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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cakaudrove joins Rewa in rejecting People's Charter

The following report emerged after Cakaudrove's council meeting this week. The article by Vasiti Ritova of Bula Bee says Cakaudrove's chief has used his  closing address to reiterate an earlier stand against the regime, just as Ro Teimumu Kepa, did at the Rewa meeting last week.

SOMOSOMO, TAVEUNI (Tuesday 22 November 2011): RATU Naiqama Lalabalavu, Gone Turaga Bale na Tui Cakau, has directed a firm stand against the People's Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.

He has also directed Cakaudrove's traditional leaders not to sign over its shares to the Ministry of Taukei Affairs.

Ratu Naiqama's decisions were handed over by way of his closing address today at the 2011 Cakaudrove Provincial Council.

The paramount chief of Tovata Confederacy stated that the People's Charter for Change, Peace and Progress is merely "a lip service to please".

The decision is the second of such nature in the past week by paramount chiefs.

Last week, Ro Teimumu Kepa, Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi, and members of the Rewa Provincial Council, stood their ground against the People's Charter, saying the current government was illegal as it came into power by way of an illegal coup.

Both paramount chiefs have been steadfast against the Bainimarama military regime in the last four years. And today, as many indigenous Fijians reel from the tough stand of the military regime against the Great Council of Chiefs, Methodist Church in Fiji and largely-Fijian institutions, Ratu Naiqama and Ro Teimumu have been what an observer said is "beacons of hope" for the indigenous Fijians.

The People's Charter had often topped the agenda on various provincial council meetings in the last four years, and the military regime established a whole ministry to look into the document and how it would, according to Bainimarama, initiate change. When he launched it in 2008, he said the Charter would "rebuild Fiji into a non-racial, culturally vibrant, united, well-governed, and truly democratic nation; a nation that will seek progress and prosperity, through merit-based equality of opportunity, and peace".

He stated that race-based policies of the past had "thwarted the orderly progress and development of our nation".

Observers have, however, noted that the Charter was a copy-and-paste document from well-used Development Plans and State of the Economy reports prepared by civil servants for previous democratically-elected governments.
Ro Teimumu expressed the opinion of the people of Rewa, saying they were "sick and tired of coups".

"Our country has suffered many coups and we have learned a lot from these successive coups," she said. "Perhaps the one clear thing we have learned after all these coups is that a coup will always hinder progress and development."

"At this point in history, we can say with certainty that coups contribute nothing positive to our society and will always result in impeding our progress," she added. "The reason we (Rewa) are opposed to the regime and the coup is because we can see no good can come of it, only grave difficulties."

"Therefore, we can say we never will want to experience another coup in Fiji," she said. "If it falls on Rewa to express this opinion to the current regime, so be it. Let there be no confusion; Rewa is opposed to any coup."

Fresh reports have also emerged that members of the Lomaiviti Provincial Council voted its Chairman out, a staunch Bainimarama follower, and have installed Atu Kaloumaira.

Observers say this is good news for Lomaiviti as Kaloumaira would "ensure that right things are done for us". Colonel Etueni Caucau was elected Vice Chairman of Lomaiviti which the regime found unacceptable.

The Lomaiviti Provincial Council meeting was held in Lautoka, and before the military regime could recall it so that it could force them to have a re-election of a new Deputy Chairman, delegates had already left Lautoka.

Political observers report that the tough stand by Rewa has rekindled the flame for Fijian issues to be brought to the fore. They report that "Bainimarama's people are on the run trying to stem the growing tide".


Meanwhile, a People's Charter official, former policeman Kisoko Cagituevei, has warned Rewa that their stand against the regime "could cause differences within the Vanua".
Cagituevei told Radio Fiji News that some villages in Rewa have presented their traditional apologies to government - showing their full support. The Fiji Times reported last month that Narocake had done this.

Cagituevei says this "clearly indicates the differences between the people and their chiefs", adding that the "the main worry" would be "that people could stand up for what they believe is right, and in the process, weaken the respect for chiefs".

