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Monday, November 21, 2011

Samisoni: regime players driven by bitterness

FDFM Executives and Members: (from left to right) Roko Ului, Vonivate Driu(Media Officer), Vula Yee (Vice-President),  Jone Baledrokadroka, Niko Nawaikula, Suliasi Daunitutu (President), Mere Samisoni,  Sera Laveta  (NSW Acting President), Stuart Huggett(FDFM NZ), Jiosifini Waqanibete(VIC Executive Member), Jone Buadromo – Robinvale President.
(Standing behind Daunitutu): James Huggett – FDFM Lawyer(Melb), Suka Sevuia (National Treasurer & Victoria chapter president), Mesui Tuifua- SA Vice President, Tevita Naroba (SA President), Lainoa Rasiga (Robinvale Secretary), Rusiate Naulivou (NSW Member)

The Australian based Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement held its AGM over the weekend and elected the following people to executive positions:
National President – Suliasi Daunitutu
Vice President – Vula Yee
Secretary – Tevita Naroba
Treasurer – Suka Seviua

The Deposed SDL MP, Dr Mere Samisoni, was one of the speakers at the Melbourne conference. Below is her address.

Dr Mere Samisoni
Thank you for the invitation to speak at your Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement (FDFM) Australian Chapter AGM.

I am speaking in my capacity as the deposed SDL member of the Lami Open Constituency, and as a former MP in the SDL/FLP Multi-Party Government that was ousted from power in the December 2006 coup.

I have been asked to address the subject matter of possible “mistakes and learning” made by the ousted SDL/FLP Government, which helped usher in the present Bainimarama Regime, a regime which the Fiji Court of Appeal has ruled unconstitutional. I have my own views on this but felt that in the interests of fairness and closure, I should ask the respective leaders of Fiji’s two major political parties for their input.

I asked them each the same 4 questions, in the context of the time constraints and the requirement of power sharing leadership within the Multi Party Cabinet. These questions were:

1. What regrets, if any do you have about the role you may have played in helping usher in the current Bainimarama regime? 

2. What do you think you could have done differently to avoid the present regime?
3. Is there anything else you believe your Prime Ministerial predecessors could have done to also help prevent the current regime?
4. Do you have any other points or concerns in regard to this subject?

As of 5th November, deposed Labour Leader, Mr. Mahendra Pal Chaudhry had not replied to any of these questions that I had sent via his colleague, Felix Anthony. Deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, on the other hand, gave me his reply within a few days. I list his answers, as follows:

Reply to question 1. What regrets, if any do you have about the role you may have played in helping usher in the current Bainimarama regime?

“I do not have any regrets about my decisions and actions prior to the military coup on 6th December 2006. I upheld the Constitution all the way. I did not bend the law in anyway in order to meet, what I considered, the illegal demands of the Military. I did not play any role to usher in the present unconstitutional government in Fiji. This is unthinkable given my commitment to democracy and its values. The truth is that Bainimarama and his colleagues forced themselves into Government with military power, to protect themselves for personal reasons.

Reply to question 2.  What do you think you could have done differently to avoid the present regime?

“I would have done nothing differently.  My role as Prime Minister was to uphold the Constitution and the laws of Fiji. To do otherwise would have meant total surrender to an illegal usurper of power. I was not prepared to do this.

The reality is Mr. Bainimarama was determined to take over Government by force for personal and other reasons. The Police were closing in to arrest and charge him for some serious crimes committed. He was not prepared or did not have the courage to face up to the full brunt of the law. The reasons he gave earlier for carrying out the coup were “a cover up” for his crimes.

My commitment was to stand by the Constitution, the truth and what was right.

Question 3. Is there anything else you believe your Prime Ministerial predecessors could have done to also help prevent the current regime?

The greatest mistake made by my predecessors including myself, was to allow the continuation and expansion of our Military force. Fiji does not need a military force. It is already too powerful. The military will continue to be a thorn on the side of Fiji unless it is drastically reduced in size and authority. Better still Fiji would be better off without a military force as it has outgrown its purpose to protect the people of Fiji and their democratic institutions for development, safety and security according to the Constitution of Fiji.

Question 4. Do you have any other points or concerns in regard to this subject?

Evidence now suggests that the leadership of the Fiji Labor Party was actively involved in the discussions and planning of the 2006 coup. It is too dangerous for Fiji’s future if political parties align themselves to the Military Force. By aligning itself to the military the FLP was lending support to an illegal activity, which they now regret.

I thank the former PM the Rt Honourable Laisenia Qarase for this forthrightness. Due to the fact that the situation in Fiji today is utterly unacceptable, there is a sense amongst many that there must have been more that could have been done, to avoid it. But the basic reality of Fiji’s situation for the past decade is that our military has been ruled by an unelected individual prepared to issue any orders necessary to get his way. The 1997 Constitution (assuming this post would always be occupied by someone of noble and just character) was designed to give whoever was Commander all the power and authority needed to get around any other authority. The chances of out-maneuvering that kind of power, was never going to be great, or even significant.

In that sense, Fiji’s current course was really set much earlier than 2006, and it was really just a matter of time for it to play itself out. I have been told by “high-ups” in the SDL that they knew their days were numbered right back from 2003, and that they were simply trying to do as much as possible before being kicked out.

Against that backdrop, peoples’ hopes & regrets for things to have turned out differently are perhaps analogous to the tendency to sometimes blame the victim of rape instead of the perpetrator. Perhaps there were things she might have done differently to avoid it. But any such failures, pale in comparison to the culpability of the sheer, brutal obsession of the rapist to commit his crime in the first place.

That said, there might have been some things I would have done differently if I had to do it all over again – always keeping in mind the rather miniscule chances of success in any event.

There are two main ways to look at this question. The first is what might have been done strategically. The second is what might have been done politically/legally. The first category is obviously best answered by military types (like Col Baledrokadroka) who have access to the kind of inside information that I am not, and was not, privy to. I have had a layman’s tilt at it though, in Appendix 1, which I will not be presenting to you verbally today. It is attached with your copies of this paper, and you can read it at your leisure if you so desire.

The second category of political proposals to the threat of Frank Bainimarama is more my territory and I have included it in Appendix 2, which I will also not be presenting verbally here today. It is in the form of response to what I feel are the most common questions people might be asking themselves today about why we (SDL) didn’t do things differently. For completeness, my speculation on possible responses from ousted Labour Leader, Mahendra Pal Chaudhry, to this topic, is included in Appendix 3.

Once you read my Appendices – particularly Appendix 2 – you may feel these were a bit of a whitewash and an exercise in self-justification by the SDL. I do not want to stand in front of you today and claim, “nothing could’ve been done differently”. But I think the Appendices will make it fairly obvious now that the chances of things turning out differently were not huge. Not at least during the SDL’s time! The real question anyway, is not “What could we have done different then?” It is “What can we do different in future?”

I think in this regard, the main lesson from the 2006 coup is the danger of what I refer to as political irrationality. Fiji is not unique in this regard, and there are plenty of overseas examples of irrational, and irrationally hostile, politics. But these reached completely absurd levels in Fiji in 2006 (and of course, also back in 2000 & 1987). The fact that both sides have now had a taste of this medicine, sets the stage for important lessons to be learned and return to institutional democracy as planned in the 1997/1998 Constitution.

Explaining this from an SDL perspective, the most baffling thing about the 2006 coup to me was the sheer irrational malice that so many otherwise intelligent people had towards us. This malice completely blinded them to the wrongs of the 2006 coup because they were somehow revved up into thinking we were the “lesser of two evils” (probably all the previous injustices done to them). Most have now woken up and realized that we weren’t, and they can see for themselves now that things were nowhere near as bad then as they are now. This “political irrationality” is not just a FLP/UGP phenomenon either! Many educated Fijians (some might include me in this category) likewise couldn’t think their way properly through the 2000 crisis due to irrational fear and dislike of Mahen Pal Chaudhry. The same goes for the 1987 coup and the irrational fear of Indian rule!

I think that kind of irrational fear & politics was the real fulcrum in this drama since it allowed people to remain blinded to the far greater threat to Fiji, of having a military strongman rule Fiji.

At first glance, the 2006 coup may just appear to be a story of greed and power-lust dressed up as political crusading. But if you look closer, you can find real lessons worth learning that will far outlast the stillborn Peoples’ Charter.

