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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Teleni due home tomorrow morning

Farewells: Teleni.
Fiji's former police commissioner, Esala Teleni, is expected back in the country from China tomorrow morning.

Teleni is supposed to be arriving in Nadi via Air Korea at 9 o'clock.

Contacts tipped Coupfourpointfive several weeks ago that Teleni was returning to Fiji, leaving the Beijing Embassy where he has been busy drumming up Asian investment deals for the illegal regime.

As we reported exclusively early last month, Teleni's return signals an expected major change in the regime line-up with some punters picking the former band player is set to assume a role (Minister of Defence and acting prime minister) that will diminish that of the ambitious Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Whatever the role the man some dubbed Teletubby will play, Fiji police and army personnel are already talking openly about him coming back to hand over gradually to Neumi Leweni at Foreign Affairs.

Back in the fold: Frank Bainimarama's former Navy deputy back in Fiji after talks with the illegal leader.


Anonymous said...

Thank you hon. PM for bring back at least one of your close advisors and the arctitect of 2006 coup to re-draw a lost cause and bring back hope to elections and much needed reforms that the people of fiji will approve of.

Hon. PM its time you boot all the fake people around you and save your image. The least you can give to Fiji now is away with fake people and early elections.

Sir, you have our support in bringing teleni back.

3FIR - company

Anonymous said...

To Commander RFMF

Sir, right move as teleni is the only one who can difuse the driti and mara cases.

You now have our support.


Vuni Maqo said...

This is the genius who as police commissioner got the official police receptionist to answer the phones as follows: "Praise the Lord, Fiji Police here can I help you?"
The twit whose assessment of law and order risk assessments was that Fiji's primary security threat emanated from the spiritual realm. Hence, the need for his brother's New Methodist sect to be the spearhead of official police anti-crime campaigns in Fiji.
regrettably, another useless dickhead taking Fiji to ruin. It would improve Fiji's socio-economic well-beingl if he resigned from government, and take up a digging fork and venture out to the countryside to cultivate tapioca.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for 'Fark Fanning'

From Peter Firkin:

Before I ran out of enthusiam I made a list of the following names used by the person under discussion…….. He, Naidu, Ram Sami, Jerry, Lingam, Ratu Sukuna, Mo, TVLucas, Ex Fiji Tourist(not the genuine one), Taukei ni Vanua, Mere, Fark Fanning, Qarase, Hon Ram Sami, Radiolucas (not the genuine one), Setoki, Murgi Chor, Vuetilovoni, The Forum is over, Miaw, Om, Sitiveni, Maiya, Neumi Lewena, Neumi Lewena’s real dad, Johnny, Ram, John Howard, Anon Pussy, Sir Thomas Moore, Hari, Anti_Hypocrisy, iTaukei, Ali, Billy, KaiTailevu, Bham Bham Bole………This is not all of them but you get the idea

The RadioLucas that normally comments has a different IP address…..

Anonymous said...

Woe to the Sheperds of Fiji that do
Feed themselves! Should not the sheperds
Feed the Flocks? God will appoint His sheperd
David who shall feed them. Gods Kingdom
Has arrived His Will be done in Fiji.
We are His flock but are Men and He is God
Our Sheperds that rule with cruelty
And Force. God will take them out.

Smell the Coffee said...

Teletubby the NewMetho 'evang-elastic' is reborn as Bai's cup bearer? A dog returns to its vomit. Yuk!

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit - I hope these dogs, all their families and coup supporters pay dearly for all their crimes aginst the people of Fiji.

We need people like Warden Narsey who do not owe anybody anthing to lead the country forward.

Chiefs should look after the wellbeing of their people, Church Leasders their flock, Union Leaders their members and Military Commander his troops.

All these Leaders SHOULD NEVER be involved in politics and this should be enshrined in the new Constitution that is continuously talked about Voreqe himself.

The leadership of the country should be left to people with the knowledge and knowhow.


The people of Fiji should take the blame for the current state of affairs as for far too long we have elected people with connections to one of the above groups that have resulted in this coup cycle.

We need the right calibre of people to lead Fiji forward and there should be no qualms about it if he is an Indian, Rotuman, Chinese or any other race who is elected as Prime Minister or President.

My inner voice tells me this will never be allowed to happen especially by the Military & Chiefs thus the proposed sidelining of Khaiyum who has more brains than all of them collectiveley put together.

This all boils down to what I have been highlighting above that an Indian will never be allowed to assume the role of PM or President because of the misguided views of the Chiefs and Military.

