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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fiji’s cancerous conspiracies of silence: an expose by Wadan Narsey

FIRST CASUALTY: Dr Timoci Bavadra.
By Dr Wadan Narsey
5 November 2011

There is a popular saying: truth liberates.  

Yet thousands of people, privy to vital information about one or other of Fiji’s coups, refuse to liberate us with the truth, even after they “see the light”.   This “self-censorship” is far more invidious than the draconian media censorship practiced by the Military Regime.

None of Fiji’s leaders of major political parties, the army, religious and non-government organizations, have ever revealed the truth about their roles in any of the coups or attempted coups of  1987 (two), 2000 (how many?), 2006 (one) or 2009 (one).

Thousands of senior civilians in the corporate sector, the professions (especially the lawyers and senior accountants) and NGOs have known who exactly were behind one or the other of the coups, but no one has publicly revealed what they know.

Despite numerous public calls over the last twenty years for a Commission of Truth (and Reconciliation), no government, legal or illegal, has even talked of establishing one while all claim transparency and accountability.

For a small country where the “coconut wireless” is supposed to reveal everything, it is astonishing that every single coup has been accompanied by what can only be described as massive “conspiracies of silence”.

These conspiracies of silence encourage many “good” citizens, former citizens,  and even non-citizens to continue to support the illegal Regime of Frank Bainimarama.

They allow Military Regime collaborators like Winston Thompson (the Regime’s Ambassador to Washington), Peter Thompson (Regime’s Representative to UN) and other Bainimarama supporters (like Croz Walsh, Thakur Ranjit Singh, and Graham Davis) to spread the Regime’s propaganda to the world about his alleged desire for racial equality and electoral reform.

They encourage opponents of the Military Regimes into tunnel vision attacks targeting prominent Regime drivers (like Bainimarama and Khaiyum) while ignoring the  supporters in the shadows, without whom none of these coups would have succeeded to the extent they have.

Most important for us today, these conspiracies of silence prevent current pro-democracy movements from getting the support they deserve- because of distrust by the general public (Fijians, Indo-Fijians and others).

These cancerous conspiracies of silence prevent genuine reconciliation based on truth and repentance, which is the only solid foundation on which pro-democracy people can build a better Fiji.

Undermining pro-democracy movements
The pro-democracy organizations must ask themselves: why do their meetings draw very few people, despite the obvious illegality of the Bainimarama Regime in Fiji and the great damage they are doing to Fiji?

It is not that our people in Fiji and abroad, don’t care.  But many probably ask the same questions I do.

Do the organisations which these movements want to link to (like SDL,  FLP, the Methodist Church and some trade unionists) genuinely believe in democracy and law and order, when all evidence suggests they have actively supported one coup or another and none have publicly acknowledged their past errors?

Pro-democracy movements must not only criticize the Bainimarama coups of 2006 and 2009, but also establish the truth of the 1987 and 2000 coups, whose evils live on today in the Bainimarama coups, with many common names and beneficiaries involved with all of Fiji’s coups. 

The silences on 1987
Twenty four years later, the historians are still struggling to piece the bits together, with many missing links: who were all the real planners of the 1987 coup that deposed the NFP/FLP Coalition Government with indigenous Fijian, Bavadra, as Prime Minister?

Rabuka: selective memory
The media revealed the names of many prominent persons who attended the taukei nationalist meetings in Nabua and elsewhere: Ratu Finau Mara, Filipe Bole, Adi Finau Tabakaucoro, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, and others, many now deceased, but many who also support the Bainimarama Regime.

While Rabuka (only third in the army) implemented the coup, historians still conjecture about the knowledge of the Army Commander then (and illegal President today), Ratu Epeli Nailatikau- son-in-law of Ratu Kamisese Mara and brother-in-law of Ratu Tevita Mara (now a bitter critic of Bainimarama). Why had Nailitakau gone overseas during a time of unprecedented turmoil in Fiji, merely to “receive” a small naval boat donated by Australia?  Silence.

Mara: implicated
Recent statements by Rabuka implicate Ratu Kamisese Mara, but would his son-in-law Commander not also have known? Ratu Penaia Ganilau (then Governor General) also readily collaborated by becoming President of the Republic after the second coup. Did he  also know before hand?

It is well-known that each of the Three Big Chiefs of Fiji (Mara, Ganilau and Cakobau) had their own “special senior men” from their confederacies in the army, maintaining their own political balances.  Most of these officers (some recently sidelined by Bainimarama), actively supported that 1987 coup and benefited personally.

Whatever may be furtively said around the grog bowls, no senior military person or senior citizen in the know has ever revealed who were involved in that 1987 coup.

Historians have established that the justifying ideologies were of indigenous Fijian political supremacy and of democracy being a “foreign flower” for Fiji. 

These ideologies surfaced again in 2000 with an additional one that Indo-Fijians should never be Prime Ministers of Fiji (although in 1987, when there was an indigenous Fijian Prime Minister, Jai Ram Reddy was accused of being the “gun” firing the “Bavadra bullet” against the Fijians.

The silences on the 2000 coup
How many hundreds of senior people in Fiji knew about the 2000 coup planners?

Many in the SVT who lost power in the 1999 Election had expressed open support for the Taukei ethno-nationalist movements against the Chaudhry Government.

I belatedly realized the significance of a large group of prominent people meeting, just prior to the 2000 coup, at a neighbor’s house, frequented by former Levuka Public School students and their grog gangs.  Some in this group hinted that qualified individuals would be called upon to provide alternative leadership in Fiji, and very late one night, a singer on the stage was pointed out as the future Prime Minister of Fiji.

The same grog gang would months later joke that the individual in question was about to be sworn in as part of Speight’s government, but received a call from his brother “Get the hell out of there, the army is no longer with you”. The joke went that the individual supposedly told the Speight group that he was going home to freshen up, but never returned (and thereby later missed out on the free accommodation offered at Naboro).  If these indirect signs of a bigger conspiracy were being observed by someone only on the periphery, how many people must know much more about the solid facts on the planning of the 2000 coup, and are not telling?

Only recently, ten years later (but better late than never), has Ratu Tevita Mara alleged that Bainimarama supported the 2000 coup, and that after the Chaudhry Government was taken hostage in 2000, arms were freely going from the RFMF armory into Parliament, with the permission of Bainimarama and full knowledge of many senior officers.

So did senior army officers then like Frank Tarakinikini, Jone Baledrokadroka, Viliami Seruvakoula, George Kadavulevu,  Naivalarua and many others, know what was going on?   If so, how is it that all these army officers, even the ones working safely for UN organisations or are at universities abroad, have maintained a blanket silence about the real army plotters of the 2000 coup and their corporate supporters.  Indeed, who were the corporate supporters of each of these coups (as there always are)?

How long will the public have to wait while Ratu Tevita Mara (guided by unknown advisers) releases in dribs and drabs, the important bits of information that are in the Report of the Evans Board of Inquiry into the role of the CRW soldiers and the takeover of parliament?  

Mara: dribs and drabs
Any why the dribs and drabs?  Are they hoping to get more political mileage or are they going to be selective about what they release as “Truth for Fiji”, to protect certain individuals?  This is a bad strategy all around, creating yet another conspiracy of silence around Ratu Tevita Mara undermining his reputation.

This issue is of great relevance today because many Bainimarama supporters think that he is genuinely multiracial and wants to protect minority Indo-Fijians from dominance by the indigenous majority.

