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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ten reasons NOT to fly the Fiji flag

The Permanent Secretary of Misinformation, Sharon Smith-Johns, is asking the people of Fiji to commemorate Fiji Day with pride.

Perhaps Ms Smith-Johns should take a moment to reflect on the fact that we do not have much to be proud of under the current illegal regime.
It might suit her and the unelected government to be ignorant but we have not forgotten the:
1) Deaths in custody, at the hands of our security forces

2) Continuing intimidation of trade union leaders, church leaders, media personnel and outspoken citizens

3) The continuing shadow of the PER

4) The dubious media decree that only allows for the illegal government's propaganda machines - the Fiji Sun and FBCL - to flourish

5) The questionable actions of the national airline's general manager in initiating and  authoring an illegal decree that contravenes ILO conventions

6) The questionable salary payment system which by-passes the Finance Ministry for the  illegal PM and AG, which allows them and cohorts to earn unjustified amounts
7) The rank nepotism and the theft of pension funds

8) The questionable granting of exploration licences to predominantly Asian companies

9) The significantly increasing numbers of Asians now living in the country and conducting business depriving locals of a fighting chance
10) The decimiation of Fiji rugby

The list is long and we could go on and on. Instead Ms Smith Johns wants us all to celebrate Fiji Day by reaching "out to those who are less fortunate than us."

(Wednesday 5th October 2011, No:1877/MOI) FLY A FLAG FOR FIJI DAY
The Government is urging all citizens to fly a Fiji flag to commemorate our 41 years of  independence. 
Ministry of Information permanent secretary Sharon Smith-Johns said the Fiji Day celebrations marked an important and significant date in Fiji’s calendar.

“Fiji Day is the only time of the year when we remember how Fiji was given the responsibility to govern the country without external influence,” Ms Smith-Johns said.

“Apart from the promise of just another holiday, this anniversary is about remembering our commitment to running our own affairs and it is something we should all be proud of.

“Government is encouraging all citizens and friends, who are in Fiji, to support this year’s anniversary by flying a Fijian flag outside your home or office premises.”

According to Ms Smith-Johns, Government is working closely with relevant stakeholders to make this year’s event a memorable one.

“We have a fine tradition of celebrating Fiji Day both locally and overseas. I think the best way for all of us to also celebrate Fiji Day is to reach out to those who are less fortunate than us,” she said. 
Celebrations at the Albert Park in Suva will include a full military parade at the grounds including a march through Suva city on Friday.
Newspapers will carry the program for the Fiji Day celebrations.

“On behalf of Government and my personal well wishes, I congratulate and hope for a happy and safe Fiji Day celebrations,” Ms Smith-Johns said.  

  A Time Bomb Lies Buried: Fiji's Road to Independence, 1960-1970


  1. why celebrate since fiji for the last 5 yrs has been ruled by the barrel of the gun

    its a stupid idea to celebrate
    voreqe na vuaka, kerea mo vakacegu, sa vakasisila mai na nona veiliutaki

  2. What is there to celebrate????Bainimarama and cronies have taken our beutiful Fiji to the dogs.Pity our rugby boys they had nothing to play for no free country just a corrupt dictatorship SHAME.....

  3. Its about time few crooks and misfits are killed.Everyone of those who died in custody were trouble makers and useless to society.

  4. This woman smith-johns must be from coup-coup-land. Only she and her regime masipolos wanna fly the fiji flag of shame? For what? For the military having perpetrated four military coups, the worst under the current regime? For breaking the rule of law over and over and over again and escaping with impunity? No good will come from law breaking woman! We can only watch and wait while you and your regime disintegrate right before our eyes!!! Learn from history and stop fooling the people or pretending that things are rosy when you know they aren't. The worst thing about flying a fiji flag- loss in the recent rugby world cup! Oilei vakamadua!

  5. dou caita na fiji day matanitu sona levu

  6. What a farce...fancy a bloody outsider to wish us on behalf of the Government....effen kutu!

  7. having a non elected government does not mean we should not fly the Fiji flag. What will this achieve?

  8. what is the bitch talking about.
    we dont have any feeling for fijiday now.
    no freedom.

