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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nakarawa back in army fold after 'resigning' for World Cup

 Nakarawa in Auckland. picture by Hannah Johnston/Getty Images AsiaPac

The army officer who resigned from the RFMF to go to the Rugby World Cup as a player for Fiji was seen training with the Army team last weekend. 

Leone Nakarawa was at the Army Training Group grounds for the Sukuna Bowl clash with Police this Friday. 

Sources say he is with the Territorial Forces. As we warned when Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully (pictured), revealed Nakarawa had been granted the visa, the regime has made a fool of New Zealand.

Another one who has made a fool of supporters is Bill Gavoka, the father-in-law of Aiyaz Khaiyum, who is now a member of Fijian Holdings Board of Directors. 

Sources say his family is unhappy he has sold out having told them earlier not to have anything to do with Khaiyum and even stopped some of them from attending the wedding in March. 

Gavoka is not formally qualified for such a role, having only been educated to Form 4. He was Laisenia Qarase's ally and went on to secure the Fiji Visitors Bureau job as a result of that friendship. Now, he is benefiting from his familial links with Khaiyum. 

We revealed several months ago, too, that Ella Gavoka was to become head of Fiji Visitors Bureau and it seems our information has come true. 
COSY AS: Gavoka and Khaiyum.


Anonymous said...

Dee Wa says..

Not surprised at all. I wonder why were they appointed to top positions in the first place.

These once were bosses have shown their true colours - gutless and unprincipled. the longer this mass has dragged the more once were bosses jump ship.

They will choose to side with the devils...

Ratu Borogaga said...

wow!! Bainimarama family and aiyarse family taking over gov posts.

Dinage said...

And the circus continue

Mazda 626 said...

Unionist should watch out for special branch operatives reporting to SSP Brown on union activities especially one cross eye operative hanging out with sangam temple members in howell rd.

mirchai fala said...




Anonymous said...

Really hard to attack Gavoka Credibility...he's done well during his shift with Fiji Tourism.
Can't fault him for outstanding chair for FRU either? We're talking
about his own daughter, married to the devil,what can he do? Can't get
rid of his own daughter,at least i wouldn't? May be he's trying to manuever the AG, back to the good side? Who knew, the AG has been wearing Fijian Sulus lately, it maybe working -people??? Anything
is possible and Mr Gavoka is possibly banking on that???

Anonymous said...

Yep folks. It helps when you have the guns or, daughters to marry off. Then you can scratch all the tavales and momos backs. And yes the funny circus is in full swing.

Ratu Borogaga said...

No wonder Fiji didn't do well at RWC, everything was a LIE!

Anonymous said...

all are bunch of CROOKS...about time all their bank accounts get properly audited...

Anonymous said...

Lesu tale i nona lua o vutulaki.

Anonymous said...

its time for fiji people to open their eyes and stand up and fight for freedom and democracy.
look at syria small child and ladies all marching on the street.
when we will see this in fiji.
if we cant stand up and fight than we have to blame our own people.
bai/ag families are filling the pocket and jobs in govt and boards.

Anonymous said...


And now Dere is the 7s Coach thanks to Military connection!!!

New Zealand should suspend any Fiji Rugby Union touring apart from village, club and provincial teams with conditions of no close Military connections

Anonymous said...

NAKARAWA,,......bau toso yani i Saracens me rawa na bula......se mai via tara soresore ga kei iratou na bavulu vakataki Colnel UnEthical Mo Tikoitoga!!!

Fiji Bitter said...

Poor McCully and John Key...blaidy fools! Shud be like the Aussies, never trust anyone in the regime.

The Oracle said...


On Bill Gavoka:

Bill Gavoka may have only attained a Form Four education. However, his experience includes jobs in the bank including the then City Bank. He also did time as a librarian and later rose through the ranks in tourism under the guidance of people like Radike Qereqeretabua. Bill also learned about worker rights and its related struggles from his late father, Mr Qavoka.

I do wonder at his latest appointment, but I have no qualms with his level of education and his work experience - besides, Form Four back in the sixties would probably be equivalent to Seventh Form in today's environment!! That's how diluted our education system has become!

On Nakarawa - yes, he is now in the Territorial Force. And yes, NZ will not be duped twice.

Anonymous said...

