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Friday, November 25, 2011

Budget 2012: tax cuts and pay increases so where will regime get its money from?

Two notables in this year's budget: the unelected prime minister was home to make the address himself and an all out effort was made to reach people via live streaming on the internet, radio and TV.

The regime's chief censor, Sharon Smith Johns, says the idea was to widen the audience. “Using a live stream provided by Mai TV will greatly benefit those living overseas, in particular Fiji Embassies throughout the world who will also be able to tune in. This also includes Fiji citizens living outside the country."

No word yet on how many followed the address live (readers will recall the budget was delivered last year by the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum) but key announcements were as follows:

Tax cuts
People earning $15,600 and less will not have to pay any tax. The threshold was $15,000 previously. Other tax brackets have also changed:
$15,600-$22,000: Tax rate drops from 25-7% and fixed component is eliminated.
$22,001-$50,000: Tax rate drop from 31-18% and fixed component will also be decreased.
$50,001-$100,000: Tax rate drops from 31-20% and the fixed component will also decrease.

Pay increases
Civil servants and the members of the disciplined forces and will get a three percent pay increase starting January the first at a cost of about $14.8 million.

Nurses and doctors will get an additional three percent on top of this making their increase six percet.

Police officers will get 9 percent increase.

Boost for Sugar
The Fiji Sugar Corporation will get $40 million with a promise of $700,000 worth of farming equipment and machinery.

FNPF reforms
Four key changes were made to the Fiji National Provident Fund pension scheme, including the introduction of the new FNPF Decree, which allows the regime to introduce a new age-based pension rate which starts March 1st 2012.

Current pensioners will be given the option to be refunded the initial amount they had set aside for pension, irrespective of their hitherto withdrawals.

Pensioners will then be able to choose from a number of new annuity options.

According to today's announcement there will also be top ups to pensioners who currently receive a monthly pension of below $100 while those with income between $100 and $300 per month 'will have their pension income protecte'

Those who receive over $300 per month "will be offered the best of two options—which is to bring their new pension level to $300 per month or a top-up of 25 percent of their refund capped at $10,000, to be applied on the purchase new life pension.'

Bainimarama says FNPF has been providing pension on an unsustainable basis and the only way forward is to introduce new pension rates. 

"If we do nothing now, the funds available to pay FNPF pensioners would only last until 2050, and threaten the stability of the national economy. These changes take into account the interest of all—existing pensioners, current and future members, FNPF and the nation. The fact that FNPF can offer these options, these top-ups, and these pension withdrawals demonstrates that FNPF is in a strong financial position. The reforms will make it even stronger."

Fiji Village National Budget 2012

Pay rise for civil servants


Sairusi K said...

The decision to charge primary school students fees from next year is madness.

This will only add to the burden on parents and sure sign of a panicky Govt running out of money.

Only solution to our precarious financial situation is to kick out the current dictatorship, the abolish the army.

Anonymous said...

Who is fooling who... Can Govt explain the other side of the coin on the effects of these taxes reductions?? It is just simple.. you will no longer apply for tax refund from FIRCA, these has been built in through the reduction of taxes implemented by Govt. next year.

Anonymous said...

what's the point of going to work when tax are so high and on top of that cost of living are high as well.sa vinaka ga meda laki teitei yani, pay increase for FMF???? E'M i missing something here guys??? VAKALOLOMA O VITI...

Anonymous said...

Pay rises, tax cuts...looks like they want everybodies Christmas to come at once.....and just to be sure....off to Indonesia to collect a whole lot of new weapons to kill us with if we dont quite get it.

Smile brothers and sisters..this boat trip has no destination, we are all going down together at the end of this jouney whether you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

What about the ones earning over $100k pa Vuaka? All of a sudden he's playing santa, but santa's bag is empty, but it's full of empty promises.

Anonymous said...

This budget is for the people....don't care where the money comes from... go and ask bainimarama...all we know that they do care about the peolple...stop whining

Dr. Gyan Prasad said...

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I salute you and all those that you have in your team who came up with this budget.

I am usually not interested in budgets but this one is an absolute cream.

Long live Fiji and its greatest son, Frank.

You will be the hero of many forever.