The facts are that in 2000, when Bainimarama finally arrested Speight, Nata and Silatolu, he did not re-instate Mahendra Chaudhry’s 1999 government but installed Lai Qarase as Interim Prime Minister.

The Interim Administration also included individuals such as Ratu Yavala Kubuabola (former SVT Finance Minister), Ratu Inoke Kubuabola (former Leader of SVT), and Ratu Epeli Nailitikau.

Bainimarama, Rabuka and Ratu Epeli Ganilau instead of protecting their President against the Speight rabble (their sworn duty), broke their oaths and told Ratu Mara to “step aside” as President.  Where in the world do army officers ask their President to “step aside” so they can just deal with a rabble group that takes over one building?  Why did they do so, and on whose agenda?  Silence.

How relevant is it to understanding the 2006 coup, that Bainimarama soon after the 2000 coup, had readily announced that he had abrogated the 1997 Constitution and began to pass Military Decrees.

And how important was the lesson give by the Tony Gates judgment in the Chandrika Prasad case, that the 1997 Constitution could not be abrogated by the army commander, and was still intact.   

How relevant is it to Bainimarama’s claim to protect Indo-Fijian minorities that when he regained control, Bainimarama did not re-install the Chaudhry Government but Qarase’s Interim Regime, comprising mostly indigenous Fijian former SVT Ministers?

Eventually when the newly formed SDL Party in coalition with the extremist Conservative Alliance, thrashed the SVT (and the FLP narrowly) to win the 2001 elections, Qarase appointed Ratu Inoke Kubuabola (the former leader of the SVT), as Ambassador.   Why would he do this when there were so many others vying from his own party?  No one is saying.

Six years later, the allegedly multiracial Bainimarama also included Ratu Inoke Kubuabola and Isikeli Mataitoga, two staunch ethno nationalists, in his post-2006 coup Regime. Why these two, when he had had so many to choose from?   Silence.

Why the Bainimarama and Qarase “fall out”?
There is yet another conspiracy of silence about the falling out between Bainimarama and Qarase.   The obvious factor appeared to be the CRW mutiny and attempted assassination of Bainimarama (a traumatic event for any Commander of a military force), and Qarase’s release from jail of persons convicted of supporting the 2000 mutiny, and their re-appointment to top positions in the Qarase government.

But why did the CRW soldiers mutiny? What truth is there in the allegations by Ratu Tevita Mara that the CRW soldiers turned on Bainimarama because he did not keep his promises to the soldiers who did the coup allegedly at his instigation?

Qarase is on record as asserting that democracy was a foreign flower and that Fiji was not ready for an Indo-Fijian prime minister so he would not have lost any tears over the 2000 coup.  But was Qarase also favorably disposed towards those who attempted the mutiny against Bainimarama?

What was the role of the Methodist Church in brokering the agreements after the 2000 coup and were there any “understandings or agreements” between Bainimarama, Qarase and the Methodist Church, which fell apart eventually?  Silence from all concerned.

No one in the know is prepared to break the conspiracy of silence, not even the close advisers and ministerial colleagues of all the past Prime Ministers.  One wily individual, close adviser to many Fiji Prime Ministers, must be a gold-mine of inside information (on some of which he would have to plead the US Constitution’s Fifth Amendment).  But he is not telling anything, while cocooned currently at one of the Fiji universities.

Nevertheless, it is sufficiently clear from statements by former Military Officers (on the website Truth for Fiji run by Ratu Tevita Mara) that Bainimarama had started planning to remove Qarase long before the Qoliqoli Bill or the Unity and Reconciliation Bill which initially had amnesty provisions for convicted people related to the 2000 coup.

So how relevant were the police cases being prepared against Bainimarama for the deaths in custody of the CRW soldiers, or the surcharges for over-expenditure of the military budget, or his refusal also to allow the audit of the Regimental Funds (which allegedly have been abused by nearly all former Army Commanders), or eventually, Qarase’s attempt to remove him as Commander?

If these possibilities have any substance, and if it is true that Bainimarama was in support of the 2000 coup against Chaudhry, would this change the views of many current Indo-Fijian supporters of Bainimarama, media outlets like Radio Tarana, or campaigners like Croz Walsh, Thakur Ranjit Singh, and Graham Davis? Or will they press on regardless, like Winston Thompson and Peter Thompson, neither of whom are fools when it comes to Fiji’s hidden politics but choose to look the other way?

The many silences on the 2006 and 2009 coups
When Bainimarama did the 2006 coups, he heroically announced that he would eliminate all corruption and race-based politics from Fiji, stop the tyranny of the Indo-Fijian minority by the majority indigenous Fijians, end the coup culture, while making sure that  no army personnel would benefit from the coup. 

Five years later, these allegations are now seen as completely hollow, or even blatant lies.  All evidence suggests that there were great conspiracies at work, beginning with legal conspiracies.

It is abundantly clear now that Bainimarama had learnt his legal lessons from Tony Gates’ High Court rejection of his attempted 2000 abrogation of the 1997 Constitution (where is Tony Gates now?).

Qarase: out manouvered
Immediately upon removing Qarase in 2006, Bainimarama suspended the Chief Justice Danial Fatiaki, and Judge Naz Shameem surprisingly  illegally chaired the Commission which appointed Tony Gates as Acting Chief Justice.  Gates’ contrived judgments then allowed the Bainimarama Regime to proceed with some semblance of “legality” for another three years, with a pliant elderly Iloilo in tow as President.

Which judges and lawyers assisted Bainimarama with his legal strategies before the 2006 coup? Who are assisting Khaiyum in drafting all the Military Decrees? Silence in the court.

In 2007, a newly appointed CEO of the Human Rights Commission, Shaista Shameem, weighed in with her flimsy pathetic justification for the 2006 treasonous removal of the Qarase government by Bainimarama, while she blithely ignored all abuse of human rights by the Bainimarama Regime. What was her role behind the scenes and in conspiracy with which lawyers and NGOs?  Silence.

Others who helped by speedily joining Bainimarama’s Regime were Mahendra Chaudhry and his Fiji Labour Party, and unsuccessful politicians from the National Alliance Party, including Filipe Bole and Ratu Epeli Ganilau (a former Army Commander who had supported Bainimarama’s appointment as Commander), Ratu Epeli Nailatikau (another former Military Commander), while lurking in the back-ground was yet another former FMF commander (Paul Manueli).

With all these former FMF commanders either in Bainimarama’s Military Council or behind it, was it any wonder that the rank and file of the army remained totally in support of the 2006 coup (with lots of goodies thrown in for good measure), except for  a few brave military officers who disagreed with the coup on principle, gave written advice and were soon expelled by Bainimarama.

I later realized the significance of Filipe Bole coming to my home before the 2006 coup, to pick up education material that may have been useful for a future Minister of Education (thought there is little evidence that he benefited from the material). Who else in his party were involved?

FLP stalwart, Lavenia Padarath vociferously campaigned that the 2001 and 2006 SDL victories had been through electoral fraud.  Yet all evidence indicated that the votes cast were pretty well in proportion to population numbers for Fijians and Indo-Fijians, while Chaudhry despite his one year in the Military Regime, failed to reveal any real evidence of  significant electoral fraud.  Was it all just a red herring by the FLP to justify their support of the coup?  Silence.

Electoral system enthusiasts like Rev David Arms and “good governance” organisations like CCF (Yabaki, Dakuvula and associates) dubiously alleged that the existing voting system was racially biased against minorities and jumped in to help in the alleged electoral reform by the NCBBF.

