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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The sort of letter you will not read in the Fiji media on any given day 
American Illegally detained in Fiji
October 20, 2011

Thank you for your follow up and sincere concern regarding the situation here in Fiji. As you are the owner of one of the largest South Pacific travel agencies in the U.S. that has sent tens of thousands of tourists here, I agree with your concerns about the arbitrary and capricious laws and rules currently applied in Fiji.

Yes, I have spent a large sum of money as a tourist here since 1987 and since 1998 have invested over $4 million U.S. Dollars here in projects that have created ongoing work for many Fijians, but at this juncture I will be selling all assets here and will terminate all business ties to Fiji.

Pursuant to your request, I will do my best to explain to you the issue. Essentially, I have been forbidden to leave Fiji by the Immigration Department at the request of the "Bio Security" Department. I have NOT been charged with any crime, yet Bio Security has told immigration to refuse my exit and I simply cannot leave the country until .....???

I volunteered for a 2 hour interview/interrogation at Taveuni Airport on the 20th, was issued a $1000 fine on trumped up charges and was told I must pay the fine to leave the country. 
My wife, my 4 year old daughter and my 8 year old son were detained at Nadi Airport by Immigration (to question my wife about me - they were ultimately allowed to leave) and although I had paid the fine previously (without acknowledging any guilt). I was detained, interrogated, and refused permission to leave the country when I arrived at the airport to meet my family later in the evening.

I am told there is an "American Iguana" (no, the species does not exist) that I have been accused of bringing into the country and that accusation is the basis for my detainment. I have not found this lizard at all on Yaroi, my 70 acre Qamea plantation I have owned since 1999.

Apparently my former property caretaker, Joe, told the Bio Security Dept in 2009 that I was responsible for the lizard importation. Jo Kolinibarava was hired in 1999 and "left" my property in 2009. 

I say "left" because I had been trying to terminate his employment since 2003 but he refused to leave my property. I filed police reports against Jo in Taveuni in 2004 and 2006 for various issues including burglary, breaking and entering, threats of violence and bodily harm, personal property destruction, selling my personal property, grand theft, theft of fuel, theft of cash crops, etc. 
The property general manager that resides in the Fijian capital, Suva, is a kind and generous man and would continually attempt to work with Jo after I would return stateside. Ultimately I cut off all funds to the property until my demand that Jo vacate the property was heard. 

After Jo vacated my property in 2009, he originally told Bio Security that I was the individual that had brought the lizard into the country in 2003, and then subsequently told them the year 2000. In the original interview, Jo told them I brought the lizards in a grey plastic container, but provided a clear plastic container as proof from some 8 to 11 years ago depending on the version of Jo’s story. 

As Los Angeles International Airport is one of the most security conscious airports in the world, I'm unclear as to how I brought the lizards here, as I understand their allegations. Nonetheless, that started the ball rolling and in 2010 a police unit with a Search Warrant searched the offices of my general manager in Suva and then escorted him to my property in Qamea and then proceeded to perform a thorough search of my property and personal residence for four plus hours. Nothing was found in the report filed by the police and the case against me was closed. 
When I arrived here on the 13th of Oct, Jerry Surumi, village manager of Naiivi Village informed Bio Security of my presence. Bio Security immediately reopened the case against me and as there is no constitution in place they have elected to detain me indefinitely (Jerry Surumi is currently under police investigation for stealing $30,000 of a $50,000 gift I gave to the village in 2009, has been fired as village manager, has stolen cash crops from my property and has physically attacked my general manager).

I am now in Suva, Fiji awaiting an audience with Bio Security, Immigration, Criminal Investigation Division (CID), and the Prosecutor’s office. I have been detained here for one week and the only movement in this issue against me is that Bio Security has convinced the police to reopen their criminal case against me. Meetings with Bio Security have been scheduled by me and canceled by them. My legal counsel has been provided no guidance or direction as to the governments actions against me and is essentially chasing their tail. 

I contacted the U.S. Embassy day one but they have made it clear I am on my own. The government here has recently booted out the Australian and New Zealand Ambassadors and their relationship with the United States is similar in nature. I have more than enough holdings here for the government to grant my release and place a lien on my property (which is what will eventually happen), yet right now it is quite obvious this is strictly a show of power in game where I could never know the rules.


October 18
Approached while fishing on my boat in the middle of the ocean with my wife, 4 year old daughter and 8 year old son by a village boat with several people on board. With no identification and no uniforms these people wanted to board my vessel and naturally I refused them and moved away from them. Upon calling the Matei Police Post to report this incident, I was informed that these people were the police and Bio Security and they wanted me "to assist them in an investigation". I made an appointment to meet them at my property October 19th, voluntarily, for an interview.

October 19
Bio Security failed to show up for appointment

October 20
Again I voluntarily made another appointment to meet with police and Bio Security at the Matei Police Post for a half hour interview as my family made our way back to Nadi to head home to Los Angeles. The meeting lasted two hours, I was directly accused by police of bringing lizards to Qamea. Despite my protest, police wanted my passport and drivers license "STRICTLY to let the US Embassy know of the interview", which turned out to be completely untrue as the Embassy does not ask for, nor is ever provided with this information for a simple interview. Instead, police gave my information to Bio Security so they could issue an immediate cash fine to me for $1,000 for "failing to obey an order to stop my vessel and allow them to board".

October 21
I paid the $1,000 fine, specifically without acknowledging any guilt, at the Nadi Bio Security office to enable me to leave the country. While at that office, I spoke directly with Bio Security legal officer Cama Tuberi who advised me that all issues with me are now resolved.

October 22
I made a telephone call to Bio Security CEO Elvis Silvistrini to lodge a complaint and he told me to stay in Fiji to "voluntarily assist with an ongoing investigation". After a short detention at Nadi Airport, my wife and children were allowed to leave the country. I arrived at the airport later and was advised that I was not allowed to leave the country by order of Bio Security.

October 24
I made a 2:00 p.m. meeting to meet Bio Security in Suva with my legal counsel and Bio canceled the meeting at 1:30p.m.

October 25
Bio Security Legal Officer Cama canceled meetings with me and counsel set for 10:00 a.m., 12:00, and 2:00p.m. Upon arriving at Bio Security offices in Suva for a scheduled 3:00 p.m. meeting, they informed us that they had just canceled that meeting as well.

