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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Qantas grounds planes and says it'll lock out striking workers

A Qantas plane at Nadi. pic Fiji Times

Alan Joyce pic BBC
The impasse between the Australian airline, Qantas, and three leading unions has come to a head with Qantas now saying it's grounding all international and domestic flights.
It follows industrial action from unions representing Qantas pilots, engineers and ground staff: ALAEA, the TWU and AIPA.

The airline, which owns 46 per cent of Fiji's national carrier Air Pacific, says all Qantas workers in Australia belonging to the unions will also be locked out from Monday.

The union's campaign has hit Qantas hard. Reports are claiming the financial impact to date is $68 million and that Qantas is losing about $15 million a week.

Approximately 70,000 passengers have been affected and more than 600 flights cancelled, most of them domestic.

Qantas says the lock-out will continue until the ALAEA, the TWU and AIPA drop what it says are the extreme demands that have made it impossible for agreements to be reached. 

But the Australian Government is less than impressed with the airline's decision saying it was told about Qantas' plan for the first time this afternoon.

The country's Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese, has expressed frustration, saying the Government is extremely concerned about the future of Qantas, its workforce, and also the travelling public.

Albanese says he is disappointed by Qantas' decision "made on a Saturday morning with notice to the Government mid-afternoon, one day after an annual general meeting."

The airline's decision to ground the entire Qantas fleet  has also been criticised by the AIPA (the Australian and International Pilots Association), who says CEO Alan Joyce has "gone mad".

AIPA vice president Richard Woodward says the move was "premeditated, unnecessary and grossly irresponsible".

"No one predicted this, because no one thought Alan Joyce was completely mad.  

"This is a stunning overreaction. It is straight-up blackmail. I knew he was trying to kill Qantas but I didn't know he wanted to do it this quickly.

"This is a grave and serious situation and the board should move to sack Mr Joyce immediately. This is the saddest day of my 25 years with Qantas." 

Woodward says the AIPA's industrial action has been limited to making brief, positive in-flight announcements and wearing red ties.

Joyce, who has described the decision as 'unbelieveable', is reported to have been given a two million dollar pay rise just yesterday.

The Qantas subsidiary, Jetstar, flies to Fiji everyday and offers attractive holiday packages to Australians. 
(sources BBC, ABC, AAP)

Qantas CEO has 'gone mad' says pilots

Labour row grounds Qantas



Anonymous said...

good news. now collapse the fiji tourism industry

Skippy. said...

Suggest all you folks who demand Qantas intervention in AP read this story very carefully?
AP is the last thing on their collective minds right now - no matter which way its looked its a situation that does not auger well for AP's immediate future.


I suggest the Fiji unions do the same thing and STRIKE. No flights or cargoes to and from Fiji. Collapse the economy. Where are the Fiji unions? We haven't heard a thing from them for a while now and it is time for them to take serious action, Enough talk!

Time to Walk the Talk, FIJI UNIONS! Take a clue from Aussie unions.



Fiji Trade Union Congress President Daniel Urai was arrested by Police at Nadi Airport upon arrival into the country. He was attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) which was held in Perth, Australia and officially opened by the Queen.

Inside sources within the Police force have confirmed that the order has been received from the top to smash all trade unions and the first point of attack is to take down the union leadership. The arrest this morning confirms just that and so far Mr Urai's lawyer has been denied any contact with him.

Nadi Airport Worker said...

The way Quantas, a major share holder in Air Pacific, has handled its workers' complaints is not surprising when we think about how it allowed Air Pacific American CEO to shaft the Air Pacific and Fiji workers under the Essential Services Decree.

Fiji workers should support the Quantas staff strike in whatever is requested from them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is shocked at the news of grounding the entire Qantas fleet.
It seems to be a grose over reaction to the union campaign.
To start with, the annual general meeting of shareholders yesterday, which approved a 2 million dollar wage rise to Joyce was a really stupid decision, especially considering their reason for refusing the union demands for better wages for workers.
Then the Aust Government was given no chance to instigate emergency negotiations.
Alan Joyce seems to most of us, to have shot himself in the foot.
... has he been a madman all along, and no one, until now, had any idea?
An action without precedent indeed.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

The same thing that is farking the peoples airline in Australia is happening here in Fiji.

The same management that has farked Qantas is farking AP.

Dick Smith says the moment deregulation happened in oz they should have closed Qantas. Same here.

Ex Nadi Airport said...

Alan Joyce has joined David Pflieger in destroying airlines. While Qantas has the ability to sustain a loss - Air Pacific is headed for doom and death under Pflieger. Pflieger hired consultants to "study" and justify ordering the A330 that was previously rejected by Air Pacific. They favoured the "Dreamliner" or B787-9. The A330 is old technology. The B787 is where the future of aviation is headed. Pflieger has been lying to the public on A330 performance. Since he is "White" Fijians will take his word as "absolute." Pity the naive Fijians.

