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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bainimarama's granddaughter calls police to school over missing ipad

FIJI'S 'FIRST' FAMILY: Bainimarama and wife Mary (far left) with clan.

One of Frank Bainimarama's granddaughters yesterday called police and soldiers to her Suva school over a missing ipad.
Police sources have confirmed that about five students from Yat Sen Secondary School in Flagstafff were taken in for questioning but were released.

The incident happened just before school broke out at the end of the day. 

The granddaughter who called in police and soldiers is the daughter of Litiana Bereso, who runs the Fiji Sports Council.

Police insiders say Bainimarama's granddaughter took her ipad to school and when it went missing, called police and soldiers instead of telling her teacher.

Yat Sen (which used to be known as the Fiji Chinese School) administrators did not know about the drama until it happened.

The soldiers and police turned up straight away causing what some parents described as a 'nasty jam' around the school vicinity.

Police sources say the ipad was not found and the investigation is continuing.


The Oracle said...

WOW... quick police reaction!!! If only the same could be applied for other reports from ordinary members of the public.

An Ipad!! There must be an accompanying Ipod and Iphone somewhere for the priveleged child.

I can't even afford a Blackberry (let alone the other cheaper new generation cell phones!!!!)

Animal Farm indeed - some animals are more equal than others!!!

Anonymous said...

Called in the army and police straight away? who do these people think they are seriously. Hope you never get your ipad back you little brat. Time for an overhaul people...rid Fiji of the Bainimara's and Khaiyums once and for all

Anonymous said...

what a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Maleka. Idiots want to show off Their things, good luck the iPad went missing

Anonymous said...

Hey how come my kids aren't allowed to take these fancy things to school

Anonymous said...

I read here plus on their Facebooks especially Meli's that they all got the latest ifones and ipads so i'm not surprised by what i'm hearing

Anonymous said...

No wonder he cops dont have time to do actual and real work coz they're too damn busy looking for Ipads....suprised the military dint take into custody and bash the kids in question!!!

Anonymous said...

This is very funny.
I would have loved to be there, just to watch the SWAT Team with their guns going room to room trying to flush out the iPad.
Does it have Skype. May be they could ring it and see where it is.
Anyway I have a feeling the poor girl has probably left the iPad at home.
If this got on to You Tube. It would be a good advertisement for Apple.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

aslam must have given the ipad/phone foc.
who the the f bai/ag family thinks that his family owns police/army.
what a shame police/army officers are ass lickers of bai/ag.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if our no school police and soldiers reacted as fast to normal peoples complains. Incidently the same normal people pay these assess their wages. What a different FIJI we would have had. I wonder how they got their because when normal people complain they never seem to have any vehicle in place to attend to the complain. Normal people's children cant even take their phones to school in case of an emergency and this kid is taking her ipad to school. What a joke. This is Fiji at its best. I guess we as a people deserve what we get. If only we were not so prejudiced and thickheaded about race religion etc in our politics we would not be seeing this day. Isa Viti.

Anonymous said...

@6:36 PM. You can blame the Brits for their divide-and-rule policy and the racist Indians who refused and refuse to respect indigenous culture and political supremacy.

Anonymous said...

All their fancy gadgets and all assets they hold under their names have been bought with stolen taxpayer's money - these are facts that no one should ever, ever forget - because one day in the near future, this family as well as Bainimarama's thieving cronies will have to be held accountable for 'their wealth'.

In the meantime, people in Fiji look upon these bunch of no-class pitifuls and say - mai yaso!

Anonymous said...

No discipline at the chinese school!

Anonymous said...

kemudou ovisa keina na sotia - dou yavu ulukau ciciva tu ga e dua na ka macawa qori

mark manning said...

So are the Fiji Police baby sitting the Soldiers of the RFMF, or, is are the Soldiers of the RFMF baby sitting the Police, or, are the School Children looking after both the Police and the soldiers, because they can't seem to take care of themselves.


What are they going to do next, interrogate The Police Commissioner's children ?
Remember, no one is safe in Fiji anymore, not even Regime supporters.

Upon Leadership, Saddam Hussein had his own School mates taken out and shot, before the end of his 1st. day of power.

Anonymous said...

Only in Fiji.
Imagine if it was the President of America's child. Would the Police & soldiers rush down to the school?
What if this happened in China to the Premiere's child? Would the soldiers and police rush down to the school?
But in some small island nation like Fiji we have the Police and Soldiers at the beck and call of a little girl.
If only ALL the little girls in Fiji could have the same privilege.
But what does this say about the calibre of police and the calibre of soldiers that we have?
Did they finish primary school?

-Valataka na Dina.

Cara wai Pani said...

OMG! How old is this child!??? Am just gritting my teeth @ how easily these people abuse POWER!


Wow, what a bunch of imbeciles you are.

When a crime is committed, we call the police. This is normal behaviour. Why are you people making a fuss about it?

You are complaining that this child has an ipad because you don't have one? Wow, what jealousy. Do you think the leader of any country in the world can't afford to buy their children and grandchildren an ipad? Do you think Qarase couldn't afford an ipad? Do you think someone who heads an organisation like Fiji Sports Council or any other company or organisation can't afford an ipad?

You just look like children when you show this kind of jealousy.

The article says that a "police insider" claims the girl called police herself. So what? Do they only take police reports from some people but not from others? It doesn't matter who calls police, just do your job and investigate.

Someone had something stolen from them, and C4.5 is laughing about it. This person is innocent of your political hatred. She is not her grandfather, and doesnt tell him what to do. Was she even born when the coup happened?

And yet you rejoice over her loss. wow. Must be christians of the fake kind.

And c4.5 mentions that Yat Sen used to be called the Chinese school. What is the relevance of this.... oh ofcourse... it is psychological warfare ... trying to make it seem important that this child goes to a Chinese school.