November 2
There has been no contact with Bio Security since October 25. They have not talked to me, questioned me, charged me nor have they allowed me "to assist them with an investigation" however, I am not allowed to leave the country. Legal officer Cama of Bio Security contacted my associate to schedule a meeting today with myself, police, and my legal counsel. When that meeting did not occur, my associate called Cama to inquire as to what happened. Cama proceeded to hang up the telephone on him. I immediately contacted CEO Silvistrini and he claimed to know nothing about any of these issues. I inquired when Bio would need me "to assist them with an investigation" and Silvistrini replied "soon". Silvistrini refuses to meet with me, talk with me, charge me or release me.

November 3
I HAVE NOW BEEN DETAINED FOR TWO WEEKS. I have not assisted anybody with any investigation as no one will speak with me. The only thing that has happened in all of this time is that Bio Security has asked the police to conduct the IDENTICAL investigation that the police conducted almost two years ago.
Interestingly, Bio Security has been doing their best to place stories in the tv, radio, and newspaper almost daily regarding the villainous American Iguana. Apparently this species will attack, can blind you with one swipe of their tail, infect you with salmonella from their carnivorous, non-release bite, and will wipe out the fruit and vegetable life on the islands. However, the villagers claim in similar articles that the lizard is very difficult to find or catch, and has become a new food source that “tastes like chicken”.

November 5
Police have cleared me again on their second investigation and issued a clearance letter to Immigration. Bio Security agents have called my associate at home to ask him privately for money. I have been to the Director and Asst Director of Immigration twice to get my name cleared to leave the country to no avail as they refuse my requests unless they get a signed document from Bio Security. Both the police and Dept of Public Prosecution (DPP) have contacted Bio Security several times to have my release letter issued, but Bio Security CEO Elvis Silvestrini and Legal Officer Cama refuse to do so and claim they are researching other methods of charging me. To date, they have at best a $400.00 fjd (approx. $200.00 usd) claim against me - should they charge me and I plead guilty to that charge.

November 7
This evening I finally received a telephone call from both Silvistrini and Cama. I was told in very simple terms that this entire problem would go away if I made cash payments directly to Silvistrini ($25,000) and Cama ($15,000). There would be no recordation or acknowledgement, and nobody else in Bio Security, the Government, or my legal team could know of this arrangement. If these payments were not made, I could expect to stay in Fiji “a very long time”.

November 8
Bio Security continues to refuse a release letter. Today my attorney’s filed documents in the Fiji High Court under the U.N. Human Rights Commission Laws that will seek my release as well as criminal and civil redress against Bio Security for my illegal detainment.

Today as well I was forced to cancel my 50th Birthday celebration, scheduled for November 12th. I had been planning this event since February and had rented out a restaurant/nightclub, hired two popular bands from the 1980's, and had a confirmed guest list of over 150 people. This cancellation will result in the loss of $40,000 in non refundable deposits. Today I also canceled a surfing trip to Nicaragua with my 8 year old son KJ scheduled for next weekend, canceled a mountain climbing expedition in the Andes scheduled for early December, was unable to attend a scheduled campout with my son KJ last weekend, and have missed numerous school functions with both of my children. I have been unable to participate in numerous business issues that need my immediate attention and that could result in future losses.

November 10
Three Weeks Detention To Date. I made the decision to accede to the November 7th telephone calls/extortion demands from the gentlemen in charge of Bio Security and had my associates make cash payments of $25,000 directly to CEO Elvis Silvistrini and $15,000 directly to Legal Officer Cama. Obviously these were illegal demands and I suspect illegal payments as the funds were delivered in brown paper bags to Silvistrini and Cama outside of the office. I was told I would have my release letter by the end of the day, November 11th.

November 11
Ironically, this afternoon the High Court of Fiji issued a court order demanding my immediate release as well as my freedom to move around, in and out of Fiji without further harassment or detention. The court order also left the door wide open for me to pursue criminal as well as civil action against the government entity Bio Security. Unfortunately, I had already paid the extortion demands of Silvistrini and Cama as well. Immigration finally removed me from their blacklist a little before 5:00p.m., I caught the 7:00p.m. flight to the international airport in Nadi and boarded the 11:00p.m. flight home.


The Oracle said...

Sheer stupidity!!!

The person concerned deserves to have lost his money because he admits, although under pressure, to willingly handing over large sums of cash. That is BRIBERY!!!!

With all the money this person has, one would have assumed he would have at least protected himself with some camera shots from the distance.

There's also such a thing as turning your mobile phone on without the other person knowing and recording conversations.

Sorry C4.5 - a far-fetched story at this stage!!! Will need to see some evidence to believe this.

mark manning said...

Not bribery but extortion, on the part of the Regime !

There are none so blind as they who will not see, not so deaf as they who will not hear !

No amount of evidence would suffice for some people because they live in their own little bubble and in denial as to just what is happening around them, but is obvious to everyone else.

Welcome to Chindia.

Good on you Frank, destroying future potential Investments and jobs in Fiji !

The Regime's goal is very simple, destroy the Economy and take over all lucrative Business Enterprises as Investors abandon their Businesses in Fiji.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have no time for present regime.However When it comes to Fiji whites and those whites who elect to settle in Fiji, can be big problem at times.They can be very nice in their own country but once they in Fiji, they start acting like Fiji whites.They can be demanding and most of them think we non whites are idiots.I would like to find out how much he paid for this land.Most Fiji whites own big pieces of very valuable land, mostly acquired by means of thuggery by their ancestors.No matter how bad they do in school, they all end up with good jobs.They feel it is their right because it is their white skin.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story.
Police did their work and couldn't find any criminal activity by this man.
On the other hand BioSecurity seems to be riddled with Criminals who are following Bainimarama's example by engaging in Extortion and Kidnapping (illegal detention of a human being).

I've mentioned this since 2006 that an unfortunate effect of the Coup is that we human beings tend to follow our leaders. Bainimarama became a leader illegally and one of the unfortunate effects is that at ALL levels of society you will find people doing Coups / Illegal activies/ Bribery / Extortion etc etc. This will be manifested in Government and right down to the village idiot.
And here we see it, in this case.

People thought that having the Military as armed guards that no one will steal etc etc but in fact we have seen the opposite. Police crime figures can tell you that.

This is a natural result of being led by criminals.

Like I said, criminal activity will increase in Fiji until Democracy is restored. If you understand the Bible, you will understand that this is our fate as humans.

-Valataka na Dina.

The Oracle said...

@Mark Manning...

