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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Former RFMF chaplin calls on military to 'subject' and to respect rule of law and democracy


A reprint of a letter by Rev. J. F. Koroi, the 81 year old former chaplin who told soldiers 'over my dead body' when they tried to take him to QEB during the height of the recent stand-off between the Methodist Church and regime after the church's permit to hold its annual conference was cancelled.

I write with great concern, not only as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, but also as a fellow RFMF “Commissioned” officer to the Rank of Chaplaincy 3rd Class (Major) by His Excellency, the late Ratu Sir George Kadavulevu Cakobau, Governor General and Commander in Chief to the Fiji Infantry Regimental Forces, to remind Commodore F. Bainimarama and all other RFMF officers of the “common oath of allegiance” we all undertook regarding the Ordinance and Authorities of all other Powers which enabling the Commander-in-Chief, who in reposing especial trust and confidence in our loyalty, obedience, courage and good conduct did, thereby present, constitute, nominate and appoint each one of us to be an officer of the RFMF. 

Each one of us (officers) are therefore carefully and diligently ordered to discharge our various duties in the rank for which the officer is commissioned. 

We are thereby commanded by His Excellency – the Commander-in-Chief to obey our superior officers and to observe and follow orders and directions as from time to time one shall receive from his or her superior officers according to the rules and discipline of war, and of the Military Forces of Fiji in pursuance of the trust thereby reposed upon us. 

And being Commissioned for life for example, as a Senior Chaplain in the RFMF, who had 15 yrs service in the Military – both at home and abroad in peace keeping duties; I am morally obligated to plead for obedience and respect to the rule of law, and reconciliation in services between the Military and the Government - regarding the ongoing impasse, which now has brought to a stand still our most valued economic progression of tourism in the country. 

As for Commodore Bainimarama with his Commissioned officers with him, being antagonistic to the rule of law and order, and conspiring to march into the office of Prime Minister Qarase and force him to resign, and then take over the reign of his democratically elected government, they are “not only denying” their “oath of allegiance” to the supreme authority of the State and, or “abusing the trust of loyalty to duties” placed upon them, but they are deliberately conspiring to committing an act of “mutiny”, “treason” and a “felony” against the State and its democratically elected Government.

But, at the moment, all are being caught up in political and military dilemma and power rivalry stalemate between them, and not knowing of where or whom to turn for a happy solution to the many serious problems that are threatening to the welfare, wellbeing, prosperity, security and peace in the country.

I therefore would like to focus all attention to some words of divine wisdom from the scriptures, as moral guide to our character for good citizenship of a country.  As we are trying to follow these divine directives from the Scriptures, let us bear in mind what the Apostle Paul said in addressing Christian citizens who were under the “Authoritarian” rule of the Roman Empire, and not a “democratically” elected government such as ours.  Nevertheless, both types of Government are founded on the same moral and spiritual principle of righteousness, obedience, justice, and truth. 

All Christian citizens, as St. Paul said to Titus (3:1-2) are “to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work, to speak evil of no one, not to be aggressive, to be kindly, to show all gentleness to all people”.  And again St. Paul continued to tell the Christians in Rome to ---“Render due obedience to those who occupy positions of outstanding authority, for there is no authority which is not allotted its place by God, for the authorities which exist have been set in their place by God.  So, he who sets himself up against authority has really set himself up against God’s arrangement of things ………” said the Apostle Paul (Rom 13:1-7).

The above passages are to counsel “absolute obedience” on the part of the Christian citizen to the civil power.

As a general rule, God “condemns” civil disobedience toward the lawfully – existent government.  Those who are contrary and rebel against it, must know that opposition to government is opposition to God.  However, the obedience which the citizen owes to the government is never absolute and must be carefully weighed in the light of his subjection to God.  To unlawfully and unethically resist government, as the Commander RFMF has been doing, brings the judgement (not condemnation) of God upon the people of the country.

Since God’s purpose in ordaining government of the day is to “restrain” wickedness and “promote” virtue, we are to be in subjection to any government, which fulfils this purpose.

The Ministers of the State are ordained of God to minister that, which is good.  Therefore the town Mayor or a Police or an Army Officer, or a Village chief is as much a minister of God as the local pastor of the church, but in a very different way.  We ought to have as much respect for good mayor or government minister as we do for a good priest of Hindu temple, Mosque or a Church.

The hands of good government should never be so tied, that they cannot execute good judgement and the wrath of courts of law upon those who do wrong and evil things.

However, at this point, the Apostle Paul, reiterates God’s general rule that we need to be subject to the higher powers, but he introduces also the question of the “conscience” as well.  The Christian citizen always lives in a tension between the “two” competing claims of “obedience” to the “State” and “obedience” to “God”.