Just showing again how racist C4.5 is. Many of the countries brightest children go to that school, and they come from all races.

Don't try to bring the school and this child down to your level just to make another attacking blog post against a person you a full of hatred for, VB.

Moce mada.

Ulamila said...

A Fijian who was allowed into New Zealand to take part in the Rugby World Cup on the condition he left the military is now back in the forces that run the country.

Leone Nakarawa's return to the military is despite statements earlier this year from Foreign Minister Murray McCully who announced he would get a visa as he had quit the forces and their was little chance of his returning.

Nakarawa has been named in the army side to play police in the annual Ratu Sukuna Bowl match on Friday.

Pro-democracy blog site Coup Four and a Half says Nakarawa was spotted at the Army Training Group grounds and is now with the Territorial Forces.

"As we warned when ... McCully, revealed Nakarawa had been granted the visa, the regime has made a fool of New Zealand,” the blogsite says.

McCully's office said the minister was not immediately available to comment on the move, but would check the reports.

The Fiji military seized power in a coup in 2006 and since then its members and their families have been banned from entering New Zealand.

McCully eased the restrictions for lock Nakarawa.

"While we would normally take a little longer to provide an exemption or lift the sanction in respect of a person resigning from the military, in this case we agreed to act more quickly given the particular nature of the request," McCully said.

Green Party spokesman Keith Locke at the time said that McCully was being tricked and that Nakarawa would simply return to the army after RWC.

McCully said at the time he did not believe that would happen. He said he had made inquiries and was satisfied there was not a significant risk of the player slipping back into the military.

He said the government wants to provide incentives for people in Fiji to part company with the military and the regime.

Prime Minister John Key, at the time, said he understood Nakarawa had offers from international clubs to play for them after the World Cup.

However Fiji may yet pay for the stunt.

Nakarawa is regarded as a front runner for the Fiji Sevens side and will need visa exemptions again in Australia and New Zealand.

Fiji, which earlier this year threatened to boycott the Wellington Sevens, has yet to announce whether they care coming.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that's how she's been taught to react, it's not the child's fault but her family's.

TURUKAWA said...

So this is what has been drilled to Bainimaramas grand kids by their mums...if anyone steal or harrass you at school.no matter what..just ring police & army straight away!!



they have to go into this list for all dictators families in the world: http://www.dictatorwatch.org/rogue.html

In recent years various dictatorships  of both internal and externalorigin  have collapsed or stumbled when confronted by defiant,mobilized people. Often seen as firmly entrenched and impregnable,some of these dictatorships proved unable to withstand the concerted political, economic, and social defiance of the people.Since 1980 dictatorships have collapsed before the predominant-ly nonviolent defiance of people in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania,Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Slovenia, Madagascar,Mali, Bolivia, and the Philippines. Nonviolent resistance has fur-thered the movement toward democratization in Nepal, Zambia,South Korea, Chile, Argentina, Haiti, Brazil, Uruguay, Malawi, Thai-land, Bulgaria, Hungary, Nigeria, and various parts of the former Soviet Union (playing a significant role in the defeat of the August1991 attempted hard-line coup d’état).In addition, mass political defiance has occurred in China,Burma, and Tibet in recent years.
Although those struggles have not brought an end to the ruling dictatorships or occupations, they have exposed the brutal nature of those repressive regimes to the world community and have provided the populations with valuable experience with this form of struggle.

The collapse of dictatorships in the above named countries cer-tainly has not erased all other problems in those societies: poverty,crime, bureaucratic inefficiency, and environmental destruction areoften the legacy of brutal regimes.
However, the downfall of these dictatorships has minimally lifted much of the suffering of the vic-tims of oppression, and has opened the way for the rebuilding of these societies with greater political democracy, personal liberties,and social justice.

So hope that if Bainimarama families are reading this,they should be ashamed of what they are doing.One day Mafatu!

Anonymous said...

Firstly it was not an iPad it was an iPod and money and if it was anyone else's child I'm sure they would have involved the police as it was a theft. WHICH IS A CRIME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Want to say Unbelievable but of course it's totally believable. You have to feel sorry for the Baini offsprings when their father and grandfather goes off to jail....who will protect them then? As sure as the sun rises in the morning you will surely regret that you are his kawa. Enjoy your toys and high living while it lasts, retribution awaits you.

Anonymous said...

The question that one should ask if did this girl have the numbers of polcie and the miliatry goons or did one of the school teachers phone the two arms of the law - or whether the girl called her grandpa pig who sent his pigs to snuff out the Ipad - God help Fiji - the Pig is even training his granddaughter to become a spy -sickening, full stop!

Anonymous said...

Little spoilt brat! Would be interesting to know how she actually does academically! Maleka sara - your Ipad is gone!!!

Anonymous said...

Dewani Lal says..

Kama Sutra.....

What else, the world is laughing at this Bainimarama family...


Tourist welcome to no law land..the killings fields of the pacific.

Imagine this dictatorship has gone into the little girls big thick head...



mark manning said...

Do the Soldiers and Police even know what an ipod is or what it looks like ?

Anonymous said...

Hold on people, the kid's ipad was stolen by some no-class kid. What's
she supposed to do? Get in touch with the law was what a good citizen would have done in her case! Please, stop demonizing this
innocent kid and be a good citizen
and report crooks to the law?

Anonymous said...

isa, feel sorry for the sotia bavulu and the ovisa carakuji. don't have better things to do than be wasting time on this little piece of shit. mai yaso mai vale e mino lewa...that ipad is from the taxpayers money....kanaloto luveni moko

Anonymous said...

soldiers and police responded immediately.....masi polo se lamu taki boso...haha vakajikaji taki mai vei dua na luveni moko lailai..useless manh what a crap only to search for the ipad do they really need the two forces to be there me kune....hello!

Anonymous said...

