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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Events of last week in Rewa a culmination of its opposition since 2006

The Rewa Province has consistently opposed the coup since 2006. It also stands by the 2007 Great Council of Chiefs' resolution that the takeover was illegal and the 1997 Constitution is still paramount. The Appeals Court reached the same conclusion in 2009. 

Last week's sacking of the Rewa Council is not the first time the province has been under pressure; this goes back to  2007. 

In 2008, Rewa rejected the Charter in a meeting attended by the Pro Charter team led by Ratu Joe Nawalowalo and Adi Finau Tabakaucoro. 

At that meeting Ro Filipe Tuisawau, the nephew of Ro Teimumu Kepa, formulated and explained the political, legal, political and cultural reasons why Rewa will never accept the Charter.

The Charter team did not have any rational response and the Rewa Provincial voted 100% to reject the Charter and the coup.
Ro Filipe was sacked from the Council by the Minister Frank Bainimarama as a warning to the members. (see copy of letter from Frank Bainimarama's brother, Meli, pictured above).
The events of last week in Rewa is a culmination of its  opposition since 2006 but this time all Council members have been sacked. Like the GCC, the Rewa Council will never be re-convened. 
The United Nations must take notice and act because what is happening is not only intimidation but a suppression of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly,  as well as a serious breach of various provisions of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

A Report is now being prepared to be submitted to the UN Repporteur of the UNDRIP for Bainimarama's action not only on the Rewa situation but also the general situation of the Fijian people (as defined in the Fijian Affairs Act under 1997 Constitution).


Mafi..USA said...

Voreqe Bainimarama... Kaisi Bokala o iko. Na ka o cakava vua na matabose ni yasana o Rewa ena sega ni na taqusi rawa mai vei keimami na kai Viti, kei keimami na vanua vei wekani e na vanua vakaturga o Rewa.
You and your generations will pay for this..Your children and your grand children will face the consequences of your arrogant actions.
You can't force anybody to agree to something that they rightly know is illegal and morally wrong.
You can go and shove it down the throat of the people in Kiuva, but not in Rewa.
You days are getting shorter now and you will die like a pig and your blood will be licked by the dogs on the streets.
You will never ever change the stance that the Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi has taken. You may take away what you think you may, but, not what they believe in. And that is what I believe in.
Frank You are a ( Bleeping) Dictator.

Mafi..USA said...

Kevaka ko drau nanuma vaka vei tacini mo drau lewa o ira e ra cicivaka na vanua vakaturaga o Rewa, drau na qai liaca e na dua na gauna lekaleka ga oqo.
Drau yavu kaisi. Drau tauvanua mai na nomudrau koro drau qai via mai lewa e dua taucoko na yasana.
Drau waraka, namaka.
Sa na vakarau yavala na vanua o Burebasaga.

Anonymous said...

Toso Burebasaga tosoo!

Anonymous said...

Do not understand the mess being created by rewan chief. Where was democracy wirh chiefs for coup in 1987.
Why now?

Radiolucas said...

They try to write letters to rule the hearts of men - ridiculous.

The brave Rewans stand tall in the eyes of the nation for their bravery before these cowards and liu muri that live around them.

Radiolucas said...

Also - when is someone going to say something about enforcing the Biketawa declarations?

mark manning said...

To those of you who keep suggesting that my comments incite racial tension, wake up now !
The Regime is run by Aiyaz, and Frank is his puppet.
Collectively, their goal is obliteration of the Fijian Culture as it stands today.
Piece by piece, they are dismantling it and waiting for the U.N. to intervene, is like waiting for a tortoise to take action !

Act now, before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

People - keep on working on destroying the legitimacy of the regime. This is what Rewa is doing. They dont need guns. Next step is to slowly convince our brothers and sisters in the police and army that it is not worth it supporting murderers and corrupt leaders like frank and aiyaz. We getting there. Once the regime is exposed totally, it doesnt have any thing to stand on and a small catalyst will collapse it. KEEP ON WORKING GUYS. THOSE OF YOU IN OTHER PROVINCES CONVINCE YOUR CHIEFS AND MEMBERS TO CONDEMN THIS GOVT IN THEIR MEETINGS. ONCE ALL COUNCILS ARE SACKED FRANK AND COMP WILL BE TOTALLY VULNERABLE.

