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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

National carrier takes a skid

Air Pacific's big day ended with a thump yesterday.

The airline was congratulating itself with the arrival of its new Boeing 737-800 but later in the day its LA flight was delayed, and it was forced to put up passengers overnight.

The blog Intelligentsiya says tourism operators were sent in to a spin but were happy to benefit from the 'growing inefficiencies of Air Treason.'

Air Pacific's decree-manipulating CEO, David Pflieger, says the new Boeing will almost double the number of flights a week to Sydney. 

The carrier plans to use its 747-400 to fly three times a week to Sydney and the new 737-800 10 times a week. 

Insiders say though that the airline's operating costs will be higher with the plane flying twice to Australia, daily. There will also be two sets of landing costs daily as opposed to one by the 747, two sets of crew (more costs) and a whole range of logistical issues to contend.

Editor's Note: Exporters are also worried about the new Air Pacific timetable, which affects cargo capacity. Papaya exporters in particular say they'll be losing 50 per cent of their exports. And there are fears as many as one thousand people could be affected. See story below



mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, taking Fiji forward ! ?

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific should take a skid and halt all their operations!! Due to their CEO wanting to make a rule over FIJI iwht the guise of the Essential Decree etc and its not even his country!!

Get the bummer out of the country ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

surprise to see that story about the papaya exporters published in fiji times. would have thought the censorswould've jumped on it

Anonymous said...

National carrier Air Pacific will have the ability to meet cargo demands despite reducing its larger 747 jumbo’s to three flights a week to Sydney.

Air Pacific has confirmed that despite the changes to their plane size it would continue to meet the demands of exporters.

Concerns had been raised by exporters that the reduction of the 747 jumbos from seven flights to three flights a week would affect them.

Air Pacific has today stated the smaller 737 planes will fly 10 times a week to Sydney while the bigger 747 jumbo will fly three times a week to Sydney from January.

While there will be a drop in the cargo capacity - the airline says it will continue to meet the demands of cargo capacity from the agriculture sector.

Sir Richard... said...

@ 5:22.

Standard Suva Bus Company PR rhetoric. Wonder what their motivation was in telling us all this?

"there will be a drop in the cargo capacity".

Why can't these people keep their collective mouths shut and concentrate on running a safe and competitive International airline franchise?
Lack capacity? Offload - but always under your own banner - never turm customers away - and never ever release negative statements that encourage this.