Of course the Alternative Vote system did have faults: it did marginalize small parties, but it was not particular ethnically biased. The supreme irony was that the Qarase-led SDL/FLP Government of 2006, formed under the requirements of the 1997 Constitution, was a genuine multi-party government.  The SDL/FLP Cabinet did have expected teething problems over how cabinet decisions would be reached in a multi-party situation, and the necessity of adherence of all parties to the collective decisions whatever their individual views.

But this provision of the 1997 Constitution genuinely protected the minority Indo-Fijian community, and in Qarase’s last government, offered substantial Ministerial positions to the Indo-Fijian party, all credit to Qarase.  Yet Chaudhry ominously chose to remain out of the Cabinet, and paradoxically even tried to replace Mick Beddoes as Leader of the Opposition, while his own FLP colleagues were in Cabinet with Qarase. Why?  There is silence from the FLP.

Bainimarama supporters like Croz Walsh, Thakur Ranjit Singh and Graham Davis steadfastly ignore that it was this multi-racial multi-party SDL/FLP government that Bainimarama treasonously removed, not some allegedly ethno-nationalist and racist government of Qarase (however racist individual SDL Ministers may have been).

Note also that the electoral reform discussions were completed by the NCBBF committee by the end of 2007 (yes, we all agree that a proportional system would be better).  But David Arms and his committee (including CCF) have never publicly questioned why their work was put into  “cold storage” for another five years.  Why the silence from them today? Will they soon come jumping out of their storage boxes when Bainimarama or Khaiyum cracks the whip again?

Critical intellectual support was given to the Military Regime by former ADB functionary John Samy, who together with the heads of the Catholic, Hindu, Muslim and other religious and Non-Government organisations (like CCF) began the grand Charter exercise through the National Council for Building a Better Fiji, essentially justifying the Bainimarama coup.

Yet there was little in the final Charter document to differentiate it from the 1997 Constitution, while its first paragraph declared the supremacy of the 1997 Constitution.   Taken by soldiers all over Fiji, the Co-Chair of NCBBF (Mataca)  and Samy declared it had been  supported by the vast majority of Fiji people.  Yet Wikileaks evidence indicates that John Samy told the US Ambassador to Fiji, that he feared that there was intimidation.

Chaudhry: silent
Many coup supporters stayed on long after Chaudhry was expelled in unknown circumstances and even after the clearly treasonous abrogation of the 1997 Constitution after the 2009 Court of Appeal judgment.

They steadfastly maintain their conspiracy of silence, despite Bainimarama’s clear betrayal of their work for the NCBBF and the Charter.

The continuing silences despite “seeing the light”
What did Mahendra Chaudhry and his FLP colleagues know about the planning of the 2006 coup? Was it merely a coincidence that the late Jokapeci Koroi (President of the Fiji Labour Party) had publicly called on Bainimaramama to remove Qarase from government? And Jokapeci Koroi’s sister (Dr Jiko) soon after jumped in as Minister?

Despite being kicked out of the Regime and despite the muted criticisms that they make of Bainimarama today, Chaudhry and his FLP colleagues have remained totally silent about his expulsion from the Regime.

There are other silences too, even on the current pro-democracy side.

While Ratu Tevita Mara attacks Bainimarama and Khaiyum, he says nothing at all about the role of his brother-in-law, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, whose treasonous acceptance of the President’s position is underlined by his monthly signing of the Public Emergency Regulations and the never-ending Decrees which take away our basic human rights of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, and our fundamental rights to private property and lawful contracts.

Ratu Tevita Mara also remains quiet about his other brother-in-law, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, who also readily joined the Military Regime, and was also later expelled by Bainimarama under unknown circumstances to do with proposed taxes on Fiji Water.

Also maintaining their conspiracy of silence are pro-Bainimarama supporters who have withdrawn from public view, like Petero Mataca, Rishi Ram, Kamlesh Arya, Akuila Yabaki and Jone Dakuvula (the last two being key members of the now inappropriately named Citizens Constitutional Forum).

Also silent about the past is Shaista Shameem who now fights legal battles for pensioners and unions whose basic human right are being viciously denied by the same Military monster she helped to create in 2006); and Naz Shameem who daily preaches about good governance and the need for whistle-blowers- but averts her eyes from the gross abuse of these principles by the Military Regime.

The apologetic Yabaki now calls for international support for Bainimarama’s alleged plan to have elections in 2014 i.e. essentially accept treason and allow the mess to continue for another three years.  Was the CCF one of the NGOs who Bainimarama claims supported his plan to carry out the 2006 coup? Another silence.

Also remaining quiet are coup supporters like Father Kevin Barr, who is now publicly expressing disillusionment with Bainimarama, despite being forced by the media censorship in Fiji to express his unhappiness only on overseas media like Radio ABC and NZ, or on Croz Walsh’s blog.  

Barr still refuses to recognize that his worthy work for the Wages Council has been completely undermined by the fundamental and larger damage done to the economy and employers’ capacity to pay, by Bainimarama’s treasonous coup, and his illegal Regime’s policies and refusal to support his Wages Councils.

John Samy may be disillusioned today with many of Bainimarama’s unaccountable and non-transparent actions which contradict the Charter.  But he certainly is not revealing what took place just before the final abrogation of the 1997 Constitution in 2009.   

Currently, John Samy salves his conscience with band-aid work on a Fiji which is bleeding profusely from the many massive wounds inflicted by the Bainimarama Regime which he helped to strengthen between 2007 and 2009 with his Charter propaganda and other work behind the scenes we know nothing about.

The cancerous conspiracies of silence
It is therefore evident that thousands of very intelligent and senior citizens of Fiji (and expatriates) have known detailed facts about the planning and implementation of one or other of the coups of 1987,  2000, 2006 and 2009, which the public still do not know.

No coup leaders or collaborators have revealed their roles in the coups, or even publicly acknowledged their mistakes.

It is understandable therefore that those who were victims of the 1987 and 2000 coups, have little sympathy for those who are currently opposing the Bainimarama Regime.

Many genuinely doubt if the current pro-democracy movements against Bainimarama are really driven by principles, or merely because “their leader” and their interests are being  harmed by Bainimarama.

Of course, some coup victims enjoy the sight of past beneficiaries “getting their just deserts” (read the anonymous blogs).  But many genuinely believe, helped by the conspiracy of silence over the 2000 events, that Bainimarama is fighting for racial equality  in Fiji.

So the vicious cycle continues, fed by all these cancerous conspiracies of silence.

Our abject abdication of social responsibility
Sociologists and psychologists need to explore another strange but related phenomenon: the abject failure of Fiji’s senior citizens to publicly offer guidance to Fiji’s citizens, at a time when the country is in total disarray.

How many senior citizens - from the corporate sector, religious, social, political, academia and even leadership organisations- have publicly come out in defense of our basic human rights so badly eroded today (Rev. Koroi is the brave swallow that does not make the summer!).

Like Pontius Pilate they have either washed their hands off all responsibility, or actively collaborate with the Military Regime, to further their own personal interests.

Some depart while maintaining their personal dignity while abdicating their duty and responsibility that comes with their social positions.

Our senior citizens, through their silence, are allowing an entire young Fiji generation to grow up accepting the treasonous removal of a lawfully elected government, and the daily addressing and respectful treatment of an illegal Regime as “Honorable Prime Minister”, “Honorable Attorney General”, “Honorable Minister” and “His Excellency the President”. 

