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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Arrests come as Fiji regime continues to skirt truth

ACTING UP: Illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is at the helm again. pics minfo

The illegal government is going BIG on encouraging whistle-blowing. It is telling us that it is good for the country and that it will keep us free from corruption. They are liars. The real reason they want people to dob in those of us who are speaking up against it, is to make their job of keeping tabs on everyone easier. 
Brothers and sisters, this is a warning. As we've seen this week with the arrests of five men trying to right the wrongs being foisted on us by an unelected government, be careful what you say and who you say it to. 

All will obviously fight the charges against them with the international community once again having cause to cast its eyes on Fiji largely because of the involvement of one Sri Lankan born New Zealand citizen, Jagath Karunaratne, a former IBM employee and senior executive in Telecom Fiji. 

HANG HEADS IN SHAME: Nailatikau and Tikoitoga.
According to sources, the arrest came about after another man told police Karunaratne was speaking out against the regime and helping people write graffiti.

It was claimed in court this week that Karunaratne was the group financier although his lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry, has been quick to dismiss the charges as allegations involving words. 

In 2009, Karunaratne was appointed general manager of Clariti (South Pacific), a subsidiary of public company Fijian Holdings. He was employed with IBM New Zealand for eight years before joining Telecom Fiji as an IT Consultant and later as IT Operations Manager.

Unconfirmed reports say one of the five men used to work in the office of the illegal prime minister, Frank Bainimarama.

The ironies, meanwhile, continue with the  treasonous regime acting as if IT is corruption-free. At the police crime workshop this week, key regime supporter and former high court judge, Nazhat Shameem, played the role of moderator as she is now for all government workshops - being paid according to insiders, $3000 dollars a day.

At the same workshop the police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurura, was also pedalling his own barrow, appealing for support to build the Namadi police post for $700,000. Sources say the post would be built by a buddy of his and that Naivalurura's cut in the project would be $70,000.

Insiders say the crime workshop was to get community leaders together via the crime prevention boards and to justify the Peoples Charter through the national crime board but ultimately was really a platform to help Bainimarama and his cronies launch their election policies.

Editor's Note: The Ministry of Information, headed by Sharon Smith Johns (who we know is out and about on the blogs) has opened a new Facebook page. We're well aware she and soldiers are always poking their noses into the blogs and posting anonymously, so we encourage those with an opinion to make use of the opportunity and send the regime via the new MINFO page some pointed messages about the injustices the people of Fiji are being forced to live under today thanks to the 2006 coup and the subsequent incompetence and corruption of the unelected military government. Let's keep 'em on their toes.

BAINIMARAMA: Going to China when he should be going back to school.


Anonymous said...

the tin pot dictator is on a trip to collect corrupt monies and hide these in family accounts and medical long extended trip-stroke-arthities of knees-uncontrolled diabeties/pressure wrecking him.

watch out bo offical photos will be released for extended time.

illegal ag now milks the ntion of corrupt deals and collects in fiji. as the junta prime minister

Anonymous said...

the dictator should stay in china and complete his form 3, form 4, form 5, form 6 and form 7 high school and then come back fiji to continue his forceline per dictatorship.

mark manning said...

Here's a prime example, never trust a man in a skirt !

mark manning said...

Aiyaz is capitulating to these bloody Chinese Criminals.

Aiyaz reminds me of a small dog biting the heels of a larger dog's rear legs !
Apparently it's a sign that he accepts the lower status !
It can clearly be seen in this photo.
God help Fiji, sorry, I mean Chindia !

na dina the truth said...

There's a lot of infomers around I dont know what they will get out of what they are doing.thats to show they are lamusona, tabetabe,liumori or want to be somebody, when they are not, in another words no school.they bare false witness to a already false witness regime, yet they go church on sundays and preach, and listen to to gospel, the gospel is a living testmony of how every human being should live and practice, it speaks about the truth,not false witness like they are are doing, we are help our nation by telling the truth and what is right,so our people can live a better life and so are this liumori's . Its time for this infomers, to think wisely before bare false witness against friends and nabours, because this this regime is false.may god bless you infomers. na dina the truth

reader said...

