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Friday, November 11, 2011

Accused Walu Bay worker 'overheard' on phone

Confirmation today that two workers from the government supplies depot at Walu Bay are in custody accused of sabotaging a D4 caterpillar, foiling work that was supposed to have been done at Naitisiri.

Both the Works Minister Timoci Natuva (left) and the Ministry of Works and Transport Permanent Secretary, Francis Kean (above), have confirmed Coupfourpointfive's story.

The Walu Bay PWD workers were all detained at the depot until two men owned up to pouring two kilogrammes of sugar into a caterpillar earmarked for upgrade work at Naitisiri.

One of the men is alleged to have confessed at 7 o'clock on Wednesday night after reportedly being beaten all day.

The Fiji Sun is quoting a worker as saying: “The bulldozer became operational after it was repaired last week and the sugar was discovered when the it could not operate when another test run was carried out. When the sugar was identified, it raised many questions which confirmed that it was deliberately done which led to the investigations.”

A worker is also quoted as saying he recalled a certain phone conversation: “The person involved was discussing the caterpillar with someone and he did not realise that this particular person could understand the language they were using.”

Kean is said to have visited the depot on Wednesday to address the issue with the workers before they were allowed to go home.

It's being claimed the machine was disabled to help a private contractor.

Pair probed  

Ministry confirms alleged sabotage



Devious Aunty Bano said...

I do not know why all the fuss. To cut the long story short I gave another iPad to Baini’s granddaughter. As with the money Baini and my nephew Arsehole gives me I can buy 500 iPad at $2000 each from Tappoo’s, arse’s gang.

By the way where was the sucker minister Bole as we all know Ministry of Education does not allow mobile phones etc to school but who can say anything as being Baini’s granddaughter and nobody can touch her.

Parasite Nazhat Shameem said...

As you all know I am so called champion of good governance, transparency, anti corruption etc but I want to tell everyone that the $¾ million I receive from government as fees just to be their mouthpiece/spokeswoman in all and sundry seminars. Recently my conscience has started to prick and I would like to tell everyone that I am the one advising AG and FICAC and even the judiciary regarding Mahendra (Mac) Patel’s case. I am the one who steered the case particularly the judgement of Daniel Gounder against Mahendra Patel as I am sucking to the government. I now realise this was all wrong and have come out open.

Talking of corruption there is now more corruption in Fiji since military takeover in December 2006 then there ever was.

What about the nearly 400k payment to Baini for unused leave etc. This smells!!

Then the AG is hiding to disclose anything on Peniana Ltd which is part of FNPF as Tappoos are the other party in this. This project is hidden from all members of FNPF. Why?

Why can’t Kodagoda, Chairman of FNPF come out clean. Please if you have guts …….. or you will keep mum as you are government’s boy. What about Nalin Patel and Pradeep Patel of G Lal who gave glowing report on this project to FNPF earlier so that they can continue to keep their seats warm. What gives!

Sexy Justice Marshall said...

I am judge who denied Mahendra Patel’s bail and also dismissed his appeal even though there were no justifiable grounds. This is simply because I was brought to Fiji by non other Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

I was a lost course in Hong Kong and was tutor for Aiyaz when he wrote his Masters thesis against the Fijian systems in Fiji. This was a damning paper but I approved his thesis and as a payback he brought me to Fiji.

For your information the recusal against me by FICAC was totally orchestrated so that the public of Fiji is left to believe that even the AG and FICAC were after me. This was all a show!!

I know deep down Mahendra Patel is not guilty at all but I had to obey orders and dish out ruling such to please ASK. He is so anti Mahendra Patel and I don’t know why. May be because Mahendra Patel bought Fiji Times which Aiyaz wanted to shut down and disappear from the face of Fiji as he always felt Fiji Times was always against him/government unlike Fiji Sun which has prostituted itself by sucking up to the government at the behest of Sandeep Patel/Kodagoda and Peter Lomas.

Anonymous said...

@Devious Aunty Bano said...
@Parasite Nazhat Shameem said...
@Sexy Justice Marshall said...