The State has the right to demand our respect and conformity.  Thus, we are to be in subjection to those in authority over us, not only out of fear and respect but also out of “good conscience” before God.  However, the “morally conscientious” dare not “blindly” bow to the State if his conscience is offended by the wickedness of the State.  There may be times when “we ought to obey God rather than men”.  (Acts 5:29; cf 4:9). Since the “State” and its “magistrate” are “not infallible”, the moral objector may at times have to conscientiously object to what the State requires is in direct contradiction to the divine law of God.

To be a good citizen of the State we must as St. Paul said, “render …. To all their dues”, that is to discharge our obligation to all citizens.

If we disobey the State, we are to fear, concern, and reverence those who have been charged with responsibility of punishing disobedience and the rebellious.  At the same time we are to respect the laws of the State and those who make the laws.  It is dishonourable of anyone to speak in a disrespectful way of the State or officers of the State and as well as our own local leaders.


St. Paul’s letter to Titus (3:1-2) says that “He is to remind Christian citizens to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey each several command, to be ready for every good work.  To speak evil nor slander of no one, not to be aggressive nor brawlers, but to be kindly, gentle and showing all meekness unto all citizens.”

Truly, here, with this passage, there is laid down the duty of all good citizens; and its advice is particularly relevant to the turmoil situation facing the Fiji Military and the Government authorities.  The RFMF Commander, Commodore F. Bainimarama and officers have, for sometime now been notoriously turbulent and quarrelsome and as well as impatient of all government authority, particularly in regards to the proposed R.T.U. and Qoliqoli Bills.  This passage lays down six qualifications for the “good reputable and desirable” moral character of a citizen. 

(1) The good citizen is “law abiding”.  He or she recognises that unless the laws are kept, life becomes chaos.  He or she gives proper respect to those who are set in authority, and carries out whatever command is given to him.  Christianity does not insist that a man should cease to be an individual, but it does insist that that, he must always remember that he is also a member of a group.  As someone, once said: “Man is a political animal”.  And what it means is that, a man best expresses his personality not in isolated individualism, but within the framework of the group.  A good citizen best finds him/herself in the company and the service of others.

(2) A good citizen is “active in service”.  He or she is ready for every work, so long as it is good.  The characteristic modern disease is “boredom”; and “boredom” is the direct result of “selfishness”.  So long as a person lives by the principle of “self importance” and “self aggrandizement” – whose only desire is to be served rather than giving service for others, is bound to be bored and stressed.  Is it not this the kind of “boredom” the RFMF and its Commander suffers?

As it has been for some years now, since the withdrawal of the Military guards personnel from all government services and its Prime Minister; and have shifted all services to themselves by providing heavy security, only for its own Q.E Camp and to the seemingly most insecure person in the country – Commodore F. Bainimarama – to whom the government has entrusted all weaponry ammunition for the purpose of providing national security and stability, but who has failed miserably because he suffers from the dreadful moral disease of “boredom” – as a direct result of “lack of active service” for others, and of selfishness and self aggrandizement. 

(3) A good citizen is “careful in speech”.    He or she must slander no one.  No person should say about other people what he or she would not like other people to say about him or her.  The good citizen will be as careful of the words he speaks as of the deeds he or she does.  It may be true to think that, there would not be another military “coup” as pronounced by the RFMF spokesperson Major. Leweni; but the “Slandering words” that have been uttered about the Government and its officers by the Commander, Commodore F. Bainimarama has had already its same destructive effect, if not worse, on good relationship that existed – politically, economically, socially and morally both, nationally and internationally between Governments, with all the citizens and allies.

(4) The good citizen is “tolerant”.  The word “tolerant” in Greek means – not a fighter”.  He or she is “not aggressive”.  This does not mean that the good citizen will not stand for the principles which he or she believes to be right, but it does mean that he will never be opinionated that he cannot believe that any other way than his or her own is right.  He will allow to others the same right to have their convictions as he or she claims for him/herself to have his own.  The call by Commodore F. Bainimarama for the Government to resign if it would not drop the so called “unjust” policies such as the R.A.T.U and the Qoliqoli Bills; - can only be best described as aggressive, unconstitutional, immoral and intolerably unacceptable.

(5) A good citizen is “kind”.  The word “kind” describes the person who does not stand upon the letter of the law.  It denotes “indulgent consideration of human infirmities”, it also denotes the “ability” to consider not only the letter of the law, but also the “mind” and “intention” of the “legislator”.  The person who is kind is ever ready to temper justice with mercy, and to avoid the injustice, which often lies in being “strictly” just.  Is it not this, the justice with mercy which the “R.T.U and Qoliqoli Bills” is trying to bring in with the Landowners in order to avoid the “injustice” which lies in being “strictly just” as advocated by the RFMF Commander F. Bainimarama, with his policy of “retaliation” which is “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”.  This opposes the Christian principle of “forgiveness and reconciliation” which is not the resisting of evil with evil: but, “whoever smacks you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also” said Jesus.  Jesus is here telling the Christian believers how they should respond to personal injury. 

