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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The murderer's and torturer's among us

Dictator Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s bodyguards and intelligence spies exposed as VRF campaign intensifies 

By Victor Lal

Since the 2006 illegal and treasonous coup, we have been busy tracking down, preparing dossiers, and warning the opponents of the Bainimarama-Khaiyum regime of the henchmen who have been operating in the shadows to perpetuate military rule and oppression of the citizens of Fiji.

As our fight to topple the deranged dictator Bainimarama and his master puppeteer, the measles stricken Khaiyum intensifies, below is the list of the murderers and torturers among the citizens of Fiji who need to be routed, quartered and brought to justice when democracy, freedom, justice and rule of law returns to Fiji.

The Dictator’s Personal Bodyguards
Protection Officer 25572 LCPL JONE SAVUA
Protection Officer 26439 LCPL RALOSI GASUA
Protection Officer 22976 CPL EVELI RATUKENA
Protection Officer 24265 LCPL VERENIKI NAQORO
Protection Officer 25674 CPL SIMIONE VONOVONO
Protection Officer 27431 LCPL SAIRUSI NAVONU
Protection Officer 24545 PTE SEREMAIA WAINIDRALA
Protection Officer W DAKUROKO
Protection Officer 26314 PTE SOLOMONE WARA
Protection Officer 29602 PTE ILISAVANI MATAI
Protection Officer 29279 PTE AKUILA LUVENI
Protection Officer 29724 PTE SAIRUSI BICI
Protection Officer 25467 PTE PITA FILIPE

The Traitor’s Intelligence Spies and Operators

Warrant Officer SSGT ANASA WAQA
Intelligence Clerk 27484 SGT SAILOSI T TANE

And Intelligence Operators



We say to you all, and to your poor families, abandon the dictator and his master puppeteer and come to the side of democracy and freedom. Your illegal regime’s power and oppression will be coming to an end.

Free yourselves from the devils ruling Fiji, to quote Ephesians 6: 11: “Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.” In our case, the two biggest devils: the deranged Frank Bainimarama and power hungry Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
He who allows oppression shares the crime.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

VRF are you looking at assasination too or just the guerilla type of fighting because I have a few ideas of assasination plots that am willing to share with you. Plant an IED on the roadside and see the entourage smashed to bits. On how to make one it is easy just type how to make an IED on youtube and they will show you the video and even walk you through it step by step. Materials are readily available at a hardware store near you...

Anonymous said...

VRF why don't you stalk the PM or AG and make a strip of spikes and lay it across the road the speed they travel in its gonna be really hard for them to stop plus the front tyre will blow on contact which will flip the cars over DEATH ON IMPACT are nice and fast way to die

Anonymous said...

Bula I have been reading all this news for quite sometime. I am not a fijian or have any links to your country I am an American but my buddy and good frend is Fijian and one night in Afghanistan he showed me this website which I am hooked on to it till today. Some nights he would read the REAL news and shed tears. My heart goes out to all Fijians out there who have opened their eyes and have seen how you are being robbed right in front of your faces. It is really sad for an Army that has an exceptional record in peacekeeping has resort to torturing,bashing,threatning peoples lives just because they want their voices heard. An army that has no combat experience at all but opresses the voices of the nation now in my book that's a COWARD, I sincerely hope that all will be well on the island of smiles....Vinaka Vakalevu and HOORAH SEMPER FI

ANON1 said...

It is a sad day for the democracy movement when a person like Victor Lal is calling for the torture and massacre of dozens of human beings.

Shame on you, Victor Lal.

Our democracy movement should be about justice, not vengeance.

It is shameful that you use the Bible to justify murder.

Anonymous said...

Wow-30 obbicers doing bugger all on 30,000 each salary each year is one million dollar cost to the tax payers and add the hotel-travel-vehicle-mobile-allowance this is 1.5 million dollar dead money each year.

Fiji must wake up and arrest the dicator for trial.

Anonymous said...

30 guards show dictator is a feable sick and lamu man.

A coward.

mark manning said...

Evil succeeds when " good " men do nothing !

VTDriu said...

It amazes me to read that the dictator has 14 body guards yet he is saying that Fiji is a safe place.