He said it was critical for chiefs to "make wise decisions and remain in dialogue with their people".

Cagituevei said the regime did not support a gradual weakening of the chiefly system because it would mean a major isolation from "the government and the church".
Cagituevei has showed his frustration at many meetings in Rewa where strong stances had been taken to stop the adoption of the People's Charter.

The hostile or indifferent reaction of most ordinary Fijians has apparently infuriated the military regime. On 08 September 2008, Bainimarama railed against those criticising the Charter and threatened that elections would be cancelled and the military would rule for a further 20 years unless it was approved.

Whatever the document's final fate, the regime's plans were further derailed by the world financial crisis. With the US and the world threatened with a severe recession, Fiji's exports are likely to take a further hit while tourist numbers could decline further.

Such developments would further exacerbate social tensions and heighten the regime's isolation from the international community.

The Fiji Sun has, meanwhile, reported that government development projects remain a priority in rural areas and outer islands, according to Commissioner Northern Lieutenant-Colonel Ilai Moceica. It cites him as speaking at the Cakaudrove Provincial Council meeting at Somosomo Village on Taveuni saying the Government’s mission is to develop and implement best political, social and economic policies. He is quoted as urging council members to work together in developing the province. The Sun says: "This is part of the Vanua Levu Development Plan focused towards ensuring that the Look North Policy becomes a reality. Lieutenant-Colonel Moceica said Vanua Levu, which included Cakaudrove, was rich with resources and the Government had embarked on a roadmap towards development for the division in its bid to raise the living standards of the people."

Bula Bee reports

Moceica reassures provincial council


Anonymous said...

So its no longer about democracy, but indigenous rights.The rights they always had and abused it time and time again.

It seems to me they do not want peace nor would allow anyone else to live in peace.

Anonymous said...

Hard to imagine these two paramount chiefs are Catholics.To deny the rights of 45% of the population is outright thuggery.

Joker said...


What on earth are you on about? Read the bloddy article before commenting pleeeeaaase.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is a warning for the illegal regime. It all started by the Marama Bale na Rokotui Deketi and is making its way across the nation. A Fiji version of 'Occupy Wall Street' is in the horizon...
What province is next?

I salute Rewa, Lomaiviti and now the Tovata confederacy

Mafi..USA said...

Anon 8:11 & 8:17....

What are you trying to say???? Read the article and try to understand what these two great leaders are fighting for.
The freedom of all Fijians and other citizen's of Fiji from Bainimarama's lies.
He is an outright lier. He lied just to save his ass from going to jail. That is what the coup he did was for.
It wasn't for what he said was to oust nationalistic politicians and erradicate corruption.
What he has created is more debt for our future generations, and a new potfolio for himself. Minister for Corruption.
We have to stand up and send him to jail. Recover all his assets and return it to the state and recover all finances from all his accounts in Fiji and abroad.
Democracy For Fiji!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its time all Fijian wake up from the grog slumber parties and make their call....We want DEMOCRACY NOW!!

Power to the People

Anonymous said...

@8:53 PM. Please do your research. The OWS movement hand is backed by Nazis and Commies!!! A bunch of low-life hippie losers these so-called 'occupiers'.

Matelita said...

Gosh Kisoko again, the expert on anything and everything, blurting off. Kisoko has made himself very unpopular with most rural people with his shallow, simplistic responses to questions posed on him on talk back radio about developments in Fiji especially developments in rural areas. His focus as expected is to glorify, justify and support Bainimarama uncritically.

His grip on rural developments and solutions to rural problems are laughable, idiotic and stupid. Now he is poking his beak into Rewa Province affairs.

Rewa people should just ignore the bugger and tell him to respect his chief, Rt Naiqama, and return to his Province to help out.

Anonymous said...

In the end these provinces will go and do sevusevu to Baini.
It appears these provinces do not want elections in 2014.
Baini should continue with his rule rather than getting the chiefs back who have caused so much hardship to the commoners

So Sad Too bad said...

