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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Regime disciple laid to rest but violent history of unelected government never far away

 A coming together of the different threads of Fiji's troubled past today at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Suva.

The funeral service for one of the regime's early disciples, Jona Senilagakali, who died at last Wednesday, is being held there this morning.

Senilagakali was Frank Bainimarama's first prime minister after he overthrew the government of Laisenia Qarase in December, 2006.
He was gone in a quick flash, becoming Interim Health Minister with Bainimarama putting himself in the top job. 

The QEB barracks, is of course, where the second mutiny took place in 2000. It was led by Captain Shane Stevens and the Counter Revoutionary Unit and four were left dead after a failed attempt to get rid of  Bainimarama.

The November 2 (the official anniversary was yesterday) is where Bainimarama did his famous run through the cassava patch. Like most dictators, Bainimarama has turned to fat and is leaving others to do the dirty work for him while he enjoys the good life, using misguided loyal soldiers to stay in power.

Senilagakali being sworn in

Bainimarama and son, Meli, in a limo on their way to the Hong Kong Sevens this year


  1. In this photo, is Frank lamenting his loss of a comrade or contemplating his own fate ?

  2. Scumbags. I remember at the time hearing people say: "Well, he must be doing it right because he is not the PM."

    How quickly was that myth made a lie.

  3. Dr Senilagakali was already a reknowned Surgeon weel before he joined the Fiji School of Medicine where he also lefy his mark as a veru high class & competent surgeon.He served as PS for the Ministry for several years before taking up posiitons in Foreign Affairs. He joined the Military i believe after retirement and was still there when Bainimarama took over the country.He will be remembered for his services to the country but most of all his former students at FSM who still work both in Fiji and overseas-his teachings in Anatomy have got them where there now. God Bless his soul & give his family comfort & peace in this their hour of loss.

  4. Military honours for his funeral he deserved? How long did her serve the RFMF... which gave him employment after retiring from government service. Esa curu ucuwai!


    You SIR, was quiet not well received if by many than i am one of them! after your involvement with the 2006 Coup...

    ...i did said " vinaka ni sa mate yani" when you death was announced...forgive me for that.

    Ni gole ena vakacegu.....qai laivi keimami na qai muri yani me keimami qai saga me walia na leqa dou a tekivuna na Mataivalu ena 2006!!!!

    Ke a mate o Aiyaz ke a bau vinaka cake!!!!!

  6. "Some glaring economic facts to think about, forget about all the bullshit everyone else is talking about. According to the Fijian Bureau of Statistics, Fiji's GDP in constant $F (in other words our national income) in 2006 was 5310.2 million. In 2010, it was 5,156.6 million. First question, is the 2006 or 2010 GDP bigger? Now work out the sum of 2010 GDP - 2006 GDP. Your answer will be a negative ...153.6 million. Thats the reduction in our national income since 2006. In other words we have less national income and are poorer in 2010 compared to 2006 by that amount.

    The fact is that Fiji was a richer country in 2006 than today. In terms of income per capita, individuals income has also dropped by $184 over that period. Thats the bottom-line, its an economic measure of how good a government is. These figures relate to bread and butter.

    The Fijian people on average have less money today than 2006 to pay for their livelihood."

  7. RIP Dr Senilagakali.

  8. We shouldn't ever speak ill of the dead !
    After all, we are brothers and sisters and all going to leave eventually.
    I wonder what some of you will say when I'm gone ! lols

  9. Isa looking at the picture of baini in that limo in hong kong makes me sick!

    Over half the country lives from pay check to pay day, people get laid off and fired for misappropriating money, unemployment & inflation is high, cost of living is super high and this kawa ca is living the life!

    I wonder, have you no shame???

  10. @6.28pm
    Factor in devaluation and inflation rate and then re do the sums.

    - $1 billion less value p/annum then 2006

  11. E sega sara ga na vakaisaisa vei Lagakali!!
    Sa na vakarau me ra na vei murimuri 'qo!!
    Sa qai vo 'qo o Serulagilagi, Nailatikau, Bole, ira na kena vo!!
    O keda na tax payers e da na sauma tiko na veibulu vei ira na mataqali tamata va 'qo!!

  12. Ref: TURUKAWA

    Turukawa, you at least know the figures. Every person except Voreqe's guys are much worse off. Reinstate the legal Government - they will arrange fresh elections and get this show back on the road.

  13. RIP Dr Senilagakali..

    And as for you Bainivuaka and your good for nothing son - wailei na vodo limo, ka ni mata ni ta boka..Abusing tax payers money for you and your family's benefit - you bastard!

    Enjoy every luxury you're getting to the max, because you and your mata ni ta kunea famiy ain't gonna be getting none of those in Naboro..

  14. Yep,yep,yep sittini in a limo,one day will be sitting in limbo!!!

  15. Senilagakali was no different than his Boss Bainimarama.He had a good run with the former Governments and
    doesn't have to lower his principle to Bais' level? He could have refused the illegal offer made by by Bai and he didn't?For that i say thanks Degei for hearing our prayer, please sent this heathern directly to hell!I have no sympathy for him and his IG military troop!Now mount up and smite more of the same kind!!!

  16. @1.35pm

    Sadly, Jona had to tarnish his good career by turning his back to the people for his personal gain. Sa yaga.. sa buluti koya na Mataivalu ni Viti!

    I shall not judge.. lest I be judged!

  17. Meli Bainimarama, (son of voreqe) is having a good time at the expense of the hard working tax payers, he even have credit cards and expensive taste given freely to him by his ulukau macawa father.

  18. mark manning who?, who the hell was that?.... who gives a f.....?

  19. Now the Military are having 2 to 3 burial ceremonies a week....When are they going to wake up????
    Na i sele ka sa musu2 mai qo e na sega ni na cegu ka na sega tal;ega ni na digidigi.
    Its about time that they have to realise the curse of the people is begining too take its effect now.
    E na sega ni na cegu me yacova ni sa lala mai na keba....
    So sad.....

  20. @2.38pm : November 4, 2011

    Don't worry.... that is not to last very long!

  21. Fat Frank riding to hell

  22. mark manning@6.41pm something like "and then there was mark...sometimes annoying but always there for the cause"

  23. The bas$ard didnt appreciate that charity began at home !!

  24. @ anon 641 p.m.
    sounds like something my missus would say !


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