Keep The Faith said...

Absolutely brilliant C4.5

Keep churning out their details. Time to burn these Mo'Fos who thrive on the notion of their "untouchable" power.

Veivutuni Rawa said...

SOON AND VERY SOON. Can someone pls confirm if former CO3FIR Suliano Amani really collapsed yesterday at Albert Park....tick tock...tick ....tock...

Air Pacific Flight & Cabin Crew Team said...

On behalf of Air Pacific flight and cabin crew, can we also have David Pfhiliger also included in the list of people to go after once democracy is restored in Fiji.

Pfhiliger, take note that YOU HAVE NO RESPECT IN AIR PACIFIC.

Go back to where you came from you stupid white devil. Get the hell out.

Catch me if you can you little Aiyaz boy - loser!

Savasava said...

Sa rauta me leqa na timi ni Viji ena levu ni lomaca keina via veiliutaki.
Au kerea na ka qo ena sega ni kauji keta kina dua na vanua vinaka. Me da lomana na noda vanua ka qarava vakadodonu na Kalou me maroroi keda.
Ke sa oti na nomu gauna ni veiliutaki au kerea mo cegu ga ka kakua ni vakacacana na nomu vanua

Anonymous said...

Lako tiko..na kalou bula e na qai sauma vei kemuni na i lala qo na nomuni vakararawataki ira tiko na lewe ni vanua..Ni kila vinaka tiko na ka rerevaki na vakamavoa taka na yalodra na lewe ni vanua..e na sauma vei kemuni me yaco nai katolu ni taba ni nomuni kawa na i totogi oqo..waraka..namaka..

Radiolucas said...

That was more than I expected - I am also surprised that there are so many intelligence officers, and so little intelligence in the RFMF.

Judging by the crowds of green goons in the white hiluxs I bet all the intelligence is used up on stalking other soldiers and civilians in Suva.

I think everyone will recognise a few surnames from the list. I am going to make a point of asking their uncles, aunts and parents whether or not they are proud of what their relatives are doing.

Ram Sami said...

Come on guys, its their livelihood.

Why pick on them, they're doing what has been assigned to them.

Only say this once. said...

Old Taukei(Taveuni) saying

Cut off head - snake dead.

Vore - something special for you - old delivered on new.

Taukei accept death - never torture and murder.

Ronald said...

Coup 4.5 you amaze me. Such hatred for humans, yet you quote from the Bible?

mark manning said...

I'd like to see the addresses of all coup supporters in the Military exposed online.
I don't see anywhere in this article , where Victor Lal has asked for violence against these people.
He has said that they have been monitored and warned to stand down or face the courts when Democracy is restored.
The Bible reference is speaking of a " moral armour " , not a literal one.
One could also interpret it as, Right is Might !

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Brings to mind what Albert Einstein once said :

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.”


“Never do anything against conscience, even if the state demands it”

Anonymous said...

requires a more inclusive name.

Ensure that is Fiji Wide , and make sure it inludes the indelogy of Demcocracy.

This exceptable worldwide.

This will give you legitimacy with Fiji for all acts of terror that will have to be resorted to in due course, if the dictators do not go.

Fiji Democratic Free Army
awka Fiji Freedom Army,

then rules by Decree during this period of emurgency.

This will legalize and legitimize all actions of FFA from now till freedom is obtained and the dictaorship is gone.

As a politcal stratagey, the poprl and workers of Fiji can be given a choice of non violence or violnce.

If the peace loving, tolerant people of Fiji wish to keep their country as a peacfull loving nation than they must choose to stay at home for a day of prayer and contemplation about what freedom and democracy means to them, and their children and their grandchildren, and ask what is the inheritance that you will pass on??????

After the date of this "day of prayer is determined" then the expectation of the FFA is the populace will respond if they wish to choose peace over terror.

The people shall choose. Violence or peace.

If they want peace, then work for it, sacrifice for it, one day or as many as it will take to TELL the President that he and our ARMY that we pay to eat and breath belong to us, and it needs to take heed of the people.

Failing the people choosing to act bravely and peacfully for their freedom,by extension, the people choose terror.