He is not discussing the government’s obligation to maintain law and order.  Although, the question of non-retaliation or non-violence is often discussed in relation to these verses, however these passages alone do not mean that a person should not defend his family or his country, but rather that he should not attempt personal vengeance as Commodore Bainimarama is now doing, even through the means of the law, to compensate for a personal injury. 

The reason for this “non-retaliation” or “non-violence” of Christian principle is that – all justice ultimately is in the hand and heart of God.  As long as human governments prevail, justice will be limited by people’s finite abilities.  The practical application of this principle is that the Christian citizen should not attempt to justify him or herself or inflict vengeance, even through legal means.  He is to place his total confidence in the ultimate sovereignty of God over the affairs of his life. 

This Christian principle “to overcome evil with good” (Rom 12:21) is probably the “most feared statements in all the Bible”.  People have gone to great lengths in an attempt to explain it away.    But still, it remains the most pungent statement of Christian ethic.  The life of a Christian citizen in society is to be lived with such a quality of moral verity and justice that he needs “no physical retaliation” in order to defend or justify his position. 

This pungent statement of ethics should speak directly to the minds and hearts of Commodore Bainimarama and his armed soldiers that they “must not” continually bully the innocent general public with “guns”, and stop the takeover threat and their clean up campaign by force of our democratically elected government of Fiji.

(6) The good citizen is “gentle”.  The word describes the person whose temper is always under complete control.  “Gentle” usually refers to our outward conduct while “meekness” to our inward attitude.  It describes the person who knows when to be angry and when not to be angry, the person who patiently bears wrong done to himself, but is ever ready to spring to the help of others who are wronged or injured. 

If such a high moral standard of conduct is required for a good “gentle” leadership in good citizenship, who of the two gentlemen Mr. F. Bainimarama or Mr. L. Qarase, in your own personal understanding of their attitude and character is best suited to the moral quality of leadership for the good and “gentle” governance of our country?

What duties are expected of a Christian for good citizenship?
The Apostle Peter looks at the duty of a Christian as a citizen where he happens to live by saying that they are to “submit to every human institution for the Lord’s sake, whether it be to the “king”, who has the first place, or to “governors” as sent by Him for the “punishment” of whose deeds are “evil”, and the “praise” of those whose deeds are “good” for it is the will of God that by so doing, you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish men”.  (1 Peter 2:13-15)

Nothing is further from the thought of all the Apostles and Christ than any kind of anarchy.  Jesus had said, “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s (Matt 22:21).

The Apostle Paul was certain that those who governed the nation were sent by God and held their responsibility from God, and that they were no terror or threat to the person who lived an honourable life (Rm. 13:1-7).  St. Paul had instructed all Christians to pray for Kings and for all that are in authority (1 Tim.2:2).  The instruction of these Apostles is that the “Christian” must be “good” and “useful” and “faithful” citizen of the country in which his or her life is set. 

All societies are built by people who join themselves together and agree to live under certain laws, in order that not only the good and the honourable people, but all common citizens as well may have peace, to live their lives, to do their work, and to go about their business, and in order that the evil people should be restrained and controlled and kept from their evil doing.  The whole idea of these Apostles (Paul and Peter) is that life is meant by God to be an “ordered business”, and that the “state” is divinely appointed to provide and to maintain that order.

This point of view, expressed by these Apostles, is perfect and “just” and “logical”.  Paul and Peter holds that a person cannot accept the privileges, which the State provides him or her without also accepting the responsibilities and the duties which the State demands from him or her.  A person cannot in honour and decency, take everything and give nothing.

It is understood that there is a fundamental difference between the State in Paul and Peter’s time and the State we know today.  In the Apostle’s times  “State” was “authoritarian”.   The “ruler” was an “absolute” power and the sole duty of the citizen was to render “absolute” obedience to the State and to pay taxes as the State ordained (Rom. 13:6-6).

Under these conditions the “keynote” was bound to “subjection” to the State.  We no longer live in an “authoritarian” State, but we now live in a “democracy”; and, in a democracy something far more than unquestioning “subjection” and “submission” becomes necessary.  In a democracy, Government is not only government “of” the people; is also government “for” the people and “by” the people.  Now the demands of both Apostles (Paul and Peter) is that the Christian citizen should fulfil their responsibility and obligation to the State. 

In the “authoritarian” State, that obligation consisted solely in “submission and subjection”.  But what is that obligation in the very different circumstances of a democracy?  Or to ask the question in another way if “subjection” is the “keynote” of the obligation of the citizen in the authoritarian State, what is the “keynote” of the obligation of the citizen in the “democratic” State? 

While it is true in any State, there must be a certain subjection, there also must be “a voluntary subordination of oneself to others, putting the interest and welfare of others above one’s own, preferring to “give” rather than “to get”, to “serve” rather than to “be served”.