Anonymous said...

I agree with The Pilots Association & the Unions, Mr Joyce has gone nuts and should be sacked immediately. The Australian Govt should step in and strongly push for Mr Joyce's sacking. His behaviour is totally irresponsible, jeorpadising the livelihood of so many people.
As for Air Pacific, this is another nail in its coffin.

God works in mysterious ways .


-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Geoff Dickson and James Strong. At least they had moral ethics.

Ratu Borogaga said...

Time to take the bull by the horn workers.....we've got nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

Who owns Quantas? If Government owns it then this is a classic example of Government interferring with board & management decisions. Quantas is correct to shut down the company in the face of union intransigence. That is why the private sector should always own business. Not like FNPF and Fiji Water Authority where the Interim Government has already interferred.

Kenneth Zinck said...

Shame on Bainimarama and Khaiyum for arretin Dan Urai President of FTUC last nite. Release him for goodness sake. What are you scared of? Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

Workers should have certain rights and also there is perhaps a need for indaviduals nd unions to try and improve them, but, how about the companys rights.

Surely, if the workers actions are cripling the company financially it has equal rights to take action. Is this not fair ?

mark manning said...

QANTAS grounding its fleet, has nothing to do with QANTAS.
This is purely about reducing wages and conditions, and workers rights throughout the World.
It's all been done before.

Instead of reducing conditions etc. to that of the under developed Nations, perhaps Business and Governments of developed Nations, should first consider increasing those same rights and conditions to match those afforded their workers in the developed Nations. !
Now there's a concept !
Arh Der !

Anonymous said...

Alan Joyce pockets a $2million pay rise then grounds Qantas flights to create a massive mess so the government will back him and end the industrial action.

Democrat said...

We need people like Alan Joyce to stand up against the forces destroying Australian jobs under the guise of 'workers rights'. Double his salary. He is worth it.

mark manning said...

@ Democrat 736 p.m.
Your a real goose !
Alan Joyce was about to sack one thousand employees and replace them will people from outside of Australia, on half the wages !
If he was any good as a C.E.O. he should get rid of the parts of QANTAS which are not profitable, not just destroy people's livelihoods.
But then I'm beginning to think that you support him because you know that he is gay and that this is your real motivation in supporting him !

Democrat said...

Mark Manning seems to be a transplant from the ideological dinosaurs that have long died out in Europe.

Quantas should not sell parts of the company (who would buy loss making operations) - they are relocating them to lower cost domains to ensure the company and its remaing employees are more guaranteed employment and the company can compete and stay profitable for the benefit of the investors and their customers.

In the process they are also assisting other lower paid countries to become more viable and less aid dependent.

My recent quotation for a flight from Auckland to Melbourne return revealed Quantas as double the cost of Virgin Blue, Air Pacific and Emirates. Now perhaps you can see the Quatas dilemme - costs are too high and workers too beligerent.

Anonymous said...

All so immature.

DeeCees Pacific Transport said...

@mark manning

Alan Joyce has only one responsibiliy... to increase profits for his shareholders.

Workers livelyhoods are not his interest.

He wants a successful Qantas so he can continue to generate more value for his shareholders and get an even bigger salary raise in the future.

This is capitalism. Get used to it.

As for whether or not he is gay: why is that relevant to anything? You know, homophobes like yourself are almost always harbouring a hatred for gays because they have gay tendencies and hate themselves for it. Don't hate yourself Mark, its ok to be gay.

Anonymous said...

what has Alan dickhead Joyce do with Fiji? The stupid Aussies brought this stupid Irishman who can't speak decent English to come & run JetStar the off shootof Qantas because they didn't have 1 Aussie who had the brains to do this job-then when he made a profit for Jetstar he moved him across to Qantas! NOW Mark Manning wants to have grip about this dope, you guys who employed him are now proving you are bigger dopes then he is! You bunch of "Ulu Kau's"-need to get an Aborigine to blow a didgeridoo up you white rears to stop you mob from talking shit!Maybe by doing that the clogged up shit can up faster!

Anonymous said...

I was not aware that Australians could speak decent English. Fijians speak better English. The best English is spoken in Dublin and Inverness.

Anonymous said...

The international unions are finally beginning to shine the spotlight on Fiji's regime, and how does the regime react? By arresting Daniel Urai, which is guaranteed to energize the international labor movement even further! As usual, Baini and Aiyaz are their own worst enemies.

Release Urai, and release Fiji. s/Dakuwaqa

Richard C. Lambert said...

Alan Joyce pic BBC
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