I have a sneaky suspicion that the so-called opinion sections in the Fiji Focus (or whatever that trash in Sunday's Sun) is all rigged. Has anyone else noticed the profound absence (except one today, in a very very long time) of typos and related errors in them? Plus the names and the locations look too perfect - like from all over Fiji. Anyone who reads the opinions in the dailies would know there are a core group of writers: the Vakas, the Naigulevus, the Lockingtons, the Singhs etc. How come this core group is profoundly absent from the Fiji Focus?

Anonymous said...

this two teachers are telling him off

" Bainimarama you lier, murderder and corrupt"

Anonymous said...

The illegal AG looks artificial in a sulu - pretending to be a Fijian. He is an Indian and he cannot change that fact because a creator in heaven made him what he is. Is the pottery trying to tell the Potter who he wants to be? Until he dies he will always remain an Indian by race, by culture, by outlook by mindset and that goes for his offspring. He should STOP pretending it is a Vanity of vanities. The Chinese are holding his balls, and the Chinese will squeeze him so hard then he will learn the biggest lesson in the world to be satisfied with what one has naturally. There is no satisfaction available.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2.27

This is globalization: an indian man, wearing a fijian skirt whose balls are held in chinese hands!

VUCESA said...

This dictator frank or voreqe call himself christian, yet his corrupted and bare false witness against the people of fiji. all I can see hell is waiting for you and your followers, you and your followers are running false witness regime or government, the people of fiji are suverring while you and your followers are living in luxury from their hand ern tax money, frank can you ask yourself if thats how your father and mother brought you up, Im sure they work hand for their living, if so why dont you do the same, if they brought you up in a corrupt way then your parents are corrupt, kana buta, or sava kuro thats what you are. sorry to say. VUCESA.

Anonymous said...

Have a bloody hair cut Nailitikau!!
You are a former army commander, and YOU should be setting examples!! Sa kua soti mada na vakavanua taka tiko na mataivalu!!

eye for eye said...

frank, what goes around comes around, NA BATI AN BATI,this cup is almost full when it overflows watch out you better have eyes at the back of you head too, because stray bullets can also come from your own bodyguards too, you know the history of all dictators their own bodyguards becames informes or killers of own their master.Your jugement day coming nearer and nearer, think about it, in which you want it, in a plate or a saucer, sa roro tiko mai na nomu saga ni lewa. vakasama taka ka lewa. eye for eye.

Anonymous said...

Aiarse looks like a real comedian in a circus in this picture and so do all the Fijians taking pics and suited up. Is that Aziz the other Muslim head of the military at the back there- I feel sorry for the FMF- you are being used as always to feed the appetite of opportunists and because of your obvious lack of education you can't see beyond the noses and balls of both Aiarse and Bainipuaka. FMF soldiers selling themselves, their vanua, their chiefs and kawas for a few pieces of silver so that Aiarse, Azhitz and Shamimis, can have the last laugh stomping on your squeeshy balls. Haha haha!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning what you say would apply to all in the Pacific and some of your kai vatas from Scotland-who also wear skirts!Or is it a case of you having a bad experince with a bloke wearing a skirt!Like booomm, babing babang?? Tarusese kabasu!

Anonymous said...

Can't see how wearing a sulu will make him a itaukei, all it does is help him him pull his undies down quicker.

Anonymous said...

"He really looks out of place in this library"
"Sure, an educated person would turn around and read the books and posters. He just turns his back!"
"He looks like a kid just beginning his first day in school"
"Ssshh, school and baini don't mix. it's like chalk and cheese, like water and oil!

Anonymous said...

camera photos of the tin pot dictators photos in china hospital must be done and collection of his corruption monies with his son on side secret banking trips.

the most massive crook fiji has ever experianced.

Anonymous said...

Why is Aiyarsehole wearing a sulu? He's not a Fijian.

Anonymous said...