It is becoming very clear this 2006 coup has backfired very badly on the indo Fijians? They just never learn these slow thinkersa and champions of self abuse. Right Thikwit Ramshit?

Anonymous said...

Cakaudrove men to pay levy



The Cakaudrove Provincial Council has imposed a levy on all men in the province between the ages of 18 and 60 years.
This was decided by council members at yesterday’s meeting in Somosomo Village, Taveuni. Roko Tui Cakaudrove Ro Aca Mataitini said the levy was placed on those men who are registered in the iVola ni Kawa Bula, those who are married to women in the province and those who have made the province their home.

This levy is part of the soli ni yasana or provincial levy that is to be in effect from January next year.

Those 18 years and above who attend school are not included. Ro Aca said each member would now pay $10 as part of their contribution to the provincial levy.

This is expected to make up the $112,000 budgeted for the soli ni yasana for 2013.

“The soli ni yasana is part of the Cakaudrove Provincial Council office’s operational budget.

“The levy would allow the province to deliver services efficiently to the people apart from helping in the development programmes for our children and women,” Ro Aca said.

The council is confident that all men will contribute towards the development of the province.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Bainimarama says that the Charter is to ensure that people "seek progress and prosperity through MERIT base equality of opportunity"
and yet if you look at every position he appointed he has done the exact opposite.
-Bai's daughter CEO of Sports Council - Unmerited.
-Leweni - ambasador to China - Unmerited
- Francis Kean-Bai's brother in Law to Minister for Works - Unmerited
- Ioane Police Commmis - Unmerited
etc etc etc
The Charter is a bullshit piece of paper that even Bainimarama doesn't follow.
And he wants us to follow it.
Does he think we are stupid?
The Charter should be given to Primary School kids to be used as toilet paper.

Anyone who still thinks that Bainimarama is doing good must be a blind fool.

All I can say to Bai is "You can fool some people some of the time ( especially those he recruited to do the Charter) but you cannot fool ALL of the people all of the time"

The people of Cakaudrove, Rewa , Lomaiviti and Lau are no fools.

I thank God for giving them wisdom.

May all the Provinces see the Lie that this evil man is perpetrating and act against it
and may he rot in jail with Aiyaz & Shameem.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...


I would not call a pedophile a great chief.

Anonymous said...

Baini continuing to rule will drive the country to bankruptcy. There's more hardship imposed to the people by Baini. How can you support an uneducated person who has never ever attended a University? Only uneducated people like Kisoko and others will support him. He is a corrupt man and he should be destroyed.

Kenneth Zinck said...

Congratulations Ratu Naiqama for your brave stance against the regime. Keep it up Sir the country needs you right NOW. Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

HAHA! @ 8.17pm, u'd be suprised at the number of prominent catholics who are strongly opposed to the LOSERS posing as Fiji's govt.

Gee, u conveniently forget you rule with an infinite PER, draconian media decrees, immunity decrees, threats & violence, and 5 years and counting of illegal rule just so that you and yours can help yourself to the PEOPLE'S TREASURY!!!

Yep, I think u now know where to shove that 45%-haha! u just pulled out of your ahz with Aiazz!

Anonymous said...

Move on, says chief

Serafina Silaitoga
Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ANY government in power is obliged to carry out development in the country it rules.

Cakaudrove chief Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu made the comment at yesterday's Cakaudrove provincial council meeting at Somosomo in Taveuni.

He said because people paid taxes, development should be directed to all communities.

Ratu Naiqama said it was time to move on. He said Cakaudrove was prepared to continue meetings and talking with government for development.

"Na vanua ko Lalagavesi e gadreva tu na veiva'atoroca'e ta'i (Lalagavesi needs development," Ratu Naiqama said.

He said dialogue was important as it helped people know where they stood with issues.

Ratu Naiqama said Cakaudrove had so much land which could be used for the good of its people.

He also stressed to the chiefs and council members to respect the vanua and to look after each other.

Ratu Naiqama told the meeting the 40-minute talk with Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in December last year was a fruitful one.