  9. ...we have nothing to celebrate...we are not happy with the treatment we are getting from the illegal govt...we can no longer pretend...i'd rather look for food to feed my family than wasting time marching up or down the street...

  10. Lets all see who attends that stupid fiji day celebration..I will do a very good clean up @ home on this day rather then going down to Albert park to watch a bunch of criminals..

  11. Remember last year, the parade was cancelled because Albert Park had turnen into the largest swimming pool in the southern hemisphere?
    It is heading the same way again, this time it is going to be much deeper. May be it is meant for HMS Kula,lautoka and other little toy warships berthed in Walu Bay for them to be transferred to Albert Park for a live show captained around by Commodores Bai, Kean,Teleni and that Fisheries PS...what's his name?.... whilst all those sidelined Land Force L/C, COL etc who had been sidelined to make way for these midshipmen to run the RFMF...which now stands for REAR FUCKED MOTHER FUCKERS

  12. Yes we should all fly the Fiji Flag but at HALF MAST.Why? to show Sharon, Bainimarama, Khaiyum and Nailatikau that we still remember the death of DEMOCRACY and the rape of our country, the pilferage of our taxes, cronyism, corruption, nepotism, bribery, destruction and decimation of GCC, Methodist Church, Unions, human rights plus other oppressive decrees against every citizen of Fiji. FLY THE FLAG alright but at HALF MAST to show these people we mean business. Kenneth Zinck

  13. Sharon does not hold dear the values of most Australians and should hold her head in shame at supporting this murderous, treasonous Regime of Frank Bainimarama's.

  14. Dumb,dumber and absolutely stupid

    You dont know how angry it makes us fijians to have a foreigner tell us how we should feel about anything concerning us,



  15. I hope and pray that this planned parade is rained out and that Albert park is flooded once again just like last year.

  16. I invite you all to Albert Park to witness our PRIDE OF THE NATION as the US called their soldiers.
    Veikemuni na sotia keina vuvale ni vakaukauwa ga.
    A TAMATA DAU CAKACAKA SA SEGA NA KA ME MADUA KINA...ena oji mai na vosa ka ra na galu mai

  17. Tell the "Bitch" to fly her own Country Flag which is Australia because the Fiji Flag, to us Fijians it symbolize LOVE,HARMONY, HUMANITY,PEACE,DIGNITY,PRIDE,HONESTY and TRUST. So Ms Smith-Johns my advise to you "GET THE F...# OUT OF MY COUNTRY".........

  18. "...Land of FREEDOM,.. Hope and Glory!!.." WHAT A F**KING JOKE! Burn a Fiji flag today to mark your opposition to the repression in Fiji by dictatorial assholes!



  21. Tevita Temo
    The only people waiving the flag will be the Sotia ni solisona.
    Let them wave it and show off their big fat arse.
    Vakaraitaka tu nodra ulukau, lamulamu kei na soli muaimuri vei Bai.

    These soldiers are too much lamusona. Only good for bashing women and bashing unarmed civilians.
    The biggest arse surrounds himself with 30 bociguards.
    Farken poofters.
    Sa oti qo e 5 na yabaki ni se solisona ga.
    Oiauwe sa qai tawa vala rawa.
    Ko ni sa vuli ga ka ta sukulu.
    Ni yavu Sotia ni solisona.

  22. @ Kenneth Zinck! Where were you when we were being robbed in broad daylight...when you were in your fancy pajero going to HK, getting wasted in bars while we, the ordinary citizens had to struggle...where was our democracy then? I never supported a government that never did anything for me or my sisters...we had to struggle with being indian and made to feel like 3rd class citizens even though we paid our taxes like everyone else! So while you fly your flag at half mast, just remember, we had flown it that way before you got in and when you got in and when you got kicked out! and those same institutions you want back, they're the same ones that got my mother beaten in 1987 just for being indian! there's your democracy!

  23. Ni vosa tikoga vaqori na toso qo ena qai ga....... ni ka ni rawa ni na cakava tiko ya ni na vosa wale tikoga........

  24. Keitou a kerea ... please STOP calling her Smith-Johns because she is no longer married to Billy Johns that entitled her to this respected surname; Billy died over a year ago

  25. Tevta Temo

    O iko kei ira na sotia ni lako mada ga no lai tei tapioka.