God bless Fiji and I hope to see the day that true democracy returns to Fiji with the recommendations above enschrined in the new Constitution for the benefit of our future generations
as we the current population have had our thinking polluted by past and our current crop of so called leaders that has influenced our views and choices.

Anonymous said...

Transparency Please - How many shares do Khaiyum & Voreqe hold in the new fish processing plant in Lautoka?

I see PAFCO that is owned by all the people of Fiji going bankrupt while these 2 will personally benefit with its demisethe.

Why do you think they appointed dickheads to the PAFCO Board to ensure that there is no dissent.

Why were these shares not offered to PAFCO on behalf of all the people of Fiji but only to the personal benefit of these 2 crooks.

Tell me all you dumb coup supporters like the Military and those knig nogs from Rewa who a happy with a new road or health centre but cannot see the deceit and daylight robbery that is going on in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Transparency Please - How many shares do Khaiyum & Voreqe hold in the new fish processing plant in Lautoka?

I see PAFCO that is owned by all the people of Fiji going bankrupt while these 2 will personally benefit with its demisethe.

Why do you think they appointed dickheads to the PAFCO Board to ensure that there is no dissent.

Why were these shares not offered to PAFCO on behalf of all the people of Fiji but only to the personal benefit of these 2 crooks.

Tell me all you dumb coup supporters like the Military and those knig nogs from Rewa who a happy with a new road or health centre but cannot see the deceit and daylight robbery that is going on in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

No Leaders like Roko Uui, JB, Tarakinikini, Rajesh Singh etc. please.

We need some young honest qualified people with no excess baggae, please.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the Military Administration is running thin of
the talents they got?It appears that Bainimarama is reaching so far
down the bottom of the barrel& he's put holes, in all his barrels!! Oh my God,the pock-chop Teleni is to be the Deputy PM?I can
see it now, every civil servant has to pray first thing in the morning before they start their duty.Everyone that works for the Government must be Christian-No muslim,Buddha or heathen?This guy is worse than Butadroka and Qarase
put together? Wasn't he the one that was responsible for discouraging the Navy to hire Indo-Fijians to join the Navy? Didn't he said, that the indos are scary-cats; and can't swim in the Ocean along-side the sharks? Didn't he tried the same moves, during his
term as Fiji Police Commissioner?

Anonymous said...

You people have been hiting teleni on the note of god!

Do you have a better solution to fight crime than god- you tell us that in detail and Teleni will apoloize on national tv for his preaching of god.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. We've gone full circle again. Sack them get them again...defacting...hire them again....killers...hire them again and promote them....suckers....hire them again...what else is left....nu yavu no school....kanawale gun toting idiots.....nina saumi taro ena dua na gauna ni yavu macawa..

Ratu Borogaga said...

Seem's like Tubs is back to save the sinking ship,Tubby should do the right thing and advise bai to return gov to the people ASAP.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a boy scout.

Anonymous said...

They praise bainivuaka for bring back teleni. It's look like those at Q.E.B and 3fir like people who still monies from gvt. as we know he abuse his office and miss use $8.5 million. sukers like sukers.

Bolo said...

Teleni the kick back king who ordered army gear from Lotus Garments in excess of 1 million dollars (auditor generals report 2005)with payments made and no goods supplied and the same with his scam in the police force which resulted in his removal now the dust has settled after cooling period in China he returns to Fiji.A TREASONOUS and CORRUPT accomplice of bainimarama who should be behind bars.

Anonymous said...

The Naval Unit is far more educated than the Greens at Nabua. This shows that the Navy has Strategic talents to lead the Armed Forces of Fiji.

The Greens can only take orders but nothing upstairs for the clean up campaign.

When you go out at Sea, its the Navy that survive, even in combat zones was proven by the Navy Seal in capturing Bin Laden. The current rank of you sir, PM should be Admiral.

Anonymous said...

vinaka @Annonymous 9.30a

Good Navy Unit caught with their pants down.. the Tongan Navy slipped into Fiji waters to make their famous rescue!!

dou bula.. get out of here!

Anonymous said...

3FIR being led by the Navy.
Sounds like Dumb and Dumber.

Anonymous said...

another nepotism from the thugs at FRU house led by white pig Tikoitoga

Dere does not have any coaching certificate..

sa lai coach ga ni lewena tiko na mataivalu boidada
dou sa kila vinaka ni na sega ni vakatarai me gole ki Niusiladi kei Ositerelia, dou se digitaki koya ga... DOU YAVU ULULALA...