But in a “democratic State”, the keynote must not be “subjection”, but “co-operation”, for in the democratic State the duty of the citizen is not only to submit to be ruled, but to “take the necessary share” in ruling.  Therefore, if the citizen is to fulfil his duty to the State, he must take his part in the government of the State; that is, he must take his part in the local government of the city, the town, the district, the province, the village and the community where he stays. He must also take his part in the life and work and administration of the trade union, business Company or association connected with his trade, craft or profession.

“No one” can, entirely disassociate himself from a democratic society in which he lives and has a part”.

No one can, in conscience, opt out of the nation; not even Commodore F. Bainimarama with his tons of bullets dubiously confiscated from the Customs at the Suva wharf.  Each of the Military personnel is a part of the body of the state, and enjoys benefits which he could not as an individual.

He cannot reasonably claim all the privileges and then refuse all the duties and responsibilities.  He is bound up in the bundle of life as he is part of the body of the military, just as is a policeman, a member of a political party, a town councillor etc.  And he is also a part of the State which calls for his loyalty and co-operation. 

There is no such thing in this world as an independent isolated individual.  A person has a duty to the state, and must discharge that duty even if he be a Dictator such as Emperor Nero of Rome or Commodore Bainimarama, who is threatening to be one.

It is to the democratic State government that a person owes his protection.  The State exists for the sake of justice and safety; personal security against violence, savagery and calamity.

A State is essentially a body of people who band themselves, co-operate and covenant together to maintain certain relationships between each other by the observance of certain laws and policies. 

Without the State, or without these laws, and without the mutual agreement and co-operation to observe them, the antagonist, the selfish and the out of control militant man, such as Commander Bainimarama, would be supreme.  The weak, the innocent, the begging to be different in the general population, would go hiding behind walls.  Life would become ruled by the law of the jungle.  Every ordinary person owes his security to the State, and is therefore under a duty and responsibility to it.

Ordinary people benefit from a wide range of state provided services which individually they could not attain to.

It would be impossible for every person (especially the state paid Fiji Military Forces) to have his own water, lighting, sewage and transportation system, etc.

It would be impossible for a person by himself to enjoy a system of municipal services, communication, social security, health and education, etc.

These things are only obtainable when people agree and co-operate to live together.  It would be quite wrong for a person to enjoy every thing wherewith the State provides him and refuse all responsibility to that State.

No person in all fairness takes everything and gives nothing.  That in fact, is one compelling reason why the individual person is bound in honour to be a good citizen, and to take his part in all the duties of citizenship. 

It was St. Paul’s main views that “Governments are Divinely Ordained To Save The World From Chaos”.  The Apostle Paul, as he saw things of his day, believed that the Roman Empire was the divinely ordained instruments to save the world from chaos.  Take away that Empire, as St. Paul saw it, and the world would disintegrate into flying fragments.

It was in fact, the Roman State, which gave the individual citizen the chance to do his work (Christian missionaries included).

Ideally people should be bound and co-operate together by the love of one’s own country; but they are not; and the only ultimate bond which keeps them together is the rule of law of the State.

The Apostle Paul saw in the State an instrument in the hand of God; the state preserved the world from chaos; those who minister the State are playing their part in that great task.  Whether they know it or not they are doing God’s work, and it is the duty of every citizen not to hinder, but rather to co-operate and positively assist.

And lastly, but not least, Paul said that all citizens have a higher obligation than even his obligation to the State.  While he must render to Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, he must also render to God the things that are God’s.

These are perilous times for our small nation and I call upon all to ponder earnestly and consider the path of lawful righteousness, truth, integrity and peace!!

Rev. Josateki F. Koroi
Waidradra, Deuba


Anonymous said...


The Hon. PM has already been advised of the exit strategy and he is building on that road. He might have done what was necessary to keep law and order but he knows the right path he must take now.

There has been others who have used pm name time and again to purse their own agenda and its time pm's eyes have been opened to see the real curpits. PM loyalist have been advising pm on these people and we welcome the changes that will come.

Sir, its time that all dirt is cleaned up, and you fullfil the orginal plan of 2006.

Tuiniwaluvu said...

In short Bainimarama should consider and submit to stepping down to a democratically elected Govt and await due process in law to take its place.

There is no other choice but to submit to popular majority rule.

Anonymous said...

9.32 pm... and does the PM expect to get off scot free because he now "is building on the road ... that he knows is right" .. a vague statement that actually says nothing.
Thankyou Rev. J. F. Koroi for a beautiful exposition of the Biblical point of view.
It would make a very good prelude to a new constitution.
...although I fear it is a bit like the proverbial "pearls before swine" situation. The moronic criminals mind cannot grasp the concept.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Dear Reverend Minister Koroi. Keep up the call of the gospel because that is exactly what is missing.
It shames me to say that "IF ONLY" your church, the Methodist Church and other fellow brethren of ours had spoken up during the Evil Pandora's (Rabuka's) time in 1987, we wouldn't be seeing this day. Even if we had spoken up during the year of the demon (Speight)in 2000, we would have been exempt of todays nightmare.
But let's have faith and hope in the gospel and God to deliver us.

