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Friday, November 4, 2011

Second Fiji trade unionist arrested in a week

The expected has happened - trade unionist Felix Anthony has been taken into custody by the illegal regime. Anthony (pictured) was arrested in Lautoka at quarter to four this afternoon.

The secretary general of the Fiji Trade Union Congress is the second trade unionist to be taken into custody - FTUC president Daniel Urai was the first. Urai is yet to be charged but remains in custody. Anthony's arrest was signalled earlier today with reports saying police were talking to other people in connection to the earlier arrest of Urai.

Under the PER, people can be held for several days before they are formally charged. The regime has today cliamed it will lift the PER  when work starts on the new constitution and the 2014 election.


  1. Justice says..

    When will these Military goon and big bullies stop harassing people.

    Give people a break you good for nothing ulu kau's.

    felix stand your ground and lets see what they will do. At least you have guts unlike kaiviti men walking around with dresses.

    Even the women like Shamimia Ali has more guts than Fijian men, I mean all Fijian Men..

    These goons have no respect, we know that they have no jobs but polish VB & ASK ass and balls.

  2. felix and urai have the support of fiji people /union.
    its time fiji union/church/people march and arrest the illegal juntas and lock them up for life.
    felix/urai/others are true sons and hero of fiji not the regime.
    felix be strong and fight for fiji people as a true leader.
    the police and armies should hang them selfs .
    they licking bai/ag ass.
    why couldnt the police /armies support the legal govt in 2006.
    god bless

  3. Regretably the comments on Fijian men seem to have substance. They could have stopped this in its tracks.

  4. Dou vutuka ga na nomudou PER...dou yavu kawa ca!!!!

  5. How many more people will they arrest, one after the other until their cells will be filled with all freedom fighters and general public crying for democracy....

    keeping locking up the innocent, one day baini n aiyaz will be there too....

    keep it up felix; ur the best thing thats happened to the country so far, dont lose hope, these dogs are just making you stronger....

  6. Felix the Manipusi has been asking for it for a long time and now he's got it. He and his kai vata will no doubt shriek like scalded cats. But if the unions thought they could take on the regime and win, they're even more stupid than their Aussie counterparts. Everyone else has been crushed so why on earth did they think they were different? The power of the workers? Forget it. Fiji is taking it's cue from its new friend to the north. In China, Felix and Dan would either be shot or put away for a very long time. That is the new Fiji, fellas, so get used to it.

  7. @ 5.14pm

    Really sad that people like you have painted all Fijian men with the same brush....maybe you should re-look at generalizations such as these and wonder why changes are not happening sooner...your comments are not very tasteful and please refrain...there are still a few good Fijian men around you know! Smile, that's better, God bless you and have a great week-end.

  8. These idiots are using the PER to stop the people of fiji from opposing them.With the threat of guns, ke laurai vinaka sa sonalevu tiko na tamata.
    They must remember the power of the people is the most powerful weapon in any society now. Make sure, Bai kei Kubu me rau kua ni dro ni na yaco na veisau i Viti

  9. Fijian men have stopped drinking home brew and having brawl. Since they stopped home brew they have become lamu sona as they remain soba most times now days!!!!

    ...or have they suddenly understood the law "na lawa" when it is not pretending to be fighting qone Dia despite butu sona Ai ass on the steering wheel!!!

    Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

  10. Felix a crook just getting what he deserves. Only saw the 'light' when he lost his plumb highly paid Board positions.

  11. I hope someone of Authority is keeping a tab on all the illegal actions of the Regime and its Agents so they can be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law when Democracy is restored in Fiji.

  12. This shows the trade unions and workers are winning the war with junta of thugs.

    the junta are cowards and thugs who are scared of unions power and worker power and people power.

    the junta must be arrested by the people.

  13. Look back at the history, Brother Felix will prevail and AG is trying hard to put down a rebellion which will happen sooner than later. After all who appointed AG if we look in the context of rule of law.

  14. Another one for the grand tour of the barracks at Nabua!!!

  15. C4.5, just yesterday I was at Lautoka police station to check on a traffic charge with them and saw in the background(inside station) what I am pretty sure is Felix.He was only wearing a white vest but nothing else on him (as far as I can see)It was a horrible sight I can tell you guys as they dragged him from a corridor,across the parking lot, to another block in full view of other people there!What are you going to do?Please let everyone know about this quickly!

  16. I guess they are trying to make right the wrong they did by elevating Bainimarama to where hw is now

  17. Despite the sins of Felix and Dan Urai for assisting these monsters in post coup 2006 I still think that taking them in to custody for no reason at all is a farce and only shows the fear of bainimarama, Khaiyum and Nailatikau. For goodness sake Bai and Khaiyum release Dan and Felix NOW. You hold them at your own peril and dont come back to this page FB for clarification. Hang in there Felix and Dan you have all oue support. Kenneth Zinck

  18. ASK has stated on record that PER will be lifted once work commences on constitution On sept 2012. I don't think I am lying...sorry I meant he is lying when he said this.

