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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fiji police release IT consultant without laying new charges

Karunaratne at front far left

Fiji police have released the former IBM IT consultant accused of conspiracy to treasonous offences and attempts to destabilise the Government.

Jagath Karunaratne was released without being formally charged with the more serious treasonous offences but police say the criminal investigations are ongoing.

He was originally charged with writing seditious comments in public but was re-arrested just after being bailed with Fiji police trying to pin new charges on him.

Karunaratne is Sri Lankan born but has New Zealand residency and his detainment has been widely reported in the region. Four other men, all Fijian, were charged with him including, Mosese Bulitau, who was also re-arrested.

The release of Karunaratne, who now works for a Fiji IT company, comes as the international community condemns the weekend arrest of two trade Unionists, the FTUC president, Daniel Urai, and union organiser Danesh Goundar.

Fiji police have not made public what they have charged them with but information relayed to Coupfourpointfive suggests they're implicated in the same VRF graffiti campaign, Karunaratne has been linked to.

The latest crackdown by the regime comes as trade unions worldwide continue to show support for Fiji workers and to take a stand against the illegal government of Frank Bainimarama.

The International Trade Union Council (ITUC) has released a statement strongly condemning the arrest and detention, without charge, of Uraia and Goundar. 

In a statement that has been circulated worldwide, the ITUC says it "deplores the ongoing harassment of trade unionists and calls upon the authorities to release Mr. Urai immediately and to drop all charges against him and Mr. Goundar."

It adds: "The international community must press the regime to come into compliance with fundamental human and trade union rights and, if it does not, implement political and economic measures to bring about much-needed reforms."

The ITUC also notes its concern that "trade unions will shortly be forced to re-register under onerous new rules and collective bargaining agreements will be abrogated under the recently passed Essential Industries Decree.'

It says: "There is little doubt that the re-registration process will be used to attempt to depose current trade union leaders and weaken the capacity of unions to represent their members."

Editor's Note: The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) International Committee meets in Melbourne tomorrow and have Fiji as a top item on their agenda.


Anonymous said...



2006 coup sympathisers like Daniel Urai and the executives of FTUC dont deserve any sympathy.

FTUC executives were sleeping on the job since December 2006.

Want to be democracy heros.

This is a lesson to all you coup supporters.

All coups are done by evil people.

Anonymous said...

trade union members should go on strike in fiji.
than we see what will the illegal govt do.
time for united front brothers/sisters.
united we stand divided we fall.
god bless urai/felix/union members.

Keep The Faith said...

Jagath Karunaratne should sue their asses for defamation.

As an IT professional his credibility in terms of client confidentiality (data) has been tarnished in what looks to be a complete botch-up in police & military investigations.

Anonymous said...

Civil Servants poor work rate has continues despite clean up macawa campaign by bai and his goons. It goes to the extent of closing the Lancaster Ward during the weekend due to shortage of nurses.It is not real a shortage of nurses, but poor management and sleeping on the job of top managers. Patients lives were at risk.

Anonymous said...

unions r gutless rajesh. ask felix what he did with union funds sent from overseas to fight ENI decree. he spent it all travelling overseas. poor Dan copping the flak. i also hear ficac is to charge felix next week.

Anonymous said...

In response to VRF North West Cell I would suggest that you hear both sides of the story in regards to the representation of workers on the FNPF Board by Urai and Anthony. Sometimes things are not as they seem. Kudos to the FTUC and union movement. Thumbs up to solidarity!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a laugh.

Our whole Justice system, the people of Fiji are going to charge somebody for TREASON.

What a joke.

As for the nurses, they are not getting paid for overtime. They will have to work 12 hr. shifts so we can save money by not having to pick and drop them for work.

Meanwhile the parasites at Delainabua get a pay rise to eat, shit and sleep. and franks protection squad get $50k a year.

Fiji Loyal said...