IRB and NZ Government are shown to be gullible fools for believing the lying, thieving and immoral illegal military regime. The idiots in the Illegal Junta do not realise there will be consequences for this deception when it comes to funding from the IRB for Fijian Rugby for the Sevens team and International Rugby as well as development of Rugby in Fiji. There is even a good reason to ban Fiji from all International Sevens and all International Tests and ban all Fijian Rugby Players from playing for any overseas Rugby Clubs until Fijian Government is elected in free, fair and honest Democratic Election. They have made Mike Miller the IRB CEO look like a complete idiot and all Fijians will pay the price.

mark manning said...

Don't underestimate the New Zealand Government.
I'm sure that they were fully aware that this cowardly pathetic member of the RFMF had not cut ties with it, but stuck to their agenda, which a was to allow people into New Zealand, who were not " currently " members of the RFMF and coup supporters.
This reflects not on the New Zealand Government, but on the Regime, showing that it will stoop to any level to pretend to be something it's not.
Frank and co. have no credibility and someone should write to the New Zealand Prime Minister ands suggest that from now on, the Travel Ban be placed on anyone who has had dealings with the coup or any soldier who has been in the RFMF since December the 5th. 2006.
Let's put the ball back into Frank's Court !
You can get the Prime Minister's email address online !

This Soldier has shown us and reconfirmed for us, the calibre of Frank's men, no honour, no loyalty and no honesty or integrity at all.

mark manning said...

It's a damn shame Gavoka has dropped his Sulu for Aiyaz !

Anonymous said...

All talk no action

The Oracle said...

@Mark Manning...

A clarification. A sulu (lower case) is a thing that Fijian males wear. Sulu (with a capital S) is the name of a person and is, more often, short for Sulueti. And if you didn't know, one of Bill Gavoka's younger siblings is called Sulu.

Also, to Gavoka family: My apologies - I meant Mr Gavoka (senior - May He Rest In Peace) in my earlier posting and NOT Mr Qavoka (as typed).

To C4.5: Thank you also for your balance.

To Bill Gavoka: I know you read this Blogsite - maybe you can enlighten us on Mark Manning's referece to your dropping your sulu for Aiyaz?

Anonymous said...

BG never claimed to be a scholar. He went to form 6 in Xavier College after Ratu Kadavulevu and Cuvu High School. He achieved whatever he accomplished in life through the hard way. He served with the Library Services of Fiji, Citicorp, Thomas Cook and Shangri-la hotels. Other than the Library Services, all his employers were global companies, with highly developed systems and cultures, and meaning he did not benefit from any local connections. He became CEO of the FVB after having served in senior positions in tourism for a good part of his life. The council of rugby recognized all these when they made him chairman of rugby. He represents the class A shares in FHL, who are nominated by the independent shareholders, the majority of whom are the provincial councils. Directors in FHL under class B shares owe their nomination to the government of the day, not those for class A. You should have been there at the FHL AGM when the floor gave him a resounding AYE when his name was proposed.

Kia Ora said...

@Mark Manning: McCully was quite certain at the time that Nakarawa's resignation was genuine and he would not return to the RFMF. Cowardly regime or not, McCully looks like a fool for swallowing the New Zealand government to indulge Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Your story is extremely unfair on Bill Gavoka and is uncalled for.

Why single him out? For your information, Bill was elected to the FHL Board by Class A shareholders, not Government.

The other person elected along with him by the Class A shareholders was Mere Samisoni. Why aren't you also highlighting Mere as a turncoat as well?

Your facts are wrong C4.5, and you need to apologise to Bill.

NadroKid said...

And you wonder why Fiji and especially Nakarawa played like crap at the world cup.

Nakarawa could not play like a tight five forward should play. Hard and aggressive like for example Kele Leawere at the previous world cup and Tokairavua in the much earlier Fiji team.

Instead he was prancing about like a ballerina waiting for loose balls to show his step. Almost every time he took the ball up he lost it in the tackle.

E sega ni dua na vanua vinaka e kauti keda kina na veidabui.

As for Bill, I hope you know what you are doing. Aiyaz your son-in-law is illegal and is going to prison when the dust settles.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gavoka was appointed by the Class A shareholders and not by the Government

Anonymous said...

Education is not the important benchmark when you assess the capability of a person. Mr Gavoka has proved that to us. Not only him but many more successful people do not have that much education but their achievements in life speaks wonders.You see them everywhere, in business, agriculture, government, private sector, politics. In the US Ronald Reagan who was a cowboy became one of the most popular president of his time. Mr Gavoka impresses me with his achievements at FRU, Tourism, and he also writes well. I like reading his views. Do remembers too that wisdom comes from God. The fear of God is the beginnning of wisdom. People who fear God can do better than those who are well educated but lack Godly wisdom.

mark manning said...