But why blame our ordinary powerless people when even ambassadors to Fiji, representatives of powerful international organisations (like IMF, World Bank and UN), vice chancellors of universities, and prominent  corporate citizens do so as well, giving the naked emperors in Fiji the illusion that they are fully clothed.

The conspiracies of silence also allow Bainimarama supporters like Croz Walsh, Graham Davis and Winston Thomson to keep repeating the dishonest Bainimarama/Khaiyum propaganda internationally, while deliberately ignoring all the evils which give the lie to Bainimarama’s “Charter” and alleged “Road-Map” (to nowhere).

These cancerous conspiracies of silence undermine genuine reconciliation in Fiji and any attempt to build a genuine better Fiji; and they also prevent pro-democracy movements in Fiji and abroad from getting the support they deserve.

Unchecked, cancers ultimately destroy the bodies they reside in. But don’t hold your breath for any miraculous cure to this cancer afflicting Fiji.

Apologists: Yabaki and Walsh


Anonymous said...

The dictator is a racist and not a multi racial man.

Its all lip service.

How many indians work in the illegal prime minister office?????

The answer is not even one.

How many chinese, whiteman, part work in illgal PM Office????

Not even one.

The man is a racist with lip service.

Real reason he make the 2006 coup is to save himself from his corruption and massive scams now.

Anonymous said...

Wadan - right on the mark again. Many believe that to truly rid Fiji of the coup culture, we need to go right back to 1987 and expose not only those involved but also bring them ALL to justice...Just one ommission in your piece - you said: "It is well-known that each of the Three Big Chiefs of Fiji (Mara, Ganilau and Cakobau) had their own “special senior men” from their confederacies in the army, maintaining their own political balances." You forgot the 4th big chief, the Roko Tui Dreketi(Lady Lala Mara)who we all know was married to Ratu Mara. They each had ALL the confederacies covered.

Anonymous said...

So, what next? Keep Talking and Blogging....


Anonymous said...

Fiji is gone with the wind. FINIS. Kaput.

mark manning said...

Village gossip is like the Chinese whisper game !
You all stand around In a cycle and someone whispers something into the 1st. person's ear, who then repeats what he thinks he heard, to the next and so on, until it reaches the last person.
The end result is nothing like what was said in the beginning.

Then we have just plain old boring malicious gossip, designed to destroy people's reputations and to deliberately spread lies and to confuse truth with fiction and mislead everyone for personal gain, that's this Regime.

But I tell you this, if any fucker tried to hurt one of my relatives or take away my liberty, they'd be lucky to see the end of the year out.

Fijians it seems, don't value their liberty as much as I do.

It's better to die fighting, to be a free man, than to continue to live with no liberty and freedom.

Anonymous said...

Fair and balanced opinion by Dr Narsey.

Anonymous said...

This would be a much better piece if there weren't so many question marks riddled all through it. Wadan Narsey keeps asking questions while giving precious few answers. And all this from a supposedly respected academic.This reads like a piece written after one too many Asahis in Dr Narsey's new bolt hole - Japan. By all means go for the dictator and his supporters, Professor. But why rake over the coals of 87 without producing one new piece of information? Academics are meant to enlighten, not stagger about the the dark pleading with everyone else for answers.

Wadan's conspiracy of silence said...

Can we have just one honest disclosure from Wadan Narsey about why he keeps harping on about the 1997 constitution? It's because his brother-in-law, Brij Lal, wrote it and both these guys can't get over the fact that it's no more. Wadan goes on about a conspiracy of silence. But I haven't seen him once acknowledge that his sister is married to Brij and they constitute an anti-regime cabal all of their own. It's an important piece of information for those who wonder why so many kai idia support the regime but these three don't.

Anonymous said...

Well nothing my mate from Turaki has written has not been asked before? The simple truth is no matter how hard anyone now tries to find the truth-they won't because the truth is aready out there??!! A confusion in my Statement -No- the coconut wireless Narsey talks about is alive & well-pity Narsey waited this long. But let me put it bluntly-we were almost all involed because Fiji is such a small place-its politics are the dirtest you can ever find any where.You now have the likes of Baledrokadroka, and Roko Ului who were part of the process yet they mention everyone else but nothing about what role they played?? Thats basically how everyone has operated-so we should not be suprised. As for having an enquiry etc absolute waste of time! Won't change a thing in the political scenario at home. What is now happening is this whole process taking place now will do for us is make us learn hopefully for the better-we are yet to learn and realise that democracy also requires you carry a burden of repsonsibilty! The iTaukei is now learning to use their lands -this is a start of a long process where they will now realise when Politicinas who visit them once evry 4 years before elections come and bull then about Indo-Fijians owning all the business and thats the reason why they poor , they can ask questions because as they now have the knowledge to say -"no if we poor its because of you politicians doing and our stupidity in the past to follow you". So there is a lesson here from whats happening at home. I have said it before & will say it again "It took the British 800years to have democracy-prior to that the Monarch ruled with the advice from CHURCH ELDERS!(Doesn't tat remind you of acountry-Fiji I think). Is there someone to blame for this not really? We had good leaders who did things to the best of their abilities in the likes of Ratu Sukuna & Ratu Mara-what happened after that is any ones guess.Both had their strengths and weakness but if Ratu Mara was part of the coup process you would have thought that Rabuka being an educated leader & who too of oat of alligance to the QUEEN would have told Ratu Mara or Ratu Penaia-no i will not carry ou your request-too late to cry over split milk now Rabuka-you had your chnce to say no but didn't! Rabuka didn't and for that i lay the blame on him for the happenings because Ratu Rabuka was also planning his own moves from then on.You don't need to go to school to know that even my old grand-father said that-in 1987 when Rabuka did the coup his simple remarks were " write this is down he is the next PM of Fiji write it down' less you forget". Here is the words of a meke he had written:
Era yadra na Vu
Era yadra ca
Saumaki na Vanua
Na kena dra
Va na vulu tabua
Na kenai sau
Ai colacola ni
Noqu i lakolako
Vei ira na matua
Ena maca na wai
Mai lomani vanua
Ka boko na live
Vaka yadua
Sa dodo na ligana
Na tuwawa mai Laqena
Meu vodoka na ivibuli
Ni mata ni siga
De qai dromi ko Viti
Ena i valavala
Nei Ratu Rabuka
Na lomana
Na waqa sala
Me curuma ai tikotiko
Ni Turaga Tabu
Sa qeleyavu
Na sauqami
Nai dabedabe
Ni Bose ni Vanua
Meu tekivu tale mada
Noqu i talanoa
Na nodra i tatau
Na Qase matua

I will it there for the rest is not for public consumption! God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this. I can always rely on you to talk about the FACTS and give a FAIR and BALANCED view on the situation. I wish all other contributors would do the same.

Anonymous said...

Yep, well said. Many know important details, but have thrown their lot in with coup mongers. Very few of the "matua" our seniors even bother to point out the serious structural loss to Fiji democracy. In good times all they want is some position to appear important, but as human beings they are rotten to the core basically.It was all a facade. The Thomspons, Yabakis, Davis and Walsh of this world put a spin on the evil regime. As Waden stated, just take a look at the names of the people whom Bainimarama had around him, for example Inoke Kubuabola for one - yikes!!! Sa vakaloloma o Viti.

Anonymous said...

mr rudd time to sent sas i in fiji mate.
enough of talk this illegal regime will only go down with sas .
pls get rid of this regime .
we beg you auss/nz /usa govt.
if you can assist libya/tonga/solomon.
pls do that for fiji people.
god bless.