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty good on paper to fool everyone that the IG is doing something constructive. Where is the money coming from...FNPF? or another overseas loan, this time from Bhutan?
Well its same old Vore...gathering supporters for his false promised 2014 elections . He is really really frightened of the international community for further sanctions if there's no election as promised.

Stan said...

great budget

Anonymous said...

Dina says............

Wanna bee Smart and stupid budget.

In its simplicities.........Its the Illegal regime's campaign to buy their loyalty.

I can bet you....us Fijians will very quickly jump and say.....uuu sa qai PM vinaka sara ga qo. Without thinking, where will the money come from and how will we sustain ourselves long term.

But the worst is coming people of Fiji....hard times ahead.

So why don't Frank, Nazhaat Shameem & Aiyaz just form a political party after this.

And lets have elections to test their gimmicks.

Fiji.....we've just been burden with a huge debt/loan that they don't want to tell us. Our grand children will & next generation will continue to choke repaying this debts.

Frank & Aiyaz & NAZ, what are you afraid off. Cum on and test your support with your bullying tactics to buy people's loyalty.

Show us your guts...........

Bloody thugs & muderers....

Taukei. said...

Smoke & Mirrors.
Giant Ponzi scheme - with Leas'.
Why don't they come clean & admit it? In pure simple economic terms Viti's insolvent - broke - & has been for some considerable time.
Viti is no longer immune from an economic Tsunami caused in faraway places. Do find it ironic that Viti's 2 most qualified & capable people in their various fields are both persons non gratia? (exiled)by this regime - Roko in the Solomons - Banker in Vanuambalavu.
Taukei wake up.

mark manning said...

So Frank thinks he'll still be around in 2050 !

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is !

Why not just stop Tax altogether ?
What a simplistic and unsustainable strategy.
Did anyone notice giggly Gerty looking out to his supporters in the audience during his budget Presentation today ?
Well, an attempt at a budget Presentation.
Translated :-
mumble mumble mumble = We're all F**cked !

Carawai pani said...

Where will the damn funds come from !?

Anonymous said...

If this regime can deliver what's been outlined in this budget, then I think there will be no rush into the election for Fiji. Where else can we get these kind of tax cuts during this global financial crisis. Civil servants must be rejoicing. Look at Australia, it just the opposite, tax on top of the tax. First the carbon tax and now is the mining tax. Good on you Fiji. It just go o show that Fiji is self reliant. Unlike that Samoan PM relying to much on NZ and Aust.Fiji is truly the way the world should be.

Qoriniasi Bale said...

If the taxes had gone up, C4.5 would have complained. Amazing that even when taxes go down, you find something to complain about.

Where the money comes from is very clearly shown in the budget... increased taxes on tourism, alcohol, and the richest people in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Greatest budget ever seen by Fiji. Who needs election with an excellent budget like this.

Anonymous said...

Bai is sorted with duty on musical instruments dropped to zero. He can now bring the guitars in without having to pay any duties.

Also with imposing $1 duty on blank cd and DVD best if you burn the pirate music or movie overseas and then import them. This way you don't pay the duty. Sorry if u used the blank disc for legit backups or use. You will need to pay $1 per discs. Sounds lie bai didn't think this one fully.

Wondering how many people fall into the below $15600 bracket. I suspect a lot do so how is funding all spending. only by borrowing from china he can do this. I suspect he hasn't declared all the loans from china.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a very good budget (on the face of it).
They seem to have made the cuts and added taxes in all the right places.
I hope all their projections are correct and not leave us with too much debt.
May God bless Fiji

-Valataka na Dina.

Wake Up said...

Living a champagne life on a beer budget wake up Fiji to the big con

Head rules said...

Always a catch with thi government surely we knowwithout having to be told the whys and wheres.

mark manning said...

I can just see the uneducated and easily influenced Fijians accepting this budget as if it was the English handing them shinny beads in return for their land and resources and saying yes to everything Frank and Co. want.
Nothing has changed it seems.

Anonymous said...

@wake up

You said it. But it may not even be a beer budget - mb just plain water, polluted at that!

Nur Bano said...

Trues up. You can't pls everyone. If taxes had gone up, you lot would have cried. Lets not criticise for the sake of it. More disposbale income means more to spend.. Now that can only be good for the economy. And more to save too. yeah ok, and what of money needed for infrastucture building, etc you say. Hopefully that will come from higher tourism tax, etc. Knee jerk criticism adds nothing to constructive debate.