  26. Tevita Temo - Sona Levu!

  27. Exactly how another Islander - Doc Jean Claude and his infamous TonTon began...

  28. '...my personal...wishes...and hope for a happy and safe ...celebration.'

    E vaka mo rere tiko Sereana...io, raikivi vinaka tiko...

    @ Tevita Temo 9.25am - na cakacaka cava beka o raqataka tiko mai qori? Isa, vakamacalataka mada me keimami kila. Na veilecayaki kei na yalowai kei na qaciqacia sa sivia. As for your 'PRIDE OF THE NATION', that was destroyed selfishly under Bainimarama. To save his arse, the integrity and honour and proud tradition of the institution were unscrupulously sacrificed. The proud RFMF of old is no more, what we see today is a sorry excuse of a rag-tag army owned by Bainimarama but paid for undeservedly from the public purse.

  29. While we can not control the weather, we can however control our actions and reactions.

    If you have something to celebrate, then go join the regime at Albert Park. If you have nothing to really be celebatory about, then stay home and give your house/yard a good spring cleaning or work in your back yard garden or anything. Just stay away from Albert Park. Your presence will both acknowledge and sustain their grip on power. This is one of the very few things you are able to freely choose to do in prsent day Fiji.


  30. Can we get enterprising and let the flag speak for us? I saw someone has turned flag upside at rugby world cup let's do something like that

  31. the real day to 'celebrate' fiji independence is coming up...keeping reading here

  32. Era a lako na i valu i Varanise, Solomoni kei Maleya na tukada ka ra sa veitomani kina Tokalau e loma na tamada,tacida ka kilai e vuravura o Viji ena vukudra na sotia ...ka sega ni politician. E sasaga vakaukauwa o Aussie kei NZ me tarovi na veiqaravi ena UN...ia ena sega ni rawa. Veikemunu na kaikaila jiko qo ena blog ..ni tarogi kemuni mada...se cava ni sa bau cakava me baleta na nommuni vanua?


  33. Kivei Tevita Temo

    Au kerea mo kua ni wiliki kemudou kei ira na tukai keimami kei ira na taci keimami ka dave na nodra dra se ra solia na nodra bula e na vei buturaranivalu e na veiyasai vuravura.

    In English, Tevita Temo, please do not defile or sully the proud history of our Grandfathers, brothers and uncles who shed blood and died on the many battlefields of the world.

    Please do not equate the lawless circus you are currently running with their noble and honourable deeds. One is lawless and self-serving. The other was lawful and self-giving.

    Qu kereviko mo vakasamatakinia vina na lemu iyatoyato.

  34. Australian usrupers have no right to tell us what to do on fiji indepenence day. Get over yourself Sharon. We don't need you to tell us how to feel and act: sort yourself out you opportunist

  35. Australian usrupers have no right to tell us what to do on fiji indepenence day. Get over yourself Sharon. We don't need you to tell us how to feel and act: sort yourself out you opportunist

  36. Boy, how dare Sona SONA-JOHNS ask us to celebrate with pride. She must still have her head buried in some man's bum!!!! The bloody cheek of this white woman!!
    Be rest assured SONA-JOHNS - we too will one day demand for our pound of flesh. That is our right you white piss-head!!

  37. i know frank durin school days he cant fight hes 1 off bigest lamusona thats Y hes got bodygards. that 2 show how lamusona he is

  38. frank is the bigerest lamusona in school he cant fight, got big mouth like poffter that Y he's got bodygards so noone can touch his ears i think his sona gone bigger now then when he was in school.

  39. I overheard the police inspector that led fiji police band during rwc that they are here to promote fiji one his words were.. o viti sa toso sara tuga i liu na gana ogo sa levu na vale levu sa tara tiko e suva.. caiti Vareqe vale ni sona na sau ni yaya sa toso ga i cake.. to people of all the villages in fiji franks is tryin to cover ass and kaiyub don't listen to them.. he will visit ur villages n bribe u n try to convince you that wot he's doing is right.. dont be fooled god bless you..


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