The first is that the FLP finally got a chance to prove itself in Government. Looking at their performance without the irrational Fijian political fears of old, we can see that they weren’t so bad! Certainly not anywhere near as bad as made out in 2000, or 1987. The fact that some of their ideas and policies were implemented, and the Fijian race didn’t immediately vanish into the sea, is instructive.

On the other hand, the FLP weren’t that great, either! Certainly not so great as to think Fiji has missed out on huge growth since 1987 by not having any Indian leadership of Government. An expectation has arisen amongst many that because Indians regularly outperform Fijians in non-sport endeavors, that this could also be expected in the arena of Government, too. Anger at the injustices of 1987 and 2000 goaded this prejudice to irrational levels, discounting much Fijian success as simply quota-policy prompted. Once a competent Indian Government was in place, then everyone would see what’s what!

But from what we saw post-2006 though, this was not the case! All the people who thought in 2006 that Government wasn’t firm enough, or that they could do a better job – have all now been empirically proven wrong. And in plain view of the whole country & region, too! (Mahen even reportedly confided privately to colleagues in late 2007 that running Government was hard.)

This means the biggest loss to Fiji and its economy does not come from missing out on a progressive, socially-conscious, Indian-dominated Government, or a steady, underdevelopment-wary, Fijian-dominated one. The biggest problem and cost to Fiji BY FAR comes from removing whatever Government we do have by illegal means, just to install whatever supposedly “better” Government we felt we missed out on!

The cost-benefit analysis of that kind of swap just doesn’t hold water! The estimated cost of the 2006 coup to Fiji is already, well into the $3billion to $5billion range now. It is hard to imagine any Fijian or Indian Government bungling things so badly as to be able to rack up that kind of damage. (Even drunken teenagers would find it difficult). By contrast, even if we had put Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore in charge of Fiji after the 2006 coup, he would take decades, if ever, to claw back the GDP growth lost due to the takeover itself.

But a costly coup and an unconstitutional government were not the only results of this kind of political irrationality. It also prevented good policy-making and even intelligent debate well before the coup, too.

The most obvious of these was the much hyped “Anti-corruption” and “Fraud” politicking of the FLP, subsequently appropriated by the military’s flopped “Clean-Up” campaign of 2006.

Of course there was corruption! But the vast majority of this was either in the civil service (PWD & Agriculture Departments), or had been committed by politicians and ministers of bygone years. Few if any then-current SDL people were involved (as the absence of legitimate “Clean Up” prosecutions against the SDL to date, shows). In their irrational loathing of us (SDL), and their unholy haste to smear us with the “corruption and fraud ” label, the FLP & the military lost sight of this simple fact!

On the other side of the coin, the SDL became dismissive of these constant and erroneous “cheap shots”. Unfortunately, this dismissiveness probably also desensitized us to the exact state of the real corruption in the civil service. Of course we couldn’t just conjure up a Kangaroo Court or sack people because Fiji still had a democratically elected government in place.  But there’s always more you can do if you prioritize things appropriately through management objectives and processes.

We did try to set-up the role of the CEO under the Public Enterprises Act 1996, to be responsible for this. And we updated the 1981 Finance Act (in 2004) to require and provide Management Information Systems to keep close track of over-spending and suspicious spending. These developments were aligned to the Paris Declaration 2004/2005 for good governance. But they needed more time (and perhaps more driving) to deliver results than we were given.

Race was one of the other topics treated irrationally by all sides pre-2006. The SDL called “a spade a spade” and played the political reality of having to pander to the partisanship of our majority Fijian electorate. The FLP railed and wailed publicly as a minority against the unfairness and political incorrectness of, while still subtlely pandering to the partisanship of its Indian electorate. Both have now been overtaken by the misguided, and some might claim, irrational race policies of the Bainimarama regime.

Between these extremes of too much and too little, is a perfectly rational middle ground. The trick is simply to formulate policy based on demonstrable causality. Issues whose outcomes are not impacted by ethnicity don’t need ethnic policy solutions. (Don’t give someone money just because he is Fijian). But issues, whose outcomes are impacted by ethnicity, need to be addressed as such (Don’t deny someone help either just because he and his government are Fijian). Credible research, not political grandstanding, will tell us which is which. Irrational responses outside that needed to be avoided.

Realistically speaking though, we know that Fiji has too many political phobias about this right now to expect normality and rationality about it any time soon. In the meantime, affirmative action can be adequately addressed using socio-economic and geographical criteria as Wadan Narsey had previously pointed out! Socio-economic and Geographical criteria automatically will automatically correct for ethnicity/race in most instances anyway, so no need to stir the phobias while we are trying to outgrow them.

Practically-speaking though, race & ethnicity still need to be accounted for by Bureau of Statistics because of the importance of measuring outcomes in development and healthcare. In the SDL’s time, these were used to guide the Alternative Livelihood Programme (ALP) and Rural Outer Island Development Programme (ROD). They leveraged Affirmative Action Polices under the Social Justice Act 2001 to target respective multi-ethnic communities and their respective value systems that are strategic and sustainable for added value with multiplier effects. Thus targeted and appropriate assistance could be delivered where needed.

The final point, I wish to make about political irrationality are the ongoing dangers it poses if not dealt with. If you look at most of the major players who are still supporting the unconstitutional government in Fiji, are all highly driven by grudges and bitterness. You know most of them, and therefore, I will not name them here. 

The point I want to make is if those people are all so bitter and driven by past injustices, then how many people are harboring grudges and unforgiveness today in relation to the ongoing perceived injustices of the current regime? How are we shaping our leaders and public of tomorrow? As we can see from 1987 and 2000, injustice breeds bitterness. The antidote then is justice.

The people need to tell their story, let off steam, and receive counseling, and I leave it to the FDFM to come up with suggestions on how best these people, who cannot speak freely because of PER, get their messages out of Fiji

For example, the people of Muaivuso & Waiqanake are not happy with the current lease arrangement with the Tengy Cement Company Ltd of China, which I am more than happy to elaborate in Q & A session.

We need to bear all these things in mind at the next ballot box to keep a proper perspective. Losing an election is tough! But there are worse things! We have seen for the umpteenth time in Fiji that coups are bad, very costly and bring no worthwhile benefits, and the 2006 coup is no exception. Hopefully the coup culture in Fiji will end in our lifetimes. It must end someday since it is not based on any tangible or recognizable issue, principle, cause or phenomenon.

According to former US Ambassador Larry Dinger (2006), and to quote him: “as the post-coup political process here plays out, it will primarily be Fiji's ethnic-Fijian population that determines the outcome.  Ethnic-Fijian politics and decision-making processes are often opaque (Narsey’s silence proposition).  Still, we figure international actors (and Fijians overseas – my input) can have influence.  We will continue to maintain contacts broadly and will try to encourage as rapid and progressive an outcome as possible given the circumstances”.

In SDL’s revised Constitution (as attached and Chaired by Dr. Tupeni Baba, 2008) the SDL Leadership and Party are poised to play a leading role in the future of Fiji as a Multi Ethnic and Multi Religious Society. A list of issues on constitutional democracy from Dr. Baba is also attached to facilitate the return to democratic elections ASAP.

In that context, one major issue for Fiji is how to foster more Teambuilding or Servant Leadership (Qarase 2006), which is authentic and professional towards our multi-ethnic society and sensitivities, as well as to the fact that the majority Indigenous Fijians are lagging behind other races. Since the 50’s, Management Schools throughout the world established and implemented Leadership and Management principles in reaction to the WW2 abuse of leadership power and position by Adolf Hitler. Independent thinking based on valid research needs to impact theory, policy and management of development, within a tailor-made, multi-disciplinary holistic yet strategic framework. Such a model can statistically remove subjective biases, grudges and irrationality. Fiji had started to address these concerns and barriers pre-2006, via our Strategic Development Plans for which Indigenous Fijian development was the sine qua non.

In my experience, race is a variable that affects “success”. It is a valid and significant scientific lateral market differentiator in any success research. More importantly it can be measured and accounted in policy “risks/benefits” analysis and balancing. Race will continue to impact developments, and under-developments, in Fiji regardless of whether it is buried or hidden by the irrational imposition of the elite few from the unelected illegal Interim Regime and their stooge supporters.

Diversity is already socially embedded as part of any market (de Bruin & Dupuis 2003) in respect of customers, capital and companies. Race & ethnicity is part and parcel of any diversity. Global entrepreneurial opportunities are growing at a rapid rate by dint of change and globalization. World markets are also being pushed in that direct by design and support of the World Bank, IMF, Commonwealth, EU and EC through bilateral funding agencies. Ethnic segmentation of those markets is a fact of life that can’t be ignored by anyone who is serious about trading in those markets. Fiji will need to ask itself why it wants to move against the global tide of developments in this regard. The trick in my view, is to neither ignore, nor over-emphasized race – but to simply give it attention that is “just right”!

