter is, whoever is in power IS THE LAW.

The only way to make the current regime unlawful is to remove them (which is our goal).

My point is, if you keep arguing about semantics, we will get nowhere.

Back to the actual article. I think C4.5 missed a worse transgression. Any court of law will easily be convinced that Fiji Airlines Ltd and PacSun are one and the same company, since the Registrar of companies has registered them as such.

The REAL mistake is this: "Given PSL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Pacific Limited, PSL is also a designated corporation for the purposes of the Decree and the Regulations"

Mr. Khaiyum says that merely being a subsidiary makes the company a designated corp under the decree. By this logic, we can assume that if tomorrow Air Pac takes over 100% ownership of Sofitel, the hotel will also be covered under the decree and its workers will not be able to unionise. If Air Pac starts a taxi business, its workers will also not be able to strike.

Sorry Mr. Khaiyum, you FAIL!

Anonymous said...

assy baini shameemmi, all dicks

Anonymous said...

I am interested in the Pharmacy news,any developments or has any one anything new.. Minister Sharma dont do it

Anonymous said...



The Land Transport Authority said they will keep monitoring to ensure people are following the road rules.

Fijivillage has asked LTA how will they be ensuring that people do not go back to their jaywalking habits, now that the $40 fine for jaywalking has now been amended to $10 after an error in the specimen charges.

CEO Naisa Tuinaceva said their awareness campaign is still ongoing.

He said their initial campaign has been effective as many people have started following the traffic rule.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

For a month with major campaigns in Suva, Lautoka and Labasa, more than 300 people have been fined $40 each for committing the offence and will be refunded $30 each.

Anonymous said...

@ Elephant in the room, 7.23pm

So, due to this 'giant legal illussion', Fiji's democratically elected government will not be obligated in any way to honour any deals/loans/commitment undertaken by this illegal regime?


Anonymous said...

Does the international community see this idiot Aiyarse for what he is? How can he hold so many portfolios? it's a joke on all the tax payers of Fiji who must cut off his life line now. Pay no more taxes as long as these thieves continue their plunder! It's plain to see the incompetence of these low-lifes. Tikoitoga, Kean are just a dumb, half-caste dick-heads like his dumb, half-caste cousin Bhainiman and the taliban puppeteers. Lots of people looking forward to the day they all get castrated. Hatred for them is reaching boiling point.

Anonymous said...

kauyum semi meows hero drau vicai

mark manning said...

Judging from the picture, Aiyaz must think he is Arnie !
I'll be back !

Semi Arrogance said...

Reminds me of the coup-supporter Semi Meo and the paranoia with his name.

Penaia Caucau said...

Turukawa kanakana lavo u butako look your real brother in law in desperation you boci kawaca,laqo tuba.

ASK Bodyguard said...

Hey Aiyasshole, how would you like to try on the prison uniform since you "like to try it on". You have to be the most evil ass I have come across and one thing is for sure, you will have to pay for your sins. You and the entire clan needs to be weeded out now.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Holler all you want people, Aiyarse is still running this country whether you like or not...

Swamp Flyer. said...

Somebodies gotta make their minds up here real quick - can't remain an ally of these people and remain American?

Anonymous said...

That looks like a Tappoo shop,Arse trying sunglasses.could have had a home delivery molbi

Red Scorpion said...

This corrupt loon needs to be removed quicksmart. Him and the rest of his thieviong clan including Nur Bano choro at ZBDO and her crony Alison Southey who is always pestering Ministry of Finance and FIRCA for tax breaks, and exemptions. You bunch of thieving free riders!! All while the poor innocent people have to suffer do with deteriorating basic services because of thieving of tax payer money and tax evasions!!

Matavuvale said...

@SOUP RICE. 8:25 PM. "Also, the American Govt has been unlawful for 200yrs, because of the treasonous act of declaring independance from their British rulers..... The only way to make the current regime unlawful is to remove them (which is our goal)."

That is utterly untrue. Two points:


Governments everywhere derive their just powers from the ***consent*** of the governed.

The newly established U.S. Government Has Consent of the Governed.

Govt needs people's support and consent to govern

without the support of the community Govt cannot govern - thats the bottom line.

so when govt alienates whole sections of the community, this is what happens - rebellion - the people rebel.


The Fiji Court of Appeal ruled, in its historic judgment in 2009, that the 5 December 2006 Military Coup was illegal, the Military junta that replaced the SDL Government was illegal and all acts by it are illegal. Consequently, the ruling junta led by Bainimarama is illegal and thus is not the Government of Fiji. Ipso facto, Bainimarama is not the Prime Minister of Fiji. And therefore, Khaiyum is not the Acting Prime Minister of Fiji nor is Khaiyum Fiji’s Attorney-General.

"Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place." -- Frederic Bastiat

Radiolucas said...