Sanguine said...

No-one knows the consequences of any budget in Fiji because there is no real discussion allowed and true figures presented for public perusal. All we can do is see the poverty around us increasing, the roads deteriorating into goat tracks, nurses leaving for overseas in droves because they are not being paid properly, wages dropping even further than present, and so on. Meanwhile, the army officers jaunt around the world!

Anonymous said...

This is a truly military junta playing all the cards that will make it popular.

From a government that ousted last one for one reason among others: cost of civil servants - $300m loan over and above normal burdens.

1. purchase of army is now purchase of civil servants plus wealthy elite.

The justification is that we have large foreign exchange surplus......but this has been due to devaluation and contraction of economy reducing demand....so inflation wise we are no better off, this is just a delaying tactic and they know it, thats why the new weapons and weapons and personnel carriers that will be mighty intimidating driving around our cities and urban areas.

No more 4x4 with clowns in the back. Our boys who have worn the blue berays are champaigne soldiers.

Huuuha! Kill! Kill!Kill!

Kania na bakola, na lewa, na gone.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that most on this Blog site hate Frank so much that they cant find the intellect in them to see that this budget is probably one of the best that this country has ever come up with. For those with a bit of functioning grey matter in the head this budget if understood carefully is very good. The tax deductions to the average income earner certainly will compensate a lot for the hike in duty and the devalue of the dollar since the coup. The reductions in tax will certainly make us one of the lowest taxed countries in the world. This will spur the economy as people will have money to spend and this can never be a bad thing. Reducing corporate tax will allow most business to pay their workers better and invest more in the economy.For all the bad he has done this budget certainly earned a few browny points in my books for Frank and his team.

Hate for the sake of hate is not constructive and we need to acknowledge the good that is being done.

Ratu Borogaga said...

christmas came early to all this year :) thanks santa bainimarama. After all the goodies that has been thrown around we wonder where have they been secretly churning unknown wealths since we know our economy has been sinking and is nearing the bottom of pacific ocean since 'santa in banana'ambitious coup in 2006.Oh wait! he's been takin money from fnpf to fund he's latest vesumona campaign.He's taking from your left pocket to fill your right pocket. Something is wrong somewhere, our economy has gone into a slumb, yet he promised to pay off all his illegal gov debts by 2014. I call on Dr Narsey to do the math on this. 'Santa banana' is using the PER decree to hide his CON. And btw santa banana doesn't care if FNPF survives till 2050, he's doing the calculations upto the year he dies. We can coup ourselves again after that.

Anonymous said...

Only the shortsighted are going gaga over this budget: the economy is already insolvent with fiji already ransomed to China.

7 pieces of silver said...

The fickle people of Fiji are already down at the shops spending their bribe. Cry the beloved country

Taukei. said...

Like to point out a very important fact in this debate that somehow gets overlooked? Right now a bati ni wai from Gau & some of his RFMF friends are in complete control of Viti's future economic & social wellbeing.

What can possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Live for today f*#@ tomorrow!!!

While I want to rejoice (o cei e cata na tosoi cake ni i sau kei na musuki ni vakacavacava), there is something not quite right here and it is making me so very uneasy...

I cant quite make out yet exactly what it is but I am so afraid that Fiji is slowly metamorphosing into the Pacific's 'Greece'!

I mean, all these sweetners (to rural communities, to civil servants, to pensioners) gotta be financed somehow and from somewhere - what I would like to know is - FROM WHERE AND BY WHOM!

Until I know the where and from whom of the financing questions of this regime's many promises as well as an honest appraisal of the impacts (immediate and future) of the whole deal, I will choke down the urge to shout YIPEEEEEEY!

We were promised our own jetty as well as buses not too long ago.

I would rather we were promised:

1. renovation and improvement of our village schools and our secondary school (including sourcing of donations for teaching resources,lab equipment - science and computer, workshop machinery etc..., widening the options for subjects offered with real effort put into making changes to uplift the profile and attractiveness of subjects such as Agricultural Science and other technical and commercial subjects...)