Another gutless wonder Dorsami Naidu, president of the Fiji Law Society too scared to stand up to illegal government. Not enough wit to mount a legal argument against Frank and Aiyaz. They are legal beagles not legal eagles.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:50
I'm disturbed by this news that nurses have to do 12 hour shifts and without overtime pay.
That is not only unhealthy for the nurse but also unhealthy for the patients.
You need Nurses and Doctors to be functioning at their peak, otherwise they will make mistakes. And mistakes in Medicine can be deadly.
I think Nurses should go on strike - because of monetary reasons and also because of patient-care reasons (ie they can't do their jobs properly)
Also the Doctors and other Allied Health staff should also go on-strike, in support of the nurses.

Proper health-care needs teamwork. If the nurses can't do their job properly then the Doctors job and treatment outcomes will also get affected (eg increased infection rates etc etc)

Therefore Doctors must also go on-strike in support of the nurses.

Any doctor who doesn't go on-strike because of these sorts of working condition, that the nurses are being subjected to, must be a selfish imbecile.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how many of those that so casually suggest that someone else should go on strike have been in a strike themselves ?

Far to easy to suggest it when it's not you !

TURUKAWA said...

The bullshit police and army doing the same boring game over and over again!!

trying to charge inocent ppl for false trumped up charges.

sa sucu sa lutu na da!!boi cici ga nomudou viavia invetsigation vata na sotia kei bainimarama. Kaiyum bau wavivi,LAU SAMU!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:53

OK let's not strike.

Let the Nurses suffer from tiredness,lack of sleep and recuperation.
Tired nurses give out wrong dose of medication. Never mind. Let the patients die.
Not enough nurses to keep the ward clean and patient clean and wounds clean increases the rate of post-operative infection rate. Let the patients die from these complications.
All the Doctors fancy surgical work gone to waste.
Waste of surgical materials , waste of the doctors time. Patient dies. A waste of nurses time. A waste of money. Too bad the innocent patient who entrusted his life to this doctor is now DEAD.

Tired Nurses don't notice "little things" like a small drop in blood pressure. Aaaahhhhh Never mind let the patient bleed to death.

Like I said, any thing affecting the Nurses working conditions affects the doctors disease outcomes and directly affects the patient.

Do you my friend (Anonymous 3:53) have a solution to this problem?(nurse 12 hour shift & no overtime pay).
Can you please let us know?. I'm open to reasonable suggestions.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:41

Whilst the nurses situation is not exactly on topic I will take the courtesy of replying to your question "Do you my friend (Anonymous 3:53) have a solution to this problem?(nurse 12 hour shift & no overtime pay)".

I do not have, and would not even attempt to propose a solution without knowing the full facts of the nurses situation. I do however have total respect and admiration for the work they do and believe they should be treated fairly.

I have worked in an industry where employees have been forced to work 12 hours shifts (12 hours on 12 hours off) continually every single day for periods often in excess of 3 months. For this reason I am well aware of the affects on the indavidual with respect to their own health and the affects their tiredness can have on the wellbeing of others. Whilst this was not in the nursing profesion those employees actions, or incorect actions could also very easily cause injury or death to others.

Both yourself and another have mentioned nurses having to undertake 12 hour shifts, but do not mention the frequency of these. I would suggest that the frequency of shifts in a row and the time off between would be the determining factor regarding an employees ability to undertake their work efficiently and safely.

Anyway, back to strikes and another question with regard to nurses to ponder over; What will do more harm to patients, no nurses because they are on strike or tired nurses ?

Anonymous said...