Dont want to waste my time on these wanna be somthing vakasisila dina na nona viavia lai qiriti oratou sara na ovisa kei na mataivalu ...Goneiiiiii....Who the hell does she think she is!!!! Obviously she took her Ipad to show it off as we all know at her age she can't afford one ...na SHOW OFF GA NA SHOW OFF YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHYTTE

Anonymous said...

Called nadi police to say my iPad is missing. They advise I lodge this matter at the station. Hmmmm.... Does anyone have the girls number? Maybe I should get her to call on my behalf!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the "ongoing security situation" the regime is using to justify renewing the PER. Any excuse will serve.

By the way, I've got your iPad. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

s/ Dakuwaqa

navy seal said...

hahahahaha....gud lark you stupid little girl,that shows how stupid ur mother nd father are too..

letting you take ur ipad to skull..

litiana tinani gone ulukau o iko...

police nd army kua na masi polo vei boso..1 ga e tobo ni reverse tiko vei boso..hahaha

qo ga na navy seal...

Coup 4.5 said...

@racist haters@10.32pm: Yat Sen's old name ie The Chinese School was mentioned for those who don't know anything about the school, just as Flagastaff was mentioned as well as Suva. Sorry, nothing to do with "pyschological warfare".-C4.5

Coup 4.5 said...

anon@10.42 Told it was an ipad but sounds like you're on the inside track since you say it was an ipod and money.-C4.5

GeStirrer said...

oilei. if it was an ipod so much worse...anyone know how much money..$5? $50 $500

The Oracle said...

@Anon10.47 - Thanks for clarifying that it was an Ipod and money and not an Ipad. Can you also clarify whether the young lady first advised her school about the missing items or whether she called the police and army independently as C4.5 has reported? If she called directly, what telephone/device did she use - an Iphone perhaps? Or was it the school telephone? Can you also clarify whether, if indeed the young lady used her own phone, she has both (unlisted) police and army numbers on it? Have you tried calling the Army and Police swithcboards? It can sometimes take ages to get through.

Indeed, a CRIME IS ALLEGED TO HAVE BEEN COMMITTED - but calling in the ARMY? Crime fighting is police work. For the ARMY, their work now is focused on peace-keeping and coup-making!!!

If indeed, army personnel (gun toting or otherwise) were at the school, has anyone given any thought to the psychological impact on other students? For some it will obviously have frightened the shit out of them and taught them to never steal. But for some others, it will have been a traumatic affair.

I do appreciate how the young lady feels - and I genuinely hope she locates her Ipod and money. EVERYONE, including myself, who has been a victim of theft, feels outrage and sometimes, the need for revenge - to get back at the thief. But, the reality is that as ordinary citizens, we don't get the almost "instantaneous response" to our reports of theft as reported to have occured here.

If everything reported so far is correct and if you've ever read George Orwell's Animal Farm, you would, without a doubt, make the connection here about how some animals are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

@ ulukau racist hater,

Stop defending the indefensible - no child in any school would call the police or military upon losing a personal item without involving the school teacher or principal first.

Satanic bainimarama has taught his ulukau children and grandchildren how to "work his corrupt system".

And puhleeze, jealousy does not even feature in the comments in here when we can all see how this brat's ulukau mother and brat's mother's ulukau father got into power in the first place - through an unlawful takeover of a legit govt, through corruption, through nepotism climbing the ranks and plain old thievery.. just so they can use taxpayers money they are NOT ENTITLED on merit, to 'keep up with the Jones'. Mai yaso... lol!

Royal Watcher said...

@TheOracle: The Baini family would most likely have a direct line to police and soldiers as well as a specific number to call if and when they need help of any kind. That's only logical and standard protection protocol. They are Fiji's 'first' family. Anyways, I think that's probably Litia and Meli writing in to 'correct' the story.

Anonymous said...

For this story may be you should have a picture of a little girl controlling a big elephant with a little stick, in a circus.

Little girl: this granddaughter

Big Elephant bowing down to the girl: that's the Fiji Police & Fiji Army

Circus: what we now have in Fiji

Here we have abuse of office; misuse of resources and last but not least, how to create a little monster. How to raise a future dictator.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

what a piece of sheet . soon what all will here is this " oridnary people just give a look to Bainior AG family and arrested n severely beaten up. THATS WHAT THIS GOVT IS GOOD AT.eating tax payers money and riping poor.


My child also attends Yat-Sen and c4.5 is correct in saying that the officers (police&army) who were called to the school created havoc and added nuisance to the traffic jam after school on that day.

By the way, to you "Racist Hater" - I believe the school policy is (I guess, this would be the same in other schools), if you lose an item, or happen to have it stolen from you, then the first person of contact should be your teacher, who is supposed to handle the matter. If he/she cannot deal with it, then it is subsequently taken further to the head teacher.

No school involves the police or military in cases of students missing their personal belongings unless it is a matter of national security!
I guess, having a grandfather as unlawful/unelected pm, makes it a matter of national security.... only under the law of the jungle... bunch of junglies!!

The Oracle said...

@Royal Watcher ..
The bulb in my network of membranes was a bit dim. I now SEE THE LIGHT - thank you again!!
Standard Protocol Protection: Sounds more like real fear of a REAL threat, in the FRIENDLIEST country on this Earth!!
Fiji's First Family: FORCE LINE!! MAI YA SO!!

To Litia and Meli (aka Anons): I genuinely hope the young lady gets her missing items back - but please, can you folks follow the normal channels in the future? (Oh, and if you do have the unlisted numbers, can you share them with the rest of us ordinary Fijians?)

Anonymous said...

@Royal Watcher said...
Yes you said it right,no matter how we feel, the fact is Bai is PM and his family is currently Fiji's first Family and they'd have a different security protocol than the rest of Us? The kid must be devasted about her missing IPOD? what else was she supposed to do?Why would she want to tell her teacher? they have no police training? they can't investigate,its the police job to conduct a search and investigation?
Good citizens reports criminal activities to the right authorities
be it Police or Army, as the case maybe? Come on guys, give the kid a break?