2. the improving of our roads so that we can actually use and afford to use those buses (even when it rains)

3. better and affordable rural electrification schemes so that students can study until 10pm before mandatory village generator off

4. better shipping services so that we can actually use the jetty but more important we can ship our yaqona, copra, fish & sucu walu etc for sale in Suva or even overseas...

etc...etc...etc... but then who is going to pay for all these I wonder?

I would rather live responsibly today (not withstanding taking a few risks but with eyes wide open)than live like there is no tomorrow!

Am I being a pessimist? Nah, I hardly think so. I am just being a realist...'LIVE FOR TODAY, REMEMBER TO PLAN FOR TOMORROW...'

Stan said...

obviously the people complaining here are overseas and will not be benefiting from the tax cuts...for the rest of us living here we are loving the budget. Tax cuts will mean more take home pay, more consumption, more VAT collections for government.

Lower corporate taxes will spur investments and also FRCA is now going to clamp down hard on all those who evade taxes.

At the end of it all the deficit foe 2012 is projected at 1.9%.

Great job Ministry of Finance.

Anonymous said...

This is not enough Vore. Only one section of the community is benefitted(workforce in the civil service and the disciplined). Why not ommit the naval and army? How many pay rises had they received since your eligal takeover? What about tax for rich people as Qoriniasi Bale(6.35 am) had stated. Which bracket they fall into if they earn above $100k?
The majority(the unemployed-kept rising and no seeking solution from the IG, rural dwellers and those in the remote places) are left out. No mentioning of reduced tax on daily goods, services and daily consumptions for the wide community.
I don't understand why come up with this budget when the econonmy is already sufferring.

Anonymous said...

banimarama wants us to celeberate our sinking economy, we all it has been since his wannabe hero takeover. Enjoy it while it last. Reality will catchup sooner or later.

Bob Lee Swagger said...

Stan caijitukamu.....all of us here in Fiji know's this is calm before the storm.

Anonymous said...

the follwing scares me:

1) 20% increment to govt civil servants retirees/pensioners
2) reducing of income tax
3) 3% increment to existing civil service

is it all to do with the army officers pay coz they belong to a) , most of them will be sitting on a salary below $15500(meaning no tax for them), and 3) they wil get another increment...they must be happy abt these increments and tax reductions arent they

Anonymous said...

Great budget for the civil servants. But for those of us who lost our jobs because of this coup, lower tax is meaningless as we have to foot more for the commodities we need. We are struggling to provide for our dependants through the small businesses we run. Look forward to a truly elected government which will truly listen to us.

mark manning said...

Photos of Aiyaz soul :-

Anonymous said...

Dr Prasad is one nutcase...where is the money coming from to finance this bribe from Vuaka?

Anonymous said...

Including all the problems we are encountering from the COUP, in comes another to supplement the social problems of excessive yaqona drinking in our villages and surrounding settlements.....the much publicised FBC TV. Oilei sa na qai sega ga kina na tei tavioka, qai waraki tu ga o Bainivore me wavoki yani me la'ki solia yani na bullshit veivuke waca.....wananavu!!!!!

The Watcher said...




WARAKA KA NAMAKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To those who are questioning the source of revenue for government let me highlight a few important facts that the average Fijian does not know. Fiji has one of the highest duty rates in the world. A good 60% of our imports attract duties as high as 47%. This coupled with the fact that we pay duty on freight and the fact that we import almost everything means that the government has a license to print money from the importers and subsequently the consumer. Our vat is also one of the highest in the world. To put things into perspective i own a medium sized business and i import almost 100% of the merchandise i sell. In the last financial year i gave government over $520,000 in duty vat and taxes. This may seem like a lot of money but it is not when put against the size of my company. Imagine what is being paid by Rups, Prouds etc. The money stream is their but it has been mismanaged badly in the past. I thing that we finally have some competent people running the Finance Ministry and thus the savings etc. It is important to note that government artificially created inflation of about 45% by devaluing the dollar increasing vat and duty and introducing exercise tax on a lot of the items we consume after they came into power thus the hardship for most people. On hindsight i can say this may have been the bitter pill we needed to swallow to stabilize things after the coup and the mismanagement of the Qarase government. The concessions given now will ease a lot of the hardships as people will have more money to spend. As the economy improves which is happening already and key industries such as mining etc start chugging away we will see reductions in duty and perhaps ultimately a reviewing upwards of our currency which will put more and more money into peoples pockets. The only weakness i see with this budget is that government has not increased the wage rate of the many thousands of unskilled workers who are working in the supermarkets and retail shops etc. In my opinion the wage rate for these people should be increased to $3.50 an hour with a minimum of 40hrs work. This should be enforced with military force as a lot of employees in these sectors are still being paid $50 a week.