@ Oracle
Thanks for that, due to Sydney recent heat and humidity, I'm actually wearing one at the moment, though the Torres Strait Islanders refer to it as Lavalava. I think that's the correct spelling.

Dropping ones sulu, lower case, is of course in reference to the australian expression, dropping ones pants ! For whatever reason ! lols

I'm assuming that this article to which I've responded, is correct and on that basis, I've made my responses !

I make no judgement, I just sit back in wonderment at where this will all end and when and what damage will be done in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

The JONAH in the Fiji Rugby World Cup 15's squad......the rotten apple in the box......Leone Nakarawa, how much we love you when it was announced that you made connections with Saracens Rugby Club.....oh..how much dennounced you after reading this C4.5 story

E sa rauta me leqa na timi ni Viti, ni sa tiko mada yani o Raibaci Mosese Tikoitoga qai o tiko yani o iko TAMATA LASULASU BAVULU Leone Nakarawa!

No Retreat said...

Cool it folks!

Bainimarama lied to the world about elections in Fiji.

Now his boy,Nakarawa only lied to New Zealand about his army attachment.

The common factor is - LIE.

Nothing new with the illegal regime.

Cheer up folks and lets pray harder now.

God Bless Fiji.

Fiji Loyal said...

Not sure how others see it but looks to me like Bill is implicated either way. Anyway sounds to me like it's his family who are out of sorts with him over the Fijian Holdings appointment.

The Oracle said...


Now that we've got the clarifications, we might begin to think about people who can be our future leaders.

Bill Gavoka, with his background and his humble yet "vakaturaga" demeanour stands out, at least in my books, as someone I would love to see in a government which will govern in the interests of the people of Fiji and NOT in the interests of political affiliations. Mere Samisoni, unfortunately, has too much political baggage (and I'm not beingh sexist here!).

Anonymous said...

@1150am who are we to Judge cn't we jus mind our own biz.....

Anonymous said...

I'd like to propose Shaista Shameem for government portfolio. She is very lady like in her demeanour. I think I saw her wearing the sulu i ra the other day.

Anonymous said...

Cekerawa may be laughing now but think of the possible consequences of his treachery.

Future genuine cases of people seeking to enter NZ or Australia have been affected by the actions of this useless ballerina.

Viti Dina said...

a@Oracle I don't want to encourage 'character assasinations' here but just wanted to say ths: we're a funny people. We saying Bill okay but not Mere even though she has openly attacked the regime at a risk to herself and her business. As I said I don't want to open the door to people attacking Mere uneccesarily but just want to note that we decide who we forgive which is surely hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

@ c4.5 If Fiji Govt was so much in ruins financially, why such a well renowned body like the IMF making some very postive comments aobut the work of the Govt.

They must doing something right?

Anonymous said...

Fiji rugby star Nakarawa back tracks on army
Last updated 12:19 09/11/2011

Lock Leone Nakarawa scores a try for Fiji during the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.
Getty Images
BACK TRACK: Lock Leone Nakarawa scores a try for Fiji during the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.
South Pacific
Fiji trade unionist on sedition charge Audit on NZ aid to Tonga ordered Fiji confirms union leader detained Tonga probing missing NZ aid Claim union leader arrested in Fiji Bali brew suspected in fatality NZ Navy's sunken sub not Australian Wreck found during navy operation 6.0 Pacific Ocean quake in Fiji region Cannibal claim strikes chord with Kiwi

A Fijian who was allowed into New Zealand to take part in the Rugby World Cup on the condition he left the military is now back in the forces that run the country.

Leone Nakarawa's return to the military is despite statements earlier this year from Foreign Minister Murray McCully who announced he would get a visa as he had quit the forces and their was little chance of his returning.

Nakarawa has been named in the army side to play police in the annual Ratu Sukuna Bowl match on Friday.

Pro-democracy blog site Coup Four and a Half says Nakarawa was spotted at the Army Training Group grounds and is now with the Territorial Forces.

"As we warned when ... McCully, revealed Nakarawa had been granted the visa, the regime has made a fool of New Zealand,” the blogsite says.

McCully's office said the minister was not immediately available to comment on the move, but would check the reports.

