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Friday, November 11, 2011

FTUC leaders out of custody

Out of detention for now: Urai and Anthony. pic www.labourstart.org.

Fiji Trade Union Congress president Daniel Urai and general secretary Felix Anthony have been released but the matter is unlikely to end there.

Urai was released yesterday on bail only and the charge of urging others to act against the regime stands. He is under curfew and is to report to Lautoka Police daily.

Anthony has also been released from custody, without being charged and assistant police commissioner Henry Brown confirming he was questioned "in regards to certain serious allegations". Brown says Anthony "may be brought in again for questioning when the need arises".  

Two trade unionists volunteered to act as sureties for Urai, the Fiji Teachers Union general-secretary Agni Deo Singh and Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions general-secretary, Attar Singh. 

Urai and Anthony's release came with the help of regional and international unions who've taken strong interest in the plight of the FTUC leaders and the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree.


mark manning said...

Brown is digging himself into an ever deeper hole !
Once this coup is over, these Unionists should sue the pants off of all these Regime idiots in a Civil Action and take everything they and their families own. That might deter the next lot of people contemplating a coup.

I'm interested to learn this morning that America is to build a joint Marine Base in Darwin !
Maybe you guys need to start lobbying the President to step up opposition to this Regime before he arrives in Australia.

Anonymous said...

..Urai n Anthony were once coup supporters...so when democracy returns, all will go to prison..caka tiko vei cei na ka qo..ni veiliumuri taki tiko ga.Fiji will never move forward..too many backstabbers

Anonymous said...

thanks the support from international Unions. i think the forum is now for the people of Fiji to step up. either do it now or leave for death under Baini n AG dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Rumours that Kalevu Ratu Sakiusa Makutu and Ratu Epenisa Cakobau in custoy over coup plot?

Anonymous said...

Lobby of the USA president must start now to show him the truth happening by a gang of thugs junta who are raping democracy and doing billion dollar scams.

Anonymous said...

Anthony could make a tidy living in Australia as a Freddie Mercury impersonator. His problem now is that he may be doing the same impersonation in Naboro Prison, but it won't involve singing.

Down with the cowardly, corrupt regime--come on people, take to the streets and bring these tyrants to justice!

Anonymous said...

union/ilo/overseas counter parts should have a black ban on fiji planes.

mark manning said...

No time for losers :-
Regime resisters new Anthem :-
We are the Champions !

MODRI said...

ANON@ 12.17 said:
Urai n Anthony were once coup supporters...so when democracy returns, all will go to prison

Good idea. Don't forget other former coup supporters as well... including half of the SLD party who supported the 2k coup, also, Rabuka and his 1987 stooges. And of course the other people who pulled the strings behind the scenes or had prior knowledge and did nothing, people like Inoke Kubuobola, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why not start listing supporters and hangers on of all coupos separately for 1987, 1990, 2000, and 2006?

Somebody resourceful can do this.

mark manning said...

It's looking like Viti might just have to have a big fence put around it and be renamed " VITI PRISON " !

Is there anyone left in Fiji, who hasn't had something to do with a coup or helped and or supported Rabuka, Speight or Bainimarama ?

Once Democracy is restored and people are held accountable, what can be done or must be done, to stop another coup and to restore the once proud reputation of the RFMF, Fiji Navy and Fiji Police Force ?

Are the Servicemen and Servicewomen aware that while they collect their wages every fortnight, the rest of the Community in Fiji is suffering ?

No matter their individual viewpoint, don't they care ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mark Manning-had to support all 3 coups-why? you may ask.Well,first of-it's all about money? If you don't have it,you'd
take it from anyone willing to give
them to you? So i kissed a little bit of Ass here and a little bit of ass there and get paid for it,hey what the hell-i get da money
and all is good!!!Who knows, Mr RUM,Driti or Baledrokadroka might
also pull a coup against the PM and
will i support them, if they win? I don't know? It's possible?However, ass kissin(Nawalowalo Syndrome) is not so good for ones health.But the mulla is always good.

mark manning said...

@ anon 111 am
For every dollar the Soldiers receive, it costs Fijians 3 dollars in the long term.
Now that's progress Fiji Island style !
No wonder Fijians are becoming the laughing stock of the Pacific.