Dere is new Fiji 7s coach

Former Fiji Sevens Team captain Alifereti Dere has been appointed as the Digicel Fiji Sevens Team coach and his assistant will be Fiji Rugby Union development officer Etuate Waqa.

The Oracle said...

@Anon 7.41:

You asked whether there was an alternative to police work apart from God. YES, ... it's called applied relevent education and skills-based detection.
Give the Fiji Police Force back to the rightful gatekeepers, the policemen and women who have gone through the Police Academy... the ones who have had to sit written tests before even being accepted into the academy.
They are the true custodians of the law, not military personnel whose qualifications are based on warfare (and learning about rugby strategies!!)!
Let us not use God as a tool to disguise our own professional shortcomings - that is not Christianity.. that is what's better known as blasphemy!!
We all know Teleni's strengths and his weaknesses -- we've had the "benefit" of having had him serve this country in his naval/military role and as head of the Fiji Police Force. In both cases he was a miserable (in fact a shameful) disaster.
So, any appointment within the military government can only be seen as being one which sets him up as the fall guy. Hasn't he reached the age of 55? And isn't Leweni somewhere close behind?
As suggested by one blogger here - it might be more fruitful all around if Teleni were given a fork, caneknife and spade and sent out to create his own cassava plantation. Better still, if he can't bear the rigous of being a farmer then he should just spend his time on his knees in his tavioka patch seeking guidance from God on the difference between being a righteous Christian and a blaspheming, ignorant lost soul. If he needs assistance in doing this effectively he should call on Fred Caine who's benefitted from fasting (was it 40 days or 4 days?) in the wilderness in Sigatoka's sand dunes.

Teleni might even convert a good few of those people driving around Fiji with their Souls to Jesus blasphemy in their expensive but ready to be re-possessed mortgaged vehicles.

I know I'm asking for a miracle (not from God, lest I be accused of blashpemy), but imagine ... what if Teleni were to also show Archbishop Mataca and Fathers Kevin Barr and David Arms the way, the truth and the light??!!?? Now, that would be a miracle -- wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Teleni will be the coup falla to lock up the tin pot dictator - he has plotted this china for sure.

the dictator can run but not hide, his own men will now overthrow him.

Anonymous said...

Padam Lala owner of Lotus Garment is celeberating for his corruption kind partner is coming back.

Padam Lala is getting suitcases of cash ready cos he know Teleni will give the no tender million dollar LPO's again.

The dancing policeman is back in the banan republic.

Anonymous said...

yeow, Teleni in Padam Lalas and his 2 big mouth son's pocket again

mark manning said...

Perhaps Taliban Teleni can play his drums for Frank and Co. as they are marched off to Naboro !
Rump per pum pum !

NS=ASK+JVB said...

Remeber that soldiers in the Fiji Army particularly those in the top half of the military hierarchy are AGELESS...the "retirement age does not apply to them.

When they reach 60 years, their contract is extended in one of a number of extensions till they fall flat on their faces of cumulative assorted sicknesses emanating from living the undeserving good life.

Ratu Borogaga said...


Dandarikai said...

Question, after his 2006 coup where has Baineeee taken Fiji? He has moved Fiji from blue ribbon performer to be dumped as the "come last" pariah state of the pacific. Fiji the nation has been mugged in the dark alleys and is being robbed by thugs. Our institutions that once supported an evolving democracy with a responsible and representative government has been run aground. What we have left is a kleptocracy but led by a dunderhead despot, whose rhetoric is that he is trying to clean up corruption.

People of Fiji, please do not forget those scum countries that have been suporting this rogue regime. Their support for a thuggish regime has not been in the best interests of the ordinary person in Fiji.

Fiji needs to get back on the high road again restablishing our democratic institutions, of representative parliament, a civil-service without embedded military, independant judiciary, political parties and other interest groups, a free media and rule of law throughout the land. No more ridiculous PER.

Fiji has always been a model developing country in the leading pack of nations. Beginning in 1987, the coups have taken Fiji on a downward spiral to hell. Along the way it had its cheerleaders who were in it for personal advantage. That people like Rabuka have been allowed to walk away unscathed is a major injustice. That many still admire him is a sad indictment and indicative of the mire that Fiji is in.

Fiji is a country with the ace cards in its hands but dumb heads in charge of the armoury.And the destroyed watchdog mechanisms, is preventing the country from moving out of the swamps.

We need not deviate wildley from the past, but make cautious adjustments hither and thither and build on our well-being incrementally.Yes, build from the foundations of history which has served us reasonably well.

