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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fiji coup apologist Shaista Shameem heading to a NZ University

Shaista Shameem
The former director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission, Shaista Shameem, has apparently been offered a position to study and work at Waikato University in New Zealand.

Our information is that Shameem, who until recently has been siding with the regime, will be studying for a PhD in law and probably work part-time at the Law faculty from January next year.

Her sister, the former High Court judge and legal advisor to Frank Bainimarama, teaches Law at Fiji National University.

In 2007, Shameem released an opinion piece justifying Frank Bainimarama's decision to overthrow Laisenia Qarase's democratically elected government. 

She sent her endorsement to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

Shameem said it was legally wrong to refer to the overthrow as the Fourth Coup because the late President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, remained in power.

She said: "If a 'coup' is merely a dismissal of a government by a Head of State, we could then, with some confidence, assert the proposition that Australia has experienced at least eight 'coups' since 1907 - a surprising record." 

Shameem has also revealed that she, the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and the illegal solicitor general, Christopher Pryde, conspired to pervert the cause of justice against Qarase.

She was also responsible for the deportation of Fiji Sun publisher, Russell Hunter, and denied any legal representation to civilians who were tortured soon after the coup saying they had 'restricted rights'.
Nazhat Shameem

And despite earlier support, Shameem was removed as director of the Human Rights Commission by the regime in May 2009 and only re-emerged recently to represent pensioner David Burness, who took the regime to court over its proposed changes to FNPF.

After that, she also wrote an opinion piece on the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree describing the  new protocol as a serious erosion of human rights.

Bloggers had long suspected the Shameem sisters had played major roles in Bainimarama's regime.  Some confirmation of this has come from the former 3FIR commander, Roko Ului  Mara, who has named Shaista's sister, Nazhat Shameem and Khaiyum as two of the people who frequented Bainimarama's home before and after the 2006 coup.


Semi Miau said...

Why on earth is Waikato university interested in a crooked lawyer supporting an illegal government with no legal judiciary in place? It doesn't make sense. Perhaps she's finding a way to escape as the net is closing in on her and her sisters.

Anonymous said...

These 2 sisters have caused a lot of heartache to the children of Fiji by perverting the course of justice.
Their hands are stained with the present coup and they will face their day in court.
Waikato University must be scraping the bottom of the barrel if they considering Shaista on their roll.
How pathetic!

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

her role in the 2006 coup for demise of fiji must be told to the university and her rape of democracy, human rights, rule of law and international law.

Anonymous said...

neel sharam announced a FAT TAX on all people in Fiji that are FAT after he has closed many pharmacies down.

mark manning said...

These women prostitute themselves, it seems, to whoever is winning or the highest bidder !

They have no principles, loyalty nor honour.

They have even positioned themselves by purporting to stand up for Justice and what is Right, simply to extricate themselves from Fiji and the failing State they have helped create.

One can only assume that they are trying to avoid prison in Fiji by running away now, in advance of the Regime's demise.

How low can they go, as to pretend to be standing on the side of the Law, when in fact, they have walked all over it, to the extent of supporting Human rights abuses by Frank and Co.

I hope that someone from Fiji is writing to both the Government of New Zealand and the appropriate Minister there and the University itself.

If the University aligns itself with this woman, it is no better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Coup4.5 for the enlightenment. I remember at the height of the turmoil in 2000, I was driving back to Suva to be with my sick mother. It was one way traffic out of the Capital and Nazhat and hubby Aslam with family in toe, were the ones leading the blazing procession to Nadi Airport. I can now see how things have turned out how they have. But what's the real story behind the equally ugly sister's fall from grace?

Anonymous said...

Waikato University Law School has just confirmed itself as the worst ranked law school in NZ with this appointment!

Anonymous said...

We were told it was Mahen Chodhry who was responsible for the deportation of Russell Hunter. How he had tried and failed in 2000. Remember how his son bragged about it at the bar of a popular club in Suva? How was Shaister involved? Or was it just about any Indo-Fijian in a position of importance in Fiji at the time who might have had a dislike for what the racist commentator Anthony called the "White Man's Club".

Fiji Citizen said...

Arrest them at the airport and send them straight to prison. Or better still, arrest her on arrival in New Zealand and deport her to Fiji to serve in prison.

The ugly sisters. Yuck! I feel like throwing up when I see their ugly faces. God certainly didn't take his time when they were formed. Like their ugly faces, the have ugly heart and filthy brains. Looks like the devil created them to look like him.

