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Monday, October 24, 2011

Senior officers reveal Fiji police chief's salary and monies

  1.  WIDE OPEN: Ioane Naivalurura (left). pics MINFO

Senior police officers continue to expose the unpopular Fiji police chief, Ioane Naivalurua, today revealing the monies they say he's getting.

Officers have him down as currently costing the police force and taxpayers $417,500 as a result of his salary, commissions and what they say is rash police spending.

Figures sent to Coupfourpointfive show Naivalurua earns a salary of $97,000 and was allocated an entertainment allowance of $40,000 in the 2011 budget.

Naivalurura has had five overseas trips this year, each of them costing $5,000 at a total of $25,000.

Senior officers say the military appointed police chief has also commissioned several unnecessary capital projects, including the painting of police posts at $30,000, police uniforms from United Apparel at $75,000 and police scooters earlier this year at $8,000.

But they say he has pocketed a $20,000 bonus for hosting the recent Crime Free Workshop, which was sponsored by Vodafone to a tune of $100,000. 

He is also said to earn $87,000 as chairman of the Fiji Post board, plus $35,000 in commission from tenders for Post Fiji.

Naivalurua was made police commisioner a year ago and critics say he's a beneficiary of the 2006 coup having taken a year’s leave before the takeover happened coming aboard through masipol with Frank Bainimarama.

He then helped remove his predecessor, Esala Teleni, former senior RFMF officers Roko Ului Mara and Pita Driti with the help of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and the Permanent Secretary for the illegal government, Pio Tikoduadua, and is now enjoying the perks with his family.

Senior officers say his monies have been moved about in an ANZ account - and the account of his son who is currently enjoying a Chinese scholarship.

Henry Brown
Critics say Naivalurura is also building a new office in HQ which will cost taxpayers $150,000 instead of using the office at Suva HQ and the one allocated to him at the New Wing at Government House.

The spill on Naivalurura comes as the police re-arrest two men facing charges of writing seditious comments; the men had been released on bail by the Suva Magistrates Court.
Jagath Karunaratne and Mosese Bulitavu were re-arrested by a special unit with the police now claiming they face fresh charges, including conspiracy to treasonous offences and attempts to destabilise the Government.

Police chief operations officer assistant Commissioner Henry Brown, who has been revealed as engaging in fraud on this blog previously, claims the police has “strong evidence” of an attempt to burn down the city of Suva. 

IT speciliast Jagath Kuranaratne at front left
Brown has been quoted as saying: “Police have recovered evidence including homemade bombs (Molotov cocktail) linked to the investigation. Police are expected to bring in other prominent people linked to the investigations.”

Karunaratne and Bulitavu had been released on strict bail conditions with three co-accused Usaia Koroi, Waisale Daganayasi and Eroni Takape. The five men are accused of conspiring to write seditious words in public places and billboards along the Suva-Nausori road corridor in August. All have denied the charges.


The Oracle said...

Such a farce.
Naivalurua should front up and tell the people of Fiji why it is that policemen are under-equipped and without the relevant resources to do their work professionally - including a short supply in uniforms and boots - not to mention anti-riot gear, walkie-talkies and transportation.

Even office staff employed at Naivalurua's headquarters at CentrePoint are without the proper uniforms. A number of them are from the military - without having gone through the proper police training.

He should also tell the people of Fiji why it is that long-serving policemen are now totally dis-illusioned and simply come to work for the sake of putting food on their tables and not for the pride of undertaking professional police work (which, unlike the military, needs more brains and less brawn.)

Just how many real policemen do show up for his compulsory training sessions at CentrePoint? Only those who have come from the military!!!!

IMAGINE: You arrest and charge people for writing anti-government graffiti on public walls and while arresting them you fail to find any other thing that will make a "Treason" charge stick. A few weeks later, out of the blue, molotov cocktails appear and the suggestion is floated around that an attempt is being made to burn Suva down!!! Talk about opening yourself to accusations of planting/manufacturing evidence!!!

Brown should have some self-respect. Unlike Naivalurua, he is a trained policeman. He should at all times uphold the oath he made as a policeman. His failure to act against Naivalurua's misdeeds only make him complicit in the regime's illegal activities - and he should be charged - just as a person who, with knowledge of a crime and who wilfully or through an act of omission is complicit in that crime can be charged under Fiji's Penal Code.

Anonymous said...

They are not seditious. They are just stating the truth. Their lawyer should argue that point.