He acknowledged Commodore Bainimarama for giving the opportunity to meet him as the vanua of Lalagavesi requested it.

Ratu Naiqama said he had yet to be informed of a second meeting that was planned.

For this reason, Ratu Naiqama told the council the details of what was discussed in that initial meeting with Commodore Bainimarama would not be made known.

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

Kisoko, taura ga e gusumu na tavioka nei Frank Bainimarma kei Aiyaz. Sa na vo sara qo mo sa na soli muaimuri vei rau...

Ulukau. Kana waca, macawa. No school.

I bet you don't understand what the two great kaiviti leaders are saying. If you can't shut your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Vakalevu Rt. Niqama and Ro Teimumu Kepa for standing up for this thugs and kanaloto bastards. They choose their leadership through the barrel of guns. Me qai soso maki i nodrai voco na dakai ya na gauna e ra vesu kece kina bloody self righteous foolsss....

mark manning said...

Every day lost in the wilderness, Fijians and their children are raking up huge debts, possibly in the millions each day.
Just because of some misguided idealism about how great coups are and how destructive the chiefs have been or how corrupt Mr.Qarase's Government was, thought there's no evidence on any after 5 years !

Anonymous said...

Kisoko is full of stinking hot air, no truth just like his 2nd name the rear wind........'CAGITUEVEI'. Their strategy has not changed, repressing any anti-Bainimarama by insinuating a split within our ranks. Just full of Bxxxxshxx and rear-gazzzing.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 10.12pm.

Whether Leadership goes to who or who, all Freedom Fighters want is to relinquish it from bainivore, his military thugs and sympathizers after send all of you to prison. This cover of blaming the Chiefs and what, what is stinking all over as we have seen how much damage bainivore & his military thugs and sympathizers had done to the economy and country as a whole. Looking at prices of food items, had gone up about 5times more than 2006. Keep your Bullshit about the Chiefs with you. Sa rauta mada na veilasutaki tiko!!! Oilei!!

LUM YOU SONA said...

Shame on the people of Cakaudrove for allowing this man to attend the conference and speak to them.

This is the worst thing about Fijian culture... that there is one set of rules for commoners, and another set of rules for the Ratu's.

Naiqama defiled a teenager but that is considered acceptable just because he is a Ratu. And then he has the gall to talk about the church and democracy. In a democracy, he is just a man like everyone else, not an aristocrat with a different set of laws applicable to him.


Anonymous said...

Personally I don't care who rules Fiji. Everyone who has thus far hasn't been able to resist getting their snout into the trough.

This mob is just so much worse not the least because they cannot be gotten rid of and they don't want to be answerable to anybody.

As we are seeing around the world, people power will rise, sooner or later its a fact.

Anonymous said...

Dina says.......

Five (5) years on with Frank, Aiyaz, Nailatikau, Ioane N, Teleni, Maueli, Nazhaat Shameem, Shaista Shameem, Aziz,Nur Bano, Aisake Taito, Chaudary & Comapny's COUP. Nothing has surfaced with the corruption they planned as an excuse to bring down Qrase's SDL/Chaudary's Labour government.

Today we see in Fiji, even right beside me here in the office (civil servants appointments) I smell bigger corruption and nepotism.

I wish I had not been around in this era of Bai & Aiyaz & Nazhaat.

They are bunch of cowards, murders & liers. God is waiting to punish you all.

Anonymous said...

Another extremist ploy.This Fijian uprising is not about saving Fijian identity or demcracy.Its all about saving the past corrupt politicians.

Anonymous said...

Dear Democracy Crusaders (Adi Kepa, Mere Samasoni and Ratu Naiqama)
You are the same people that called Democracy a foreign flower from 2000 unitil you got into power. You got kicked out by another Anti Democracy Bully Bani and now Democracy is your best friend. Are you really against peoples charter or really against Bully Boy Bani?
Once you become part of this coup culture( like you were in 2000), it gets embedded into your values. Only when you suffer from its consequences is when reality hits home.
Your friends,
Francis, Rajesh and Padu Singh

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So Ratu Naiqama also oppose the charter thanks for not supporting a group of thief and liars. Kisoko is an idiot and uneducated preson an opportunist kawa ca mai na nomu vanua, who are you to criticizese this two Chief. this two Chief don't want to be part of a bunch liars and thief. It tells us you and all the people who support bainimara are all son of the devil.