I say, sent them to where they belong. Brung all the thugs out in Suva stadium so the people of Fiji can throw stones at them. They can die in the hands of Fiji citizens.

I would like to see Bai, ASK, Adrian Sofield, David Pflieger, YP Reddy and Family and the entire Tappoo Family to be part of the above stone throwing ceremony so they can learn a lesson how not to rip the country to ruins. Time for justice.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 and Mara and anybody who read this should ask waikato university , NZ government not to allow her in the country , ALL SOULD BE TOLD IN A VERY CLEAR AND EXPICIT TERMS.

Anonymous said...

Shista was at one time running a fiji style takeaway with his estranged partner - a totally run dowm joint in domimion raod called Budz Cafe circa 2002 - 2003

Anonymous said...

The bases for the opposing views are quite understandable...in fact it is as clear as a flicker of light in darkness. There is NO WAY that the Shameem sisters can extricate themselves from it.

This, however,could very well be the golden chance to expose once and for all the cards that were dealt and the players IN poker nationals of 06/12 in a Scholarly way and environment. Im sure there is alot to learn and unlearn from behind the curtain of those dark days

Im pretty sure Shaista's thesis and hypothesis have been determined with the Uni of Waikato DELIBERATELY playing an influential role in it. Lets get it down in Paper, know, learn, process and use the data to ensure that the Poker Game of 06/12 is never replayed.

We are God Blessed and I am also certain that deep down inside all Humans there is a well of Truth waiting to be drawn out and used for the betterment of all Humankind .

I pray that this is a purpose that Shaista will pursue... it is her Road to Damascuss.

Lets Learn, Forgive, Forget, Repair and Focus on the Great task that we as Citizens of our Beloved Fiji are all purposed for...ahead of us. We owe to ourselves, to our children, to our ancestors and to our Beloved Fiji. We will be gone "tomorrow'..lets live a better Fiji for those remaining.


God Bless Fiji

Gau Boy!!

Anonymous said...


Mr Tony Gollin has been appointed Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) chief executive officer.

He replaces Ratu Timoci Tuisawau who has completed his contract.

In announcing the appointment, AFL chairman Mr Adrian Sofield said that Mr Gollin’s experience in operations, policy, aeronautical commercial and engineering would be of significant benefit to AFL.

Mr Gollin has had a long and distinguished career in the aviation industry, most recently as chief operating officer for Auckland Airport.

In l988, he was first employed at Auckland Airport as its commercial manager and subsequently as its company general manager and was responsible for corporatising the company from its previous ownership as a government entity.

Mr Golin left the airport in 1997 to join Bechtel Limited in London as its Business Line manager after which he moved to Alterra Partners first as their senior vice president business developments and then as their senior vice president operations. Both companies are involved in airport development. Alterra was a Bechtel subsidiary company.

He returned to Auckland Airport in 2004 as its Corporate Planning and Strategy general manager, followed by Aeronautical general manager before assuming his chief operating officer position.

Anonymous said...

These two crook women with nu bano ali have been the master mind of the coup 2006 and play real pm role in fiji.

they must be reported to all nationas and be citizn arrested in reolution of the people to stand trial.

Want to Know said...

What proof is there to pin the sisters to the coup and decrees?

Anonymous said...

NZ Fiji studenst says..

We will write and protest this evil sister's permit.

She needs to be prosecuted for her participation in the coup as one of the chief legal advisers to mad Frank Bainivuaka.

A letter will now be sent to Immigration minister Hon Nathan and Foreign affairs minister McCully.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.43pm..get back to hole you crawled out from dickhead. Obviously you're the sisters cleaner.

Anonymous said...

Shaista herself is the Associate Professor at the University of Fiji, School of Law.

I doubt if her sister-Nazaat teaches at the same Uni.

Waikato University has just signed an MOU with Uni Fiji and i reckoned Shaista should have prompted a final year student to pursue further studies there instead of her!......or she want to won the whole LAW WORLD?

Capt. Chaos said...

Wow how very smart of you bloggers!!!!Shaista never ran any restaurant in Dominion rd,but her sister Nikhat did..I remember Shaista challenging the 2009 abrogation on the very first day of it being abrogated.It was the Fiji Times headline of the next morning.Does she also not have about 6-7 first class honours degrees?from different universities...according to her CV online?

I don't think she is going anywhere yet till she kicks the FNPF in the face...and shows what her stand has been from day 1.Can't say much about the other sister nazhat as she seems to be part of the scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

@"want to know" 3:43pm
Talk to Rt Tevita Mara. He said he saw the sisters in the plotting of the coup with Bainimarama. Rt Tevita was there.