All tactics to bring the government down will be implemented.
Economic. ( No International Airplane will be safe in Fiji Airspace)
People ( collaborators, of the junta shall be targeted)

Above are only a small example of tatcics available.

The Central Committee will Decree in due course.


First Blood said...

Than you Mr. Lal and C4.5. There is no argument that the ONLY way to eliminate these blood suckers is through FORCE.

The Torture Watch said...



Several groups including the trade unions, NGO's and churches in Fiji have called on all the people to stay home on Tuesday, 11th October to mark FREEDOM DAY.

Read More: thetorturewatch.com

Anonymous said...

Vinaka C4.5.

Given the hierarchical nature of a military regime, wouldn't this "name & shame them" list be more COMPLETE with a full listing of those who make up the OFFICERS CORP?

Aiyarsehole said...

Those soldiers are useless and gutless. Deep down they think they're strong but to be honest they are good for nothing. If you challenge them one by one when they're alone, they will run like Bainivuaka in the cassava patch.

Anonymous said...

A GEM from the current Anti-Wall Street protest:


Take a moment and reflect...on the three positions of the FREE FIJI WALL... 1. FOR 2. AGAINST 3. NEITHER/NOR

Which side of the wall are you?

Also reflect on what you have done or not done (since 2006) to empower or disempower the regime. If you were to change stance, position, action, will it make any difference?

Will you? Can you? Are you?

The strongest demonstration of your stance will be gauged by your response to the upcoming planned Fiji Day Celebration. Ironically, your inaction (not flying the flag, not attending the parade etc) is the strongest action you can take against the regime.

As the Wall Street prostesters had pointed out,


Join the fight to regain our government, it is time to take a stand, it is time to choose a side, it is time to UNITE...for a FREE FIJI.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Mark Manning for pointing out the sillyness of accusing C4.5 (Victor Lal) of advocating torture and Violence. Nowhere in the article is such to be found.
ANON1 has quickly scanned the text and jumped to the wrong conclusion - or they don't understand plain English.
It is obviously bain and ag who have committed the atrocities.
... as for quoting Ephesions 6:11 I not only agree with Mark but would take it a step further, the whole armour of God is spiritual, and banana and ag have stepped into the spiritual realm by persecuting the Methodist Church and they will pay the price.
... as for violence being evil. When God deals with men ... "it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." Hebrews 10:31. God has throughout history, and will deal with evil men as He wills.
-Sydney Tourist

Air Pac AustTeam said...

Pfhilinger you have no respect at HQ! Get out of Fiji you selfish bastard!!

Tiger Balm said...

Victor you and you're writing is boring! Thank God this one is short!

Anonymous said...

Stay home on freedom day. However baini has ordered all military personal to make sure their families attend the celebrations.

Anonymous said...

bananer supporters are on the loosing side.
It is so obvious who the writers support and banana supporters show us just how stupid they are by revealing their ignorance about any aspect of the subject and their low IQ.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Tiger Balm has a small brain and is very easily bored. He just doesn't see the point of most things that don't mention Donald duck or minnie mouse.

Anonymous said...

Cough cough ahem sorry Victor have to agree with Tiger Psalm

Anonymous said...

The methodist Church was also part of persecuting non-Fijians if i recall they are now only getting the other side of the bread and its appears it tastes sour-so maybe there is a lesson for Methodist to learn from this whole episode of whats happening in Fiji. Part of the problem we now face is of the doings of the Methodist Church-se sega beka?

Ex 3 FIR said...

It's Eveli Ratukana not Ratukena of Bainimarama's security detail. He hails from Kadavu. His wife Liti works at FTIB and one of his sons has also joined the army. I believe the Pita name here is Pita Matairavula of Ovea, Bau, Tailevu.

Of the 3 FIR intelligence operatives, maybe the names of Epeli Gaunavouevuda of Viseisei, Vuda and Milito Mateboto also of Kadavu, and just a few others are missing.

mark manning said...

There's a common saying " resistance is futile " and it refers to the probability that those resisting, won't succeed.

However, of the Regime, I say, "resistance is inevitable"!