Absolute genius. Very true. That was all very well thought out and written. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

mark manning said...

I did it !

Anonymous said...

I am very happy now that the whole of Fiji is getting to know about Nashat Shameem and her hideous underhanded support for this illegal Bainimarama government.

Anonymous said...

very well done Mark Manning, that was very intelligent!

Kanti Tappoo said...

Writing this on C4.5 is not going to help Mac. suggest you think before you write. We all know he is not guilty but lets not talk too much as its not helping this 70 year old in jail. Fiji has progressed far more then most pacific islands only becasue of smart indian business people like Mac and others. If we had Baini and ASK say 30 to 40 years ago, Fiji would have been way behind today.

Taukei. said...

@ Kanti Tappoo.

"smart Indian business people like Mac"?

Get over yourself - guy couldn't install a clock in a public square
without finishing up in jail.

Anonymous said...

@Taukei. you're an idiot. get your head out of your a**. Go ask that sick loser Inoke Kubuabola why he BEGGED Mac Patel to become chairman of PostFiji when he really did not want to. Why? TO US HIS BUSINESS ACUMEN.

Mark Manning summed it up very very well! And Kanti Tappoo is spot on!

Anonymous said...

@Kanti Tapppoo. Well said. Taukei, you're an IDIOT.

It was Adish Naidu who recommended the clock to the board with no paper trail pointing to Patel or Mau as party to Adish Naidu’s arrangement with SEIKO.

FICAC also had made arrangements with Adish Naidu where they offered Naidu immunity in return for his statement against Patel and Mau.

Khaiyum the Pro said...

Kaiyum is a prostitute as this is the word on the Suva streets. I really feel sorry for his wife as he cheats on her and enjoys lavish moments with prostitutes in France. What a sick puppy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaiyum has AIDS. Just look at his ugly face. He has no ethics and no pride and dignity in himself. He is the biggest crook of the century. He needs to be suppressed and shown the true meaning of humble life.

Anonymous said...

Motibhai was appointed by Kubuabola?
Business Acumen that promotes own interests at the expense of the nation and peoples' well being. This type is always touted by those who use it as being 'smart' but end result is poverty of the mass population as evidenced by the nations that practise it.

Anonymous said...

Hey whats happen to Sharon John haven't seen or heard from her for a while. Wonder what's going on!
Anyone knows her whereabout? Has Mr.Teleni taken over her ministry

mark manning said...

@ anon 1236 am
I heard she had cancer and had stepped aside !

Anonymous said...

@12:35 AM. Your lack of knowledge is astounding. Ignorance is blissful, eh? YES, he was appointed by that coupster Kubuabola, who BEGGED HIM LIKE A CRY BABY because of vast business knowledge and experience to chair Post Fiji, which became a very profitable company under his direction.

Mark Manning summed it up very well.

Anonymous said...

First false charges and sentencing of Times chairman M Patel, now Aiarse is going after Fiji Times again….

AG granted leave to initiate court proceeding against Fiji Times for publishing someone elses opinion that there is no judiciary here……….

AG granted leave to initiate court proceeding against Fiji Times

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The High Court yesterday granted leave to Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to initiate proceedings for contempt of court against the Fiji Times Limited, the Fiji Times Editor Fred Wesley, and the Fiji Times Publisher Brian O’Flaherty.

Legal action is taken against the article, “FIFA probes Doc,” which appeared in the Fiji Times on Monday, 07 November, 2011.

Statements in the article questioned the existence of a judiciary in Fiji, potentially undermining the public’s confidence in the administration of justice, and potentially damaging the integrity of the enforcement of justice.

This is the second time that contempt proceedings have been initiated against the Fiji Times Limited, its editors and publishers.

In 2008, when contempt of proceedings were brought against Fiji Times Limited, the then-Editor, and the then-Publisher, they pleaded guilty.

The case will be called next in the High Court on 28 November.

Report by : Ritika Pratap

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark you're always on the ball. You must be a Rugby Player?

mark manning said...

@ anon 322 am
No, Aussie Rules fan from my Victorian days at School @ Pakenham High !