Anonymous said...

Banana boy thinks he is God. That is one of the many problems that the illegal regime has.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said Reverend Koroi. Vinaka.

We can all see that there's no need for Bainimarama and his thieving cohorts to "await the changes" (refer to the 1st Anonymous post) ... they're just buying time and causing unnecessary hardship for the people and Fiji.

We can all see they have it within their power to make that change happen NOW.

Also... @ 1st anonymous - there's no need to insult our intelligence by trying to disengage the blameworthy from blame, we can all see it's a tad too late for that.

Let a CIVILIAN interim administration made up of our Fijian professional men and women with integrity (of which there are many) to guide the country back to elections so the people can have their say in who is to govern them.

Give Fiji a chance to make democracy and the multi-party cabinet concept work.

And if you sorry LOSERS become unhappy, then for heaven's sake, do yourselves a favour by using your brains, not brawns.. to engage ACTIVELY and CREATIVELY within the legal framework and processes in order to bring about changes to things that you're unhappy about -instead of robbing the people of their future through a coup d'etat, headed by a desperate killer.

Jale Ratu said...

If Rev Koroi had made such a powerful plea in 1987, may be then he would not have been dumped by the thugs Manasa Lasaro and co.

This article was written in 2006, by printing the same what do you aim to achieve.

That is water under the bridge now. An outdated letter that has no present meaningful purpose.

Anonymous said...

wonder if Rabuka took the same oath. But than of course God himself appeared before him(even Jesus loyal desiples were not privy to this.) to tell him to execute the first coup.

Anonymous said...

People should stop all the bullshit and call the spade a spade.
Voreqe is not the government . He is a criminal who stole the government from the people.
Stealing is stealing ( "full stop").
The people have every right to take it back from him.
Why are people calling him PM and legitimate?
He is an arsehole. He is a crminal , a thief, a murderer. He has no legitimacy.
Fijians are confused because they somehow fail to think logically.

Why do you think God gave us a brain?

Hello, this man stole this position.
If I go and steal somebody elses wife , does that make me the "legitimate " husband?
So why suddenly if somebody else steals the government we say he is legitimate? NEVER NEVER NEVER.

So lets get rid off him (Bainimarama) and deal with him like we deal with any other common criminal.

-Valataka na Dina.

Kenneth zinck said...

Rev Koroi,thank you very much for the voice of hope for our people based in the Gospel as you rightly quoted. If Frank Bainimarama can read your letter and share it with Khaiyum, would be nice and they both step down and submit to civilian rule. Lets pray that some good may come out of your Gospel sharing for the nation's sake. Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

TO Anonymous @9.32 pm,November 3

".....its time pm's eyes have been opened to see the real curpits..."

So it was closed ay???.....it was closed, thus putting us in a greater misery through his unethical and short sighted vision by signing Big Loans and dipping into FNPF Funds

Bainimarama is more unpopular than Speight!!!!

Yadra mai mo kila na leqa o sa cakava tu, tamata Bavulu!

E cava, o sa qai wilika tiko na mata ni meke ni sa cala tiko???

Anonymous said...

Thank you Reverend Koroi for reiterating your stance. I remember you were the sole voice who spoke against the 1987 coup, dissenting against the views and actions of your peers who supported the Military.

You have remained unflinching eversince then and I still remember the sermon you gave at Reverend Naibulivou's memorial service. You spoke to the congregation and reminded us that our right to worship, rights to our land, freedom of speech, our chiefly system and way of life were all being stripped away from us. The only thing that would separate right from wrong was....and you held up the bible and reminded us that God will enable us to stand up for the truth.

God Bless you Reverend Koroi and your mission which is our mission as well. To speak the truth without fear of repression, persecution and incrimination.

The Oracle said...

THIS IS A START.... Thank you Reverend Koroi.

All visitors to C4.5 should begin a campaign of printing this letter and distributing it as widely as possible, among soldiers and the public at large. Send on to friends also via email.
There's very little Bainimarama's thugs can do to an 81 year old man, apart from maybe keeping him under some kind of house-arrest.

Any violence against Reverend Koroi should be reported widely as this will likely spark off the "uprising" we're all hoping for.

JUST ONE PLEA: Let us learn from Egypt, Libya and others. Let us not allow whoever comes to power after Frank to fall into the same power-hungry trap and be no better than Bainimarama and his gang of thieves.
Let us be wary of politicians who will try and take advantage and grab the reigns of power -- we need NEW BLOOD, people who have Fiji and its people at heart - not their political careers!!
God Bless Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rev. I dont know who you are talking to...you lost me after you started harking back to Qarase.