Cara wai Pani said...

@ Anon 11.52am - YOU'RE REALLY STUPID, MAN!

Anonymous said...

my ipad is stolen, who do i call?

Anonymous said...

people the police & Army are doing the good job for our nation

Anonymous said...

i hope all little girls are given the privilege to do so ...
Oilei sa dredre dina na bula i Viti.

Anonymous said...

Bainivore and famili...pose tu ga vaqori qai dua na dakai DA e matamudou.....mai yaso kemudou mai vale e mino...yavu balekade vakavuvale....nah yous don't have human brain got SHIT in your brain cells

mark manning said...

Taking children in for questioning, how bazaar !
Only in Fiji, Iraq, Lebanon, China etc etc

Anonymous said...

The police react quick when its the murderer Bainimarama's grandchild, otherwise they will be "taken to task!", the arrogant little C!

Anonymous said...

@12:11 PM. very very true. It;s got his head up its azz.

Anonymous said...

11.52 must be from baini family

want to defend the wrong...

sa kilai levu tu e Viti kei vuravura ni KAWA NA bAINIMARAMA... na kawa ni KANA LOTO, BUTABUTAKO....


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy,make sure you soap-up them long fingers?

Anonymous said...

Does "Bainimarama" mean "Sister Woman"?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11.52 and Royal Watcher

Orwell's Animal Farm puts these usurpers in proper perspective. lols.

Koi Waimaro said...

Why is there so much hatred for Ratu Voreqe who is the current hope for this country. And why take out this hatred on his granddaughter. At least she has the initiative to call the Police for the crime committed and the body guards whom she know. She did not call the military, per se.
My grandson who is in class 2 had his bag and new canvas stolen and the Teachers could not do anything about it. Well if a student's stuffs go missing at school, why shouldn't he call the Police when he knows very well that the Teachers do not have the means to recover them.
You all tell me whether you would not be furious if you lose your iPod and whether you would not intend to report it to the Police?
Remember that the Bainimarama family have the right to call the Police and the Military at any time, considering the volume of hatred generated by / from you bloggers. The Bainimarama family is subject to critics, threats and distasteful comment by you bloggers every day, but sadly, they do not want to reply.
You the Yet Sen parent @ 10.54, why your comment, as a parent you should support that poor grand daughter. As a grandfather, my grand children are the most important people in my life, more than my own children. So to attack and abuse a grandchild is also painful to me as a grandfather.
Please do not be too subjective in your critics, do not show jealousy in your comments, do not display immaturity in your decision because it will lead nowhere. Just be calm, rational and unemotional if you want to get somewhere.

May God bless our beloved Fiji............

Koi Waimaro

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 11:52pm

Nice idea, but why the "security" for our Great Leader's family eh?

Because he is the illegal PM, not our leader - so the normal rules for society and good leaders don't apply to these criminals: they can call in the Army, Navy and Air Force all they like but they cannot hope to dress this behavior up as being 'reasonable' - it isn't.

Missing iPod or iPad - it was a school and Police matter, not a matter of national security. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we've all got it wrong!
It must be a right that is derived from being the GD of a tyrant!
The Police and the Military are obliged to respond for fear of a beating!
Perhaps there are some nationally sensitive material contained in the missing IPod!
If this is the case perhaps the parents are simply trying to stop a revealing story that needs protection! This poor little girl is probably getting a roasting for "stealing" the parents IPod, or even here grandfather's unit. In the latter's case there is probably little in National interest to protect as it is understood that VB can barely operate a simple phone!
It is understood that if it does not have a "safety" switch and a trigger, he needs "verbal" instructions to operate anything, hence the military council and his raft of lackeys, many of whom are white, both imported and local, just to give him some semblance of "credibility" in his eyes!
Please the little girl has suffered enough (and probably still being crucified for "stealing" the IPod)

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness!!! Fiji's "first family" PUHLEEEZE C.4 can we NOT use these kinds of label on thieving people like this bcos that only legitimises what they want the world to see. Let's call "a spade a spade" and just refer to them as they were before all this madness they created happened. The Bainimarama family whose patriach used GUNS to STEAL the PEOPLE's POWER. So, in my eyes they are the Fiji's WORST FAMILY. Please, correct it for goodness sake.

And as for Racist Haters and those who are talking about Standard Protocol...yes, it is only for ELECTED leaders and their families, but what we have here is an ABUSE of the system that is meant to PROTECT Fiji's public citizens on the same basis. As this grandchild is the grandchild of a THIEF and a COWARD, she is learning at a young age that to BE SOMETHING in Life you have to USE GUNS TO GET IT. One day Mafatu...and we hope our children in the future can document what will become of these Bainimarama grandchildren. Even their Momo Meli has amounted to NOTHING!

Mai yaso i vale e mino!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.11 totally agree men. Stupid is an understatement. ANON 11.52 has what we call in civilized circles "the head in the sand syndrome".

teacher's pet said...

I heard from one of the teacher at the Yat Sen that it was an ipad and Litiana's daughter called police directly

Anonymous said...

No one is disputing stealing is a 'crime'. At issue is this: Frank's granddaughter has the connections to get police and soldiers to respond to her report pronto because of who she is. Viti locals know that police resources have become dire; officers have no equipment and havve sometimes been unable to respond to a call for help because they are ill-equipped. The granddaughter was able to snap her fingers because she is a Bainimarama.



Remember that the Bainimarama family have the right to call the Police and the Military at any time, considering the volume of hatred generated by / from you bloggers. The Bainimarama family is subject to critics, threats and distasteful comment by you bloggers every day, but sadly, they do not want to reply.