The Fiji military seized power in a coup in 2006 and since then its members and their families have been banned from entering New Zealand.

McCully eased the restrictions for lock Nakarawa.

"While we would normally take a little longer to provide an exemption or lift the sanction in respect of a person resigning from the military, in this case we agreed to act more quickly given the particular nature of the request," McCully said.

Green Party spokesman Keith Locke at the time said that McCully was being tricked and that Nakarawa would simply return to the army after RWC.

McCully said at the time he did not believe that would happen. He said he had made inquiries and was satisfied there was not a significant risk of the player slipping back into the military.

He said the government wants to provide incentives for people in Fiji to part company with the military and the regime.

Prime Minister John Key, at the time, said he understood Nakarawa had offers from international clubs to play for them after the World Cup.

However Fiji may yet pay for the stunt.

Nakarawa is regarded as a front runner for the Fiji Sevens side and will need visa exemptions again in Australia and New Zealand.

Fiji, which earlier this year threatened to boycott the Wellington Sevens, has yet to announce whether they care coming.
Ad Feedback

Anonymous said...

Leone Nakarawa was the buffta that screwed-up, our Fiji team in the World Rugby Championship in NZ. I have played international Rugby all my adult life, but have never seen such a stupid Rugby player like this idiot.He played in every games but couldn't catch the
friekin ball, whenever it was thrown toward him? What a frieken loser?He need to stay with the army
as he doesn't have much in that empty skull of his????

Anonymous said...

I saw all of the Fiji games and Nakarawa was hopeless. Mr Butter Fingers

Disgusted said...

Hope NZ's Foreign Minister is less gullible in the future.

Anonymous said...

Irrespective of whether Bill Gavoka is schooled or no school....he is still a fool for supporting the regime. He is a man of no principle....just want to fill his pocket is all I can see of this...nothing else.

Pure greed and nepotism.....regime equates with people who just want to fill their pocket and nepotism anyway.

Bill if you are a man of principle then do not take up the post....if you do you are the same as the rest of the self centred people running the illegal govt.

Bring back democracy!!

Anonymous said...

How has Mere Samisoni become a turncoat?

Don't c how Bill G can influence Aiazz who has wrecked that family and still gets his way.

Clean up time said...

This the way of corrup illegal regimes and democratic governments. Look to the US and its relations with the rest of the world. But yes, NZ/McCully looks gullible

Anonymous said...

He was the bloody rotten apple that stain the shit out of the rugby team. He went back to the pit where he was shitting me lai kana da raqosa.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12.18 PM.....who are you???

Its my right to comment on Nakarawa and his well ochestrated lie with Fiji Rugby Union in order to get a Visa for the World Cup.

That is a breach of Trust with NZ!

YOU as well are a badly rotten rot apple as Nakarawa and others!

You bunch of liars!

Anonymous said...

flying fijian or lying fijian.
that sums up fiji rugby/players/officials.
curse from god /vanua/church/chiefs./people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous"Really hard to attack Gavoka credibility" What a load of rubbish. Gavoka as someone had said when he took over the fVB was only good enought to work in hotel industry-TOURISM was beyond his capabilities??!! There was another person who was looked at and trained to do the hard yardage after Steve Yaqona left FVB that was Joe Tuamoto. It was the 'connections" with the SDL that made Gavoka the new boss. Gavoka stuffed up badly -if anyone doubts what i say just go and look up the figures for tourism and headaches the people workin in tourism had when this dope was headng FVB! As for what C4.5 has written-it may have made an error in his education achievement but spot on with other comments. If Gavoka was soo good why do you think he left? They had to go back & get Tuamoto from Beachcomber as he had resigned after Gavoka took over! What you seening now is the leadership of Joe Tuamoto who learn from a competent leader in Steve Yaqona former head of FVB.There are many that have had limited education but achieved a lot in their lifetime but Gavoka does not come into the same catergory-his so called achivements are based on his "sweet talk" thats why he was all big talk for the SDL knowing he was going to get a seat in the next General elections but funnnly one called Bainimarama ruined his plans-and thank God for tharting those plans.What we would have got from him is another dose of bull covered in shit. He can't think for himself as those that worked in the tourism industry knew well?
Funny how Mere Samisoni is now on board with the rest of the board members in Fijian Holdings-the so called "lady with the lamp" harping about democracy but now only to willing to part company so what-to get a foot closer to Bainimarama. What else do you expect from such high profilers -one minute here next minute there-no different when George Speight hashis coup- any amount of hot bread taken to Parliament House-under cover of darkness. But during the daylight hours she was purring like a cat at the loss of democracy!What do you expect from these people the pretense of a happy marrige to Dr Samisoni until his passing, and the pretend games goes on! Does anyone really know what they themselves believe in or what cause they fighting for? Those that beleive such people have to be a fools-the same you see of Bill Gavoka just another conman, short sweet & kanaving! Lutu na niu lutu i vuna, veka na beqa,vekaca tale e dua beka!(Thats because they all hang on branches etc one under the other)! Dri Yani!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning with his exposition on "dropping the sulu" what crap-in Fiji it means a "ram up you rear". Thats what you need-don't come to this site and give us you con & bull! That what the Black fellow in Aussie should do to you guys for stealing their lands problem is you wearing a tarusese, but maybe no undies! Ceke lili!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with what Nakarawa did but that the dopes that are running NZ must doing now is shitting themselves for their stupidity! Can you now not wonder why the cause for return to democracy is almost meaningless? Those that have power to make the change do not want it to happen -its all a pretense-only fools have to beleive what they say because all you have to do is look at what they do?? The solution to change the govt in Fiji could easily happen but what you have are 2 Governments (NZ & Aussie) who are guilty of "silent" conspiracy of all the happenings before the coups even right back to before Independence?? Has anyone questioned whey?? My own Interests come first & foremost!Ponder that one people!