You might not agree but some of us here in Fiji cannot be "hoodwinked" into believing EVERY "sad" story that comes out of the country.

With the amount of investment this gentleman has put into Fiji, why give in to extortion? By giving into extortion one also opens oneself to bribery. Extortion and bribery can be equated to drawing a line in the sand and the only real legal difference is which side of the line you're making your claim from.

For you information I don't live in a "bubble of denial" -- I LIVE IN FIJI and am equally exposed as everyone else to the inevitable economic "bubble burst". I don't dispute that Frank is ruining the country and the economy and like you and almost everyone else on this blogsite I would love to participate in any genuine home-grown uprising to topple him. But people who offer stories such as this, without accompanying evidence are also helping ruin investor confidence. That is something I cannot condone because the repercussions will be felt not just by my generation but by generations to come. My blindness, perhaps, is in not being able to "see" WHY, in our endeavour to "destroy" Frank that we also destroy our own future.

C4.5 is not the only source of information for me. I have access to other sources of information - most of them credible and FIRST-HAND.

As you may know, the Americans are some of the most security-conscious people on this Earth. And they have access to some of the most sophisticated spying equipment in the world. And with all the money that's being talked about here, it boggles the mind that the gentleman concerned did not think it wise to invest in "monitoring" equipment to protect his own interests.

Also, I don't know about everyone else, but I certainly wouldn't be taking my WHOLE family on an "Ocean" fishing trip - be it in a small punt or super yacht!!!

So, when you do comment on our situation here Fiji, please do so with some thought for those of us "in the firing line", so to speak. Otherwise, generalised comments like your last paragraph will be shot to pieces leaving you open to more than just being caught with your sulu down!!!

The Oracle said...

@Mark Manning...

You might not agree but some of us here in Fiji cannot be "hoodwinked" into believing EVERY "sad" story that comes out of the country.

With the amount of investment this gentleman has put into Fiji, why give in to extortion? By giving into extortion one also opens oneself to bribery. Extortion and bribery can be equated to drawing a line in the sand and the only real legal difference is which side of the line you're making your claim from.

For you information I don't live in a "bubble of denial" -- I LIVE IN FIJI and am equally exposed as everyone else to the inevitable economic "bubble burst". I don't dispute that Frank is ruining the country and the economy and like you and almost everyone else on this blogsite I would love to participate in any genuine home-grown uprising to topple him. But people who offer stories such as this, without accompanying evidence are also helping ruin investor confidence. That is something I cannot condone because the repercussions will be felt not just by my generation but by generations to come. My blindness, perhaps, is in not being able to "see" WHY, in our endeavour to "destroy" Frank that we also destroy our own future.

C4.5 is not the only source of information for me. I have access to other sources of information - most of them credible and FIRST-HAND.

As you may know, the Americans are some of the most security-conscious people on this Earth. And they have access to some of the most sophisticated spying equipment in the world. And with all the money that's being talked about here, it boggles the mind that the gentleman concerned did not think it wise to invest in "monitoring" equipment to protect his own interests.

Also, I don't know about everyone else, but I certainly wouldn't be taking my WHOLE family on an "Ocean" fishing trip - be it in a small punt or super yacht!!!

So, when you do comment on our situation here Fiji, please do so with some thought for those of us "in the firing line", so to speak. Otherwise, generalised comments like your last paragraph will be shot to pieces leaving you open to more than just being caught with your sulu down!!!

Anonymous said...

The Police must carry out an urgent investigation against the CEO of Bio Security and the Legal Adviser, Cama. These are two corrupt bastards who do these evil things just like other officials in this military regime.

The Police should interview the persons who handed the cash to them. This is quite a common practice judging from the reported and also unreported cases.

Anonymous said...

Dina says..

Nothing happening in Fiji nowdays is a surprise anymore.

Tourists should rememeber that Fiji once was a "paradise" is the killing fileds of the Pacific where torturing physically or psychological is a reality.

People have compromised their values and afraid to challenge the real issues. While the coup makers get richer and poorer get poorer.

These thugs would not have got their pockets full via legal means and hard wqork but via guns and stealing peoiple's jobs.

God bless Fiji

Ints op. said...

Don't worry, Obama flies into Aussi today to finalise talks on an American Marines military base in Darwin.

This is in direct response to the communist Chinese $$$$ woing desparate dictators like Bainimarama and the other corrupt MSG leaders in the South Pacific .

Those in the Fiji military better kick Vore out soon and give the country back to the people before you all get wiped out by local pro democracy militia who will be aided by US military power.

Anonymous said...

Dear Complainant,

Somebody has to be accountable to this invasive species.

Our forefathers were tricked by "whites" and foreigners and still today, the outsiders continue to repeat what early settlers have done but maybe in a different form.

On way or the other, one of the property owners in Taveuni has to answer to the concern of the local people.

SEMI MEO said...

Next, this goose will claim he missed a trip to the moon too..well, in fact he has been delving in that sphere...

No mention of any consular assistance from Uncle Sam..

Just tell him to keep out and stay out of Fiji..thank you!!

Anonymous said...

"Welcome to Fiji. The way the world should be"
Fiji the way the world should be. Corrupt.Extortion etc etc
Vaka tale na tiko mai Iraq se Afghanistan.
No longer the Friendly Isles.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning with his smart alerk comments-"welcome to Chindia"-racists always show themselves eventually -this is A WHITE RACISTS claiming to be fighting for our BLACK rights! As if CORRUPTION doesn't exist in Australia-you just have to look at the deals been done at the Political levels! But the best is when you analyse the funds they always mention for Indigenous Australians always in the millions of $$$$-it always gets chewed up by the smart white fallow who milks the system at the top so the Black falllow only gets the peanuts!Welcome to Aussie where the Indigenous people have no land and the Whites live off the sweat of others via the DOLE-one you have here Mark Manning Mr Know It All,who has more time to write about Fiji than his backyard-which is now another GIANT QUARRY!
It boggles the mind that such a smart business person-can fall for such 'tricks" if we have to beleive him-could he not have spoken to his lawyer-what no camera, no recorder! There's more to this story than meets the eye! As for poor MARK venting his anger towards the Chinese & Indians-well Mark they here to stay , after all as Ghandi told the British "you masters on someone elses land" in your case the Chinidians are coming like or or lump it you guys couldn't do a thing about it-as for your mates from USA-they running at a loss form fighting a make beleive war and the Chindians are about to screw both you and them-with their money and ARMY!USA ain't coming to your help-they have their own army spread so thin-you are not even on their agenda for supplying "blanks"!Write this down the same thing that happened in VIETNAM is about to happen in Afghanistan-they will run off first and you will follow suit with your tails stuck up your fat cici's you would not even know because it is so deep!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning,

What do mean by chindia? If this a reference to Chinese and Indians, then I say to you at least Chinese and Indians left the Indigenous land and culture alone.Unlike what you lot done in Australia and NZ.