9 Portfolios! It reads like a tragic comedy set.

Anonymous said...

Aziz being in lime light again,heard investigations are secretly done for his last few years of connections,and all the deals he had done will be undone ,the lands ministry busy finding out how many acres had been transferred to friends like Manohan and others. looks like witch hunting for all involved

Anonymous said...

Aiyarsehole is one dumb phuck.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz's PR is beginning to unravel.

Anonymous said...

what goes around comes around

Anonymous said...

I have seen him on TV interviews and he doesn't interview well. He might be bright but can't make a convicning point...perhaps it's because he's not a convincing person

SOUP RICE said...

@ Matavuvale

You have missed my point entirely.

Why aren't you using your real name here? Because you fear the govt.
Why should you fear them if they are unlawful? Because you can call them lawful or unlawful but it doesn't matter because at the end of the day, they have the guns.

They don't derive their power from the consent of the people, they derive it from the barrel of a gun.

The Court Of Appeal gets its power from the constitution, which is just a piece of paper. At the end of the day, he who has the guns, is the law.

That is why this democracy movement is flawed. Until the democracy includes amongst its goals the abolition of the RFMF, it is but a temporary measure which will bring us only temporary democracy... until another commander with a big ego and a small heart decides he can rule the nation.

We need to remove the Govt, return to democracy, and then remove the RMFM. Without guns, it will be much, much harder for one bunch of people to force everyone else to submit to their will.

mark manning said...

Aiyaz the Terminator has set himself up to become Aiyaz the terminated !

Anonymous said...

RE: Matavuvale @ 12:30PM

Cudos. A government is a servant to the people that it represents. It serves them. Not the reverse.

When it fails to represent and serve the people, then the people fire it - by whatever means they must(this, particularly when there is no representative assembly in place, (cough, cough,) not to mention a constitution(!) that can speak for them in an open dialogue manner, makes it a much more convoluted methodology and problematic - and not to mention that democratic elections don't appear to count for much.

A true government is elected and chosen by the people: the populace. Those that steal the seat of power by force (or fraud)? - well, we have another name for those kind of ###!!!

History has documented well the Boston Tea Party, in which the "expelled" people from Great Britain finally rose up against their tormentors for "taxation without representation" and said enough is enough. They had been shipped off and abandoned but were still expected to pay exorbitant taxes to the very country that had dumped them on what we now know as the U.S.A.

They created their own seat of government (for representation) in the land that they had been exiled to. This was a land that Great Britain liked to think of as their own - but funny thing - they didn't live there. The people they had turned their backs on lived there. The people living there, despite the circumstances, obligingly continued for the longest, excruciating time to abide by and kere-kere to their long distance "chief."

Hence the "Boston Tea Party" eventually began the cutting of the umbilical cord and noose that heralded Great Britain's demise in the "Americas." The rest, as they say, is history.

RE: Soup Rice @ 10:01 PM

I notice, my friend, that you do not give your name either.

Point taken. Difficult to fight back against guns when all you got is a i tatav raki.

Brains win over brawn every time. Use them.

John Galt

Anonymous said...

shit man, my electricity deposit has gone up from $100 to $1,400- letter received today from FEA.blooddy bastard illegal govment!!

Anonymous said...

@SOUP RICE. 10:01 PM. It's YOU who's missed MY point.

I guess by your "logic" EVERY government that has been in power through revolution is ILLEGAL!!

Calling "the American Govt has been unlawful for 200yrs"???


That U.S. Government Had Consent of the Governed! This Illegal Fiji Regime Does NOT!

The BOTTOM LINE: Govt needs people's support and consent to govern. Without the support of the community Govt cannot govern - that's the bottom line.


Anonymous said...

@10:01 PM. "SOUP RICE" "Why aren't you using your real name here? Because you fear the govt."

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black.

I could ask you the very same question, "SOUP RICE"!

But it's a very stupid question.

Plus calling the "the American Govt" "unlawful for 200yrs" speaks volumes of your level of mentality.


"don't derive their power from the consent of the people, they derive it from the barrel of a gun."

SOUPRICE, you don't know what you're talking about.

Political power may grow "out of the barrel of a gun". Mao

But, All Governments derive their just powers from the CONSENT of the governed. Jefferson.

People need to have something better, not violence and intimidation – that’s not going to resolve anything. It will only crystallise positions and turn this thing for the worse. Govt ("illegal" or "legal") needs people's support and consent to govern; without the support of the community Govt CANNOT govern - that's the bottom line.

Community ownership and participation is the key to successful governance - people need to feel ownership of government; that it’s their government - and these are their assets.

The Churches are alienated.

The Unions are alienated.