Anonymous said...

@Gau boy
So you are suggesting we forgive and forget the murder of Rabaka etc by this government?
So its OK to bash and rape women!
Its OK to murder people
Its OK to take away the rights of people to free speech.
You are saying we shoulsd all just sweep it under the ibe.
If someone rapes your sister we should just forgive and forget?
What Bible are you reading?
If they take away her human -rights (like Shaista did to the people of Fiji)we should just forgive and forget?
You must be crazy man!
Our forefathers fought in the Two World Wars so that we might have these rights and you just want to give it up that easily????
Shaista needs to have her day in court!

-Valataka na Dina.

Turukawa said...

what has new zealand immigration to say now? come on john key stop your double standard practice.

Anonymous said...

Waikato University is ranked below the 400 mark amongst the top university of the world. The latest ranking has revealed that the University of Auckland is the best placed NZ university at 137.

The inclusion of Shameem will lower the current deplorable ranking of this institution.

Anonymous said...

NZ Uni might have not know her back ground well so Roko Ului should do the honourable thing and advised the NZ Immigration not to issue permit and VISA.

Taukei. said...

NZ loss - Viti gain - twice.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, then we the innocent masses here in Fiji are deeply disappointed. Whilst it is the NZ Government's prerogative who to grant visas to, to say that this is a blatant example of double standards, would be an understatement to say the least!!
To now grant this sow a visa to study in NZ is just incomprehensible. She has been publicly and privately supporting these ILLEGAL thugs in the form of the ILLEGAL Regime, yet the NZ Government has now rewarded her to study in NZ. She has been part of the 'inner circle" during the plotting, planning and the execution of the coup in Dec 2006 until she was dumped!! What hypocrisy, what shame, what double standards on the part of the NZ Government.

Anonymous said...

the fiji restaurant the shameen chook ran was a hang out for fiji guys and girls to purchase joints and pick up chicks - place went bust in no time

Anonymous said...

Shaista has permanent residency in New Zealand, folks! Hyprocrite and liu muri of the highest class - hopefully, prospective students will boycott enrolling at Waikato law School when they find out they have among the staff the champion of human rights violations in Fiji

Anonymous said...

so nz immigration is opening its doors to shaista!!!!!!!!full of shit.

this is double standards, new zealand!!!

Anonymous said...

If you're asking for proof then you must be 1 hellava ulukau. This nit is not fit to be in law practice nor is Nz or Waikato uni fit to be letting this nit arrive, shame on you if you do!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

omg haha yc http://i13.freepicshare.com/d4.php?4v0y2y&req=Picture41.JPG

Anonymous said...

Full of shit alright, what next..3 ply

Anonymous said...

If SHIT really has a NZ PR then, the NZ Government should do the right and honorable thing and REJECT/CANCEL her PR. Here she is in her land of birth stirring shit and then buggering off when it suits her. Maybe the NZ Government is covertly supporting what is happening here!
After being DEEPLY involved with the 'inner circle' in the planning and execution of the coup, what does she get? A handsome reward by the bloody Kiwis!! KIA ORA for showing your true colours KIWIS!!
I have friends and acquaintances who left the military prior to Dec 2006, yet they and their families are still banned from traveling to NZ!!
They have been trying in vain to have their names taken off the ban list, but so far it has fallen on deaf ears by the powers that be. WHAT BLOODY DOUBLE STANDARDS!!
Australia on the other hand has been very, very sympathetic and humane and has taken them off the travel ban. Thanks you OZ Mates.

VTDriu said...

So this is it. After sleepless nights and bad dreams at times wetting her bed, Shaista, can no longer take it but run away from Fiji now leaving his friends in crime behind. You think that you will be safe in NZ? Where ever you are Shaista, we the people of Fiji will never rest until you are dragged out of your hiding place and answer to us. Your actions will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Kaicolo said...

I have sent a letter to the Waikato Universty Vice Chancellor with this article attached and strongly recommend that the coup apologists admission be cancelled. Reasons include support for the illegal military regime

Kaicolo said...

I had just followed my letter to the Vice Chancellor of Waikato University with a letter to Mr Key the NZ Prime Minister to refuse issuance of student/work visa to Shameem.

Please to all of yous do write to NZ PM and Waikato Uni Vice Chancellor for same

Anonymous said...