I often wonder what motivates you to be so active in the affairs of Fiji?
You do make sense sometimes but please stop dividing Fiji further.

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous posters. This guy spins a good yarn, but come on, lets see some proof - scans of court documents etc.

even old model blackberries etc have voice recorders. if he could pay $25000, he could have spend a few hundred on a decent phone or just a dedicated recorder or spy camera to document all this.

I also have a problem with the crooking of a govt body and this has been going on for WAY longer than the current govt has been in power so its got nothing to do with them. Certainly hasnt been helped however.

I have emails, court submitted documents, letters on official letterhead, recorded conversations with the bossos etc.

Gotta get all your ducks in a row before you make your move.

Real Gold said...

MINFO statement

The first load of bauxite minerals from the new Nawailevu site will be ready for shipping to China by either January or February next year according to the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources permanent secretary, Mr Filimoni Kau.

Kau who today joined the Land Transport Authority in approving the first batch of heavy machinery to work on the site said that operations are on track to achieving this.

According to the permanent secretary, the new machinery which is worth $1.8 million is integral to the mining operations.

The XINFA AURUM, parent company of the Nawailevu Mine saw 15 ten-wheeler trucks worth US$1m getting the nod from the Land Transport Authority to run on our roads.

Mr Kau said the vehicles has the capacity to carry load up to 30 tonnes and it is part of the company’s total investments.

“The other machineries come in next month and it will include the loaders, the diggers and other heavy equipment,” he said.

He said the mining company that opened last week Tuesday was making real progress in terms of the work that is going to be undertaken.

LTA chief executive officer, Naisa Tuinaceva, said they had gone through the documentation of the vehicles before registration and the trucks were ready for the road.


Anonymous said...

This man should not be release.
The island should be search again until the lizard is found.

Look at the PASI trees that are all over Fiji now..... It was brought by one of the bastard and not verify by our official at that time.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are secretly building an earth station in Nawailevu mine to spy on Australia.
The Australians have every right to fire a missile at it.

Radiolucas said...

"The island should be search again until the lizard is found."

I think the lizard might have appointed himself Attorney-General.

Seriously though, this all sounds like a weird joke - Invisible iguanas and extortion?.

I don't believe the iguanas part and am doubtful about the extortion - why would anyone let it get that far?

Anonymous said...

I agree with those posting about mark's Chindia comment. Whether you like it or not, all White men and women are taught to be be racist early by parents and white society who after all these years continue see other races as servile races - beneath themselves in the social order. I live in Australia and was watching a re-run of SBS TV program - Immigration Nation nation. It tells how Australia the nation was built on racist foundations of a white Australia policy. Which in a way led to the militarisation of Japan leading to it entering WW2.

I find all white people racist - from my adjacent neighbour who has never spoken to me to the postman I see everyday to my daughter's school teacher. You might ask what I am still doing here. Long story but I will soon return to Frank's Land where despite all his faults, he is trying to eradicate racist policies of previous govts.

Gaetane Austin, a so-called local European, originally from New Caledonia (hence the French name- Gaetane) is raping the grass roots Fijian communities pretending to help them through buying their handmade paper which she sells for 10 times the price. Her saturday Open factory outlet operates without a till, all cash business, nothing declared to FIRCA. Around $20,000 every Saturday morning I am told. FIRCA are you listening?

I could go on about other local Europeans raping the land and sea like Graeme Southwick and his indiscriminate overfishing of tuna in Fiji. use to complain about the allocation of fishing yet holds almost 90% of the quota. He's really one of the big fish who got away in the NBF corruption saga. DPP failed badly. Yeah he's made enough money to set up a resort (Royal Davui in Beqa). And has his own private helicopter. i wonder if he is keeping to his promise of supporting the families of his workers lost at sea in one of his fishing boats.

The Naisoso project is raking in millions for the white fella marketing it overseas in OZ and kiwi dollars.

Anonymous said...

To anon@734 pm, you one sick dude fella. Sounds like someone with an agenda. Hard to believe that you are real.

mark manning said...

@ anon 734 p.m.
Perhaps your the one with a problem.
What has stopped you saying hello to the postman and your neighbour ?
I was told 9 months ago, " oh, your the guy who says hello to everyone " !
So what's your problem dude, are you suffering from low self esteem.
I'd prefer you go back to Fiji with the pathetic attitude that you have, your not even brave enough to use your real identity, so I'd say that your comments amount to naught really.
As for me being a racist, what a croc of shit and anyone who knows me personally, knows that's not true.
We are after all, the same race.
Chindia, makes reference to the fact that both the Chinese and Indian Governments are infiltrating Fiji's society.
I hope by the time you return to Fiji, that it still exists, for your sake.
But it's interesting to note that you prefer to return to a dictatorship, while enjoying the fruits of a Democracy in Australia !
A bit hypocritical if you ask me.
If your in Sydney, let me know and we'll meet up for a beer ! Or two !

Anonymous said...

To anon@853....pls explain why you think I am sick. Are you another sick white fella taking the locals for a ride. Or pretending to be one. Explain or shut up.. The truth is hard to take eh Graeme or are you Gaetane?

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine wanted to start his fishing business here sometime ago but the military guys gave him the run around..it was the same thing these guys were doing to this american businessman..he bought a boat,and applied for a business liscence only to be ripped off by these guys..this government is going down in history as the most corrupt..with daily accounts of extortion,treasury robbery and murder of citizens right to freedom of choice..


Anon @ 1.37 said: Most Fiji whites own big pieces of very valuable land, mostly acquired by means of thuggery by their ancestors.No matter how bad they do in school, they all end up with good jobs.They feel it is their right because it is their white skin.

Change the race... does it still apply?:
Most iTaukei own big pieces of very valuable land, mostly acquired by means of thuggery by their ancestors. No matter how bad they do in school, they all end up with good jobs.They feel it is their right because of their Ratu bloodline.