Anonymous said...

Rewa has started something that will bring down the illegal regime of Vuaka and Aiyarsehole.

Anonymous said...

Its over rover.

The Oracle said...

@US-based Vasiti Ritova of Bula Bee...

Cola vina..
Can you forward Ratu Naiqama's actual presentation for publication by C4.5? Only then can we compare with what's being reported locally.

Anonymous said...

Yes!!!!! Other provinces shouold follow!!

Anonymous said...

@ 9:12am Nov 24
Sorry, its not a ploy to save the former politician. The happening is about saving Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama's Ass from prison.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1154

You sound like a village idiot.It is pity we have humans like you who need extra extra rights and handouts to survive.Talk about treasure, it belongs mostly to 45%.

Who is the thief here now?

Anonymous said...

It's great to see Rt Naiqama take the wise course of taking a firm stand on the thieving junta come what may! By not taking this stand, he stands to lose
e v e r y t h i n g - including his own self-respect.

A chief should never ever give in blackmail. If Rt NL has done wrong given the allegation about the young girl and he knows it, then he should be prepared to face the consequences.

Force the hand of that pretentious, devious, thieving ComPol Naivalurua who has further compromised the position he holds by covering up alleged sexual violations of children in order to expedite his own political ambitions.

Anonymous said...

Its Bainivuaka VS FIJI full stop. He was fortunate that he had excess to the common denominator of coup, the guns and yes sir or rank and files sotia se masivolo.

Anonymous said...

A large mahogany sawmilling company located in Nausori somewhere, I have not been there ,but I know the owner, is about to close......why????the government has now taken over all harvesting of mahogany and will not supply his mill with any logs. So 30 odd workers will now soon loose their jobs.

paula raqeukai said...


bro, the law will follow its course in this court case...and if our chief is found guilty then surely he will face the consequence just like anybody else breaking the law (now applicable to some only)....I am from cakaudrove and I do not cradle such action if found guilty beyond reasonable doubt...but the fact that he can stood-up to denounce the illegality of the coup is very much appreciated by the majority of the Cakaudrove people...

God Bless Fiji

Valley Tiger said...

I should be parai minista !!!! I am gay and we have never been Parai minista. Our turn....eh.....soh vacava??

Anonymous said...


Name best describes oneself. Everyone knows that allegations such you mentioned is part of the bainimarama & thugs conspiracy. So many have gone to jail and still cases under investigation since 2006. The conspiracy is to accuse all those who dare, drag the case, have the accused guilty until proven innocent. Bro, no one is blind or dumb, we all know. You thugs have been around for 5yrs now and everyday new accusations would be made but with the same old style.

Leave Cakaudrove and the Chiefs alone and stop talking about rule of law, let ROL start from you thugs who have defiled, raped and murdered democracy in Fiji. Da vosa tiko da vakasama, sa sivia nomudou veibeci na sotia......... ni veiv.....t...s.... Ni yavu kawaca vakataki nomuni liuliu o bainivore.

Taukei. said...

Kubuna has been against this gang from day one - just ask the exiled Roko?

Viti's 3 traditional confederacies now opposed - nice one Vore - where to now?

Anonymous said...

Rewa Cakau and Lomai - converge in the hundreds to front of PM office and demand he step down.....sit down there until he goes...watch the chain reaction all over fiji.
There will be no need to fight. Watch his cowardly friends take off and desert him once the sit down starts.

Anonymous said...

watch it all the non indigenous who have benefitted since 2006 - ur time is coming,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

The AG-Aiyas Sayed Khaiyum has
been hospitalized for Bruises as the result of beat-up at the camp
by Military enforcers boots? The PM
was pissed-off, that Khaiyum was showing-off to all the foreign high
commissions everytime he puts him in as assistant PM.So the physical
workout is just a way of telling Sayed that he's not that important?
Rumor has it, that he may also be on his way out the door and
that Colonel AZis may be replacing him as the new AG?