Nevertheless, accountability is important when an unelected Military government backed by a minority Marxist political party is in place, and remains unaccountable to the public purse nor to a government by the people under Constitutional law. The Cotonou Agreement (articles 96 and 95) signed by Fiji 2000 and 2004 respectively is customized for strategic relevance in five broad areas in order to facilitate opportunities related to both structural and customer values refocus for democratic change.

The broad areas are political, development, investment facility, implementation and management procedures. These areas are linked to the Milbrook Commonwealth Programme on the Harere Declaration 1991 (Hatchard & Ogowewo 2003; Primack & Bilal 2004;Pearson 2005), which deals with unconstitutional overthrows of democracies – an emerging trend in the Commonwealth.

God Bless Fiji!   

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni SDL member for Lami Open Constituency (Deposed 2006).


Anonymous said...

Good speech BUT Dr Samisoni cant whitewash the following facts:

[1] The Agriculture scam was nothing more than a ruse designed (with "plausible deniability by the SDL bosses including LQ") to hang on to power.

It was illegal(just like the 2006 coup) and it worked. BUT none of the real culprits paid the price for it.

[2] The SDL Govt was the most prolific proponent of "crony capitalism" in Fiji's history - remember Ballu Khan, Natadola/April, the Fijian Holdings/FDB loan scam,FNPF/ Tappoo city.

I suggest to Dr Samisoni that this is the reason so many intelligent people supported the 2006 takeover by their silence - it was the fact they were sick of the SDL's crony capitalism and the resulting "nouveau riche" behaviour of its SDL sympathisers.

Anonymous said...

isnt this the same mere that financed the 2000 coup and was supplying bread to the terrorists and visiting them all the time.

The Oracle said...

A well-written presentation but still subjective towards the SDL government and a bit short on addressing the inherent "racial divide" that will continue to plague us.

It's interesting that Qarase insists, like all of us, that Frank's coup was to protect himself. Qarase was the PRIME MINISTER of Fiji. His problem was that he was trying to be "diplomatic" in his Chess-like game with Frank, hoping against all hope to manouvre Frank more and more into a Check-mate corner. He forget the ultimate in Chess - the protection at all times of the King - equated in this case to Fiji's Constitution. Qarase had all the power as Prime Minister, to order/hasten Frank's arrest for treason/sedition... He dilly-dallied and that's why we're in the position where we now find ourselves.

If there was ONE thing the SDL could have done better, it would have been to govern Fiji with a clear recognition and appreciation of our racial composition. Unfortunately, history has shown that the SDL fell on its own sword when it began promoting "indigenous/sectarian" issues over the muli-ethnic/multi-cultural Fiji interest and by allowing itself to get into a very public mud-slinging match with Frank on that issue. Unwittingly, Qarase played into Frank's hands as he gave Frank, on a platter, the one thing that Frank needed as a "cover" for his own personal agenda - Indian, moderate-Fijian and non-Fijian political and business support - to oust what was obviously, a destructive political force.

If Qarase had made the right move at the right time, he could have put a definitive stop to the coup culture.

History should be as harsh a judge of Qarase and the SDL as it will be of Frank.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to hear Laisenia Qarase say he wouldn't do anything differently if he had his time over again. For a start, he should have managed the situation better, placated Frank as best he could and realise that holding onto office was better than the total disaster of losing it forever. We also might have had some hope of Fiji still being a democracy.

What I and, I think, many people want to know is what precisely are the personal reasons he cites for Bainimarama carrying out the coup? Details please. We the people deserve the full story. Otherwise, why keep mentioning some dark conspiracy? It doesn't add up without the facts.

Mere Samisoni says "of course there was corruption" but not on the part of the SDL. Come on, Mere. Qarase faces trial right now for corruption offences. And while he deserves to be regarded as innocent until proven guilty, we all know of instances of corruption during his administration.

The other thing that strikes me is that Mere Samisoni keeps referring to race when this is surely about democracy versus dictatorship. Isn't that why so many Indo-Fijians also oppose the regime?

When she says the SDl knew as early as 2003 that their days were numbered "but tried to get through as much as possible", you're left with the impression that this was to push through everything possible to benefit the I'taukei, like the Qoliqoli Bill, before Bainimarama put a stop to it.

Thanks for this story 4.5. Very revealing on one hand, not so much on the other.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sorry Mere but I laughed long and loud when you said of course there was corruption but it was them not us. If you knew about it as a government, why didn't you stop it? After all, no FICAC till Franky came along. And even if we all think it goes after people for political reasons, people still think twice about being crooks if they know they'll be investigated. The posting about crony capitalism above is spot on. The SDL was for the powerful and well connected, not ordinary people. if you want to know why they don't think Frank is so bad, that's it. Admit the mistake and we can forgive. Keep pretending it didn't happen and it's over for you and the gang.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis, The Oracle. I don't always agree with you but on this you're right. They could have avoided the coup by not being so bloody arrogant. Even if they'd said, "Fiji for Everyone", it might have helped. But it was always "Fiji for the Fijians" and a Pajero for every big shot. It pains me to say it because we all suffered but they got what was coming in a personal sense. Pride came before The Fall.

What the.... said...

Yes, Mere, God bless Fiji. And save us from your whitewash. Can you believe it? Qarase still hasn't learned his lesson. Sir, you could have stopped it all but you didn't. Five years later, you would do it all again? Mavana Madness.

Anonymous said...

Mere has become a better communicator. 10 points Mere. I can actually understand what you are saying. as to content a big hummphhrrr.

its all about politics,politics politics... but the straw that breaks the back in Fiji is the involvment of 'runts". Short people.
Think what might have been the outcome if Qarase did not have QBale as his attorney general.
Imagine Fiji without MPC.

FNU & USP need to research "the imfluence of short people - veli " in Fiji politics and come up with a height restriction on political participation in Fiji ..this simple act might simply cut through all racial, provincial and religiuos negatives and save the nation and billions of dollars.

Anonymous said...

Well Mere
Under pre 2006 government people would have been Billionaires like Zimbabwe.

Natodola resort would have cost 500 million.

All ministers would have been upgraded from pajeros to X5 and crime would have been at its peak.

All of these and more would have been done in protecting the constitution.

Grow up

Roll of honor said...

Vinaka vakalevu bibi to the members of the Pro Democracy and Freedom Movement who give their time and efforts to save our beloved Fiji. 4.5, can you please tell us who is in the photo so we all know who these heroes are? They will be on the honor roll of democracy in Fiji for standing up when most people sat down.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to previous posters I agree 100% with what Qarase has said. There was no reasoning with Vore as everyone who was involved including NZ PM and Peters who tried to broker a peace accord soon found out. The labour party regime supporters like Chaudhary, Felix and Dan Urai also found this out the hard way! All Qarase could do and what he did was follow the law of the land and hope Vore came to his senses. Also agree that Vore was hell bent on taking over government to avoid his part in Commissioner Hughes investigations on the mutiny deaths. From Qarase's answers I'm pretty sure he can sleep well at night compared to the members of the illegal regime. Would have been interested in Chaudhary's side of the story though, pity he didn't see fit to reply...maybe some bitterness still left over!

mark manning said...

The Separation of Powers under the Westminster System of Government meant that the Prime Minister could not involve himself in Judicial matters.

Andrew Hughes', the Fiji Commissioner for Police, ongoing Investigation into the Commander of the Military, Frank Bainimarama, was a mater for the Fiji Police, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and in time, the Fiji Courts and Judiciary, not Government.

Mr.Qarase had no Authority and no Business being involved in those Investigations and in fact, it would have been an illegal act on his behalf, had he involved himself in them or interfered with those ongoing Investigations.

It's well known to all that Frank Bainimarama was under investigation for his alleged role in or the ordering of, the murders and tortures of the 5 CRW Soldiers in 2000 and that he was also about to be arrested for Sedition once he returned from New Zealand in late November, 2006.

I can say this, but Mr. Qarase would be putting himself in danger if he was to say the same thing and so probably has decided to be cautious and avoid the topic altogether.

Anonymous said...

Both Chaudhry and Qarese were incompetent.

