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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Madigan's ruling on accused Air Pacific 'hacker'


Skippy. said...

Urgent Message.

Has anyone seen or know the current whereabouts of Kevin Rudd or Richard Marles - both (reportedly) AUS citizens?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that Fiji-born Aussie hacker expert from Australia, Ajendra Diwarkar helped illegal A-G Khaiyum in shopping pilot Scott. Remember his past hackings of e-mails of dictator's opponents

Hacker hunt

Saturday, March 29, 2008

AN information technology expert now living in Australia has been linked to a series of leaked emails that resulted in the deportation of newspaper publisher, Russell Hunter.

Ajendra Diwakar, a former systems manager with Datec and now a consultant at an Australian computer firm, has denied being a party to receiving and circulating confidential emails and information.

Howards partner Graham Leung, whose computer information was breached, said the matter had been raised with the Australian Federal Police.

However, AFP's media liaison officers said yesterday they had not received a complaint regarding this matter.

On the leaking of confidential client information from the law firm, including the high-profile case between Ballu Khan and the State, Mr Leung said any unauthorised interference with anyone's electronic communications would be a concern.

"It could damage our interests in various ways. We have many clients," he said.

"Mr Khan is among them. So obviously anything that might hamper our preparation of his criminal defence would be a concern."

According to information and documents received by this newspaper, the owner of an email address called fijimanfiji@gmail.com sent an email to Nikhil Singh, a former TV journalist, containing the email exchanges between deported Fiji Sun publisher, Mr Hunter and that newspaper's correspondent, Victor Lal, along with other exchanges regarding Howards.

In the email, fijimanfiji tells Mr Singh: "You don't know me, however, I am trying to pass some info to Rajen and he is not responding."

"I have some juicy tips which may help the FLP as a whole, especially things that Victor Lal is publishing. It is like early edition and you get infor for tomorrow's paper today so you can act on it.

"Maybe I should send it to u or you can pass me Mahen's email address."

Mr Singh responds by asking for identification from the sender and the sender gives him his telephone number 0420959895.

When the telephone number was searched under the Google search site, it entered an entry from an A. Diwakar of St Leonards in Sydney who listed the same number with a message that he was looking for jogging partners from January 9.

That listing also includes ADiwakar@gmail.com which is known to his Fiji contacts.

The Fiji Times called the same phone number and Mr Diwakar picked up the phone and answered our questions.

Mr Singh confirmed to this newspaper that the leaked emails he circulated on Mr Hunter's exchanges came from fijimanfiji@gmail.com.

Mr Singh lives in Australia and works with Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, the trade union for Australian media worker

Judge and Jury said...

Hurrah for Judge Madigan

Anonymous said...

Just wondering..how come this charge is Scott vs State...i thought it was vs Air Pathetic? Da mai sara drama vei ratou na qo.

God be with you Shalend. Law abiding citizens are behind you.

Anonymous said...

The Prosecutors don't know why the hell they are there, so Madigan should just throw the case out.
It just shows that its a stupid case and the Illegal government are just trying to trump up a charge.

fiji mandate said...

It's obvious the regime and air pacific want to punish shalend scott and shut down any further resistance from any other quarters ... so they working out the charges as they go.

Pilot said...

May I caution you a bit. It is too early to celebrate! The case will sooner or later end up before Goundar and then good night Shalend. My advise would be to go on a fishing trip and have an emergency that the Australian Navy can rescue you. Pilots can work anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Its about time Air Pacific workers do some thing to rid Pfliger. Do some thing guys. Show support for Shalend who had the guts to expose the truth. Are you thinking of massive sickies.

Anonymous said...

Atleast this guy has a very very good lawyer.. He will need one.

Keep The Faith said...

from: http://fijiboardexiles.yuku.com/sreply/28698/Air-Pacific-pilots-start-slow-work-protest#.TpeGXez9qyY

"Air Pacific pilots start slow work protest
word over here is that the Nadi Sydney Nadi Air Pacific flight this morning was disrupted because the pilots weren't able to fly on medical grounds - Air Pacific had to use expat pilots to do that route this morning

Air Pacific is going into deep waters - if it sacks all its local pilots it will be forced to look offshore for EXPATRIATE PILOTS who will only come to Fiji at rates comparable to what they are getting offshore OR HIGHER.

same thing with the Engineers - if the engineers go slow on work or simply don't show up there's basically nothing Air Pacific management can do - who else is skilled to do that work ? and if they get sacked they will just go offshore

if the Boeings are not cleared by the Engineers they can't fly.

as if the losses they were making is not bad enough - now they have human resources management issues to only make it worse

and you can't send the RFMF to go out and make Engineers do press ups and all that sort of thing like at FSC - because if they refuse to clear the plane they simply cannot be forced to sign off on the checklist - and if they are forced to sign off but its not actually been checked and it crashes because of problems which were not picked up, then thats an even bigger problem for Air Pacific

thats what the FSC has had to realise - it eventually realised that it couldn't intimidate and terrorise its engineers and hope to keep the mills running - the soldiers don't know how the electricals and the mechanicals work - so if an engineer decides to cross the circuits or put positive and negative wires together to create a short fuse on the electrics, or simply mess up the charge differentials between teh positive and negative and induce a fire then there's no way any of those soldiers or FSC management will know until its totally destroyed - ala what happened to the electricals for the mill in Ba - the fire started from the electrical circuits

tsk tsk tsk tsk....just shoddy management and poor policies only leading things in this direction - and its only getting worse. messy."

Anonymous said...

pilots can work anywhere---just like run away Dr Sri(SILLY) Yukt satendra pratap Nandan--the destroyer of trees writing Sri(SILLY) books on shoes and stuff.

Fiji First said...

A must-watch case..the most important so far and the one that can hang the regime. Wake up Fiji and take note it's time to unite so stop splitting hairs and keep those bastard soldiers off this blog. Keep at it C4.5 this is your most successful story and campaign yet the one that can break the regime so keep digging

Anonymous said...

how much more can they shit on local pilots.

ask cabin crew what they make.

the average man also for that matter. 2.50 per hour wages... we are all just cheap labor and fiji is a haven for certain types of people.

most countries try to protect there national pilots jobs.

expat pilots do the same work here with a different accent and get frikin 3 times the pay...