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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Leaked email reveals Fiji PSA union leader in denial

IN THE FRAME: Rajeshwar Singh with Urai, Anthony and Australian unionists in July. He sys he was with them but didn't call on Aussie unions to take strike action.

An email about the the General Secretary of the Fiji Public Service Association, Rajeshwar Singh, suggests he is distancing himself or has sold fellow trade union leaders Daniel Urai and Felix Anthony out.

According to the email which has been leaked to Coupfourpointfive, Singh denies he had any part in calling on Australian Unions to take strike action against Fiji, particularly Air Pacific.

The email was written by disgraced former Fijian Holdings Ltd chair and lawyer Carl Ngamoki Cameron to the Permanent Secretary for Finance, Filimone Waqabaca, on November 4, the day police arrested Felix Anthony, and searched both the union headquarters as well as his home. Urai had been arrested earlier.

Ngamoki's email reads:

Dear Mr Waqabaca,
I write to inform you that I have had the opportunity to meet with Rajeshwar Singh at our recent ATS board meeting yesterday.
At the conclusion of our board meeting we asked Mr Singh to respond to allegations that he was involved with Daniel Urai and Flex Anthony in calling on Australian Unions to take strike action against Fiji, particularly Air Pacific.
Mr Singh denied any involvement in such activities, although, he did admit that he was with Mr Urai and Mr Anthony.
Mr Singh has agreed to step down as Chair of our Human Resource Sub Committee and allow me to Chair that committee. I am happy to work with Mr Singh, and he has been advised to seek clarification of this matter with you and your department, regarding the above allegation and his suspended directors fees.
Thank you for your time. I would be pleased to explain any matter further.
Kind Regards,
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron

It's possible Singh is protecting himself from the vengeful regime but detractors who forwarded the email to Coupfourpointfive tend to think he has betrayed fellow unionists.

They also ask why Singh didn't act as a surety for Urai; with Attar Singh the general secretary of Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions and Fiji Teachers Union general-secretary Agni Deo Singh stepping to the role.

Readers will recall that Singh was with Urai and Anthony in Australia in July when the FTUC union leaders were seeking the support of the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Transport Workers Union over the Essential National (Employment) Industries.
Singh was also seen with Roko Ului Mara, Urai and Anthony at a Fiji Democracy meeting in Australia. On his return, he was accused by the regime of using work time to promote a personal agenda with chief censor Sharon Smith Johns claiming PSA members wanted him to step down.

Coupfourpointfive ran the following story at the time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011
Singh and Anthony hit back at claims Fiji's PSA want them out

The trade unionists who've been trying to get Australian and New Zealand unions to intervene in Fiji are standing their ground.
The illegal regime yesterday released a statement claiming FPSA members wanted the General Secretary of the Fiji Public Service Association, Rajeshwar Singh, to step down.

Singh has today told Fiji Village that if some FPSA members want him out then they should follow the procedures under the Association’s constitution to take that step.

MINFO spokesperson Sharon Smith Johns claims "some civil servants in Fiji’s largest trade union visited her and raised concern about Singh meeting with the Australian unions."

Smith Johns says FPSA members say Singh had no mandate to speak on behalf of them with the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Transport Workers Union.

Fijivillage says Singh has denied any knowledge of any sanctions and has also agreed to driving a BMW X5 but says the purchase price is less than half the figure claimed and that members had approved the purchase of the car.

Singh's apparent $200,000 has also been revealed by the regime. 

The FTUC has also released the following statement:

We, the Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) are appalled by the statement issued by the Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation (FCEF) calling on FTUC to refrain from protecting the very existence of Trade Unions in Fiji.
We remind FCEF of the recent agreement between the Government, the FCEF AND FTUC on the Decent Work Country Programme wherein the parties agreed to the promotion and respect of the ILO Core Labour Conventions. Recent decrees namely the Administration of Justice Decrees 2009 and subsequent Amendment Decree and Decree Number 21 of 2011 blatantly violate the Core Conventions and attempt to decimate the Trade Unions in the Public Sector and Government owned entities.

We cannot have two sets of laws, one for the Public Sector and another for the Private Sector. We expect that when agreements are entered into, they are fully respected.

The FCEF should remind Government of their obligations and ask that Government respect their side of the deal instead of lecturing FTUC. The impact of any action by Unions is a direct result of the breach and violations of workers’ fundamental rights which the FCEF recognizes. We urge the FCEF not to attempt to play politics now and put the blame where it rightfully belongs.

We, the FTUC, condemn the direct interference of the Government in the affairs of our affiliate, the Fiji Public Service Association (FPSA) through the media release by the Ministry of Information and the comments of the Attorney General. Government has no business in the internal affairs of any Union.

We remind the Government that Officials of the affiliates of FTUC are elected and therefore have full legitimacy unlike this Government. Unions have a mandate to speak on behalf of the workers they represent and are governed by rules and a Constitution. If any member is aggrieved by any decision of the Union, the Constitution of the Unions provide for process to address these concerns. It does not require Government to try and intervene in the internal affairs of the unions.