Can somebody advise NZ to revoke her PR status?

paula raqeukai said...

vinaka kaicolo...o ira na tamata tawa cili oqo era sa nanuma saraga me sa yaco na nodra lewa ena noda vanua lomani o viti...Fiji is tainted with blood of those that died during the 2000 and 2006 illegal coups...and those responsible will be answerable to the Lord...the best thing for them now is to repent and turn to the Lord for His hour is coming closer to an end....you cannot run to waikato to escape his wrath...He is watching you...best thing for the two sisters is to ask for forgiveness to the people of Fiji for their evil part in the VB & AK's takeover... the people of Fiji have hearts of passion to forgive each other even in times like we are going through now... God Bless Fiji...

The Next Commander said...

I think that the drivers of this hatred towards shaista were victims of the overthrow.victims being that they lost their ill-gotten gains from the last 2 coups.
God is on her side ,god will take the scales out of your eyes one day and give you all the realisation of her minute involvement and show you all who the real people are with their hidden agendas.imagine her position being the enemy of both sides...your hateful side and the governments hateful side...my bet is on her.....she is a champion with no hidden agendas and the truth will show you folks where she stands!!!

Anonymous said...

@valataka na dina 5.34pm

The "Dina:...Truth is in LOVE.

We will all one day be Judged in thoughts words and deeds...the Shaeem sisters You and I. We have all had our shares of pain but lets not let those pains and aches limit our opportunities to contribute to a better Fiji. Perpetuating the past through resentment and anger is not the answer. There is so much ahead for Fiji...lets learn, unlearn, remove, replace but Move on

"To worry yourself to death with resentment would be a foolish senseless thing to do" Job 5:2

Perhaps 'we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are'
Anais Nin

God Bless our Beloved Fiji

Gau Boy

Kaicolo said...

To Coup 4.5 readers, please contact Waikato University Vice Chancellor to withdraw Shameem's enrolment and job offer and to NZ Prime Minister to cancell/refuse Student visa and work visa, via the following email addresses:

NZ Prime Ministers email:
"J Key (MIN)" J.Key@ministers.govt.nz

University of Waikato and write forward to Vice Chancellor email:

FIJI SAS said...

VTDriu...we are waiting for you at all the ports of entry.....for your immediate remand...one case pending at compol's office.

Anonymous said...

@Gau boy
Resentment : Yes I resent evil selfish people like the Shameem sisters.
Even now they are still actively involved in oppressing the people of Fiji. Nazhat is the one who writes up the Decrees.
I resent it when children go hungry because parents have lost their jobs.
I resent it when children can't get a good education because parents cant afford school fees and no more FNPF available.
I resent it when murderers get out of jail because they are in the military.
I resent it when Bainimarama wastes millions of dollars of tax payers money because he is totally corrupt. Instead he is spending it on his useless family.

The Shammeem sisters are selfish self-centred, self serving individuals who have no care for the people of Fiji. ( just think about it)
Shaista had the power to put a stop to this regime but instead she left us and went and joined the coup ( and no amount of tongue twisting will change that. A Coup is a Coup).

And you want us to forgive and
forget all the murders , all the rape, all the bashings.
If anyone do anything illegal then just Forgive.
Well then you might as well have no Justice system. Lets just all forgive each other.
No need for the police, lets all just forgive and forget.
No need for traffic lights , I can just drive anyway I like because others will forgive.
How stupid is that?
You have a twisted sense of right and wrong.

May be that is what is wrong with Fijians now. They no longer know what is right and what is wrong. So whoever is in power they go and do the matanigasau to him.
No No No No that is all wrong

These idiots need to be brought to justice.

Just remember Jesus died because God is a God of Justice.

-Valataka na Dina.

The Next Commander said...


Kaicolo said...

Anon @3.21 pm....agree with you totally, forgive my foot. Some of us Fijians take our religious teaching on forgiveness too literally without any critical reflections....let me murder your family members no worries you will forgive me...I will get away with murder....no way, we must let the criminals and anybody else pay for their actions....called take responsibility for your actions.

Anonymous said...

@Valataka na Dina 3.21pm

I admire your passion and forthrightness. I pray that it be channeled towards Love.

God is a God of Love r Beloved Fiji.

Gau Boy

The Next Commander said...

Kaicolo well said now lets put you on trial for rape vandalism,hate crime ,burglary and many other heinous thing you committed in 1987 and 2000

Anonymous said...

@Next Commander 3:38
Funny you only mention Rabuka's name. What about Speight?
Please take the time to read what others write or say before jumping to conclusions.That is a sign of maturity.
In my text above I have mentioned that a Coup is a Coup and a Coup is wrong.
Therefore Rabuka was wrong, Speight was wrong, Bainimarama/Chaudary/Shameem & Co are wrong.