Anonymous said...


wasnt it the person frm Cakaudrove who started the coup culture in Fiji.
He should be the first one to face the music of law and justice. why are i'taukei's silent about 87 coup.

Anonymous said...

The best outcome was the firing of the great(!) council of chiefs as the chiefs have hindered the progress of common fijians. The chiefs have been bludgers on us the common fijians. Chiefs have no future in fiji. Like baini said, they should relax in their koro and enjoy the grog.

Anonymous said...

Bai the time bomb is ticking. Your time is here to step down.

Laukoda said...

The Bainee/Taliban regime is at its weakest now. If the cities and towns were engulfed with crowds, as they are doing in Egypt Bainee and co will flee from office. It is a s easy as that. The people have to reclaim the executive and re-establish the democratic structures that Bainee has destroyed so as to aid his emptying out of the national treasury for personal gain. Unfortunately, Bainee's despotism has created the necessity for a showdown with the people. Whilst the chiefs are actually bad for Fiji's future survival in a modern world, if they have any love for their country they should lead the sit-in protests. As the Fijian nation evolves, it is becomming clearer that our sovereignty and freedoms do not rest with the government or at the UN but with each and every citizen. Let the reclaimation of democratic feedoms and our rights as free citizens begin. Down with tyrants like the Bainee/Taliban of Fiji! E ka dina sara - our future has to be earned!

Anonymous said...

Cops now in bai's pocket... 9% pay rise next year... LEVU GA NI VESU SONA.. I mean.. VESU MONA!!!

Tevita Ledua said...

Chiefs stand for their people....Bainimarama and its govenment stand for no one but for themselves......What these paramount chiefs have said is not of themselves but of their people. They have seen what this govenment have brought to their people and cannot sit in silence while their citizens suffer. Fiji is in its last stance financially. The power of an economy is measured by its curency. During the SDL governmet...AUS $1 - Fiji $0.98.....Bainimarama government.......Aus $1 - FIJI $1.81....almost double. Fiji has dropped and the govenment still talks about financial growth.....who suffers here....the people of Fiji. For all the people that have commented negatively on the stance that these paramount chiefs have taken, dont only look at yourself but look at the future of your kids, families, friends and most importantly the Future of our beloved country FIJI. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

anon 25 909, the chiefs represent everything that is fijian. something a non fijian, or, turncoat like you would know zip of, respect for or have business with. only the i taukei can build this land, when they want to, or, burn it barren.

The Oracle said...

@Anon 9.09...

If you are i-Tauukei, then you've placed your mouth in acceleration mode and your brain in neutral.

Without the Chiefs, the vanua begins to fall apart and your own identity will disappear. That is the reality of the situation. You are only as strong as your dela ni yavu.

It's people like you who are to blame for the chiefs overindulging themselves. If I-Taukei are strong they will question their Chiefs and ensure that the Chiefs reign over all members of the yavusa/tikina/vanua and not in their own self-interests.

THINK... get rid of the chiefs, you get rid of Fiji and the Fijian identity.

If you are not i-Taukei, then your comments are aimed at adding fuel to the fire. Before you open your mouth, place your brain in first gear and learn a bit more about what makes indigenous Fijians unique. Once you've done that you might have a better understanding and respect for what the i-Taukei hold dear.

Frank's comments about the chiefs were blurted out by a man who was probably drunk at the time - either from the power he wields or from the brew he drank the night before.

Anonymous said...

Taukei...who is the exiled Roko? If you're thinking of Roko Ului he's not from Kubuna.He's half Lau and half Rewa and currently exiled
in Tonga.

cabura cabolo cawiri said...