Stan said...

i guess some questions will remain questions and people with answers will take it to their graves. Its also true that without the real answers Fiji can never really move forward or escape this vicious cycle.

Anonymous said...

Boy, does anybody have any conscience anymore - PEOPLE LIKE Yabaki, Mataca, Barr and the rest of them, now want to redeem themselves? Dou sa sega ni madua? YOU ARE ALL NOTHING BUT OPPORTUNISTS!! AND WE ARE ALL NOT GULLIBLE!! MAY YOU ALL ROT IN HELL YOU PIGS!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 6.48pm, Speak for urself and ur grandfather pls, don't paint everyone with the same coup-coup paintbrush, since NOT EVERYONE was involved in all 4 coups.

Keep your poem to urself and try to answer this question, if the ordinary i-taukei is finally benefiting from handouts (loose change) from your military junta, why is the PER still in place?!

Cross fire said...

What a disgusting group of dictator facists Warden has identified? Like gaddafi supporters and supporters of other dictators like ceasescu they are all vermin. It is just wonderful that so many of their lowlife gaddafi brothers were caught in the 'crossfire' as dictator gaddafi ran down the sewer with hot steel up his rear end. This is an appropriate and humiliating end for all those who cowardly support dictator facists with guns like baini-the-goose!!

Anonymous said...

rajesh, you're another crook that need to be taught a lesson. So you stay there in NZ and forget returning to paradise?We'll definitely get rid of these military goons, but we don't need
you back-so you can loots our country again?
So get lost and stay away for ever.

Anonymous said...

Strange, wadan is quite on what he is asking others to - why not reveal the identity of the neighbour and the former Levuka students:

I belatedly realized the significance of a large group of prominent people meeting, just prior to the 2000 coup, at a neighbor’s house, frequented by former Levuka Public School students and their grog gangs. Some in this group hinted that qualified individuals would be called upon to provide alternative leadership in Fiji, and very late one night, a singer on the stage was pointed out as the future Prime Minister of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to mention also the businesses that were involved in all these coup's. Like the current coup and funding from Tappoo's.

Anonymous said...

'A rose by any other name' is Judas Iscariot by Winston Thomson names! Yes and may the Lord deal with you as He did with Judas for lying to the world for a few pieces of stolen silver collected from the high Thief - Bainivuaka. May your next generations join you and your masters in hell forever.

Anonymous said...

Bulging yabaki and walsh look like two overfed snakes peeping out of their filthy pit. Your fat will make the fire in hell burn even more fiercely while you scream in agony as you pay for your crimes to humanity.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Narsey. As always, your article is excellent. Some of us are silent in our views because we take our case up to the God almighty we serve through Jesus Christ.
His time has come and all those who have done us wrong will pay according to His words, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay."
Jona Senilagakali is the first because he served only a short time. The others will soon follow him into hell for a perpetual unrest.

Anonymous said...


Fark Fanning said...

"But I tell you this, if any fucker tried to hurt one of my relatives or take away my liberty, they'd be lucky to see the end of the year out."

Exactly what will you do ??

More blogs??

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

Vinaka & thank you Dr Wadan.

The truth hurts.

Excellent balanced reading and reminder of these shadowy figures out there.

God Bless you Dr Narsey. In fact you should be VC of USP.

USP needs straight shooters like you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr Narsey.
There is definitely a lot of questions to be answered.
I believe that the former Police Commisioner Hughes was doing a good job of slowly unravelling the people involved when he was suddenly run out of town by Bainimarama. Hughes was merely doing his police work in trying to sort out the murders of CRW soldiers,however Bai couldn't stand the heat , hence he did the coup.
There are a lot of conjectures as to why Bai did the coup. Many people thought he was genuine about dealing with corruption and racial equality etc etc but at the end of the day Bai was all about himself.
He just didn't want to go to jail and he was going to con every one.
Amazing to me is how he has conned bright academics to write a CHARTER when he all the time had no intention of following it
I wonder how these academics are feeling now afterr being conned by this man.
If you look at all Bai's rhetorics about stopping corruption, racial equality, etc etc its just all bullshit.
He has managed to con everyone ( but not us of course.)
Even now some poor Fijians in Rewa did the matanigasau last week.
They've been conned by Bai.
How can these Fijian villagers be so confused. ( all the ones doing the matanigasau).
Here is a man ( Bai) who has stolen from them and then they go and apologise to him.
How does that worK?
Why are thes people so confused?
How come they don't know what is right and what is wrong?
What is the Church teaching them?
What Bible are they reading from?
May be going to church is all for show. No one bothers to think anymore.
What a sad lot.
Then they probably deserve to be governed by this arsehole.

That's the other thing. He has stolen the government from the people. And yet people call him "Honorable PM".
How is stealing "honoroble"
These people are confused too.
He is a THIEF and that is what he should be called. People should stop perpetrating the lie by calling him "Honoroble PM"

-Valataka na Dina.

Kuruvoli said...

Thanks Dr Narsey!!!

Anonymous said...

The Ratu's, The Bati's, The Talatala's and money bags to pay for the rent a "mob"

Now is any one of these groups patial to "democracy"?

Right. This is Fijian Society.

The "Bakolas" will be the 'Bakolas" and remain the "Bakolas" and be happy being "bakolas" because tradition and church will it so.

Christianity is a democratic and revolutionary religion, but first you have to find "twelve Christians in Fiji"!

Good luck with that.

Graham Davis said...

In this article, Wadan Narsey continues the demonisation of anyone who doesn't agree with his own views on Fiji. I personally don't mind being a target for his anger and frustration but object to the way he has misrepresented my views, portraying me as a slavish admirer of the regime.

While I approve of its multiracial agenda, the record also shows that I have criticised censorship, called for it to be lifted, and criticised the crackdown on the unions and the Methodist Church.

I especially resent the attack he makes on the estimable Akuila Yabaki, who has consistently stood up to the excesses of the regime in relation to human rights abuses. Others he cites - like Peter Thomson and Winston Thompson - also deserve credit for having chosen to positively contribute to the country's development from within.

Attacking anyone who doesn't support his own views 100 per cent isn't the way for Wadan Narsey to achieve change in Fiji. This article smacks of acute frustration that the so-called pro-democracy movement isn't getting its own way. The reason for that is that most Fijians aren't as angry with the regime as Wadan Narsey and the proof of that is the recent Lowy opinion poll.

It's a great pity that this brilliant man is mired in anger and frustration when he could be playing a positive role in influencing events in Fiji. The fact is that attempts to unseat the regime have failed.
Under those circumstances, surely it is better to look forward, not backwards, and work towards ensuring that the regime sticks to its promise to hold genuinely democratic elections in 2014.

mark manning said...

As an outsider and Democracy advocate, I've been trying to think what could be done to save Fiji and Fijians, from themselves !

The only consideration I can come up with is to consider this :-
Imagine what a great Democracy Fiji would have, if the efforts put into destabilising the Government of Fiji, were put into supporting the Government of Fiji !

Anonymous said...

Oilei @ Granny Davis, 4.10 -

If you think your favourite dictator bainimarama will allow the country that he's kept under siege for the last 4.5 years, to have a "genuine democratic election" - you better get off that weed you're smoking and pull your head out of your.. oh nevermind, haha...

That the Fijians are showing great control suggests that they're happy? hahahahahahahaha.......

Think that one through again and ask yourself the simple question - why the infinite PER??