When you generalise a few bad apples and apply it to everyone in a group, its called bigotry and racism. Of course there were early europeans who took advantage of some Itaukei and stole land. Many of these later stripped of land they stole by more ethical Europeans who came after them, via bodies like the Native Land Commission, etc. But we shouldn't look at the past and use it to hate our neighbour today. I how much land did your ancestors take from tribes they defeated and ate?
It doesn't matter, because that is in the past, and I won't judge you because of the color of your skin or the content of your ancestors character.

Beware, for thou have broken the ninth commandment of the Lord thy God.

Anonymous said...

I normally ignore such stupid racist - chips on shoulder opinions, BUT ...
Anon @ 7.34pm You have to re-think man ... your extreme generalisations show you are the one with the problem (Marks comment) - unless you just got too carried away with your comments. .. "all white men and women are taught to be racist early by parents and white society" ... what utter nonsense, Australia is already a multi cultural society and the suburb I live in is more Chinese than any other race, and we get along fine.
I work among Aboriginals, Philipinos, Pakistanis, Scots, French and Poms, Japanese, Chinese, etc. and we all get along fine.
Whats more, I don't spend all that money for a holiday in Fiji to have some weird pleasure in being served a drink by some one with a darker tan than myself. I can stay at home for that. We don't just love the climate or the swimming in warm oceans. We love Fiji because of its people.
I remember having tears in my eyes when we were leaving Coconut Grove, and the staff sang a farewell song.
I sure hope you have not suffered a traumatic experience that time cannot heal. I am sure we would get along if you relax and don't pre-judge people. Maybe Mark is right, and we will one day meet when this criminal dictatorship that is ruining Fiji is behind us, and become real friends, instead of phantom writers ... perhaps we will form a "bloggers group" and all book into the same resort for a week... free speech would be fun!
-Sydney Tourist
PS; C4.5 keep that in mind.


@Mark Manning said "Chindia, makes reference to the fact that both the Chinese and Indian Governments are infiltrating Fiji's society."

LOL what you talking about? Since this is not based on any evidence, I imagine you can say such a thing for only two reasons: Either
1.) You are a racist and harbour hatred against people of Indian and Chinese descent.
2.) You are jealous that because of your governments restrictions on Fiji, the people of other nations have a better opportunity to invest in Fiji.

The fact of the matter is that America is a dying nation that is falling from grace. In 20yrs from now, your aussie PM will be suckling from an American teat that is dry.
Meanwhile, countries that are forward-thinking will already have strong relationships with the new superpowers, China and to a lesser extent, India.

Bainimaram is corrupt and I hate the guy as much as you do, but you can't deny that it is a strategic decision to build ties with China. Even the SDL knew this and Qarase was already building ties with govt year ago.

Jolame Watisoni of Fiji said...

@ Mark @940. Feeling a bit touchy are we. Thus the use of anonymous @853. Talking about the pot calling the kettle.....I use to read this blog with interest and respect for the varied and excellent objective views presented. Your reference to Chindia has left a sour taste. If we are all one race, why the need to use such a derogatory expression? Would it be ok for someone to call a white person a cracker or whitie? And what exactly is the common race we all belong to?

As for China and India govts infiltrating Fiji society, whats wrongs with that? Its only ok for white racist societies like Australia, NZ, UK and US .. is it? Australia continues to try to manipulate and dominate Fiji and the rest of the Pacific with big carrot and big stick foreign policy. Meddling is ok as long as you are white, is it? Oh thats right you are white aren't you mark.

I am not in Sydney and as for trying to say hello to my neighbour, I have tried that on several occassions. He won't even make eye contact. I heard him mumbling to another neighbour that we don't need my types there. He thinks i am an Aboriginal person about to steal his bicycle. I have lived in 3 different places now, same problem. I have never gotten to know any of my neighbours. Just becos good old mark talks to everyone doesn't mean squat.

As for the postie, she says good morning to every single person as long as you are white. I go there every day so I know. Don't pretend to know my circumstances or talk about my self esteem. Its meddling white people like you who have made a mess of many so called primitive societies. Whats your business meddling with Fiji's situation anyway?

I guess anytime someone raises an issue about how whites treat others, its assumed they are suffering from a victims- mentality or low self esteem. Yeah right.

Who says i am enjoying the democracy here? Life is more than simply having that. It would be nice to live amongst people who show you a little respect and do not judge based on colour. A recent survey in Australia found that 2/3 of white Australian reckon they are racist. Another survey found that if your name sounds Anglo-saxon, you are more likely to get a job interview than names that sound eastern european, Italian, indian, Chinese, etc. You can try and defend as much as possible. the reality is the reality. mark

I don't condone the dictatorship in Fiji but at least frank is trying to address the racist policies of previous govt.

Keep up the good work, even if its none of your blinking business. Maybe you should start a blog about the poor treatment white australia dishes out to the indigenous people here. Lots to document and lots of coverup.

Personally i prefer kava, sitting on the floor amongst friendly genuine people. No pretence or BS then.

Anonymous said...

If this "investor" knew his iguanas were going to be a threat to the people, their food sources and environment, then why did he bring it in? Whether a young,live iguana or as eggs? These things can easily be smuggled in.

Seems to me that some of these foreigners ad so-called investors who do not have Fiji's interests at heart do get creative with vengeance when they don't get their way...

Anonymous said...

Corrupt Compol should start his clean-up campaign on his home island of Taveuni!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:34

Perhaps you need to take a good look at yourself and think about why people don't talk to you.

From your post it is pretty obvious you have one hell of a big chip on your shoulder and a mind that just oozes 'Envy'

The Oracle said...

@Anon 7.34...
Let's put things in their proper perspective.

Gaetane Austin (I don't buy her products), Graeme Southwick (his fish is exported so I don't benefit from his venture) and the rest of the "White" community in Fiji that you mentioned are, SERIOUSLY, helping keep our economy afloat. In Austin and Soutwick's cases, they are re-investing their profits IN FIJI - unlike some large local companies we all know of which have "shadow" entities abroad to "siphon" off the profits. Since you are in Australia, go and find out who owns the company which sells wheat to our local manufacturer - the one that buys from the Australian Wheat Board and then on sells to its own Fiji-based company? Talk about price-fixing!!

Throughout the world, companies make money off the backs of their employees. The arrangement also puts food in the mouths of the employees and their families. That's how it is. And that's where the work of trade unions should focus - workers rights, NOT politics.