If they write that Bainimarama is a liar, Isn't that the truth?
He lied about election in 2009. He lied about no soldier will benefit from the coup.etc etc. He lied to the people of Fiji.
That is a fact.
As for sedition, how can writing the truth be seditious?
Seditious against whom?
Is it seditious against the people of Fiji or just seditious against the boci running the country now?

Kanaloto oinks in charge said...

With half a million dollar salary at stake, Mr & Mrs Kanaloto will do anything.

But still, these two thieves can't even do a good job at acting, they're so FAKE.

mark manning said...

A treasonous Regime accusing others of committing the very crime of which they themselves are guilty !
Only in Fiji !

There's no doubt, Fijians have the Police Force they deserve.

How much more can the good people of Fiji take before they respond and finish this foolishness which has engulfed their Community, Traditions, Culture and way of life and decimated their once stable and growing Economy?

Anonymous said...

i often see naivalurua as a hourable man.
but this story about his salary and allowance, its shows a true colour of the man...

sa maumau dina na vuli mai sandhurst, ka sa mata lelevu na kocokoco kei na nona lomaqa

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua is the best Commissioner Fiji has ever had. 99% of police officers and soldiers respect and look up to him. Even those who don't support the current regime admit he's a good leader and the right man for this job. He leads by example and C4.5, if you really want what's best for the people of Fiji, you'd support this Police Commissioner.-Comment posted at 12.02pm and edited.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@12.02pm You'd have a better chance of getting your comment posted if you weren't always assuming things and 'daring' us to print it.-C4.5 Editor

Anonymous said...

the sedition charges should remind people that the regime has heaps of infromers everywhere. remember too taht once people get charged they are in thwe clutches of a corrupt regime and heading to naoboro like mahendra patel.

Semi Meo said...

How come this NDB Bank have only iKaidia working in it.
Where's the racial equality Vuaka preaching about?
Also Fiji Army only iTaukei, they should make it 50% iKaidia.
Where's the Racial Equality ?
Now 5 yrs already after Coup, no racial equality. Only too much bullshit.
Bainimarama can't walk the talk.
Only talk and lie to everyone .
Lie to UN . Lie to Spearhead, Coconut head and whatever head. Talk talk talk. Lie lie lie.
In Fiji No change. Only too much bullshit.

Anonymous said...

the police officer are.lamusona .
they should be charged for treason with its bosses and rfmf lamusonas.
bai/ag/cronies have commit treason thats the truth.
why arrest people who speaks the truth.
fijian should wake up and fight the regime..
what happen to gadaffi should happen to all dictators like bai/ag/cronies.

Stan said...

@ Semi Meo

The NCD bank is in Sri Lanka

Anonymous said...

@ 12.02pm

No matter how much you try to appraise, the bugger is still a shadow of your DICKtator. Simple correllation, both pay themselves exorbitantly.

People of Fiji, let us look at the cost of living, prices have sky-rocketed all time high and expensive. All these are results of incompetency, corruption, failures, lier, liar (whatever) of the Bainivuaka and DICKtator regime.

Anonymous said...

The images of Gaddaffi have really shaken Sayed-Khaiyum. He's shitting himself badly and calling for a round-up of enemies - and that's lot's of people, some of them former friends, others just old enemies.

They say Daniel Urai is going to be clapped in irons as soon as he steps off the plane on return.

Get ready for the crack-down.

Anonymous said...

fiji people have to fight now .
regime is going to frame and lock people up
the police and rfmf are puppet to bai/ag.
who ever oppose them.
united we stand and get the idiots out asap.
if people in middle east can do it.
why cant we do it.
yes we can.
go bati go.

Anonymous said...

Harrreh wah! I didn't know this one.I thot maybe new bank in Fiji. Still all same should put 50% iKaidia in fiji army. Otherwise suwar pokotia is only one big fat liar.
This fulla maybe lie to Mary too?
Must be lying to everyone at home too.
What the children thinking? their father one big fat liar.
I'm sure for you Stan if your father is liar you too will be very shameful eh?
But these people no shame.
These Bhai's family no shame yarrrh!
This fulla's son in law , that rugby player, he good friend but you know Stan these fullas no shame.
I don't know what kinda fijians this one.
Everyday go to church I don't know who they worship. Can't be God yarrh. Harreh bhagwan!
Hai ki nahi?

Anonymous said...

these guys used god/church to fill the pockets.
wolves in sheep clothing as it says in the bible.
shame on these leaders.

Semi Miau said...

