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Friday, October 14, 2011

Sedition charges laid against five men accused of committing graffiti

Jagath Karunaratne
Five men charged with writing seditious words in public places have been named as Jagath Karunaratne, Mosese Bulitavu, Eroni Takape, Usaia Koroi and Waisale Daganayasi,.

The men are accused of committing the acts of graffiti between the 21st and 27th of August on billboards along the Nausori and Suva roads. 
 It's believed the billboards were those of the self-appointed prime minister, Voreqe Bainimarama.

 The case was heard in the Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon where it was claimed the men had seditious intentions to incite hatred and dissatisfaction against the regime.
Unnamed accused. pic Fiji Village

All five pleaded not guilty and asked for bail. Fiji Village says the court refused the request and the men have been remanded in custody to reappear in a week's time.


Stan said...

Is Jagath Sri lankan?

mark manning said...

Good on you fellas, keep up the good work !
Now where's my paint and brush, lols !?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is, and more from FHL press release of 3 February 2009:

Fijian Holdings today announced the appointment of Mr Jagath Karunaratne as General Manager Clariti (South Pacific) Limited, a subsidiary of FHL.

FHL Managing Director, Mrs. Sereana Qoro said, “Given the highly competitive nature of the ‘IT’ business, it is important to have a leader with appropriate management skills, industry knowledge and maturity required for the position. Mr. Karunaratne brings to Clariti extensive experience in the IT and Telecommunication industries. His appointment will ensure that Clariti meets the needs of its customers and the business challenges ahead.”

Mr Karunaratne is a Sri Lankan born NZ citizen who commenced his career as an engineer with Computer Systems Limited in Sri Lanka. He was employed with IBM New Zealand for over 8 years before joining Telecom Fiji as an IT Consultant and later as IT Operations Manager. He has over 17 years of experience in the IT industry and has worked in countries such as the USA, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

Prior to joining Clariti, Mr Karunaratne was a consultant for Saudi Telecom, Saudi Arabia and Frontier Communications, New York. With Clariti, his role will include identifying new business growth opportunities in Fiji and the South Pacific region, exploiting global trends in the IT industry, achievement of requirements of strategic partners which includes HP, Microsoft and Citrix amongst others, managing risks and developing strategies to enhance customer service.

In line with the company vision, Mr Karunaratne will focus on providing the best IT solutions to businesses in the Pacific, offering the best value and best practices to local organizations and to make Clariti the preferred IT Solutions company in the Pacific region.

About Clariti
Clariti South Pacific Limited is an IT company which provides complete IT solutions to corporate organizations and government departments. Clariti is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Dated this day 3rd February, 2009

Anonymous said...

Their lawyers should argue that the very billboards of Bainimaram incites hatred against the regime.
In fact we the public believe that the billboards are a waste of taxpayers money and should be removed and painted over.
May be they should be cut into circles and use as signs for speed limits etc. On the Princes Rd there's only one speed sign at Tamavua village. No other speed sign until you reach Nausori. So we don't know whether 50km/hr or 60 or 80. There used to be an 80km/h sign at Tacirua but that disappeared a few years ago and the idiots haven't got the money or brains to put up another one.
When you talk to the police they don't know what the speed limit is either.
So please cut up the Billboards and use it for something useful.

-Valataka na Dina.

Sekope [censored] said...

So this is the VRF eh? So much for bad spelling and writing useless words.

Anonymous said...

good works guys.
fiji people should rally/support these true freedom fighters.
where are the the true leaders.
good on you jagath this should tell the fijian people that you have heart for fiji.
wake up fijian now/fight for freedom.
frank/ag your days are coming soon.

Anonymous said...

They should be shot. Nothing political. They just couldn't spell.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, oh, if only we could air brush you out of the Fiji saga. Here, there and everywhere. And never welcome. Preposterous.

Anonymous said...

That picture is not of Jagath and I doubt he would have been involved in any of this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, I am not with you Mai Chodo.

Anonymous said...

@ Sekope 9.58pm

Bro, stop worring about spellings; there is no big deal in that, even your name would be a misspelling in some dialect but in implied terms is OK, who cares??.

Spellings come through time, LIAR in English but in another would be LIER, nevertheless either way the truth which greatly matters. BAINIMARAMA IS A LIAR (SERIAL LIAR + ULUKAU)se vakaevei??

Anonymous said...

Yea right! VRF? in your phucking dreams. VRF is too clever and organized to get 'caught'. Knowing the incompetwnce of this illegal regime, it is very likely they got the 'wrong' people. Jagath Karunaratne? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

this is so laughable... illegal regime again trying to put on a fake show on how good they are at catching opponents... hahahaha....

and putting innocent people behind bars.

you'll NEVER catch them, ulukaus. you days are numbered. prepare for hell.

Anonymous said...

What you don't know is all of us here blogging on C4.5 are VRF.
Only you and the rest of your monkey clan in Delainabua are the ones not in it.
Lako drau lai veitaurikau kei nomu boso. Sotia ni solisona.

Anonymous said...

Hi all , C4.5 doing good job what's up in Fiji . But take break and analyse , Ayse/baini they are not stupid , they know they can run Fiji until they die because Fiji people are gandus,no one will stand up , no will will kill them ,or whatever , so people of Fiji keep suffering and that's curse of 1999 election where you all made good intention leaders lose, Now you have the right people in right place.

Taukei. said...

Don't be concerned Kai - plenty more where these came from.
Can give art class's 2 the boys in Naboro.

mark manning said...