Remember Saddam Hussein's hey days with his cohorts? They overthrown an elected government, they rule with an iron fist by killing anybody or group who opposed them in their indoctrination propaganda. Little did they know that their days were numbered. They reap exactly what they sowed, more then they sowed, later then they sowed.

Psalm 37:35 "I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree. 36.Yet he passed away, and,lo, he was not: yes, I sought him, but he could not be found".

God is in control of everything in heaven, everything on earth and every kingdom and governments on earth.

To all law abiding citizen of Fiji; "Wait on the LORD and keep His way, and He shall exalt you to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, you will see it" (Psalm 37:34) "Fear not, stand still, and see the deliverance of the Lord which He will show you today: For the ...(Bainimarama government) you have seen today, you shall see them no more forever. The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace. (Exodus14:13-14). PS: God have never lost a battle.

Anonymous said...

The dickhead Vuakamarama is trying to spell his name on the blackboard, and by the looks of it, he's struggling to do that hehehehe. Vvvvvvvv uuuuuu aaaaa kkkkk aaaa mmmm aaaaa rrrrrrr aaaaaa mmmmm aaaaaaa. Teacher, is that correct?
Good boy Vuaka, try again.

Viiiiiii cccccaaaai mmmm aaaa rrrrr aaaaa mmmmm aaaa.

Good boy Vuaka, you will be promoted to class 3E.


You not wrong he should be going to school, im sure all his bodyguards have a much much higher grade then a dickhead like him, I wonder what they are thinking to be a bodyguard for someone with no grade no school, and getting under paid with sleepless nights, just keep him and his family safe, what has he done to nation that worth putting your life on line for, while their own family suffering at home, having tea tavioka, bodyguards think of what you doing his not the chief from your own villages which we respect and worth putting our own lives down for. his not your or my RATU or ADI. his a ratu sonaleve or lamusona thats why he hire you guys for paid by our hard ern tax money. he did not pay you from his pocket,you guys could be doing something more usefull for people of fiji and the nation which is paying tax for your wages, so why should we pay tax to pay you guys to protect some asshole like him and khaiyum, think about it,do what is right guys, lomana na leweni vanua o viti, which is suffering to make endsmeet and paying tax to pay guys. VAKA SAMA TAKA NA DINA

discombulated bubu said...

David Pflieger , the CEO of Air Pacific (just for now) has been flush of late, with the success of his dream employment decrees as he very much enjoys being in the "inner sanctum" of his new best-testis mates - Bainimarama and Kaiyum (aka ASK).

So confident is he that the idiots in the Fiji military will accept any new law that will keep the good citizen down and prevent them from causing mischief, that he has dreamed up new Fijian flight regulations.

After suffering recent massive jet lag on a leg from Nausori to Suva, he presented his latest Decree :

It will now be an offense for instance to enter a plane while it is flight.

Further, no one can leave an aeroplane while it is in flight – unless you wish to make a parachute jump - and only unless it is over Kiribati.

And anyone found jumping without a parachute will be committing an offense and is liable to prosecution.

Pflieger has also decreed that before any flight, all passengers must get together and elect a pilot. Any passengers not electing a military officer will be severely punished.

Any loss of altitude granted by the Fijian Military will allow a unique close up perspective of the local terrain especially over Naisoso in Nadi - all part of Air Pacific's new commitment to make tourist flights a sight seeing extravaganza.

And in the event of the loss of an engine, it will be noted (prior to it happening) that the reduction in weight and drag will mean Air Pacific will be flying much more efficiently - which of course will please Pflieger's friend Arsi Kaiyumi very much and earn aforementioned many more brownie points faster than Frequent Flyers.

Luvequ, it’s always a good idea to keep the pointy end going forward as much as possible, and gravity is not just a good idea. It’s the law. And it’s not subject to repeal.

No Retreat said...