sara'ssista said...

isn't it shame that it appears that fiji is not a place well known for it's leaders having any sense of loyalty to anyone or anything. They will swear allegiance to anyone if theres a chance of climbing the greasy pole, to that degree fijians and indians are very similar. They change stripes as easy as changing clothes and get into bed with anyone if it's for a job or in their own interests. i can only think of a few stateman who actually don't talk out of the both sides of their mouths at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Fijian rugby player granted NZ entry 're-joins army'

Published: 4:04PM Wednesday November 09, 2011 Source: ONE News

Fijian rugby player granted NZ entry 're-joins army' (Source: Getty Images)
Leone Nakarawa - Source: Getty Images
Unions use RWC to fight Fiji govt
RWC exemption for Fiji rugby player

The Foreign Ministry is looking into reports a Fijian rugby player allowed entry into New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup has rejoined the military.

Members of the Fijian military were banned from travelling to New Zealand shortly after Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power in 2006.

Shortly before the tournament began Foreign Minister Murray McCully said Fijian lock Leone Nakarawa had been granted a temporary exemption from the travel restrictions.

McCully's announcement came just a day after Nakarawa resigned.

Fijian blog Coup Four and a Half is reporting that Nakarawa was seen training with the army last weekend.

The blog said it had heard from sources Nakarawa was in the Territorial Forces.

"As we [Coup Four and a Half] warned when Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, revealed Nakarawa had been granted the visa, the regime has made a fool of New Zealand," the blog said.

McCully's press secretary told ONE News they are checking the reports.

He said the agreement they had was a diplomatic discussion that Nakarawa would not re-join the Fijian Army.

Anonymous said...

@ frustrated anonymous 3.59p.m.

Pointless pointing fingers in all directions. That's for losers. Suggest you and others get off your lazy bums and demand your rights back... you're making the military sound unschooled and untrained in coup-coup affairs. lols.... unless of course you're one of those prostituting themselves to the junta for a mere 40 pieces of cheap silver. You own interests over others?

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Anonynous 3.46!

With what I already know, I have no doubt about the truth of all that you've said.

It's unfortunate (or fortunate perhaps depending whether we see it as ridding pretentious peeps off the democracy bandwagon)... but now we're now beginning to clearly see those who supported past coups to protect their vested interests...and are still at it.

NO NAMO, BLOOD! said...

I don't know what the fuss is about.

NZ said no Army employee would be allowed to play, so he resigned. Then after the RWC, join the army again.

MAkes sense to me, and anybody would do the same. The Kiwis knew this would happen, and thats that.

As for Gavoka... the superstitious madman who thought god spoke directly to his pastor and through him predicted something that didnt happen? Then instead of leaving his pastor for lying about God, he fully supported his pastor. The man is a joke.

Also, he took his superstition to FRU and appointed another superstitious falla and together they tried to ban the cibi, that has been our rugby tradition for decades.