@ anon 1132p.m.
only in your wildest dreams !

Anonymous said...


Vanua. said...


May not like u in Fiji - always be welcome in Viti.

eye for eye said...

Vinaka boys you guys are heros. you all should be awarded a medal each for your bravery. You did not commit any serias crime, the regime committed murder, treason, frud ect.and they will pay for their crime.

Anonymous said...

Now there is a good idea from EYE FOR EYE - for the "New Fiji" era.
... a medal called "I stood up to the bastards", giVen to every one who ever had an encounteR with the illegal regime.
Class one- For being beaten or tortured or inprisoned.
Class two- arrested for any stupid reason.
Class three-for running undercover campaign of any sort. (like C4.5)
... and special thanks to all those who played a "positive" part.
Stay inspired - Keep it going . .
---------POSITIVE THINKING--------
*the seeds of oppression will bear the fruit of rebellion.
the "New Fiji" IS coming.
-Sydney Tourist

eye for eye said...

fiji my beatiful fiji, the time is up,enough is enough, this boys has shown as the way, its time to rise against this asshole and throw them out. lets get our beautiful cauntry back normal..VAKACAVA VITI TORO VAKA RARABA DOU DUA VATA KEI AU.KEVAKA DOU VAKA IO DOU KEI TUKUTUKU YANI ENA VEI KORO KORO MEDA GAI VAKARU TAKA DUA TIKI SAGA ME YACO KINA DODA KURU.. VAKANUINUI VINAKA..eye for eye

Anonymous said...

So much hype given to this group by the Regime for painting graffiti? This is simply hooliganism so why are they scared of these "boys"?

I thought Frank has always maintained that the people of Fiji love him to bits!!!

Treating the painting of graffiti as seditious???!!! Wow!! What next?

MARKSMAN said...

frank are you mad or clown, you look like a stupid fool on that billbourd, i dont blame those boys for tagin it, because it means fuck all to the people,so stop making a fool of yourself because you are, sorry to say and do something right.Be wise im tryin to help you here, release those boys.at lease people will forgive you for some of wrong your doings.

Anonymous said...

bainimaras kit. its expensive i dont think anyone will be able to afford it in fiji.

announcing the i-arse. cant beat the $5 spray can tho lol.

thanks vrf. please use more harder words. f words etc. get some real hate going. cause they have taken away workers rights with what they write.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.29pm
They are heroes , i mean this VRF GUYS, how dare you want to say that they should be shot!!IT SHOULD BE YOU WHO SHOULD BE SHOT -BOCI!! YOU GREEN GOONS!!

Anonymous said...

May I remind those who are accusing the VRF of writing improper English - Are you and your croonies expecting them to write well structured essays? Come on man! think!!

Secondly, they are a highly competent group of people...graduates!!!!..and they are more smarter than the lot of you put together and others in government.

That is all to be said as of now..the analysis of their competenccies will be made public soon.

God bless Viti

Observer said...

Wrong spelling is not an issue...what is more important is these VRF people know what is right from wrong which you critics know very well but refuse to accept...so u can go to hell with your English

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

We need more VRF like people with BALLS....the rest of you complaining about minor matters.... Look at the BIGGER PICTURE....We want DEMOCRACY NOW!!

Anonymous said...

these brothers need our support now.
fiji people should support these heroes.
we will keep the fight for fiji democracy.
god bless you all.
they have my support to fight for fiji freedom from this ask taliban/bai/cronies.

Anonymous said...

so Vrf needs a Sri Lakan to fight its battle> lol> isuppose after his done we will tell the vulagi to go back home like the indians>hahahaha funny people you lot

Anonymous said...

Sri Lakans have seen the distorted nature of the Illegal Regime and they have joined the band wagon with VRF!! Thank you to the Sri Lankans & overseas professionals who have FIJI at heart!! With your support we can topple this Illegal Regime.....

Power to the People...

Anonymous said...

so useless with nothing achieved,,,,frank doesnt give a heck with words,,,,,he only understands bullets

paula raqeukai said...

...those billboard signage's are propagandizes of the regime which was not elected by the people...and therefore the regime and its supporters have no right to erect them over any place in Fiji let alone the public roads...the exit point for VB & AK is to seek forgiveness from the people of Fiji before its too late...the people of Fiji through the holy spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ are ready to forgive and seek reconciliation via an establishment of the "truth commission" to end all these miseries we have been through...God Bless Fiji...

Navosavakadua said...

I can't wait to see Aiyaz's prosecutors outlining why the words "support church n unions" constitutes seditious intent.

The Aiyaz decree drafted by Madam Evil Shameem sets an unbelievably broad test for seditious intent. All it requires is intention "to excite disaffection against the Government of Fiji as by law established". But what this means is that the prosecutor will have to explain why supporting a church or union is going to excite disaffection with a Government.

The words "PM traitor" on their face look more like they're intended to excite disaffection, but how do we know -that the words refer to the illegal PM Bainimarama, and not the deposed PM, Qarase?

Is the prosecutor going to argue that the words must be aimed at Bainimarama because he's the only PM guilty of treason?

I can't wait to see the reports of the prosecutor's arguments.

Anonymous said...

well done guys, there is ,alot of people out there thats on your side. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The time has come to take bak our country rise now ...........

Anonymous said...

The PM is going to die soon and all who dare stand in our way we are goin to take backour country from these heathens who have come and taken wat is ours blood is wanted for this ..........RISE.......WITH ME ......................NOW