To start with you presume to be talking to Christians in this country. Can you find 10.

Who puts Christ before , family, koro,mataqali,vanua??
Who puts Christ before bete-talatala,bati,ratu??

The churches are full, but who will remove his tongue, or eyes or ears before Christ.


Even you recognize this as you know Christ is not enough, thats why you must remind them that you are a fellow Bati. One Bati to another.
A man who blesses man before killing fellow man. A man who gives comfort to killers and murders before setting out to do their blessed deeds.

Sir, separate Jesus, the most adult man to walk the planet that showed Gods new plan to organize ourselves from his old plan of parent>child which leads to injustice born of tradition, racisism,bigotory etc.

Rather than all your words, wear a tshirt or rob as you wish.....printed with the words ..LIFT THE PER.....walk, if you are able, from anywhere and deliver the same simple words to Government House and present to President.

Ride a donkey, horse , I offer my back if you wish.

Follow your supposed master's example rather than talk!

Anonymous said...

We don't need to be lectured by anyone from the Methodist Church about what is right and wrong in Fiji. The Church has been one of the most pernicious influences in the country, backing coups that suit its purposes and opposing those that don't. So I would point the good reverend to that biblical passage that talks about having a plank in one's eye while complaining about a speck in another's. Josateki Koroi is a good man who had to endure his own coup when he was overthrown as Methodist Church president. But the Church itself is a disgrace and deserves the strongest condemnation for promoting racial division in the country.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, are you guys for real? Why highlight what Saint Paul had to say about anything except from the pulpit?

Fiji will never get anywhere unless we learn the importance of the separation of church and state.

Leave Christianity out of it. More than a third of the country is Hindu or Muslim. Are we going to hear from their representatives as well?

Taukei 5. said...

Vore & Nailatikau will never - repeat "never" surrender power for the simple reason they know what fate awaits them should they do so. You can't commit the hideous crime of torture & murder & hope people will somehow forget.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has been hijacked by a gang of dozen thugs who are skimming corrupt monies and millions in kickbacks and bribes from no tender billion dollar deals-like the waila city project.

A mother of all coups is the only way to arrest this thug junta and return fiji to the people.

The people power revolution to rid the Fiji Gadaffi must be done.

There is no other way.

Enough is enough before Fiji is doomed by these thugs.

Who elected these thugs?

They coup forceline they must be arrested forceline.

Beleive in the cause not method.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9.32pm

The only change we want is the return to a democracy in line with the decision of the Fiji Court of Appeal on 09 April 2009.

We want an immediate end to dictatorship and military rule in Fiji.

We have had enough of your failures, like various debacles in FSC, Air Pacific, FHL, Rewa Dairy and so on, which has caused a lot of economic hardship.

You have interferred in sporting bodies and caused poor performances by the rugby, netball and SPG teams.

There is widespread corruption and cronyism, and abuse of human rights with some even getting murdered by your regime.

There is no more time to waste. Get out, and get out now! No we don't want a mere reshuffling of players with the regime still remaining largely intact.

We want a complete change through the implementation of the Court of Appeal decision in the following steps:

1. Sack the pretend President Nailatikau.

2. Return all military personnel to the barracks.

3. Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi to resume as Vice President, and then as Acting President to fill in for the vacant position of President.

4. Acting President to appoint a Caretaker Prime Minister and Government.

5. Caretaker Government to organise general elections under the provisions of the 1997 Constitution within 12 months.

We want all your soldiers to be brave enough to face the consequences of your illegal actions from 05 December 2006 onwards.

You must all be investigated, and face charges and punishment for treason. The same must apply to your civilian supporters.

This is the only legal way that we can get our beloved Fiji back on tract, and regain its rightful place as a free country and proud member of the international community.


Fiji churchman urges soldiers not to obey government

Pacific Beat
Thursday, 3 November 2011

Updated 03/11/2011 17:10:59

A senior figure in Fiji's influential Methodist Church has urged the country's soldiers not to obey the coup installed military government.

Former Methodist Church President Reverend Josateki Koroi, who used to be the army's senior chaplain, says soldiers are obliged to obey a legal government, but he doesn't believe the present one fits the bill.

He made the call by reissuing a seven page letter he originally published just before the 2006 coup which installed military commander Frank Bainimarama as interim prime minister.

mark manning said...




Like a light bulb, you can't make a Soldier of the RFMF change, it has to want to change.

sara'ssista said...

The Rev should be Vice President under Ratu Joni M, as the current 'president' was illegally appointed and also has no legitimacy. At least Ratu Jone has the moral authority to speak and hold office.He can then cal a consitutiuonal convention and new election all rapt up prior to 2014. It doesn't take eight long hyears to work this out, It takes someone who isn't senile, who isn't self interested and easily manipulated by the boys in green, who only seek to entrench their own power and assumed positions.