What is Dicktator Bainimarama scared of??

Once you've figured that one out Granny Davis - pls look up the Arab spring 101 for the inevitable.

hahahaa.....tic, toc, tic, toc....

mark manning said...

A Graham Davis 410 p.m.
Graham I can't believe, that you honestly believe, that what you are saying is even remotely correct.

I'm not totally au fait with Dr. Narsey's credentials etc., but I've read many of his informative and seemingly impartial articles here and it seems to me that he is very objective and simply saying it as it is, or at least, as he sees it to be.

However Graham, your articles continually and consistently support Frank Bainimarama and his Regime, come what may !
There doesn't seem to be any impartiality on your part and I have to wonder if you are star struck or if you have just " fallen in love " with Frank Bainimarama and his charismatic personality and hence unable to see things as they truly are !
I think that your too close to be able to be objective Graham and it is very similar to what happened to Adolf's inner circle, until the very end of his " Third Reich " !

What is it about a coup d'etat, that attracts you and what is it about an act of High Treason, that has so mesmerised you to the point of utter obedience to Frank Bainimarama and this Regime ?

Anonymous said...

@Graham Davis
So you think the liar who lied about election in 2009 will keep his word in 2014
This person who lied about "no soldier will benefit from this coup".
This person who lied about wiping out corruption.
Now corruption is worse than before. He even let the murderers of an innocent Fijian ( Rabaka) to go free.
Bainimarama is a Liar.

If you bothered to read your Bible, Jesus said "You can tell the tree by its fruit"

We have seen Bai's fruit in the last 6 years and its corruption, Lies, Intimidation and Arrogance, therefore we can make a judgement as to what sort of a tree he is.

You are suggesting we change the tree from within. Really?
You should ask a Fijian villager what they do to trees they don't like. Wishful thinking is not one of them.
It is usually by means of a decisive application of the cane-knife.

Unfortunately for people like you Mr Davis "there is none so blind as those who refuse to see".

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@ 6.35...U R Right....Narsey is asking everyone to speak out and yet he is also a pussy to reveal the names of those from Levuka Public School...that may be implicated in the 2000 coup.

Narsey talks good but is also full of shit because he gave recognition to Peoples Charter and also to proclaim SDL was democratically elected.

His understanding of democracy is based only on the 2009 court judgement. Courts will only rule based on all arguements presented by both sides. That does not make it all a complete story on issue of if the SDL was indeed democratically elected.


Sa Sucu Sa Lutu.....

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

@ sa sucu sa lutu,

U're clutching a LOOSE skinny straw there dude. lols.

As usual you lot of coupsters keep missing the point....

That's why y'all remain bewildered and suspicious of the people since Dec06 and then 2009 - y'all know that you don't have genuine acquiescence.. and what's more, you'll NEVER GET IT, hah.hah.

Damn right - ni sa sucu, sa lutu.. moce jo!

Anonymous said...

Please stop critising Judas if it wasn't for Judas we would not be saved? WE need a special holiday to celebrate what he did for Christians-any thing else is not good enough. Dri Yani

Anonymous said...

We all know Savua was to take over as PM in the 2000 Coup but Voreqe pulled out his support at the last minute. All the guns in Parliament and CRW involvement was under the direction of Voreqe himself as he influenced by his Tailevu Chiefs for his support .

Tarakinikini was sent in to negotiae with the rebels but a plan was than hatched to get rid of Voreqe himself and Tarakinikini to take over as Commander.

Thus Voreqe's hatred of Tarakinikini & CRW. But guess what they will come to get you one day very soon with all the other Coup Supporters.

Deny this FACT Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

QARASE Said...
Another Indo failed attempt to analyse Fijianism!!!Sorry, Doc!

Anonymous said...

@ Graham Davis - "estimable Akuila Yabaki" ? Give us a break...the last time I saw Yabaki (at the Auckland PIF forum) he had drunk one beer/wine too many and was talking utter nonsense (the poor guy didn't seem to know what country he was in)....

The Oracle said...

@Graham Davis...
I sometimes read your articles and whenever I do, I detect a continuing promotion of the myth that Frank Bainimarama is doing the country a favour with his so-called clean-up of "dirty politics".

Much of what you have been saying, in what comes across as near total support for Frank's rape of democracy, appears to be emanating from your recollections of Fiji during your childhood days here and your frequent visits as a tourist. Might I suggest you stand back a minute and think seriously about the fact that your childhood here was a protected and priveleged one and that you know almost nothing about the real struggles of the ordinary Fiji citizen or the politics (racial, religious and provincial) that has and will continue to dominate this country for centuries to come. No matter how much Frank tries to change that - it will continue to be the norm.

What we need is not so much a balancing of political power but an acceptance that our leaders need to think nationally for the benefit of all our citizens. And, where they don't, our people have the power to cut them down to size by voting them out. Among other things, democracy is also a system of governance/government where we get what we deserve and likewise, deserve what we get.

What we need is the opportunity to evolve into a society which better appreciates the values of democracy, and the power of the vote - not a situation where we are being rushed, at gunpoint, into what someone or some small circle of people think should be the norm.

While we may all dream of a Utopian-type society, the reality is no country in the world will ever achieve that - even yours.

While you may have called for a lifting of media censorship, the same censorship has worked in your favour as you have been allowed a conduit to publicly "broadcast", IN FIJI, your "vision" of what is right for us, the people of Fiji. Dr Narsey and hundreds of others who also have genuine contributions to make towards the formulation of a more homogenous and peaceful Fiji, do not have the same "privelege" that you have and like most of us, have to resort to blogsites such as C4.5 to express our views - hoping that some of what we say filters back to our people here at home.

If you have a genuine desire to see Fiji move forward, then you should be urging Frank to lift the PER and media censorship and allow the free flow/exchange of opinions about how and where our country should be headed. And we should be allowed to do that without fear of being hauled off by the military, to be held captive for days and subjected to abuses you obviously have no need to fear because you're a non-resident. (Contact Virisila Buadromo and numerous others to get a fair idea).
PLEASE, let us, the people of Fiji decide our own future. We should not be dictated to by people like you who have some connection to Fiji but, nevertheless, are FOREIGNERS (Cosby Walsh included).

If the consultation process for Constitutional Change is truly free and representative of Fiji's people then I hope you will be here to follow each step of the process because only then will you (and the rest of us) get a better understanding of what the people of Fiji truly want.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr Narsey, very soon... once the PER is lifted.. then you will see the real Fijians. At present, people are still struggling to put bread on their tables. Yet with Frank's handouts, very soon the people of Fiji will be full and they will start acting.

You are right in stating that people involved in previous coups are silent... THE REASON: there is no conducive forum to express their guilt from... AND be protected from Bainimarama and gang at the same time. If that can be created Dr Narsey, there will be an overflow of information that people like you may wonder if you are really living with all these people all these times. If a foreign Govt like neighbors Australia can guarantee security to citizens of Fiji, the information will flow in like the Rewa river. I am an insider, but I am afraid for my family, Bainimarama can create wild accusation to get rid of me.. I have witnessed Bainimarama and his goons doing these so many times before to get rid of people they hate.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis thinks so much of Viti he lives in Australia - ditto

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning does your belief in Democracy also extend to Aborigines? Last time i looked, they were still peopel without a piece of LAND to their name-whats the use of democracy if the original owners of the land have basically NOTHING! As for Wardens comments -if he wants to star the ball rolling maybe he could name those lads from LPS!