As for Frank eradicating racism... Just the other day his government announced increased funding for I-Taukei scholarships - no mention about other "races". He has been on a non-stop train-like campaign, akin to the American presidential election campaigns, wooing people in the rural areas, promising and delivering to them whatever they ask for. Isn't that promoting racism at the expense of national development for ALL the people of Fiji?

It's one thing to call all of us Fijians, and it's another to continue to promote racism by appealing to a select group of people. When you do tire of the racism you feel the "white man" is practising in Australia and you feel the urge to return to Fiji, you may not have to fill out your ethnicity on the Immigration Card. But, let me warn you that you will definitely "feel" your ethinicity when you land on Frank's "corruption-free", "racism-free", "money-laundering-free", "politics-free", "kick-backs-free" Fiji.
We may no longer be the way the world should be - but that's because at this point in history we are the way FRANK wants us to be.

As for Mark Manning -- I don't know him and certainly don't know whether he's a racist. I just assume that sometimes he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:34
I can sympathise with you after being on the receiving end of racist attack by white people myself.
However I have also met some of the nicest people in the world who are white.
I have worked with a Chinese friend who gave me a great advice which led me to a career change and now I work with Africans and I'm making lots of money.
There are good and bad in every race.
I did not know those things about Graeme Southwick & Gaetene, so I'm glad that you revealed it.
I think the important thing for us is when we see wrong we must not be quiet but to confront it, whether it's by a white person or black person or a stupid person like Bainimarama.

As a Fijian the white person I admire most is the Rev John Hunt. He came to Fiji at the age of 19 from Plymouth , England and brought the good news of Jesus to Rt Seru Cakobau and hence cannibalism stopped and a lot evil stopped. And God recieved this chief into Heaven.
John Hunt was dead by the age of 33, from diarrhea, on an island he gave his life for, Fiji.
Those Fijian ex-cannibals loved John so much that on his deathbed they prayed to God to take 10 of them but let John live. But God saw it fit to take John home.

Personally, John Hunt is my hero. If I turned out to be half the man he was, I'd die happy.

-Valataka na Dina.

Amanda Amin said...

@1109 Yeah yeah another white fella defending another white fella. Thats right the rest of us have to shut up when the blogmaster who at his discretion makes personal attack like ... yeah its becos he has low self esteem and has a problem, etc but won't print what really cuts to the problem... white racists pontificating about how Fiji should be run. Nice holiday coming up. As for not prejudging people, isn't that what Mark is doing assuming "Chindia"'s govt motives are ulterior. How would he know? Its ok for the Australian govt to meddle in Fiji is it? Whats with the jingoism... another ching chong, blackie, or abo in the making is it?

Mark don't drag your blog to the gutter level of so many others flying around. I have always had the utmost respect for this blog. Just stop trying to pick on a particular ethnic group or making personal attacks. Stick to the issues and respect all even if others won't. Free speech does not mean insulting any particular group.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh November 16 11:50 PM

Don't be too sure about US and AUS.

People love freedom more than dictatorships and authoritarian regimes. Look at what happened in Lybia just recently.

As for India, only when they do away with their caste system and only when China and India turn away from worshipping false gods and idols, will they enjoy true peace and economic prowess.

As it is, there is still too much poverty and illiteracy in Chindia to catch up with the US and AUS in 20 years.

May Collins -Darwin said...

Just reading the comments on the Chindia comment. Looks like it hit some raw nerves. No need for that kind of stuff. Looks like the Freudian slip on the part of Mark reveals some deep seated prejudices. I guess racist stuff on any level is uncalled for even if you harbour such sentiments.

Anonymous said...

Not once does he say he did not do it.

Mr. America is being inconvenianced .

The people of Fiji must now also be inconvenianced for ever more.

This is one man who thinks "money" solves everything. $50k. here, $1k there, 25k, 15k here there and every where.

Anonymous said...

@ Raj Singh, Don't worry about America dying and Oz PM suckling from a dry teat, It's Fiji that is going down and it's backside is slowly getting drilled thanks to the likes of ASK and his puppet Bananarama.

sara'ssista said...

Ahhh this is the 'new and improved fiji' under this regime.Looks like the processes of law and justice is as swift and fair as ever and so much more accountable. Welcome to the banana republic.

Wakey Wakey said...

Aftwe all we've lived with in the past four and a half years, people still doubting bad is happening in Fiji. Wake up people

Fathom said...

C4.5 The Oracle and other doubters might want to read below. Seems like mainstream media has picked up your story

American businessman to sell Fiji investments over alleged extortion by officials

Posted at 19:51 on 16 November, 2011 UTC

An American businessman and investor in Fiji says he will sell all his assets and cut his business ties with Fiji after being extorted by officials at Fiji’s Biosecurity Authority.

Ken Honig says since 1998 he’s invested about four million US dollars in a plantation and other property in Fiji.

Mr Honig says he was forced last week to pay 22,000 US dollars to the authority’s CEO and legal officer in order to leave the country after accusations he had imported a species of iguana.

A court order allowed him to leave for the United States on Friday and Mr Honig says he’s left behind more than a financial investment.

“This has been a dream of mine since I was a kid to own property in the South Pacific. We live in this property. We grow all our own fruits and vegetables. We’re not tourists there. I have spent years building this estate. A dream was destroyed.”

Ken Honig says he does not believe Fiji is a safe place at the moment for either himself or his family.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

mark manning said...

@ May Collins-Darwin, MCD for short, 1040 a.m.
Prejudice implies and means, to " pre judge " !
Clearly, there has been no gaffe on my part as both the Government of China and India, have been implicated in this coup.
I have the utmost confidence, that time will reveal all.
Because of my ego, I just want to get my opinions of record now, so I can say later to the sooth sayers:-
" I was correct and I told you so " !

Could you please come up with some mature, honest arguments and stop trying to distract people with your infantile opinions on racism.

Both China and India have had a hand in this coup, though it is yet to be made public.

This is funny really when you consider that the both largest Communist State and the largest Democratic state, are partners in crime in Fiji.

Due to boredom and disinterest in your comments, I just ask if you excitable little people and their supporters, could please change the record and come up with plausible, mature and sensible arguments so we can debate my assertions etc. ?

mark manning said...

Many retorts here against me, are not based on defending what you might describe to be racist attacks.
You just want the Land Fijians currently own and will try and sully anyone's name to achieve your goal.

