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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rewa meetings suspended because of anti-Charter stance

Opposition to the Peoples Charter at the Rewa Provincial Council yesterday, has led to the regime suspending all further council meetings.

The military spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, insists just a few people at the meeting were opposed to the Charter and other government initiative.

Leweni told Fiji Village the Rewa Council has been advised of the suspension and maintains most others supported the regime's Charter.

The Rewa chief, Roko Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa, has released a statement denouncing the suspension.

Coupfourpointfive has Ro Teimumu's speech but is waiting for the English translation; these of course will be published together.


Anonymous said...

Even the Regime itself doesn't follow the Charter.
It's all a bit Hypocritical isn't it.
It's obviously NOT about the charter but all about oppressing those who try to uphold the Truth.

Bainimarama obviously doesn't believe in Democracy, because here are the people of Rewa trying to exercise a very basic democratic right (in whether they agree with the Charter)
Anyone who thinks Democracy will come in 2014 is living in Dreamland.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

go rewa go - u the man!!! stand up rest of provinces u cowards!

Keep The Faith said...

"Just a few people are opposed" - Leweni must be either blind, dyslexic or smoking something - you can't count boy?

How many?

If there were "so few" why shut down the whole meeting?

Anonymous said...

bank master again ass licker for ag/bai.
keep the fight.
marama. tell them to f off.
who are this idiots to tell the high chief and fiji people what to do.
time for all the province to arrest this idiots and lock them up like what libyan people did.

mark manning said...

OR Kepa for President or Prime Minister.

The only person with balls enough in Fiji, to take a stance against the Regime.

God Bless Ro Kepa and what she stands for.

Anonymous said...

what the f''k is this mahn. even the regime is corrupting the charter itself... therefore forget 2014 election...we all kai Rewa in the army should wake up now....


Anonymous said...

Leweni was not even at the meeting, so how can he know about what had transpired there.

The decision not to support the charter was made by the Bose Vanua (the Chiefs of all the districts or tikinas of Rewa).

The Rewa Provincial Council was informed of the Bose Vanua's decision, and passed a resolution endorsing that decision.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, not a bad suggestion. The lady's got guts severely lacking in the current regime.

However, fellow scribe to these blogs, Rajesh Singh may wish to say something here about TK for leadership. Didn't he get fired in the SDL govt for making allegations and snooping around under TK's leadership regarding financial irregularities?

Rajesh, time to walk the talk mate. Come on, out with it.

Anonymous said...

ah nothing will happen, all cowards

Kai Gau said...

God bless the Gone Marama Bale!

Leweni, ucu luka, somi sise o iko. Your day will come tagane.

@KTFaith..so true, if it's only a "few" why the shut down? Only truth is here because you idiots in this regime have been caught out again by the Gone Marama Bale who has more guts and is a truly BLESSED, meaning from God if that's what we go by in Fiji with our Christian values, because the Gone Marama Bale "walks the walk and talks the talk" to teach you numb skull coward MEN in this regime and WOMEN hanger-ons that there is such as thing called THE WRONG TRUTH!

Long live the Gone Marama Bale!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.........@ 7.14pm. What was that story about?

No Retreat said...

Rewa has been upright with its decision on the Charter and that it has not supported it since day 1

And Ro Teimumu rightly said that whoever runs the government should do the development of any place and not to be bribed by supporting the government or the Chor..ter!!

Long live Ro Temumu..

God Bless Fiji!!!!

Anonymous said...

well done marama keep it up.
the gcc/church should stand up and fight like they did in past 1987/2000.
where is the fiji bati/taukei movement.

KAIREWA said...

Very very proud of my chief.

In your face VB&co.. and Mr ah-ah Leweni still at it with his make-no-sense statements trying to justify their lamu-shona actions.. weenies and coolinaz!!!

Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi is a lady of principal and moral integrity and that is exactly what these rapists of democracy leading Fiji to ruin clearly lack and desperately need!!!

Proud Kairewa

Kenneth Zinck said...

Thank you Adi Temumu for your stance on the charter. You are the voice of the silent majority in Fiji. May God contunue to give you the strength and blessing for your courage and faith. Loloma levu, Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

kerea me da laga mada na sere...ISA KO VITI SA NA VAKAEVEI..sa malo...rourou va moci ga e dai

Anonymous said...

This is one brave individual let alone being a woman & High Chief.

To all the other ass licking, want to be Chiefs,bati balavu, bati lailai & Mataivalu ni solisona learn what GUTS and COURAGE.

This is bravery of the highest order even with a gun pointed at your head - I only hope that more brave men and women of Fiji stand up for the future of Fiji.

God bless you an your family and the vanua of Rewa. No RB here but standing up for the truth.

Lewdny said...

Illegal people in this illegal government of Viti should look at themselves first...because they are not even doing what the Charter requires of them in terms of corruption, bludging, lack of productivity; u name it.


Anonymous said...

Yes - agree wholeheartedly about the bravery of this true leader. Her nieces and nephews and their respective spouses would do well by following her unwavering example instead of running around making fools of themselves - including Roko Ului who was totally disrespectful and arrogant towards his aunt when he was a key member of the current regime.

Anonymous said...

@3FIR , QEB (Anonymous-Nov 17, 4.48PM)

Tau, you are shouting in the WILDERNESS.......e dua na nomudou vasu Turaga (Ului Mara) e a via veisaqasaqa kei Bainimarama, dou a qai sega ni tokoni koya (se dou rere beka na veitokoni)

Ni yavu Boci!

However, thank you Rewa for showing other 13 Provinces that you cannot be easily bend or pressed against your principles.......sa dina! na ualuvu mada ga dou qai dau kaya ga ni dou "sisili waca la!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

This Rewa incident is the many signs of Resistance against this Regime

Its not new and cannot be suppresed.......

One thing that every single member and supporter of Bainimarama's REGIME; Aiyaz Khaiyum; and every individual Military and Police that Resistance to Dictatorship or Power is NATURAL......it will happen!

Anonymous said...

These illegal military junta actions get more farcical every day. They are a like a running Monty Python Joke sketch with lots of hypocritical black comedy.

Fiji democrat said...

So now the illegal regime is bribing Rewa Province with money for their support. Ro Kepa has made a courageous stand. She will be right up there in the ranks of a new democracy when (if) it comes.

Anonymous said...

gcc/church didnt stand up against the coups of 87 and 2000. They joined the bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Pity some of her former mates in the Parliament took off-bit katakata in the vale lailai from boro rokote! To make it worse all were MEN-now tell to me who is the stronger of the species!Au leeeee!

Radiolucas said...

Frank and Aiyaz can hear the train coming and they know what it means - the problem is, do they know how to get off the tracks?

Time is running out for Frank & Co.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and Khaiyum must be hating Ro Teimumu's guts. I love her courage. All other chiefs who think like her should speak out like her.

What was the purpose of sending 16 soldiers and policemen in the middle of the night? Goes to show their dark and evil tactics... fearing the people might retaliate.

One thing about this illegal regime ...is that they live and work in fear even though they have the guns...but not the guts...lol.

Anonymous said...

Remember, she was an acting Prime Minister whenever Qarase was travelling abroad. So she was a very quality and educated leaders-apart from her
traditional high chief role.
My hats off to the vanua O Burebasaga-you rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!