Bainimarama you look tough sitting with cross arm.I wonder how you shrink your toughness and want to lie on the floor of the luxury hotel that you travel to and use your bodyguard to sleep on the comfy bed.
I thought how on earth can you be afraid when the recent poll shows your popularity in Fiji and abroad.
Just remember your days are numbered.


just add to vaka sama taka dina's comment nice one bro,frank you are a trained solder, you should be brave to care of yourself and you family only a coward or a lamusona would have bodyguards, why should we the tax payer pay for the bodyguards,to protect you and your family. you have brought this upond yourself,so be man and protect your own family.like every other man dose,even a puffter can do better then you, those bodyguards could be doing something usefull for nation because we the tax payer pay them, not to protect lamusona dictator like you. RERE TALEGA TIKO VEI IKO SONALEVU CAVA TALE LEVU GA VOSA LAMUSONA. VALA TAKA NA DINA

Anonymous said...

the book shelves are empty.DR Sri(silly) Yukt SP Nandan should donate his massive load of unsold books to at least decorate the shelves.Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap nandan made a big hoo haa about not meeting Rabuka in Canberra.But his sillybooks are being launched into space and oblivion by the llegal AG !!--ha ha but the good Professor is a good follower of Gandhi-one day he will lead the Salt march in Fiji starting from meigunyay and ending in viseisei--must order a dhoti for him !!-aiyas's sulu might do.

Anonymous said...

This is a very important topic. Thank you C4.5.
Every citizen of Fiji ( whether you are a villager or whether you work for Air Pacific or whether you are a soldier etc) you must ask yourself the question: Who is actually the criminal here?

eg in the case of Shalend Scott. Who is the criminal there?
Criminal #1: Pfliger who does not hold a govt post has gone and made a piece of Legislation for the country. That is ILLEGAL. He is the criminal.
The second criminal Aiyaz Khaiyum in going against all govt protocols to include Pacific Sun , FBCL etc etc in the decree. Also in passing the Decree even while it was still being drafted and finalised. As one blogger mentioned he was running Fiji by "cut and paste legislation".
Criminal# 3 - the Police. They didn't even know what charge to pin on Shalend , so why did they hold him in custody?
And when Madigan asked them in court, they did not know the answer. These are stupid police.
These policemen obviously have no moral integrity at all. They have the spine of an earthworm and are absolutely pathetic.
Their boss Naivalurua is the same ie a spineless immoral man. He is Criminal #4.
The pathetic lowlifes who thought up this PER Nazhat and Bainimarama are Criminals 5 & 6.

Now these criminals were exposed by Shalend.
And guess who gets taken to court?
(Right becomes Wrong & wrong becomes right. Sounds familiar???)
So please tell all your friends in the village who the real criminals are. It is Pflieger, Voreqe, Aiyaz etc.
It is not VRF or Us or Shalend

To all you soldiers. It is now 5 years and you still don't know who is the criminal.
Are you guys dumb or what? How long are you going to keep following that idiot?

Truth will prevail.

-Valataka na Dina.

Vani said...

Oh! the pose says all - the DEFENSIVE...Oh! my goodness! the Teacher is going to call on me to answer the question...Arghhhh!!! Help!!!!!!!! I don't know the asnwer...Ok..guise, guise, guise...ok! set, she has looked the other way...UUUUUU! tamani bulati o au!

Hee haw said...

Pix of Ayearze hilarious. Fiji is indeed a circus with all the abnormalities including the ringmaster, the ugly sisters, the dwarf, the snake charmer, dumbo the elephant etc etc

Anonymous said...

Funny that the 2 Indians were wearing sulus. Aiyaz and Aziz and the Fijian man wearing the long pants.How times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 2.27pm please don't insult the indians by calling ASK indian. He is a Taliban.

Anonymous said...

So it's true that ASK shaves his legs.

military bloke said...

Follow-the-leader-blindly soldiers should go back to military school and learn where their allegaince lies - with the people. Please try and get a conscience while you are there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.43am LOL

Anonymous said...

Oops! VB, posing as an educator...I wonder what's perceived in the minds of those 2 real teachers...

Anonymous said...

president should sack ask/bai/now.
people not happy in fiji.
jagath and these guys are hero.
why charge these people for nothing.
they should charge ask/frank/cronies for treason.
time for fijian people to wake up and fight the regime,
no more liumuri style .