There never was a Indian government in Fiji.There was an Indo-Fijian PM and his two deputies were Indigenous.

By not admitting his mistakes of past Mr Qarese is not going to make any new friends.

Anil Kumar said...

Let's give Mere credit for coming up with some worthy propositions, and admitting mistakes. Central to her message is to take lessons from history, let bygones be bygones and start afresh, or we are doomed to repeating the mistakes of the past.

She is saying it's unnecessary for the races to be at each other's throats.

Mere points out the ongoing dangers of the major players on both sides of the divide driven by grudges and bitterness, past injustices and unforgiveness.

Many of the respondents to Mere's address show signs of being unable to let go of the bitterness and refuse to give credit when/where it is due.

Unless we can let go and commit to working together for a new and united Fiji, we are doomed and will continue to wallow in hate and misery.

Anonymous said...

we first need to phase out leaders like Mere. we need new generation of leaders. nothing has changed with SDL/FLP and nothing will change until these leaders are phased out from our political life.

The Oracle said...

Oh, forgot to mention... Little wonder Chaudhry failed to respond to Mere's questions. He's probably still cursing himself for his BLUNDER in the 2006 coup!!!

If I were to hazard a guess I would suggest the ONE thing Chaudhry would have done differently in all of this, would have had to be a change of the dismissive attitude on his part towards the YOUNG UPSTART who turned out to be a conniving, manipulating, self-serving but HARDY survivor: Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum - Salaam Ale Kum and piss (be) upon him!!

History will probably judge Khaiyum as the "nobody lawyer" who turned into a wily "political entrepreneur" and master pupeteer. Chaudhry will, on the other hand, be judged as the man who craved acceptance as the peole's Prime Minister to the extent that he sold his soul and joined a dictator and a legal "Beagle" as the "threesome rapists" of Fiji's democracy.

Come on Mere, give us a peek into the appendices. Thanks to C4.5 we know what you said. We want to also read what you didn't say.

Anonymous said...

I think people are a little bit too harsh on Mere Samisoni and Qarase.
Qarase could not have done it any better.
He was constrained by Democracy ie following the Rule of Law.
Qarase was waiting for Commisioner Hughes to apprehend Bainimarama and throw him in jail.
From what I know is that CID was already making an appointment with Frank to interview him, the next week, when he jumped the gun and did the coup.
What else was Qarase supposed to do?
Just ignore the Police and throw Voreqe in jail .
That would be illegal wouldn't it?
Even when Qarase looked for a man to nullify this rogue soldier, no one stood up. Not even Pita Driti, when he was asked.
These soldiers have no understanding of Democracy.
So as far as I can see it , Qarase did everything possible under the Law.
Bainimarama is a madman and he was intent on doing the coup TO AVOID JAIL.
The fact is there is no lack of madmen there in Delainabua. Especially now when you have a lot of poorly educated new recruits. Anyone of those could do another coup in the future.
The only solution is to get rid of the army. I agree with Qarase, we don't need an army in Fiji.
By the way I'm not an SDL person or Qarase supporter but I support fairness and equality, truth and justice.
As for "crony capitalism". I think if you see something illegal , you should report it to the police or form a party to go against the govt ( much like the "Tea Party " in America.) but don't go and do a coup.
I think Mere has a very balanced view on race.
And if people don't like the Qoliqoli Bill why don't they campaign against it. You can do that in a Democracy.
You have every right to campaign against it. Did you tell your elected member to campaign against it? What did you do personally?
Unfortunately "protest" is something not allowed by military govt.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Who are the two kai valagis in the picture? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Is it the same writer for all of the above comments? Same issues, same points.

Anonymous said...

Lets come back and fight in Fiji. The battlefield is here FDFM!!


Anonymous said...

I begin to wonder if people when they start putting up DR in front of their names can really understand simple words like "corruption" in my words stealing! As usual Mere Samisoni uses her education very well-look at the loaded questions she puts to Chaudary & Qarase! Is it any wonder you have to read the kind of reply from Qarase. As ORACLE has mentioned above and i now say again-"QARASE has no regrets, so what do you expect if he has not learn a single lesson in this major upheavel in peoples lives" To Qarase everything boils down to the Constitution then why the bloody hell didn't you get rid of Frank when you had the chance? If the then President didn't want to support you then get rid of the President! Where was the Constitution when you laid plans for the Agricultural Scam? Where was the Constitution when you got your boys at the NLTB to go around to all Fijian Villages and telling them not to renew land leases to Indo-Fijians? I can go on and on and it will be a waste of time.As for Mere Samisosni here is my question-"who were you supporing when you went up to Parliament House during the cover of night when George was running the show?" There is such a thing we call morals of society-it appears you really have a problem with Indo-Fijians and you attempts to try and make out that the Labour Party was also a party to the 2006 coup is at best full of 'crap". You do not for one moment mention the coups of pastin greater detail nor the names of those involved because you were a candid supporter and in the case of Georges coup we all know where you stood. You are in the same boat as those have 'blood on their hands" yet come to the table to partake of this meal with dirty hands pretend we don't know. Maybe the opportunity to lead Fiji should never be given to those of you who are so myopic in you views of other races in Fiji -yes we all for Indigenous improvement etc, etc but not at the expense of those other races who have lived and toiled the land to get Fiji were it is today! Look around you and tell me how many Indigenous races in the Pacific are close to what Fiji is in development, education, etc, etc you can include both NZ & Australia and they don't come close to Fiji-WHY?Because the Indo-Fijians bore the brunt of the white mans greed and hence they were not harmed as a race & a people! You may think i am wrong but all you have to do is go around the world and see for yourself that were ever the white has gone and colonised a country they have left it absolute ruin-its only when you have another race of people to do the hard yardage that the Indigenous races have survived & progressed and for that i don't have to have a DR or PhD to tell you. Mere may want us to move forward which we all aspire to do but not at the cost of telling us a cock & bull story? Now the Labour Party is to blame-who was in POWER MERE? Qarase or Chaudary? DRi yani.

Anonymous said...

Mere betrays here inner feelings when she says "Indian Government" -now is this how she has viewed the Indo-Fijians all this time but pretending we all have to live together? Sometime its best to shut up before we kick our own backside! Its almost showing her true colours before she became a member of Parliament-what else do you expect from someone from Bau-na vere vaka Bau people talk of always rears it ugly head!

Anonymous said...

If we didn't have an army in Fiji - George Speight would still be the PM in Fiji- Mere liked the first coup and gave support for Rabuka-funny how she now wants the army out-trying to have one foot in Lami & one in Naitasiri! "Kobekobe ro lei" as grandfather used to say! Mere you supported a few coups now give others a chance who want to support this on by Frank-the shoe is on the other foot and you don't like it-aaareee yaaar bhott very sore, very sorry!Now we all go drink drauni moli & mau maki tavioka!Hot bread we can't buy anymore -no paisa!

Anonymous said...

i just couldn't get over the heading of Mere Samisonis article" Regime players driven by bitterness"-Just reminds me of Mere Samison'i bitterness towards a particular race in Fiji-need one say more" Good thing to be a student of Psycology -its not only the spoken words that shows your inner feelings but also what "you didn't say BHANI"!

Anil Kumar said...

Chaudhry's biggest mistake was being short-sighted and supporting the coup. He should have been consistent and stood side-by-side with Qarase and supported democracy, regardless of past differences.

This would have gone a long way towards improving relations between him and Qarase, and race-relations in general, for many generations to come. With leaders setting an example, Fijians and Indians would have worked better together.

Great opportunity has been squandered by two self-serving leaders, Qarase and Chaudhry, although Qarase did come to his senses earlier than Mahen.

But we are all humans prone to mistakes. It's good Qarase and Chaudhry are working together, even if belatedly.

As Mere says, let bygones be bygones. Let's get together and build a new, better Fiji.

Anonymous said...

How did Qarase become interim PM.?

What was the meeting about late at night at Qarases home (1,2,3) evenings before the coup?

Who came to that meeting?

Then there was the coup! and low and behold Qarase in due course becomes PM.

We have yet to ever get the truth about what transpired during the hostage crisis and past it. George has never spilt the beans nor has anyone else for that matter.

Maybe the only hope for Fiji is for it to wait until all the players die off....say another 20 years.

Let the Independence generation and coup coup generation all go their graves with sealed lips.

Their legacy nothing but political failure, corruption, racisism, religiuos bigotory.
A modern democratic state was beyond them.

Moce Jo

Anonymous said...