Anonymous said...

If Rewa does not support, the process does not stop. The regime is doing a great job to bring in equality.
The coup culture is an invention of the so called fijian chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe dau kalawaci ga na kau. Tamata viavialevu o iko. O sa colata tiko qo na moku ni vanua kei na lotu. Kevaka o lomani ratou na luvemu kei na makabumu, sa rauta na ka o cakava tiko. Era na colata na cudru mai muri. Kakua ni tara na vanua. Kakua ni tara na Lotu.

Anonymous said...

UN should stop frank not to talk in any un meeting.
people of fiji have learned from past coup.
no coup is good for fiji or any other country.
time for the fiji people to stand up and fight for democracy and rule of law.
not ask bs decrees.
action time now.no more talk.

Anonymous said...

If anyone else had made a statement like the one given my Ro Teimumu Kepa they would have been hauled off to the barracks ASAP. I guess the regime is now weighing up their options on what to do, bringing her in will just publicise even more on what is happening and there could lead to unrest and not doing anything could show there is weakness in the regime and could lead to other provinces rejecting charter.

Anonymous said...

I'm not from Rewa but phew do I want to be one!!!

I salute Ro Teimumu and her "vanua" and people for standing up against this dictatorship. At the end of the day, you all will be proud for standing your ground....which is so moral and ethical a thing to do.

As for other provinces that support this illegal government....SHAME ON YOU.

The Oracle said...

@ Radio Lucas,

The Pacific Forum is SPLIT at the moment on Fiji's suspension. So, the Biketawa Accord is a non-issue. Besides, for the Biketawa Accord to be implemented,the invitation (request for deployment) has to come from the relevant "host" country (Fiji).

The World Criminal Court has no interest in Frank - he's small fry.

Australia and New Zealand will not impose any sanctions apart from what's already in place because the political bosses fear an erosion of support from the Australian business community.

So, (as Australia, New Zealand and our Pacific neighbours have said all along) the only solution is home-grown. What we need is for more leaders like Ro Teimumu to stand up and rally the "troops".
Unfortunately, she's the only chief so far with the guts to stand by her convictions. The Tui Cakau has suddenly gone silent after revelations of his escapades with an under-age girl.The others have "folded" in to the pressure that Frank has imposed on them through his changes to the I-Taukei Trust Board and his new Land Bank. Right now they're clutching at straws to remain relevant.
And, unfortunately, in our hour of need, there is no political leader that we can look up to .. Chaudhry is tainted, Qarase is busy fighting off his legal battle and Mick Beddoes seems to have gone walk-about in the Sabeto mountain range.
If only we had more chiefs like Ro Teimumu!!!

SEMI MEO said...

With all due respect to the Vanua of Rewa..all we wanna know is how serious are these few crying for outside intervention..now we’re told the UN may finally after representation since 2006 will listern. Goodness!! The UN is broke, AND have other more volatile spots around the globe to worry about AND rely on our Military to doze off the fire in some of these hot spots!!

The Commonwealth is worried about other more urgent matters, Amnesty and International Crisis groups will only look to hot spots their respective funders dictators..and mostly in mineral rich corners of the globe.

We have only a few sugarcane sticks to sell, a few narrow beach to promote and we’re to frightened to invite China to build a naval Base in Bua.

Of course, we are of concern to these super NGO’s and other sovereign, but at the back burner of their reckonings!

So back to where we started!! It is Fiji’s problem and the solution is from within..may be starting from self examination of ones heart..humility…as big bro padre said in an ealier contribution to this estemed column…

..let Christians take the first step to reconciliation

..and may be next..our Chief to humble themselves and apologize to us commoners

…and next the elite Fijians for taken the rest of us for granted and enjoying the high pecks in previous democratic governments...

.and post 1987 Coup masters follow Fiji architect of the first Coup Major Gen S L Rabuka and humbly apologize.

.then you and I to each other…then may be God will hear our prayers and heal our land!!