You think the Wanna-be first family of Fiji do not reply? What a laugh!
Just goes to show your idiocracy!
Everyone has an EQUAL RIGHT to call the army and police- but only the Bainimarama family have FIRST PRIORITY when it comes to response!
Why do you think the people of Fiji have so much distaste for RATU VORE- yeah, cause he's a bluddy thieving, conniving, unelected rapist (of democracy) who beats up defenseless women!!.. GO FIGURE!!


You the Yet Sen parent @ 10.54, why your comment, as a parent you should support that poor grand daughter. As a grandfather, my grand children are the most important people in my life, more than my own children. So to attack and abuse a grandchild is also painful to me as a grandfather.

No doubt we all care about our children/grandchildren. My child is in Class 6 and has lost or had things supposedly stolen from him. Did he call the police or the army? NO!! He told his teacher who asked the class. No one owned up.
I do not condone thieving in schools but I still don't see the NEED TO CALL POLICE/ARMY!!
The next time my child's belonging goes missing- I'll tell him to ask VB's granddaughter to call the Police/Army!!

Dua ga vei kemuni na dakai bitu mo kilai yalomu @ KOI WAIMARO!!!


Anonymous said...

Ceke Waimaro, why you defending the thief, liar, asshole Vuaka? He's a bastard, and by defending him makes you a bastard as well.

Anonymous said...

Koi waimaro must be Bhaini himself..in disguise..well now you know that theres a whole lot of people out here that hate Vore's guts big time despite all the things he has done for this country we still hate him..CAUSE NO ONE ASKED HIM TO DO WHAT HE HAS DONE..

Kai Gau said...

GOOD ONE YAT SEN PARENT!!! Sock it to the looser Koi Waimaro. Nanuma beka o tutua me Koi Waimaro me rerevaki..heheheh!!!!

Funny indeed cos people like Koi Waimaro talk from their nether regions when they make statements like this "do not display immaturity in your decision because it will lead nowhere."

Oilei! tell that to Voreqe and his looser family and hanger-ons...the childhood tantrums is well documented!!! Yalo levu!! Yalowai!!

Kai Gau

Anonymous said...

Just shows load of arrogance filtering down from old bags in baiganrama plantation to ladies fingers!!!!

EYE FOR EYE said...

That ipad was brought with stolen money anyway. are you blind banimarama you stole from the people of fiji, why call the the cops, you are a bigger thief,then whoever took that ipad, its only about $50 worth, why complain?? hom many millions $ have you already stolen from people of fiji?? dickhead, what goes around comes around, this just a starting of what you brought to your family, that poor kid who took that ipad cant afford to buy one because you took and stole his fathers money. think about it dickhead. EYE FOR EYE

EYE FOR AN EYE said...

That kids father did not call the cops on you after you stole his money, so that kid has right to that ipad anyway. because you stole it in first place. let it go dickhead, now you know how it feels when steel from someone, how do you think, dose the people fiji feels when you are steeling from them?? EYE FOR AN EYE.

Anonymous said...

All schools have laid-out systems and procedures for dealing with discipline and other problems. These systems and procedures are meant to protect and preserve the sanctity of schools as learning and nurturing institutions for all children, where all children are treated as equals deserving equal attention whatever the situation may be.

When and if these systems and procedures are breached, chaos and mayhem ensue bringing about an environment that is definitely not conducive to learning and nurturing.

As a teacher, I can imagine the commotion, the disturbance, and considering that it was at a primary school, the fear and hysteria the arrival and presence of the police and army personnel must have created that afternoon.

So, was the big hulabaloo called for? At all?

It would have been if it was a life-threatening situation inwhich case, the school certainly would have been ill-equipped to deal with the situation and so rightly merits calling in the cavalry (the law enforcement agencies). So was it a life-threatening situation that afternoon at Yat-Sen Primary?

Also, from comments posted here, it seems that stealing and thievery is a chronic problem at the school (perhaps more so than it is in other schools?). So, what are the school, parents and other stakeholders doing about it? I am sure that we would all agree that no one wants to see or experience a repeat of what had happened. If anything, the child at the centre of this storm is to be absolved of all blames. Blame should be laid squarely on the adults who let the situation deteriorate to this level. The school authorities for not being vigilant enough, the child's parents for allowing her to take expensive gadgets to school and for not guiding her properly and correctly, other parents whose children cannot keep their hands to themselves for not teaching and guiding them properly, the law enforcement agaencies for making a mockery of the institutions they represent. Had all adults in this case done what they were supposed to have done in the first place, we would not be in this baladi mess...

Something that bothers me also from reports I hear is the grilling of supposed suspects by the police/army! This I find very disturbing especially if it was without the presence of their parents or their legal representatives. To have it done to adults (D.Urai, F. Anthony etc) is one thing, but it is a whole new despicable gutter level to have it done to children, without the protection of adults. This is human rights abuse of the highest order and perpetrators deserve to be thrown in the deep blue sea as The Good Book says!

I had said it before let me remind/advise 'them' again; read, study and meditate on the book of Isaiah to mend your ways!

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry that you're quite pissed-off, with KOI WAIMARO explaination. Like everybody else I
do not condone Voreqe's method of getting into power? But the matter of the fact is...he's in power!The only way to get rid of Voreqe is for someone else to walk-over his dead body?But for the time being,he
Voreqe and his family is Fijis' first Family! As first Family,security protocols must be set up, by the state, in order to
protect him and his family? We can
call Voreqe disgusting names etc,the fact of the matter is, Voreqe is Fiji's PM and until someone pushed him off from his
current position-he remain our PM.I'M also pissed-off at him for
using such a non-traditional coup method, to climb up the ladder?Hey,
if that was me,whom the crw people,
shot at by the Casava Patch, and the Aussie Police Commissioner was
investigating to throw in prison, i
just might do the same thing? wouldn't you??? Really?? Well,lnspite of all the unfavourable,offensive,disrespectful things we've all said about Voreqe,he has not let you(the Fijians) down?He is, seems to me,to
be a very strong Fijian Nationalist,
and would have worked well, with Qarase, had the later defended him in the "cassava patch> dash" affairs? For now-Voreqe-is in power and is our PM until we overpower him, he is our leader!Our
Kalou "VU" would have disposed the man, if they had think otherwise?
"They seek him here
They seek him there
Those useless SAS
Seek hime everywhere"

VRF said...