Anonymous said...

Valataka Na Dina-the simple answer to your questions- its a form of penance! Guilt in one way for previous errors of judgement-now the real truth is beginning to emerge some have realised they were conned and kept getting conned all these years!
What else is there to say" as you sow so shall you reap"

Radiolucas said...

I just thought I would remind everyone about the email corro between Mssrs Smith-Johns and Graham Davis - despite all the claims for his critical 'independence', I think it is obvious that if a journalist is willing to play the regime's propaganda, they are no longer a journalist but a mere mouthpiece for the dictatorship.

So much for his outcry about being portrayed as "a slavish admirer of the regime". He made that bed of nails himself.

Anonymous said...

All the people of Fiji do is talk no action all big mouths

Anonymous said...

All talk narsey rambling bark no bite

mark manning said...

@ anon 347 p.m.
Eddie Mabo took care of Land rights.
One of the problems with the indigenous Australians is their own inability to organise and accept ownership for their own silliness, along with inability to come together for the common good, their own common good. etc.

In my view, they should look within and then they will begin to see the light and move forward.
No amount of land and riches will be able to save them if they continue on the way have been.

Like Aborigines, Fijians too will have no land to speak of, but this is being done at the hands of their own countrymen.

I Taukei said...

May I ask Graham Davis to come and walk the street of Suva at night with placard to publicize who he is...then find out whether the Fijian I Taukei support Bainimarama.

Graham Davis you can shove up the Lowy opinion report up your part of the body where the sun does not shine.

As a I Taukei, this is what I think of you, so as many other I Taukei.

Anonymous said...

I Taukei, what a pathetic sounding thug you are. All threats and no action. What have you done to overthrow the regime? Nothing. So you threaten someone like Davis? Big deal. How about threatening the real enemy?You are the reason the dictator is winning. Like so many I'Taukei, big talk, no action. Lamusona sara ga.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka needs to break the silence first.Tell the truth about where when God told him execute the coup.

Anonymous said...

Radio Lucas, so Graham davis sent Sharon Smith Johns an email. Big deal. At your suggestion, I found the email on the internet. He says he's alerting her to one of his articles and thanking her for helping someone called Wooley. What she did for this Wooley? We don't know. Who is he? Maybe Charles Wooley, the 60 Minutes reporter who I saw in Fiji a couple of months back. Whatever. Find some real evidence against Davis and I'll be impressed but this email you're talking about is a non-event.

Anonymous said...

So ironic the article was published on Dr Bavadra's 22nd death annivesary

nAV said...

Mr. Narsey. u write such big articles about all those people who are silent.
But y an article on silence???
We all know u know as much as anyone who really know the real reasons behind all the coups, so instead of talking about silence ,make your next article REASONS.


Eben-Ezer said...

Dr Narsey’s writing is always good to read and this latest is most interesting. I was once his economic student in the nineties I am proud to say.

The REAL problem in Fiji in my view did not begin in 1987 – it began well back in the early thirties, when the Fiji-Indian people’s aspiration was articulated by Pt. Vishnu Deo, in a rally held in Nausori, around 1932 (according to my late mum), that Fiji will one day become “Little India”. As I see it Pt Vishnu Deo wanted Fiji to be run by the Indian people, just as NZ and Aust are run by former English colonists whilst the natives (KaiViti, Maoris, and Abos) are nowhere to be seen.

The real Fijians (now called iTaukei) will never accept this, and will never allow it, but will never talk about it because they will immediately be branded “racists”. But as the late Irene Narayan is reported to have said before she died, “ the dream in now coming true, Indians in Fiji are now called Fijians.

Ratu Mara wanted Fiji to be ruled by a proverbial “ three-legged stool” – Fijians, Indians and Europeans (as loosely called) but the Indians did not want it; and their leaders have always showed this by not co-operating. Observe Chaudhary under the Multi-Party Cabinet arrangement. If he does not rule, he wants no part of it, that is the norm. Anyway Ratu Mara as PM decided to save the Fijian people by fast tracking the education of the Kai Viti through a Fijian Scholarship system, and it paid off. We now have more well educated KaiViti than ever before and almost overnight, which is progress. I think Qarase wanted to help further by getting the Fijians to “legally” own their own resources so that they can utilize it, to get a fair slice of the economic cake in Fiji, but Bainimarama and his blockhead soldiers think that Qarase is a racist, and stopped him. So where to now for the KaiViti?

The “Fiji is little India gravy train” is on the roll, per kind favour of Bainmarama who has allowed himself to be manipulated by the likes of Khaiyum and Chand. But see how Bainmarama is solving the KaiViti problem, he puts them through Army training so that more Fijian boys are going through the same thing he went through, deprived of wholesome education which would bring peace to Fiji.

But if you can stop the Indians from being a threat to the natives of Fiji, and if the Indians can just be satisfied with being the minor development partner with the KaiViti, like in Malaysia, thing can be very peaceful.

As long as Indians want Fiji for themselves, coups in Fiji will continue infinitely; Bainimarama is right now busy training those who will keep the Indians out of rulership in coups, after coups, after coups and meanwhile keep us all the poorer.

The Oracle said...


You miss the point. There are certain ethics journalists need to follow. Apart from balance, there is a need for journalists not to allow themselves to get too close to their information sources or to seek favours in return for favourable reporting.
Mr Davis, unfortunately, has allowed his personal agenda to colour his pieces on Fiji.
Sometimes women journalists are swept off their feet (and into bed) by the charm of their male informants. Whatever they report from their informant might then be best described as falling within the perimetres of "petticoat/skirt journalism".
Unfortunately, the same doesn't always apply as equally to male journalists. If they bed their informants for information, it's usually laughed off as "pillow talk". They're both the same thing - prostituting the profession!!
As the saying goes: "Birds of a feather flock together" - Frank rapes democracy, Davis prostitutes journalism and Sharon Smith - well.... she's just a straight out prostitute - ask all her military boyfriends and the male employees she preyed on as Boss of Connect!!!

Anonymous said...

The Oracle, what a sexist, mean pig of a man you are ( and you'd have to be a man to write like this about any woman). You mightn't agree with Sharon Smith Johns but why call her a prostitute and lay bare her alleged sex life? You wouldn't do it with a man, would you?

Honestly, this is the trouble with so many people on this site. You might agree with them politically but then they behave like sexists or racists and you feel like punching them right in the mouth.

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting account, Eben-Ezer.

So how would you explain the greed and corruption that got in along the way? And what was perceived as the creation of an elite, middle-class upon the breaking backs of the poor itaukeis? It can't all be the selfish kaidia's fault, could it?

Anonymous said...

@anon 1202pm

What a load of crap! Do not for one moment generalise Chaudahry with the rest of the indofijians..he is not worthy of being spoke of in the same breath and deserves to rot in hell for his part in the demise of Fiji. The uneducated idiots who blindly support him should follow him there too!

If you have so much misgivings about who runs aust/nz and who should rightfully be in charge, then i can only sympathise with you...I do not envy your lack of cerebral development!

and with regards to little india bullshit and being content with being the minor development partner, i urge you to research why indians were initially brought to this country...yes it is because certain ppl were too lazy to get off their ass and work on their sacred land. so to cry years and years later that you are "poor' and dont get enough out of your resources... what other outcome could anyone possibilly imagine??

Anonymous said...