    People of Fiji don't fear. We will always have something to look forward to like election 2014.

    “One wants to live, of course, indeed one only stays alive by virtue of the fear of death, but I think, as I thought then, that it is better to die violently and not too old.”
    ― George Orwell

  19. Libya to hold general election in 7 months. They declared this just one day after Gaddafi died. Notice that not one local paper have ever published this.Here we are country of peaceful people of 850K. ASK and FB are taking us for a ride. They know that we know that no election or the constitution will happen. They also know that we will do nothing about it.

  20. Not long before we all will be taken for visit to the police station.

  21. Typical turncoats now getting their just rewards....reaping what they sowed...all must remember that they had a great part in elevating VB and ASK to the evil they're at now...where's Mahen???? haul him in too!Hiding behind your union shield to atone for your misdeeds will not wear.

  22. It wont be too long that we will see similar fate of Aiyaz Saiyad Kaiyum, Eid al-Adha or "Festival of Sacrifice" is on Monday 07th Nov , Insha Allah Mr Kaiyum will one day be scarified in accordance with the will of the people of our beloved country when Bainimarama had perished

  23. Hi Rajesh and Kenneth,
    Pls come to fiji. Don't just talk.

    To Dan and Felix, you dug your own grave.

    Pls give credit to Attar.

  24. It is now time for the World to shut down and boycott Fiji. No planes or ships should be allowed to leave for Fiji from any airport or port in the World. No one travelling with Fiji Passport should be allowed into any country. This illegal Regime should be forced into early democratic elections immediately. Chinese Government should lead this international condemnation, as they are the only ones who are propping up this disgusting oppressive Junta.

  25. When people are arrested charges are laid within 48hrs. Unfortunately, when Meli Bainimarama was arrested and locked up at Totogo, the Commissioner of Police issued a directive for his immediate release. Where is Justice? NO WONDER MEMBERS OF THE RFMF are filling up the morgues and have been engaged to perform Military Burial twice aweek. Qori na Kudru ni Vanua. Na leqa sa qai toso cake ga ena veimacawa kina 3,4. Sa vakasavasava taki rawa mada o Delainabua ni bera na Veivaluvaluti ena 2012. Sega ni levu e leqa mai na buca ni valu ka sa qai mai ra kacivi ga e Viti. Sa oti nai lavo ni tara valenibula, valenivuli kei na wavu sa vo tikoga nai lavo ni tara Morgue ( Mokani Health Centre).

  26. @ anon 514 p.m.
    When people of Fiji make it clear that they will no longer tolerate nor stand for their rights being taken away from them !
    Until then, Frank and his thugs will continue to do as they please.

  27. Ok people. Now the union big wigs are in why can't all unions in Fiji call for strike? Go on Agni, Rajeshwar, Pramod, Ken,Latua. Show some union solidarity will ya!.

  28. Dina says....

    So much for the coup...

    where has its objectives gone...

    Good for the people of Fiji to see for themselves what true lies is all about.

    Now corruption & nepotism is thriving and we're getting poorer.

    mai aso.....so when you can't get what you want via prudent means and through hard work, the coup suddenly is justified.

    This is the simplest way to steal people's job, make your wealth, kill people and walk around like Idi Amin/Gadaffi etc

    One day Mafatu..VB/ASK will die like Gadaffi......including Nur Bano Ali & Naz Shameem.

  29. people are sick of this sahyte. all talk. no action. where the phuck is the strike?

  30. Bullcrap!
    Stop trying to make these two crooks looks like Heros-they're
    not!!!They raided your Pension Funds from the FNPF after they manipulated Bainimarama in the early days of 2006 coup!Mind you-2 Union Executives saw the chance to
    fleeced your pension funds in 2006
    jumped in and stole it!!! They deserved what they got yesterday,today and in the future.They're no gods-they're crooks.forget about it!!!

  31. Baffled Union MemberNovember 6, 2011 at 2:26 AM

    Where is the brotherhood in terms of trade union movements?To union leaders,you all yellow? Can't you stand up for your comrades? Then this brotherhood is just bulls!Disgusting!End of story

  32. Simply arrest the tourist currently in Fiji. Then see what happens. Strike on every front. Ground the airport and ports and this will stop all entering or leaving Fiji. See how quickly Australian and New Zealand government get involved.

  33. Anonymous @ 12:58am

    Completely agree with your comments !!

  34. Bloke said they are crooks ok than what are ak and bai ?

  35. Finally some Fijians standing up to the bullying, intimidating and illegal military regime who are oppressing the Fijian People. These are people who will be recognised as the True heroes fighting for the Freedom of Fiji against the treasonous traitors of the illegal military junta.

  36. Again all talk no action show ur support by taking action


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