For those of you sitting offshore and commenting hear this. For starters you are cowards for running away from Fiji. You have no allegiance to this country and its people and therefore have no right to make comments on things you are not experiencing yourself. I and many others who are happy with the budget have enough in our heads to see what is going on. This government is not perfect and frankly i would rather have a government elected by the people but guess what in the last 40 years since independence i feel like we are going somewhere and their is hope for Fiji without the bigotry of the Methodist church and the no school decisions of the Great council of thieves. I have invested my hard earned savings into this country employe 22 people and contribute over $500,000 to the economy which helps my fellow citizens by way of government services. I have gone through 4 coups hurricanes and floods and still stayed in Fiji and quite frankly am sick of people living in glass houses and throwing stones at others. ITS TIME MOST OF YOU COMMENTING ON THIS SITE START ASKING YOURSELVES WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR FIJI RECENTLY RATHER THEN HARP ON ABOUT DEMOCRACY WHEN THE UNDERLINING CONCERN OF YOURS IS THE LOSS OF ETHNIC FIJIAN SUPREMACY OVER OTHERS LIVING IN THIS COUNTRY. GROW UP GUYS.

Anonymous said...

great budget and a great win for the sevens team. :)

Anonymous said...

Frank the Minister of Finance...

if you wanted to be real you would have revalued the dollar.

That would mean everybody in Fiji would have benefitted in real terms.

But in fact you are singling out groups in the community that you need to support Big Dadda for Life.

The guns from Indonesia are to take care of the rest. Insurance policy, backup plan...hey Big Dadda.

If there was no PER for past 2 years and there had at least been some wide consultation, something you pretended to do for a little while back in 2009-2010 but have decided to dispense with since you have become a fucking total and utter co-dictator with aiyaz , there might be an acceptance of this budget as nothing more than a "bribe", pure and simple.

Frank your personnel habits are out of control and you are spinning in a tight downward spiral and you are taking our nation with you.

There is supposed to be a "security council" and a "president" and a "cabinet" , what a total and utter cowardly goup of people these are.

How utterly immoral you have all become. You all pretend to be rational human beings and go to church, but an hour later you are "giving electric shock therapy" to your grand children because your loyality has been given to a mentally disturbed individual and not to the consitution or higher authority of God.

Two men hold this nation to ransom becasue you let them, we let them.

The dictators have us pegged though, WE ARE A COMMUNITY-SOCIETY THAT WILL SELL OUR MOTHERS, SISTERS AND DAUGHTERS AND WE ARE A LAMU SONA, LIU MURI PEOPLE.The the world the way should be my a'hole.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:59
Sir, It was a pleasure to read your post, it is informative, constructive and most importantly and unusual 'positive'.

It is very rare to read any input on this site from the perspective of someone who also demonstrates that they are contributing something for the good of Fiji.

I hope, as I'm sure your employees also do that your business continues to prosper.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:59am

Well, well, well...the coup apologist creepy crawlies keep revealing themselves one by one!!!

A few rebuttals if you will:

1. When you give me a job that pays as much, I will return home. If you cant, then shut tfu!

2. I have just as much right as you to make comments - always had, always have and always will, FULL STOP!

3. Do not be so quick to dismiss those overseas. They make as much (if not more) contribution to the economy than your business. Come to think of it, it is their contribution that allows your business to survive. In anyway, this is a global community and it doesnt really matter anymore where your physical/geograhical location is - we are connected more so now than before. Compared to your (how much is it again???) contribution, remittance by those you are so dismissive about is one of the two top earners for the country's coffers the last I heard!

4. For someone who freely chooses to look after the fort at home, you make a BALADI lousy caretaker. Instead of mending fences, you are deliberately knocking them down with your disrectful garbage. Show respect for institutions others hold dear. Moreover, the issue of Fijian supremacy will continue to be a thorn unless we try to solve it amicably. Your ignoring it or pretending it is not important or that it no longer exists will not make it go away.

