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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Regime looking to dominate Fiji soccer backing Vodafone manager

PRASAD: Looking forward to victory and World Cup qualifiers. pic Jet Community newspaper
It looks like the regime is trying to take control of Fiji soccer, even as it admits it stuffed up big time with Fiji rugby.

The new, unknown candidate in the Fiji Soccer elections (FFA) for Fiji soccer presidency is one Shailendra Prasad, the corporate affairs manager with Vodafone.

Prasad is backed by Aslam Khan, the CEO of Vodafone.  

Word to Coupfourpointfive is that the regime is backing Prasad against the current vice president Rajesh Patel.  

Shailendra Prasad is the former Coco Cola employee who  was terminated from Coke after he wrote off a company vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

He was immediately hired by Vodafone thanks to the recommendations of his close buddy, Pradeep Lal, who happens to be Vodafone's chief operating officer/financial controller. 

It is believed Shailendra Prasad has been campaigning for the presidency by travelling to various districts using Vodafone funds under the pretext of official Vodafone business.

The Fiji FA Annual General meeting starts at 6 o’clock tonight with the election of the President and four Vice Presidents.
 Fiji Village is reporting today the former Fiji FA President, Samshud Dean Sahu Khan, is supporting Shailendra Prasad, who is campaigning under the umbrella Wheels for Change.

Prasad has told Fjii Times he expects to win and that his team has mustered 95 to 97 per cent district support. And he says if he wins one of the first things he'll be doing is getting the FA ready for the World Cup qualifiers.

Prasad confident of victory

Prasad denies Sahu Khan support


Anonymous said...

So shailendra prasad is actually using FNPF (owns Vodafone) funds for his campaigning! whether he wins or not there is a need for thorough investigation in this. And it must also be investigated if he was actually fired from Coca Cola and if so under what grounds and merits he was hired by Vodafone. Man! this government stinks!

Anonymous said...

i have attended meetings/campaigns organized by Wheels of change led by arvind datt and shailendra Prasad. they have promised big time sponsorship from Vodafone. Does this team have the approval of Vodafone Board and management to commit Vodafone to sponsorship while campaigning? How much Vodafone funds have been used by wheels of change for campaigning?

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Patel is a " very fat and chubby" boy from Ba who is elected will reflect as an embarrassment when he goes overseas representing Fiji - We do not need this !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Brotherhood
Bro power

Octopus Tentacles

Army, Police, Religion, Unions, Sport(Rugby, soccer).......next
coming to a kindergarten near to you.

Hearts and minds, hearts and minds

Anonymous said...

How about someone look at his records while he was employed at Datec Fiji Limited.

He had numerous affairs and run ins with so many people.

Tazeem said...

so this is the guy screwing nur bano ali. bano your hubby will be the next president of fiji soccer so keep your goalmouth open firing will start soon.

Anonymous said...

Remember,Pradeep vodafone is the wheeler and dealer from Labasa .In fact its Pradeep who will control soccer in Fiji and using Shalend as a puppet. Lots of promises have been made to districs and free mobile phones at stake ,so vote to get a mobile .Labasaian .Same he does wiyh the accountants congress stays in the background but in control,poor Div

Anonymous said...

well done fiji , very soon people of Fiji may ask baini/ayse before having sex!!! Fiji is finished !!!

mark manning said...

Given the popularity of Sports and the exposure it gives the Regime in Fiji, including a feeling of Prestige, perhaps this confirms a case for a ban on Sports by the International Community until , Democracy is restored !

Anonymous said...

I hope he win.
.rajesh patel is there with his cronies.ffa has lost the plot to develop fiji soccer.
time for a change.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Shalen. Take this fat boy guji benchod Rajesh out. Rajesh is corrupt and should be in jail with Mac Patel!

Nur Bano Ali said...

Shailendra Prasad and Arvin Dutt former suckers of chor mahendra chodo now sucking on the regime...what hypocrits..

Anonymous said...

ANA ROKOMOTI seen in PMs office today,she looked happy.Whats up???

Anonymous said...

Shailendra is a loud mouth with a drinking problem.

He clearly has the backing of Aslam and Pradeep as he is too junior to embark on something like this on his own accord.

The disgraced and disgusting former Fiji FA president Sahu Khan belongs to the same Muslim sect as Aslam. There is a clear conspiracy here.

The crooked lawyer Sahu Khan who destroyed Fiji FA is stirring things from behind. Is Shaolendra win, Sahu Khan will be in control, with the backing of Aslam.

A vote for Shailendra is a vote for Sahu Kham, Aslam and Labasian Pradeep. It will be a disaster mega proportions.

Anonymous said...

LABASA! LABASA! LABASA! This is the sort of croynism, worming, one-upmanship and back-scratching symbolic of labasians!

Yes, pradeep lal is a proud labasia too. Coca Cola and VF Fiji are labasa-run..

Anonymous said...

at least Rajesh Patel looks more smarter than baini/ayese boy

Anonymous said...

who won the election

Anonymous said...

Boor Nur Banos goalmouth being scored by business partner Sunil. Husband too fat to score

Anonymous said...

Pardeep and shalendra rejects of coca cola, c suckers

Anonymous said...

The article is BS on his work track record,, he was not fired from Coke, he was hired away from Coke by Datec and spent many years there as a successful QC manager. He resigned and joined Vodafone and has a successful career in this organisation. Shailend would have been good for FFA. He is an independent candidate and thinker, who would have brought real change, systems, accountability and transparency to FFA, and not the 'same old same old' from the cohorts of Dr. Sahu Khan. Sadly, money talks and the prospect of controlling the $millions given to FFA by FIFA has attracted the worst elements in this election.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, the above blogger should talk to people at dated , and coke , and find about the labasa chor shalend, they all knew him and his drinking habits, you expect this ass to run Fiji fa, dose he know rules of the game. And also pradeep lal they are in the same boat the two cherries of a khan of VF. Pradeep ask yourself how you hired this shalend chorwa at VF.

Anonymous said...

Lol ..... Why would someone leave a multinational like coke and go and work for datec which is almost belly up. What a joke. This guy should be deported back to LA. Including his remote control pradeep.

Anonymous said...

What about Shalendra's time at FIT as a Lecturer in Diploma in Applied Computing. During his time at FIT, he was entrusted with his friends sister's(from Labasa) well being beause the friend was going away to work in Vanuatu. Shalendra betrayed that trust and had carnal relationship with the friend's sister.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ October 6, 2011 11:40 PM

Did you and shallow shalend suck the same end of gatta in Bua?

You are the only retard who's trying to defend him! wake up and smell the coffee, or qawa in you two's case!