Coup supporters now or those that jumped in being opportunists should face the brunt of the law, the Vanua, the Bible and should have no sympathies!!! Felix, Daniel Urai, Rajeshwar Singh, Chaudharys, the FLP idiots, Shaista Shameem, Yabaki, John Sami and Prasad, Sada Reddy, Francis Ram, Abdul Khan, Sereana Qoro, Aiyaz Musah, AIYAZ Saiyed Khaiyum, Sahu Khan's, Nur Zarin Bano, Phliger, Sanjeev Pal, Steve Weilelakeba, Aziz, Annie Rogers, Sharon Smith, Adrian Soefield, Padam Lala, Dewan Maharaj, Rajeshwar Singh, Vijendra Prakash, Naisa Tuinaceva, Rick Rickman, Aisake Taito, Alipate Naiorosui, Ajith Kodagoda, Tom Rickets, Arun Narsey, Isikeli (HFC CEO), Isoa Kaloumaira, Pramod Archary, ARVIND Prasad (3SA Carpets), Anand Kumar Sacked PS Transport, Kishore Kumar (USP), Adish Naidu (USP) Parmesh Chand(PS PSC), Damend Goundar, Dixon Seeto, Hafiz Khan, Bob Lyons, Adish Naidu Lawyer, Nitish Niranjan, Qetaki, Korovulavula Manu, Faiz Khan, Paras Sukul, Premila Kumar, Mahen Reddy, Winston Thompson, Jim Ahkoy, Dhansukh Bhika, Praveen Bala, Chandu Umatia, Arun Kimar (Tavua Administrator), Joel Sahai, Anthony Gates, Lekh Ram Veiyeshnoi, Kanti and Vinod Tappoo , Kevin Barr, Daniel Whippy and all others who C4.5 bloggers know about with subtantiated proof should add to this name and shame list!! We need to make this known so we know who is who when the tide turns!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:00pm
So you are saying that its OK for Nurses to work 12 hour shifts.
That's like working from 8am to 8pm.
Remember a nurse every minute of the day has to be at the top of her game. And you want her to do this continuously for 12 hours. (Even pilots are allowed to have 2 hours sleep in between)
And you are happy to have a tired nurse look after you.

Imagine walking into the Emergency area. The nurse has now done 7 hours straight. She is tired. You walk in with a very painful back. The doctor orders Morphine 15mg. The nurse goes into the drug room. Someone else distracts her with a request for a urinal etc. Then she finally gets the morphine and injects you with 50mg and then dutifully writes it in her book. She goes to another patient.

Ten minutes later you are dead.

Every one asks WHY? HOW? I thought you said 50 etc etc
Poor you. Came in with back pain and now you're dead. Would have been better if there was no nurse rather than being treated by this tired nurse.
This happens all the time in this industry.
Few years ago the Australian government reduced Hospital-doctors working hours because of this very reason.

Since this is a dangerous situation that the nurses and the general public are in.
The nurses and the public need to do something RIGHT NOW to change the situation. Not next month or next year .No, Today!

I bet there is now more medical mistakes at the CWM Hospital than there was 10 years ago (2001).

A nurses job is a dangerous job. Every single minute at work needs 100% concentration. If she gets tired , then patients die. It is as simple as that.

If a nurse really cares about her patients then she MUST go on STRIKE.

This is basic to health-care.
Tired Nurse + Poison (which is what all medicines are) = Innocent patients die.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:49

It is obvious from your post that you did not read and at the same time understand any of my reply at 11:00 PM. There is absolutely no statement within the post that indicates I say 12 hour shifts are OK for nurses.

One of the things I did very clearly say was ' I would suggest that the frequency of shifts in a row and the time off between would be the determining factor regarding an employees ability to undertake their work efficiently and safely'. In other words, as per my second paragraph I would not agree or disagree to any working system without knowing the full facts !

Putting it in context, I could say I think it's OK for a nurse to work a 12 hour shift if she is given adequate time off after the shift before the next but I would not even consider saying this without the full facts.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:15
There you go again.
You just said "its OK for a nurse to work a 12 hour shift".

It is never OK for a nurse in a civilised society to do a 12 hour shift. Whether its a one-off shift or a repeated roster.

If Fiji nurses don't go on-strike then they deserve to continue being bullied into working 12 hour rosters.
And the Fijian public deserve the pathetic level of care they get.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:15
Just to let you know. Next week they'll be releasing the report of a big stuff-up after a 12 hour shift.

-Valataka na Dina.