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu hold your horse their lewa-I'm with you all the way and stand ready to make my personal protest should the Military haul you in to Delainabua? There are 10 Fijians on standby to march through Suva in your support, should the Military decided to take
you in?Come on Fiji its time to show these bavulus what we're made off?????

No Retreat said...

ewa’s stand before this motion was it did not support the Government of the day. “The Government had the full support of nearly all the provinces in Fiji but Rewa remained firm in its opposition,” Lieutenant-Colonel Leweni said.

“(This was) despite the fact that many villages in the province had paid a visit to the Prime Minister to traditionally offer their support for his leadership and the Government.”

Can Kosa/Lewena explain if the villages concerned really meant when they say they support the regime.

If you want to hear the VANUA of Rewas' view,the appropriate voice is the Roko Tui Dreketi.

Anonymous said...

Leweni its Rewas right if they don't want to support you! Isa what else can we say!You as dopy as Mr Know it all Mark Manning!

Anonymous said...

Anon Nov 21 3.44pm
There are 56 villages in Rewa. So far only 5 have pledged their support (mainly the invitation and pledge was to seek govt assistance for roads, schools, repairs etc),,,. so its really a system of bribery, corruption and abuse of traditional processes going on. Of the 5 villages none have any key Rewa vanua chiefs and all are insignificant in terms of numbers and political weight.
Conclusion - they are rattled right now and are afraid to arrest Ro Teimumu and know that their days are numbered.
Also remember that Fijians always welcome anyone to their villages including the enemy.

Anonymous said...

The first signs of problems with govt finances is the deterioration of public services and infrastructure. Look at what's happening to the roads and health systems,,,,lucky Aust continues to provide millions for health. The roads are going to the dogs!!! KEEP UP THE PRESSURE, CALL YOUR RELATIVES IN ARMY AND POLICE, CIVIL SERVANTS , CHIEFS TO START NON COOPERATION ETC ETC .....

Anonymous said...

The support for Rewa is significant considering the not so inconsiderable might of the government.

Anonymous said...

To Annonymous, 20/11, 10.16 and Annonymous 21/11 8.22, you sound like the same person.
Dont make an ass of yourself.Grow up.

Taukei. said...

Correction -(go check?).
Vore is not from Kiuva - bati ni wai gau - another blow in like Nailatikau & that fake Taveuni ratu...

Anonymous said...

C4.5 - this Meli Bainimarama is soon to be high commissioner to malaysia.. they think we don't know.. publish mada please!

BE BRAVE said...

Hats off for those 10 BRAVE FIJIANS who are ready to march through Suva on behalf of the 500,000 Fijians in Fiji if the military take Ro Temumu to the barrack.Bravo,bravo baravo,Sa taura tu qo e dua na marama me tucake ena vukudra na kawa tagane ni Viti.Ke sa sega ni rawa ni tucake ni galu ka kaua na vosa saqata na matanitu vakavo ke dua na kawa i taukei yaloqaqa vakataki ratou na lewe tini sa ratou na bolea na mate sa volai toka qori.

Anonymous said...

Over the last 5 years we can easily separate the leaders from the followers, the strong from the weak and those with backbone and those without. So many have failed the test and fallen on the wayside. Some have prostituted themselves to line their pockets. The next generation is watching and we have so many examples of bad leadership led by yours truly the wannabe PM. I salute you Ro Teimumu for your courage and leadership. History will show you stood up to those bullies and psychiatric cases who are ruining the country.

Anonymous said...

Over the last 5 years we can easily separate the leaders from the followers, the strong from the weak and those with backbone and those without. So many have failed the test and fallen on the wayside. Some have prostituted themselves to line their pockets. The next generation is watching and we have so many examples of bad leadership led by yours truly the wannabe PM. I salute you Ro Teimumu for your courage and leadership. History will show you stood up to those bullies and psychiatric cases who are ruining the country.

Anonymous said...

The main reason why they cutting funding to Rewa is not because they not towing the line-If they paid Rewa money than they will not have any spare money to pay the suckers" In ajars & ajirs language " bakewa's"!

Anonymous said...

Only agreement left right now is "ceketawa" !