The people are alienated -

Government by trial and error is okay if you are doing it in a classroom where you can practice it on theories of governance and whatnot and the consequences remain in the classroom - but The people are alienated. THE PEOPLE OF FIJI ARE NOT EXPERIEMENT LAB RATS OR GUINEA PIGS to be the subject of an experimentation over a trial and error Sunset clause Thesis or the machinations of a university academic about a Charter. It just doesn't work like that in the real world.

What do you expect from a goon who was groomed by Pinochet? Totally inappropriate for the Pacific. Voreqe should be an actor in planet of the apes, not a national leader.

Anonymous said...

SOUP RICE, don't you go around calling the American govt illegal, got that?

The American Revolution had the support of the People and the newly formed Govt had the CONSENT of the People.

Even the Cuban Revolution had the support of the peasants who put their own lives on the line for what they saw as a cause greater than themselves.

But not this illegal 2006 Coup, nor this illegal regime. They never had the support and consent of the People. And they therefore CANNOT GOVERN. And that's the bottom line.

SOUP RICE said...

@Matavuvale and friends

Huh? Did you even read what I wrote? LOL, I never said that the American govt is illegal!!

I was responding to "Elephant in the Room"... and I said that BY HIS LOGIC, the american govt has been illegal for 200yrs.

I don't know about all the other stuff you are saying... not sure what you are trying to convince me of. I don't think anybody here needs to be convinced that we want a democracy and a dictatorship is bad. Anyone in his right mind will already agree with that.

"But, All Governments derive their just powers from the CONSENT of the governed" - Jefferson.
You must be misquoting him, because that doesn't make sense. DEMOCRATIC governments derive their powers from the consent of the people. There are governments (like our current hooligans in suva) who derive their power from the gun/dakai/bandook.

@Anon 7:03am
You say "and they therefore cannot govern".
Which planet are you on... they ARE governing.
If they weren't the govt, then there would be democracy in Fiji and c4.5 wouldn't have a reason to exist.

Anyway, I excuse you all because english is not our first language and we can make mistakes in trying to get our point across. Because here we are, all against the bai regime, but arguing over words.

Anonymous said...

Soup Rice, you are a laugh.. your new name is Soup Dhaaaaal

Anonymous said...

Soup Rice -

There is rule by the masses, where they give their united or majority consent (by FAIR election), - and then there is rule by force. That is all that fellow bloggers are speaking of.

Anytime the masses (populace) can have their voices heard and represented legitimately in the government's agenda - then you have a democracy (or simile thereof).

When governmental power is seized by force and individual rights are squashed, threatened, ignored, bullied, decreed against, punished, tortured, etc., etc., etc., then you have a military dictatorship. To my awareness, all democracies respect and allow freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of press. Perhaps, this could be a defining point?

There are plenty of both in the world and we see here in Fiji, how hard other nations are deciding their own fates.

What is ours???

John Galt

BTW - Hmmm. In the U. S. of A. if an employer felt any one of his staff had been disloyal in disclosing "embarrasing info" they just would have been fired. D.P. you must think you are REALLY a long way from home to carry it to the extent that you have. Shame, shame, shame.

Elephant in Room... said...

@ Soup Rice.

Doubt this regime not illegal?

Get a 2nd 3rd & 4th opinion?

You cannot lawfully enter into a binding legal contract with a known illegal entity.

Think about this?

And they don't come more illegal than this gang.

Anonymous said...

Leaked Fiji documents reveal more on Air Pacific role in decree

Posted at 03:30 on 06 October, 2011 UTC

Leaked documents in Fiji have shed more light on a British consultancy’s work on behalf of Air Pacific.

New documents, made public by the blog coupfourandahalf, show the company Marshall-James invoiced Air Pacific 33,000 US dollars in fees.

Last month, the CEO of the firm Marshall-James, Andy Cook, said he had not been engaged by Air Pacific or the Fiji interim government to support or help implement its union decree.

Mr Cook issued a statement to say he had beenasked for an opinion and urged the Fijian Government to adopt a policy of engaging with the International Union Movement and the ILO.

This followed widespread concern that the interim regime’s union decree violated conventions Fiji had signed up to.

However, Air Pacific claimed Mr Cook had been hired to work on its behalf on issues relating to the ILO complaint made against Fiji and the airline.

The decree had been commissioned by Air Pacific from a New York law firm at a cost of 24,000 US dollars.

Neither Air Pacific nor the interim regime has explained the process of procuring the decree.

Qantas, which owns 46 percent of Air Pacific, has been reluctant to comment on its role in commissioning the decree, saying only it doesn’t fly to Fiji.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Coup 4.5 said...

By Ului Mara

The blog site Coup 4.5 exposed the illegal AG Khaiyum’s title of Acting Prime Minister that is set in stone in the official Plaque commemorating the opening of the Fiji National University Film and TV studio. This use of the title, of Acting PM, portrays the illegal, power-hungry, Aiyaz Khaiyum’s clandestine ambition. It also broadcasts a signal of things to come.