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Hello people, Please stop demonizing our own people,Mere Samisoni & Mr Gavoka were both legitimately elected to their post in FHL AGM at the Holiday-inn last month. I was there and i voted for them. For your info. Mere Samisoni actually, have a big shares in FHL so is Mr Gavoka. The move is a good
one for us shares holders, as we can depend on at least these two to protect all our interests? Mr Bainimarama does not have influence
in the FHL except interest of the Fijian Affairs board?He's never attend any of the meetings, as this
was purely a business deal? Qarase and other former Fijian politicians
who have shares in FHL, may one day
wants to come in and contests the directorship positions? Will the PM
disallow them from doing so-maybe,but i don't think so,I think
that lots of people don't give too much credits, to a man who had pulled a coup & survived -this long...socially,politically & economically; and has kept the two pacific powers(Aus/NZ) at arms length? I think that the only way to push for changes, is to work it out, from within? You don,t calm a wild bull, by wielding a stick in front of him? Think about that!!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji, mark well who keeps trust with you and who betrays that trust, for your day of self-liberation is coming.

But let's go easy on Bill Gavoka. The poor man already has Aiyaz as his son-in-law. That's punishment enough!

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Fijian back in army after RWC 2011 visa sidestep
5 comments | Post Comment
Leone Nakarawa (file pic)
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Click here to find out more!
Wed, 09 Nov 2011 1:06p.m.

The Fijian rugby player allowed into New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup on condition he quit the military is now back in the army, making a mockery of New Zealand granting him a visa, a Fijian source claims.

Members of the Fijian military were banned from travelling to New Zealand shortly after Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power in 2006. In August lock Leone Nakarawa resigned from the Fijian army so he could join his team-mates for the cup.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully said at the time Nakarawa would be quickly granted a temporary exemption from the travel restrictions because of the nature of the request.

Nakarawa had indicated that the move was purely rugby related and he was not intending on re-enlisting at the conclusion of the tournament.

However, the Coup Four And A Half blog reported on Wednesday that Nakarawa was seen training with the army team in preparation for a game against police on Friday.

"Sources say he is with the Territorial Forces," the blog said.

"The regime has made a fool of New Zealand."

A spokesman for Mr McCully said they were aware of the claims but still trying to establish the facts.


Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/Fijian-back-in-army-after-RWC-2011-visa-sidestep/tabid/415/articleID/232188/Default.aspx#ixzz1dEtsUFO3

Anonymous said...

@ 3.59am

All dictators survive for some time through sheer brutality, threats of violence and use of guns... please enlighten us all as to how it all ends for these criminals?

Problem with prostitutes who sell themselves for a mere dime to serve a dicktator and look after their own personal interests, instead of the long-term future of a country and her people.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gavoka was CEO of FVB when growth was phenomenal. He chaired the committee that coined the slogan, 'Towards a billion industry' which would have been realized in 2006, but for the upheavel that began from May that year. Mr Gavoka was chair to many industry bodies which obviously rankled some with impressive letters to their names, but people in tourism didn't give two hoots to useless academic qualifications. The Hotel Turnover Tax came from within FVB with Bill Gavoka's leadership-it's now earning huge $'s for government and is being expanded to be all encompassing. Staff of FVB will tell you that he filled up overseas positions, virtually at all levels with people from Fiji-something other CEO's had not tried. He believed in the benefits of tourism and did upset some of his colleagues by advocating that tourism aligned itself to poverty alleviation. Oh, the B shares directors in FHL can't travel to Aussie and NZ, but the A shares can. Mr Gavoka is not a turncoat, so as Mere Samisoni-they are A shares.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the correction re-Mere&Mr Gavoka A shares

Anonymous said...

What we hearing now is how these people we onced looked up to are playing both sided of the fence! Mere kept harping about democracy but where was she when democracy was unceremoniusly dumped by George Speight-IN PARLIAMENT complex to show their support -now when they SDL gets dumped-we hear the CRY for Democracy! What-only when its convinient? No wonder our people are confused-hopefully these lot never get back into Parliament. As for Gavokas achievents it was already the hard work of Steve Yaqona and those before him-including Joe Tuamoto! Gavoka was eating of the rewards of their hard yardage! Are we really going to believe someone who has speaks to God & had a hand in demolishing the traditions of Fijians by stopping the cibi-no wonder our players were confused before the world. Players are prepared both mentally & physically-for the first time in our history of any sports in Fiji we had 2 Psycologist-what were out biys going cookoo? When you have people talking to God you end up with choosing stupid coachs like Domoni-now you have to wonder who they really talking-God or their Grandfather! No wonder he supported a talatala who predicted a Tidal Wave but when it didn't turn up Gavoka claimed it was thru their prayers! Here is my challenged to such belivers -if you really talk to God please go to the Hospital and empty them from those incurable illnesses and leave the Drs and Nurse without a job!