Finally, instead of preening yourself in self glorification and self adulation, accept that others and their contribution to the economy and the country are also important. We also are sick of business people like you who jump on the bandwagon everytime a circus comes to town. GROW UP YOURSELF!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 9.59am. Great piece of bowling as Bill Lawry wud say it.

Anonymous said...

ANON 2.52. I am not a coup apologist nor support the coup in any way whatsoever. I have in fact voiced my opinion many times against this coup and all those in the past and i fully acknowledge the wrongs of this government. The difference is i acknowledge the good as well and am not emotionally blinded by hate so much that i cant see beyond my nose. I am not glorifying myself on what i am contributing i am merely stating facts to make a point. May i ask you how much you are sending to your family back to Fiji. A couple of thousand a month or a few paltry 100's once so often when you have change left over from your shopping and trips to the Pub. Yes the offshore contributions are a good source of foreign exchange for the country and good money for the lucky few who get it however those are your contributions to your family and the benefit to the country as a whole is incidental. The business community contribute to the direct benefit of all and not just a select few. As for your remark about showing respect to the institutions that others hold dear. My question is why should i give respect if it not given back. Since you so aptly refer to the global village we live in etc etc and are obviously living in a foreign country with true democratic principals why don't you try and establish those same institutions with the same destructive values in your adopted country and see how far you will go. It is easy to talk when you are a few thousand kilometers away living under the white mans thumb pretending that all is well and that somehow the color of your skin has changed because your know how to say a few words in your adopted countries accent. The fact is you will never be white and for most of us who go through the ups and downs of Fiji you and your kind will always be "cowards" enjoying the good life offshore and yet commenting like "maina" birds around a piece of roti i.e. saying a lot but doing nothing.

Seeing is Believing said...

Anon@2.52 and others. It is a misconception to say the resistance to the government is coming from people who live overseas. Not true. Check the visitors chart on this blog site and you will see that most of the bloggers or people tuning into the discussions are from Fji.

New Fiji said...

Spot on 9:59am...Totally agree with you about Past Govt's and Great council of chiefs...I suggest that when and if they (GCC)ever reconvene...All chiefs that make decisions need not only be well versed in Fijian Culture and tradition but at least have some sort of University Degree (Law, Politics, economics etc)so that they have the mental capacity to Understand and make the important decisions that effects all of us...Just because someone has a RATU / Adi in front of his/her name doesn't mean he or she is automatically intelligent and fearless...around the tanoa maybe..

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:59 - Where do you get off calling people commenting from overseas cowards? Not everyone has $500k like you to invest and make it and a lot of qualified people have been kicked out and replaced by Vore's bum boys, so should we hang up all our qualifications and take up farming just so we can remain in Fiji. For a lot of people it's family first, there's no use remaining in Fiji trying to be a patriot while your family goes hungry. Please think before you start judging others and that extends to the methodist church and the chiefs, Institutions that were in Fiji long before you appeared with your $500k and will be there long after you disappear with our 50mil, and institutions who did far more for Fiji that you ever will.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4.38pm

There you go again, dismissing others contribution as if they dont count...tsk, tsk, tsk...!

And those assumptions...bitterness is unhealthy my friend! You assumed that I have migrated, you assumed that I live in a developed country, you also assumed that I have forsaken my country and my roots - on what do you base your accusations? And the biggest insult of all, your suggesting I want to be white - may be that is your dream, it certainly is not mine, never was, never will be! I am a KAI VITI BOTOBOTO and will always be NO MATTER WHERE I AM!!!

Tauri iko mada vakamalua, wilika vinaka na veika e veitalanoataki tiko me rawa ni tadola vinaka na matamu kei na nomu vakasama! Wilika mada, e vica na i qaqalo ni ligamu e dusi au tiko mai, e vica e dusi lesu tale tiko yani vei iko? No wonder you are making stupid generalisations! Just remember that assupmtion(s) is the mother of all f.ups. My money contributes to the economy just as much as yours - but then you seem to view yours as more important than mine - WHY?