It is the concept of a particular Ethnicity, who twist and misrepresent an argument to suit their own hidden agenda, in their attempt to confuse and divide anyone who opposes them.
Fortunately, they don't speak for their whole tribe, but just for the elite !

Fijians needs to begin to see through the lies and deception and not be swayed by their inherent trickery.

Racism was rife in Fiji long before I came along and will remain rife in Fiji, long after I'm gone.
It may well be the root of Fiji's problems.

Anonymous said...

I have for over 30 years lived and worked in USA,GB and AUST.I have always found white folks to be very nice and respectful.

As a kid growing up in Fiji I did not ever come across any local white who really cared about locals or ever socialize with anyone outside their community.

I know couple of them coming from same family,one is a aircraft mechanic who failed year 10 and his brother is a pilot who did not complete high school.Both would be cutting cane if they were not white.

But that is life and good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning says"Chindia, makes reference to the fact that both the Chinese and Indian Governments are infiltrating Fiji's society" You dope the Chinese & Indians have had connections to Fiji before the white man even believed the world was round!Don't come here & write form your ignorant, myopic view point-we know about the Indians & Chinese from the stories of our peoples. The Chinese & Indian sailors crossed the Pacific all the way to South America. These 2 races have had land allocated to them by our Vu's in Nakauvadra! Now thats too hard for you to know lest of all understand!The Chinese even sailed down the tip of the South Island of NZ-thats even before the Maoris arrived! Your Australian(white) History is just 200 yearas old for us thats like having a 'fart" in the wind-only yours still leaves it bad smeel till now on the Indigenous peoples ! If you wanna talk Aboriginal history -yes they had contact with Chinese way before the invaders from England came.Everytime you write on this forum i notice someone challenges your facts but if you smart you notice they teaching you history problem is you a slow leaner in lingo we say "DOCE" in Queens ENGLISH its also called "ULU KAU"!

Anonymous said...

Sydney Tourist-your comments should not go unchallenged-My dad has lived amongst the Aussies before the 2nd world war and if you were black you were treated different-people were made to feel and remember the colour of their skin. What do you think made Paulin Hanson so popular to the White Aussies-her pubic hair colour? You can work amongst everyone you qoute go and live amongst the Aborigenes -they still call the Whites "Migaloo"-you will never know their pain -you cry your tears because you leaving-the Aboriginals tears ate tears of PAIN!

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh wants India & China to do away with its false Gods, caste system etc! Funny you should mention about false Gods-with a name like Singh I assume you are a Sikh! So which God is a TRUE God and which one false? Please enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning racism still exists in Australia unless you living in White Hole-sorry i meant Black-since you sired kids in Torres Strait!

The Oracle said...


Thanks. I've read. As I said, anyone can make a claim and in this case, the person making the claim (Mr Honig) had the MEANS to protect himself by making recordings (audio and visual), retaining relevant court documents, producing bank withdrawal slip etc. (if money withdrawn from the bank then there's a "paper" trail because the bank needs to record what the large withdrawal - over $10,000 - was for. And Airport records should indicate whether or not Mr Honig had that kind of money on his person when he left the country - if he didn't then yes, he could have paid it as extortion money. If, however, he did not make a bank withdrawal but just happened to be carrying that sum of money in cash - that raises questions of their own).
Mr Honig needs to provide some evidence so that the matter can be pursued further. Until he provides that evidence his claims will remain just that - claims. If his story is true, he owes it to himself - even if not to the rest of us, the people of Fiji - to take the relevant steps to see that the people he accuses are brought to justice. And we, together with C4.5, can help him in that endeavour by "plastering" his documented evidence all over the country.
Among other things, there are two key issues to address if Mr Honig comes forward with the evidence - (i) the extent of corruption that exists and (ii) confirmation of how our judicial system is being manipulated.
I just hope Mr Honig doesn't find that his "associate" simply walked away with the brown paper bags of cash and that the Court Order was "coincidental".
SO, until I see something more concrete, Honig's story remains unconvincing for me. I'm still a Doubting Thomas on this issue.

I've heard, time and again - from various sources - that former Qantas salesman, now Biosecurity boss, Elvis Silverstrini is NOT as "clean" as he makes out to be (KFC case still rings the alarm bells) but I have to at least, for the moment, give him the benefit of the doubt. So, Mr Honig - SHOW ME DA MONEY (then I'll eat humble pie and apologise for doubting you)!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:36pm hit the nail on the head!Mark Manning thinks his aussie story is the real thing forgetting the role both Australai, Britian & NZ raped Fiji of its wealth and buzzed off!

Truman Bradley said...

@anon311...hear hear. Finally someone who makes sense.

I agree that the freudian slip by mark with his reference to chindians is a deep seated prejudice showing its ugly when he not paying attention.

lets face it, a leopard cannot change its spots. And mark let not talk about the real issues. What are the real issues. Your own prejudice?

Truman Bradley said...

@anon311...hear hear. Finally someone who makes sense.

I agree that the freudian slip by mark with his reference to chindians is a deep seated prejudice showing its ugly when he not paying attention.

lets face it, a leopard cannot change its spots. And mark let not talk about the real issues. What are the real issues. Your own prejudice?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning

Chinese and Indians been in Fiji almost 150 years and still own very little land.Therefore your claim they want Fijian land makes no sense.

There are 23 million Australians and no one except you keep on appearing on almost all blogs after the events of 2006.I guess what I am saying is you are a odd one.Could it be that you want Fijian land and abuse the generosity of Indigenous people and all your plans were shattered after 2006?

I am also not sure what are you a Australian or an
immigrant from Wales as you have claimed both in past.

Mark Black in Dubai said...

@Mark 225...you say... racism was rife before i came along.... so thats your excuse for being a racist? lets not deflect from the real issue. You have let slip that you have racist views manifesting themselves in your racist terminolgy. The cats out of the bag. deal with it. Sure tell will tell if the so called Chindians are meddling in Fiji. Why not call them Chinese and Indians instead of trying to coin a derogatory term.

mark manning said...

Let's move away from the race debate, because that is just an opinion !
Let's start focusing on Commerce, something I know little about.

By the way, I always defend overseas workers working in australia, when some Australians complain that they are " taking our jobs " !

These kind of comments are based on false data, ignorance and prejudice, something Pauline Hanson is expert at.