Anonymous said...

Wow! anaon 1.22pm, what's your problem with BG? Did he steal your bread or what? Surely someone well respected in the private sector must have done some good during his days as CEO for FVB. And whether you like it or not, the figures were impressive when he was in charge. Yes, Steve Yaqona, Bainimara, Tuamoto were all good, Bill would be the first to say that, as they all contributed to building tourism to what it is today. But, to leave Bill out of the success story, as you do, shows some unreasonable hatred of the man.
You do remember that he got fired from FVB for publicly condemning the expulsion of the NZ High Commissioner in 2007.
Sure he supported Sam Domoni or for that matter anyone at Rugby House who came under attack. As for Sam, Bill has pointed this out time and again; that Sam had 2 tries scored against his team in the Northern hemisphere tour whereas "Dicky' Tafua's Manu Samoa conceded 5. Nine months later at the World Cup, Fiji conceded 19 tries, Manu Samoa only 5. What happened in those 9 months in Fiji. Look into it with an open mind and do not be driven by your hatred of Bill.
As to prayers, talk to someone with knowledge on this matter. You appear ill informed which is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:48. I won't reply to all your claims but for prayer it is effective don't get me wrong but when people start making claims like Bill & his Pastor it is a case of putting your money where your mouth is. I should because because i have helped people heal and its not always PRAYER. There are criterias to be met when your want prayers to be answered- what you see right now is almost a sham. You can beleive as much as you want to beleive won't change a thing if youdon't have FAITH! I heal people without fee! Have your read anywhere that Christ asked for fee to heal the sick?

Samu Domoni was just a puppet the people who ran the show in coaching were the 2 Aussies!Samu could have won every game on the European tour didn't mean a thing when it came to the World CUP! What you ask yourself is this-where has Domoni coached in before he came to Fiji & at what level? There is no hatred of the man-just simple facts-where is here now with regards all the big talk of democracy-he is in bed with Khaiyum & mob-or are we to assume different! I don't see you saying anything about the move to get rid of the CIBI what ashamed to be a Fijian!O Bill na kai Veiseisei-you expect much more from someone who comes form Vuda! Dri Yani

Anonymous said...

Nakarawa backtracks on army
Wed 9 Nov 2011

LOCK LEONE Nakarawa has re-joined the Fijian military, according to reports.

New Zealand Foreign Affairs minister Murray McCully granted Nakarawa a visa so he could attend the recent Rugby World Cup after he had quit the forces.

However, according to a report on pro-democracy blog site Coup Four and a Half Nakarawa has been named in the army side for its annual clash against the police on Friday.

He has also been spotted at the Army training ground and is now a member of the territorial forces.

McCully's office said the minister was not available to comment on the move, but would investigate the reports.

New Zealand along with Australia imposed travel bans Fijian army members and their families following the 2006 military-led coup.

McCully eased restrictions on Nakarawa as he quit the army and there was little chance his returning.

At the time the travel sanctions were relaxed it was believed Nakarawa had received offers from overseas clubs.

However, Fiji may yet pay for the stunt.

Nakarawa is regarded as a front-runner for the Fiji Sevens side and will need visa exemptions again in Australia and New Zealand.

Fiji – which earlier this year threatened to boycott the Wellington Sevens – has yet to announce whether it will attend both tournaments.-Rugby.co.nz

Anonymous said...

If Nakarawa can do that to the New Zealand Government then watch out 'Voreqe' he is not someone you would like to have on your side because he easily sways you never know when he is going to jump side and be your enemy, if I were you Mr Bainimarama, get rid of him from the camp before he stabs you on the back. He can easily be bought, 'WATCH OUT'

NA MANUMANU. said...

Nakarawa iko na koli. Lesu tale na koli vua nona lua, na kuli na kuli tiko ga.I hope you rot, you are a useless rugby player lamusona, sonaleve.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes and there was the collusion and scamming at the Shangri La Nadi operation. Guess who was on the watch?