You also mistakenly assume (again) that remittance is the only way I am contributing to the economy. No dearie, I also pay tax and I also have a stake with FNPF. Then there is natural resources...Not forgetting that the money I send ├žontributes to making your business what it is...The point I have been trying to make you see is that no ones contribution is more important than others - each is part of the whole, part of the bigger picture. That goes for 'talkers' and their input in this forum too (which you again dismiss as zero contribution!). If you are not always so quick to dismiss others contribution, you might understand what I am trying to put across here!

I asked you before whether you can guarantee me a well paid job, you havent said anything about that. Can you at least guarantee that we can voice our honest opinion and views without fear [even if it is not in agreement with the current regime's]? That you and I can have a healthy discussion and exchange of views and we wont be hauled up to QEB to be interrogated and abused? You CANT pick and choose the fruits of illegal and unlawful usurping of power! Doing so ensures the continuation of this debilitating cycle - coup after coup after baladi BALADI coup! As for seeing beyond my nose, we would not be having this debate if we were not capable of doing that. I am concerned with the never ending perpetuation of this coup culture - you?

There you go again, putting others and their contribution down through your 'maina bird'comment. You are sounding more and more like one of those annoying 'me, me, me' kind of person. Hellow, everyone one of us contributes in our own little way. The sooner you acknowledge that, the quicker we can move on to more constructive dialogue!

@ Seeing is Believing 4.51pm

I know that. But, I am the last one for you to convince, it is those like Anon 4.38 pm that you need to convince! But then again, we are fighting the same battle here, I dont understand what can be gained by valuing one group over others - do you? We should be working as a team to restore consitutional rule not conduct nit-picking that only detract us from that task! Se cava nomu nanuma?

top brass said...

can anyone tell us what pay rise the good missuses of baini gets? lady mary and even mrs compol and mrs khaiyum surely qualify as top civilised servants, keeping him busy

Anonymous said...

This budget is a bribe, just where Vuaka gets the money from is anyone's guess. Perhaps a loan from china?

Laisenia Qarase said...

At Qoroniasi Bale,

I totally agree with you Bale, I personally think that C4.5 is a bit rash in allowing these comments against the 2012 budget. I personally think that this a very bold budget, the government thinks it could work out and from our experience, I know it would. The government has done well, even for a military one at that, they've really been pro people I give them points for that.
Good on you Frank.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.59..
Will this budget reduce price of daily commodities so that poor people can put food on the table???Can You tell me the price of 1 tin fish and 1 kg sugar today? Is it $1.50?
If it is within $1.50 then this a good budget. If not, then shove it up yur ar.s..and let me remind you that the economy is helped quite alot by offshore remittances from those you called cowards. To prove this , do your homework and check with yur illegal Min Finance/PM to run you an offshore remittances report.Sa dri tu yani

Taxing to the Max said...

might be a case of taking frm peter to pay paul. whatever, i still think we are in for a hiding.

Fiji Village
Pay your taxes-Waqabaca
Publish date/time: 30/11/2011 [07:13]

As just a few weeks remain for higher penalties for tax evaders to be announced, the authorities are stressing to people to pay their taxes.

It has been highlighted that this year direct taxes which are PAYE, corporate tax, dividend withholding tax, capital gains tax and other minor taxes will rake in about $451.4million for government compared to $426million in 2010.

Next year, despite the personal income tax reductions, direct taxes are estimated to total $477.4million which is $26million above this year's collection.

The increase is largely due to higher collections anticipated in corporate taxes.

Indirect taxes are expected to rake in $1.190billion for government next year compared to $1.04billion this year.

Indirect taxes are VAT, Customs, Service Turnover Tax, Water Resource Tax, Departure Tax, Stamp Duty, the new Telecommunication Levy, the new Credit Card Levy and the new Third Party Insurance Levy.

The government is expecting an additional $20million through the Service Turnover Tax, an additional $32million from Departure Tax, an additional $5million from Stamp Duty, $2million from the Telecommunications Levy, $3million from the Credit Card levy and $2million from the Third Party Insurance Levy.

Permanent Secretary for Finance, Filimoni Waqabaca said Fiji’s revenue position will be positive if every individual and company just pay all their taxes.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

A new Income Tax Decree is expected to come into force soon.

FIRCA will also be making further announcements on higher penalties for tax evaders.

Story by: Vijay Narayan