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure why my earlier comment was not posted but here it goes again in briefer form -

RE: Anon @ 12:01 AM

Hoorah Marine and welcome aboard!

Thank-you for your caring in both being a faithful friend to your fellow soldier and truly caring about his concerns. So far from home for both of you. Yet, you are touched by what is breaking his heart in Fiji.

We are in a tight spot here as I know you have gathered. Your fellow soldier was able to share more with you than we can - for fear of being hauled into camp and tortured. Speak up and you will be called seditious. Ask too many questions and you may disappear altogether.

Your homeland has taught you that certain values are intrinsic. Those are the principles you fight for elsewhere although they are assumed and granted on home soil.

Know that you, too, are cared about, wherever you go - in whatever land - for whatever mission. The Marine heart is huge. How do I know? Because my son is one.

John Galt

Anonymous said...

Thank you John Galt 8:11 pm as we like to say the brave the bold the few..during my time as company commander in afghanistan and iraq this Fijian boy stands out in everything he does and when i sit with my fellow officers from other battalions and divisions i am surprised to hear about fijian boys excelling in their respective battalions and now i see the oppressed few in Fiji fighting for democracy but always know my friend the voice of the oppressed will always be heard.Keep fighting the good fight my friend so you can enjoy freedom.I live you with a famous quote from a Marine General to Iraqi tribal leaders pleading them to stop with the insurgency.."I come in peace i didn't bring artillery but i am pleading with you with tears in my eyes:if you fuck with me,I'll kill you all" hoorah semper fidelis

Anonymous said...

you guys all know there aare videos on youtube that train you on how to make bombs and guns its easy and it evens walk thru the steps pliz VRF try it make all your work easier

Anonymous said...

it is LT Savenaca Siwatibau Rabuka not Sailosi rabuka

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon @ 9:14 pm

Would the proud parent of a U.S. Marine know any other way?

As I have always said, "freedom isn't free," but I didn't expect that the illusion of it existing here would be such a mirage.

Please spread the word among your fellow soldiers of our desperate situation here. We know you can only attest to our suffering but great winds begin with a gentle breeze. We need the world to know that we cannot speak for ourselves without becoming POWs. May God bless you and keep you safe soldier.

John Galt

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4.07PM

What has Methodist Church to do with this article????? Please stay on topic and stop confusing Bloggers. Everyone knows that Bainimarama and all his criminal cohorts and sympathisers are too damn scared of Methodist Church. The problem with you Military Thugs and sympathisers that you had tried to use allegations against the Methodist Church as a cover up to your criminal, notorious and tin-pot guerrilla activities. Militarisation had been proven all over that it breeds corruptions, abuse of humanity, killings, and all that is hard to imagine. Just blame Bainimarama, if you cannot then stop blaming others.

Anonymous said...


Democracy fight is a fight, stop telling people how do you want it. I don't need your advice. If you want that peacefully, so be it. We are not here to argue about alleged repercussions, rather expose all hidden and cover-up people and agendas so that Fiji and the whole world know. Your attempt to whatever distract stinks.

To Dr Brij Lal........... Sir, our profound appreciations to you and your article. These are bunch of COWARD CRIMINALS AND THUGS. Their tails will curl more in-between when revelation such as this comes to public domain.

Anonymous said...

No one is afraid of the Methodist church...however we afraid of GOD because we are sinners. It is who are running the church are not following the teaching of the Lord that needs to be changes.
oIRA ERA KAYA NI RA SA LOTU NA GUNU YAQONA MAI NA mONITI KINA Siga Tabu e basika mai kina na veiwali ca, vosa ca, vosa lialia, na garo. kakase, veitalanoa vakapolitiki.etc...etc..
Sa kerei na matanitu me tarovi tale na soqosoqo ni veibose kece ni lotu Wesele...sa vakayagataki jiko na veibose vakaoqo mera dau bose kina na qase ena loma ni lotu. E vakayagataki na rally ni Sunday Scl keina MYF me gauna jiko ni bose ka me saqati jiko kina na matanitu. O au edua na lotu Wesele kau sa vakadinadinataka na ka oqo.
Me vukei keda kina na Kalou...sa rauta me yali jiko na loloma ni Kalou ...baleta ni da tautauvata ga ni qaravi kalou matakau....