In their defence, I point out that the World would be a happier, more prosperous and safer place, if we were to share in the wealth and job creation.
Each person who comes into any Country, inevitably, by their sheer presence, creates further Employment, often, for those very same detractors.
Mostly students, I am inspired by their work ethic, especially given that they work long arduous hours at menial tasks such as a cashier at Woolworths or Coles or as cleaners and Nurses and Carers, and travel long distances by public and sometimes, unreliable transport at all hours of the day and night, while maintaining a strict Regimen of studying and attending College or University for their chosen Profession.

I always have a chat with these young people, encourage them and let them know that I am inspired by their dedication to their personal ideal and I often ask if they are from Fiji, though most are either from India or Nepal.

Further to this, I have personally and as far back as 2007, emailed John Howard and Kevin Rudd, his successor, to engage people from the Pacific, into seasonal employment and to increase this quota because of the unfolding crisis there, in order to assist Fijians, of all walks of life.

So let's try and find common ground, acknowledge the obvious and having defined just which and what they are, work through the issues at hand, whatever they be.

I have also spoken with Frank Bainimarama in Fiji, and in Australia, Mr. Qarase, Ratu Mara, Felix anthony and Daniel Urai.
I have been involved with the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement since its inception and have the pleasure of meeting many fine Fijians.
I have encouraged and promoted dialogue amongst Indigenous and non indigenous Fijians for the sake of finding common ground and a bipartisan approach in returning Fiji to Democracy.

I have worked with a Moslem man @ Mona Vale Hospital, who refused to touch a female patient in her Hospital bed, even thought that was what he was hired to do, with Indian students who worked as care givers in Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages in the Northern suburbs, many over 15 years ago, I have also worked with African women and men, care givers and Nurses.

I almost always make instant friendships with these people, i remain loyal to that friendship, engage them if I see them in the street, introduce them to my wife and have to say, have had the honour of meeting them in the 1st. instant.

The mother of my 4 children is from the Torres Strait, her Father or Grandfather, thought to possibly be fijian.
My daughters have partners and husbands who are part Aboriginal, New Guinean.

My brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, proudly adopt and foster children from all works of life and though we may have differences of opinion on many things, we all value life, free speech and Democracy and Human rights.

These are the things I fight for, for all Fijians and if I want to point out that the Governments of India and China are influencing negatively, the affairs of Fiji, then I will continue to do so, no matter who it offends and if people are offended by that reality, then perhaps it is them which are racist and prejudicial and have a problem, not me.

It is Communism I deplore and what it stands for and its values and a Country which has as its core value, the Cast System and a corrupt Government, hell bent on ignoring the wishes of the very people they purport and are paid to represent.

In Fiji, the loss of Human Rights and the People's Government, should b a mater of consternation for all Fijians.

Malvina Ram said...

@Mark410... nice sob story but why the term Chindians in the first place if you believe in fairness to all? Pick on their govts but don't make derogatory names like that to offend all who may have Indian or Chinese ancestry. Whats a Chinese person living in Wales for example, got to do with meddling in Fiji? Guilty by association? Or ancestry? Blanket terms do offend whether you like it or not. If the comments here are anything to go by, you have just demonstrated to the many loyal readers of your blog, what a bigot you are. Whats in name you might ask, but would you condone someone calling your children half casts? Its a commonly used term but nonetheless derogatory.
Like they say, watch your mouth.

Teresia Wanganui said...

having a Torres strait islander wife does not give you the right to meddle in Fiji's affairs. If you want to stand up for human rights, what you doing about the situation in Guantanamo, Chad, East timor, Syria, Palestine, or closer to home...outback Aboriginal communities, etc, etc. Sorry what? None of your business? You obviously dislike Indians and Chinese people so think its ok to insult them.

I guess its easy picking on little Fiji... makes you feel like a big white colonial falla. barking from afar. CLEAN UP your own backyard. Start a another blog... call it Outback Uprising or Marks Big Walkabout or something imaginative. You are good with making up names.

Open Minded said...

Quite agree let's return to the real issue at hand. Thanks for the diversion Mark. And will say this as I bow out if anybody else had slanged off with Chindia I doubt we would've attacked them. Let's give it a rest Mark has earned his blogging stripes

Iguana said...

Claims are outrageous-Biosecurity Authority CEO
Publish date/time: 17/11/2011 [17:01]

The Chief Executive Officer of Biosecurity Authority Fiji said claims by an American businessman that he was asked for a payment by some senior biosecurity officials are outrageous.

The American businessman, Ken Honig was earlier taken in for questioning as Fiji Police and Biosecurity Authority received information that Honig allegedly brought in the American Iguanas to Fiji which is now causing a major problem in parts of Vanua Levu.

Honig has now claimed in an interview on Radio NZ that he was not allowed to leave the country and he was then allegedly asked to pay certain officials if he wanted to leave.

CEO of Biosecurity Authority Fiji, Elvis Silvestrini said he thinks Honig has been watching too many B grade movies.

He said the allegations are outrageous fabrication and it is interesting he is making them in a blog.

Silvestrini said he cannot comment on the details of an ongoing investigation but Honig has been assisting Biosecurity Fiji with their enquiries into the illegal importation of the invasive species, the American Iguana.

Silvestrini said Honig was required to remain in Fiji until they complete taking the witness statement which is a normal practice but he was free to move about during the entire process.

He also said the court action filed by Honig discontinued at an early stage.

Silvestrini further said that Honig was free to travel, he was advised as such and is free to come and go as he pleases.

He said the investigation into how the iguana was introduced to Fiji will continue.

Silvestrini said they will operate within the confines to the law and they won't be swayed by this sort of rubbish.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

@The Oracle, I think you been watching to much James Bond or even mission impossible.

mark manning said...

Well, I guess we'll just have to agree to differ.
Despite my valiant efforts in explaining myself, you protractors seem to want to continue to relate the word " Chindia " to the " peoples of China and India, when I am referring to the "Governments " of China and India.
Good luck with that.
I'm originally from England, not Wales, you must have me mixed up with tom Jones.
The difference is, he can sing !
I think I've worked out where you guys get confused though, it was my ex wife who was a Torres Strait Islander.
Next !

Anonymous said...

Allegations of Corruption and extortion by a senior govt official is a serious matter and Police MUST investigate Silvestrini and Honig's story

This would be much more important to the people of Fiji than looking for an iPod at Yat Sen School.
So its only logical that the Police investigate Silvestrini.
To not investigate Silvestrini would tantamount to corruption in the Police Force.

-Valataka na Dina.