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Friday, October 28, 2011

No waiver for Fiji, Zimbabwe as CHOGM opens in Perth

After almost a week of investment and bilateral talks, the leaders of the 54-member Commonwealth countries will today begin a summit to consider proposals recommended by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Council (CMAC). 

But Fiji and Zimbabwe remain suspended until ‘genuine democracy through transparent electoral process’ is restored. 
At a joint briefing yesterday at the Media Centre in Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard and the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Kamalesh Karma listed the agenda as the reform of the association, economic transformation, food security, human rights, women as agents of change, climate change and the plight of small and vulnerable states. 
Gillard, who first addressed the press, said: “Our unique strengths and diversity — from the smallest nations to very large, and its representativeness with 54 states across six continents; its vibrancy and promise, are bonded by common values. 
“Organisations such as the Commonwealth bring countries together to discuss issues such as food security, climate change and sustainable development. 
“We have a new sense of purpose and promise.  We will continue to promote traditional values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law. We will be discussing issues bordering on food security, global economy, G-20 and climate change. At the end of the day, we want to speak with one voice. 
“We have had a very successful business forum, the most successful in the history of the Commonwealth.” 
Sharma said: “What we are going to see at the CHOGM is the Commonwealth genius of finding the way forward on our agenda of reform, renewal and resilience.

“Emerging issues and reports will be formally received by leaders on Friday (today) and attended to accordingly. 
“Whatever decisions the leaders arrive at will reflect the expectations of the Commonwealth citizens.  The aim is to build consensus on contemporary concerns, striving to strengthen the culture of democracy, to promote resilience and sustainable development, and to embrace and celebrate diversity. 
“This will make a difference in the lives of our citizens. This CHOGM will raise the bar for our engagement on each of our three aspirations — democracy, development and diversity. The programmes we devise here will see their expression in practical action that changes  the lives of millions of people in all our member countries. 
“The consensus agreed here and the solutions achieved here are something which will have global potential, which can contribute to the outcomes of other global summits. Commonwealth priorities naturally pay special attention to reflecting and articulating the concerns of small and vulnerable states.” 
On the fate of Fiji and Zimbabwe suspended from the Commonwealth, Sharma said: “We are watching very closely the situation and their readiness to promote genuine democracy through free, fair and transparent electoral process. When they restore democracy to their countries, the leaders will take necessary decision on their return.” 
While Zimbabwe has been under a ‘doctored’ democratic environment, Fiji is being managed by military junta since 2006. 



Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is not ineterested in Democracy.
He is a liar and 2014 election won't happen or else he will let it happen then he'll just do another coup.
What the Commonwealth should do is to get the UN to stop employing these thugs and send them back home ASAP.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell the dingbats in the Solomon Islands and Kiribati to stop pushing Fiji's case!!!

mark manning said...

If Fijians had the choice as they do at the Ballot box, Frank would have been gone a long time ago, so why should he be given the opportunity to remain ?
Thanks Soldiers of the RFMF for putting your own Family, Clan and friends, before Duty.

Jerry said...

Commonwealth ia an anachronism in todays world !!

Tortured Fijian said...

Thank you Commonwealth leaders. Continue to bar Fiji from the Commonwealth.

Bainimarama continues to shaft us cruelly and do not reward him.

Please reccomend to UNO to stop Fiji participating in Peace Keeping roles.

Anonymous said...

We would do well to revert to a Dominium with the Queen as Head of State.

Anonymous said...

Libya calls general election within 8months once Gaddafi was gone. Why can't we hold like them?

Anonymous said...

The Commonwealth of Nations should take a harsher stance against Fiji so that democracy is restored today. Just as NATO assisted the rebel soldiers in Libya to oust Gaddafi the same stance should be taken by the Commonwealth leaders at their Perth meeting.

Tim said...

NATO intervened in Libya because the civil war could disrupt oil supplies to the globe. No body outside gives a shit about what's happening here.

Anonymous said...

UN should step in and help the people of fiji

Yes, We Can! said...

ex sky newa

Fiji and food security on CHOGM agenda
Updated: 06:05, Saturday October 29, 2011

The future of Fiji and how to tackle and food and health issues in developing nations will feature on the agenda of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting's second day.

The Queen officially opened CHOGM in Perth on Friday, speaking during a lavish ceremony featuring indigenous dancers, opera music and a finale by pop star Guy Sebastian.

Leaders will hold a day of "retreat" talks in Perth's King's Park on Saturday, which Prime Minister Julia Gillard said would focus on health, food security, sustainable development and climate change.

The democratic future of Fiji, which was suspended from the Commonwealth over its military coup, will also be a key concern.

The leaders are expected to discuss a controversial report by an Eminent Person's Group to reform the Commonwealth's structure.

The group wants CHOGM to appoint a Commonwealth human rights commissioner and adopt a Commonwealth charter which puts in writing the values upheld by all 54 members.

But there is resistance to both moves and many believe the action taken on Friday suffice in dealing with human rights.

At the end of Friday's executive sessions, Ms Gillard announced CHOGM had adopted the recommendations of another report, by a group of foreign ministers headed by Kevin Rudd.

Under the move, the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group and secretary-general will be able to act more quickly to deal with countries veering from the path of democracy, rule of law and human rights.

The new powers mean the Commonwealth can be more active before violations take place, rather than reactive.

Thousands of people are expected to turn out for a public barbecue in King's Park, which will be the final major Australian event for the Queen.

Anonymous said...

sent the sas than bai/ag and his cronies will run and hide like gadaffi.
get rid of them.time for action and less talk mates.

SEMI MEO said...

Many of us visit this esteemed column to read astute contribution by many of you worthy patriots. Though many posts anonymously, their respective contributions are, at any rate have basis of facts and may be authenticated.

However, we just cannot stand aloof when our Fiji, my Fiji is ridiculed and evilised by some foreigners who have no blooming idea of our Human rights record or have no relative ideas of the record of human rights records of all other Commonwealth Countries.

Facts: let’s read independent commentaries by the US State Department, Amnesty International, International Crisis Group, NGO’s like persecution.org and in our case, Country Report of Fiji as prepared by our Neighbors members of the Forum Secretariat.

Oh boy..every Fiji Citizen will be shocked at the very recent and present Human Rights Violation of Senior and Junior members of the Commonwealth. Commonwealth Secretary’s Country; Indian, Nigeria, even the tranquil Maldives and many others relegates our alleged Human Rights violation to kindergarten standards.

And yet some over paid foreign unionist grades us together with the ruthless monarchy of Swaziland or the evil Dictator in Zimbabwe.

Goodness gracious me!! Do they read with their International affairs with their eyes or just rub the various Global Human Rights report with their bum??

Get out of Fiji affairs…and stay out!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji is an International embarrassment thanks to Banana Boy’s shocking leadership and complete incompetence.