Teletubby Teleni, No Good Nailatikau and Bainee and his cronies have no role to play in Fiji's pathway to success. They should be tied up in chains and taken to be incarcerated in the serious crimes block at Naboro with a life sentence. They then should be locked behind steel doors and the key thrown away into the Suva passage.

Anonymous said...

My oh, oh my!!
To the first blogger - 3FIR is a battalion and is certainly NOT a company!!
To the second blogger - What? Did you NOT give your support from Dec 2006 till now, by saying that you NOW support your Commander?
Just what is this so-called Army coming to?
By the way, I have reliably been told that the boys in green are in for ANOTHER back-pay come Christmas time!! Talk about buying allegiances!!

Anonymous said...


Teleni signed an operational directive to the accounts of police that no purchases to be done from lotus and delexue. But cao joeli kept buying from lotus. The copy is available @police hq.

- police hq

Anonymous said...

To all you people who are against us:

The pm has made right decison to bring teleni to map out the exit strategy.

Well if you want to say its wrong have guts to speak face to face or shut up.

Also let us tell you that no matter what you say or what aus and nz do, china is a bigger power to support fiji and you don't have even guts to stand up and talk. Better go do your work and its better for all of us.

Nothing will happen in fiji so dream on.

Ops - QEB

Anonymous said...

no way teletubby teleni is on lotus and deluxe payroll. his 4wd was paid by lotus and deluxe paid him offshore.

Anonymous said...

Are you really that dumb or you acting like that?

If his 4wd white pardo was paid offshore, you want to tell me why teleni's veh has been reprocessed by asco!

chiuwawa said...

I kept thinking the way this QBE pips are promoting this illegal government...they probably employ people there with very low IQ ... can't seem to gauge what is wrong and what is right...not even one of them is tough enough to do the right thing...leqa gona ni ra tamata voli.

Anonymous said...

Ops -QEB

Mataivalu ni Solisona - Give the freedom fighters of Fiji guns and we will see all you bocis running down the cassava patch like Voreqe.

Like those soliders in Libya all you dogs will be hunted down one by one when the uprising for democracy and freedom begins in Fiji - You will all be looking for the closest sewer tunnel but will all end up in the Kinoya Sewerage Treatment Plant where you belong.

Enjoy your moment while you can boy because the Fiji Military will be destroyed once and for all so Fiji can return to true freedom & democracy.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.52pm..The illegal PM made another dumber even dumber decision to bring Esala the pot belly cross eyed con artist back..and china is not too dumb to back fiji..just making a fool of you guys up @ the barracks cause you are all dickheads and china has other more important trading partners then fiji..fiji is just a speck on their agenda for world power and you fools have just made it easier for them..Levu la na viavialevu tiko vei kemuni..ni sega mada ga ni bau lai valu i maleya se i solomoni mo ni dokai kina..ni qai mai vakarawarawa ga ni ka baleta ni vakarorogo tu vua e dua na tamata macawa e lako tu ga mai qai mai vesu mona taki kemuni tu..sega mada ga ni rawata nona vuli qai lai navy tu..oti ga lai sotia sara..

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 10.48pm
Sorry, it may be you Mr. Deluxe or one of the Mr. Lala
I said Lala's gave the 4wd to Teleni and Deluxe paid him offshore.
There is no record of the 4wd repossesed by Asco.
Cmon you crooks, Lala and Deluxe, you bloody well cant deny how corrupt and crook you guys are, you cant deny that you milked your riches out of the police and military

Anonymous said...

Ops QEB, you are a disgrace to the RFMF. Bainimarama is the only way you stupid idiots can be promoted..... You have set the new training standards for entry to St.Giles.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it, Ketepoka was back one day and the next he was in Bua, with his chinese compariots,
to celebrate the copper mine official opening? Seems to me he has acquires the Chinese working ethics! His next move should be to
slow down on his eating, if he can't control it, than good luck to all the chinese restaurant in
all Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ anon November 8, 2011 6:41 PM I heard thatthey have been getting back pay every christmas since 2007

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 4.58pm
isa thats what we call a person with excellent work ethics..unlike other govt worker, come back from overseas trip dua mada na kena leave ...hahahaa...only in Fiji..ni veivutu

TIMES UP. said...

History of all dictators in world ends in a horrible way, what voreqe and his followers think that this wont come their way.thats what Jesus said you live by sword you will die by the sword.THAT IS TRUE,if you look at what happen to this dictators, it all ends with sword or gun if like on their heads.Voreqe and your followers can you prove this words of Christ wrong?? only time will tell. TIMES UP.