Chiefs, feudal rule, the divine right of kings etc is an entity that has long passed its use by date. The residual survivng fragments of this bygone political system exists only as symbolic entities (except for Fiji). Undoubtedtly, the chiefly institution is bad in that it moulds Fijian society concretely in the stone age, thus preventing it from the flexibiilty of adapting and transforming itself to survive in modern techonlogical worlds that are unfolding. In fact, the identity of each Fiiian does not exist externally in chiefs. In truth, it exists internally within the individual person, as per their religion, their family ethnicities, the pathway of their origins and accompanying folklore. Indeed, in this era of globalisation our human rights are protected by multilateral conventions such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and values of democracy, the rule of law. The Fijian person is an individual with her own attributes that provides ontological and epistemilogical verifications of identity without the input of an autocratic chief. A good advice is for the chiefs of Fiji to adapt to their new symbolic role, and urge the citizens to reassert their sovereignty against Bainee and co. This way they adapt to their new role as philosopher guardians of what is good and right for the modern Fijian society. Na cagi vou sa liwa tiko mai, sa gauna ni veisau. For Fiji's sake, let there be no more traditional hierarchical myths to hold us back in the swamps of yesterday.

Anonymous said...


SIR/MADAM, if there is a pay increase for the Fiji police Force i think they deserve it more than the military!

Just go back and see how many years, the policemen and policewomen have been looked down upon, one to their low wages which contribute to low morale and productivity level......at least, this increase will give them some sense of improving their work and welfare.

You got to have a Hear to consider the plight of police officers in Fiji

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.09am

At a time when we should be looking at ways to bridge the chasm between our different communities and groups, the type of comments you're spouting will do nothing but inflame the situation and drive us further apart!

What alternative have you got for our chiefly system? Overhauling our social system as you're advocating is suicidal and uncalled for. The more sensible solution is to adapt the system to suit the 21st century. How? That is for the chiefs first of all to discuss and us the commoners to contemplate!

But simply doing away with it as you're saying is to remove an integral part of our unique identity as a people. So, today, our chiefly system, tomorrow what?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@cabula,caboro, cawiri, the chiefly system is not the cause of the 2006 coup. Law and order and military coups are the two main issues that every Fijian should address. Taking away the chiefly system and the church will only add fuel to the fire because as anon@9.09am correctly says these institutions form an integral part of the indigenoue identity. Cacaburabura you need to sit back and think again. You appeared to be carried away and misdirectd by your level of exposure. Please acknowlege your forefathers, your chiefly system, your tradition and cultures,your religion as without them you have no roots,no identity and no purpose in life.

Tevita Ledua said...

@ cabura.....The chiely system and the church in Fiji is the only institution holding fiji's Identity. Get rid of the chiefs and life will change forever in Fiji as it was done to the aboroginals the traditional owners of the Land down under. We fijians will rely on constitutions on how we live, teachings in each family, how things are done in villages and provinces. .......sa da mai raica na ka e a vakayacori vei ira na I Taukei ni qele e Ositerelia. Na kena vakaloloma ni kau laivi vei ira na veika era kilai tani kina na i taukei ni qele e ositerelia. Qai mai saumi ira tu yani na matanitu ia sa yali na nodrai valavala ni bula, nodrai sema vakaveiwekani kei na nodrai tovo. E na yaco me vaka oqo nai rairai kei Viti mai muri kevaka me kau laivi na ka eda kilai tani kina nai I Taukei mai Viti. I CABURA, qori nai vosavosa ni tamata e lala na uluna, sega ni kilai koya, sega na nonai tovo ka sega ni kai Viti dina. Na vosavosa oqori dau rogoci ga vei ira na dau veiqatitaka nai tutu vakavanua, tamata kaisi, ka bula tu ena bula sega nni vakaivakarau.

Anonymous said...

No purpose in life? I think you're describing Vuakamarama.

NadroKid said...

The last thing we need is rubbishing a section of our community when fighting against the lawlessness and injustices in our country.

We need everyone (Fijian, Indian, English, Chinese, African, Chief, Non-Chief, SDL, Labour) to respect our differences and work together despite them as a united front if we want to get rid of this illegal regime.