Mere is still defnding the indefensible: the indigenous Fijian political paramountcy- a defective ideology allowing the Ratus and their cronies to milk the system. Now FB is milking the system and everyone is complaining that they don't like the personality who is doing the milking.

It is clear from Mere's analysis that democracy does not exist and will not return until some fundamental adjustments are made to the Fijian social system.

Anonymous said...

educated and still racist sad dr funny

Anonymous said...

How corrupt is Bainimarama?
How corrupt is Chaudary?
These two brought in a new Bill for the specific purpose of making sure Chaudry doesn't get convicted for his Tax Arrears.
Has everyone forgot that?
How about that? One man changed the law of one whole country just to suit himself.
Harrreh Bap!
That's why he can't talk.

Anonymous said...

Mere, please release the documents you showed to those present at the Melbourne meeting for everyone to see. You say you stand for democracy. Then start treating us all as equals and make us party to the truth, or at least the truth as you see it. This is the trouble with the SDL. I don't know if they are genuine or the party just for Mere and her gang. You have to behave with complete openness to regain the trust of many of us. There were too many individual agendas being pursued and not enough effort being made on behalf of all citizens. Start again by being honest and open or don't bother starting at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this 4.5 but it's sad reading all these comments at the almost complete lack of trust in the SDL. There's a lot of truth to what The Oracle and others are saying. For many Fijians, it isn't a clear choice between the good guys of the SDL and the bad guys of the military. Too many SDL politicians seemed to be only interested in themselves.

Also, when Mere talks about "Indians", this is the old Fiji rearing its ugly head. I've never been to India. How does that make me an Indian? I'm an Indo-Fijian by race but thanks to Frank, I'm now Fijian. I feel that he at least understands the importance of people feeling they belong and of working together as one nation.

If you want to know why so many "indians" can't stand Qarase or the SDL, it's because they regarded us as vulagi when we belong here and pay our taxes like everyone else. They wanted us to pay more with qoliqoli and made us worry about the future. How was that fair?

When the SDL starts walking the talk about racial equality, I'm prepared to give it another chance. But not until it joins the 21st century and realises that we can't move forward when one race lords it over the others.

Also sad to see Roko Ului in the front row of that picture. Such high hopes when he defected. Such low expectations now of him amounting to anything at all. Just another face in the crowd.

Taukei. said...

Where do critics of the Qoliqoli proposal get off?
How long do you think places like the Cakaulevu Reef would last if Indians gain unfetted commercial access?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Frank now promulgating a PER that is very similar to the Qoliqoli Bill?
He finally realised that he wasn't that smart after all.

Anonymous said...

Great speech - most of the negative comments seem to be from the so-called Indo-Fijians, who have no interest in democracy in Fiji and presumably didnt bother to turn up at the Melbourne meeting - the i-taukei must fight for their rights and stand up to the dictator

Anonymous said...



Joker said...

Most comments against Mere are nonsensical or for that matter against Qarase.

People are pointing the finger at Qarase: why he did not remove Voreqe as commander. Some toad even ventured that Qarase should have removed the President for failing to support him.

What people tend to forget is that Qarase was operating under a democratic system with the rule of law (constitution)in place.

As such he was basically limited in his choice of action under those circumstances. While he wanted to act within the law, Voreqe was basically breaking the law with the threat of force behind his every action.

Anonymous said...

How did mere samisoni get her PhD from?
She must go back to what she is good at -baking bread!!! Speciaally to the coup supporters at the parliament house to speight and his cronies.
Garase failed to uphold protection for all races and was very biased and accomodated the nationalists and thugs to hold on to power.
Garase, chaudhary and all SDL must never be given any political prominance in Fiji ever again!!


Taukei said:
>Where do critics of the Qoliqoli proposal get off?
> How long do you think places like the Cakaulevu Reef would last if Indians gain unfetted commercial access?

You are attacking a straw man. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man

At the present time, only clans who own the fishing rights to a particular body of water have unfettered commercial access. Others, including iTaukei and Fijians of other races must request and pay for commercial access if they want it.

All other rights apart from commercial fishing rights are owned by all of us through the organisation known as the state.

That is why if you go to any beach in Fiji, you have the right to swim in the sea. If you catch one fish, you can tavu it right there on the beach and chow, as this is a non-commercial use of the resource. If you want to get on a boat and go from Kadavu to Seaqaqa, you are free to do this because the state gives you the right.

Now imagine if the state gave away ownership of this to the people who currently only own the qoliqoli rights. Now if you want to swim in the sea, you can do so, but you no longer have the -right- to do so. If the qoliqoli owner wants to, he can charge you for access. $2 to swim in deuba, $5 to swim in natadola, $1 to swim in Natewa bay... imagine that! Now you want to get in a boat and go back to Kadavu... well you have to ask permission from 10 different clans along the way... because now they own the rights.

The Qoliqoli Bill has a cunning name, because it isn't about the fishing rights (which are already owned by iTaukei), but it is about taking away rights from commoners of all races and giving it to the chiefs.

Anonymous said...

RUM - why u sitting there like a DUD? Please advise where is the rest of the report on the 2000 coup. You only released 4 pages some wks ago which was totally useless. WHERE IS THE REST????? OR ARE YOU PROTECTING SOMEONE??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow-sara qai Kodrokodro mai na Koli
ni Kai Idia!!!Well, we're all back to the way it was?you indo wants it your way and we FIJIANS say & wants it OUR way? Remember this;99.8% solidiers in the Military and Navy&90% of the Fiji Police forces are members of the Itaukei community, so sure go ahead enjoy your illegal new name enacted as decrees by Voreqe's illegal Government? Every decrees currently
enacted will be thrown out,terminated,scrapped,cleaned-out,removed,abrogated etc,etc, by a newly democratically elected Fijian Government. Yes, I said Fijian Elected Government-cause trust me-if Qarase is allowed to run, Itaukei will definitely re-elect him to come in and finished where they had left-off? I am from
Naimalavau in Tailevu and i can tell you bunch, without hesitation, that i am prepared to take out Voreqe by any mean neccessary ASAP; and shoved all these decrees, up his muaimuri!!!I am 35 years old and am definitely will be re-electing Qarase and the SDL back or any person that is ready and willing to do whatever is neccessary to see, that what we the Itaukei, should have had, Materialized immediately???

Anonymous said...

"Taukei", you are everything we dislike about the SDL. You have this twisted notion that "Indians" would willingly damage the environment to make money. This is racial stereotyping of the worst kind. It would be like me saying all i'taukei are lazy, good for nothing and Fiji only functions because "Indians" prop them up. The contrast between what you have said and Frank Bainimarama couldn't be more stark. That is why most Indo-Fijians support the regime, because of your hatred for us and the way you seek to destroy us. It's also why you will never return to power. It will be over our dead bodies. Fiji is our country too and the idea we would destroy it for "commercial access" is repugnant and totally wrong. It says a lot more about you than it does about us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.46 I totally agree. I am 3rd generation Fijian of Indian heritage. Quite frankly there is virtually nothing Indian about me left. If i was put in India for a few days i would not survive 12 hrs. What thick headed IDIOTS like the "taukei" don’t understand is that we have been in Fiji for well over a century. This is a very long time and for most of us “Kaiindia” this is the only home we know. The law’s of evolution has molded us to the way Fiji is. Although i am married to an Indian women my son is not and i now have grand children who have DNA from both the "i-taukei" and "kaiindia" who i love dearly. I do not expect my 2 daughters to marry into their "kind" as long as they are happy. I speak the Bauan dialect fluently enjoy my weekend Fijian sea food just as i enjoy my Rice and Chicken curry which incidentally has become Fiji’s national dish. Well over 50% my friends are i-taukei. I love my country just as much my i-taukei friends do maybe even more when it comes to the environment etc. I will gladly give my life to protect the country and all it’s people from harm if the need calls for it for this is the country that i want my children and their children to grow up in. This is me and this is the reality of the modern Fijian of Indian ancestry. There are of course the exceptions on both sides who can be classified as racist extremists like the"taukei"’ but i believe more and more of the younger generation from both major races are breaking down the barriers and i believe this coup has strangely done what no other event in Fiji could and that is to slowly break down the racial barriers. God they say works in mysterious ways. God bless Fiji and all it’s people. May god also allow us to survive the next budget which I am sure will increase the cost of living even further as the government has no money left to fulfill its pie in the sky promises.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:30pm

Boy, you're one muddled up dude.