It is unbelievable as why and how Vuaka and his inner circle of thieves are getting paid huge salaries while a high percentage of Fijians are living below the poverty line. Pathetic. The place is riddled with corruption and that's one thing Vuaka set out to eliminate.

Military officers (boy scouts) have been appointed to senior posts yet they are a bunch of uneducated morons who didn't even have any qualifications.

Anonymous said...

A!! TU NA DA!! So where is the "DODONU, SAVASAVA kei na DINA" philosophy that he was preaching to us soldiers when he was Land Force Commander?
It is obvious that for him it is now "VEVE, DUKA kei na LASU".
Another thing, NO Police Commissioner has EVER, EVER worn a lanyard [?] that he is now wearing on his right shoulder - since when - mai aso!!
Na ka e donu e sa na cala, na ka e cala sa na donu vei ira na mataqali tamata va'qo!! E sa da mai sarasara!!!!

Anonymous said...

Corruption is rife. All the money the corrupt goons have stolen will have to be given back to Fijian People and their families will be left with nothing. Look at what happen to Gaddafi he got a knife up the ass.

Anonymous said...

what is Mrs Compol doing in the pic.I think this is a formal gathering if not where are the other wives?
Mr COMPOL that dress code doesnt belong tto the ovisa it is military.So a the ranks,FSM,WO1's in the Police what British regiment is the FPF affiliated to,to warrant such ranks and dress codes.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of Idiots, thats what happen when you allow the military to take over power? They appoints idiots like you to higher positions for their own protection?They used up all your hard earned money, to finance their illegal activities? What you gonna do?Get a
job and hope for the best!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10.07

Mrs Kanaloto-yalewa vodoloto is a typical scammer who tries to climb the ladder using men with balls for brains to get away with her pot plant business, fruitjuice making business and other under the table side deals. lols!

Anonymous said...

So he makes 35K commission at Fiji Post whilst Mr Motibhai is in goal for providing clock to Fiji Post at cost. Did I miss something here guys?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:22.
No - but its obvious Mr. Motibhaii certainly did.


We all can see on this photo no one smiling army, police, officers ect, ect,they all look worried or scared. whats the problem guys?? You guys are trained to combat and defend our nation from the enermy. Yor are looking at the enermy, whats the hold up,stop bing worrying or scared, no point you all dress up in fancy uniforms and medals, that to me is only for show but no action, its time to act, take enermy out and let the smile come back. action speaks louder then words.

Anonymous said...

Look you bunch of Morons,think back to the type of salaries been paid to Government Departmental CEO
during Rabuka, Chaudhry and Qarase
democratic administrations? They were getting ridiculous Unionized engrossed amount like $145,000 to$150,000 per annum? How about the FHL CEO salary of $500,000.How about the former AUSSIE police Commissioner Hughe was getting? I think that Ioane deserved to be paid more for doing a great job of
keeping our police force focus on
doing a good police work for the public in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to offer lame excuses for your lame hero IOwane, the "Yes SIR to all things "$Aiaz/Bai$".

We all know that in an open, democratic system of governance one that is hinged on the RULE OF LAW, there are ALWAYS avenues (if you coupsters had used your education, training and collective imagination) to lobby for the support that you needed to address your grievances, or challenge the system to bring changes, within the CONSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK.

However, you DO NOT SECRETLY PLOT with a madman who had blood on his hands to overthrow a legitimate, democratic, people's government and undermine the rule of law, abrogating the people's Constitution and sacking the judiciary, through a coup d'etat - do you hear that IOwane Naivalurua?

So pls quit insulting our intelligence by clutching at straws to justify your key roles - in what we can all now see as the biggest, grand theft ever perpetuated against the people of Fiji, not even your children will be able to live down the sheer greed and irresponsibility their parents had in covertly and overtly oppressing a people of their basic rights, of their basic freedoms and choices of their representatives for 5 long years and counting.. in order to arbitrarily dictate...

Utterly, shockingly, inexcusable..

Anonymous said...

People have you seen anything to prove that he is doing all this or you just passing around what you heard....nodra lasu da mai lasu....please enough and spend your energy doing something positive to fiji no matter how little it is. We all have a day each to answer to our action. So quit blogging and do something positive. Let them be for one we all be answering some question of mismanagement. Patel, Owner of Suncourt, PS Agriculture did so did the former PM Laisenia the man all Fijian look up to. At the end what he did was for himself even though indirectly but still wrong. So quit it everyone....

Anonymous said...

@2.17am Bullshit,who in the world would look up to such idiots? Those people you mention are just part of the list of the many coconuttys that fucked Fiji up.

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