What a bunch of idiots.

When I call the police, they don't come. So I should tell the police not to come for anybody at all?

You fallahs mad or what?

Shows your backwardness... that if you don't get something, nobody else should get it too...eh?

Bunch of pooftas who are jealous of a little girl for reporting a crime.

Koi Waimaro said...

If you call me a bastard, yes I am a bastard. If you call me a Ceke, yes thats my solisoli vakavanua, if you call me idiot, yes I agree, if you want to dakai bitu me, yes I will expire with this righteous heart.

All I know that my Father in Heaven is waiting for me with open heart.

And when I am with him, I will ask him to open his heart too for you bloggers.

Koi Waimaro

Anonymous said...

They are not Fiji's "First Family". We don't have one full stop. They illegal regime's family.

Joker said...

Don't they just look sweet.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Koi Waimaro, sa maqosa la nomu vakamacala vei Bainimarama. Drau veikau i nomu koro, drau boci ruarua.
Police & Army so quick in response to a small bainimarama call. what a joke.

there are so many stealing and robberies in the country and the police dont give a f....

au sa tala yani qori edua na gone me butakoca mai na mobile fone nei bainimarama g child. because it is registered in her name and i can call from dinbandoo and police/army can run there quickly also to watch fly kite in toorak.


f@#$%^&n bastard... bainimarama

EYE FOR AN EYE said...

EYE FOR EYE said...

That ipad was brought with stolen money anyway. are you blind banimarama you stole from the people of fiji, why call the the cops, you are a bigger thief,then whoever took that ipad, its only about $50 worth, why complain?? hom many millions $ have you already stolen from people of fiji?? dickhead, what goes around comes around, this just a starting of what you brought to your family, that poor kid who took that ipad cant afford to buy one because you took and stole his fathers money. think about it d%&*#$@&d. EYE FOR EYE.

November 10, 2011 11:11 PM


That ipad was brought with stolen money anyway. are you blind banimarama you stole from the people of fiji, why call the the cops, you are a bigger thief,then whoever took that ipad, its only about $50 worth, why complain?? hom many millions $ have you already stolen from people of fiji?? dickhead, what goes around comes around, this just a starting of what you brought to your family, that poor kid who took that ipad cant afford to buy one because you took and stole his fathers money. think about it dickhead. EYE FOR EYE

November 10, 2011 11:11 PM
Anonymous EYE FOR AN EYE said...

That kids father did not call the cops on you after you stole his money, so that kid has right to that ipad anyway. because you stole it in first place. let it go d&*&%$#d, now you know how it feels when steel from someone, how do you think, dose the people fiji feels when you are steeling from them?? EYE FOR AN EYE.

November 10, 2011 11:35 PM

The Oracle said...

@ Koi Waimaro...

Never ever assume you're going to your Father in Heaven. Your deeds on Earth will decide whether you go instead to your Father in Hell.

And, if you're so willing to be called names, it's little wonder you support Voreqe so much - you both have no SELF RESPECT - (as evident in your abuse of the respected chiefs of Waimaro.)

mark manning said...

Fiji's new upper class, the Bananas and Khaiyums !

Anonymous said...

IPAD is very much more expensive than an IPOD. IPAD costs hundreds or even more than a thousand dollars but an IPOD costs hundred dollars or less.


Anon @ 4.04 am

Frankly I was not "pissed" at KOI WAIMARO. I was merely putting him in his place, so to speak.

Secondly, can you use MS-WORD to correct your comments (grammatically and for sp) before posting them? My child, writes heaps better than you.
Can't really say much about it, you must've attended the same cassava-patch institution as your beloved leader RATU VORE- not Fiji's elected or respected leader, mind you.

In response to your senseless gibberish below:

For now-Voreqe-is in power and is our PM until we overpower him, he is our leader!Our
Kalou "VU" would have disposed the man, if they had think otherwise?
"They seek him here
They seek him there
Those useless SAS
Seek hime everywhere"

I say:

Puh-leez, I don't consider him as my leader as he does not have any, qualities or traits of a LEADER. I doubt, he even know the definition of the word, having not attended any officer training school and hardly any relevant training whatsoever!!

Open your narrow-mind and heart.This is the 21st Century where the kalou vu or kalou vudi has no manna whatsoever.
I believe in a greater and higher power who one day soon, will repay Ratu Vore and croonies,and everyone else according to their deeds.

Nothing done in this life goes unpunished, whether it be in this life or the next.


Bai Hater said...

Fiji's first family - my ass! Just look at them. No character or class. Just a bunch of ugly thugs.

who ya gunna call? said...

Who is she going to call when the whole treasonous clan of greedy monkeys is being chased up a rathole?

mark manning said...

I feel for Frank's children and grandchildren.
Even if they opposed him, they can't say anything and the grandchildren just don't know any better.
It's not the grandchildren's fault their grandfather is a thieving , lying , murdering thug !

Anonymous said...