Your half-arsed attempt at discrediting those who believe that the FLP had a hand in the 2006coup is pathetic. Let me let you in on an 'open' secret - the FLP was a party to the 2006 coup full stop! In fact, as far back as 2004/2005, MPC was actively hunting for a candidate to carry out his coup. This is a fact!

Now to the Qarase question which to me is really a constitutional question as it really doesn't/didnt matter who is/was at the helm, that the Government acts within the bounds of the Constitution of the Land is and should be of paramount concern and importance.

So, of course the government could not just simply 'get rid of Frank' as you simplistically believe it should have. The government (which ever one it is) also could not have gotten rid of the President (on account of his not towing the government line) as you again simplistically put it. The truth of the matter is - the government did/does not have any power constitutionally) to do so - at least not on the grounds you suggested (if ever!) unless of course it is an illegal and therefore unconstitutional entity. For one thing, the government was/is not the appointing authority of the Office of the President, the GCC is; secondly, the government is legitimized by and through the Constitution of the Land (1997) and as such, its actions and conduct is guided by the said Constitution. To do otherwise would be treasonous which is what your "brilliant" (NOT!!!) solution (of course no different from Frank's 'my way or the highway' modus operandi) amounts to. Both advocate no respect what so ever for the law!

On another note, I see that you have a very bad case of the 'poor me victim's syndrome'. You lash out at every Tom, Dick and Harry in your self-pitying, burden carrying ass of a persona cross-eyed, deaf and blind to any other truth.

You know what? I am sick and tired of the likes of you lamenting your toils and sacrifices which you then flaunt and proclaim as the reason Fiji is where it is today. I acknowledge and thank you for your contribution but FFS, your labour (in all its entirety) is only half of the equation, half of the package! What you and the likes of you have NEVER fully acknowledged is the fact that our resources make up the other half - and that both are crucial to the progress and development of our beloved Fiji! Both make up the whole and truth be told, one is absolutely useless without the other!!! By the way, the one with myopic views is YOU!

Your parting shot as to 'Who was in Power' is again as typically muddled up and cross-eyed as you have been all along. Talk about selective amnesia! Wasn't the FLP part of the Multi Party (precoup) Government? A government (though headed by the SDL by virtue of their being the majority winner) that was keeping with the spirit of the 1997 Constitution, was it not? And wasnt MPC invited several times to join the Government to the extent of even being offered the DPM post, invitations that he never once accepted let alone considered?

Well, you now know why... and additionally, my friend Anil Kumar (5:01pm)hit the nail on the head so to speak. The greatest/best opportunity to put past differences behind/aside for the greater good unfortunately was squandered by MPC. Like Frank, self-centred bitterness, anger and vengeance (and of course self-preservation for Frank)were too insanely overpowering for any chance of a rational alternative. Had MPC and Frank for that matter been the bigger man, we certainly would have by-passed COUP FOUR ROAD that December 6, 2006!

Hopefully, we can move on, past and by-passing all other coup coup roads. For truly, in the words of Na Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi, "We are sick of coups..."

Indeed we truly are for they do not bring anything good for our nation, only suffering and untold loss economically, socially, politically, morally and spiritually.

Anonymous said...

All these overseas gatherings and talks are not new...remember when RUM first defected came into the scene as a renegade and we all thought that we finally have a way out?Well he just fades away into insignificance due to obvious reaosns.

Well what else is new???All that we will have now are fancy speeches by some 'has beens' who are now feathewring their own nests with 2014 elections looming...if it does really happen!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5.46 and Anon 7:51am.

Reading your comments, it suddenly dawned on me that we have all been reading things wrong! No wonder we have had so much trouble...

We have been confusing nationality with ethnicity and vice versa. More than that, we have been meshing the two up as if they are one and the same when infact they are not and as a result we are the poorer since the two each enrich us uniquely into what we are.

Nationally, we are all Fijians - our common identity as citizens of our common country, Fiji. As such, we take pride in being Fijian, our national psyche therefore is distinct from that of the citizens of other countries. Hence, our national persona comes to the fore in all its patriotic glory in times of adversity and in times of prosperity. For example, I have no doubt that this week-end, we will come together as a nation to cheer our boys on in the Adelaide Sevens.

Nationality is colour blind and is not bound by ethnicity or race nor by social, political, religious, cultural or economic status. Indeed, nationality is constrained only and only by geography! Nationality rightfully is a melting pot, it is celebration of UNITY in DIVERSITY!!!

Once we have grasped that, we will have no problem in embracing our ethinicity as a unique entity making up the totality of who we are. By this I mean that, ethnicity should be celebrated as a rich component of who we are. To deny our ethnicity is to deny our selves and our unique identity - linguistically, culturally, physically...

So, rather than the negativity and animosity that ethnicity is generally viewed with, the positive and richness of diversity that ethnicity gifts us should be embraced and celebrated. Only then can we learn to appreciate, acknowledge and respect the fact that we are different yet we are one! Different races, different culture, different traditions, different positions, different religions BUT ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION!!!

The Oracle said...

@Anon 3.16 -- the gentleman seated far right, I believe, is Stu Hugget - principal partner in Architects Pacific and I think principal player in the NZ Chapter of the Fiji Democracy Movement. Also a former Chairman of PSC if I'm not mistaken. A very likeable chap who genuinely has Fiji at heart but a somewhat "surprise" package in the democracy movement.

@Anon 5.10am - You must be grog doped or just plain dopey. Once the effects of whatever you're smoking wears off, you'll probably sound silly to yourself. Fiji is now multi-racial and has been for some time - in fact from even before you were conceived!!! The i-Taukei should be accorded the recogntion they deserve as indigenous people - there is no disputing that. But the TAX dollars should be used for the benefit of ALL Fiji citizens, regardless of race.

To all other bloggers who've hit out at the Indo-Fijians, let me just say - FOCUS and don't be blinded by your racial bigotry - today, native land is being stolen from the i-Taukei and it's all being done legaly. While the Indo-Fijian community has always wanted secure land tenure for their farms, the Chinese will ACTUALLY TAKE the land from Bua to China in a ship - three times the size of our largest RO-RO ship. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH FOR A MOMENT AND OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

Anonymous said...

Indian is a biological make up given by God who designed you and not a race. The same for Fijians, Chinese, etc, etc, etc. It is not affected by how long you stay in a country or the food you eat.
Many of you have just admitted to this with the kind of comments you uttered. It will not be solved politically or by 1000s coup decrees.
It can only be masked by the Word of God, "Love your neighbour as yourself". Everything else hang on this and the number one Law....

Please address the message and not the messenger as it brings out your worst side.

God bless you ALL.

Thanks for sharing said...

Vinaka, anon at 7.51 for putting your case for multiracialism so strongly. You are a personal inspiration with that family story of yours and the very best type of citizen for our beloved country. It's a shame more "kai idia" aren't happy for their kids to marry other races but maybe that will come in time. Removing the barriers to integration and removing race as a defining issue is what's needed. In the meantime, thanks for sharing your story. It makes me feel there is hope for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Times today - writer helps two mothers, the way Fiji should be.

Please stop blaming Indo-Fijians for all your misery.In fact if it was not for Fijians of Indian origin, you will have same situation in Fiji as in Australia and New Zealand. You will be slave to your white masters which dont seem to have any problem with.

Who runs big coastal resorts, dive companies,commercial fishing boats and tour companies? NOT INDO-FIJIANS.

Your chiefs must take some responsibility.I notice a paramount chief and a pedophile has not been invited to his own provincial council meeting.

CEBO! said...

@ Anon 8.28:
You said...
> the FLP was a party to the 2006 coup full stop! In fact, as far back as 2004/2005, MPC was actively hunting for a candidate to carry out his coup. This is a fact!

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Show us the proof, and then claim things are a fact.

The 2006 coup was planned by Rups Big Bear, Mick Beddoes, Waisale Serevi, and Jackie Chan. They had a meeting around a grog bowl way back in 2003.... AND THAT'S A FACT!

Anonymous said...


US envoy calls on PM



The United States Ambassador to Fiji, Frankie A Reed paid a courtesy call yesterday to Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama at his office in Government Buildings, Suva.
Accredited to other Pacific island nations including Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga and Tuvalu, Ms Reed was accompanied by the Charge d’Affaires at the American Embassy in Suva, Jefferey Robertson.

Her visit yesterday to the Prime Minister’s Office followed her presentation of credentials last month to the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

Ms Reed was nominated by US President Barack Obama and is a member of the Senior Foreign Service.