Me think... that the Aussie installed Police commissioner-Hughes was purposely installed to make sure that the coup was successful? Look at the facts:He knew about the plan to pull the coup?He knew the name of all the coup conspirators;he knew who the coup leader was? He had the power,time and people, to make the arrest of Bainimarama, in Fiji or anywhere overseas,
with the help of INTERPOL or
request to local police forces? Isn't it strange, that a failed police commissioner from Fiji, was suddenly,been recommeded by the Australian Government, to head the UN police contigent? 5 years later Fiji economy is devastated; and our
nearest huge neighbours-Aussie&NZ- are doing their best to discouraged
their people, from holidaying in Fiji and are doing their darnest, to encouraged world tourists to over-fly Fiji, for holidays in their democracies? Hows that theory GDave?

The Oracle said...

@Anon 1.57:

Call me what you like. Fact is Sharon Smith has no shame in sleeping her way to power. Her way of life led, in part, to her husband COMMITTING SUICIDE. If you doubt my other claim then go ahead and ask former employees of Connect, especially the males, who have been the "prey".

It may well be that Sharon is nothing more than a nymphomaniac - but when you obtain rewards or pay-offs for your sexual lust then that is prostitution.

If you sleep with someone to obtain a favour or reward then that is prostitution - because you are selling your body (and it doesn't have to be for money only). And, let me assure you, prostitution doesn't apply only to females, it also applies equally to males.

If you read closely what I said about male journalists bedding their informants for information, you would see I also put them in the same category - prostitution.

On being a sexist, let me assure you I have often raised the discrepancy, contradiction and discrimination in the law where a female can be prosecuted for prostitution but a male doing the same thing is charged with "performing an unnatural act".

So, in the end it all boils down to: How did Sharon get to be appointed PS for Information? Was the appointment influenced by her liaisons with military personnel?

I have, from inside sources, my version. I would love to hear the version you have.

Anonymous said...

Good points Oracle. It's probably the pooey-bag herself Sharon Smith that is protesting. Sa sucu sa lutu.

@ anon 4.19, you need to rethink dat self-defeating exercise you've all been doing the last 5 years, pointing fingers at everyone except your leadership that was found wanting (altho it doesn't excuse the coup).... But ask yourself this : if your leaders were doing such a grand job then why was there so much support for the coup for "clean up" (hence inaction from population) esp. when it was clear the coup had been planned for some time between military and legal advisors n loser-politicians. See how the Bainipig was barking ferociously at Qarase in the last lap to Dec06?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning -you mean to tell me it took someone from Torres Strait just a few years ago to get land rights for black people? So what were the white invaders thinking all this time-that black fallow had no rights-sorry was the black fallow considered to be 'just another tree'??
Fijian Lands will not be taken away by any white man,half white, half black etc or anyone else not even Angles in Heaven or Hell because for that to happen-means the end of the world- pity you don't know our customs , traditions and beliefs! If you knew you won't even mention that in your writings! The black fallows lands now called Australia is now just a MASSIVE QUARRY to cure the lust & the greed of the white for MONEY!
You now blame the Indigenous Blacks of Australia not the White fallow-so all you ranting here about fighting for Fijians is because you know the Black fallow is also a lost cause-RIGHT? You writings betray your inner feelings towards the black people of Australia! What a piece of sorry shit you are blaming the VICTIM should i be suprised! Now you show us what your true feelings are towards indigenous Aussies there wonder what your true feelings about Fijians? You don't have to answer-we now know, all is REVEALED???!I wonder if you one of those that can write so much letters here day in day out -you don't have a job-but live off the dole & bring you outdated biased thinking to try and covince our people you fighting for the cause? Too many questions to ask you Mark but time doesn't permit ask have to work to pay for your dole in Australia!You see Mark we balck fallows form Fiji always knew we were brighter than your mob across the sea-you just proved it?
AI Lavo ra tai!

Anonymous said...

The Oracle, as a woman, I find you disgusting. As a person, I find you even more disgusting. How dare you mention the suicide of SSJ's husband!!! It had nothing to do with her and caused a huge amount of grief for everyone involved. Your comments are truly Un-Fijian, and by that I mean that no-one who was born and raised in Fiji would ever say that to anyone about anyone. Shame on you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 11.30p.m,

Are you Sharon Smith, the tinpot soldier's pooey bag? Yuk!

The Oracle said...

@Anon 11.10pm....

If being Fijian is to sweep the dirt under the carpet and not recognise shit for what it is ... then YES, I am Un-Fijian.

That is exactly the problem with us Fijians... we "gossip/kakase" about things in general, but because we'd like to be seen as "God-fearing" we discuss things behind other people's backs - just as you are suggesting. If you didn't already know, that's called HYPOCRISY.

PS: For me, this thread is now closed - no one including you, Anon11.10, has come up with anything to prove my "allegations" wrong.

Anonymous said...

For The Oracle-say what has to be said those that tell it like it is are never popular! If what you mention is true than the likes of Sharon should be exposed for what they are. Na bajaru ena bajaru tu ga mani yalewa se tagane!This is the forum to expose those lies we have been living with all these years-those bull the politicians use to give all the time! If we want to move forward there is just no other way but to speak up of what no one wants to hear-but some of us will-we saw wrong in 1987 and said then and kept saying it was wrong. Got critised for it as suppoting the Indo-Fijians-thats why we are in the shit we in today! Every inche of truth increase my knowledge exponentially. Vinaka & God Bless

The Oracle said...

@Anon 11.30pm ..

My humble apologies but I'm a tid bit concerned that you obviously have issues with me. Let me help you ... call 3381399 to iron those issues out (and then compare notes).

Anonymous said...

The Oracle, so you want to "iron out" issues with me, presumably about what you've said about SSJ? Well, I am not interested in engaging with you.

Any man who uses sexual innuendo to attack a woman for her political beliefs ( and I assume SSJ works for the dictator because she believes in his mission ) is beneath contempt. But to suggest that the suicide of this woman's husband was caused by her licentious behaviour is a total outrage.

You know nothing of the real circumstances, just the horrible whispering campaign that's all too often a part of life in Fiji. On top of it all, you are a coward. You make these claims under a cloak of anonymity and would never put your real name to them.

So you are 1/ sexist 2/ disgusting 3/ a coward. And you are also a hypocrite because you would never suggest that a man slept his way to the top or drove his wife to suicide because of his behaviour.

A miserable excuse for a Fijian man. A gutless b*@!$#d. It would demean me as a woman to have ANYTHING to do with you.

The Oracle said...

@Anon 10.41 ..

Welcome to the club (your number 3) - a case of the pot calling the kettle black?
It's also interesting that one is usually accused of being "sexist" when he/she says something "unnaceptable" about women. Oddly, the same description doesn't seem to apply when one (he or she) says anything similar about men!
As for the red head, I am aware of the abuse she also suffered from her late husband and I still stand by what I've said about her - whether you like it or not and whether or not (unlike me) you're a Fijian who likes to hide shit by brushing it under the carpet.
Thank you for taking the bait - I do lament, however, that the call to 3381399 seems to have led you astray and into demeaning yourself through your vocabulary!!!!
A slice of hot bread would go nicely right now with a slab of home truths!!!

Anonymous said...

haha..... Go Oracle!

That Sharon Pooey-Bag has wasted enuf of Fiji taxpayers fund that could've fed 100 families for at least 10 years.

Please shoo off home sharon-poo-hag. hahahaaha!

Taukei. said...

If a pictures worth a thousands words then this deserves one question + an observation.
In this is a snapshot of those involved in Viti's future?
God help us.