Folks it was an ipod nano.........anyway it must have been a freebie from the chinese premier...CEGU!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has their facts jumbled up . Firstly , it was an iPod NOT an iPad ! && money was stolen as well ! The child did inform her teacher and a spot check was done throughout th school . Nothing was found ! She had EVERY RIGHT to call her mum as th item that went missing was quite valuable and if any other childs iPod was stolen im pretty sure their parents would want to know who took it ! TH ARMY WAS NOT PRESENT AT ALL ! THERE WAS NO GUN TOTTERING ! There were only 2 officers present at the school & it took them a while to get there ! This matter was treated like any other as IT WAS A CRIME ! So stop hating on th little girl ! Just because she comes under th Bainimarama family dsnt mean that you should be picking on her ! Most of you are adults and are using this blog as a way to get at her ! its IMMATURE ! Why dnt you take a step back to re-think about everything that you've said cause frankly , you dnt know her ! You weren't present at the school when th incident happened and you weren't th victim of thievery ! its surprising how you were all so quick to pass comments around and make radical assumptions ! There is so much hatred for th family ! Why ? You all wonder why they have every right to call upon th army or police ? ITS BECAUSE OF YOU ! MAYBE IF YOU STOPPED ALL THE HATRED AND TRIED SUPPORTING OUR PM WE WOULDN'T BE IN THIS STUPID SITUATUION ! ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS FROM HERE IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU !

Anonymous said...

Oilei anon@9.34pm You can only be a family fried if not from family going on your strong and unblinking support of Frank and Mary and their gang. Me? I'm not so stupid. This family is corrupt and are using taxpayers money for their ipads (or and ipods who cares same thing) and we are right to poke them. Wake up you fool

EYE FOR AN EYE said...

You have brought destruction to your own family vorege, I have warn you before but you wont listen, you want to rule with sword then the sword awaits you, this a true saying from bible those dictators who have rule with the sword died a horrible death. You know that, I dont have to tell you who thier names are, because you already know who they are. before you wanted to follow thier footstep.
You think you can get away with it,sorry vorege eye is for an eye, thats what you will get. because thats the way you wanted it. one of your own men will take you out, thats what happened to Anwar Sadat of Egypt. his succesor, Mobarak is awaiting his fate too.your own men have had enough of your greed, cruelty,and to do your dirty work. What will happen to your family then when all this things are over, its time to think wisely and do the right thing, if you realy love them,before its to late, its happening already and you know why, it wont stop, worse is yet to come, no one runs forever. EYE FOR AN EYE.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.34pm

I wish it was as easy as you make it out to be. You see, for alot of us, doing that (supporting Bainimarama) would constitute aiding and abetting not to mention condoning treason.

Had Bainimarama resigned from the Military and had he contested the last election on the platforms he is using now, the results may even have surprised him. If you had asked me to support him then, I might have considered doing so. BUT not now after all that had happened and the path he had chosen to make them happen.

As for blaming us for the SHIT we are in, well I never!!! To say I am gobsmacked would be a gross understatement! Are you OK UPSTAIRS??? Apparently NOT, you poor stupid sod!

Anonymous said...

Another former peace corp fanning the fire! Please leave us alone to fight our own battle.We don't need your non-sense and bullshits.You're far too old to be
doing this shit, so relax,get back to your dirty old chair and watch your porno?


Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:34 PM.

We cannot support a thief and a murderer and one who's bankrupting the Nation.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:34 PM.

True that those who blame several of Bainimarama's family members may be over-reacting, but that does not mean that we should support Bainimarama as you have tried to entice us to do.

He is leading Fiji to bankruptcy without allowing us, the people, to constructively criticize his his actions.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

OK people, police have reported that it was infact an Ipad and not Ipod.It has 84MB and cost US$870.00.Its wireless and can run on battery power for 16hours.


KOI Tailevu said:

Please leave us alone to fight our own battle.We don't need your non-sense and bullshits.Please leave us alone to fight our own battle.We don't need your non-sense and bullshits.You're far too old to be
doing this shit, so relax,get back to your dirty old chair and watch your porno?

I say:

WTH! Tell that to VB, that is, "You're far too old to be
doing this shit, so relax,get back to your dirty old chair and watch your porno?"

Just shows your level of mentality- whoever said anything about porn.. eewww- disgusting little piece of crap. I guess you must be VB's son since your tag line is "KOI Tailevu".. KULINA from KIUVA!!

What "battle" are you talking about??
Please tell you dumb arse daddy-o to give up his guns and fight like a man! Levu ga na gusu ni tiko na dakai...me dua ga i gusumudrau na dakai da!!

For the record, If you must know my age- I am 35... too young to be labelled "far too old" THANK YOU!!!
I have never joined the PEARCE CORP as well.. get you spelling right!


Anonymous said...


Listen!, your father Bainimarama made a choice in 2006, throwing out an elected government. things are now coming back against you and your Bai Family. Face the reality mate.
na balavu ga ni taura tiko nai tutu ni PM, na balavu ni nomudou na laulau coka tiko va qo.

if you think people of Fiji are supporting your father, i think you are correct... only 1% of them.

i recommend that you ask your father Bainimarama to give up the government and hand it over to the people of this country asap, before he dies from cardiac arrest next week.
do that now... i will send you a new Ipad, Ipod & Ifone to supplement your loss.

maravulevu ahoy.

Anonymous said...

what type of parents or grand parent would allow their children to take their US$870 ipad to school. and if it would have happened to any normal family the response would have been: na cava mada ga o kauta kina luveni m!@@#$$%^ maleka qori gona na ca ni va fancy.
Blari YASO


Just an ipad missing, what a joke, what will happen to that kid who took it?? stealing is stealing and you must pay the penalty. How about the banimarama family who promote themselfs to positions they are not qualified for, is that not stealing?? when there are people with qualification for this positions, wake up people of fiji,the Banimarama family is a bigger thiefs, then that poor kid who took ipad,poor kid help me please, Im poor.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.34 anon - your facts are jumbled up just like you!
There was no spot-check done throughout the school as you claim! Just alot of garbage to try and justify the presence of cops and the army.. Mind you, soldiers were there too.