Anonymous said...

Weilei.. e se qai yadra mai o adi bera!

Good morning, good Reverend.. vinaka na vakadrakai!

Anonymous said...

@annonymous 9.32pm

you and yr pm are the very dirt that need to be cleaned up and cleared out.


for goodness sakes' ...

who is still calling for Rt Joni Madraiwiwi? Let's have some one healthy please that is of no liability to the State.

Sharon S said...

I am afraid that we will not allow this man to become a hero and martyr. What he says clearly violates the PER, the media and crime decrees and first and foremost the views of our dear leader. In contrast to other, less advanced countries, Fiji has a military that obeys orders, irrespective of their moral or ethical implications. Fijian soldiers have comparative genetic advantages that allow them not to question what a superior demands. Acceptance of authority is part of Fijian tradition. Respect for the leaders is one of the highest values in Fijian culture.

So, where do we go from here? Last time when we tried to haul Koroi in for re-education and enlightenment at the barracks he refused to go. He requested to be killed and his dead body presented to the Commodore. This clearly shows that he suffers from a genetic deficit which is fortunately very uncommon in Fiji. In popular language this genetic disorder would be called guts or even balls. If he wasn’t a very old fellow we would have to amputate these as a precautionary measure to stop the genetic disorder from spreading. But all we have to do now is to wait until the last fearless warrior of Fiji dies a natural death.

Anonymous said...

After everything he's been subjected to over many years by those he mistakenly believed were friends & supporters my suggestion to Ratu Joni would be forget Viti & its lazy dysfuctional people for awhile & explore what the rest of the world offers a person of his calibre. They got themselves in this mess - let them get themselves out.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the Methodist church is indirectly still ramming a big stick up all of Fiji's you know what. It appears that the Methodist church is Fiji's biggest problem. Guess how many percent of the Military is Methodist. about 80%. Guess who has been responsible for all the coups in this country. The Military. The Methodist church whether indirectly or directly is responsible for 90% of the problems we face today as a nation. They have set in churches worshiping Jesus all the while practicing racial hatred and playing politics to suit their own agenda. Instead of teaching the values of hard work love, respect and all that is good in Christianity they set about trying to protect the supremacy of the i-taukei (when it was never threatened) over all others in this land using the tried and tested methods of fear intimidation coups and the list goes on. If there is anything that Frank has done that is worthy of any positive comment that is the fact that he has made the Methodist church irrelevant. Before he goes out of power he needs to ensure that the Methodist church is never allowed to rear its ugly side into Fiji's political history again.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Ratu Joni's health does not allow him very much to explore the world's offerings.

Democrat said...

Hopefully he can also make the Catholic Church irrelevant. We are sick and tired of religion - we want a secular state.

Anonymous said...

WE WANT HEAVEN.. And the only way there is through Jesus Christ who is the only Way the only Truth and the Life. All else are delusions

Anonymous said...

Rev Koroi is a gentleman. We should all follow his example.

Anonymous said...

ANON 5.25 Good suggestion. No religion in politics. A secular state based on true democratic principals is what we need. No more no less.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I just heard this guy on Radio Australia and he's gaga. They shouldn't exploit an old man like this to promote old news. What are his relatives thinking?

Sick of annnoymous comments said...

Anon@4.40pm The Methodist Church is stronger than you, goon head. Your fear and that of the regime of the Methodist Church speaks for itself.

Not so annoymous said...

Speech written in 2006 but absolutely legit for 2011, 2012, 2013 etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

Speech of 2006 , where is the speech in 1987, no one bothered and 99% of the natives believed that Rabuka did the right thing, now you sow what you reap!!!!
The reverend is a good man but no one listened to him the vanua was bigger then God . Methodist church wreched the country and they have to be sacrificed in order to restore democracy in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Talatala, God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

“One wants to live, of course, indeed one only stays alive by virtue of the fear of death, but I think, as I thought then, that it is better to die violently and not too old.”
― George Orwell

Anonymous said...

May i suggest we all read 'The Animal Farm'. This novel portrays corrupt leadership as the flaw in revolution (and not the act of revolution itself), it also shows how potential ignorance and indifference to problems within a revolution could allow horrors to happen if a smooth transition to a people's government is not achieved. Worth reading.

Anonymous said...

As a Catholic I think its about time our Church stand up and condemn the military for the road it is taking. I believe if our Church was hoodwinked by the Military. Archbishop Mataca and all of us Catholics must accept admission and disassociate ties with the Military immediately.
Vinaka Tua you are a brave man.
May your son TUKANA follow in your footstep.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rev. Koroi!!!

You got more balls than all Fijian men put together, in this country!!

God Bless You!! and let's hope all these madness comes to an end very soon!!!

We are so sick of these fuck'n Illegal morons!!!

Please God we want your devine intervention???? NOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11.16a.m. - with you there mate.