The power-drunk and money-grabber Khaiyum, through the Plaque, is sending a loud and clear message to all and sundry, including his tyrant boss, the murderer Voreqe Bainimarama, that he (Khaiyum) intends to become, by hook or by crook, the next Prime Minister of Fiji. Acting as Prime Minister is only the first step. Khaiyum intends to continuingly act as Prime Minister of Fiji whenever the murdering dictator is absent from the country. This is Khaiyum’s next steps.

Bainimarama Not PM of Fiji

The people of Fiji and the countries of the South Pacific and the world all need to be clear that Bainimarama is not Prime Minister of Fiji.

The Fiji Court of Appeal ruled, in its historic judgment in 2009, that the 5 December 2006 Military Coup was illegal, the Military junta that replaced the SDL Government was illegal and all acts by it are illegal. Consequently, the ruling junta led by Bainimarama is illegal and thus is not the Government of Fiji. Ipso facto, Bainimarama is not the Prime Minister of Fiji. And therefore, Khaiyum is not the Acting Prime Minister of Fiji nor is Khaiyum Fiji’s Attorney-General.

In addition, according to informed sources, Khaiyum never informed his boss, the tyrant Bainimarama, of his (Khaiyum) plan to have the Plaque made and mounted. If this be true, then it was a self-enlightened move, by Khaiyum, to show Bainimarama who is the real boss of Fiji.

2006 Coup and Military Junta Illegal

Since the December 2006 Coup is illegal and the regime is illegal, its 2009 Decree abrogating the 1997 Constitution of Fiji has no legal standing, is illegal and is null and void. The fruit of the poison tree is also poisonous.

The 1997 Constitution is the supreme law of Fiji.

In the High Court rulings, the Prasad case being one, one of the Judges wrote that a Constitution is immutable and cannot be abrogated. The 1997 Constitution of Fiji is still valid.

Coup 4.5 said...


The 1997 Constitution, in Article 98, provides that Fiji’s President shall appoint as Prime Minister “the Member of the House of Representatives who in the President’s opinion can form a Government that has the confidence of the House of Representatives.” The same provision is contained in Fiji’s 1970, 1990 and 1997 Constitutions.

Fiji has no House of Representatives. Bainimarama was not then, or never was, a Member of the House of Representatives. This being the case, Bainimarama cannot be Prime Minister and he is not the Prime Minister of Fiji. Khaiyum cannot therefore be Acting Prime Minister.

The Plaque therefore dubbing the terrorist and former bomb-maker and Fiji’s illegal Attorney-General as the Acting Prime Minister is really, as previously stated, a sign of things to come.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s Evil Plan to Rule Fiji

The ultimate and sinister plot of the murderer Bainimarama and Khaiyum is to retain power by hook or by crook until they die. They are considering, subject to events and circumstances, to conduct a fraudulent and crooked election process in 2014. The ins and outs of that proposed election fraud were explained in a previous blog.

With a dubious and fraudulent victory assured by the murderer Bainimarama and Fiji’s Taleban terrorist, the plan, according to insiders, is for Khaiyum to be made Prime Minister and Attorney-General and the murderer Bainimarama to be made President of Fiji. And the two will rule Fiji forever.


The Plaque, commemorating the opening of the Fiji National University Film and TV studio, is only a snippet of the coming event. It also casts an evil shadow, loud and clear, that Aiyaz Khaiyum is Acting Prime Minister now, and will be Prime Minister later.

With Khaiyum as Prime Minister Fiji is doomed to destruction, just like Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible, especially when Khaiyum’s illegal acts wear the false cloak of legitimacy and democracy. With this false cloak the rule of law, human rights and justice all become just words and Fiji, as a country, is doomed.


SOUP RICE said...

@Anon 4.48 / John Galt

Not true. In most 1st world countries, including USA, leaking information will land you in jail.

It is called industrial espionage, and is basically a form of theft.

Still, in many cases (like in the Air Pacific) case, it is justified since leaking this info is in the public interest.... similar to what wikileaks is doing.

To the leakers out there... thank you for taking the risk you are taking. The people of Fiji owe you, big time. Stay safe!

Patriot said...

Sa Malo Roko Ului, one critical and important factor you missed in your analysis. The God we serve will not allow that to happen. Leviticus 26:19
"I will break the pride of your power; I will make your heavens like iron and your earth like bronze." GOD BLESS FIJI FOR EVERMORE!

Anonymous said...

Mara -

We, the people, are still waiting to hear just exactly what caused the divide between you and the current regime. To date, no specifics have been given by you - just that you had a change in the "vision for Fiji."

Care to come clean yet or are we to just supposed to conveniently forget that you, yourself, were part of our problem?!!