Kakua mada na vabuli talanoa vakai VB.. sivia ga na vosa lasu!!!

Koi Tasiriwala said...

Welcome to the blog vore family.
The bait really worked.

Bhaini please buy me one ipad just like the one kai-china in Waibau stole from Yat-Sen.

Anonymous said...

Devious Aunty Bano said...

I do not know why all the fuss. To cut the long story short I gave another iPad to Baini’s granddaughter. As with the money Baini and my nephew Arsehole gives me I can buy 500 iPad at $2000 each from Tappoo’s, arse’s gang.

Kai Gau said...

What job has Meli got again? And look at all the techno gadgets that surround him...Oe! butabutako!


MATABOKO said...

SATANS FAMILY RULING FIJI Wake up fiji, cant you see whats happening to our nation,satan and his family is testing you, take of those dark classes you will see properly what satan is doing to you.its time to take satan out now before he do more damage to our nation. MATABOKO.


In reply to VRF, you are an idiot yourself, are you blind, cant you see this daubotako family has stole from the people of fiji they have taken their. rights,dignity,treason .. ect,is that not stealing in it self?? That is a bigger crime in it self. Did anyone call the cops or army to report the crime this daubuako family NO. That poor kid who took the ipad his rights was stolen from him. VRF, YOU ARE A POOFTA YOURSELF, SONALEVU. JOROWALA TUMA GUNN.

Anonymous said...

It was everybodys laptop because grandad stole the money in the first place!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call such people as "first family". First in what? enjoying stolen money? thieves? robbers? kana yavuto? butabutako? dau laba? kana loto? this family and their low morals is weighed on the scale and really found wanting. Most schools have a policy of kids not bringing toys or fancy items to school - one school wont be responsible if it goes missing, second, school is supposed to be a leveller- i.e. all kids must have access to the same and bringing in some kinda fancy toy like that- will create gap among kids. Qai mai yali tale- me thinks this gally is a show-off, and calling the soldiers indicates its his daddy's army rather than the nation's. That's how low the mentality of those soldiers are. Waraka lewa, warai ni ura me tei damu ni kua, e dai tou se mai yaso mada, ni mataka sa tu na dah dah hahaha!

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS....The little rascal that stole the expensive Ipad, has been arrested and is been taken to
Delainabua for questioning.
The little crook, is expected to be
tried by a Sirilankan trial Judge, who is on his way to Delainabua, for
this- on the spot- trial?

Anonymous said...

How humiliating degrading one will be in the big 'B's shoes ...guess one of the perks of bulldozing oneself into power is to be made fun,fooled,labelled,ridiculed by the law abiding citizens. When hitler was in power he created the hitler youth who were brain washed by his unrealistic inhuman demands all acting as his informants and giving him 'intel' based on rumours and hearsay and even at the time in Nazi germany , german parents could not trust there kids anymore . People who talked of the german fuhrur were taken in and beaten at various camps. Don't you see the picture fellow law-abiding citizens Frank's actions is a shadow of adolf hitler the men who killed 6millon jews a programme called the final solution. Mr Bainimarama u must do the honourable thing for the respect of all senior law-abiding citizens of Fiji who have lived honest lives and resign. You have not only damaged Fiji's image but thev image of your entire family and now your grandchildren. You have now given her a permanent scar that would last a life-time to say the least you RAPED HER mentally and physically so I suggest u start making some life changing decisions for your own benefit because the last thing you want to hear is a member of your family commiting suicide.

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that people would stoop as low as this to talk about VB's grand-daughter in such a way. The fact of the matter is no one chooses what family you are born into-period. Secondly, keep her out of this political debacle; she is a child and doesn't deserve such comments. Infact, most of the comments here are more childish then the actions that people here are alleging her to have potrayed.
Sow hat she has an IPad. Most families in Fiji can afford it. The girl's mother who is a CEO can afford it and certainly her father who is a senior military officer in the NZ Army can afford it as well. Pls people lets have a uselful meaniful conversation.
And by the way, it was an IPhone not IPad.

Anonymous said...

Whats so harp about all this.It seems people are still blind.Fiji is 150% moving forward from other previous government.Do not to talk about Fiji's only PM and don't waste time.Better write something that will help FIJI..

Anonymous said...

How dare you think that Yat Sen Students would actually do that. As a student, we are much better than most of the schools and did you even hear, that it was in her bag after all. Don't you dare say that there is no discipline at the Chinese School. If you are thinking that, look at your own bloody school and tell me. Do you think Yat Sen students make so much noise in the bus. Just bloody well go back to your village. Yat Sen students are one of the best okay?
And that brat wasn't even allowed to bring it to school, it's school rules. Also if the cops responded that fast to her why can't they do that with other cases? Fiji is useless.

Anonymous said...

you people are all being led into the dark , none of the info in the comments or the blog itself is true , someone stole her ipod and only about $11 both from her wallet , she did tell her teacher , by the time they had checked the students bags and not found anything she had called the police because previously they had been numerous theft cases in yss, she did what every citizen in fiji has the right to do by calling the police. All you people do is kakase and post useless info that has been whispered around , no solid evidence for anything . As for the "soldiers" coming in and "roughing" up fellow students , I am a fellow student who only stumbled upon this stupid blog and am surprised at the differences from the actual event and this unreliable story . Yes we all have our personal thoughts and viewings on bainimarama but that does not mean having to take it out on the poor innocent girl , everyone is their own person .

and also the ipod was not in her bag the whole time , it still hasnt been found but no one cares right ? as long as every coward on this page gets to have their say on the family .

Anonymous said...

seems like fiji is a monarchy government whereby the government has most of his concern on his own royal family and not of us as the member of the public ... can somebody help us on this it it is not fair ...

Anonymous said...

What a waste of tax payers monies,what next ring up the Australian Navy to find daddy's yacht blown out to sea by winston?

Emily Brian said...

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