Archbishop Petero Mataca and Father Kevin Barr could issue a CLEAR AND UNAMBIGUOUS public release to that effect, disassociating themselves from the military junta they once courted.

In the meantime, I urge all catholics not to give a cent to the church but to give it directly where its most needed.

mark manning said...

@ anon 816 a.m.
Why read the book when you can watch the Animated Version on DVD or youtube ?


Anonymous said...

Sharon S

Maj (Ret) Rev Koroi will live to be more than 100 years old. Your Nero Bai has not very much time.

This is because your Bai is obsessed while the Reverend calmly speaks God's mind and will unafraid of death.

Anonymous said...


Even if that letter was written 1000 years ago, it still has a meaningful purpose.

God's word,a part of which was presented by Rev Koroi, will not pass away even if the whole world passes away.

Anonymous said...

If this articles was sent to everyone in the military, howcome
no one listened?Howcome no one responded? Where was RUM and DRITI
or Baledrokadroka? Where was Tarakinikini?No one pay attention, to the old man.Well,guess what? No one listen to Noah either, till the rain started to fall&falls until the earth was under water? Thanks
Tauvu...you da man!!!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Rev Koroi. For your information, we the military people are starting to see the true motives of Bainimarama and the few who strongly supports him. If anyone can offer us alternative employment, we will come out in the open with all guns blazing.

Don't worry people of Fiji, not everyone in the Fiji Military are fools or criminals, we are just trying to feed our families. We are silently praying with our families to find a way out of these mess. Watch us (Military) closely, the great 'Farmer' is ridding the weeds from his farm. He will burn some, bury some, leave some for the wild animals and birds and the rest of the weeds will be left in the open to wither.

Look closely people, the Great Hands of our God is at work within the Fiji Military, alas!!! not harvesting but CHOPPING!!!!!!and EXPOSING!!!!

Laiva me Bau!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All I need to know is to why the church fully supported Rabuka and Speight. Bainimarama did wrong but so did the other two. But yet the church never said anything in 1987 and 2000.
The church gave Rabuka and Speight hero status.
Guess case of soar grapes or the shoe being in the other foot.

Anonymous said...

Trues-up people, Bainimarama is a Fijian Chief-look it up in the VKB.
You don't think that the man, is a legit nationalist? I have a land for you in Florida!
His coup may be unpopular to the old order chiefs, but it's taking
a while to changed old opinion,but
they're all coming around? Check this out, he hasn't made any drastic change to anything Fijians.
Seems to me that he is doing his best to pushed the Fijians-like it or not-into the 21st century?Hopefully he'll step-down in 2014 as he promised? Hey, i'm begining to believe that he will!!!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka....vinaka....and we continue to wait......For what?!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning agaian with his smart aleck remarks about watching animated version-animated is whats happening to Indigenous Australians-you White fallows are slowly turing them to be like animals, in your treatment of them-but you sure as hell doing it slowly!


I salute you Rev Josateki F koroi you are a true christian leader, thats what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. Rev Desmond Tutu also speaks and criticise about the injustice that happening in Africa.WHAT HAS HAPPEN TO OUR CHRISTIAN LEADERS IN FIJI??? Catholics, Anglicans,Asemmbles of God,Seventh Days Adventist,Jovahs Wittness, Penticostal Church,and other christian denominations ect,ect. WHY ARE YOU TURNING A BLIND EYE ON THE INJUSTICE THATS HAPPENING TO OUR PEOPLE??? WHY?? WHY?? YOU HYPOCRITES.How can you quote from the bible and read the gospel and preach on it. The gospel of Jesus Christ is living word, Jesus speaks about actions not sleeping, its time for you to act on what you preach, and be call true christians, if you realy know where the word christian come from then act on it. God Bless.


I salute you Rev Josateki F koroi you are a true christian leader, thats what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. Rev Desmond Tutu also speaks and criticise about the injustice that happening in Africa.WHAT HAS HAPPEN TO OUR CHRISTIAN LEADERS IN FIJI??? Catholics, Anglicans,Asemmbles of God,Seventh Days Adventist,Jovahs Wittness, Penticostal Church,and other christian denominations ect,ect. WHY ARE YOU TURNING A BLIND EYE ON THE INJUSTICE THATS HAPPENING TO OUR PEOPLE??? WHY?? WHY?? YOU HYPOCRITES.How can you quote from the bible and read the gospel and preach on it. The gospel of Jesus Christ is living word, Jesus speaks about actions not sleeping, its time for you to act on what you preach, and be call true christians, if you realy know where the word christian come from then act on it. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

valataka na dina....ke dua iko lasutaka ....o iko o lasutaki iko tikoga....ona tarogi kina....

Anonymous said...

Mr Koroi just stick to the work of God and not Politics...... PLEASE ....KERKERE. Let Bainimrama take care of it
nona qito o BAI Qori