Anonymous said...

Mere didn't mention that 6 out of 8 Colonels wrote a letter to Qarase that Frank was planning a coup. The Govt dilly dallied, frank sacked the 6 colonels and promoted some loyal juniors. Why didnt the govt then sack Frank when he was outnumbered up at the camp???

Anonymous said...

Heard through reliable sources that Vuaka is shit scared. He's been drinking heavily of late, shitting his pants as a result

Anonymous said...

@ CEBO! 1:01pm

How befitting - ie your name!

You want proof? I will direct you to it for, to give it to you outright would not be right. Why you ask? For the simple reason that it will take away from you the opportunity to outgrow your name! Besides, one tends to appreciate more what one achieves through ones own effort, dont you agree?

So here goes - GO to MPC's errand boy. He will show and tell you the truth/fact(s)!

EXTRAORDINARY (my fact)? Nah mate - pretty ordinary in the context of Fiji's recent tumultuous political history. What is truly EXTRAORDINARY is YOUR FACT! WOW - imagine that!!!

Again, your name truly is befitting. CEBO with CEBO FACTS laced with CEBO HUMOUR! Cheers mate!

Anonymous said...

For anonmymous Nov 22-8:28am-your comments should not go unchallenged especially when you make out what i said of both Frank and the President getting removed! It was simple -follow the CONSTITUTION if you care to read-before making assumptions of people been half muddle up dudes!. Here is a very simple process -to get rid of Frank if he is not following the directives of the Minister of Home Affairs:
1.Minister takes the issue to cabinet-if Cabinet makes a decison to remove the head of the Military-
2.PM informs the President of the reccommendations of Cabinet(the PM does not have to provide a reason but as protocols go he may).President does not hvae to give a reason of Franks removal!
In the case of Frank he was already under investigation!
Why do you think Frank & company took off witht he President to Nabua and kept him there?
With regards to removal of the President Section 93 of Constitution covers that:
1. PM informs the President if the President does not follow that request the President can be removed on :
1.Inability to perform role of office.
2.Mentally Incompetent

Yes it can be taken to the GCC thats when the issue is of the President or Vice President is under investigation.

As for me lamenting my toil and sacrifices-no we didn't toil or sacrifice, because our Chiefs did it all for us-they gave the land etc! Myopic views is when one never admits to what others have done to get us were we are today! Thats myopic-facts are there pity you can't seem to see.Maybe you now need tgo read up instead of making assumptions of who i am and been crital when you don't have your facts right! Qoroniasi Bale would have painted all the scenarios for Qarase to get rid of Frank & the President-what Qarase didn't do was to carry out that process to its conclusion! He was more likely caught up in the throngs of'bula vaka vanua kei na lawa"
As for Chaudhary this is the first i have heard he was offered the post of deputy PM-go and look around you when Qarase offered the posts of Cabinet positions-and see what he allocated to the FLP(not that i care for FLP anyway)-It was the joke of Govt Cabinet Minister-but when you talk of genuine reconciliation be at the least sincere-not like the bull "mata ni gasau" done up in Albert Park! Now have a good read of the Constitution to enhance your so called qavokavoka & knowledge before trying to make out you know it all by heart!

Anonymous said...

Qoliqoli Bull & Oracle bang on target'tonitoni cici" dau tukuni!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning you have no idea about how Fijis Constitution works on the other hand we don't expect too much from you especially when you have already given up on Aboriginal Rights in your country-does that make sense???&&%%%%%

mark manning said...

@ anon 530 p.m.
Next !

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5.09pm.

Thank you and I do appreciate your response. I certainly dont claim and have never claimed to 'know it all by heart'. Like everyone else, I am constantly learning and gaining new knowledge all the time.

Nevertheless, this does not excuse my belittling your contribution to this important 'national dialogue'. For that, I offer my most sincere apologies.

Having said and done that, I wished you had been as clear and explicit from the start like you are the second time around. Definitely, unlike the first time where your presentation left too much to presumptive interpretations (assumptions as you call it and ), [hence the meaning behind the last 2 sentences of para 4 of my first posting], this time around, you were both precise and explicit. I now understand that you were not advocating unlawful actions (in reference to the removal of the Commander of the RFMF and the President who is also the RFMF's Commander in Chief.

Much the same weakness can be said of your argument for equal treatment. The weakness lies in the way you articulated your points rather than the points themselves. For instance, I fully agree with you on your first point but I again misunderstood your second point due to the way you verbalized it. Did you mean to suggest/imply that modern Fiji was built solely through the toil and sacrifices of other races? Or did you mean to say that advancing the lot of one group at the expense of another/others is unacceptable given that all groups contribute (in their own way) to making Fiji what it is today? If it the first, then my comments against you in my first posting is justified. If it is the second, then of course, I owe you another huge apology.

As for MPC and the FLP's role in the 2006 coup, and their responsibilities and behaviour leading up to that coup, I stand by what I said earlier. A little less self-interest and a lot more concern for the national interest could have made things a whole lot different (for the better of course). And yes, reconciliation should be genuine,not merely a token gesture. And yes, I agree that Qarase could have been more decisive and urgent and thorough in his handling of the 'Frank problem' in the lead up to that coup of December 2006. Maybe that is a useful lesson to be learnt from 'dilly dalling' as you put it!

Anonymous said...

Mark the worst fool is the one who doesn't know he is a fool-after all you just too thick to know that!No wonder the Aborigenes gave up on you!

Fijian Native said...

Mark Manning "next" is piece off thank you,we dont need you

Anonymous said...

Question for Mere. Did she support the coups of 87 and 2000?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous i accept what you say we all human so can err -the issue i was trying to highlight was the lack of real undertstanding when Indo-Fijians are made out to be just land grabbers, got rich on the backs of the iTaukei etc, etc. I brought forward an observation over many years of watching the Indo-Fijians work & toil as farmers & made huge sacrifices for the benefit of the next generations-no one needs remind anyone on the role of iTaukei to other races-the land was theirs and for that the Indo-Fijian Farmers will always be grateful! But i would also like to remind some of the legends of iTaukei which is not often spoken of-all those that came to Fijis shores already had aconnection for one reason or another!(i leave that bit there for another day-those that know don't seem to want to tell'). If the logic of my claim is false of how the Indo-Fijian has become the "buffer" to protect the iTaukei, which was never the intentions of the white settlers when they brought them in-i only ask that people make comparisions to other countries where they have been colonised in Africa, South America or USA, Australia & NZ whih did not have a "buffer' race? None of them had Indians and you look at whats happened to the Indigenous races there now? We can say thanks be to God for that because our 2 close cousins Maoris but especially in Australia the Indigenous people are living in complete and utter desolation-nothing to live for. 1 sucide a week in some communites of the their young-the next generation? Need i say more but i thank you also for clearing up issues. God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonmymous Nov 22 11:53- i should be wiser in my choice of words also -my reply before this one may have the wrong time in reply to your article-its age, it catches up on some of us.

Anonymous said...

TAUKEI are indiginous people?
AND- Taukei are NOT the first inhabitants of Fiji- tHE LAPITA PEOPLE WERE .

Anonymous said...

Great to hear your democracy reformed crusader words- you called democracy a foreign flower in 2000 - how can we forget that your bread kitchen was the only shop shut and unharmed by the thugs when suva burnt in 2000 -short memory but still a fact.
Your friends,
Francis and Padhu Singh.

Anonymous said...

Please, Please people Lutunasobasoba never came form Africa-if you doubt my answer ask his decendents! Its the kind of "cock & bull "story that was made up by a French Priest in a competition-and even well documented in the materials at NLTB!One of the sites the Lapita people came to is around the Natadola area and also in Lakeba in Lau their decendents are still here with us today!

Anonymous said...

Lutunasobasoba did NOT come from europe or Israel- HE CAME FROM AFRICA!
Trust me- just look in the mirror!

Anonymous said...

Anon 0549

You are right.Lapita people were slaughtered and what you have today is so called I-Taukei made up of,mixture of Polynesians, Micronesians,Chinese,Indians, Melanesians and of course whites.

Anonymous said...

phew... fly by historians... never cease to amaze me...

Anonymous said...

Live Lutunasobasoba to RIP. This not your father's place. Go and get mowed.

Anonymous said...

Samisoni trys to be neutral and nice BUT HER ACTIONS OF THE PAST WILL always PORTRAY HER REALITY.

Anonymous said...