And you are wrong.
None of my relatives have been involved in any coup.

All I can say is I personally paid a heavy price in the aftermath of Rabuka's coup as far as my career was concerned.I was a student then. Anyway that's life and God has brought me to a good place now.

-Valataka na Dina.

Navosavakadua said...

There is more rejoicing in heaven over one repentant coup supporter than over a thousand righteous freedom bloggers.

Who knows, free from the possibility of harassment in Fiji, she may spill the beans on who was involved in the plotting of the coup. It's clear the regime, having used her, then treated her as expendable, so she might as well try to rehabilitate herself by turning state's witness.

The Next Commander said...

If as you claim God has delivered you, then maybe you need an update to the god database for addition of peace ,love ,long suffering et al.

Anonymous said...

Right, this is one for Democracy lovers in the Tron (Hamilton). Suss out where this biatch is going to live and her movements to and from campus and post it here. Lets target this low down snake and give her a taste of her own medicine. Do't worry .......we've got some contact with Black Power in the Waikato. Let's terrorise the bitch till she shits her pants.

Anonymous said...

@Gau boy
Thank you.

Yes love in its purest form does not hide from Justice.
( and I admire some Fijian mothers who give up their children when the police come looking for them.)

And God nailed His only beloved son to a cross
Because He loved us but yet JUSTICE has to prevail.

I will forgive Shaista and Frank and whoever when the courts have delivered them JUSTICE.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Next Commander, it should be Next Cuntmmander.. These two evil sisters are hiding behind Aiyarsehole because that's their freedom card. You are supporting them so you must be their cleaner. Pathetic shithead.

VTDriu said...

FIJI SAS...Bring it on Shaista. Your report on me sitting on the Compols office? Unbelieveable, for someone who should champion the rights of citizens but doing the opposite is dispicable and a total shame for a woman of your calibre. Your correspondence with me is here in my file. I will expose you to the NZ authorities Shaista. Thanks kaicolo for the email addresses.

The Next Commander said...

VTDriu...I am NOT shaista or whoever I am the next Vunivalu of Fiji and I am going to make you my girlfriend bitch!!!!
This indian is of a different generation...I will bomb your arse from a helicopter gunship (AH-64D) soon.(that's an APACHE GUNSHIP)
Don't mess with the indians dude ...we have had enough racism from you nasty Fijians to last a lifetime.NOW WE ARE COMING FOR YOU IDIOTS WHO SPOIL EVERY NICE FIJI CITIZEN'S NAME BY YOUR CHILDISH STUPIDITY.BY the way GANESH CHAND is looking for you...you coward...you ran away and didn't come back to work...LAMUSONA !!!!!!!!!!

VTDriu said...

Oooopppsss. Someone is very very angry. FIJI SAS, The NextCommander and who else is you alias Mr Tough Guy. Indian of different generation?? Yes, the same generation as Shaista, Nazhat, Aiyaz etc. The same generation that have come to spoil the good relations fostered by our great grand fathers and the Indian Girmityas. My late grand father once told me that no matter what, look after the Indians for he has witnessed how they worked as slaves in clearing the Nadi bushland to plant sugar cane. If only he had known that in this era, there are Indians called the new generation Indians. Talk about racism, see who is racist here with such comments.Not revealing your true identity and calling ppl names, talking about apache gunship.....hahahaha, just can't stop laughing. The kind of person who would pooh on his pants when confronted by a little puppy.

Anonymous said...


grayfish fisherman said...

Shaita you come to right place waikato river is nice place to swim better then the rewa river. don't worry shaita shameem. there's alot of tanifa waitin to meet you.. you made the right choice. come to daddy see you when you get here. its a bad thing to hurt people.

Anonymous said...

ITS ok bro, she saver in fiji then here. she makin a big mistake coming here now she realy jumpin into fire.dont be supprice she back there. nowhere to hide here.media here is like a hungary shark. let alone the people who wots to kiss her hahaha mate tinana

Anonymous said...


R V Datta said...

Those who have nothing better to do have amused themselves by writing crap about two very prominent citizens. I am not guessing the background of the authors but they all sound like sour grapes. When Qarase was holding the pot of gold all the bloggers were behind him, now that the pot of gold has suddenly disappeared, the racial bloggers have surfaced again.
Go and read the reflections of the executive power which neither the Fiji Court of Appeal understood nor I believe the bloggers would ever understand. The scope of executive power in the 1997 Fijian constitution is full discussed in an article which justifies the dismissal of Mr Qarase as a corrupt individual.
R.V Datta

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