Otherwise, be ready for a very long Gaddafi like, 4o year, reign. The regime know this and I am sure are very happy to see us rubbishing each other in here and are probably even instigating some of this disunity.

You all have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Anon Nov 23 9.42
Thanks for the OWS research but please we are in the 21st century. Wall Street was occupied merely to demonstrate against the 1% that controls wall street and to oppose greed and corruption within the financial sector of the US and the echelon of the US govt. The occupiers are the 99% which represents the people who are suffering daily. Isn't this what is happening here in Fiji? The minority(fools from Nabua, Vore, Aryse, sympathisers) are running the govt and the cause of the financial disaster and poverty at home. You and I should be thankful that The Roko Tui Dreketi and Tui Cakau had offer a glimmer of hope to a people who had suffered enough from this illegal regime.
So...what is stopping the 99%( peoples power) from occupying Suva, Labasa, Nadi, Lautoka, etc. OWS is ventured out to other City States in the US( Oakland, San Fransisco and even to the Universities and Colleges).
If Americans can do it, why is it impossible here.

Kai Rewa

Taukei. said...

@ Anon 12:39.

Ask a close Taukei friend to explain what a Roko is within Taukei culture? Then ask them who gets first bilo when all 3 meet?
Person in question comes from a small island - 3 letter word - starts with B ends with U?

mark manning said...

The unwillingness and or inability to Enforce the Law and to prosecute those who break it, is the crux of the problem in Fiji.

Sadly and to the communities own detriment, it seems allegiances at Clan, Village and Chief level, seem to interfere with the willingness to uphold the Law in Fiji.

It's time for Politics to be brought out into the 21st. Century if Fijians want to prosper, have a decent education, roads, hospitals, schools, a decent public transport system and infrastructure such as electricity, water and bridges etc.

Anyone can spend money, allocate it willy nilly, increase or decrease taxes, withdraw or provide services.
It takes Educated Professionals, with the Communities needs in mind, to manage a sustainable Economy.

Anonymous said...

Tevita Ledua @ 11:54 AM

The F$ was NEVER above A$0.85 since 1999 mate. Stop drinking homebrew - its clouding your facts. During LQ's time, it was about F$1= A$0.75. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To Matelita: Me caka gona vakacava, ni sa lala ga na mona nei Ta [Voreqe], e na lala tale ga o namaku.
Dredre o Kisoko ni sa lala rawa tu mada ga - keimami dau veiwali taki koya na Ovisa e na tabetabe e dau cakava vei iratou na veilitaki!! Caka e so na courses, tauri uli tu ga o Kisoko. K a sa qai dau cakava o koya, me dau vakadredrei iratou na veiliutaki me rawa ni bau promote o koya. O ya sa i vakarau tu ni nona bula.
E vaka vei keimami ni sa vakasesei tu o koya.

Anonymous said...

To the Gone Turaga na Tui Cakau - 'VINAKA SAKA VAKALEVU NA VEIVAKADEITAKI TIKO. NI KALOUGATA SAKA TIKO. Au sa loloma saka tu yani.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering who has the power to declare another country financially bankrupt? Has any country in our lifetime been declared financially bankrupt?What
would it takes for whoever has the power to declare Fiji- is financially Bankrupt? If a country
is declared bankrupt, could it be sold in the international market?Could one individual buys a bankrupt country? Something to think about and bank your money?

Taukei. said...

Some are fat & some skinny - some are bores who consult with whores -but one thing please remember? These are our chiefs not yours.

Taukei. said...


Exclude the "Clan the Village & the Chief" and you have Fiji - include the Taukei & you have Viti. As for educated professionals running sustainable economies - maybe we could import some of these gifted people you write so highly of into Viti?
Then again given the turmoil gripping economies worldwide maybe not? Australia could be an option? As a reward for sacking 2 thousand of their own workers + 400 contractors & absolutely trashing its share price Blue Scope Steel (BHP) board members recommended that the individual executives responsible for this carnage should each receive a portion of a $5 million bonus. Vinaka but no thanks.