Niko when are you going to ask Australian and New Zealand Governments to handover the leadership of those countries to the natives of those countries.

The Oracle said...

Hey gang...

Let's not split hairs. I-taukei are recognised as indigenous because they were here and in EFFECTVE possession of the land when the "kai valagi" colonised us, just as the Navajos, Commanches, Apaches,Sioux and other native-American nations were colonised. Of course it took some "bavulu" who thought the world was flat to mistake the so-called "home of the brave" for India!!!

Where any one race of people came from is still an issue for the scientists to solve but Christians can all claim to be descendants of Adam and Eve.

As for those of us who might be white, black, brown or somewhere in between, there was an interesting science program on Discovery Channel not long ago which explained skin pigments and how mankind has adapted over the centuries to his environment.

So, like the chicken and egg puzzle, for mankind the question is: "Was it white skin first which turned to Brown/black or the other way around?" WHO CARES -- we all bleed the same red blood. Our problem in Fiji is those who have usurped power now prance about with the notion that they are "blue blooded"!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello people, did someone called?Please people don't call thou god's name in vain? Do you really wanna know where my journey started from and how i ended up here in Fiji?It's a freakin long story and i'm too tied to go through this again?Just keep in mind that Taganiika in Tanzania Africa was where all human began.Hey, I could have been one of the first human created by God and sent to Fiji to be the custodian of paradise? so you all go ahead and keep guessing where i started from? Since you all seems to know my name-Lutunasobasoba-let me asked, do any of you knows the real meaning of my name?What does it entail? Remember, who ever you are and where ever you're from we're of the same family? We all started from the same place(black,white brown,yellow,red and or green, and we moved to replenished the earth and now we're bumping-on to each other again and again and again? No coincidence, its all in the plan!!!
So please let me sleep and stop calling my name?

Anonymous said...

still waiting for Mere to answer my question. why did she support the coups of 87 and 2000?

Anonymous said...

Nov 23 10:49-sorry i no fly by historian -i am a custodian of what the white man calls "Legends" or "Myths" to me they as real as the sun rises everyday-for i know them as real as you are! I speak from the bloodline of Betes we were never extingushed or removed from our roles-we know who we are and what the land is. Here is one to ponder on-"why do some areas of Ra call Tauvu to Solomone Islanders? Where do you think the reference"kua ni vaka Idia taki kei tou" came! There is always a Story to tell if people search & listen long enough-problem is everyones too busy listen to Delaidokidoki and have forgotten the "mekes", or worry about their land instead of working it, critical of others beleifs but don't seem to be able to practice what they want to preach! Do you now get the picture.I give you one to ponder its meaning as it so relevant now!
Era viri mai na mana
Era viri vaka dua
Kabu raki nai yau
Sa tatau na Sau
Lutu na vata ni buto
Sa Yali o Ra Siga
Noqu gone talei
Mai taulo
Meu vude cake mai
Me Lau rai
Na mataqu
Na iri buli
Na yavaqu
Nai taukei
Koi au a mekete
Meu yadra cake mai
Se bera ni buli
Na yalo se tamata
Se dela ni vata
Kei vuravura
Koi Au............

Taukei. said...

You look like Indians - you talk like Indians - you dress like Indians - you smell ike Indians - you follow Indian culture religious & traditions - yet you expect to be called Fijian?
Be aware of this - Taukei are fully aware of the fate that awaits passive indigenous cultures. We know who we are & know where we came from - unlike some others.

Anonymous said...

Taukei 1013,

You right, I dont know what the world is thinking when it wants to call the non-indigenous people from Fiji, a Fijian.
You I-Taukei are the true symbol of men-hood.You are the best sportsmen, be it rugby or boxing.You are smartest people on earth and you are greatest bati. God himself picked you guys to lead the world.You take care of your wives and children better then the rest of the world.
Now you see how marketable the word Fijian is?
So you have to forgive anyone other then I-Taukei who wants to be called Fijian.
I suggest you change this world wide practice so people of Indian origin, no matter where they born or from be called Indian.If you dont do it now and quickly the rest of the world might start calling themselves Fijian as well.

This might be little difficult then robbing the corner shop, or beating a helpless Indian for few dollars, or robbing a taxi driver, or raping a helpless child and a woman.
But good luck.

Indigenous Fijians are also eating lot of curry, just be careful they dont end up smelling curry or they might be called Indians.

Anonymous said...

Taukei-You know who you are & know where you came from ?
PLEASE DECLARE WICH PART OF AFRICA YOU CAME FROM! It seams no one in the iTaukei community knows or want to know.
FIJIAN IS A TERM THAT CLARIFIES NATIONALITY -wether you eat chop suey dalo or curry!Or you follow any culture or tradition (including voodoo of Africa), if you are a citizen of Fiji- YOU ARE A FIJIAN!!!
btw- Taukei are NOT the original inhabitants of Fiji- The Lapita people were

Anonymous said...

You look African
you talk African dialect
you dress grass skirts-
you smell like African
you have steel brush hair
you sing hula bula
you live in grass huts/ villages
your color is same as African
you love coups(remember democracy foreign flower like mother Africa?)
crime is part and parcel of your mentality
you follow African culture religious & traditions -
yet you expect to be called Fijian?

OF COURSE YOU ARE FIJIAN!!!! BECAUSE YOU ARE A CITIZEN OF FIJI - just like Graham Eden, or Dixon Seeto or Patel or Prasad or Sakuisa or Leo Smith or Barry Sweetman or Madrawiwi!!!

Anonymous said...

If human beings settled on the moon-
does that mean only Neil Armstrongs decendant are real Moonies? The rest of the citizens of the moon who are NOT Neil Armsrongs lineage cannot be called MOONIES AND SHOULD BE EARTHHIANS AND FOREIGNERS FOREVER? just bcos Armstrong came first? (Like Lutu nasoba came first?)
and GOD gave the moon to armstrong family! And Armstrong family can push around people on the moon forever just bcos Neil came first? PAY ARMSTRONGS FAMILY IF YOU WANT TO SWIM- ALL FISH IN THE SEA ON THE MOON BELONGS TO ARMSTRONG FAMILY

Anonymous said...

@Annon 12.07pm, typical sarcasm of your kind. The FIJIANS are too thick skinned for that. Come up with something new. That attitude will always make you unwelcome anywhere in the world.. You will always remain nomads.

Anonymous said...

Negativity breeds sarcasm and stupid ideas.

While it is good that we can dialogue and let off steam, it would be even better if we can contribute constructively to the debates and discussions here. I mean, while you have a choice and a right to your views and what to say, denigrading and trashing each other will not take us anywhere, or will it? What I am saying is - let's talk but can we be adults about it? Otherwise, we may need to ask Coupfour.5 to open another forum for children!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:32PM My saying "When 2 minds clash the final out come is shit"But when two great minds clash we are left in wonder" We may not sign our name in-but by oath we show the quality & quantity of our of our minds! DRi yani

Anonymous said...

Guys i don't know why you all, have to yell out, so loud for? But since you've woke me up,let me give
you people, a little history of our
voyage, many million years ago? So don't ask questions! After the good lord created us & put us in a
beautiful Koro, called-"FIZI" by lake Tanganiika, in Tanzania-Africa.Look it up in the old Map.
For a while we were happy, with fishing etc-but hey, what yeah gonna do, with all those fishes?Rama
and Vishnu wanted more, than just these frieken fishes, so they bugged the crap out of me, by continously whineing, day in & day out.Boy, if you think you've heard it all, OMG...you havent heard anything yet, till you hear Rama,Vishnu,Ramanuja or Madhva, but
Shiva is the worse, of them all-just ask Lutunasobasoba? Anyway naturally, just so to keep the peace;and shut these frieken guys up-I spoke to Lutunasobasoba and decided,it was time to pulled our
first COUP? We didn't even say good bye, to-you know who?So we gathered our group together;and set
sailed north-east, toward the Pacific Ocean(Currently-Indian Sea)Can you immagine,pulling the first coup on the BIG GUY? Well we lived on the Pacific coast, for a while,before the whinneing started,
by Krishna & Shiva; and thats when we decided, to sailed toward the Madagascar islands? This is a very frieken long story; and i'm quite tied already,so let me go to sleep
for a while and i'll try to complete our journey later? So please stay cool and don't frieken wake me up early???By the way if you really want me to complete my
Journey you better remind me of where i left off...

Anonymous said...

ANON November 26, 2011 5:38 AM
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