Anonymous said...

if someone thinks that revolt will take in Fiji like in other countries , my!! friends forget. Who will lead a Indian NOOOO, they are lamus, than a Fijian nooo they are biggest lamu and just showed they bravery in 1987, 2000 why , because they had guns that time , now they are gandus. Long live baini/aryse rule, time to payback Fiji you deserve baini/aryse rule , why complain now

Anonymous said...

What the FICAC?.. Frank's off to China again for more medical checks at the expense of Fiji's Tax Payers while Arsey-boy plays at being PM of the Nation!
Today's news? so what if Labasa won the IDC! More bias opinion from the coup apologist Graham Davies. Talk about defending the indefensible! Tax payers should be "pissed off", they don't need a so called "corruption commission" to see for themselves how corrupt Fiji has become under these unelected "crooks". And Sharon Smith-Goebells continues spewing crap about media jeopardising the economy! Who, what? Get real bitch! Taxi fares and poverty up! Another shitty day in Paradise!! Some in this blog claiming that Fijians deserve what they get, can now share in it! Coup4.5 why not develop a special "Fiji tourism blog" to advertise all the beautiful atrocities going on behind the scenes in Fiji? that'd be great for Tourism and Sharon Smith's economy!

Fiji Democracy is here said...

Bai looks like a lost dog in the photo. He is one sick man. As for ASK, he will soon regret all the things he has done. Time to face the people of Fiji sulu boys.

A cage is being constructed to house Bai, ASK and the muslim aunty and S sisters and Pflieger which will be positioned at the Stadium in Suva so the Fiji people can throw eggs and tomatoes at these criminals. They will remain there for months before being transfered to Naboro for life sentence.

This will be followed by second round of cage display for YP Reddy & Family and the Tappoo Family.

Please start collecting as many eggs and tomatoes for these crooks.

God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@5:18 PM. A non-Fijian man wearing a sulu becomes a Fijian in much the same way as a non-Indian woman wearing a sari becomes an Indian.

paula raqeukai said...

...mate na kai viti...only the spirit of the Lord will save Fiji from these Unscrupulous dealings happening in our eyes...especially when there is no media cover...no wonder there is a ban on sensible media reporting every 30 days...

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.40pm. An Indian wearing a sulu will never be a Fijian simply because you put it and take it off. I guess you're a Fijian man wearing a sari hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

From Fiji Village

Ed FPolice Commissioner Brigadier General Iowane Naivalurua has called on people to report any unprofessional conduct or poor services by police officers.

Naivalurua said the force has a disciplinary committee that looks into complaints on officers.

He said people should not refrain from reporting the incidents.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The Police Force held a Community policing symposium last week in an effort to improve their partnership with the communities.

Story by: William Waqavakatoga

Kenneth Zinck said...

With the oppression of our people in Fiji and the illegal dictatorship continuing to destroy our country on a daily basis I ask the question, can Ratu Epeli Nailatikau(President) DO ANYTHING TO SAVE the country from FURTHER DAMNATION by BAI and AIYAZ? Kubuna is the number one confederacy in the Fijian hierarchy so can we see some leadership please. Kenneth Zinck.ps What I have said here is not new I have already told the President(Ratu Epeli) this at the Defence Club in Suva and he knows.

Anonymous said...

@ Kenneth Zinck.

Epeli Nailatikau should be stripped of his Lordship if really had one. He is the biggest bumpsucker, toothless who could not even stood up for his brother-in-law. He had lost his sense of direction some long time ago and just drifting along with the current. In short, he is not a trustworthy for such a noble proposition.

VTDriu said...

The camera man in the first photo shows the real Fiji today. Look at his clothes and shoes as compared to the Fijian wannabees around him. At least one of the Military guys could have passed him a shoe polish to polish his sandles. I really feel sorry for him the same way I feel for my country people in this tough time.

Anonymous said...

The writers are being paid by the so called Sharon PS Communication to paint a clear picture of the regime to the outside world. Smith is being pushed by AG whereas bai still trying to look for ways to hide or overcome his medical illness.
Mary Bainimarama joke to Mrs AG for them to change post once a month.