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 9.59am

I am not from Lomaiviti and not from Lau like you. I am just a pro-Democracy individual and a simple Blogger who simply wants Fiji to return to Democracy and Bainimarama and all his Thugs and Sympathisers to stand trial for their treacherous and criminal act. It is better to remain on topic and talk more about the list of Thugs being revealed. If your name is there or yet to be revealed then too bad mate. People like you and Bainimarama will face the wrath or reality in time. To say that you are not afraid of the Methodist Church simply shows your rubbish Military mindset. Your attempt to separate things in duality did not and will not at any time achieve full success. Maybe today but for shotrun only. Mark my word!!!!

Maverick said...

@ Anonymous ... HOORAH SEMPER FI on October 7, 2011 12:01 AM .. for your information, the rfmf has a vast history of its combat experience ... when your great grandfather(if he wsnt a coward) or your ancestors of the US fought in the pacific together with fijian troops, they complimented each other well. Unlike you, we here in Fiji are born warriors not taught ina recruiting school on how to fight or be a man for that matter. Any Fijian can stand proud without military training and defend his country .... look at our history, we were at war way before your kind existed ... i'm not being racist, just trying to prove a point. Dont jump to conclusions when you read whats happening back here at home, come and see for yourself. I greet American tourists in the city everyday and not just from the US but from all over, they just might give you a different view on whats happening. Different agendas SEMPER FI .... if you are in the US Army then you must be just an amateur coz any person with proper military training can tell what most of the information here is doing, check what this means "PSYCOLOGICAL WARFARE". .... food for thought ....

Anonymous said...

Hey, pFRIGGER you white boci - get out while the going is good for you.
It may be too late, because we blacks are sure going to shaft you. Then you will see and FEEL how it is to be on the receiving end, you fly-by-night conman.

Anonymous said...

@ maverick
qori gona na ca ni no school bau raica na ulutaga ni balebale ni blog site qo na tamata ululala vakai iko mo ni kakua ni mai vatawa taga ni pinati eke...na saravanua e sega ni via kila na ka e yaco tiko Viti na tamata ululala ga vakai iko na via tarogi era sa kila vinaka tiko naka e yaco tiko eke era sa dau vakasalataki oti ni bera ni ra lako mai e sa dau tukuni oti vei ira me ra kakua ni tukuna e dua na ka baleta na tuvaki ni matanitu...ulu lala... viavia psychological warfare tu mai vei sa kilai oti tu na ka e caka tiko mai loma sa ceburaki tu qo na blog site qo me keimami wilika ka kila na gone ni viti kei na dui kaikai e vuravura ena ka vakaloloma sa yaco tiko mai viti yadra mada ululala

Anonymous said...

@ maverick
psychological warfare tiko vei iko mana lako mai va qo i Iraki mai raica na warfare o tukuna tiko qori ke o bese tikolo keimami via wilika na news e dau vakarautaka na mata timi totoka mai Pacific In The Media

Anonymous said...

You live by sword u die by sword u dont have look far... all the dictors around world r all goin down ur turn comin soon frank khaiyum wont save u hes only there for the money..

Anonymous said...


Maverick dua ga vei iko na qala ni ose, mo galu tu kina.... Tamata graduate mai Saint Giles o iko, vakamacala qori lai talanoataka vei ira nomu school mates i Vale ni lialia...

AN EYE FOR EYE said...


Dau tuki said...

voreqe au rogoca in o iko tamata lamusona au kila ira lasu au bolei iko 1 on 1 combat me daru sota ena town hall me gai lau rai ke o lamusona dina.sa driyani.

Marksman said...

Well said, eye for eye watch ur back someone lookin at you.. oh its only ur bodygard..kua ni rere waraka..

Anonymous said...

Nothing can be hidden,our days are numbered,no wonder all his bodyguards got promoted .

Marksman said...

I hope you sleepin well frank because your days are numbered soon and very soon you are goin to hell.its better for you take 10 sleeping tablets at once so you can sleep well, and wait for that day to come.