The FTUC clearly sees such intervention by Government as an attempt to weaken the solidarity of Unions and their members and to politically weaken Unions. This will not work. The FTUC urges Government to respect the rights of workers and their Freedom of Association. Such actions are also in breach of ILO Core Conventions which the Government has ratified and is obligated to respect and promote. It is our sincere hope that Fiji is not judged as a rouge state in the ILO.

The FTUC is also concerned at the comments attributed to the Attorney General which appear to be petty in nature where personal attacks are being made on various elected leaders of the Unions. We remind the Attorney General that these Unions and their Leaders are legitimate and legal and that the Attorney General has no standing in questioning the actions or decisions of these Unions for obvious reasons.

We ask, what consultations and mandate the Attorney General has to produce Decrees and impose them on the citizens. If the Attorney General wants accountability from Unions, he needs to start with himself. Can he tell the Nation what he is costing the taxpayers and why the taxpayers who did not choose him to lead, should pay. 
Read the MINFO Statement on Singh


Anonymous said...

for a start please remove Carl from all the board he represents...he has created enough shit in FHL board..

mark manning said...

Since 2007, I personally wrote to several Governments, Government Departments and Unions to ask them to effect an embargo and to request they increase sanctions against the Regime in Fiji.

It's not beyond others, from outside of Fiji, to make these requests, so why blame the guys in Fiji ?

Anonymous said...

Chinese miner Aurum Exploration (Fiji) Limited will expand its investment in the North.

This message was relayed to the Permanent Secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources, Filimoni Kau, by the vice-president –– Xinfa China, Liu Jijun before the delegation from China left the country.

Mr Kau said Mr Liu and his team were happy with what they saw at Nawailevu when Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, opened the bauxite mine and mining last week. He said the company’s decision to expand its operations in the North is a boost to the Government’s Look North Policy.

Mr Kau said the decision by Aurum sent a clear message to foreign countries of investor confidence in Fiji.

Mr Kau said to begin with the expansion, the company had bought a sawmill at Savusavu.

He said the company would now begin building barges to help transport mined bauxite to ships from China for its transportation to its factory for processing.

“Soil containing bauxite would be shipped overseas for refining as Fiji did not have the capacity to extract the bauxite from the soil,” Mr Kau said.

The first shipment of soil will be early next year.

Mr Kau said the company had agreed to help with rural development in the areas of their work.

He said the expansion would create jobs for local people.

Anonymous said...

Its not bauxite mining going on in fiji but fijian land is sold to china where the fijian land is digged and shipped to china to look for bauxite.

the land and enviroment if doomed and fijians will wake up when all the land is gone.

UNIONIST said...

What a bullshit post.

Where did Rajeshwar Singh 'sell them out'?

I don't think C4.5 knows what 'selling out' means.

For him to say he wasn't involved doesn't mean anything other than 'he wasn't involved.

So? Urai and Anthony would say the same thing.

Democrat said...

See how the unions bicker amongst themselves. We do not want this regime but we also do not want these socialist unions that have blackmailed Fiji on so many occasions and are a major cause of the coups in the past.
Let us do a deal - no unions and no army in Fiji. Both are the problem. Then we can settle down and MAKE MONEY and get our people out of poverty.

haere ra said...

welll this post just as revealing about the vermin carl ngamoki cameron who is obviously still lining his pockets with easy fiji taxpayer money. filthy carpetbager

Anonymous said...

felix/urai are the hero here .
ag f idiot loser bastard.
well said felix ag /bai has no mandate from fiji people to write bs decree.
keep the fight brothers.
god bless union/gcc/church/other freedom fighters.

Anonymous said...

The truth will set the vanua landowners free.

The truth is their land is torn apart and exported to china and mining is done in china, like the bauxite.

There is no real mining but fijian land is sold to china by corrupt dictator.

Anonymous said...

If the soil itself is going to be shipped overseas wont that leave a big hole? Then landslides, polluted rivers and streams, no more prawns and fish for the villagers, then they move to the city and can't find jobs, poverty....hense the term "Domino Effect"

Trumped Up said...

War on the Fiji Times continues.....

First false charges and sentencing of Times chairman M Patel, now Aiarse is going after Fiji Times again….

AG granted leave to initiate court proceeding against Fiji Times for publishing someone elses opinion that there is no judiciary here……….

AG granted leave to initiate court proceeding against Fiji Times

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The High Court yesterday granted leave to Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to initiate proceedings for contempt of court against the Fiji Times Limited, the Fiji Times Editor Fred Wesley, and the Fiji Times Publisher Brian O’Flaherty.

Legal action is taken against the article, “FIFA probes Doc,” which appeared in the Fiji Times on Monday, 07 November, 2011.

Statements in the article questioned the existence of a judiciary in Fiji, potentially undermining the public’s confidence in the administration of justice, and potentially damaging the integrity of the enforcement of justice.

This is the second time that contempt proceedings have been initiated against the Fiji Times Limited, its editors and publishers.

In 2008, when contempt of proceedings were brought against Fiji Times Limited, the then-Editor, and the then-Publisher, they pleaded guilty.

The case will be called next in the High Court on 28 November.

Report by : Ritika Pratap

Anonymous said...

That is the man if you do not know who he Rajeshwar really is. He is quite a liumuri.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous2:25 & 26
Just like Nauru.
And now they are f...ed and lost everything, including their nice big house in Melbourne.

mark manning said...

Evil succeeds when good men do nothing :-

Anonymous said...

anon@2:26PM Yes, you're absolutely
right and when all the land is gone
you can float around in a piece of log in the pacific ocean?THANKS YOU
Anon@6:03PM...I'm with you getting rid of the Union&the Army keep an eye on the AG he just might jailed
another Union crooks?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off-topic here but couple postings above about Land being shipped off to China is bothering me.
I don't know whether to laugh at the stupidity of these villagers and Frank or to be sad for them or to get angry and defend them.

It is obvious that if the Chinese are going to ship Fijian soil then you can bet your bottom dollar they have have discovered something more profitable than Bauxite in the soil and dare I say something more profitable than Gold.
Because even gold, they refine it in Fiji.
The Chinese are not stupid.

Secondly if they remove 20 feet of topsoil (depth) does that mean that the Fijian villagers now don't own anything after that?
They don't even own the land.
Because I think there is a law which says you only own land upto 20 feet depth and after that it belongs to the government.
So technically these Fijians won't own anything after the Chinese have removed the first 20 feet of topsoil.
Kemudou na wekaqu mai Bua, kerekere dou lai taura lesu tale na nomudou qele.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

and just to add to my post above:

The Army which the Fijians love, which they nutured and cared for, now stands ready to THREATEN them and even KILL them if they want to grab their land back.

-Valataka na Dina.
( get rid off the army).

No Retreat said...

The house boat people will then start similar to China where the soil are taken....

Nothing new but ends in Fiji's destruction.

Wake up Fiji!!!!

Mine is theirs said...

Want to know what is more valuable than gold or bauxite that would warrant shipping soil to China for processing (if this is really happening)?

Rare earth elements/minerals.

The Oracle said...

We all know who made Rajeshwar Singh and to whom his loyalty lies -- Mahendra Chaudhry.

(Jesus): Peter, thou art the rock upon which I shall build my church...
(Chaudhry): Rajesh, to you I bequeath the FPSA. Whatever you do, do it in my name and my interests!!!!

Singh's members, the civil servants, take a back seat to self-interest and FLP politics.
As boss of one of the most influential unions (through the size and the power of its membership), Rajeshwar Singh is sitting on a gold mine - easy income, very little work to do.
Why would he sacrifice that for either Daniel Urai or Felix Anthony and what does it matter if the rival union umbrella group, FICTU, comes in to provide the shelter Urai needed by way of a surety?
The "betrayal" of "Biblical proportions" stands out like a sore thumb - Peter, keen to be seen with Jesus and to promote Jesus' message amongst the multitudes but the first to deny any direct link to Jesus (and by inference, to Jesus' campaign).

Sa liumuri, sa liumuri ga!!! Aage pitche of the first order!!!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese not only want the Bauxite but also need the soil as they now realise they have covered too much of their land in concrete.

Anonymous said...

Esala Teleni will be sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Defence later this week. I can also confirm that AG Aiyaz Saiyad Khayium has been instructed to tender his resignation, and in typical Aiyaz style, he is now running around trying to wiggle his way out!!! Stay tuned!!!!!

mark manning said...

God help Fiji !

Anonymous said...

Our fathers and grandfathers went to war because of a threat of invasion by Japan wanting to take our land. Now this banana man and a useless generation of military dick-heads are selling it by the shipload to the chinese!! Rest in peace "qase" or pray to God these people get what they deserve! Death by black velvet gloves!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be cheaper to build a bauxite processing plant and give fijians jobs then to ship Fiji owned soil to China.....Smells Fishy..

Anonymous said...

I have always said he was no good bad vibes when I met him. Ask about his properties overseas yous will be shocked

Anonymous said...

Mark amnning -no wonder nothings happening your end-the Govt departments & unions think you are a joke as for your comment about God helping Fiji-no! It will be the people of Fiji who will help Fiji! maybe should ask God to help the Blacks of your country or are they are lost cause to your writings-spend some time writing to your Govt thatbthe Indigenous Aussies are dying form every disease know to mankind! Or is this part of the White man plan to cull the black fallow!

Anonymous said...

Well at least some people are trying to do something while the others sit and watch or write long sweet nothing in this blog join the Unions in bringing democracy to Fiji

Anonymous said...

Funny these are the same Union Leaders that supported Frank at one time-or am i mistaken??!!! Dari dara a tu na da!